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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 21, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PST

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the pots on diningnd no foreign transaction fees. whoa! chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. apply now at that does it for us. >> that's right. >> that went fast. >> the three hours flew by. >> cnn newsroom starts now. >> thanks to you both. >> let's start with the trillion dollar failure brewing in washington. the congressional super committee is expected to announce it cannot make a deal on deficit reduction. the goal was to find about $1.2 trillion in budget cuts. failure to get this done could affect every american. cnn congressional correspondent kate bolduan is in washington.
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if they fail -- and that's expected -- what happens? >> reporter: it seems that despite the very -- we call it the super committee and they had super powers. this committee written in law had the power to bypass many of the procedural hurdles that slow down and hold up legislation up here on capitol hill. despite having the power these 12 committee members were not able to bridge the gap on a philosophical difference on what they believe. a big issue that's held up negotiations to this point, the issue of taxes. democrats increase the tax revenue increased taxes need to be part of any final deficit deal, any deal to reduce the deficit as part of a balanced approach as they like to say. it's no surprise republicans on the flip side are very opposed to tax increases unless it is part of a broader effort to reform the tax code that would bring down tax rates. that's really what it seems this
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has come down to. they were not able to bridge the divide on that issue. if they don't reach agreement we are expecting an announcement later today likely that they were not able to bridge the divide, were not able to reach a deal. then the automatic across the board cuts would set in order to achieve the $1.2 trillion minimum required of deficit savings. it would be nine years. this hits across the board but particularly defense. defense will be hit hard, suffering almost half of the cuts that would come with the automatic trigger. medicare, although the reductions would be capped at 2%. education, transportation just to name a few. other programs are exempt including triggering, medicaid, social security, veterans benefits and a lot of programs there to assist low income americans. this is not how it was supposeded to turn out. these are painful cuts. they were put in place for that
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reason -- to be the motivating factor to make this committee work really. it seems in the end, despite months of work they were not able to bridge the guide. they can fight over the cuts for another year since they don't set in until 2013. >> we'll talk about stock market reaction and reaction from ordinary americans later. let's talk about how it might affect ordinary viewers out there. in terms of, for instance, the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits due to end in december, how is this going to have a practical impact, for instance, on the tax rate that ordinary americans pay if a deal is not agreed upon today? >> reporter: practically speaking this committee was set up to find ways to reduce the deficit. in the negotiations they have includeded talks of fixing things and extending measures that are set to expire at the end of this year. things like extending unemployment, stance, payroll tax cut set to expire as well as
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the alternative minimum tax. that needs to be fixed so it doesn't hit middle income americans as well as we call it the doc fix. medicare reimbursement to doctors. they have to fix it to make sure the rates they are reimbursed at are appropriate. that need tos to be worked out. it is unclear how they will work out the immediate needs. they will continue to battle about the trigger and ways forward to reduce the deficit from here on. >> we'll continue to follow the story. thank you very much, kate. see you in a bit. there is a new poll out this morning that shows just how tight the gop white house race is. our senior political editor mark preston has a look. tell us about the latest numbers this morning, mark. >> we are one day away from arguably the most important republican presidential debate of the year. it is going to focus on national security in the economy and the
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gallup corporation has a new poll from a few hours ago. let's look at the numbers. shows mitt romney remains on top at 20%. shows as well that newt gingrich who has come on in the last couple of weeks comes in at 19% followed by herman cain at 16%. ron paul at 10% and rick perry at 8%. this is showing us that newt gingrich has become the alternative to mitt romney. conservatives who aren't enthralled with mitt romney are looking for another candidate. right now that appears to be gingrich. we are seeing herman cain slip a little bit in the polls after skyrocketing in the past month or so. >> all right. that's an interesting comeback for newt gingrich. and herman cain is third at least in the latest poll. remind us when e the orc poll is out, i believe in a few hours.
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it will be interesting. >> in a few hours. we are still crunching the numbers. cnn and opinion research corporation has a poll which will debut at 12:00. interesting to see if those numbers track what's happening in the gallup poll. >> thank you. cnn has live coverage with wolf blitzer asking the tough questions about national security, the theme of the debate tomorrow. watch it live on cnn, 8:00 eastern tomorrow night. authorities in new york say they believe they stopped an alleged terrorist before -- perhaps hours before he could execute plans that included, according to them, using home made bombs to blow up new york police cars, post offices and troops coming home from iraq and afghanistan. 27-year-old jose pimental is in jail without bail now. cnn's deb feyorick is following
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the story. tell us about this video we are showing the viewers. >> the video was put together by the nypd. because he was under surveillance they had time to recreate the bomb he was trying to make and detonate it in a confined area. this is the kind of tape we usually see at trial, not when it is announced somebody has been arresteded. jose pimental is a u.s. citizen, born in the dominican republic. he's a recent convert to islam who became radicalized by the writings of anwar al-awlaki. he was killed in a u.s. drone strike two months ago. pimental's views on jihad were so extreme that police say even his like-minded friends grew nervous especially after he continued changing his name to osama hussein after osama bin laden and saddam hussein.
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he had all the bomb components and was about an hour away from completing a pipe bomb. court papers say he spent hours scraping match heads to collect the flammable powder and combined batteries, wiers and christmas light circuits, some of which he bought at home depot. the court documents show pimental told a detective in a video recorded interview -- we'll see it at trial -- that islamic law obligates true muslims to wage war against the united states in retaliation of u.s. occupation of muslim lands. the targets were troops returning from iraq and government buildings. nypd had him on radar for two and a half years. there was a confidential informant who got so close to the defendant that the two went out and purchased some of the materials together. pimental was building the device in the informant's apartment in upper manhattan. he's pleaded not guilty to the
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five terrorism charges against him. >> thank you, deb feyerick in new york. for a third day egyptian forces are unleashing gun fire, teargas and batons on prodemocracy activists in chi rochlt take a look at the images. reuters is reporting at least 33 people killed with another 1,700 injured in the clashes. this is all happening in and around tahrir square. the hub of the protests that pushed hosni mubarak from power. we are working to get in touch with our reporter live. there has been much international reaction to the developments. a weekend of bloodshed and death. with protesters saying they are frustrated with the pace of reform. they don't trust the military
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anymore. >> that's why they are protesting. they think the military has too many powers and too much wide ranging powers. there's been international reaction. i want to give you an idea of what the newspapers around the world are saying. the daily telegraph in the uk says egypt's revolution is beginning to turn sour. the piece says the toppling of tyrants across the middle east this year has been an extraordinary sight that's offered hope to millions of a better, freer future. we should be under no illusion that it's the inevitable outcome of the arab spring. we have the newspaper that says, egypt's dangerous run-up to election is a necessary risk saying egypt's elections, as flawed and risky as they will be
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have become a necessary evil to hasten the transition to civilian rule. elections are the least bad alternative to poeb open-endeded military rule. the wall street journal says egypt military hardens crackdown on protesters. the military now faces a critical decision. it could postpone elections and risk the wrath of politicians or hold polls under conditions that have become almost prohibitively unstable. >> we see on the right-hand side of the screen some video coming from cairo. you were mentioning elections. they are scheduled for eight days from today. in the current situation it's hard to imagine that they will unfold peacefully. we'll keep our eye on that. thank you. coming up, video of two police officers who are now on leave after blasting peaceful occupy protesters with pepper spray at uc-davis at point blank range.
