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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 12, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. you are in "the cnn newsroom." you don't usually see a college football game start with a collective prayer from fans on both teams kneeling together on the field. but that's how it began today. for penn state's nittany lions since the charges of is sexual allegations against the assistant coach. give as you great game.
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amen. >> amen. >> very moving moment there. a prayer for the eight alleged victims, former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. out of jail today on $100,000 bail. the scandal leading to penn state's first game without head coach joe paterno in 46 years. the stadium was filled with navy blue today. tears in the eyes of generations students, alumni, and fans. many of them having to reconcile their sadness over the horrific allegations against a loss of paterno from the program he ran for so long. his departure may have seemed sudden but his fate was sealed long ago by how he handled some say mishandled an eyewitness report in 2002 his former defensive coordinator rape ad young boy in a locker room shower. interim head coach tom bradley always dreamed of taking his job but virtually not like this. after today's three-point loss to nebraska he held a news
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conference. >> i thought that our fans, as i asked them to do on thursday night to show class and dignity, and they did all day today. there was a -- the crowd, solidarity for the children, for the victims, and i thought it was a touching moment by penn state. and the class that i had asked them to exhibit and i didn't have to ask them because i knew they would do it we have team coverage for you. mary snow, i'm going to start with you. with all this attention being paid to the game today, we don't want to lose sight of the investigation at the heart of all of this. jerry sandusky the former penn state defensive coordinator, accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. what's the latest the investigation? >> reporter: the rest of sandusky came just one week ago today. apart from the criminal investigation, of course, there was an investigation launched here at penn state yesterday with the -- university naming
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kenneth frazier, ceo of merck pharmaceuticals. he is a member of the board of trustees, to lead a special committee into who knew what and when did they know about the allegations against jerry sandusky, dating back to the 1990s. looking into what -- how the university handled its response. of course, there's also a department of education investigation launched earlier in this week. in this past week, of course, joe paterno, penn state's president, job have been -- gone. also, two officials put on administrative leave. last one was mike mcqueary. he was not at today's game. he's assistant coach. he was a graduate assistant, according to a grand jury report he witnessed an alleged rape by jerry sandusky of a 10-year-old boy. and while he did nothing legally wrong, according -- what -- the question has been is what didn't
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he do in terms and why didn't he do more when he witnessed that alleged rape. jerry sandusky through his attorney disputed these sex abuse charges. we have learned from the lawyer, his lawyer, a rock was thrown through a window at sandusky's home. don? >> okay, mary. thank you very much. we appreciate that. i want to go to athena jones. athena, many penn state students did not react well to the news that paterno was fired on wednesday. we saw rioting on the campus, news van was turned over. unbelievable images from people looking at home. the people that were there were surprised as well, i'm sure. today is senior day and their team lost a tough one by three points. what's the mood there now? >> reporter: well, you know, the crowd has begun to thin out since the game. we went -- we were there right outside as the people poured out of the stadium. there was chants of "we are penn state." mostly fairly calm crowd. spoke with a few peopleshipsome said they may have won if joe
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paterno had been there. oars saying not so much. you never know. for the most part before the game leading up to it it was really very much your typical college football tailgating party. had you a lot of people there and their penn state gear. and people with shirts saying the legend and showing joe paterno's years of service. people wearing shirts that said joe knows football. that sort of thing. we also saw signs that said penn state pride is bigger than football. but you had some mixed emotions as well. i talked to fans out there, many of them were alumni or penn state family and friends and fans. people that had been coming to the games all their lives. and they -- some were angry at the media for what they see as blowing wednesday night out of proportion. others said they were upset with the school for the way they handle for the firing of joe paterno. others said we should not be focussing on either of those things but focusing on the children, alleged abuse victims. >> are the students -- i would imagine -- from the interviews i had been seeing and you are there are the students starting to show an understanding of why
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paterno was dismissed? >> reporter: it is interesting they do. many of the people i spoke to did you read the indictment and charges? they said yes but sometime want to hear coach paterno speak himse himself. we know he released a statement. he won't be speaking and now has a lawyer and will not be speaking right now. people wanted to hear that. they felt that the -- because of the media and the university was forced to act more quickly than it should have and wanted to see the story play out more and find out more of the truth directly from coach paterno himself. at the same time, there are a lot of people that support coach paterno and should mention, though, earlier today there was someone that hired one of the small planes to do a loop -- loops around the stadium carrying one of those long bangers. the banner said joe is so dirty, he needs a shower. so certainly a lot of different feelings and emotions around here. seems very complicated. people have come xlated emotions around here. >> stick with me here. i want to show live images.
