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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  November 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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that's sunday on "the next list," 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. that wraps things up for "sgmd." stay connected through me throughout the week on, my life stream. also join the conversation on twitter at sanjayguptacnn. good morning, everybody. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn sunday morning. it is 8:00 here on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. out west. wherever you may be, glad you're right her. i'm t.j. holmes. the deadline is approaching in the super committee and they need to come up with a plan to cut the nation's deficit. but right now that doesn't appear to be progress or a compromise in sight. we're live on capitol hill on this all-important day. also, on this sunday morning, three words for you -- hot christian sex.
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religious leaders have come out and said it is your duty to satisfy the desires of your spouse. that is the topic in this morning's "faces of faith" segment. also, you remember actress mila kunis was asked by that young man to the marine ball. she delivered on her promise. we'll tell you how the night went. let's start. in washington, d.c., the deficit super committee doesn't seem so super right now. they were supposed to be working through the weekend to get a deal done before this week's deadline. but all's quiet on capitol hill all weekend, it seems. lisa, we were told this is the weekend, got to have something done by monday morning but are we getting any indication that work is actually happening? >> no, with t.j. no indication at all. there's no surprise lawmakers aren't here at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 on a sunday, but on the
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saturday before a deadline, you would think there might be some surprise by americans that there weren't any meetings from the capitol yesterday by the super committee or even by separate groups. republicans met on the phone but that was about it. we don't know of any other meetings planned. the next we'll hear from the super committee will just be individuals showing up on sunday talk shows in the next hour. >> it sounds almost like they're conceding defeat or at least conceding that nothing's going to get done. can we go that far yet? >> they're not going that far. i think that they're in a tricky spot because it looks like negotiations have completely broken down but they do want to at least portray that they are working until the last minute and we're not at the last minute quite yet. but tomorrow, t.j., as you've been reporting, the super committee has to have a cost estimate for some kind of a deal. if they don't have that by tomorrow night, then this whole thing ends. so we're not quite at the last minute yet but we are sure close. >> also, remind our viewers, if nothing is done, they miss that deadline, what happens?
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>> right. across-the-board cuts across most of government, defense gets cut 8% to 9% -- that's the pentagon, not homeland security in that defense cut, just the defense department, 8% to 9%. then the rest of government, including homeland security in a second swipe gets 8% to 9% cuts as well. medicare recipients and social security recipients would be protected in that. but we talked about the deal with those cuts? they don't go into place until the beginning of it 2013. so there's a lot of talk about whether in the next year lawmakers would do something to roll them back or change them. hard to say. i don't think the votes are there right now for that but anything can happen in politics. >> all right, keeping an eye on that super committee and the work that is or is not being done today. congress is running out of time and options as well. still have a couple of options left. we'll check in with our joe johns to see what those options may be. that's coming up and the bottom of the hour. turning now presidential
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politics in the race for the republican nomination. most of the candidates were at a faith and values forum in iowa last night, an important opportunity for them reach out to conservative voters. we just got six weeks to go until the first in the nation caucus. here is some of what you may have missed from last night. >> our foreign policy budgets need to start at zero for every, every country out there. because nobody -- >> including israel. >> including israel. >> those of us that are people of faith and strong faith have allowed the non-faith element to intimidate us into not fighting back. i believe we've been too passive. >> why in the world have we ever drifted to the point where we allow this casualness to ignore the constitution? they say it is a federal function. we don't need the department of education. we need those things taken care of at the state level. >> gay marriage is wrong.
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as abraham lincoln said, the states do not have the trite do wrong. so folks here said states can do this and i won't get involved in that. i will get involved in that, because states as a president -- i will get involved because the states do not have the right to undermine the basic fundamental values that hold this country together. >> today we have for the first time in the history of our country taxpayer subdisidized abortion because of obama care around the new playground of the left is in obama care because planned parenthood has just been given full lease in our public schools and planned parenthood now will be pushing chemical abortion and billing that to the federal government under preventive care. >> mitt romney, jon huntsman, you didn't see them there. they skipped that event in iowa. romney had a town hall in new hampshire. huntsman made a cameo appearance last night on "saturday night live."
