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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 22, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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top of the hour. chances of the downgrade after the supercommittee failure. and a great excuse to pour yourself an extra cup of coffee. mark preston, live for us at washington, d.c., the home of the cnn debate tonight.
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>> the republican and constitution hall in the heart of washington, d.c., we are just steps away from the white house. these candidates are focusing on trying to sell themselves on a very, very key issue. that is national security. an issue that has not really been discussed a whole lot, brooke, so far in this campaign n addition to that, they are going to talk about the economy which has been said by some military folks as the number one national security facing the economy is the american economy and being able to turn it around. it will be interesting to turn it around. we have some candidates on the rise, such as newt gingrich, and some on the decline, such as rick perry, and of course all of them in the middle trying to vie for support as we head right into iowa on january 3rd. >> this is the first debate in which former house speaker newt gingrich is sitting at the top of the latest cnn-orc poll. i know we're looking at all eight candidates but who has the most to gain and who has the
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most to lose? >> well, everybody has the most to gain and the most to lose but you're right, this could be the debate for newt gingrich. this is the first time that he will be at the top of the stage. it was just back in june when everyone thought that the campaign was over. his campaign staff had left him. he had no money. but what we've seen in the last three to four weeks now is that newt gingrich has been on the rise. and the reason for that is, that republicans who are not happy with mitt romney, who don't think that he's conservative enough, are looking for an alternative. we thought that might have been herman cain. we thought it was rick perry back in august who burst on to the scene. he he has leveled off and we're seeing that in the polls. >> mark preston, thank you. the national security debate moderated by wolf blitzer tonight at 8:00. the dow is down for the
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second day in a row after the supercommittee failed to reach a deal. alison kosik, the dow was down triple digits. how are the numbers? what is the difference? >> the loss is not as steep as yesterday but investors don't know what to do at this point. today it fell 100 points and briefly turned positive. the way the markets see it, the economy, it's an epic fail. it opens up a whole new layer of uncertainty. still, the good news is, the credit agencies are going to hold their u.s. debt ratings right where they are for the time being. but you know what? worries of what happens in the long term, that's why you are seeing the selling today, brooke. >> and what does this say about the outlook for the economy and the u.s. credit ratings? >> yeah. analysts say that all of the uncertainty about what congress might or might not do over the next few months, it can wind up
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slowing the economy down even more. but the most immediate impact that you can see, according to many economists s. that growth could wind up taking a big hit because a payroll tax break could expire at the end of the year. in addition, millions of people are going to stop getting unemployment benefits early next year. you put those two things together and that shaves off up to one point off of gdp because people would have less money to spend, of course that is unless congress changes things in time. congress is really beginning to be known more for inaction than action. brooke? >> yeah, i don't know. alison kosik, thank you. never on "reporter roulette," weather is throwing a wrench in your thanksgiving plans. airport issues tonight, chad? >> right. atlanta certainly here. we have all of these storms back into parts of mississippi, alabama, moving up to montgomery, even into birmingham right there. all of the weather will slow down. this is the get away day for
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people that don't want to try to deal with tomorrow. and i think we probably are going to have a little bit of slow get away in some spots. a few of the storms have been rotating earlier today. it's all part of the same system that brought pictures like this from little rock, arkansas, over the weekend where it rained over six inches in less than 12 hours, water came up, couldn't go away. saturated ground for a change in the forecast there, which had been so very dry for most of the year. let's go back to the maps here. we have a lot of snow event here for seattle. all the way down to portland. this is going to be rain and snow above 5,000 feet. there are avalanche warnings. that's how much snow we are talking about. >> wow. >> we have a couple of airport delays right now. chicago, philly, newark, laguardia. atlanta is the big one that comes up around 6 or 7:00 tonight as the storms get closer, brooke. >> christina, drive safely, please. chad myers, thank you. >> you're welcome.