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live pictures of joe paterno's home where people are starting to gather from his home. we have seen media doing reports there all day. people have been dropping by. this picture, live pictures coming in to us from pennsylvania. athena, the question i asked of the students starting to, you know really understand why. you know, there has been criticism whether or not this game should have happened. it does -- just by the game happening, whether you agree with that or not, it is sort of -- gives -- sort of makes you feel and probably the people there that they are moving beyond this at least trying to. let the investigation take care of its own and then the university get back to normal. as form alas kit get. >> reporter: there seem to be some of that. certainly more than 100,000 people would not have wanted to see the game canceled. a big game as you mentioned. senior day, last home game of the season. we arrived very early in the morning. people were already setting up. they were beginning to cook,
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drink or some cases coming to drink. this was a big deal, this day. and people we spoke with would have wanted to see this happen. this is the kind of thing that it would have been a huge deal, of course, if it had been canceled. some ways this is their way of moving on. it is the sense we got from people. you know. they are upset about what happened with joe paterno and still want to see his side of -- hear his side of the story. but they are also happy to come out and watch the typical college football game. >> all right. athena jones, thank you very much. we appreciate your roaring. stand by and we will be back to you on cnn. live picture, i want to say again, live pictures of joe paterno's home. joe paterno head coach for such a long time. this is their first loss without him as coach. you hear applause there in front of joe paterno's home. you can imagine he still has some degree of support. probably overwhelming is port in the community. i'm sure the people there understand just how dire and serious these allegations are and what prosecutors have been saying they believe was a
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coverup to -- in many ways. you can certainly understand being there so long, why some may be in such support of joe paterno. we will continue to cover this. much more on the penn state scandal. i will be speaking with human behavior experts about why people who saw the alleged abuse didn't do more to stop it. also ahead, what are the legal consequences for penn state and officials involved if the els prove true? legal analyst holly hughes will join us for this. this behavior may have involved some of sandusky's own children going back to the mid 1990s. interest couldn't get any worse. again, may have involved. reporter who covered that story will also be here with us and we will have that for new just a little bit. penn state has a big story here in the u.s. there's breaking news that we are following overseas. major world leader has just announced his resignation. live report two minutes away. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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a colombian man possibly linked to paramilitaries linked to the kidnapping of ramos. he was rescued friday night led by venezuelan security forces. they tracked the major league star in a house in a remote mountainous region. security forces came under fire. they responded and rescued ramos unharmed. ramos spoke to reporters today. >> translator: i am very happy for the rescue operation they carried out. very thankful to the government in the national army and i didn't expect them. they were holding me captive was a very remote place. basically a jungle. i was praying to god to bring me home safely to my family. look at these guys. they risked their lives to save
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mine and i am very thankful. >> six venezuelans are in custody for the kidnapping and arrests warrant has been issued for the suspected mastermind. the arab league is adding to the pressure on syria's government to end crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. the league suspended their membership today and called for sanctions against the regime. these images are said to be from the city, joyous protesters celebrating the arab league's decision on friday syrians took to the streets to call for the league to freeze syria's membership. the move was welcomed but wasn't enough to end more bloodshed. activists say the 21 people were killed today in syria. ten were in the city of holmes. this shows you pictures of the destruction. it emerged as the epicenter and focal point by the crackdown of syria's brutal forces. most colorful leader in
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italy's leader stepped down today. berlusconi ended his reign on the brink of disaster. he exasperated his fellow leaders to the bit earned. pressure on italy's finances forced his hand. many italians and investors were overjoyed by his resignation. matthew, what do you know? >> reporter: thanks very much. well, know, there have been wild celebrations in the center of the italian capital this evening in rome. news berlusconi after so long as the prime minister of italy handing in his resignation to the president's office. thousands of people gathered outside that office in the center of rome. they were jeering, shouting, booing. prime minister berlusconi arrived to hand over his formal resignation. things got so, you know, aggressive at one point that the
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police were finding it very difficult to hold the crowds back and a decision was taken not to allow berlusconi to be paraded past the crowds on the way out. he slipped out of the side entrance which was ironic for a man that has spent so much time in the public spotlight and he craved the publicity and so controversial and sort of charismatic and in the public eye. to leave in what was an almost secretive back doorway. very emotional evening indeed here in rome. >> what's the obvious question, matthew, what's next for italy? >> a big celebration tonight. of course, tomorrow people will wake up. i expect many with a hangover. real serious business needs to be gotten on with of addressing italy's very deep and serious economic problems. it has something like $2.6 trillion of public debt.