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we'll tell you what students are saying about the incident now. and the gospel according to herman cain. the republican candidate is devout firm in his baptist faith but he doesn't bring it up much. could that hurt him in the primary process? we'll talk about it next. ? it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. but we're open all day and night so you don't have to wait outside. the only place to go on black friday. walmart. so you don't have to wait outside. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us in louisiana. they came to see us, in florida nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out,
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more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. welcome back. quickly checking news across the
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country. a michigan congressman accused of sexually abusing a young cousin decades ago calls the allegation false and shameful. kildee said his relatives are trying to blackmail him. he's held the district seat since 1976. two officers are on administrative leave after pepper spraying nonviolent protesters last friday. students are calling for the cannes lor to resiechblt there is a task force set up to look into the incident. and it does rain in southern california. heavy downpours pounded the los angeles area for hours yesterday triggering minor street flooding and a few mud slides. the wet conditions were blamed for several traffic accidents in the area. several of the republican presidential candidates have said they were called by god to run. herman cain is one of them.
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but otherwise he's been pretty quiet, relatively speaking, about his faith, especially compared to some of his rivals. the coeditor of our belief blog has just written a piece "the gospel according to herman cain." one of the things we have said is, look, he doesn't wear his faith on his sleeve. he's not as vocal about faith as other candidates have been. does that hurt him in the primary process? >> it's a good question. we know in iowa and south carolina, those areas are packed with conservative christians who head to the polls and generally vote for the gop. in areas like north carolina, not necessarily the case. herman cain doesn't always speak to that. remember he came to prominence in part through the tea party with his economics. so his faith is not something that's always on the tip of his tongue, let's say. >> now let's talk about god
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telling him he should run for president. he's not the only candidate saying that. it seems like god might want a good race going on. he's asking several candidates to take a stab at the white house. >> that's right. we have spelled out how rick perry said he was called by god and michele bachmann used similarly flavored language as well. herman cain said in a speech in atlanta that he prayed and prayed and prayed and said he was like moses. now that comparison to moses -- moses, of course, in the story of exodus, was called by god. he didn't want to lead the isra israelites out of egypt. cain said he similarly didn't want to run for president and said, is there someone behind me, someone else and he finally concedes and decides to run for president. >> all right. certainly perhaps trying to appeal exactly to the type of primary voters that might help
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him in this race. let's talk about whether or not herman cain will have to come out and be more vocal, to appeal to the evangelicals for instance about his baptist faith. is that going to happen? is that something he's going to have to do? >> think it's something he may choose to do. herman cain has some interesting credentials. he's an associate minister in his church. he delivered lots of sermons including from very famous pulpits in the united states. including the crystal cathedral and the hour of power television program coming out of that southern california church. herman cain is no stranger to the language of faith. he's a life long member of his church. i wouldn't be surprised if we started to hear him kind of get back to that more. and intertwineded into his personal story is a very strong faith narrative. he talks about it at length when he talks about dealing with cancer that he survived stage
6:19 am
four colon cancer. he talks about it in one of the reasons he decided to get into the political process. one verse in particular he says when he was called to run for the u.s. senate he talks about what shall it gain -- can a man gain the world and lose his soul. he talks in particular in very strong biblical language when he talks about his motivations and why he gets in. i wouldn't be surprised if we hear more from herman cain. >> with sexual harassment allegations that may have hurt him in the polls we'll see if he comes out with the religion angle to help himself in the polling. it will be interesting to see. read eric's piece at you can join the conversation as well. thank you very much, eric. global markets are selling off. blame washington's failure to reach a debt-cutting deal. we'll go live to new york for a look at how u.s. investors are
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expected to react. also, actor hugh grant is testifying right now in a new round of hearings in the phone hacking scandal in britain. we'll take you live to london after the break. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air -
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well, hugh grant is testifying right now in london on the phone hacking scandal that has created a scandal in britain and beyond. lawmakers are hearing testimony from several victims. we're talking about the news of the world that hacked into voicemails and phones of celebrities and also of a murder victim and her parents are scheduled to testify as well. we have more live from london. hugh grant has made this his
6:24 am
cause. he's been talking about this. he was a victim as well, he says. >> absolutely. the actor made famous for roles in "four weddings and a funeral" and "notting hill" is there testifying that news of the world, the now defunct tabloid newspaper in the uk hacked into his phone for information and stories that were then published. he made it his cause now as this inquiry looks into the practices of journalists in this country in terms of whether hacking took place. of course he's one of 5,800 people police are now investigating including celebrities, members of the royal family, crime victims and politicians who are said that their phones had been hacked into. you mentioned the family of the murder victim, a teenager who went missing a few years ago in
6:25 am
britain. her parents testified earlier today here in london. also saying that they were originally thought their daughter was missing. they were given hope when they were able to leave messages on her voicemail because earlier on they were not able to do so because her voice messages were full. when they were able to do it they thought she was still alive because they eventually found that her phone was hacked into and the journalists had been deleting messages. this has become a huge thing in the uk. of course what the inquiry is now to do is to find out the media practices of the journalists. we'll see what they come up with at the end. >> you mentioned one of the cruellest twists. her parents thought she was checking her voicemail when, in fact, it was allegedly a news of the world tabloid reporter hacking into her phone. you can imagine just the despair that her parents felt when this was going on the whole time.