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also at forum was newt gingrich. he was there. had he a couple things to say about the occupy wall street protesters that they're probably not going to appreciate. listen to him. >> all of the occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything. they take over a public park they didn't pay for, to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, to beg for food from places they don't want to pay for, to obstruct those who are going to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park so they can self-righteously explain that they are the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything. go get a job right after you take a bath. >> that's not the only thing he had to say this weekend that has people buzzing. listen to his plan now to help kids living in poor neighborhoods. >> it is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods in trapping children in -- first of all in child laws which are truly stupid. most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized
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janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the schools. the kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they'd have pride in the schools, they'd begin the process of rising. >> those comments of course will be part of the discussion coming up with candy crowley on "state of the union," she's got a couple of gingrich's former a e aides to talk about his rise in the polls and his prospects for actually getting the nomination. candy will join me in 30 or 40 minutes from now. also let me tell you what former white house chief of staff had to say as well. talking about the current chicago mayor, rahm emanuel. listen to what he said about the republican field last night. >> i don't know about you, but i've watched a couple of those debates. i've got to be honest. i never thought i'd say this. i'm beginning to miss the wisdom of sarah palin.
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their debate was called the thanksgiving family forum. which is fitting. because i've never seen a greater collection of turkeys. >> now he's having a little fun there, of course. he made that crack in iowa. he was just across town from where that faith forum was taking place with the republican candidates. i want to remind you that the republican candidates will be gathered this tuesday not too far from the white house for a cnn republican presidential debate. one will focus on national security. it's co-sponsored by the heritage foundation and the american enterprise institute. cnn debates for the republican candidates tuesday 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. meanwhile at eight minutes part the hour, president obama has arrived back at the white house overnight while you were sleeping. he returned from that nine-day trip that took him to hawaii, australia and indonesia, his trip was
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may be required to get involved in this super committee. as we've reported, that deadline is fast approaching. turning now to some of the occupy protests. they were back at it overnight on the campus of uc davis. they pitched tents on campus. they are out there protesting the rising tuition costs. they're back in place a day after we saw this scene play out. watch your screen. you saw this first here yesterday. the school's chancellor ordered an investigation into this pepper spray incident. but police are defending their actions saying that they actually felt threatened by the protesters and so they were justified in using that pepper spray. listen to how one of the protesters described it. >> they broke into our circle to remove our tents which was apparently the aim of the riot cops in the first place. after they removed our tents, they made about five very arbitrary arrests. it could have been any student.
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it wasn't one person in particular that was acting out. they just arrested who they could, which we felt was unjust so we stood in solidarity with them -- or actually we sat in solidarity with them and asked for them to be set free and that's why we didn't move from the crossway. >> some people are now calling for the chancellor at uc davis to step down. the chancellor saying she's not going anywhere. also on the occupy front, in portland pepper spray was used there against protesters as well. we highlighted that scene in the middle there. some people are pointing to this saying it was unnecessary by police. this was part of the nationwide call to action that was on the two-month anniversary of the occupy movement last week. brooe we brought this to you live when we saw the clashes between protesters and police in portland. they manufactured in to try to force those protesters out but have they left? this says "we're not going anywhere." occupy protesters have kept up the pressure by marching on local banks and some of them are turning their focus to problems
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with the health care system. also in washington, d.c., occupy protesters on the streets there as well. police ended up arresting about a dozen people after they occupied and abandoned building that used to be a homeless shelter. firefighters were actually called in to try to help clear out that building. 11 minutes past the hour now. let us say good morning to alexandra steele. people have their minds on travel. are they going to have a problem getting to family for the holidays? >> in some spots yes, some spots no. talking about a little snow and also some tornadoes, believe it or not. but tornadic activity really not out of the question this time of year. second half of october beginning of november is kind of the second peak season for severe weather. so isolated tornadoes -- and here's why. this area of low pressure will move through, warm, moist air coming from the south. this lifting mechanism with the front. all the way from dallas-ft. worth toward arkansas, little rock, potential for an isolated tornado today. but as we head toward tomorrow
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that will all push eastward. the biggest story today, temperatures in the northeast. look at some of these numbers, boston, 63. low 60s in new york. flirting with 70 in washington. in the southeast, 5 to 15 degrees above average. but enjoy it, t.j., temperatures really cool down for tomorrow. >> we'll check in with you again here shortly. she's with us because reynolds of course is not here today. he has some holiday plans and he is on the road right now. as we speak. there's our reynolds wolf driving cross-country trying to get to grandma's house and he has got the whole wolfpack in tow with him. we'll try to check in with our reynolds wolf. that's a live picture of reynolds on the road with his wolfpack. we'll try to check in with him a little later. also a little later, in our "faces of faith" segment, the topic today in our "faces of
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faith" segment is about hot christian sex. pastors are out there telling their followers he this is what you need to be doing in your home and in your bedrooms. but there are some specific conditions here. you want to stick around for that. also coming up a little after the break, what else? what can the man not do? russian prime minister vladimir putin now adding hockey to the resume. stay with us. cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. [ stu ] yeah.
