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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 22, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PST

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principles of fiscal responsibility to washington, d.c. >> and there, hala, is mitt romney making his case to new hampshire voters. the real controversy, though, is they run a clip from president obama from the 2008 campaign. in the clip they quote the president as saying, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. the problem with that, though, hala, is they've taken it out of context but they don't care. the romney campaign says they meant to do it. the fact is president obama doesn't want to talk about the economy, much like he was ridiculing senator mccain back in 2008. hala? >> okay, mark preston. don't forget, everyone, 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight the cnn gop presidential debate. that's going to do it for me and i hand it over to jim costa. >> i have to get back here as soon as possible when i'm done with work to see that. thank you, hala. >> i'm jim costa.
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let's get you up to speed on this tuesday, november 22nd. a million man sit-in is taking place on tahrir square as violence erupts around it. security forces are using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters armed with rocks and molitov cocktails. you're looking at live pictures right now of tahrir square. 24 have been killed, many injured. they have a new demand, this time aimed at egypt's military leader. >> we have a crowd here angry, young, furious at the loss of life here over the course of the past three days, demanding that the supreme council step down. >> mr. ivan watson, national security takes center stage at the presidential debate tonight. the stage is set just a few
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blocks from the white house. wolf blitzer will nar rate. a new cnn poll shows the former house speaker leading the republican pack for the first time with 24%. mitt romney follows with her man cain in third place. the cnn national security debate with the republican presidential candidates. that's tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. republicans blame democrats, democrats blame republicans. gridlock as usual a day after the super committee folded its tent. a spokesperson says it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee's deadline. the panel was supposed to come up with $1.2 trillion in debt reduction. no deal means automatic spending cuts are triggered and take effect january 1st, 2013. president obama warned republicans not to tinker with the deal they agreed to back in the summer. >> i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending
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cuts, domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy off ramps on this one. we need to keep the pressure up to compromise, not turn off the pressure. >> and many republicans say president obama is to blame for the super committee's failure because he did not get engaged enough, they say, in the process. jerry sandusky's lawyer predicts prosecutors will file more charges as others come forward and claim they were a victim of the previous coach. amendola says he couldn't have conducted those sexual assaults because there were always people around. >> a lot of people have sex in hotels. >> you're right, but this is a house, and the house was full of people. jerry, built way, had six adopted kids and three foster kids. >> sandusky is charged with molesting eight boys in a
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15-year time frame, some of them at penn state's athletic facilities. shocked and appalled. that's how the head of new york's board of regions said she felt after seeing uc davis pepper spraying occupy protesters. take a look. . the chancellor of uc davis has apologized in person to students. here's what she had to say. >> i am appalled by what happened on friday. if you think you don't want to be students of a university like we had on friday, i'm just telling you i don't want to be the chancellor of a school we had on friday. >> the campus police chief and two other officers are on paid leave while a task force investigates. let's get you back to egypt's tahrir square now, with protesters raging there for a
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fourth day. organizers today called for a million-man sit-in to show a united front against egypt's military rulers. ivan watson is in tahrir square right now. ivan, what's happening? it doesn't look good. >> they call it a million man march. i don't know if it's a million people. i'm going to get out of the way so you can perhaps zoom in and see. maybe not a million people, i can't tell from here, but certainly we haven't seen numbers like this in cairo very volatile tahrir square since those days when they brought down mubarak. i do have to say, though, this is probably marred by the fact this is the most violent days that egypt has seen since that uprising last november with nearly 29 people killed, most until cairo, but also in at least two other egyptian cities.
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we were in amid the street fighting earlier today. take a look at this brief report. these are the front lines of the running battles over here. the police have set up a barricade in this direction. they have been throwing rocks at them, but tear gas is coming constantly. you can see the corrosive effects of it. many are showing these shells that they pick up and many are claiming they're made in the usa. this one says jamestown, pennsylvania, riot smoke. this has caused a lot of anger. the crowd here angry, young, furious at the loss of life here over the course of the past three days, demanding that the supreme council of the armed forces step down. the soldiers around the corner right here, the army has set up barricades along one road, but
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it's riot police that they're facing off against. if we turn in this direction, it's riot police down here. this is one pocket of turmoil in the center of the egyptian capital, but it is throwing the entire country into a political crisis just days before elections are scheduled to be held, and that's called into question whether those elections can be held at all. >> jim, the prime minister of egypt went to the airwaves and made an appeal on state television urging protesters to go home saying, look, we've resigned. now could you please put the country first? that resignation of his government, which hasn't yet been approved by the military council here, doesn't seem to be satisfying the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of people here. they want the scalp of the army generals, the scalps of the army
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generals who have been ruling this country since mubarak stepped down. nobody has any idea how this will impact the elections which are supposed to begin six days from now. jim? >> and it's got to be hard for people to see things unravel so quickly there in tahrir square when they thought progress was being made. let's take a step back and look how egypt returned to this point. the pro-democracy demonstrators are risking their lives because many say the military council has gone back on key promises. the military has not lifted military law. they accuse egyptians of the military of torturing civilians. they have yet to set a date for elections and they talk about shielding the scrutiny from
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military leaders. first, he calls himself the new newt gingrich, but has all that much really changed? we'll take a look back at the former house speaker now leading in the polls. then will the super committee fail to reach a deal to compromise national security? we'll ask arms member senator jeff sessions. also, bracing for cyber monday also known as national shop while you workday. we hope that hasn't gone on too much. books banned by omar gadhafi are now open to the public. the hands of two little toddlers. what could possibly go wrong? we'll show you the mess that has gone viral. thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's here. why wait outside when walmart has over 2 million tvs in stock? deals start thursday 10 pm. more electronics at midnight. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria
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if the front runner wears the bull's eye, then newt gingrich will be the target at tonight's cnn presidential debate. a new poll shows gingrich leading the republican field for the first time with 24%. mitt romney follows at 20%. herman cain in third place. over the years gingrich has gotten himself in trouble with just about every segment of voters and here's the latest. >> there he goes again. newt gingrich has long fancied himself as the republican party's biggest new idea guys. his latest big idea? putting poor kids to work as janitors in their own schools. >> they would be far more effective as janitors and they would begin to recognize work. you have to reestablish the dignity of work. >> child labor laws are an