6:26 am
thank you very much. wall street has been keeping its eye on the super committee in washington. today we are expecting to hear the group cannot reach an agreement on cutting this nation's massive debt load. allison kosick is at the new york stock exchange. what's the expectation for how it will affect stocks today? >> get ready for stocks to drop at the open because of what's happening or not happening with the super committee following what world markets are doing. look at this. all of the european markets are down 2% each. keep in mind the u.s. markets had low expectations anyway that the super committee would accomplish anything. clearly investors were holding out hope. also, moody's is warning today that france's credit outlook is weakening. then you want to pile it on more as far as worries on wall street. a chinese official said
6:27 am
economies around the world are in for an extended global recession. what we've got are too many negative headlines. >> i remember talking to you back in august when congress was fighting over the debt ceiling and then the credit downgrade for the united states followed all of that chaos and the mess. is the expectation that this time around we'll see the same thing happen again? >> you know, don't be surprised if you see the knee jerk reaction today vis-a-vis a sell-off. we could see another sell-off if there is definitely an announcement that there is no agreement. you have to think back to august, speaking of the downgrade when standard & poor's warned it could downgrade the u.s. credit rating again if the super committee doesn't reach a deal. a similar tone from moody's and fitch. you have to realize things are different now. the agreement of the super committee which called for $1.2 trillion in cuts. there are also automatic cuts
6:28 am
that would kick in if an agreement is not made if the panel failed to agree on its own plan. also the economic data in the u.s. shows, believe it or not, that the u.s. is improving. as bad as things are here it's worse in europe. it is questionable whether you will see the strong reaction we saw in august hold this time around. >> you mentioned europe. this is very much on the minds of people who trade on the u.s. stock market with all the banks exposed to debt. so we'll see what the reaction is on wall street in a couple of minutes and get back to you throughout the day. thank you very much. >> okay. >> a penn state panel looking at how the university handled the jerry sandusky case is speaking this morning. we'll have a preview after the break.
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checking your top stories now. a new york city man is jailed on terrorism charges today. police say jose pimental planned to set off pipe bombs at police stations and to target service members returning from iraq and afghanistan. also among the headlines, hugh grant joins others testifying today before british lawmakers on the phone hacking scandal. grant says his phone was hackeded by the news of the world, the tabloid in the uk which shut down during the scandal. university of miami is barring the football team from playing in bowl games. the ncaa is investigating the
6:32 am
program over allegations a booster provided cash, jewelry and prostitutes for players. the clock is ticking for members of the congressional super committee but talks have all but fallen apart today. the committee on the brink of failure. members have until wednesday to find $1.2 trillion in savings, but it looks like the blame game at least has already begun. >> nothing new came out of this. from the democratic side it was raise tacks, pass the president's jobs bill, no endietlement reform. on the entitlement side you had one true breakthrough, the new concept of tax reform which could generate revenue from the upper brackets for deficit reduction. >> the truth is at this point today democrats have made tough decisions and come to tough choices that we are willing to put on the line on entitlement t, on spending cuts.
6:33 am
>> l.z. granderson and will king join ugh. the blame game is going right to left, left to right. who will voters blame? will? >> voters will probably blame everyone. you know when you say who is to blame, the point is we should be looking at ourselves. who's to blame is the american people. we suggest, yeah, we want to cut the deficit, but please don't touch our medicare, our social security or raise our taxes. you can raise it on the rich guy but not on us. we elect people who act out these wishes. in the end this is the debate we have to have. do we want entitlements to remain as is or can we accept cuts or do we want taxes to go up or remain how they are? it's taxes versus entitlements. >> what do you think in the end is going to happen as far as
6:34 am
voters blaming either the left, the right or everyone? >> i agree with my partner, will. ultimately we have to do some soul searching and decide what kind of country we want to live in. either we want a country that's more socialist and that's what the entitlement programs are. >> socialist? you haven't been to europe! this wouldn't be considered socialist in europe. >> it's called social security for a reason. it's not a made up name. it is what it is. let's call it what it is. we have to decide what country we want to live in. nothing really is going to change now. no one wants to make a move because everyone is waiting for two things. deciding who's president of the united states and the legality of health care reform. those things have them handcuffed. >> let's talk about how it will play out, will, in the presidential race. how much of an issue will this
6:35 am
become do you think? >> i think it will be an issue. i hope it's an issue. like i said, i think this is the decision americans have to make. this is the debate we have to have. one party holds themselves out as the one that doesn't want higher taxes. almost regardless of circumstances. the other party holds themselves out as the protector of entitlements. this is the decision. by the way, when it comes to the debate it's a debate for people 50 and younger. the aarp and younger people almost should stay out of it because no one is suggesting that we should cut entitlements for older people. forget that part of the debate. it's for people my age who want to decide, do i want to pay higher taxes or try to hang on to the entitlements i have that are promised to me for the future? >> it's a philosophical debate at this this stage. lz, how is it going to play out? what choice do you think americans will make as far as
6:36 am
making that decision between those two possibilities? >> well, it's going to depend upon what the people who end up being in the general election talk about. if they rely upon the same old rhetoric voters feel obligated to choose one side versus the other. if we can get president obama and whoever the gop ends up with, if they can both have honest conversations about where they are economically and talk about honest solutions to solving problems then voters would be obligated to have deeper soul searching. if you have someone saying, i will always protect social security we're. human. we go to things we want to hear, not what we need to hear. >> thank you very much. we'll talk with you both a little bit later with the day's political developments. thank you. the women win big at the american music awards. we'll have highlights from the star-studded event and an always surprised taylor swift.
6:37 am
she's always bewildered when she wins something. we'll be right back.
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well, it was a big night for women at the american music awards in los angeles last night. a.j. hammer is here with the details. hi there. >> hey. yeah. >> who were the big winners yesterday, a.j.? >> well, you know the amas get a great collection of stars every year. today everybody is talking about the women who won. the biggest winner of the night was taylor swift, hands down. she was named artist of the year. that's the biggest award of the night. she won for favorite country
6:41 am
alb album. favorite female country artist. she said even though she now has ten ama trophies at home she was honestly in shock. watch what she told us. >> it never gets old. i'm soo so excited. this is just crazy. this is my second time winning artist of the year. i just can't believe it happened again. >> the other women winners included rapper nicki minaj who took home two trophies. beyonce, adele, katy perry all winning. katy perry is the first woman in the history of pop music to have five number one singles. we wish con dwragratulations to the winners this year. >> taylor swift always seems bewildered to win something. doesn't she have like 50 awards at home even though she's, i don't know, 20-something? it's amazing. >> it's why you have an enormous house. >> oh, my goodness!