2:16 pm
that's obviously a massive burden for a country like this to shoulder and has to cut back on his spending. they have to be very -- austerity measures to try to bring the public finances back into line. that's going to be the very difficult task of the government which we expect will be ape pointed by the country's presidents tomorrow. to cut back on what -- services to try to rein in the debt. >> thank you very much. matthew chance in rome for us tonight. coming up on cnn, we dig down on the penn state scandal and the details behind why this coach is getting death threats. reportedly he saw a child getting raped and walked away. how can that be? discussion straight ahead. first this. social media having an impact on jobs and which companies are hiring these days. christine romans talked to an expert about the benefit including social media on your resume when looking for a job.
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here we go. we are going to have a good n no-holds bar. the reported inaction of people who actually say that they saw former coach jerry sandusky raping children. the university says that the coach, there he is right there, mike mcqueary is receiving death threats and is now on administrative leave. a warning for you, details we are about to mention are very graphic and disturbing. this is a reality of this mcqueary is the graduate who was in the locker room and saw naked boy whose age he estimated to be 10 years old with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by
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a naked sandusky. that's jerry sandusky as you know the former assistant coach now charged with multiple crimes against boys. why didn't mcqueary stop the alleged rain of a child as it was happening in front of him. to talk about it, clinical psychologist. dr. wendy, host of "the doctors." wendy, what's going on here? >> well, there is a bunch of factors here, don, all disturbing. it is something we should pay heed to. sometimes institutional culture trumps our personal ethics. in other words, if someone high up at cnn was doing something shaky, would you tell a superior or call the cops? you would like to think you would call the cops. but in that situation, to become a whils blowstle blower, can be terrifying thing and tend to be to stay with the institutions. it is a guy code. they don't talk about sex. >> wendy, even that -- come on. wendy -- a boy -- a child --
2:22 pm
>> listen. you and i know that. you and i would pick up the phone and call 911. >> i would go over and intervene. i would go over and intervene. >> of course. >> listen, i want to ask you this, do you think it would be -- do you think maybe he would have intervened -- i'm asking, most people -- i didn't just think about it. i have been thinking about this. what if it was 10-year-old girl? >> i'm not sure how much gender would have played a role in it. for sure if he was -- having sex with a woman against her will, i bet he wouldn't have reported it. i mean, i think that this institutional culture may supersede. in other words, he felt like he did something by reporting it to a superior. the problem was the superiors come from a whole other era where this kind of stuff was shoved under the rug. so paterno's generation, i mean, this stuff went on back then. people didn't talk about it. so he thought we will close up the locker room from that coach, not let him near there and that's not -- we will wash our hands of it. >> wane -- isn't there a human
2:23 pm
instinct to help out -- remember all those -- the people on the campus. the burning car, turned over cars, burning things. those people just -- they reacted, their reaction, you just -- can't fathom it. what's going on with that reaction? are they too close to it? >> you know, you never expect that kind of thing from someone you like and admire. he had -- a god-like status in penn state. so whenever you see abuse and someone you know, this happens in the family all the time, with grandpa, dad or a brother, you just -- you are in shock. you try to figure out what to do because you like the person. they are in power. you start thinking about your job and like dr. wall said you start thinking about chain of command. >> i'm going to read you something from the grand jury report. it also mention as janitor that saw sandusky performing oral sex on a boy that looked to be 11 and 13 years of age, between that. he was quote, distraught and co-workers feared janitor would have a heart attack. he was so upset and yet
2:24 pm
apparently opted to never tell police. wendy? >> again, the whistle blower syndrome. how often do we actually revere and raise up and thank the whistle blower? except for erin brockovich and norma rae? more often they are vilified. here is a janitor that needs his job and in a place he doesn't have a lot of power and he can have this -- you know, terrible emotional reaction himself. it is not going to turn into behavior because he can't risk losing his own job. and, again, i'm not defending the behavior. i'm just saying these are the factors that come into play. >> i thought the same thing as i was reading the grand jury report. i was thinking, you know, the janitor, you kind of understand a little bit and then can a when you think about the whole thing, i mean is it understandable at all? you just sort of rationalize it? >> at the time we all freak out. think bit and you see something and figure out what do. sheer where he will have the most stress now. because he realizes as a bystand their did nothing, he contributed not only to the rape
2:25 pm
of the boy but other boys. he could have stopped it. >> all right. there's much more to talk about, the scandal, mother of one of jerry sandusky's alleged victims speaks out. the doctors will stay with us to talk about why molesters can get away with their crimes for so long. trader. i can enter trades on the run. even futures and 4x. complex options, done. [ cellphone rings ] thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. plus get up to $600 when you open an account. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears.