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a study suggesting there may be an association between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of cancer. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins me. i love my coffee. specifically what kind of cancer and how much coffee? >> right. it was interesting. first of all, this is huge study out of hartford and the women who drank at least four cups of coffee were 25% less likely to get enrriometria can sr. and they found people are less likely to get diabetes. it's a whole host of things. >> but i thought that you're not supposed to have too much coffee, that's it's bad for you. >> did your mother every wag her finger and say it will stunt your growth? >> yeah. >> what is interesting is that would have been a an old wife's tale saying that coffee may be good for you.
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it means that your of you're already drinking it, you're probably doing something that is good for your health. >> now, let's be more specific. all kinds of people have all kinds of different things in your coffee i bought you a coffee and if you put in about two ounces of whole milk and if you put in a bunch of these sugars, you're adding about 1150 calories into one coffee. if you drink four of these, 150 calories times four, you're getting fat off the coffee. >> it's just the caloric -- >> exactly. coffee on it is own has almost no calories. once you start adding lots of milk and lots of sugar, it's like drinking a soft drink. >> okay. >> you want to be careful about that. so nonfat milk and half a
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splenda is okay? >> yes, that's fine. >> that's your reporter roulette for this tuesday. still ahead, the secret combination of a home-grown militia. >> when it comes time to saving the constitution, that means some people are going to die. >> the feds say a group of bitter men wanted to attack and poison americans and now we're actually hearing their voices straight from their own mouths. plus, perhaps he knows president obama better than any of his fellow candidates. why is jon huntsman so behind in the polls? i'll ask him, live i head. plus, the pilot of a plane who disappeared after it landed. hear about the bizarre cargo found on board. and this -- >> tell me who that is over there? >> after six months away from home, an emotional surprise.
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[ male announcer ] shopping for medicare coverage? the annual enrollment period ends december 7th. now is the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today. if it's interesting and happening right now, you are about to see it. rapid fire, let's go. december 13th, that is when jerry sandusky is scheduled to appear in court on charges of child sex abuse. the former penn state coach accused of raping or molesting more than a dozen young boys. also, florida a and m university has sus speblded more than 400 members of the university's ban after the death of another member, drum major robert
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champion found unresponse sif in a bus after a weekend. he threw up and had a hard time breathing and his father was asked about his health overall. >> he was in pretty good condition. he ate and trained and no medical condition that i know of. >> right now a task force formed by the school inappropriate band costumes or traditions along with police. you've heard about this one a. plane full of marijuana lands at the houston executive airport last night but the pilot, nowhere to be found. >> the individual or individuals that were on the plane abandoned the aircraft and we started searching the area and found partials believed to be marijuana from the aircraft. and in mexico, take a look at this with me, this is what $15 million looks like.
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soldiers found this stash of cash along with jewelry and cocaine in a vehicle in tijuana. the vehicle was believed to be headed to the head of a drug cartel. police will not say what tipped them off on what was quite a bust. the sailor sees his 4-year-old son for the first time in half a year. watch. >> tell me who that is over there. >> hi! >> yay. welcome home. >> he's grown like a weed. a bamboo stick over here. >> pride? >> yeah. he's going to be a good lig boy. >> but there's more to the story. the sailor's daughter, just born with a rare condition, had open
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heart surgery on the same day dad came home. and here he is holding and feeding his daughter for the very first time. we're told he will be spending thank giving at home before leaving again for six months. and have you seen this video? check this out. this is mexico's largest volcano and that massive plume of ash reaches two miles into the sky. it's about 30 miles from mexico city and so far we haven't gotten any reports of injuries whatsoever. now this -- that's very unfair for you to ask me that. do i look like i hurt my daughter? do i look like i hurt my daughter? >> one month after a little girl disappears and her mom accuses the media of not covering her story. that woman is behind bars right now. we're going to tell you why. plus, we're now hearing the secret conversations of a home-grown militia. a group of men with dreams of murder. cnn has obtained the undercover recordings. we're going to play them for
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you, next.