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16 minutes past the hour now on this cnn sunday morning. we're going to take you to what has been a tense weekend in egypt. clashes there between protesters and police. tahrir square in cairo
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yesterday, and agaclashes broket again today with security forces there. at least two are dead. this all comes as parliamentary elections are just about two weeks away. these demonstrators say they are upset at a plan to shield the military from public oversight. of course the military council took over after hosni mubarak was ousted earlier this year. also officials with the international criminal court will be traveling to libya this week. the court wants to try moammar gadhafi's son saif for alleged crimes against humanity. right now the son is in the hands of rebel fighters. they say they laid a trap for him and caught him in the southern desert. news of his capture set off celebrations all across the country. at one point saif was the choice to succeed moammar gadhafi. rebels also are showing off a trophy they say they found with the son saif gadhafi. they did the same thing after moammar gadhafi was captured. they showed off a gold pistol
5:18 am
that belonged to the former leader. russian prime minister vladimir putin has this macho man image he likes to play up. here's his latest. there he is. that is the russian prime minister playing hockey now. he's number 11 out there. can you make him out. he's 59 years old. a former kgb spy but he is going to be running for his old job as russian president. this is part of his campaign. we have seen him in a lot of different poses, if you will. he's been playing sports, he's been doing a little judo, some motorcycle racing. now the plan plays hockey. coming up next, tiger woods. his struggles in golf have been well documented lately. hasn't been playing so well. a lot of people were very critical when he was pick by the captain on the u.s. presidents cup team. well? take this, folks. guess who just clinched the tournament for team usa? that story coming your way in just a moment. also coming up, you folks
5:19 am
who want a playoff in college football? well maybe right now you have one of the best cases you've had in a while. we have got a bcs mess. it's 18 minutes past the hour. ♪
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♪ ♪ mom? dad? guys? [ engine turns over ] [ engine revs ] ♪ he'll be fine. [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes, and lexus for audi than ever before. take advantage of exceptional values during the season of audi event. 20 minutes past the hour. say good morning to joe carter from hln sports joining us this morning to talk about the bcs mess that arkansas is in the middle of. we'll get to that in a second. tiger woods has been struggling
5:21 am
on the golf course for quite some time now. >> it's well documented. finally some good news for tiger woods. freddie couples, the team president, was criticized for picking tiger on the team this year. it was the captain's pick. i should say the team captain was criticized for bringing him on. but heck, he's the one really responsible for the win. his putter was on which is something that tiger hasn't been good with this year. he's made 5 of the first 11 holes were birdies. he defied his critics. he essentially played like the old tiger woods for the first time in a couple of years. so, yeah, the americans pull off the win. they win this for the seventh time in the last nine presidents cups. >> he started off ugly though. >> yeah. it wasn't a good start at all. it was a typical tiger woods so far the last two years start for him. but yeah, he came together in the end. again, maybe it is steve stricker's little tip that helped him with his putting. >> people complain about the bcs all the time. a bcs mess once again.
5:22 am
in college football. this was a wild weekend. how could you ever imagine that many teams would lose? >> number two loses, number four loses, number five loses, and now we have a little mess on our hands. lebron james and d. wade on hand. something about a lockout i guess. number four oregon comes into the game with one loss. they had to win. they push the field goal left, they lose, 38-35. now they have two losses which means they are out of the national contention picture. yet oklahoma, another one-loss team in the same position as oregon last night. the sooners had to beat baylor to stay in the national championship conversation. >> how did that go? >> well, i think we already know the answer. there were some crazy plays. the pass ricochets off one player's shoulder pad into the hands of another. he goes 87 yards for the score. but quarterback robert griffin iii.