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hope you are paying attention to this one. back with dr. tart and have wendy walsh. i want you to listen to this clip from "good morning america." the mother of victim one. victim number one, as he's known, grand jury report speaks about the grip that jerry sandusky, former penn state defensive coordinator, had on her child. okay. we will get -- here it is. okay. >> i want justice. i want him -- i want him to be locked up. there's no -- there's no help for somebody that does this. not like this. there's -- he needs to be put away. he needs to be put away for a long time. >> help us understand why is it so hard for boys to reveal their abuse? i know the answer to this question but why do you -- in your estimation? >> one, first of all, then document realize this is abuse. it is taught that manipulator that this is love. this is how we show affection to
2:29 pm
one another. they don't want to turn on someone they love. that's why -- manipulate it. number two, when they realize the abuse they feel ashamed and don't want to be seen as homosexual or gay or liking it. they don't want to be seem weak. there are threats made that i will humiliate and no one will believe you. i will tell everyone what you did and i will make it seem like you did. a lot of people are afraid. >> lot of people are paying attention to this, dr. wendy. they want to know should i know anything? what are the warning signs my child may be suffering from sexual abuse? >> the warning signs are if your child is not wanting to go to practice and not wanting to spend time with the person or spending way too much time and in the kind of infatuation love around somebody who is an adult, you no i, coach, counselor, whatever, the biggest thing we want to stretch, though, don, is thati that incidents like this hurt every wonderful mentoring program out there. there are great people getting involved in the lives of at-risk youth around the country and
2:30 pm
breaks my heart when someone like this can ruin it for so many great programs like the boys and girls club, et cetera. anyway, what -- you have to be kau kaush us we have been saying this all along. i have been reading criticism of the media and they say what -- you know, it is -- as if you guys have convicted jerry sandusky already and by saying alleged, accused of, that's not convict something one. but when in these cases usually there aren't a collusion of young people, especially young men, wendy, i will let you weigh in on this, that come together to lie on a suspect. it is usually more victims than people who actually speak out and say i was victimized by this person. >> of course. i'm sure there are many, many more victims. the average pedophile abuses more than 100 boys or girls in their career, as a pedophile. i'm sure there are many other victim. >> we think about sex, how often we think about sex, affiliated
2:31 pm
with a child that's how often they are going to abuse. it is very common to link yourself with a church or organization in which they can trust you for to you manipulate especially with disadvantaged youth that don't know what proper love is. they have come from disadvantaged background, dysfunctional families. here i am and i form this relationship with you and once i have a relationship with you, then i can abuse you because you don't know -- >> they groom the families as well as the young person. >> absolutely. they take care of you. it is hard to he them as a bad person when i'm taking care of you and loving you in other ways that are appropriate. >> thanks to both of you. we appreciate. >> it thank you. we are learning more information about jerry sandusky and his family. next, a local reporter joins us live. she first talked to us last weekend when the story was still breaking and will tell us what she has uncovered about sandusky and his relationship with his adopted son. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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unlike any other in the history of the once revered penn state football program. beginning withing a collective prayer by fans and both teams kneeling on the field. >> protect the victims. >> alleged victims of penn state's former defensive
2:35 pm
coordinator jerry sandusky out on $100,000 bail today. the child sex abuse scandal leading to penn state's first game without head coach joe paterno in 46 years after he was fired this week. penn state's new president, rodney ericson, who took over when former president spanier was fired along with paterno of a news conference after the three-point loss to nebraska today. he defended the decision to go ahead with the game after such an upsetting week. >> i personally felt that this was the time to play but it was also a time when we could recognize and bring national focus to the problem of sexual abuse. and to do so in a way that reflected unity and that reflected support and that reflected the need for us to bring these issues out into the open. >> the earliest offense in the grand jury report against jerry
2:36 pm
