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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 25, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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we left the operating room around noon and he is recovering normally at this point. so i think right now everything looks straightforward. >> president clinton has made some dramatic changes and there are things that you can do right now as well to prevent having a heart attack. tune in to dr. sanjay gupta reports, the last heart attack tonight, 7:00 eastern time, 11:00 p.m. eastern as well. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more ahead of the "cnn newsroom" with my colleague t.j. holmes. hello, happy post thanksgiving day. >> i've spent a lot of you this week. >> and over the weekend as well. >> yes. i will see you tomorrow. thank you so much, fredricka. hello there, everybody. top of the hour now. any time you try to get 152 million people together to do anything you'll probably have a problem. and so it is the beginning of this holiday shopping season. yes, shoppers are busy but would you believe police are busy as well? let's start in myrtle beach,
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south carolina. where robbers attack two people who were leaving a walmart. in kissimmee, florida, a fight breaks out at a big box jewelry counter. turning to l.a., a woman actually used pepper spray to fend off her fellow shoppers. and in north carolina, an off-duty police officer pepper sprays an unruly crowd. happy shopping season, folks. these of course are just the exceptions. the one thing mostly the shoppers are out there trying to fight is just maybe some fatigue. the only thing they want to attack is their chris pass list. but still, 152 million people. that's the number the estimated number of people that will be shopping over this thanksgiving weekend. also roughly the population of france, italy and saudi arabia combined just to give you perspective there. still not impressed? a cnn poll finds 23% of americans plan to shop today, just today alone, on black friday. we're not going to know until
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much later how much they're actually spending and if that's going to help stimulate the economy at all. but the ceo of macy's feeling pretty good right now. >> we're having the best year we've had in a decade. macy's inc. is up 5.3% on same-store sales. we had record earnings in the third quarter for us and so things are going very, very well and we just see that momentum continuing on in through the fourth quarter. they're taking off a bit early today on wall street. take a look at this, down 25 points. about even today. that's how the dow will be closing. we'll go live to the stock exchange just moments from now. let's turn now to these occupy protesters. they're setting their sights on black friday retailers now. the group is using a facebook page to organize a series of demonstrations. one is planned this hour at macy's flagship store in manhattan. >> you need to shop, shop with a conscience. >> so people change their
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behavior, until they do and send a different message through the system about what their values are, then the system will start to respond. >> we don't have word yet if any on what impact the occupy rallies are having on retail sales. it turns out there is a lot more "is" to dot and "ts" to cross with the at&t-t-mobile merger. plans are on hold where the fcc is concerned. the federal communications commission is refusing to sign off on the deal without an administrative hearing. so the companies say, never mine. they'll focus on fighting instead an anti-trust suit filed by the justice department and then refile their papers if they win that. meantime, at&t is setting aside $4 billion in break-up costs just in case. also three american college students are actually still behind bars in cairo, a day after authorities ordered their release. they were arrested on suspicion of throwing molotov cocktails during a protest in tahrir
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square. the mother of one of the students says she is still hopeful they'll be out soon. >> i'm truly grateful that he's alive, he's going to be released. >> we had gotten word yesterday that in fact they had been released. turns out not the case. in a separate case an egyptian-american filmmaker arrested in protests in cairo has been released. turning back to news here in the u.s. sad news about the wife of former chicago mayor richard daley. she has now died. according to a family spokeswoman, maggie daley passed away last night of complications from breast cancer. the 68-year-old daley was well known for her work with children. president obama issued a statement remembering daley as, an extraordinary woman who dedicated her life to public service. maggie's compliment to the children and people of chicago was surpassed only by her devotion to her family." just about five minutes past the hour now. we'll turn back to this black friday. all those door busters, those big deals, those coupons, all
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those big sales, well, still it is a big day but was it big enough? will it really help us? will it really stimulate this economy? we'll find out. but first, there is an old saying out there about anybody can do great when everything goes right. well, for lauren elena, everything didn't go so right. did you see this? yes, we got another one. the national anthem, the "american idol" runner-up had the honor of singing the anthem at the packers-lions game. this is the game that everybody in the country was watching. she had the honor, you're on. and look at what happened. ♪ what so proudly we hail through the twi -- last gleaming ♪ >> oh, goodness, gracious. that's rough. that is just tough. she recovered though. if you heard it there, she essentially threw herself off. she said one wrong word and she
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stopped and paused, thought she was really about to screw this thing up, but instead she did recover. she got a roar of applause from everybody and awkward moment there. she didn't leave anything out like christina aguilera when she sang at the super bowl. but still, for that, lauren alaina, for recovering the way you did, that makes you today's rock star. oh, brother. hey, guys. ni-i-i-ck. oh... i thought those were put out for me. i did it again. no worries, nick. [ sighs ] say, nick, you must be busy this holiday. oh, yeah, with all the great savings we got going on, it's been crazy. ooh, i got to dash away. customers lining up. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more. ♪
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kind of a black friday rally? >> no. in the end there was no rally. we saw stocks go as high as 100 points higher, talking about the dow up, but we saw that come off that, the dow falling 25 points today. the truth is, not many investors were taking part in the trade an those who did were focusing more an europe especially those italian 10-year bond yields. they are back above that 7% mark. that's the level that eventually required bailouts for greece, portugal and ireland. you are seeing little confidence that italy can make good on its investments and that lack of confidence played out right in stocks today. >> what about wall street's expectations for the holiday season overall? >> you know what? sales are expected to be better than last year. not as good as what we see in a healthy economy but improving, nonetheless. national retail federation says 152 million people are expected to get out there and shop this weekend. that's 10% more than last year and here's the big reason. retailers rolled out their black
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friday deals early and they opened up their stores earlier than ever before. yes, more time to shop and spend your money. stores are also putting many of their black friday deals online. they are trying to tap into those people who don't like to go out in the chaos today. best buy for one is offering 95% off of their black friday deals -- their, rather, offering 95% of their black friday deals online. so what you see are retailers giving everybody more opportunities to shop and we are certainly biting to say the least. >> last thing, why was there a duck down there today? >> there wasn't just a duck. so we'll start with the duck. aflac ran the closing bell but it is also kid's day at the stock exchange. it is kind of like a duck and pony show. get it? i think i saw more diapers and
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strollers than traders today on the floor. you see some of the kids there. a lot of the traders got to bring their kids in today. >> and the duck's on the left. to our viewers, look to the far left, folks. that's the duck. >> the duck was terrified. the duck is terrified with everything going on here. >> we were curious when you told us there was a duck down there. there it is. alison kosik for us -- >> never a dull moment. >> -- at all at the stock exchange. thank you, as always. 11 minutes past the hour now. we're going to turn in a moment db not going too far from what's happening on wall street and what happened today an black friday. wasn't just all about shopping. had some strange stories across the country. we'll bring those to you. also another one we want to bring to you that we really believe is undercovered. women unknowingly stair liesed? why in the world was this going on? we'll tell you whereas well. that's next. stay with us. just unroll, add ingredients, roll and bake. and the crowd goes wild. crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. game day ideas made easy.