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ongoing debate, especially when children around the world have to work for pennies. it's the sort of thing that left gingrich claiming he was misunderstood almost two decades ago when a cartoon compared him to the holiday killjoy known as the grinch. in 1994, gingrich noted that the government shipped children to orph orph orphanages, and then when he went to boys town to see how orphanages were run. like the boys town controversy, the kids janitor idea probably strikes a chord with some in gingrich's party. >> he talks about kids working hard and learning the ethic and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, but a lot of them will think of this as newt again
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just one or two steps too far. >> it wouldn't exactly reverse the cycle of poverty in the ghetto. >> that's a great idea, but the idea that they're going to be a janitor in the school is silly. >> he tends to try to make such a global point, such a big, historical conclusion that even if there is a nugget of truth there and some wisdom in there, and there's often a bit of wisdom, it gets lost in the gra grandiose plan. >> you covered this in congres , and it's tough to talk about gingrich because you're like, where do you begin? what do you make of the fact that the former speaker is doing so well right now despite having so much baggage? >> i tell you what, jim, you talk to conservative voters who
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are obviously the ones who count most during the primary season, which is now, they like what newt gingrich says. they always have liked what newt gingrich says. he has a way of crystallizing ideas making sharp differences between him and the democrats, particularly the democrats and the white house. newt gingrich's problem has always been with the democrats, the liberals, and sometimes the people in the milddle, the independents, the swing voters, people who aren't so sure about that sharp language and sharp definitions that always go to the right. so people who are looking at newt gingrich right now have always liked him. there have been a lot of conserve did i haves who have said to me that they're just very concerned about whether a guy like newt gingrich is the most electable conservative, and that remains to be seen, jim. >> it sure does, joe. good to see you. let's turn to tony blakely who served as newt gingrich's press secretary for seven years,
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including some time when newt gingrich was speaker of the house. tony blakely is now the executive vice president of edelman publications. you've seen newt gingrich rise and fall and rise and fall and rise again. what's behind the surge now, tony? >> well, i think the fundamental intelligence and passion of newt is being seen again. i was listening to the set-up piece. washington established both the republican and the democrats have sneered at newt for 20 years and some of the pundits are still quoting him. i remember he came back in the early '90s to get laptops to inner city kids, because people in the suburbs were given computers and he was afraid it would be a gaff that would break up. people made fun of him then. and now they're flooding the inner city with computers. so things made fun of because
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newt is a little ahead of the curve turned out to be useful. >> he's made some controversial statements in the last few days saying poor kids should work as janitors in their schools. you know him well. is he serious when he makes these statements? >> you say it's controversial. what's controversial -- >> to put kids working as janitors in schools, i would say, right? >> work study is something millions of kids in college have done. you work part-time on the campus and you earn money to pay for part of your tuition. to bring that down to the high school level makes a lot of sense for the kids and for the budget of the school. i don't think there's anything controversial. it's innovative, but whether you need one or two master janitors to oversee x number of kids, if that's the only criticism they have, work that out in the operational detail. but to simply reject an idea that makes so much sense both
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for the school and for the kids is cynicism. >> he has a tendency to self-destruct, you know this, tony, from the way he's conducted his personal life to the shutdown of the federal government which a lot of voters haven't forgiven him for. the story about the tiffany's credit account, the list goes on and on. does he learn from these mistakes, do you think? do you think we're seeing a politician who has reinvented himself cleverly? >> i don't think newt reinvented himself. it's the same newt i worked with since 1990. but it's 20 years later. he's got more experience both on policy and in his personal life. i think he's a better experienced newt than he was 20 years ago. >> is he ready to be president, do you think? >> oh, i think with the first eight months of a griingrich presidency with the republican congress would be like the first eight months of roosevelt in 1963, except it would be the
8:19 am
other direction. >> let me ask you this last thing, tony, because i covered him last week on the campaign trail, and the thought occurred to me that he is almost sort of like the new nixon in many ways, a politician who was left for dead, who is trying to climb back into the highest office of the land, and i'm just curious, you know, is this doable for newt gingrich, do you think, realistically speaking? do you really think he could be elected president? >> well, we'll see. he is now, as your poll shows for the time being, ahead of the pack on the republican side. i think if you look at the polls that will come out late december, the head to heads, newt and obama, romney and obama, if he is ahead, yes, i think it's a very doable thing. we'll see. but he's more qualified than i think most people otherwise being considered. >> tony blakely, good to see you this morning. thanks for that perspective on the former speaker.
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good talking touch you. a reminder that the cnn preside candidate debate is tonight right here on cnn. a nice holiday list. it's a breakdown of companies with good and not so good shopping policies. here are some of the nice ones. made the list for taking a stand against hard-to-open product packaging. i appreciate that one. costco for automatically extending the product's warrenties on tvs and computers. and get this, rei for exchanging things at any time for any reason. now the naughty list. they might get a lump of coal in their stocking. they're coming up next.
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want to have a pleasant shopping experience for the holidays? consumer reports say shop at these places. their list of nice companies. there they are. now for the naughty ones. airtran made the list for charging extra for selecting a seat on line. yes, that's right. verizon wireless is called naughty for not notifying customers they've gone over their minutes after the fact.
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instead of giving them a heads up. that's not cool. and radio shack sometimes charges different prices for the same item. here's a rundown of stores coming up. a cnn in life depth. even a super committee couldn't get the job done in washington. i'll ask where we go from here. the city of joplin, missouri continues to rebuild after a tornado. so now that the super committee has failed to open a deal, here's where we are right now. budget cuts set to begin january 13. they are domestic spending programs, including medicare. but food stamps and veterans benefits will be spared. president is pledge to go veto any way for the domestic
8:25 am
programs to be cut. he is asking for a deficit on $1.2 trillion before the trigger takes effect. everyone from congress to the white house is pointing fingers, but newt gingrich says both sides have some explaining to do. >> i just think that the failure of the failure of the super committee to come to an agreement is just a damning indictment of washington's ability to govern this country. i don't know how you reach an agreement if you don't sit down at the table and talk to each other, and people say who do you blame? the blame is both sides of the aisle and both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> the democrats are saying not so fast. senator john kerry, who is a part of the super committee, says they were willing to make some major concessions to republicans but got the cold shoulder. he got a call in to cnn erin
8:26 am
burnett last night. >> we put things on the table that were very difficult for us. i had thousands of people demonstrate against me for the things we put on there. but we also put 1.2 trillion of additional revenue. they said, no, that's too much. then it turned out that a trillion was too much. 900 was too much, 600 was too much. 250 was too much. we wound up not being able to get this because they wanted to know that the tax cut for the wealthiest people in the country was going to be made permanent, protected. and we just couldn't do that in good conscience. >> an angry john kerry there. we'll have senator jeff sessions from the republican side of the hour respond to that later in the show. we'll be right back.