sandusky is from 1998. but a story in the patriot news of central pennsylvania shows as early as 1995 there were concerns of abuse. who may have been the victim here? sandusky's adopted son, matt. joining me now is a reporter who wrote the story on matt sandusky. sarah, you report that matt himself wrote a letter requesting to stay at the sandusky house and -- so what did you find out that -- how did you find out matt may have been abused? what's going on? >> reporter: well, in 1994, matt sandusky was a second child who jerry kind of took under his wing. his mom had expressed concerns about this but in 1995, matt got into trouble with the law. hay set a fire. he was a juvenile. and that was kind of the act its for jerry to take him into their house as a foster child. things kind of started to spay
2:37 pm
ral o -- spiral out of control. some say that jerry specifically through his attorney said matt had a very troubled family life. and matt's mom, biological mom, says that jerry was the reason that he was acting out. for whatever reason he was acting out and this was something that was going through the juvenile court process. so -- in that process, you can see from court documents back then that his mom was expressing concerns about a clingyi kind of relationship that was going on between her son and jerry. and -- >> that was -- there was a restraining order of -- a some point against sandusky, right? >> reporter: well, sort of. when -- when he was arrested on saturday, matt went to his house. he brought their children. he is now an adult. he is in his 30s. he has small children. when jerry was arrested saturday he brought the children to his house and matt's ex-wife almost
2:38 pm
immediately asked that jerry have no unsupervised contacts with these kids. that's in light of the charges. but as far as -- matt goes, you know, what we know about him now is he still maintains a relationship with sandusky. and you could see from that -- those court documents for that restraining order, that -- which is not technically called restraining order but you can see that he -- you know, clearly still has a relationship with him because he took his kids to his house. >> you also interview the mothers of two of sandusky's accusers. victim one, the boy who basically set off this investigation that led to sandusky's arrest, his mother spoke with "good morning america" about how she first learned about jerry sandusky's actions. listen. >> at some point he came to you and he said he wanted some information about how to look up sex weirdos. >> yes. >> what did you think of that? >> i asked him who he was looking up and he said he wanted to see if jerry was on there.
2:39 pm
and i said, well, why would you look him up? and he said i don't know. he's a weirdo. >> sarah, tell us what happened from there. why did this particular case make the different sxrens lead to char -- difference and lead to charges? >> reporter: when the mother couldn't get a straight answer out of her son she went to the school district because sandusky was a -- volunteer football coach at that school at the time. and she was concerned that he was taking her son out of class without her permission and this -- the school district called the child down to the principal's office and asked him, is something going on here? and that's when the allegation was first made. child said yes. >> sarah, thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. stand by. i'm sure we will be relying on you in the near future as well. top penn stay official including now former coach joe paterno eventually faced charges for not taking more action against sandusky? criminal defense attorney holly
2:40 pm
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big story today, penn state under fire for handling of child
2:43 pm
sex abuse allegations against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. joining me here to discuss the legal consequences or ramifications of criminal defense attorney holly hughes. let's talk about head coach joe paterno for a minimum. we will talk about that for a minute. i want to talk about mike mcqueary, the penn state coach, 2002 graduate assistant. said he witnessed sandusky and a young boy. i want everybody to imagine what a 10-year-old boy looks like. i don't think people realize the average size after 10-year-old boy. you just say it. i-want to put up a picture and say this is what a 10-year-old boy looks like. you see that. was he legally compelled to tell police -- >> you know, unfortunately we are not. you know, there's no good samaritan law. nobody can force you to get involved, stop a crime or something like that. it is more of a moral obligation and ethical obligation. no, he was not -- you know, he didn't have to intervene. i just -- as a human being, i don't understand how you can
2:44 pm
witness a 10-year-old child being violated and not do something. here is the thing, don. he is a big man. he's 6'4", 200-plus pounds. sandusky was naked at the time. if you rushed over and grabbed the child and ran out of the locker room he is not going to follow you, okay. yeah, he could have absolutely intervened and stopped that assault on the spot. then we would know who that victim is. >> that's why he hasn't been charged, paterno. you know, curley and schultz. in the complaint it says -- notified by two different penn state employees the alleged sexual exploitation of youth pennsylvania mandatory reporting statute for suspected child abuse located -- give it and say provides a staff or member of a school reports abuse pursuant to that within 48 hours. within 48 hours to the department of public welfare of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. oral report should have been made to the center county children and youth services. then it goes on to explain that. they had 48 hours.