6:42 am
i won! i can't believe it! let's talk about mila kunis, asked by a marine to attend a ball. we saw a similar thing with justin timberlake. he showed up. now mila did as well. what a date night. >> you don't want to stand up the marines. mila kunis was the date of a guy named sergeant scott moore. moore, also famously asked kunis to be his date on youtube. after the video went viral she accepted. this is a story we talked about last week with justin timberlake who went to another marine corps ball after another youtube invitation but mila accepted her invitation first. according to reports from the night the marines were appreciative that she followed through with the date. they were impresseded by how respectful she was of the marine corps traditions and history. of course all of us should be impressed by the tradition and history. a really cool thing she did. >> it was.
6:43 am
let's talk about o.w.n., oprah winfrey's network. her best friend gayle is off to cbs news. >> she didn't quit. she got a nice job on cbs. there have been rumors that it's been having troubles. it still needs time to get going. the ratings haven't been strong. there have been management changes but oprah's big return to television cowl change everything. the new primetime series is "oprah's next chapter" which follows her around the country, shows encounters with celebrities and other interesting people. the debut is in january on the 1st and will feature "american idol" judge and aerosmith singer steven tyler from his home. it will probably give o.w.n. the boost it needs. >> a.j. will be back next hour with more show biz headlines. up next, prince harry take as
6:44 am
trip to sin city. that's not going to stay in vegas. the details at 10:00. occupy alaska joins the movement against big movt. their right to protest isn't being interrupted by police. we'll tell you what's getting in the way. you can probably guess by looking at the image. we'll tell you about it next.
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once again checking news across the country, occupy protesters in alaska are battling big government and also battling mother nature with temperatures dipping below zero city leaders asked them to remove the heated tents that are keeping them warm. three university of georgia graduates createded ee eed a un fragrance called moonshine gentleman's co-lebanogne. it's in stores in select cities. michigan is home to the only man in the country to be awarded the ultimate prize from mary kay, the pink cadillac. he began his career in 2001 and worked his way up to sales director. congratulations. cnn will bring live coverage of the next republican presidential debate tonight. if television existed in 1860 would lincoln have won? cowl dewey have defeat truman?
6:48 am
we'll never know. it's fun to think what could have happened had voters had the same information that modern voters had or if they could have accessed it in the same way. bob green is a cnn contributor in all the gop presidential debates inspired him to talk about our untell vieds presidents for cnn. >> let's talk about some of the historical examples of candidates who ran against each other decades ago. how would tv have changed anything? >> 70% of all the presidents we have ever had were never televised. more than 60% never appeared on radio and almost a quarter, 25% of all the presidents never had their photograph taken while in office. so it's almost like for earlier generations of americans, they literally could pass a presidential candidate who they would vote for on the street and
6:49 am
not recognize him. it was as if the campaign was a distant and indistinct rumor yet as always they were asked to take the leap of faith and roll the dice. >> how much does television have an impact? i mean, on the ground campaigning in the en -- and studies have shown this -- is almost as important. it's not just a question of being on television. it's a question of using it well. which candidates are using it well? >> right. well, the ones who use it well are the ones who project better, who look best, the things we know about. it was pointed out to me. i spoke with a man named john gehr, head of the political science department at vanderbilt university. he said candidates want to come across authoritatively. in the radio days you wanted a warm, comforting voice. it was always the technology of the era that posed the challenge. for example, he said there weren't always microphones. so in the early days of the
6:50 am
country if a candidate had a big booming voice at least candidates in the crowd could hear him. before microphones someone with great ideas and a soft voice wasn't heard. >> you look at eisenhower, fdr who had who had a visual, physical disability. these things, had they been televised, would they have -- obviously, but these are the kind of things that candidates perhaps now think about more, but is it a good thing? i mean, is it a good thing? >> it's never a good thing to have to get past the technology to reach the people. it was suggested to me that if every person in this country could somehow magically have five minutes alone with a candidate, just the voter and the candidate, five minutes one on one, that would change everything. but it's not going to be that way, and you wonder 100 years
6:51 am
from now if people look back to now and say, how did they make their choice? we only had television. >> thank you, bob. we want to know what you are thankful for this year. send us your ireports and we'll see what you're thankful for. go to
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in-house news, a new study says having a broken heart could be more than just a figure of speech. romantic loss or other emotional turmoil can trigger real health conditions, and it seems to be more prominent in women than in men. the study was done at the university of kansas. other stories now making news later today. a committee of the board of trustees held a news conference this morning at 10:00 eastern, in about five minutes time. they'll talk about the latest developments in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state and the response to it. the postmaster general holds a luncheon to talk about returning to solvency. a meeting will be held for the oklahoma state basketball
6:55 am
coach and assistant coach. they will have a memorial for them. they died in a plane crash on friday. the clock is quickly ticking down. we could get an announcement later today. i'll have more on where and how the talks broke down in the next hour. and coming up in the next hour, we're taking a look at the complete shut-down of on-line poker sites across the united states and what that meant for people who relied on the game for their complete source of income. we've got the news coming up on that in the next hour. >> thank you to you both. coming up in the next hour, uc davis. did the cops on campus go too far when they did this, pepper spray youthful protesters at point blank range. we'll talk about it with mike brooks just ahead. the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate.
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6:58 am
thrilling conclusions in nascar's sprint cup series. jeff frochelle is here with sports. >> it came down to two guys, carl edwards and tony stewart battling. there is a little nudge in stewart getting edwards out of the way. he said he had to make some moves. he joked that he passed half the state of florida, and he came back to win. tony stewart gets it done. he wins the final race of the
6:59 am
season, wins the sprint cup championship. it's his third nascar title. edwards comes in second. a great finish for stewart who won five of the last ten races of the year. nfl, tampa bay. the packers won't go down and he goes all the way. a 54-yard touchdown. the packers win again. they are now 10-0, 35-26 the final. the toughest tackle of the year. baltimore ravens smith brought down by his hair. adam jones grabs the dreadlocks -- ouch -- no penalty, it's part of the body. you can do that. >> why is there a penalty for the helmet? >> it's a look.