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the year. allison kosik is live with details. allison, the forecast for cyber monday is going to be huge; is that right? >> if the forecasts are true, it looks like the retailers are really going to rake it in on cyber monday. it is estimated that retailers will make about $1.2 billion in sales just on that one day. it is estimated that 75 million people are expected to shop on line. that's equivalent to the population of california, texas altogether. they're talking about cyber sunday, like target. walmart is going to do cyber week, so you can stretch cyber monday out for five, six or seven days. jim? >> okay, break out your laptops on monday. allison, we'll be watching. thanks so much. appreciate it. it's just one more example of the total gridlock in
8:31 am
washington and the public is getting down right angry about the debt super committee's super failure. >> i think it's a shame that we have a congress that's not respondent to what the people want. >> i'll ask senator jeff sessions what all that popular anger means for washington. that's coming up. [ indistinct talking on radio ] [ tires screech ] [ crying ] [ applause ] [ laughs ] [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] your life will have to flash by even faster. autodrive brakes on the cadillac srx activate after rain is detected to help improve braking performance. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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so now that the debt super committee has failed to reach a deal, here's where we stand. automatic budget cuts are triggered to begin on january 2013, but social security, medicaid, food stamps and other benefits will be spared. the president is prepared to veto any other cuts going into
8:35 am
effect, but he says it's not too late to work out a deal. he's calling on democrats to trim the deficit by $1.2 trillion before the trigger goes into effect. we've heard some democrats lay the blame squarely with the gop. i'm just curious, sir, we've also heard a lot of outrage from americans today. are you hearing that outrage ruroutrage, are you feeling that outrage, or is it just another day in washington? >> no, i feel this is another day of failure, but i feel the outrage has been there for a long time. americans taking care of their families woke up and found that the government in washington is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar that we spend in this nation. europe and other places are suffering from debt, and the experts tell us we are, too. and so they have a right to be angry at the mismanagement. and i do believe that had the
8:36 am
president really pushed for an agreement, had he been willing to tell the american people the depth of the crisis we face and present a real solution, we could have done something more than just the minimum. we could have done something historic for the country. >> but the president will say he put a proposal forward. let me just ask you, senator, could republicans have done anything differently on your side? was this just doomed from the beginning? >> well, i tell you, i believe -- i totally am confident that the republican members of that committee wanted an agreement, and they wanted to do something more than just talking, and they were prepared to even raise taxes to get an increased tax revenue, and they proposed that, but they wanted a real change in the systemic direction that our nation is taking, a direction to decline
8:37 am
the economic decline. we've got to get off that path and it's just amazing to me that the president would not be a leader and a player in that. i can't imagine a mayor or governor facing anything like this kind of debt threat, not being engaged in the reform. so we've got a problem here, and i don't think the american people want to send more money to washington. we haven't had a budget in 937 days. they want to see us show some fiscal responsibility before we demand more money from them. >> what about these triggered cuts that are set to go into effect starting in 2013? senator, one of the big eye-opening cuts that a lot of people are talking about, your colleague senator mccain has talked about this, defense leader panetta have talked about this, and that is the trigger as a result of these cuts. are you comfortable with these cuts over at the pentagon, and
8:38 am
do you believe, as others believe in washington, that this will compromise our national security? >> i believe it will go too far in cutting the defense department. the defense department makes up about one-sixth of the size of the spending of our economy, our government spending, and this would take half the cuts out of this. it's just too much. so i am not -- i think i agree with your statement about the president's position. we need to relook at this sequester, make sure the cuts are across the board far more and not so heavily directed toward the defense department. i know there are a lot of people that dislike the defense department, want to bring those numbers down. but remember, this is not war. the war costs are entirely separate. the cuts we're talking about, and they're coming down dramatically -- >> he's already put many of them on the table. these would just go farther. but let me just ask you,
8:39 am
senator, a political question. the president seems satisfied, would you not agree yesterday, with the $1.2 trillion in budget cuts that are going to become as part of this trigger in 2013, but polls have shown that republicans are really going to get the blame for this super failure, as many people are calling it. political politically, is that a win-win for the president? >> i don't see how the president can win when he's not a player in the great debate of our time. there is no greater threat to america than this debt crisis, and he has refused to look the american people in the eye and to tell them how serious it is and to explain why we're going to have to change our business as usual. >> but you acknowledge that republicans are taking much of the blame for this, perhaps more of the blame, than the democrats. >> i just don't know, but that could happen. the president has the bully pulpit in the short term, but in the long term, people are going
8:40 am
to examine his leadership and they're going to ask, has he helped make this situation better? has he proposed tightening our belts in a significant way, something other than defense? and is he prepared to lead and tell the truth about the challenges we face? i don't think a mayor, or as i said, a governor, would imagine not being engaged in such an important issue. >> well, we hope to see all of you engaged after the holidays. >> we all need to. >> and see if we can work this out. senator sessions, we appreciate your time this morning. thanks so much for joining us and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. the debt super committee is sure to be a topic in tonight's candidate debate, but mitt romney plans to put the focus on national security. the cnn debate right here on cnn. who ate my cookies and milk?