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their targets allegedly included the irs, the atf, and four suspects are sitting behind
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bars because om someone was listening to their plans. the fbi arrested them on the first of november and we are just now hearing their voices. they are allegedly plotting their attacks. >> there is no way for us asthma lish sha men to save this kournt tree without doing something that is highly, highly illegal. murder. that's [ bleep ] illegal. it's got to be done. >> these aren't young guys. they range in age from 65 to 73 and the federal government is taking these threats very, very seriously. george howell has been all over this. >> it's come from confidential informants following them months and months at a time. basically, here it is. this is the disk that we've obtained, sort of a greatest hits, if you will, and it's definitely a smoking gun for
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prosecutors. prosecutors believe that the men wanted to kill many people. it comes down to a judgment call for the jury. were these just older men trash talking the government, brooke, or did they have a plan to carry out these attacks and prosecutors believe they were getting dangerously close. >> let's hear a little more from this tape. we're going to hear from frederick thomas, who is described as the ring leader, about taking lives. listen. >> are you committed? >> i am. >> taking action. are they committed to taking action? will they take a life? all right. so, who's willing to take a life? we know what we want to do. we know how to do it. but are we prepared to do it? so that's what we're doing right now. getting what we need so when we go about doing it, we are equipped. we don't know when that's going
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to be -- >> right. >> that's the way things are going politically in the country. >> scary stuff. >> equipped. i remember you talking about castra beans. >> first they wanted to buy ammunition and explosives and the beans to create riacin. and we're seeing pictures of the beans that the agents took from the property. also, the plants that the beans came from. >> here they are. >> yeah, again, prosecutors say that they had a plan, a recipe he to produce the toxic ricin and spread it on highways and major places around the country. >> let's listen one more time where they are talking about their targets. >> who do we want to shoot? lots of people. when do we want to shoot them? >> yesterday. >> that's right. >> and who are we shooting at? civilian government operatives is who we're going to be shooting at.
12:22 pm
irs, atf, fbi, and the cops. >> when do we want to shoot them? yesterday. and you heard one of the guys laugh: what do their attorneys say? >> that the tapes were taken out of context. no telling where they were and whether they were serious or not and they also say that these two men were too old to be seriously taken as a threat. coming up next, the obama campaign furious today over mitt romney's very serious ad. it misleads the public, the president says. you decide for yourself. plus, the surprising reaction from the romney camp. gloria borger is standing by live from the site cht cnn
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mitt romney has released his very first campaign ad. let me bring in gloria borger. they admit that it is out of context. >> it's going to take a new direction. if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. lose. lose. >> i'm going to do something. i call it the -- >> so that's the ad. you heard president obama speaking. but we just wanted to play you the original sound bite from the president. this is actually from the campaign trail. this is october of '08. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose.
12:27 pm
>> so there you have it, gloria borger. pretty aggressive from camp romney. >> it is pretty aggressive. and honestly, it's just not a credible ad. i mean, you saw the context. barack obama, candidate obama was talking about john mccain, quoting john mccain. and you know the people who make these ads, brooke, know full well what the entire context is. at this point of the presidential campaign, you're looking for credibility. i don't think mitt romney bought himself one ons of credibility. it's just not accurate and it's unfortunate that they decided to us it. because if you want to take barack obama on the economy, there's probably plenty of stuff to chose from out there, wouldn't you say? >> you could gloria, we should point out, you're sitting at tonight's big debate, in
12:28 pm
washington. >> i am. >> and you know that, you know -- >> brooke, i want to tell you that -- >> yes. i want to tell you behind us we have jon huntsman. he's the guy in the plaid shirt. >> we'll be talking to him in a couple of minutes. >> the candidates come by and look at their candidates. >> we'll see how he fairs up there on the stage. any of these candidates has the most to gain and most to lose but who really needs a win tonight, gloria? >> well, i think newt gingrich would really benefit from a strong performance. he's popped to the top of the field. he's got some experience having been speaker of the house. i think newt gingrich will want
12:29 pm
to cement his lead. on the other hand, someone like per man cane has a very high bar he's got to jump over because he hasn't performed well on foreign policy. he did that have that moment when he was interviewed by journalists in milwaukee and had that brain freeze on libya policy and has said, you know, i don't need to know a lot about foreign policy. i trust my commanders. i think the question would be, what do you do then? so people are looking for a plausible commander in chief. they are going to see that from a few of these people. >> i'll be watching. you're there. i'll be at home tweeting away. gloria, thank you. that's at 8:00 tonight eastern. in a couple of minutes, i'm speaking live with jon huntsman. we're going to talk about from
12:30 pm
what he wants to hammer home tonight to why his daughters have become such a big part of his campaign. so we'll be talking to the former governor. that is coming up. also, a guy wants into a gay classmate, pulls the trigger. now after a miss industrial the teenage killer learns his fate. and listen to this. a little girl is missing. the mother blasted the media accused thors of not covering the case because she's black. the mother has now been arrested. sunny hostin is all over the case. she's next. why did we build a 556 horsepower luxury car with a manual transmission? because there are those who still believe in the power of a firm handshake.