7:00 am
you can go for it. he had the last laugh. he had the game-winning touchdown. baltimore won 29-24. scores against the browns. this is in cleveland and he does the lebron james powder toss. the browns got the last laugh; they won. >> and tony scheffler into the end zone. he does the flash mob dance from the at&t commercial. >> oh, that's one of my favorite commercials, the guy who does the flash mob before everyone else. >> he's not the only one who loves it. top of this hour, authorities in new york believe they stopped an alleged terrorist before, perhaps hours before, he could execute his plan. plans that included using homemade bombs to blow up new york police cars, they say.
7:01 am
post offices as well might have been a target and troops coming home from iraq and afghanistan. the 27-year-old jose pimento is in jail right now. tell us more about the man himself. how long had authorities had him under surveillance? >> well, holly, they had been watching him for about two and a half years. he is currently at rikers island having been denied bail yesterday during that court hearing where you see him. the message he wanted to send to police, he wanted to alert people that, in fact, gihad is alive and well, assuming the pipe bombs he had actually worked. he could have killed upwards of a dozen people. because he was under surveillance for two and a half years, bomb experts had time to build and detonate a similar device to show the potential impact. that's what we saw at the start of this segment, that car exploding.
7:02 am
the subject was radicalized by the cleric unlachi, and it was his death in september that accelerated the alleged plot, turning it from aspirational to operational. he was carefully scraping heads to collect a powder and emissions using batteries, wires, even electronic circuits from christmas lights. after of those units arrested the 27-year-old u.s. citizen because he started drilling holes in the pipes which according to the al-qaeda instructions is really the last mechanical step in building the bomb. court papers show that after pentell was arrested, he told detectives that he believed he was an hour away from completing the device. he faces terror charges. well, happening now is the special committee of the board of trustees of penn state university is having a news conference in philadelphia now.
7:03 am
they're expected to talk about the findings of an independent investigation that is looking into sexual abuse allegations against former football coach jerry sandusky and a possible cover-up. cnn's jason carroll is covering this for us. we'll check in with him in a few minutes. well, it's a trillion-dollar failure brewing in washington. the congressional supercommittee is expected to announce it cannot make a deal on debt reduction. the goal was to cut $1.2 trillion from the budget. failure to get this done could affect every american. let's start with congressional correspondent kate baldwin on the hill. all right. so, the sticking points. why did the supercommittee not come up with an agreement with a
7:04 am
plan and a deal at this stage? >> well, holly, barring some unforeseen, and i stress unforeseen, breakthrough of this committee is headed toward failure, and it seems what it really came down to is they just couldn't, members on this committee, couldn't bridge the divide. maybe they couldn't find the political courage in an election year to come together, to compromise and to see eye to eye on the issue of taxes. just listen here to two members on the committee, democratic senator john kerry from massachusetts and the republican senator fr senator. >> there is one big hurdle to get over. the republicans have been insisting that we make permanent and extend the tax cut to the wealthiest americans. we cannot in good conscience extend the bush tax cuts at the higher end when we're at a 60-year low in terms of the
7:05 am
revenue coming into the government. >> our democratic friend said we won't cut one dollar more without raising taxes. i think that tells you a lot about the people in washington. we went into this exercise in order to reduce federal spending. no, we're not going to make any more cuts unless you raise taxes. >> you really can hear it right there. democrats were the differences. democrats have insisted all along that revenue and increased taxes need to be part of reduced deficit measures. but republicans remain largely opposed to any tax increases unless it's part of an overall broader based tax reform with an overall lower rate. so barring again any unforeseen breakthrough, they are headed for failure, and we could hear later today that they just couldn't pull it off. and shortly, what's next is the sweep across the board of 1.2
7:06 am
trillion, half those cuts will hit the budget very deeply and the other half will hit domestic programs with a few exemptions, special those programs that help low-income americans. of course, they'll set it again in 2013, so all next year they'll have the fighting of that. >> let's get to the new york stock exchange. how will this affect americans in terms of the taxes they might be paying? >> every american worker, holla, could wind up seeing their payroll taxes go up because the super committee looks like it won't be able to reach a deal. so some temporary tax breaks are essentially set to expire on december 31st. the biggest one i'm talking about is the payroll tax. that was actually taken out of your paycheck to fund social security. right now that's at 14.2%, so you may notice your paycheck is a little higher than it was, say, last year. but guess what? that will be set back to 6.2%
7:07 am
unless congress does something. also, some emergency unemployment benefits, those are set to expire as well. congress extended them during the recession up to 99 weeks, but up to 2 million people will fall off the roll by february if there is no extension. and they say that those measures could wind up hitting overall economic growth in the u.s. it could hit gdp. congress could pass an overall end of the year extender, but they're dealing with a lot right now. clearly they're not getting a whole lot done. holla? >> we're seeing the dow jones. they're 234 points down. let's go live to penn state university where a news conference is under way. ken frazier is heading up this special committee to investigate the allegations of sex abuse by one of its coaches. he's speaking. let's listen in. >> we're committed to leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of what happened.
7:08 am
who knew what, when and what changes must be made to ensure this doesn't happen again. and that means in any area of the university, not just the football program. no one -- no one -- is above scrutiny, including every member of the administration of the university, every member of our board of trustees, and every employee at penn state university. to that end, the board of trustees has formed a special committee. the composition of that committee, which includes trustees, as well as people affiliated with the penn state community, will be covered in a press release we are issuing today. to add further outside perspective to our committee, we've appointed an independent and distinguished member and penn state graduate to the
7:09 am
special committee. the eminent engineer, air force officer and former astronaut, dr. dion buford. to lead the investigation, we found a person whose personal integrity and professional background are beyond raproach. i'm pleased to report to you that we have more than met that standard. to conduct this investigation, we've engaged in an outstanding firm led by a man with impeccable kre dcredentials and unparalleled experience, judge free. judge free will be our special investigative counsel. he has complete rein to follow any lead, look into every corner of the university to get to the
7:10 am
bottom of what happened and then to make recommendations that will help ensure that it never happens again. we will conduct the investigation with complete independence. judge free will conduct it with complete independence, i meant to say. once his work is completed, he will make his findings and recommendations public. judge free has led some of the most substantive, consequential and important investigations of our time. he has been on the board for national, missing and exploited children in the united states dedicated to protecting children from sexual crimes. an fbi director, judge free permane currently assigns agents to work at the center. he's also been on the board of
7:11 am
the naval academy foundation, and as director of the fbi, he launched the national initiative to protect young children. this is the first step in a process that will put in place effective systems and controls. >> the news conference there, the head of the special committee looking into the university of pennsylvania's reaction to allegations of child sex abuse by one of its former coaches. they're discussing the formation of a special committee that will be headed by louie free, the former fbi director. they're taking this very seriously, it seems. no one is above scrutiny. he also has involvement with the national center for missing skp and exploited children, so there are details being made public about this special committee that will look into how the university handled these allegations.