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than owners of any traditional mattress brand... to learn more, or find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic the most highly recommended bed in america. if you are heading anywhere for thanksgiving, pay attention to chad meyers first. potential for dangerous storms today, and you were saying maybe some trouble after thanksgiving. >> getting home on sunday could be a trick. it could spread tornado weather up to mississippi and louisiana, all the way to kentucky or ohio. trying to drive or fly through that will not be a pretty sight. we have the potential for severe weather today across parts of mississippi and alabama. talking bay couple tornadoes, not really an outbreak of tornadoes. you have to understand we have a
8:44 am
severe weather season with spring, you have a severe weather season with fall. they clash in the spring, those temperatures, hot and cold, clash in the fall as well. there right there is the storm system we're worried about today. zooming in a little closer to you, it will eventually be in baton rouge, new orleans, jackson, and into hattiesburg. in the northwest, this is a big time snow event. we have avalanche warnings going on here in parts of the cascades. very heavy snow event in the mountains as well. if you're driving through the mountains, you need to be prepared. all of those things you know for mid-winter storm. the rain is in the northeast. airports are slowing down in the northeast. tomorrow, though, the biggest getaway day is where the heavy rain will be in new york, all the way into florida. the delays, philadelphia,
8:45 am
chicago, houston, new york la guardia right now. the worst is philadelphia at two hours, but i think that will be clearing up rather quick lg. jim? >> chad, thanks. we hope for the best. think back six years ago, joplin, missouri, one of the deadliest, costliest tornadoes in the city. 1,000 people died, even a hospital destroyed. now the city is slowly rebuilding. losses there nearing $3 billion. the community plans a memorial service later today and we thgi them our prayers there. people are already crying foul. this five-pound bag of flour looks harmless enough. that is, until you put it in the hands of two unsupervised toddlers. believe me, i know something about this subject. it is a mess you have got to see to believe. that is coming up. [ woman on radio, indistinct ] ♪ bum-bum
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mitt romney is out with his first campaign ad of the season. it takes a hard swing at the president's economic policies. one line in particular is getting the white house and its
8:49 am
reelection campaign all riled up. take a listen. >> if we keep talking about the economy. [ inaudible ] >> that last line in particular there is key. our joe johns is in washington at the sight of tonight's cnn republican debate. joe, that is not the way we remember the president delivering that line back in 2008. tell us what's going on here. >> well, that line is a real source of controversy right now, jim. the point of it is the obama people out of chicago are saying he was not making that statement as a personal belief. rather, he was attributing that statement to someone else, specifically the campaign of
8:50 am
john mccain who went on to be the nominee. let's listen now to the full statement by then-senator barack obama that wasn't all included in the spot by mitt romney. >> governor mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, cam actually said, and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> reporter: the mccain campaign actually said it. this according to senator barack obama. so a real dust-up right now and the people over on the obama side are pretty upset about it. it's interesting that they've actually finally now been drawn into the fire between the candidates on the republican side and they are actually responding, jim. i have a statement that they put out and here's part of it. just last week, fact checkers scalded mitt romney for distorting a comment the president made about creating american jobs and now romney
8:51 am
launches a deceitful and dishonest attack rather than outline his own record or plans for the future. so pretty harsh words and now the obama people are engaged and talking to the romney campaign, jim. >> how about team romney, are they apologizing or withdrawing the ad, i'm guessing not? >> reporter: no, you're absolutely right. they are standing by the ad. i talked to them today. it's kind of hard to have a conversation when people are putting their talking points out there or whatever, but what they say is they are not misleading, three years ago candidate barack obama mocked his opponent's campaign by saying so on, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. now they say they are turning the tables on the obama campaign, nonetheless, i mean, when you listen to that little quote, it does seem like the romney people are misleading --
8:52 am
at least about the context of what then senator barack obama had to say. >> and joe, probably not bad strategy on the part of the romney campaign to get this out there on the eve of the republican debate tonight and create this kur fufle between both sides. >> that's really important. that's important to say. >> that's right. >> reporter: i was just -- that's important to say because romney has always has some sense of inevitability and now engaged directly with the president of the united states. to that extent it helps romney. whether it was honest or dishonest, that's up to the voters. >> that's where he wants to be, having that debate with the president. joe johns, we appreciate it. the republican contenders go head to head on cnn. wolf blitzer puts the main focus of the debate on national security but you know the economy will come up. he he and the gop candidates will be live 8:00 eastern on cnn.
8:53 am
this story is going viral and not in a good way. this is a story a lot of parents can relate to. two toddlers got their hands on a five-pound bag of flour and for them it was time to show off creativity. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: mommy is not feeling well so she stays longer than usual in the bathroom. when she comes out, stay at home marry napoli stayed calm oh, boy. >> reporter: the boys are 1 1/2 and 3 f 1/2. >> what's the matter? >> i sat on the middle in the floor in the living room and started crying. >> reporter: the entire mess was caused by one 5-pound bag. >> oh, my gosh, what am i going to do. i think i'm going to throw up. >> reporter: instead she kept regurnlg tating one phrase.
8:54 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: from the chair seat to the window ledge on the door. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: we counted at least 27 oh, my goshes. >> oh, my gosh, not fair. >> reporter: mary had just gotten home from the grocery store and says she forgot to lock the cup board. >> it's like a snowman has puked all over my living room. >> reporter: reminds us of the dogs get in the trash video, where the dog is incriminated by a clue. >> can you tell me what happened? >> reporter: the flour kids weren't talking either. >> what happened? >> what. >> reporter: mary called her mother-in-law for help. by the way, those who say the video is fake or faky mcfake vich, you don't know how flour flies. mary and her mother-in-law used a shop vak to remove most of the flour but there were two items that were beyond salvaging.
8:55 am
>> reporter: she had to throw away this rg and light bulb emitting a burning flour smell. >> we haven't even paid off the coaches yet. >> reporter: during cleanup he cut slipped and cut his lip so mary left the kitchen sink and came running. unfortunately the faucet was overrunning and the sink overflowed and flooded the kitchen. next time you think you had a bad day. >> i told my mother-in-law, i feel i've inhaled so much flour, i'm going to start to rise. >> reporter: at least andrew was dressed for bad behavior, like a prison inmate. jeanne moosz moose cnn -- >> see? >> i see. >> -- new york. >> that came from one 5-pound bag of flour. which i did not fill out this label here. that is not my handwriting, i want to make sure that credit goes where it's due. i'm kidding, to our executive
8:56 am
producer, jen. anybody have a pair of scissors, thought i would have fun with this during the break? no, guess not. we'll be right back. and great looking hair. you should make that eight things. dude, why don't you just use the stuff? [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits. every bottle. [ time is running out. head & shoulders: [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan? the annual enrollment period is coming to an end. you only have until wednesday, december 7th to enroll and get the coverage that's right for you. so don't wait another day, call right now to find out how a medicare plan from unitedhealthcare medicare solutions may have the coverage you're looking for. medicare has two parts, parts a and b
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8:59 am
dictator's ideology, taking its place, books they never had a chance to see. with the end of gadhafi's regime, they can enjoy things once banned, like books previously black listed now on display at this exhibition in tripoli. one of the organizers says libyans are emerging from a dark era. >> it is time to develop critical thinking to broaden their horizons. he says the upcoming period is an important one and we need educated people. >> reporter: some of the banned books include subjects like homosexuality or like this one, on human rights in the arab world. but the regime's ban was mostly on books of a religious nature like these and others on the movement. even publications like this guide containing detailed maps
9:00 am
of the capitol were banned. the ban stemmed from the dictator's paranoia. once unthinkable, political satire ridiculing the dictator is now available. after 42 years of a cult personality dictatorship, they say libyans are thirsty. he's interested in history book, especially his own country. >> doesn't let us know anything about the libyan history because he didn't want us to know the personalities because he wants oulz to be like a god or something. he wants us to worship him. >> reporter: organizers hope their small exhibition will be the start of a new era, turning the page on decades of indoctrination. >> cnn, tripoli.