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about a quarter past the hour now. human rights activists saying it the infamous legacy of peru's disgraced former president. mass sterilization of thousands of women. it happened during the late 1990s, but even today many victims are still waiting for justice and compensation. rafael romo has more on this
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"undercovered" story. >> reporter: for the last 15 years here in peru's capital, victoria has been trying to find the truth about her infertility after her third child was born dead, she was never able to conceive again. she was sterilized, she says, without her knowledge. >> translator: i felt mutilated. that's the truth. my rights as a mother and woman were violated. >> reporter: she is not the only woman in peru who was sterilized in the '90s during the government of president then. there have been more than 2,000 cases of women whose tubes were tied without their consent. there could be many more cases. >> translator: what happened was that the government instituted a policy of quotas in a way forcing and giving incentives to doctors, gynecologists and nurses to stair lies a minimum of three women every month.
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>> reporter: she says that women in rural peru, especially those who spoke no spanish, were the main targets. in her native tongue, this woman says she was taken by force to a clinic where she was sterilized in spite of her objections. this other woman says she and her husband were coerced to sign a consent form for sterilization. government officials say birth control was part of a comprehensive health care campaign during the '90s. this was the peruvian health minister between '96 and '99. he denied any wrongdoing now and denies it now but says the campaign could have been executed better. >> translator: of course there were problems. i'm not going to deny it. i've never denied that there were problems. but what did we do about it? first we investigated all of the accusations that were filed. absolutely all of them, without exception. >> reporter: he categorically denies that the government was
10:17 am
targeting poor indigenous women in rural communities. >> translator: there was never any order or instruction from my office favoring one method over another. much less did we ever provide incentives for that to happen. >> reporter: so far, victoria is the only woman in peru that has won a case of forced sterilization after a seven-year trial she was compensated $2,750 but her doctor didn't serve time in prison. she's now trying to prove that her doctor was acting on government orders and that it was all part of a campaign to deceive women especially the most vulnerable. nobody really knows how many women were forcibly sterilized throughout peru. the case was shelved in 2009 and it was not until late october that the new peruvian attorney general's office announced it was reopening the investigation. it has been more than a decade since those accused of being responsible for the forced sterilizations left office. rafael romo, cnn, lima, peru. pennsylvania's governor is
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20 minutes past the hour now. the question a lot of people are asking, could more have been done sooner? that's the question that has weighed on the public's conscience since the former penn state coach jerry sandusky was arrested on child rape charges. now pennsylvania's governor is the one coming under some scrutiny. his actions are the latest. give you a little background about this. before the governor, tom corb t corbett, was governor he was pennsylvania's attorney general until january of this year. but in march 2009, corbett was the one that launched a grand jury investigation into sandusky. when he then became governor this year, corbett automatically became a board member at penn
10:22 am
state. sara ganim has been digging into this story since it broke. thank you once again for joining us here from "the patriot news." what is the government's response? are people buying his response that his hands were tied? there is nothing he could have done? >> well, the governor's response is exactly that but a grand jury secret, he was bound by the rules to not let people know what was going on. but you're right, people aren't really buying that. they believe he could have said something to penn state, maybe to the second mile. could have let people know that this was going on. even if he didn't go into details about the investigation. maybe he could have said something to warn people a little bit more. of course his spokesman denies that, says it would have been a crime punishable by jail if he had actually talked publicly about a grand jury investigation and there is that idea that if you're investigating someone you don't want to tip them off almost and tell them what you are going after because that can
10:23 am
hinder the investigation in some cases. but these are all things that people are talking about right now. >> sara, also as a board member, is there any indication or maybe he's even admitting that he tried to sway other board members, even without telling them the information he knew, trying to tell them that, hey, maybe we should do this or do that. did he try at least to shift the board in a certain direction as far as firing people at penn state, including paterno? even though he wasn't admitting he knew what he knew? >> well, we don't know because those board meetings were not public. the discussions in those board meetings were not public. however, the press conference immediately after the firing of joe paterno, tom corbett the governor did say he supported that decision to fire joe paterno and graham spanier. we get the sense he was in on those conversations but we really don't know what the discussions were. >> the other thing that's come up now, sara, is that as governor, he okayed a grant for second mile of some -- correct
10:24 am
me if i have it wrong -- i think it was about $3 million. what is his response to that? why, if he knew what he knew, did he still okay that money going to this charity that sandusky was a part of? >> again, his response is that he couldn't talk about a grand jury investigation and that he believed at the time that was what they were going to do was support the second mile, give them this grant and now of course that's been put on hold pending the rest of the investigation. i think we all have to remember, this is an ongoing investigation. it's not done. the second mile is still being looked at. jerry sandusky is still being looked at and some parts of penn state are still being looked at so there could be more coming. this has only been going on for 2 1/2 weeks publicly and i think there is a strong possibility that moving forward this could get bigger. >> all right, sara ganim, covering this story extensive for "the patriot news," thank you so much. i'm sure we will talk to you again. 24 minutes past the hour now. we'll turn back to some
10:25 am
politics. it seems like each week there is a different gop front-runner. but one name consistently hovers near the top -- mitt romney. but a lot of social conservatives see this as a problem. that's "fair game" and that's next. first our political junkie question of the day. what u.s. president signed the u.s. bill into law marking the fourth thursday in november the national holiday of thanksgiving? i'll have that answer for you when we come back. stay with me. welcome to idaho, where they grow america's favorite potatoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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before the break we asked you name the u.s. president who signed the bill into law making the fourth thursday into november the national holiday of thanksgiving day. did you know the answer? well, it is -- franklin roosevelt. back 1941. turning to some current politics now. different candidates have led the race for gop nomination for president but one name has hovered consistently around the top of the polls, that man, mitt romney. due to the support, representatives for leading social conservative groups in iowa held a meeting this week with one goal. find and rally their support
10:29 am
around someone who can stop romney. joining me today to talk mitt romney and the social conservative problem, democratic pollster and strategist bernard whitman and also republican analyst lenny mccallister. lenny, start with you. doesn't this spell trouble for the guy who the polls say can beat president obama? your own party doesn't seem to like the guy. >> well, this is nothing new for the guy, either. this is something that's been around for him since 2007. this is not a big surprise. but if he continues to kind of leave iowaens alone, hope that he can bank on new hampshire and perhaps florida, he may run the risk of what happened to hillary clinton in 2007 going into 2008, taking iowa for granted saying i'm not going to win there, i won't put too many resources there. letting someone else catch lightning in a bottle. newt gingrich is not one he wants to win iowa o'place ahead of him in iowa bass newt has
10:30 am