2:45 pm
they were supposed to report to it some sort of age. >> i that's where they fell down on the job and that's why we are still talking about the possible bill of additional charges against these people because we -- let's just call it what it is. pedophilia, okay. that's not a one-time act, don. you don't just have sex with a 10-year-old boy once and then stop. has to men had to know what -- it is common knowledge this is an ongoing activity. sandusky had adopted children in his home and nobody intervened. nobody went to the police. >> let's talk about paterno. he said he was shocked, the two, the young boy, this is -- allegedly, according to the report. saw him. and he was so upset went and told his father. his father said come over, leave and come over the next morning they go to joe paterno's house. so here's the thing. in this, they -- may not be legally culpable in this case. what about civil, do we know -- is that -- >> i think there will be a lot
2:46 pm
of civil suits coming. it will be from every victim from that point on. because at that point in time, paterno and higher-up has that duty to report to the welfare society, to some agency that handles child abuse and they didn't do so. so, yes, there's going to be an amazing amount of culpability that will come from these civil suits. and if enough victims come forward and 15 years, he could have abused so many people, you can be lacking at class action route let's talk about pennsylvania's whistle blowing law. some people are wonder why paterno, and not mcqueary. does he have some sort of, i guess, this whistle blowing law helping him in some way because he was the first one to notify people? >> exactly. he is in a suber servient posit. he is not the vice chairman of finance like curley. he is not in a position of power. he goes to his boss, paterno. he says this is it. paterno goes around and goes to
2:47 pm
his boss. says now -- you know, we know about this. at that point that is where they failed. that's where they fall down on the job. see, as a graduate assistant, he is not in that power authority position. but he is notifying the people who are and saying this is occurring and occurring on our camp campus. that's where they fell down. they didn't further that complain. >> i heard some -- the students on a news program saying well, you know, between don't know what joe paterno knew and he hasn't -- you know, we haven't heard the full story. we haven't. but i do think it is very telling in that joe paterno himself said my only failing, only thing i wish in hindsight is that i had done more. >> right. >> i had done more. that's very telling. >> it is a tacit admission. one of the things i find startling part of the penn state alma mater maybe do nothing to bring shame upon this institution. come on. every single one of those guys fell down on the job when it comes to that sfw we have to run. thank you very much. . imagine being tased not once but
2:48 pm
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al hughes is back. holly, reel quick. let's talk about dominique strauss kanne. he returned to france after rape charges were dropped. he is linked to another scandal. this involves an alleged prostitution ring and he wants to talk about it. how does that benefit him? where are his lawyers? >> well, his lawyers are the reason he hasn't talked so far. he's, of course, been lambasted in the french media now which he thought if he got out of the united states charges and went home he'd be embraced. his problem is that they're crucifying him in the french press. he wants to defend himself. he wants to say i'm not guilty of this. the reason we haven't seen such a statement is because he does have lawyers. they're telling him, keep your mouth shut. >> the stories is a lot of men behaving badly. let's talk about an illinois man suing the city of chicago saying he was stunned with a taser 11 times by police. so holley hughes, police didn't apologize for that incident, right? >> correct. >> he's 27 years old. his name is jose tapia. police stunned him repeatedly
2:52 pm
with that taser confusing him with a wanted man with the same name. hospitalized for injuries. federal lawsuit against the city. all of that. where does this case stand? >> what happened was they actually charged this man who was not the person they were looking for with aggravated battery and obstruction of officers for resisting arrest. it went to a jury trial. that jury found him not guilty. they listened to his story and what the police officer said. they acquitted him. and that's why we see this civil suit being filed now as a violation of his civil rights. >> how much money? how much of a settlement are we talking about? >> i think they'll end up with a couple million. this is egregious. there were six or seven officers out there. don't tell me that one man needed to be tased 11 times for them to get him under control. anticipate his wife is in the car screaming the whole time. that's not who you want. please stop. >> all right the we'll follow that one as well. holly hughes, thank you. >> talk about an inspirational story. in our human factor today, dr.