9:01 am
it's the top of hour, i'm jim acosta. let's get you up to speed. darkness has fallen on egypt's million man sit-in. the protesters aren't going anywhere, you're looking at live pictures from tahrir square right now. security forces have been using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters armed with rocks and molotov cocktails. at least 29 people killed and 1800 injured. pro testers have a new demand, this time aimed at egypt's military leader. >> reporter: the crowd, angry and young and fear yus at the loss of life over the past few days, demanding that the supreme court council of the armed
9:02 am
forces step down. >> ivan watson on the scene. stocks have not recovered from the brutal sell-off over the failed debt deal. the dow is down 63 points, not as bad as yesterday but still not good. investors are also disappointed by revised number showing weaker than expected growth in the fourth quarter. check out what happened in south korea's parliament, first a shouting match over a free trade agreement with the united states then a lawmaker sets off a tear gas bomb in an effort to stop the vote. it did not work. the agreement passed. it takes effect early next year. a california teen now says he killed a gay classmate and he's getting 21 years in prison for it. brandon mckeerny pleaded guilty months after a jury failed to decide his case. he shot lawrence king in the back of the head four years ago while in school. sandusky's lawyers predicts
9:03 am
more charges will be filed. on abc's good morning america, he says sandusky could not have committed the repeated sexual assaults because he was always surrounded by people. >> this house was like a hotel. particularly on football weekends. >> a lot of people have sex in hotels. >> you're right they have sex in hotels but this was a house and the house was filled with people. jerry had six adopted kids and three foster kids. >> sandusky is charged with molesting eight boys. some of them at the athletic facilities. the president is at manchester high school and watch for additional comments on the super committee's failure to reach a deal. we'll have a portion of the president's remarks when he speaks live. new hampshire, an important state for republicans. the contenders gather at constitution hall tonight for
9:04 am
cnn's national security debate. wolf blitzer will be asking the questions. first, we have a few for them. newt gingrich is on the top of the latest cnn/orc poll. do you expect he'll get more of the spotlight tonight, more attention from his rivals? >> people will pay a lot more attention to newt gingrich now that he's in the top tier, might be the front-runner. he's doing really well in iowa and south carolina and even in new hampshire, which mitt romney as you well know does really well in, almost lives there. newt gingrich is doing well. there will be a lot of focus on his words. as all of us who have covered newt gingrich knows, he's highly intelligent and has views on everything and not shy on stating those views. one of things we'll be anxious to see how far he's willing to go on these national security and foreign policy issues, some of the economic issues and we will see what some of his
9:05 am
challengers, seven other republicans, we'll see how far they want to go. what we're trying to do, as you know, is clarify the positions of these candidates on these really important national security foreign policy issues because one wants to be the next commander in chief and the american public has a right to know where they stand and what they would do. >> it's going to be interesting to watch, wolf, because newt gingrich made a point in the last debates on not picking on his other rifvals. it interesting to see how tempting it will be for the other rivals to go after him. >> if they go after him, we'll see how he responds. i have no idea. that's one of beauties about this kind of debate. eight individuals, all of whom want the republican nomination, they have a lot at stake. there's not going to be another debate for a while. this is going to be the real first -- the first major debate since newt gingrich did emerge.
9:06 am
as all of us know, only a few months ago we thought his campaign wasn't going anywhere after the tiffany's uproar when he had that line of credit at tiffany's, went on vacation after announcing he was running for the republican nomination. most of his staff in new hampshire quit. it looked like his campaign wasn't going anywhere, low and behold it's gone a long way and he's doing really well right now. we'll see if he can sustain that. tonight will be important in underscoring that. >> i don't want to tip your hand on the questions. but we know the subject is national security. one might think that egypt would come up gichbl the unrest that's unfolding in tahrir square right now but herman cain had his stumbles on national security and foreign policy. i would assume all of that is fair game. >> reporter: look, we're asking questions, and our co-sponsors for the debate here at constitution hall in washington,
9:07 am
d.c. only literally steps away from the white house, our co-sponsors, the heritage foundation, they have experts from their respective think tanks and they'll be asking questions as well. i think most of the major national security issues facing the united states right now will being on the agenda. let's not forget as the retired chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mullen said, probably the number one national security issue facing the united states right now is the economy because if the u.s. has a weak economy, if america's allies in europe, if they were economic situation is deteriorating, that undermines national security big time. so that will i'm sure come up as well. >> wolf, i'm going to try to get back there as soon as i can to join you tonight. can't wait to see what you ask. thanks. >> translator: -- >> reporter: thanks, jim.
9:08 am
at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. here's a rundown of some of the stories we're covering right now. first tear gas and rubber bullets, protests firing up in egypt once again. we're live in cairo. locking up the capitol, the solution to a political gridlock is a big padlock. a new blood screening coming soon for major league baseball players. and inside nasa's search for life on other planets, what they have found so far and what a young rape victim in afghanistan must do to save her own life. it's an unbelievable story we'll share moments from now. >> seen as adultery by the courts and sentenced to 12 years in jail. to her, there's only one way out, a dreadful choice. hi, could you read my list?
9:09 am
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call 1-800-sandals. certain restrictions apply. egypt's million man sit-in has gone from day to night with no signs of easing but there's violence nearby. you'll see that video right there coming in. tear gas in the streets as battles erupt between protesters and security forces going on for four straight days. it's not preventing demonstrators by turning out by the thousands in tahrir square. ben joins us live. you are better than just about anybody at looking at this situation and how it's unfolding there. i suppose the pictures might tempt us to say this is getting out of control. what is really happening there and how unstable is that
9:12 am
situation? >> reporter: you know, jim, we've been focusing on these classes that are taking place in the streets east to tahrir square. the real important development is what's going on behind me now. a million man march have been called by opposition parties for people that come to tahrir and i would say it's probably about as close to 1 million as we've seen since the revolution. i can see just below me more and more people coming. they are sending a very clear message to this supreme council of the armed forces, that took over for hosni mubarak in february. they went them to step down. we see that this people power is really putting unprecedented pressure on military rulers. they've already accepted the resignation or we have reported accepted the resignation of the government and are coming out --
9:13 am
getting unconfirmed reports that they are calling for a government of national unity. clearly the numbers in the streets and number of protesters in tahrir square has pushed them against the wall and starting to step back and make some compromises. jim? >> what is the potential that we could see a military crackdown on that martha you're showing us that would be beamed out all over the world? i would imagine the military rulers have that in mind as something they probably don't want to do because of how it would look. >> reporter: no, it's already -- back fired against them. on sunday they tried to do that. they tried to clear the square. what happened was more people came in. and what we've seen walking around this square today, it's a real cross section of egyptian society, secular people, islamists, women, men, children,
9:14 am
professionals, workers, farmers, it would be a catastrophe for the military to try to crackdown on these numbers. i don't think i've seen this number of people in tahrir square since the revolution back in january and february. it would be an utter disaster for the military to do that. i think they realize that, realize that they are really on the defense and they've got to make compromises. jim? >> ben wedeman, we appreciate it. look take a step back and see how egypt returned to this point. the pro-democracy demonstrators are risking their lives because they say the military council has gone back on key promises, they have not lifted emergency law, protesters say military leaders still deny freedom of the press and egyptians accuse the military of torturing civilians, in addition, the supreme court military council has yet to set a date for presidential elections as and
9:15 am
they are concerned about a plan to shield the government to xrutmy by civilian leaders. let's go to new hampshire where president obama is about to discuss his proposal to create jobs and specifically expected to push congress to extend the payroll tax cut at the end of the year and a lot of americans would see taxes go up if that payroll tax cut is not extended, he is getting ready to speak at manchester high school, there in new hampshire. this is not only an important state for the republican candidates, obviously we've seen them spending a lot of time up there in new hampshire. this is also an important battleground state in the upcoming general election. it is a state president obama probably has to win in order to win re-election. we're keeping an eye on that event and of course when the president starts smeing, we'll bring that to you. a reminder, the cnn national security debate is tonight. the stage is set for are the candidates at constitution hall. wolf blitzer moderated at 8:00
9:16 am
eastern right here on cnn. we should also point out that online after the debate, i'll be hosting a spin room special live from the spin room where all of those strategists and some of the candidates sometimes go into after the debate is over to talk about where they stand in the gop race. i'll be hosting that event and taking your question yonz line and on twitter. that should be fun as well. check that out if you have the time. thanks so much. meanwhile, moving on to searching for life beyond planet earth. check this out. >> the indication from date at a that we have in hand is that small planets are common, that the gal axecy makes them efficiently, so they are going to be abundant. >> you'll be amazed how abundant coming up. first, they say money can't buy happiness, but a new study says, yes, it can. and they've even come up with an exact dollar amount, is it $40,000 a year, b, $75,000, or
9:17 am
c, $100,000? the answer in just a moment.