5:23 am
he's not even sure, what just happened? >> the biggest play with 16 seconds left. baylor. oklahoma really thought baylor would just lay it up and go into overtime. they drove down the field and score, upsetting number five oklahoma. first time baylor has ever beaten oklahoma in school history. oklahoma has two losses now, they're out of the national championship race. lsu is sitting pretty, going to play arkansas, really the only one-loss team left. next week in lsu, they win they'll play georgia in the s.e.c. title game. if they win that game, they'll play in the national championship. but alabama is sitting pretty and they play auburn next week. if lsu loses, alabama potentially has the chance to win the national chap without having played in a conference championship game. >> did you get all that, folks? >> houston is undefeated and their fans will never see their team play because they're a mid-major.
5:24 am
they'll never play in a national championship game. bcs game, fiesta bowl in perhaps. but not a national championship game. >> joe, appreciate you breaking that down for us. 24 minutes past the hour now. we talk about our military men and women all the time and the bravery they show on the battlefield but this took a little bravery as well. >> you can call me scott. i just want to take a moment out of my day to invit you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in greenville, north carolina. >> you remember that guy? just cool as a fan asking one of the hottest actresses out there out on a date to the ball. she said yes. the ball was this weekend. but did she actually show up? stay with us. also one other soldier here for you. certainly giving a lot for the country. he is getting something special in return now for his sacrifice. a new custom-built home. we'll have that for you, too.
5:25 am
5:26 am
26 minutes past the hour now. a look at stories making news cross-country. we start with an occupy protest in fair bankbanks, alaska. the challenge here is the weather. the occupy fairbanks movement has kept its vigil at veterans memorial park for two months but temperatures midweek plunged to minus 36 degrees. town officials want their warm-up tents removed calling them squatters but protesters say they is a the right to stay warm. in tampa a severely wounded iraq war veteran has a new home thanks to an organization called building homes for heroes. the organization's founder says
5:27 am
the sergeant's spirit are unbelievable. he lost bothize, his right leg, four fingers and suffered burns over 60% of his body after several rockets hit his suv. the army awarded him the purple heart and bronze star. >> just walking through and thinking, man, this is a huge home. i might get lost in here. it's nice to be lost in my own home. in marietta, georgia, another sign of the tough economy. hundreds lined up for free dental care saturday. many waited for hours. volunteers for an organization called dentistry from the heart say so many showed up, they had to turn some away. we get close to the bottom of the hour now. say good morning once again to alexandra steele. it is a big football sunday with the nfl. anybody going to be shiverering out there at some of these games? >> green bay they're going to be shivering. could and lot colder if it was later in the day like it is
5:28 am
going to be in east rutherford, new jersey. pretty nice, 55 degrees. the big picture is a lot of severe weather. if you're driving today from evansville, paducah, bowling green, tennessee, kentucky, illinois, southern indiana really a wet go of it. why? well, this kind of sprawling area of low pressure and this associated cold front. believe it or not, this time of year there's the second tornado season. so what we're going to see is the potential for isolated tornado. dsl ft. worth all the way through central arkansas. you could be in it little rock as well. isolated tornado and some strong gusty winds not out of the question. but in the east and certainly ahead of this front, can you see the front where it is? much cooler behind it. certainly warmer ahead of it. cloudy skies, some scattered showers but a mild flow from the south and southwest. so temperatures today in the 60s flirting with 70 in washington, d.c. tomorrow though look what happens. we lose about 5 to 10 degrees so enjoy the warmth of today. also another big picture.