name cache in new hampshire. will probably win south carolina subsequently and it will be hard for romney to catch up. it is not a new problem for romney but with this new person at the top of the polls this is a different situation, different twist to this that he better get a handle on quickly. >> bernard, at this point if he tries to woo social conservatives in iowa, is it a little late in the game? he's had years to do this, to swoop in last minute, say i'm your guy now, are they really going to buy that? >> this is exactly the problem mitt romney has had for the last five years he's been running for president. the republican primary voters have been playing an anybody but romney strategy literally since he started running five years ago. you've seen what happened in the last year, 18 months. the republican primary electorate has been desperately searching for alternatives. first they try to get trump in. then it was mitch daniels from indiana. then chris christie from jersey. then they went to cain, bachmann, now gingrich, perry. they are desperate to find anybody but mitt romney an the longer the delay of romney's
10:31 am
coordination takes the greater position it is going to be for president obama because the truth is, support for romney is broad but very, very thin particularly among republicans. and conservative republicans would far rather have newt gingrich on the ticket. problem is newt gingrich can't beat president obama. >> yeah. but lenny on point he just made, the longer it draws out, can't that be an advantage? because it is going to keep the media's attention, it is going to be a long fight. a lot of people say that helped with obama and hillary clinton going at it for so long. it kept the national interest. >> listen. gingrich, obama in three take bates in the general election, gingrich wins 2 out of those 3 debates. the contrast would be so great gingrich would be able to close the gap on those polls. gingrich just got to the tocht gop polls just a second ago. of course when you contrast him to president obama, he's not going to do very well. right now in november. let's see what it looks like
10:32 am
after newt gingrich wins a couple of primary contests and see where we go from there. think it will be a completely different game. right now romney, one of the mistaegs he made he'll have a hard time doing especially with iowa being a couple weeks away, he should have continued to try to engage the tea party folks, saying we will disagree on some things but i can get you back the work, i can beat president obama and i can lead a republican-run congress to turn this country around. he started doing that. he gave up on that message because he started focusing on new hampshire and the east coast and it may come back to bite him later on. >> how big of an issue is religion? how big of an issue is that or challenge for romney? he's a mormon. a lot of people just don't know a lot about it. some polls show a good percentage of people don't eastern think moeven think mormons are not christians. maybe we aren't talking enough about it. >> i think it is a huge problem for romney not among the general electorate at large but among the base. the evangelical voters make up a
10:33 am
huge swath of primary voters and they are simply worried about romney social conservative credentials and frankly they distrust him because of his mormon religion which i think is wrong but if romney is at the top of the ticket, turnout is going to be a huge problem for mitt romney and i think with respect to newt gingrich, i say bring him on. newt gingrich is the guy that brought us the contract with america, overreached and ultimately led to president clinton's re-election. so i think a match-up of president obama versus newt gingrich, newt gingrich frankly is a retread from the mid-90s and the last thing we need to do is go backwards. we need to go forward and i think in contrast with either newt gingrich or mitt romney president obama will do extremely well with the american people come next november. >> i'm going to have you on tomorrow morning. i promise i'll let you finish that thought. thank you for spending some of this holiday weekend with us. just past the bottom of the hour now. coming up, it is the most
10:34 am
populous country in the arab world. rich in archaeology, literature, culture. where are we? we'll take you there when we go globe trekking. also, a week into retirement. what is regis philbin up to? what are his plans post-"live" and who does he want to fill his spot next to kelly? brooke talks to him about his new book, little dish on celebrities like george clooney, steven spielberg and brooke baldwin has a surprise up her sleeve for regis. that's coming your way in about 30 minutes.maki sense out of tdd# 1-800-345-2550 what's happening right now. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we're ready with objective insights about tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the current market and economic conditions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and we can help turn those insights into a plan tdd# 1-800-345-2550 of action that's right for you. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 so talk to chuck and turn complexity tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 into clarity. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
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an egyptian-american journalist covering the deadly unrest in cairo says she was sexually assaulted and beaten by egyptian riot police. mona first described her ordeal in a series of tweets posted on her twitter account. she later told cnn's "american morning" that the attack happened wednesday night while she was reporting on protests in tahrir square. >> i was cornered by four or five riot police and they beat me with their sticks. that's how i got the break on my left ramp and in my right hand. then they dragged me beyond this front line into this no man's land all the way to the interior ministry which was close by. and as they were taking me there, i experienced a terrible sexual assault. it was basically just hands everywhere, groping my breasts, hands between my legs, i lost count of the number of hands that tried to get into my
10:38 am
trousers that i was trying to push off. they were calling me all kinds of terrible names. i fell to the ground at one point and dragged me by my hair. >> our ivan watson is live for news cairo. ivan, hello to you. her story is hard to hear but are we hearing other stories like mona's as well? >> reporter: there with a french television reporter who says that she was assaulted not far from where i'm standing yesterday. an organization reporters without borders based in paris is issuing a warning to female reporters saying be careful because they could be at risk reporting here and working here and sadly, we know the famous case of cbs's laura logan who was assaulted here in tahrir square nine, ten months ago terribly. and i myself have witnessed an egyptian-american female television producer assaulted in front of my eyes a few months ago here in cairo by a mob and
10:39 am
felt powerless to try to pull her out of that mob. is really is something that you can't predict and is a terrible trend that i've seen in this country. >> ivan, turn to what we are seeing on the streets, what are you seeing on the streets there now. we know the first five, six days there were significant clashes, even deadly clashes between police and many demonstrators. does that continue or have things subsided a bit? >> throughout the day things have been relatively peaceful here in cairo. five miles from where i am standing, there was a large rally, peaceful, in support of the ruling military council here in egypt. behind me in cairo's famous tahrir square hundreds of thousands of people are denouncing that same military council. the military council, the generals, have appointed a new prime minister today. the crowd here were chanting "leave" when they heard he was announced. some of them lined up in front of the offices of the prime
10:40 am
minister and tried to stop him if he tried to show up to his new offices. best to probably listen to some of the young revolutionaries to hear why they're coming to tahrir square. take a listen, t.j. >> they ai can't do protesting. i can't offer so much in the field. so i came to give blood. it is the simplest thingky do for my country. >> there you have a volunteer nurse who was helping with people who were getting hurt when this was in the combat phase and a dentist who was donating blood to the demonstrators who had been fighting against riot police for days. cairo's more peaceful. the second city of alexander. street battles, residents tell us, demonstrators throwing
10:41 am
petrol bombs and rocks against security forces firing back with tear gas and rubber bullets right now. >> ivan watson for us there in cairo, thank you, as always. 40 minutes past the hour now. we'll turn back to the search for life in outer space. this is the mission to mars now. but will the big red planet show signs of life? that is next. but first, former president bill clinton perhaps the world's best known heart patient after leaving office, he had bypass surgery and spoke with our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta about his experience. watch the interview tonight, 7:00 eastern, on cnn. here's just a snippet of it for you. >> i had a real tightness in my chest when i was getting off the airplane and the only time i'd had it unrelated to exercise. so i immediately went down to our local hospital and they did a test, they said you got real problems. they hustled me down to columbia
10:42 am
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call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today.