9:18 am
9:19 am
9:20 am
how big of a salary would it take to make you happy? 40,000 is a, b, 75,000, or c, $100,000. the new study found that the magic number is $75,000. those households making less had lower levels of emotional well being and satisfaction with their state in life, according to that study, interesting. are we alone in the universe? it's also the question at heart of space exploration, john reports on life beyond earth. >> reporter: telescopes searching for other earths and listening for life out there. there's no proof yet but the body of evidence is growing we are not alone. >> the one thing that strikes you, every time we learn something new about the universe, what we learn is that our situation doesn't seem to be all that special.
9:21 am
and that suggests that the life is not all that special either. >> reporter: but it is still just that, a guess. based in part in an as tronmy in overload, findings from telescopes and new discoveries revealing the sheer mind blowing grand you're of the universe. consider the heavenly news for a minute, perhaps 1 trillion, with a t, that's right, trillion galaxies in the universe, stars you ask? how about 300 sextillion, where does that leave us with planets? more specifically planets like our own. >> we're learning something of fundamental importance of mankind, how frequent are earths around other stars. >> reporter: the principal investigator for nasa's keppler,
9:22 am
tell scope, its mission, find planets similar orbiting their suns. it has been successful beyond expectations. of the 1200 planet candidates keppler has found nearly 70 are earth sized. >> the indication from data that we have in hand is that small planets are common, that the gal axecy makes them efficiently so they are going to be abundant. >> the number is large enough, this must be many billions of such planets. that's been a happy surprise. >> reporter: how many are orbiting at just the right distance to the sun to support life? more than 50 candidates found so far where life might be possible. what keppler can't do is detect life. so for now, that will remain just a guess. john zarrella, at the kennedy
9:23 am
space center in florida. president obama getting ready to address the crowd in manchester, new hampshire. this is a trip that the president is going to use to pitch his jobs package he would like to see get through congress. it's been stalled so far. and we might hear the president make comments on the super fail by the super committee yesterday in the congress. and looks like the president is getting a pretty good welcome from the crowd there. let's listen to what the president has to say. >> i want to thank also somebody who is doing outstanding work each and every day, was doing it up here as a wonderful governor and now one of your most outstanding senators in the country, gene sha here is in the house. so before i came to school
9:24 am
today, i had coffee -- >> mr. president! 4,000 people protesters. >> over people protesters. >> and arrested -- >> no, it's okay. it's okay. all right. okay, guys. [ shouting ] it's okay. okay, it's okay. that's all right.
9:25 am
listen, the -- i'm going to be talking about a whole range of things today and i appreciate you making your point. let me go ahead and make mine, all right? and i'll listen to you, you listen to me, all right? [ applause ] now, what i was saying was i was having some coffee with some of your neighbors and one of them was the corps gri, he's a math teacher here at central high. even though a visit from me tends to disrupt things a little bit, he did want me to remind his students, you still have homework to do. but as chris said, he's also a colonel, recently retired after 26 years in the military. tours of duty in iraq, kuwait, and haiti.
9:26 am
and i couldn't thank him enough for his service because obviously we know our service members are veterans, they are the ones who keep us safe and ones preserving our freedom. [ applause ] >> at enormous sacrifice to themselves and their families. [ applause ] >> in fact, this holiday season is going to be a season of home comings for folks all across america. by the end of next month, all of our troops will be out of iraq. [ applause ] now, over coffee, we were joined by chris's wife of 16 years, cathy, who owns part of a local business. and they've got two sons, they are trying to save for their son's college education. and like millions of families all across the country, they are doing the best they can in some tough times. and families like the korpryes,
9:27 am
families like yours and young people like the ones here today, including the ones who were just chanting at me, you're the reason i ran for office in the first place. [ applause ] because it's folks like you who are why i spent so much time up here in the dead of winter four years ago because even then we were going through a difficult decade for the middle class. more good jobs and manufacturing that was leaving our shores, more of our prosperity was built on risky financial deals and homes that weren't properly financed. and families watched their incomes fall and wages flatline and the cost of everything from college to health care kept on
9:28 am
going up. then the financial crisis hit. and the closing weeks of the campaign and that made things even tougher. today many americans have spent months looking for work. and others are doing the best they can to get by. there are a lot of folks out there giving nights out -- they can't do that anymore because they have to save on gas or make the mortgage. their families putting off retirement to make sure their kids can go to college and there are young people who have gone to college, gotten a whole bunch of debt and find themselves unable to find opportunity. so a lot of the folks who have been down in new york and all across the country, in the occupy movement, there is a profound sense of frustration -- [ applause ] >> there's a propound sense of frustration about the fact that
9:29 am
the essence of american dream, which is if you work hard, if you stick to it, that you can make it, feels like that's slipping away. and that's not the way things are supposed to be, not here, not in america. [ applause ] this is a place -- this is a place where your hard work and responsibility is supposed to pay off. supposed to be a big compassionate country where everybody who works hard should have a chance to get ahead. not just the person who owns the factory but the men and women who work on the factory floor. [ applause ] there's a place that's always prospered most when we say fundamental, we stay true to a fundamental idea. the idea that we're all in this together. that's what we're fighting for,
9:30 am
that's what is at stake right now. so we've been weathering some hard years and we've been taking tough punches but one thing i know about folks in manchester and folks in new hampshire and folks all across the country is we're tough. we're fighting back, we are moving forward and we are going to get this right so that every single american has opportunity in this country. [ applause ] we are not going to let -- [ applause ] we are not going to have an america in which only a sliver of folks have opportunity. we're going to have an america where everybody has opportunity. that's going to take some time. because our economic problems weren't caused overnight and won't be solved overnight. it's going to take time to rebuild an economy with hard work is valued and responsibility is rewarded.