5:29 am
we've got a storm system developing in the west. there it is. we'll see snow in the sierra, what's happening in the southeast? pretty pleasant. want to give you the big picture of the storm moving here. can you see how wet it is an how we're going to watch this system cross the country and what about wednesday? you're traveling of course, 40 million of you are. 90% on the roads. what we're going to see -- does this spell trouble or what? from boston to washington, that 95 corridor has the chance for showers but really 90% of the country in gorgeous shape other than a few showers in the northwe northwest. >> most folks drive. >> 90% drive. balance of the country is beautiful but where most people will be driving -- yeah. eastern third of the country. >> alexandra, thank you, as always. right at the bottom of the hour now. up next, that so-called super committee doesn't seem to be anywhere close to getting a deal done on the deficit even though the deadline is awfully close.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. just past the bottom of the hour on this cnn sunday morning. welcome back to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. give you a look at some of the stories making headlines. . just a tragedy out of yale university. an accident outside the stadium has killed a woman and injured two others as they tailgated before the game against harvard yesterday. the driver of a u-haul reportedly lost control, suddenly sped up crashing into the women. yale university is now reviewing policies related to tailgating before athletic events. also an undercover video showing chickens being abused at
5:34 am
an egg farm has cost that company dearly. mcdonald's and target both dropped sparto farms as their egg supplier after this video went public. the video shows the group mercy for animals -- they are the ones that took the video -- it shows chickens crammed in crowded cages and unsanitary conditions. the fda already had cited the company for serious violations. according to the hollywood reporter, actor christopher walken has hired an attorney. walken was on the boat the night wood died 30 years ago. sheriff's department told the paper walken, however, is not considered a suspect in the case. back to washington, that so-called super committee. it is running out of time to get $1.2 trillion in cuts done. here's where we are right now. the committee members said they were going to work through the weekend to try to get something
5:35 am
done but what we've heard from capitol hill is kind of the opposite. it is pretty much all quiet, not a lot of meetings on the schedule. the deadline for the committee to vote on a plan is wednesday. but they really need to get it in the hands of the budget folks by tomorrow in order to have it ready for a vote on wednesday. arizona republican senator jon kyl, a member of that committee, says it is doubtful they'll get it done. so what happens if they miss the deadline? then there will be across-the-board cuts that will go into effect. a little from column a, a little from column b. those take effect in 2013 and wouldn't touch medicaid or social security. this week's deadline likely won't end this debate. as our joe johns explains, congress has other options to tackle the debt problem. >> reporter: just days from a joint committee deadline to get a deal on large-scale deficit reduction, you might think the capitol is full of hope they're actually going to do something.
5:36 am
>> i remain hopeful. >> i remain hopeful that we can meet our goal and i urge my democratic colleagues to join us in this effort. >> nobody wants to quit until the stroke of midnight. >> reporter: hope may spring etern eternal, but as it stands now, a lot of people don't expect the super committee to get too far on reducing the deficit, $1.2 trillion, over the next ten years, like they're supposed to. one of the questions now is whether instead of real savings, they're going to come up with some gimmick that, well, listen to steve ellis of a non-partisan watchdog group. >> it is totally outrageous. it is fictitious and it is actually damaging. the scariest thing is that we could actually come out of the super committee and if they don't do this right we would come out of the super committee in the worst deficit situation than we were in the first place. >> reporter: guys that know all the budget tricks say gimmick number one would be for the committee to claim it is cutting spending that never really was going to be spent anyway. >> the best example of that is we know that activities in
5:37 am
afghanistan are already winding down and that the government is not likely to spend as much over the next ten years as they have over the previous ten years. >> reporter: stan has worked for both the house and senate budget committees. >> so if they just say all right, we're going to cut all the spending for afghanistan over the next decade, then according to the congressional budget office that would make it look like we're cutting almost $1 trillion when actually we'd be cutting nothing. >> reporter: another gimmick watchdogs are looking for is kicking the can down the road, telling other congressional committees to work out the details later. >> so you committees go out there, come back with "x" amount of savings, couple hundred billion dollars of savings through the tax code or $400 billion or whatever it is, and we're going to require that be voted on on a date certain. >> reporter: the more you look at it, the trickier it gets. if the super committee does not come up with a deal, automatic spending cuts go into effect. but there's a catch. those spending cuts don't kick in until the year 2013 which would give the congress plenty of time to figure something else
5:38 am
out. joe johns, cnn, the capitol. 37 minutes past the hour now. we turn to our "faces of faith" segment. your pastor wants you to have sex. lots of it. hot sex even. this comes with a couple of conditions here though, folks. it's got to be in the context of a faithful monogamous heterosexual union before god. once you got that, christian leaders say knock yourselves out. it is not exactly the message a lot of people grew up with, but that's the point. leaders are trying to keep folks in the fold by saying they can be good christians and good lovers. talking this morning to evangelist jay lowder. we've got him on the phone. why is this an important message for people to get from their pastors? >> well, for so long it's been a taboo issue and something that's
5:39 am