2:53 pm
sanjay gupta introduces us to a man without arms or legs who just climbed georgia's stone mountain. now he plans to climb the highest mountain in africa. >> hal mainer is climbing to the top of georgia stone mountain. bear crawling, almost 1,000 feet. he is a congenital quadruple amputee. he was born without arms or legs. his parents knew the world wasn't set up for him. but they weren't going to let his disability set him apart. >> they raised me with that attitude that they weren't going to treat me any difference. >> so like any other kid, he played sports, even joined the football team in sixth grade. >> i loved it. getting to hit somebody on every play. >> he took up wrestling when football bap too incense and stuck with it even after losing his first 35 matches. after high school, he became an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter and also wrote a book,
2:54 pm
the best-selling memoir, "no excuses." a book tour left him feeling exhausted and low. >> i got to a point where i was ready to quick speaking. >> then a chance encounter with two disabled veterans ruineded in iraq changed his mind. >> they made a suicide pact with one another. they said when they -- the day they did that, they saw my story on hbo and that got them to stop. >> he regrets never getting their names. but says those veterans reenergized him. so instead of quitting, he continued. crisscrossing the country sharing his story again and again. >> i know it's going to be tough. >> and they inspired him to try for yet another milestone, scaling africa's mt. kilimanjaro. >> why? because it is the opposite end of the spectrum. >> he'll hike with a team that includes two other disabled veterans. their goal, to shoate world that no obstacle is too hard to overcome. today's hike up stone mountain
2:55 pm
is part of his training for the kilimanjaro trek. and despite his equipment, it only takes him an hour and a half from the bottom to the top. >> people see me, they may think god, he doesn't have arms and legs. that must be the worst thing that ever happened to him. i think that is the greatest gift i've ever been given. >> dr. sanjay gupta, kcnn, reporting. >> a major snowstorm is about to hit the rockies. our meteorologist on just how deep the snow will get after a quick break. what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. all right. brace yourselves. people living if parts of the rocky mountains are dealing with a major blizzard tonight. meteorologist jackie gerris joins us now. >> i know. >> not good. >> it's not good. it's not so much that the snow is going to be so heavy. you know, you're used to that in the high country. it's november. but the winds with this thing are particularly brutal. and we've been seeing some wind gusts reports beyond hurricane force. we've got a strong area of low pressure that's pushing it here. heavy snow can be expected. in fact, a couple of feet will be possible by the end of the day tomorrow in parts of the wasatch and the rocky mountain range. this is certainly a very large storm. colorado, the 9 miles per hour. that is what your wind gust report was.
2:59 pm
utah, 74 miles per hour. we have a live picture to show you from the web cam out of the ski resort there in alta. you can see the tree tops and that's about it. the snow is coming down so heavy there today. they're likely going to end up with a foot before the day is over. snow basin, 63 mile per hour gusts there. boulder, colorado, 62. and sun dance getting a wind report of 58 miles per hour. we have strong winds in denver, too. that's why we're getting some problems at the airports. we have delays about 40 minutes right now. also runway issues by the way if you're traveling in newark at 35 miles per hour. so jefr all, it has been a really ugly day across parts of the west. we've got three storms basically that we're dealing with. we have the one which is in the rocky mountains. we have one that is another over here into the pacific northwest bringing heavy snow into the cascad cascades. last but not least, don, it's not true that it never rains in california. look at san diego. yeah, coming in on some heavy rain. that's going to be out of there by


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