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it is as big as a mini cooper. weighs nearly a ton. a nuclear battery. it can go 354 miles. no, folks, it is not available at your local dealership. we are talking about something nasa's doing. john zarrella now on nasa's launch tomorrow of a vehicle designed to search for life on another planet. >> reporter: mars. does life exist there? did it ever? nasa is poised to take its boldest step towards answering
10:46 am
questions that could change forever our view of humanity's place in the universe. >> i think the best way of saying why we're so excited about this mission is that it sets us up for the future of finally answering that really age-old question of does life exist on other planets? >> reporter: the mission is called "the mars science laboratory," or "msl." the most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to mars. it has the capability to detect signs of life. if it works, come next august, after traveling 350 million miles, a 2,000-pound, six-wheel rover called "curiosity" will arrive at the red planet. using a tee ing ing a tether sy tried abo tried before, it will be lowered down to a place called the gale crater. the size of a small car, account curiosity" is the cadillac of rovers. >> we are choosing to make the
10:47 am
rover is bigger and bigger because we want to cover more ground. we want to be able to put an arm out and drill a rock. >> reporter: drill a rock? why? >> on mars if you -- if life exists as single cell organisms or if it ever existed, we believe it will be under the ground or inside rocks. >> reporter: inside gale crater sits what scientists believe is a layered mountain, in essence, the history of mars told in the layers. and if water ever flowed on mars, it might have been in that crater. "curiosity's" arm will collect samples and place them in its on-board laboratory with the ability to detect organic material. >> now if we discover organic materials on mars, then it gets very exciting. the chances of it may be low but the payoff is huge. organic materials are required for life as we know it. >> reporter: but it won't mean life exists. just the building blocks. >> if you go to the driest desert on earth, can you find
10:48 am
life on your samples if you do a year robotic study? probably not. it is actually quite difficult. life has to stick up and make itself seen. >> reporter: finding life itself would be left to the next wave of explorers. robotic and perhaps even human. >> john zarrella with me now. there's a lot of "ifs" in that piece, john. so if, if, if. what is the payoff ultimately for this thing as a lot of ifs about organic, if about water. we've heard about water there before. >> reporter: yeah. and where they're going is where -- if it's close to the surface, they might be able to dig in there and find that there was perhaps water in that crater. like you said, lot of "ifs." but important "ifs." because if they can find organic material, and they really do have evidence that at one point in its history mars supported or
10:49 am
had supported some sort of life form, even if they were just a small little microbes. >> remind us what time is launch tomorrow? >> launch time tomorrow is 10:02 a.m. but there is about -- that's eastern time but there is about a 1:40 launch window. even if they kick off right at 10:02, it can stretch to just right before noon. >> john zarrella will be with me all morning helping me to understand this whole mission a little better. we'll have that launch for you live when it takes place at 10:00 or somewhere in that 40-minute window. john zarrella, looking forward to having you tomorrow morning. thanks so much. >> sure. it is a bone-dry reality for one small town. they are literally running out of water. that could force people out of work. also while you were shopping this black friday, watch what you touch? some germ hotspots out there you'll want to avoid. but first, football's been
10:50 am
part of thanksgiving for a long time. hard hits have been a part of it as well. well, this player has been in the nfl for only two seasons, all has a rep for being a dirty player. he plays for detroit who almost surely faces a fourth he faces unsportsman like fine for this. it goes something like this. sin was a kid. [ man #2 ] i always wondered how did an airplane get in the air. to design and create the next greatest thing, takes a lot of imagination and a lot of courage.
10:51 am
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10:52 am
[ man #6 ] here it is today. we're going to go out and see it. the fruits of all of our labor. [ woman #2 ] i think a lot of people, when they look at a jet engine, they see a big hunk of metal. but when i look at it, i see seth, mark, tom, and people like that who work on engines every day. [ man #7 ] people say there is no such thing as perfect. they don't make jet engines. [ man #8 ] to see that thing on an airplane, if you work at ge aviation, it doesn't get any better. ♪ there it is. awesome. that's what we do! that's so cool! now, that's sweet! yeah, that was awesome! [ cheering ] i wanna see that again. ♪ we build jet engines. ♪ we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime.