7:12 am
we'll be right back. our ben wedeman is live from cairo as bloodshed and death unfolds again. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america.
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7:14 am
checking news across the country, a michigan congressman accused of sexually abusing a young cousin decades ago calls the accusations false and shameful. representative dale kyl says his representatives are trying to black mail him.
7:15 am
he's held his post since 1996. heavy rain pounded the los angeles area on sunday, triggering minor street flooding and even a few mudslides. the wet conditions were blamed for several traffic accidents in the area. in new york, occupy protesters tried to take their message to the mayor's front door with drums banging and music blaring. the police barricades blocked street access to the mayor's home. organizers posted their plans for the sunday serenade on facebook. for a third day now, egyptian forces are unleashing gunfire, tear gas and batons for democracy in cairo. you're hearing reports of at least 33 people killed, another
7:16 am
1,700 injured. this is all going down in and around tahrir square, the hub of the process that put him out of power. ten months after the initial revolution, this is happening again in cairo. why? >> well, basically people are increasingly fed up and frustrated with the fact that the supreme council of the armed forces, the military that took over from barak doesn't appear to be willing to hand over power to civilians as quickly as some egyptians would like. now, as you can see or possibly see behind me, tahrir is filling up yet again. the organizers of these demonstrations have called for a million man march tomorrow. increasingly, it does appear that a movement is growing to push for the introduction of civilian rule because the
7:17 am
military hunta has not made any indication about when they could possibly hand overrule to civilians. we do have in one week, holla, the beginning of a round of parliamentary elections that go until next march, and it's not clear when there will be presidential elections, whether there will be another vote on the creation of a new constitution. so people are just getting impatient. they want a change. >> great, and i was going to ask you, you're overlooking tahrir square i believe, ben. what's going on right now? i'm still hearing reports of tear gas, people injured, of bodies piling up in morgues in cairo. are we still in this kind of danger? >> actually, the chaos is not in cairo itself. it's in the roads going east
7:18 am
into the square, really focusing on one road leading to the interior ministry. for many egyptians, the interior ministry is the symbol of the old regime, the symbol of repression, of torture, of retention without trial. that really is the focus of their anger. so in tahrir itself, very peaceful. there are children, there are women, almost a festive atmosphere. we were caught in one of them yet again just soaked with tear gas. we are getting indications that police have been using snipers to kill some of the protesters. certainly the death toll would indicate that this is not a restraint as the military calls it, quite to the contrary. >> well, it's going to be interesting to see if these elections in eight days time will be able to take place. thanks very much. ben wiedeman is live in cairo.
7:19 am
a poker web site that feds said was a ponzi scheme. will players get their money back? place your bet and we'll be right back. or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year.
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7:22 am
well, poker players are very aware every game is a gamble, but card sharks on one web site didn't know the half of it. their money has been frozen for months since the feds shut the site down. new developments could change that, though. >> reporter: how much money did you make playing poker on line? >> about 300,000. >> in how long? >> three or four years. >> in on the-line poker world, shawn bussi was known as georgia picks. >> i was playing poker one day, and all of a sudden we couldn't play anymore. the money was frozen. >> it became known as black friday, when the justice department seized poker
7:23 am
operations and froze accounts, noting the company was holding a growing ponzi scheme. >> i think this is the first time players' moneys have been seized. >> full tilt owed some $390 million to players around the world, including roughly 150 million to u.s. players but had only 60 million in its coffers. and it alleges that members of the company board and owners were paid more than $440 million over a four-year period. full tilt fired back, saying it's in no way a ponzi scheme and says it's committed to playi paying players back. out 60 grand, though, shawn busse is not convinced. >> this is the site where they made their income, they had a relationship with people there, they trusted them, and, you know, they basically stole from us. >> french investment firm group bernard tappe reached an agreement with the department of
7:24 am
justice to reimburse players outside the u.s. but for american players like shawn, they'll have to apply to the d.o.j. to get their money back. full tilt's current owners have not yet accepted the deal. >> i try not to get my hopes up. i consider that money lost, and if i get it back, then it will be a nice bonus. >> i think the general feeling is, well, people can't play the games they like on line any more. for you, it was a lot more than that. this was your looifivelihood. >> this was my job, yeah. i feel like my job was taken away right now. this was my source of income for the past four years. >> sthahawn is not alone. about 8% of on-line poker players, or about 3500 people in this country made a living on the game. now many have moved abroad where on-line poker is alive and well. >> what was your best day ever? >> playing on line in 2009, i got second place for 163,000 in one tournament.
7:25 am
poker has been an american pastime for how many years -- >> an american pastime? >> sure. everyone loves to play poker. >> poppy harlow joins us live. you've spoken to other americans who have made a living or made some income playing poker on line. are they hopeful they're going to get their money back? >> i think they're very skeptical, holla. they want to see how this plays out. the settlement is good news to them in that they can apply to get the money back, but they have a lot of questions. two other players we spoke to, there is ethan ruby. he said he used his winnings on full tilt to help start a college fund for his kids and a little fun, he bought a hot tub with it, but he does not think he'll see the $13,000 he had tied up when his account was frozen. another guy we spoke with, brian mogalesky, he's someone who turned to on-line poker when he
7:26 am
lost his job in the mortgage industry. he's out $20,000. so people for whatever reason quit their job, didn't have a job and they turned to full tilt poker. they said they're pleased with the settlement they reached, and repaying customers has been full tilt's number one priority. bottom line, though, holla, those customers have to go through the red tape of the government, go to the d.o.j. for restitution. the big question is if and when they're going to see their money again. >> all right, poppy harlow, thanks very much. in medical news, it's being called a smart bomb for your mouth. a ucla micro biologist says he's developed a mouthwash that virtually eliminates bacteria responsible for cavities and tooth decay, and he says we may actually be able to wipe out tooth decay in our lifetimes. it's unclear whether this means
7:27 am
the end of brushing your teeth or not. either way, sounds like a positive. coming up, we'll ask our political buzz panel which party will get more blame for the 1 poir1$.2 trillion superfailure we're expecting. hugh grant talks about being taxed by "news of the world." here's what he tells british lawmakers next.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
a new york city man was jailed on terrorist charges. he had a plan to set off pipe bombs at police stations and service members returning from iraq and afghanistan. also one of the stories we're following, hugh grant is joining others testifying today before british lawmakers in the phone hacking scandal involving a tabloid newspaper "news of the world." grant says his phone was hacked by "news of the world" and has made this one of his causes recently. the "news of the world" tabloid shut down after the scandal broke.