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the cadillac cts-v. manual or automatic, that's entirely up to you. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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a teenage boy accusing of killing a gay classmate is finally admitting that he did it. and now a 5-year-old girl who has been is for a month, her mother has been arrested. 17-year-old bren don admitted to killing execution-style in a lab when he was just 14 dwreers of age. his first trial ended and miss industrial to avoid prison instead of 50 years to life. my question is, why do you think they want to avoid a retrial?
12:35 pm
>> many of the jurors have spoken out and they were very uncomfortable with the fact that this teen was tried in an adult court. he was 14 when he committed this and they are very troubled by the fact that he was tried as an adult and it exists very often in cases like this. many are uncomfortable with be tried as an adult and i think that is really the reason why this deal came about. they didn't want to try him again as an adult. >> we're a little bit bittersweet. i don't think that 21 years is really justice for cold manufacture blooded murder but on the other hand we've been going through this for four years and at least there is closure coming up. >> was justice served, do
12:36 pm
you think? >> i don't know that justice is ever served in a case like this he won't get credit for the fwour years that he's already served. he won't get out until he's 38 years old. many are saying that if justice was to be served, this is just because he will spend the majority of his life or not the majority but a majority of his life behind bars. and then in the arrest of a missing 5-year-old girl, the mother is now in police custody. we have these new court documents that say that jhessye's sister says that her mother locked her in a closet. can she face murder charges without a body? >> oh, i my so. there's no question that she is the number one suspect here. the police have come out and
12:37 pm
said they are focusing all of their attention on her. i have read the court documents and it's just astonishing and the words are coming from her 134-year-old daughter which testified to -- and gave a probable cause and there was rampant abuse in not only the girl but against all of the children here. so there's no question that she certainly can be tried without a body. remember scott peterson? there are a lot of cases that go to trial like this and this is really just one of the saddest cases of child abuse that i've seen in a while. >> you mentioned the 13-year-old. that is the only eyewitness account. that is enough to hold up in court, though, yes? >> i think so. i've put child witnesses on the witness stand much younger. they are often found to be credible. it's difficult to put them on the witness stand but this 13-year-old came out. she's in foster care right now. the kids have been taken away
12:38 pm
from their mother. this is an account that by all accounts is very credible. >> sunny hostin on the case. sunny, thank you very much. coming up next, pictures surface of law firm employees making fun of the homeless. and now, guess what, these people are out of jobs. you've got to hear how this went down and see the photos as well. also, undercover video showing what appears to be animal cruelty. it's having a massive impact on the eggs you buy in the grocery store. that's coming up. you name it.