10:53 am
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10:54 am
avoid the atm key pads. some are calling it the game of the year for the ncc. this is why you noticed i haven't been myself. my number three ranked arizona razor backs are taking on the number one team in the country arkansas has won 10-1. we beat lsu the past three of four meetings we've had. also they are playing for the first time the university of arkansas. after the loss of eckman died last sunday from a heart condition. that game is set to kick off in 35 minutes. california's bullet train could get derailed. two republicans want them to take back the $3.3 billion federal grant. the representatives say the
10:55 am
project is deeply flawed. they want a federal audit of the project. the cost of which spiralled to $99 billion. next month the bullet train is up for review. now months of triple-digit temperatures drying up the lakes and rivers so much so that the town of gresbeck is having problem getting water. more than 4,000 people rely on the water. when the lake drops below a spillway, they started siphoning it out. in two weeks the lake could be too low to do that anymore. the mayor of the town is on the line. mayor, are you literally about to run out of water? >> literal ly. about two days ago we had a little rain. that caused us to miss running out of water for another week or
10:56 am
so. >> how much time do you have right now? >> what is that alternative method? over three miles to our location. this is a temporary band-aid. we are having to now siphon it into the water system. >> is that going to -- i assume that's going to cost you money. >> just a little bit. >> how much is a little bit? can you afford it now? >> actually, no. we're in the process of applying for some grants and some money to do it. we have about $35,000 a month rent, and we're looking at six months of lease right now. >> i would assume like a lot
10:57 am
across the country, can't really afford the extra -- these things come up, of course. but you might have a little something in the back. an emergency fund to use. but how confident are you that you will be able to deal with this problem? you'll get this backup plan in place, and maybe by next season you get rain and things are okay. how confident are you right now? >> i'm pretty confident. we talked with a financial adviser. they are able to help us get the money in the near future. and then we'll have a couple of months that we can use to take care of this. >> all right. mayor levingston, good luck to you. thanks so much. as we get close to the top of the hour, newt gingrich submitted the application deadline so he won't appear on missouri's republican presidential primary ballot in
10:58 am
february. joe johns tells us what this means for the campaign. you should want to compete in every state. >> that's for sure. former house speaker may be surging in the polls in the race for the republican nomination. but multimillion news organizations reporting he will not be on the missouri primary ballot in february. his campaign was supposed to file papers last tuesday to get on the ballot. somehow they didn't make it. though this is not what you would call a monumental mistake. the primary for one thing is nonbinding. being on the ballot would really just be a matter of keeping candidate's momentum going in the primaries, if you will. still, it is a mistake for the gingrich campaign. more importantly another sign that the former speaker of the house's suck shesz in the polls is creating a lot of challenges for him in his campaign. still got some work to do to get that campaign organization up to
10:59 am
speed. we reached out for comment. they haven't gotten back to us. he's scheduled to appear at a town hall meetings in naples, florida. >> he's got momentum right now. is that continuing? at least in the polls? >> well, the latest cnn orc poll shows gingrich on top 24%. mitt romney after that, 20% herman cain. 17%. and then you see the rest of the field. rick perry at 11%. ron paul, he's interesting at 9%. michele bachmann, rick santorum and john huntsman at the bottom. gingrich is looking more and more like the anti-romney candidate. a lot of people are saying anybody but romney. you have some who aren't satisfied with romney as a top tier candidate.
11:00 am
his problem with sexual harassment and other missteps. meanti meantime, ron paul did very well in the iowa straw poll. see if they have more room to move out of the pack. >> all right, joe jones, thank you as always. thank you to the viewers for being with me for the past hour. please, take it away. >> you have better things to do, t.j. holmes. i hear what you're saying. keep in mind, just a couple of days ahead of the parliamentary election in the heat of cairo. tahrir square here. a massive anti-government demonstration is under way. elsewhere in the balance by a pro military rally that supports, of course, the
11:01 am
government. the muslim brotherhood also has a rally. and the three american students arrested in cairo have been ordered free. so far, they still remain in custody. we'll get you a live report on the status of their anticipated release. >> i was corned by riot police. they beat me with their sticks. that's how i got a break on the left arm and my right hand. >> but the assault didn't start there. an american journalist is describing her terrifying experience in egypt. she'll reveal what happened to her in minutes. also, several incidents of bad, illegal behavior on this black friday. this one is a real shocker. police say a woman pepper sprayed the competition to go
11:02 am
shopping. electronic section at a wal-mart. >> people started grabbing things. when people started grabbing things, this woman decided to spray. >> more than a dozen people had to be take on the the hospital as a result. we have a reporter at that very store. we get a live report from there in 15 minutes. and a maryland man who was held in an aruban jail may be released next week. they continue to investigate the disappearance of the traveling companion, robyn gardner. that request was denied, but an appeal is to be heard before he's freed. ena disturbing report says a dozen spies for the cia has been arrested. cnn cannot independently confirm the report. the story was put out by the iranian agency quoting them as the source.
11:03 am
the cia declined any kind of comment. this days after hezbollah captured cia informants in lebanon. a scheduling error leads to this brawl. keep a good look at the circle on the screen. the brawl behind bars caught on tape for us to show you. an inmate charged with murder crosses paths with this other inmate, who is a friend of the victim. you following me? so things get ugly very, very quickly. the two were supposed to be kept separate, but a scheduling mix-up left both men out at the same time. >> it was just a freak accident. that these two individuals were out at the same time. >> neither man was seriously injured. one guard had to be taken to the emergency room. and seasons greetings from the replays. indicates otherwise. the nfl lineman says he was trying to get his balance when he stomped on his opponent.
11:04 am
will he be suspended? also defense secretary is impressed by the skills of the season "dancing with the stars" champion j.r. martinez that he invited him for to the pentagon for a personal meeting. he says he's a testament to the resilience of wounded warriors. perhaps this is the positive attitude he was referring to. >> we have to be willing to step up to the challenge. you have to maintain a positive attitude, be patient. and if you understand and believe it. if you do it, good things will come to you. >> he had some moves. did you watch? and this, yeah. that's no ordinary christmas tree, folks. that's the official white house christmas tree. the fur will be on display in the blue room. in the white house the tree was brought in all the way from
11:05 am
wisconsin for the first family and the first dog. now watch this. blindfolded, arrested and sexually assaulted. one american journalist is revealing what happened to her as chaos swirled in egypt. she's about to share every painful moment. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. last friday turned dark as bargain hunters race to stores, fists fly, gunfire, and one shopper pepper sprays her way to the front of the line. a woman says she feels no regret for killing her husband, chopping him up and turning him into stew. find out what pushed him over the edge. plus, a man slaps a politician, and then whips out a knife. we'll show you what happened next.