7:31 am
also bruce springsteen is taking the e street band back to the road. it will be their first tour in recent years. the best political topics of the day. three questions and 30 seconds of the clock. playing today, talk show host and comedian dominic. will contain, co-founder of the tea party, dana losh. thanks actual of you for being here. the super committee is reporting they have not made a deal. democrats are blaming republicans, republicans are blaming democrats. in the end, who will they blame the most? dana, let's start with you. >> i'll tell you who they'll blame the least, it's the party who will offer the most in terms of cuts and getting our spending in control. i thought the idea of a super committee was silly in the first place simply because you can't have a mini version of congress
7:32 am
when the full version of congress can't do in a long period of time what the mini congress can't do. john boehner shouldn't have walked away from the table when the public put forth $4 billion in revenue increase which is exactly what democrats want but they want it a little too much. they couldn't compromise so they walked away from the table. ultimately it's going to be the party that gets it done and passes a budget. >> this is going to be a partisan prison no matter what, right? >> yeah, and i think in terms of politics and strategy, i think democrats win this battle. the automatic cuts have kicked in, the $1.2 trillion in cuts kick in, and they're not concerned about what comes from that. they're wanting to paint congress as incompetent, as do nothing, and this provides that narrative for him to run on. i think, again, just as a sheer political analysis, i think
7:33 am
democrats win this battle. >> agreed, steve? >> no. i have a problem with the question. i have a problem with the question. >> i apologize. >> the idea was to pit -- it's not yours, we all do this. we pit republicans versus democrats, the media wins, the politicians win. you know who gets damaged by this? the american people. society gets damaged by this. this idea that a payroll tax cut extension or unemployment extensions would hurt the economy more than tax cuts for the wealthy people. $1 $1.2 trillion in cuts without a revenue increase would pale the economy. everyone knows that. >> in the end, somebody politically might get hurt by all this and it's going to be a campai campaign issue in the end. newt gingrich has some advice for the occupy wall street protesters. listen. >> go get a job right after you
7:34 am
take a bath. >> all right. well, the unemployment rate is more than 9%. european countries out there with fuller growth that had smaller unemployment rates. how will gingrich's words play out in this situation where joblessness is such a giant issue for americans? will, let's start with you. >> well, from the beginning i've said this. occupy wall street is a rorschach test, an ink blot test. it's about crime and criminality and corruption on wall street. if that's what you think the protesters are about, newt gingrich is stating it poorly. if it's about the economy without corruption, just as a concept, newt gingrich's words won't offend many americans because this country is not about what you make compared to someone else. >> dana, what do you think?
7:35 am
>> i think more people are going to look at the actions of this administration than congress and how that plays out with voters and the unemployed as opposed to newt gingrich's remarks. i really agree with what will said. if you're out there and you're protesting corruption on wall street, why, then, are there so many of these individuals on video, all over youtube, saying they're going to vote for the wall street president who has received more in campaign nominations from goldman sachs than any other candidate? what is the mission? what is the goal? i think newt gingrich's words resonate. i think a lot of people understand them. >> all right. pete? >> newt gingrich is just an arrogant, unlikable guy. these comments are going to play well for a select few. i anticipate he's going to walk these back. say that to the blue collar protester who is protesting because he's out of work. ron paul wants to end the fed
7:36 am
and he's anti-war and he's been called crazy and minimized where newt gingrich is actually anti-poor and argues to end child labor laws in the same -- i think in the same press conference or speech. i mean, this is ridiculous. who is taking this guy seriously? >> 20 seconds each now. john huntsman on saturday night live heads the strategy to go big in new hampshire. >> you seem to be putting all your eggs in one basket in new hampshire. are you worried you might alien ate the rest of the country? >> i love all of america. from dallas, texas to manchester, new hampshire. from the majestic hamp tons, from the innovation of silicon valley to the outlet walls. it's not on purpose, seth. i would never tie myself to one
7:37 am
state. i like to spread my wings and fly like the purple finch. >> which is, of course, the state bird of new hampshire? >> you know a lot about new hampshire, seth. >> i'm from new hampshire. >> well, that makes sense, because you're kind and good looking. >> they might not win any acting awards, but politically, was this a smart move? dana? >> i think it was. i always find it kind of entertaining when you see candidates or elected officials go onto talk shows or go onto snl. it worked really well for rudy giuliani, i just want to tell huntsman to look at the camera instead of the cue cards. he was way over here when talking to the camera. >> maybe reading a cue card? >> we have a rash of that, because my shell bachmann -- michele bachmann looked to the left during her report. i think exposure to saturday
7:38 am
night live will absolutely help him. keith? >> you don't think this is normal to look over here? oh, back to the camera. i like john huntsman. he's the most reasonable guy, but we've entered this strange atmosphere. now, i don't think it's going to help him. nothing can help him at this point. certainly nothing can hurt him. john mccain went on snl a couple days before, it didn't help him. it will help the host. >> thanks to all three of you. cnn will bring you live coverage for the next republican debate. wolf blitzer will be asking these tough political questions. watch him live at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. a penn state panel looking into the child sex abuse scandal brings a former fbi director on board. we're talking about that next. stay with us. they grow america's favorite potatoes.