9:31 am
>> there's president in manchester, new hampshire. we should mention that some occupy wall street protesters or pro testers who sounded like occupy wall street demonstrators interrupted the president's remarks and we want to turn around sound for you to give you a sense for what happened at the president's speech in new hampshire. [ shouting ] >> okay, it's okay. it's all right. listen. i'm going to be talking about a whole range of things today and i appreciate you guys making your point. let me go ahead and make mine, all right and then i'll listen to you, you listen to me, all right? >> and so you heard the president supporters there chanting in his favor, that was just after occupy wall street protesters apparently interrupted the president's event in manchester, new hampshire. we'll follow those developments throughout the day here on cnn.
9:32 am
but the president there in manchester, making his pitch for his jobs bill saying that it's needed to get the economy started. and the economy should not just be working for the benefits of wealthy well-off americans in his words but for americans who are struggling right now. that was the president in new hampshire. a reminder, the cnn national security debate is tonight. the stage is set for the republican candidates at constitution hall in washington, d.c. wolf blitzer moderates the debate at 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be hosting the postgame action online. go to cnn or send me a message at twitter, jim acosta cnn, add the hash tag, postgame and we'll look at your comments after tonight's debate. we'll be right back.
9:33 am
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
now that the debt super committee has failed to reach a deal, automatic budget cuts are set to begin in january of 2013, include reductions in defense and domestic programs including medicare. but social security and medicaid and food stamps and veterans benefits will be spared. the president is pledging to veto any attempts to make it not go into effect. even congress knew failure wasn't an option, or did they? >> let me say this about the joint committee, failure is not an option. >> we must live and breathe believing that failure is not an option. >> failure is not an option. failure is absolutely not an option. >> failure can't be an option. >> failure is not an option. >> failure is not an option. >> failure is not an option. >> failure should not be an option. >> my view is that failure is not an option. >> failure is not an option. >> failure cannot be accepted.
9:37 am
>> the american people need an outcome and expect and outcome and deserve and outcome. i expect to get one. >> apparently failure was an option. what does this say about the politicians who were supposed to strike a deal? a lot of americans think it means congress is failing the people they are supposed to represent. >> i'm thinking that congress is failing all the way around. but in my opinion, it's a set-up. they never were going to reach an agreement. >> if they can't come to an agreement on how to balance the budget, what's the point of having them? they can't get a long, they can't seem to agree on anything. >> who is worried about the american people? the supercommittee is a part of the big failure of congress. >> big failure. it's time for action in an article he wrote for, he says it's time for an nba style lockout on capitol hill and dean joins me from new york.
9:38 am
appreciate it. what exactly are you proposing here? an actual lockout, padlocks on the capitol? >> if that's what it takes. honestly, look at the people. people are angry. they want results from our congress. they are giving us nothing frankly. the approval rating is down to 9%. i think bed bugs and stds are more popular. for good reason. they are not fulfilling their obligation. the reason we have the congress to make our lives better and make the economy work. they are doing now. this is failure, let's lock them out. locksmiths in d.c. 15 minutes they can change a lock, let's do it. let's see them struggle a little bit, maybe we cut their health benefits in time. we need results. >> dean, like the nba lockout, many are making as much as nba players. who would you lock out? is this aimed at democrats,
9:39 am
republicans? does one side deserve to be locked out more than the other? >> at this point frankly both sides have earned the right to be locked out to work out in the street. it's not one party or the other. there's political posturing on both sides. we all see it. it's almost a game, a charaid to us. we need results. we need a job plan. we need definite reduction and need our economy moving again so the 14 mlg unemployed people have jobs and a way to support their family. that's what we need. everyone knows it. >> what about the white house, should there be a lockout at the white house, republicans will say, the president could have gotten more involved in this process with the supercommittee but it was apparently hands off over at the white house. >> to me the president had a built-in mechanism. we have term limits, we have that under the 22nd amendment, that's why i'm proposing, i'm not the only one, proposing term limits for the house and senate. in the 1990s they debated that in the house and it passed and not by the two-thirds it needed.
9:40 am
if there was ever a time for term limits now, the federal government, we should amend our constitution like 15 states have, to have a limit on the terms. >> then that wouldn't get through the congress. >> i'm sorry? >> exactly. you need congress to vote two-thirds approval, the resolution before it goes to state legislators, they are making $178,000, of course they are not going to vote themselves out. you have to hope maybe through the occupy movement and the tea party, maybe different ends of political spectrum bumt the same idea going on. we want to be engaged in politics. we don't want our elected officials to do nothing. it's about time we take the leadership position in our own country. it might be an extreme example, let's do something to make things change. >> you use the wortd occupy. there's an e-mail going around that a lot of people see in their inboxes, it's on twitter handles every did where, unoccupy the capitol movement is
9:41 am
getting started. there's a picture of it, unoccupy congress in 2012. i should say covering washington and politics, that is a very difficult task to unoccupy the entire capitol but perhaps it's an idea that will catch on. >> that was sent to me by john manly from virginia. i'll be honest, i write cnn op-ed and usually i get e-mails saying you're an idiot from friends an family. this is the first time i've written an article, every e-mail i've received has been supportive. people are angry, we want results from our congress. unemployment is not going down. the president cannot change unemployment on his own and we need congress to work together to do. it's for the good of america. >> dean, it's safe to say for this thanksgiving there will be a pretty healthy debate over who the turkey is in washington this time of year. dean, thanks very much for that perspective and very funny idea to perhaps lockout those players
9:42 am
in washington. thanks so much, dean, appreciate it. >> thanks nks a remindser, the cnn national security debate is tonight. the candidates meet at constitution hall in washington, d.c., wolf blitzer moderates at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. welcome to idaho, where they grow america's favorite potatoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
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so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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it is injustice at its worse, an afghan teenager was raped and jailed for being raped. now she must either marry her rapist or risk being killed. it is true, nick peyton walsh has the details of this young woman's horrific detail. >> reporter: she remembers clearly the smell of her rapist's clothes. >> translator: he had filthy clothes on as he does metal and construction work. when my mother went out he came into my house and closed the doors and windows. i started screaming but he shut me up by putting his hand on my mouth. >> reporter: he was the husband of her cousin but in afghanistan's draconian society, this 19-year-old was also blamed. her rape, sex with a married man seen as adultery by the courts and she was sentenced to 12 years in jail. to her, there's only one way out, a dreadful choice.