11:06 am
and the man, the voice, the morning legend. >> you keep asking me, where am i going? i've got no place to go. >> regis philbin joins me leave. we'll dish on celebrities like george clooney, steven spielberg, and i have a surprise up my sleeve for the reg. ♪
11:07 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪ this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives...
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that's smarter power today. fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. in cairo, egypt, three american students remain in custody. all were accused of throwing molotov cocktails. they've since been ordered free,
11:09 am
but for some reason that release has yet to happen. the situation in egypt remains volatile. this is a pro military rally. it was a sharp contrast to the anti-government protest we've been seeing over the last few days. days of unrest have thus far claimed at least 41 lives and in addition thousands of others have been injured. i want to bring in ben wedeman who has been covering this pro-military rally today. ben, if you can, compare this for me. compare the pro-military rally to what we've been seeing, the masses in tahrir square. >> reporter: look, there were many fewer people at the demonstration. nonetheless, it was fairly impressive that somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 people came out to express their support for the military. they say they are the silent majority, and they have watched thousand since last saturday as
11:10 am
the world has been transfixed by the drama here in tahrir square. now they want egypt to hear their voice. they're worried about the economy. law and order. the future of the country at the the time when everybody takes the their grievances to the street. the people at the pro-government rally. they plan to go on monday. go ahead as scheduled. they say it shouldn't be up to the crowds in tahrir to decide the fate of this country. they say people go to the ballot box and vote for the candidate of their choice. it should be the really deciding factor. brooke? >> quickly. i'm curious how close are these two demonstrations and rallies, and are they close enough they may cross paths.
11:11 am
>> reporter: fortunately they're three and a half to four miles apart. it seems there was no intention to move there. this has been a problem in the past. you have two competing groups come together. they don't settle the dimpbss or discuss the differences peacefully. >> finally, with the regard to the three american students that were arrested. they've been ordered the free, but that has yet to happen. what do you know? >> reporter: it's often a case the judge will order police to release somebody, but given the independent nature of the security forces, which are really a law into themselves, they will take their time in implementing the court order.
11:12 am
it's not clear where they are or when they will be released. >> ben wedeman is in cairo for us. thank you. and you heard about american egyptian journalist now sharing her frightening experience on twitter and with us on cnn. she was covering wednesday's mass demonstration when she was attacked by riot police. if you go to her twitter feed to confirm, she was not raped, but she says she was sexually assaulted. she suffered a broken left arm and right hand, and here's how the attack was described earlier today. >> i was standing on the front line and all the sudden the riot police crossed into our line. some people standing around me managed to get in my way.
11:13 am
they beat me with their sticks. that's how i got the break on my letter arm and right hand. then think dragged me beyond what was the front line into no man's land all the way to the interior ministry, which was close by. as they were taking me there, i experienced a terrible sexual assault. it was basically hands everywhere, groping everywhere. hands on my breasts. hands between my legs. they were calling me all kinds of terrible names. i fell to the ground at one point. they dragged me by my hair. what happened to me is not unique to me. this is the kind of brutality that was one of the main testaments for the egyptian revolution. i came back to tahrir square because i wanted to be here with fellow egyptians to basically say this revolution will continue. i will not be hijacked by the council of the armed forces. they beat me and beat so many
11:14 am
other egyptians. >> we are keeping a close eye on her twitter feed. as soon as she tweets anything more, we'll bring you the developments on cnn. meantime, this is coming up. people started grabbing things. and when people started grabbing things, this woman just decided to spray. >> still ahead, black friday turns ugly. gunfire, fights breaking out. one shopper unleashing pepper spray just to get to the front of the line. we'll take you live to that store, plus this. -- >> when i go back to the school, there's no money. >> nate introduces us to a chef who serves up free dinners to a kid. you have to hear this heartwarming story. one of the cnn hero top ten finalists. this silverado. i'm a big hunter. oh, what do you hunt? deer. fish. fantastic. ♪ this holiday, chevy's giving more.
11:15 am
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11:17 am
arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords was on the serving line as military families enjoyed a thanksgiving dinner at an air force base in tucson. also dishing up some food on thanksgiving. the husband and astronaut mark kelly. it was her first time in her
11:18 am
home district since being critically wounded from a shooting. how do i move from that to this? i'll just tell you. in california a woman apparently desperate for black friday deals pepper sprays -- pepper sprays the competition at a wal-mart store. more than a dozen people had to be treated for burns from this pepper spray. also in south carolina. listen to this. we heard what sounded like gunshots. came over and we saw guys laying on the ground. >> police in myrtle beach say guns were pulled on people leaving the wal-mart. one shopper took a bullet to the leg. police suspect robbery was the motive. and this chaotic scene, this is a wal-mart in north carolina. it happened after an offduty police officer pepper sprayed the crowd. included in that crowd, little kids. the trigger here, onlookers say it began when the cell phone,
11:19 am
marked down from $200 to $35 fell into a display case. reports of fists flying in florida sound tame. let's go to that wal-mart in los angeles. sandra, we're hearing this woman accused in the pepper spraying incident had two small kids with her. do we know what she wanted so bad? >> it's pretty incredible. police are on the scene here. they're still looking for this woman who pepper sprayed people just to get the black friday deals at 10:00. we just spoke to a witness who cell phone video taped the entire scene. i saw the video it was a feeding frenzy. you can see the crowd descend on these item once that 10:00 deal deadline was in place.
11:20 am
then in a matter of moments you see some people saying my eyes, my eyes. people were sprayed and rubbing their eyeses. the witness said it was a chaotic scene. he caught it all on tape from his cell phone. clearly it is going to be a part of the investigation. wal-mart officials say it's unfortunate that it happened, but they're glad everyone was okay. they were just treated hear on the scene. no one had to be transported to the hospital. but they're cooperating in the investigation as well, brooke. so this happens. she's with her kids. she pays. she leaves. i imagine police are looking for her this very minute. >> absolutely. according to this witness right there, he was inhaling the pepper spray. he said it felt tense and tight in his throat. it was around that section of
11:21 am
the coveted electronics that go on sale for black friday. he was in line to get some wii videogames that normally sell for $60. they were down on sale for $20. all he got from this massive chaotic scene and the feeding frenzy was a $2 dvd. >> oh, oh, so you mentioned you saw the video. we have a little sound from a woman who says she was in the store with her two kids when this happened. >> as we were passing by to get through the other side they decided to open the section. people started grabbing things. and this woman just decided to spray. when she sprayed i guess she got everybody. we were passing by and we got a whiff of it. >> quickly i imagine if and when police find her she's going to face charges. yes? >> oh, absolutely.