not discussed. it's really not anything new, it's been in the bible for thousands of years, just now coming out not forefront. >> talking about influential pastor rick warren set off a part of the conversation. he had a sweet he sent out -- i'll read it to our viewers and show it to them as well. it said, and i quote, husbands and wives should satisfy each other's sexual needs and he did put the bible verse there, 1 corinthians 7:3. you said it's been kind of taboo. how can it help if someone like rick warren -- is it just something that needs to be talked about more or more openly? >> i believe one of the issues behind this is trying to connect with a younger generation. because the discussion of sex is so prevalent, you hear about it especially with the younger generation, they've grown up hearing about it. so it is something that just needs to be brought out. it is a discussion that needs to be open and especially with the younger generation, younger couples. there's just been a lack of teaching on it. >> do you think you're losing that battle, that discussion,
5:40 am
because like you say, i mean you can turn on the tv just about anywhere and see sex, hear sex and something about sex in magazines, whatever it may be. but it's not talked about in this context. you have an uphill battle to try to combat those other images of sex in society. >> well, there's no doubt about that. i'm talking especially with this newest generation. a lot of the information that they have gotten about sex has been tainted. most of them, their parents didn't talk to them about it. the church didn't talk to them about it. so the information they've gotten is what we would call locker room talk. it may not be very accurate. >> would you say that people have the impression that sex within a marriage to the same person, the rest of your life, they assume it's boring? >> well, i think there may be a mindset there but it is not meant to be boring. this is something that was given as a gift from god. it is not something just for pro
5:41 am
creation. this was a gift that was meant for pleasure. >> i want to share one other thing here. pastor tim kelly wrote a book with his wife. i am quoting here, "each partner in a marriage is to be most concerned not with getting sexual pleasure but with giving it. the greatest sexual pleasure should be the pleasure of seeing your spouse getting pleasure." would you certainly say the best sex anybody's ever going to have is sex with their spouse? >> well, there's no doubt about that. and there has been some neglect from the side of meeting a woman's needs. the bible talks about in philippians second chapter, it talks about in every aspect of life, not just sexual aspect but in every aspect of life we are supposed to put others before ourselves. we are supposed to make the priority of our life to meet others' needs and not our own. so, yes, it should be something that is gratifying, that's fulfilling, that's satisfying
5:42 am
and if rick wants to use the word "hot," well then that's fine as well. >> jay lowder, sir, i appreciate you being here and being a part of this conversation. thanks so much and we'll certainly get you back by popular demand on this topic, i'm sure. thanks so much. you enjoy your sunday. >> thank you, t.j. good to be with you. >> all right. for more about religion and spirituality, go to our belief blog at share some of your thoughts there. 42 minutes past the hour. i'm not sure really how to transition to the next story so let me just tell that you candy crowley will join me after the break. okay. >> some call me the mayor... and i love it. and, i make everybody happy. i keep my business insurance with the hartford because... they came through for me once, and i know they've got my back. for whatever challenges come your way... the hartford is here to back you up. helping you move ahead... with confidence. meet some of our small business customers at:
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go get a job right after you take a bath. >> republican presidential candidate and former speaker newt gingrich. that was his message to the occupy protesters all across the country. as you hear at that forum he was at last night in iowa, he got applause after he made that statement. let me bring in our candy crowley, host of the "state of the union" coming your way in about 15 minutes. is this vintage newt? >> it is vintage newt. and listen. he is enjoying the spotlight
5:46 am
right now. he is way up in the polls. and we've seen this. this is a pattern. mitt romney stays pretty straight in there, about a quarter of the republican vote, and first comes bachmann, then comes perry, then comes cain. well, it now appears to be gingrich's attorney in the spotlight. his campaign, which basically has been running on fumes, has gotten some money recently. he's had some great debates. and they're taking a second look at newt gingrich which is a good thing and a bad thing. it's brought up his poll numbers but it brings in a lot of scrutiny of some of the old baggage. enough of it is out there that gingrich himself has put up on o his website defense of some of the things that have come up, including his personal life all out there on the website. now we'll see if he's got the staying power that the rest of these candidates so far have not except for romney. >> let's go off the campaign trail there and now into washington. here we are. do you see any indications that
5:47 am
this super committee is going to get anything done this week? >> uh, no. that's a good, short answer. i think it is done. i think it is over with. i think they all think it is over with. we don't even know if they're talking. i'm going to try to find out. senator patty murray is one of the co-chairs of that committee trying to find $1.2 trillion in debt reduction. are they even talking at this point because i think it is all over but the final press release, if they even have that. and now it just goes back to -- i mean there is a lot of things that are going to happen at the end of the year if congress doesn't act. one of them is long-term unemployment benefits will expire. that 2% that now has been a reduction in payroll tax for social security taxes, that would go back up. so lots of things are not going to get done unless congress working under all the rules in the senate and the heavy house majority of republicans is going to have to do before the end of the year. so now we just revert to both floors of the houses and see
5:48 am
what they can do glp give me the guest lineup again? >> patty murray, who is a co-chair. we'll also talk to rand paul. the tea party and conservatives have not wanted any tax increases and that's what democrats say has held up any kind of deal. condoleezza rice, new book out, former secretary of state. we talk to her about all things around the world, including the war in afghanistan. then we'll have a little discussion on whether a couple of the folks who know newt best think he is going to really implode or make use of the spotlight. >> candy crowley, "state of the union" coming your way at the top of the hour, 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 pacific. also coming up here, mila kunis showed up for the big date this weekend. also, rebld wolf not here in studio with us because is he on the road, headed to grandma's house for the thanksgiving holiday. he's got the whole wolfpack in tow.