9:46 am
>> translator: i was asked if i wanted to start a new life by getting released, by marrying this man. my answer was that one man dishonored me and i want to stay with that man. >> reporter: inside the prison walls she agreed to be interviewed with her face hidden. here she can't escape her attacker. her daughter is the child of the rape. >> reporter: >> translator: my daughter is an innocent child. who knew i would have a child in this way. a lot of people told me after your daughter is born, give it to someone else. but my aunt told me to keep her as proof of my innocence. >> reporter: a rape victim's ordeal simply begins with the physical attack then there's isolation from society and in her case, the possibility she may have to marry her attacker and then the risk she could be killed because of the shame of her ordeal. we spoke to her convicted rapist
9:47 am
in jail who didn't want to be shown and denied raping her. said she would definitely be killed by her own family out of shame. because how afghan injustice treated her, she's taken the extraordinary step of speaking out about her attack. but even that has brought her problems. she spoke openly, her face uncovered in a documentary about women's rights, paid for by the european union. the eu blocked its release say teenager would endanger her. a documentary maker says the eu blocked it also because they don't want to make the afghan justice system look bad. the eu ambassador said it was his call. >> when i'm concerned about the security and well being, that's of paramount importance, that's a key criteria. >> but now rape victim is being charged as an adulterer. her only possible escape, marriage to her rapist.
9:48 am
something she says she'll accept so her child can continue to have a mother. >> nick peyton walsh is live from kabul. what happens next with this young woman? >> reporter: as it stands, she has to serve out her sentence in that jail. as it stands at the moment, the safest place from her. she does face considerable threat. she have appealed directly to hamid karzai to release her. after that asylum will be the safest thing. her ordeal continues every day with a child born of her attack who she clearly has great affection for. this story does play an awful lot to explain where afghanistan is in many parts of society after a decade of nato's presence here, america talking about how fast it can begin its drawdown and take troops away from her and stories like this in many parts of the country where the campaign has yet to
9:49 am
reach, how women's rights has an awful long distance to go. >> it's a reminder that there may be tough times ahead for afghanistan. thanks for that story. we want to report updated news on what's happening in egypt. we can report now that the ruling military council has confirmed that it has accepted the resignation of the government there. the announcement coming into cnn also says a caretaker government will be in place until a new government is elected, also the presidential elections will be held before june of 2012, also that parliamentary elections in egypt will be held on time next monday, november 28th. this is apparently an effort by the ruling military council there to perhaps put an end to much of the unrest we have seen unfold over the last several days in egypt. we'll keem you posted on all of those developments as they come
9:50 am
into us. we want to also let you know, we'll be hearing from the sister of an american who was arrested during those protests. you're going to want to hear what she has to say coming up. . [wife:] in here too. we need more affordable energy in this country. we need to protect the environment. what about the economy? what about our planet? [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs. less emissions. a good answer for everyone. so with affordable energy that we can get to safely... we could afford to eat out more often. our daughter likes my cooking. don't you lori... lori?
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9:52 am
as you know egypt is erupting begin, authorities in egypt say three american college students on monday have been accused of throwing molotov cocktails during a rally in at a rhea square. nicole, can you tell us what happened to your brother and what was he doing there in the first place? >> well, he's there on a semester abroad.
9:53 am
he is an arabic and psychology double major in georgetown. that's why he was in cairo. he went -- joined a bunch of friends from his program kind of going out to tahrir square to sort of see what was going on. and that's really the extent of what we know. >> and do you know, i mean, do you know how long he's going to be held? is this going to be indefinite? what do you know? >> we know very little. if they can be kind of just -- let us know when they know more sort of thing. all we know is he's being held at the courthouse, which we are taking to be somewhat optimistic as it's not a prison but that's
9:54 am
really the extent of what we know at this point. >> and nicole, is this something your brother would do, go into a protest situation like the one unfolding in tahrir square and throw molotov cocktails. >> i absolutely cannot comprehend him doing this. i mean, he has always been an incredibly passivist person, i can't see that happening. >> what would you say to egyptian officials who may watch this interview who may listen to the words you have to say about your brother? what would you say? >> oh, god, i mean, i would say that he chose to go to egypt because he was interested in actually experiencing egyptian culture and living in that country, that tries to be very open-minded and learn things about the world. and that this -- this whatever this image they are trying to
9:55 am
portray is not -- it's not him and that we really just hope that he can come home soon. >> nicole, i hope you can see on your tv screen there our newscast. we'd like to show a picture of the three americans who have been detained. can you tell which one is your brother? >> i actually -- i'm not stateside so i can't watch cnn. >> if you can take a look at that picture and get back to us. >> if it's the picture from the video. >> yes, exactly that one. >> he's on right-hand side. the taller of the three. >> sort of wearing a blue plaid shirt? >> yes. >> all right, well, nicole, we appreciate your time very much. we are very sorry for the situation your brother is going through and hope for the best. thanks for sharing that story with us, we'll be right back. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
9:56 am
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an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan could be an option to get the coverage you need at a competitive rate. so don't wait another minute. be sure to call today. call now for your free medicare guide and information kit about aarp medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. over the river and through the woods sounds like a good idea but you better check with chad. >> we even have a tornado near brandon, mississippi, not that far east of jackson, on ground reported by spotters, that will be the norm for the day. small tornadoes, maybe a little bit of wind damage and even hail coming down. that's part of the southeast. that's all part of the system that's here bringing cold air behind and clashing in very warm air that's in the southeast. walk outside anywhere, walk
9:59 am
outside here, you'll feel it. it does feel muggy outside at this point. for next couple of days, we'll see this weather into the southeast and see significant weather in the northwest. two more things i want to talk about, for the next couple of hours, we're going to start to see rain move in the city. that will slowdown the airport and slow down laguardia and jfk and newark. for tonight, snow is going to develop, heavy snow, up to a foot of snow, upstate new york, upstate vermont and new hampshire and even maine. it's a big story nor the next couple of days how all of this could change and how it could affect your weather for the next couple of hours and next couple of days. another big storm, believe it or not, for sunday in the northeast and also in the southeast with


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