11:22 am
police are on the scene right here this morning already looking through the surveillance video. they are on the lookout. they are on the lookout. they're looking for this woman. they want to talk to her. this is not a good idea. coming up next, the first politician on the receiving end. we'll show you what happened next. plus, in november. we're going to tell you what she's begging the public to do. be right back. for some, it's a lifelong passion.
11:23 am
for others, it's something discovered yesterday. we all have things that speak to us. they drive us to get up early, and stay up late. getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
it was a real slap in the face for the agriculture ministry. slapping the politician. this video also shows him taking out -- here you go, a ceremonial knife and threatening to slit his own wrists in protest. the man reportedly angry about corruption and rising food prices. now to this. this woman knows how to get attention. she's standing on a street corner in her bikini. why? she wants her missing dog to come home. her chihuahua ran away. she thinks a neighbor may have taken it in. she's posing. she's on a hunger strike until her chihuahua comes home. not exactly bikini weather. high is 63 degrees. okay. moving on. this is what you call a knock down, dragout. this brawl broke out inside a
11:27 am
wal-mart nail salon. a customer was berating when the kids got an argument. witnesses say there were firsts, porcelain bulbs flying. a teenager waiting to get her nails done had her teeth knocked out. perhaps no other musician of our time embodied the filsphilosoph more so than john lennon. they travel the country to make stops at school ls and budding musicians can sharpen their skills. one of our producers hopped on board for a jam session. we're on board the tour bus. what we do is bring on a group of students at a local stool.
11:28 am
they get to come on board and write and record original trucks. it's not easy to get into studios right now. this is as live as it gets. as real as it gets. >> i feel like i can do anything i want in here. >> students and artists get to combine certain sessions. today we have joe and william. they're helping us out with the session. i'm tweaking a little bit here and there. but these guys are coming up with the ideas.
11:29 am
>> you guys in in control of everything that it sounds like right now. >> yeah, we're here creating music on the bus. this is on. it's working. it's on. it's working. >> what's great about this group is we have a wide range of guitar players back there. on a different section. the first half, the back half. >> the best thing is seeing the students come on board. sewing them leave in a completely different life.
11:30 am
>> pretty cool, right? and from lennon to regis. >> asking me where am i going. i've got no place to go. >> oh, reg! you have a place to go. right here on this show. with me. mr. philbin will join me live coming up, and i promise you this will be fun. so we're following a bizarre story. police say a woman killed her husband and decided to make him into a stew. but wait until you hear what drove her to do this. that's next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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11:33 am
if you are squeamish, this next story is disturbing. it involves the murder of a husband by his wife. what happens thex is truly the stuff of nightmares. here is reza sayah with the
11:34 am
gruesome details. >> reporter: it doesn't get more grisly and gruesome than this. according to pakistani police, 32-year-old zainab bibi drugged her husband, and then hanged her husband, but it doesn't end there. according to investigators she proceeded with the help of her 22-year-old nephew to cut up her husband's body into small pieces, and then she started cooking the body parts. according to investigators. she didn't want to consume them, she wanted to get rid of the body parts without getting caught. she thought this was the way to do it. she got caught. her neighbors smelled a putrid odor and called police. police arrived at her home. they went in and they saw zainab bibi with a number of pots and pans on her stove cooking up her husband's body parts. a television station managed to
11:35 am
interview bibi in jail. she said this was her second husband. she had a daughter from the first marriage. the second husband wanted to divorce her and marry her does. she wasn't sorry. she said he deserved it. he managed to kill the husband before he laid a hand on her daughter. reza sayah, cnn, islamabad. voting under way for 2011 cnn hero of the year and nate berkus introduces us to one of the top ten finalists. chef bruno serado. >> hi. i'm nate berkus. as a member of the red cross cabinet, i'm committed to emergency repardness, disaster response and lending a helping hand to those in need. now i'm thrilled to help introduce one of this year's top ten cnn heros.
11:36 am
>> came to this country 30 years ago. i love to cook. you must love the people. how is your lunch, ladies? in 2005 my mom was here on vacation from italy. i said, let's go to the boys and girls club. he was eating potato chips for dinner. he was a motel kid. when they go back after school, there's no dinner. there's no money. mom said, you must feet them. i'm bruno serato. i listened to my mama. spaghetti. >> bruno brings a tray, and all the kids get excited. >> right now we are between 150 to 200 kids. >> who likes the pasta? >> me!
11:37 am
now i could never stop. they're our customer. favorite customers. >> you have less than two weeks now to vote for cnn hero of the year. go to don't forget to watch live on sunday. an all star tribute live from los angeles. # the front-runner for president misses and important deadline and now newt gingrich will not be on one ballot. but before you go online to do your holiday shopping, this is the 2011 list of the 25 most popular and therefore least saved passwords. so we're hoping your password isn't on the list. you have dragon. number nine, trustno1. number eight, letmein. >> seven, the numbers 1, 2, 3,
11:38 am
4, 5, 6, 7. and monkey is number six. did your password make the top five most popular? let's hope not. the answers after this break. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
11:39 am
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11:41 am
as we mentioned before the break, released this list of the most popular passwords. number five, abc123. coming up at four is qwerty. and number three is 12345678. and 123456. and the number one password is, password. >> nice. >> really? >> yeah. that's default, sometimes. come on. come on. come on, chad myers. >> i was supposed to come in if there's one bad weather. that was good for me and everybody else out there. it launches tomorrow.
11:42 am
and there is good news on the horizon. this will only take eight and a half months to get there. then there's an incredible display of how it will get down. typically you bump the ground and it's done. this thing is tough. he flies around for eight and a half months. finally gets to the atmosphere. the parachute comes out and drops off the bottom. you think it's going to land, no, another part comes out and thrusters come out and wires lower it down. the cirque du soleil must have come up with this. the curiosity is ready to drive around. >> and what is it? like ten different experiments to figure out past lives. >> they know from the other two that went around, there's no life picking up. there's nothing really on the
11:43 am
surface. this thing is going to drill in and pick up the rocks analyze them and bring them back. they had a little contact on tuesday. it talked a little bit to them. it's not flying to mars yet. but they're happy that they're getting a little bit of communication. >> interesting. >> see you tomorrow. >> will you? >> i'll see you monday. >> it's friday. chad, thank you. michele bachmann asks nbc for an apology. she gets a response. we're back in 90 seconds. princesses. ow thet i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown.