5:49 am
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you remember that marine who did a pretty brave thing? he asked out actress mila kunis. you remember this? >> hey, mila. call me scott. i would like to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18 in greenville, north carolina with yours truly. take a second, think about it. get back to me. all right, bye now. >> sergeant scott moore pretty cool there. who knows if she would have done it without the help and just the pushing of justin timberlake, one of her co-stars in the latest movie. look at this. >> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> so she delivered. kunis attended the marine corps
5:53 am
ball friday night in north carolina. sergeant scott moore is the date there. this is a great sight here. she's not the only celebrity that kept that promise because yes, justin timberlake was called out by a marine as well. last weekend he kept his word and he joined her at a ball in virginia. so this is kind of nice to see these two stars actually do something literally for the country, if you will. a couple of nice moments. we may see more of these celebrities get called out by members of our military. as we get close to the top of the hours, reynolds wolf is not in the studio with me today because he is literally on the road and on the way to grandma's house. making the long drive with the whole wolfpack in tow. reynolds? good morning. how are the kids and how has the drive been so far? >> t.j., we've been so lucky. we've been so lucky. we've had no explosions yet. no meltdowns. certainly not from erin.
5:54 am
erin is the one who's shooting this thankfully on the other side of the iphone. you see our crew members in the background, erin, landry behind mom then right behind me we have our new baby, patterson, he's 6 months old. he's strapped in like buzz ael dron. he's not going anywhere. we left around midnight. i actually slept for about seven hours yesterday. erin did all the hard work and got the kids ready and everything. i'm basically the driver. they've been able to sleep a little bit. it's just been driving, not much in terms of traffic. we're basically taking the straight trip all the way along 75, i-35 going through chattanooga, lexington, cincinnati, now we're about two hours -- maybe three hours away. so as the swallows return to capastrano, we are making our
5:55 am
way. >> you all enjoy the ride on the road. we are trying out new technology here. it works. >> everybody's happy! everybody's happy! what are you talking about? everyone in this car's happy! man, you got to be kidding me? you know what's funny. to keep them entertained in the car we play princess movies and that basically keeps them happy. got a couple monitors in here. think how intense you and i get whether we watch auburn and arkansas. that's what happened when you've got cinderella or belle. it's golden. >> reynold, great stuff. please give our best and our thanks to your lovely bride for putting up with you, getting on on live tv while the family is on a cross-country road trip. happy thanksgiving. i know i'll talk to you soon. >> please tell molly and everybody i said hi and i love them and i'll chat with you guys soon. quick break. we're right back.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
just a couple minutes away from "state of the union" with candy crowley. but first let me give you a check of some of the stories making headlines today. the congressional super committee feeling pressure because that clock is ticking. some members are getting ready to appear on a number of sunday
5:59 am
morning talk shows. looks increasingly doubtful. the committee will reach agreement on how to cut government spending by tomorrow's deadline. the main sticking point for reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion appears to be taxes. also after this video went public, mcdonald's and target both dropped sparto farms as their egg supplier. the group mercy for animals shot this video, showing chickens in crowded cages living in unsanitary conditions. the fda already had cited the company for serious violations. sparto farms' owner issued a statement saying i was deeply saddened. this isn't who sparboe farms is. the imanimals in the footage are completely unacceptable and completely at odds with our values as egg farmers. in new york, 152,000 students with special needs may have to find a new ride to school as early as tomorrow. budr


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