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you may not be able to find any eggs in target stores after an egg supplier was dropped because of animal cruelty at a chicken farm. i'll tell you some of the details. it's hard to listen to. this video shows hens crowded in cages and burning beaks and swinging a chicken on a rope over his head. another worker can be seen pressing his beak against his neck until it breaks. mercy for animals and they are launching an investigation now, four employees thus far. targets say eggs will be back in all of their grocery stores by
12:42 pm
the end of this week. a new york law firm employees dressed as homeless people at the holly wean part last year. after these photos came out, fannie mae and freddie mac cut off all business with the firm and. >> they acknowledge that they do hold a halloween party. they deny that the photo depicted people being kicked out of their home but the photographs speak a lot louder than the denial. >> the bond firm sent an e-mail that read in part, mr. nocera, you have destroyed everything and everyone related to steven
12:43 pm
j.baum. it took 40 years to build this firm and three weeks to tear it down. he says, on behalf of the fimpl i sincerely apologize for what happened at our halloween party. just last month the firm agreed to pay $2 million and change their practices but now 89 baum employees will be jobless. coming up next, my live interview with jon huntsman. what he thinks of newt gingrich and the candidate poles and we're going to share this heartbreaking story with him. we're back in 70 seconds. my interview with former governor jon huntsman. there he is at constitution hall. we'll be right back.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
without further and i do, we have a candidate standing by, jon huntsman, former governor of utah. welcome, governor. nice to have you on. if i may, just run down you're resume here. you served as deputy trade representative and ambassador to singapore, to china. so global affairs, national security security, kind of your home turf there. just give me one point that you're hoping to drill home tonight. >> you know, i've been immersed in a lot of the issues of the day. sometimes the more you know about the subject matter, the more difficult it is to compress it into 30 seconds. but let me say, we don't have an effective foreign security
12:46 pm
unless we're secure here at home. we have a dysfunctional congress. we're in need of term limits, we're in need of doing something about the revolving door with respect to lobbyists. we have a president who is not leading and the rest of us are watchinging this play out. we should be in a position where we light up the world in terms of our values, in terms of liberty, democracy, human rights, and open markets. that's where the world is a better place. right now we're not leading and i'm not sure we're able to lead until we get our house in order and that means our economy. that means our debt, congress that actually is doing the work of the people as opposed to being at the extreme ends. >> governor, speaking of values and also overcease, i just want to play something for you. this is actually a piece of a story we played for our viewers. listen, if you would. nick paton walsh, this is a report out of afghanistan who is
12:47 pm
now in prison for being raped. take a listen. >> reporter: her rapist was the cousin and she's to blame. the rape, sex with a married man, is seen by adultery by the courts and sentenced to 12 years in jail. >> she was raped, she was blamed, sent to jail. your afghan policy aside. as a presidential candidate, are you willing to speak out against such an injustice? i mean, afghanistan is a country where we're fighting, we're dying for. we've given them nearly $60 billion. will you call out this injustice tonight at that stage that is behind you? >> well, this is an injustice and certainly we'll have a counterterror effort left behind
12:48 pm
and civil society strengthening exercise and it will address the issues that you're talking about here. we need to rescale what you're doing there. we should be not nation building at a time when this nation needs to be rebuilt. we've had ten years in terms of strengthening civil society and helping the military get back on its feet again. we need to start worrying about our own affairs here in the united states. but all the while that needs to shine, that needs to shine our val lous that would speak to the issue that i just heard in my ear piece. there's nothing more powerful in the world than when the united states stands up and speaks by example and speaks with a loud and strong voice. that does hit the market on rule of law and basic human rights and individual dignity. it is always what we have stood for and that is, i think, leading by example, which i
12:49 pm
think we need to do. >> before we go on, and i know this is the first time i have ever spoken with you, but i've seen a you lot and you seem pretty unflappable and if i may, governor, downright nice. is there anything that makeses red in the face angry? just give me one thing. >> listen, i'm not going to get into anger management. i try to be pretty much cool and collected for the most part. you can't be the dad of seven kids without having figured out how to be a little calm and collected. you can't have managed the u.s.-china relationship without being calm and collected. you cannot be governor of the state without problem solving and becoming completely unglued. >> there's not one thing that -- >> i'm not going to talk about the dog at home because my wife would kill me for that. but, yes, there is one thing. >> okay. we'll get to the dad of that in a minute. but i want to ask about the