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. a penn state panel looking into the child sex abuse scandal is bringing the former fbi chief on board. cnn's vincent carroll joins us from new york. a big fbi bigwig on board leading this investigation. penn state wants the country to know it's taking this very seriously, it seems. >> well, it would seem so. as you know, hala, what they've done is set up this special committee to look into how the university failed to respond as some are alleging to the allegations of abuse that were set forth there. and as you say, heading up this committee will be former fbi
7:43 am
director under the clinton administration, louis freeh. he has promised that has part of his investigation, he will point out the gaps that may be there in the system. also once again, how the allegations of abuse are reported. i want you to listen to part of what he had to say at a press conference that wrapped up just a few moments ago. >> during the course of this independent investigation, we will immediately report any evidence of criminality to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. if our investigation identifies any additional victims of sexual crimes against or exploitation of children, we will immediately report this to law enforcement authorities. >> hala, he also pointed out that no one is above scrutiny in this investigation. a question was asked about timeline. how long is all of this going to take? freeh basically saying he wasn't
7:44 am
going to put a time on it. he understands -- he said that there is a sense of urgency here in terms of getting these recommendations out to the university as soon as possible. also i can tell you, nine members will be on this special investigative committee, and once again, freeh is basically saying what he is going to do in terms of his investigation, he will have four prosecutors, former fbi investigators will also be a part of this, so taking this seriously in terms of trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened here. >> all right. the special panel there headed by louis freeh charged with the sex abuse scandal at penn state, the investigation into that. jason carroll is live in new york. thanks very much. prince harry is caught hanging out on the strip. america's royal visitor took a break from training and he headed to vegas. we've got the details in showbiz next. ♪
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well, it was a big night for women at the american music awards in los angeles last night. a.j. hammer is here with the details. who were the big winners, a.j.? >> well, hala, yeah, it was ladies' night at the amas and the night's big winner was taylor swift. she took home every award she was nominated for. the fourth straight year she's nabbed favorite country artist. you would think she would put on a look of shock when her name was called, but when we caught up with taylor swift back stage, she told us that even now with ten ama trophies, it's still a surprise for her. hear what she said. >> it never gets old. i am so excited. it's just crazy. like this is my second time winning artist of the year, and i just can't believe that it happened again. >> that wasn't just taylor taking home the trophies, though. rap per nicki minaj took some
7:49 am
home, too. taylor swift is the first woman to take home five singles, and that is a big feat. >> let's talk about mila kunis. she was asked out by a marine. justin item btimberlake was ask on a date by a marine as well. they both went on the date. >> it was a pretty good date for everyone involved, and i should point out that mila kunis deserves some credit to start this now marine ball trend. she was in friends with benefits, and at that time the marine propositioned her using youtube. well, she accepted. she went to the marine ball with the sergeant, and yes, justin timberlake also got asked out on
7:50 am
youtube after kunis, and he went to a marine ball last week. >> prince harry in sin city? okay, he was in las vegas, but it didn't stay in las vegas, as the cliche goes. what did he do? >> not surprised this got out. he was seen out and about on friday and saturday night. if you're wondering why prince harry would even go to vegas of all places, it turns out he's actually in the middle of some military training in arizona right now. but people magazine did catch his royal highness having a typical vegas weekend. he flirt wed with a few women, gambled a few bucks, and he was surprised to learn that you get free drinks when you play blackjack. is that not how they do it in britain? don't you get free cocktails when you're sitting at the table? >> i've been going to casinos
7:51 am
for eight years. i believe they will throw in a free drink, but yeah, interesting that it got out, the prince's visit to las vegas. thanks, a.j. hammer. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has got it this evening on hln at 11:00 p.m. on "showbiz tonight." david beckham, speaking of brits, goes out with a bang. his l.a. galaxy wins the mlx title, but beckham may have made his last kick with an american soccer team. that story ahead. it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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the ml galaxy won the title last night, but it looks like david beckham won't be back for the crown. where will beckham go, don? >> well, if he goes anywhere, hala, he's not saying anything at this point, but everybody knows he's out of contract within a month, and there is a lot of talk he's on his way back to europe with the newly wealthy french club that seems the likely destination for beckham. he might stay in l.a. his family is very well settled there, the kids enjoy it, and the galaxy is the whole reason he went there five years ago. if he does leave, it will be a fairy tale end to the galaxy. he's keeping us guessing. >> at this stage if he goes to paris, what can he do for them
7:55 am
at his level of the game at his age? >> by his age, some players would already have been retired, but beckham really is quite a phenomenal player. he's always managed to stay very fit throughout his career, and he's demonstrated this season that he has still got it. he can still be very, very useful to a lot of these teams. i think if he goes to paris, he can certainly help them out in two ways. one on the pitch and of course with the profile of the marketing which is one of the main reasons he was brought to l.a. in the first place. he's got his eye in playing in the olympics next year with the great british team in london. that's how he would like to end his career. he's certainly excited about the prospect of doing that. >> and his wife is into fashion. is there a better city than paris for that? so maybe it will happen. thanks very much, don. so what happens if the congressional super committee fails to reach a debt reduction deal? >> the employees are incredibly nervous. i think everybody is.
7:56 am
in a small business, it is a very hand to mouth kind of thing. >> we'll go in depth on how failure could directly impact jobs in the next hour of cnn newsroom. that when you don't get your shave right, the irritation can be a problem. [ record scratches, crowd boos ] so get your grooming game right with gillette fusion proglide razor... which has thinner, finer blades for less tug and pull along with the gillette irritation defense shave gel. together they help defend against 5 signs of shaving irritation -- leaving your skin looking smooth and feeling fresh. help defend your skin. ♪ help defend your skin. where they grow america's favorite wpotatoes. idaho, everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
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7:59 am
details. tomorrow's debate topics, national security and the economy. who is strongest on that, mark? >> interesting to see who comes out on top tomorrow, hala. at no time has it been more important than the national security of the country than perhaps where we are sitting right now. look what's happening in egypt right now with those violent protests. we also have, of course, the foiled plot in new york city of that lone wolf terrorist. there are a whole host of issues that these presidential candidates will have to talk about tomorrow. it could be anywhere from china's influence over the whole world to what's going on in north korea. of course, iran getting the nuclear bomb. the fact of the matter is if a republican wins the nomination, somebody wins the nomination and goes on to become the president, they're also the commander in chief. this will be a very important debate tomorrow night at 8:00, hala. our own wolf blitzer is going to mad rate it. you know, hala, let's turn to something you could probably put in the category of plain


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