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11:45 am
you can call it an oops moment for the gingrich campaign. they missed the application for the missouri primary. no newt gingrich on ballot in february. let's go to joe johns in washington with your 2012 politics update. joe johns, good to see you. what does this mean for camp gingrich? >> it's a moment where the people in the campaign look at each other and say, yikes. how do we do that? newt gingrich may be search surging in the polls, but multiple news organizations reporting he won't be on the
11:46 am
missouri ballot in february. his campaign was supposed to file papers last tuesday. somehow they didn't do it. the rest of the republican field, yes, on the missouri ballot. though this is not a monumental mistake. no delegates at stake, but being at the ballot would be a matter of keeping a candidate's momentum going, if you will, through the primaries. still a mistake, but another sign that his success in the polls is creating a lot of challenges for him. we reached out to them. they haven't gotten back to us yet. he is expected to appear, brooke, at a town hall in naples, florida, today. >> you know michele bachmann. she was on the jimmy fallon show a couple of days ago. in the intro there was a song with a derogatory word in the song. she got an apology from jimmy fallon but what about the
11:47 am
network. >> the network weighed in. this was just sort of embarrassing all around. we know about the house band on the jimmy fallon show playing part of the song with the title -- i don't want to say on tv, which included the derogatory term to women. michele bachmann was there. nbc has apologized. also reports out today that michele bachmann has accepted, if you will, the apology of the network. but she's also said this is the kin of thing that would have created outrage had it happened to a liberal woman but it gets passed over when it happens to a conservative woman. so apparently hard feelings out there. she said she accepts the apolog apology. >> so, i hear you're in for the blitz. >> absolutely. >> what do you have coming up on sit room? >> well,'re going to talk a lot about the situation in egypt and the latest there including the
11:48 am
report reporter who was sexually assaulted covering the story. we'll look at politics, as it stands now. who is hot and who is not, and all the day's news while wolf blitzer is taking up badly needed rest. >> the man loves his job, and never takes a break. so good for him. we'll see you in two hours. >> we match. did you know? >> very nice, you and i. like this. joe, thank you. coming up next, the moment you've been waiting for, i've been waiting for this. this guy is a tv legend. buddy/buddy with the biggest celebrities on the planet. we're going to talk george clooney. we're going to talk about his retirement from his tv talk show and who he says, hmm, may be able to replace him. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun.
11:49 am
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. he became a celebrity in his own right by talking to the rich, the famous, the infa mouls. after 50 years in show business, last friday regis retired. today shees back working.
11:52 am
good enough to join me live from los angeles. regis philbin, it's so nice to meet you. i'm a huge fan. and you're an amazing story teller. obviously i watch you on the show. but i read your book here. i have it. how i got this way. so let's talk. in the book it's all different chapters depending on different stories, dirnt people who have been very important in your life. first, chapter one, bing crosby. he's a legendary singer. you go back to when you were a kid, 6 years old in the bronx and hearing his voice. what was it about bing crosby? >> well, the sound of his voice meant everything to me. it was beautiful. it was tender. it was just like somebody talking to you, telling you a beautiful story, which turned out to be a beautiful song. but every night at 9:30 on the remere radio station in new york i would listen to him for a half
11:53 am
hour. it got to the point where i knew every lyric of every song. i just enjoyed it so much. i wanted to be bing crosby. i wanted to be in show business. it never happened. but i sure enjoyed meeting him. >> there was a step where you wanted to be bing crosby. you're singing it for your parents the day before. your parents not plussed about the plan. you book bing crosby and then there was a moment when what did he do? >> well, he knew i admired him so much. they wanted him to sing on the show, but they were afraid to ask him.
11:54 am
so he used this approach. see this kid? biggest fan you ever had. would you sing to him? one of crosby's song in "going my way." so he turned no problem and sang it to me. bishop said, regis, sing a song to bing. sing one of his songs. how about "pennies from heaven." and i hadn't sung that song since i sang it for my parents at notre dame when i wanted to tell them what i wanted to be. i wanted to be bing crosby. after the song, i said, forget it. i'll try television. so he hummed along with me. and the next day i got a recording contract. i never had any confidence in that, just wanted to do it.
11:55 am
>> talk about a pimpbl me moment. next, you, your wife and friends wind up in italy. can we talk about that? >> yeah, sure. his pr guy said, you know, george knows you are down in that hotel. he's right up the street. pe would love to entertain you. are you kidding? let's go. so we all went. and george couldn't have been better. he opened his arms, brought us in. he showed us around this italian villa his motor bike was dead in front of his house. and there you go. and he bought the house.
11:56 am
it was just amazing. he had the wine and italian food. it's a night where you laugh and you told them all my stories. he told me all his. we had a wonderful time. then you wake up with a slight hang over and say to yourself, did i bore him? did i drink all his wine? what does he really think? >> you're really thinking that? you're really thinking did i bore him? >> yes, yes. because we were there until 2:00 in the morning. he was so gracious. you know, you always think something didn't go right. then two years later i'm going to see a movie. i'm next to a gal who said i was in italy. i was over at george clooney's. she said. so was i. she said, i know. she said that was the best night he had. i said, tell me what he said.
11:57 am
she said, that was exactly what he said. i couldn't have been happier. >> will you do me a favor? i have a little more for you. maybe a surprise up my sleep
11:58 am
since your whole thing is going unscripted, would you mind speaking of "pennies of heaven." >> are you with me?
11:59 am
♪ pennies from heaven ♪ you'll find your fortune fallen ♪ ♪ all over town ♪ be sure your umbrella is upside down ♪ >> that's bing taking it easy. >> sure. one more for you. what's next? did you turn down "dancing with the stars"? >> i had a lot of fun with "dancing with the stars." i wanted to dance with derek hough. i couldn't do it. they sent me the schedule. that's a lot of hard work. >> how about saturday night


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