12:50 pm
race. we have a poll. i'm sure you've seen the numbers. you have gingrich and huntsman. gingrich first, huntsman last. in a way, the first part of that equation should give you hope because it wasn't too long ago, just this summer, governor, when former house speaker was -- for house speaker was down in the single digits himself, right? >> that's exactly right. this race is so fluid and so much influx that we've seen everybody spike and go down. everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. i don't 15 minutes of fame. all i want is a substantive predictable rise like in new hampshire, then i want sustainability. sustainability is based upon putting forward ideas that are real. ideas that are tied to our biggest problems of today, which are economic and their trust. we have a financial deficit and a trust deficit in this country and it's about sharing a vision that is tied to your background,
12:51 pm
which is being e maersked in public service and private business in ways that have proven results. i have no doubt about what's going to happen in new hampshire. new hampshire's moving up for us and will continue to move up for us and that will be the market mover. once new hampshire changes, everybody takes note and they s say, something's happening here. i think we need to take note, and then you're in the game. but listen, this is a fluid environment. and even in new hampshire, you've got 80 plus percent of the voters who are undecided. >> governor, before i let you go, i know you have a busy couple of hours ahead to prep for this debate. as you mentioned, you have seven kids, including three lovely women, collectively -- i follow on twitter, the john 2012 girls. let's watch this. >> we need you to get involved to make sure our next president is based on substance. >> not sound bites.
12:52 pm
>> check out our dad at and follow us on twitter. ♪ >> obviously, that's a spoof on the herman cain-mark block ad. tell us about these three girls and their role in your campaign because i read the article in the "washington post," they're calling them the quote unquote breakout stars of the gop primary trail. >> now you know why i'm prematurely gray. just take a look at those three girls and their antics. nothing that will embarrass the ho old man. do what you want, but just don't embarrass your dad. we hope we can get through the campaign cycle without that happening, but i love them dearly. they're truly talented. they're proving to the world you can communicate in interesting and xaetive ways. i'll give a speech on foreign
12:53 pm
policy and they'll put up some spoof on someone else's ad and get a hundred million overnight. are they my three best surrogates? they are my three best surrogates in politics and they have a way of communicating that is unique and novel that provides a new window through which people get to see our family and understand our candidacy. >> governor jon huntsman. best of luck to you and the rest of the group. the cnn debate on national security and the economy, tonight, 8:00 eastern here on cnn. moderated by wolf blitzer. back in 90 seconds. the good news is, you don't have to pay your deductible. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day when you consider. that's great.
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time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me now, jack otter, donna rossato. donna, your question comes from david in pennsylvania. he says his wife and he have $169,000 in combined gross income. what are their options do they have to fund their requirement? >> that's great they are investing so much and maxing out their 401(k). unfortunately, they make too much to invest in a traditional ira or roth, but there is something they can do. they can paut money in a nondeductible ira and convert that into a roth ira. you're paying the taxes on it now up front, but when they require, they can withdraw that money tax free and the rules on what you can use are more flexible. >> jack, your questions from gerald. gerald owns bond funds and cds.
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he's asking should he be buying only cds until interest rates finally rise to where they're going to settle out? and then after that, go back to buying both? should he be looking strictly at cds right now? >> well, it's a great plan, but we have no idea where bond rates are going to settle out. >> we know interest rates are going to be low through 2013. >> who knows? they could be low through 2020 or see double digits. i would say go with a short-term bond fund. just because the return reward is not so great on the long-term bond funds. with cds, stick with some cds. i would look for maybe five-year cds are the penalty is not too big. six months, if rates spike, you
12:57 pm
can pull out, take the hit, but invest at a higher rate. >> thanks so much. if you have a question, just send us an e-mail anytime. thank you. coming up next, a late night host asks michele bachmann to play word association. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp medicare supplement insurance.
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. all right, political pop time. first up, michele bachmann appeared on jimmy fallon last night. a little bit of fun. they played word association using some well-known political names. let's watch. >> cain. >> nine. >> palin. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> obama. >> finished. >> whoa. be nice. >> whoa. >> perry. >> that'sot


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