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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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sounds like there could be an up side if you're actually going to spend that much, but what they're doing is playing -- and they're getting us urts playing with our heads they're making us spend more than we were going to. >> it seems wonderful. again, if you're going to shop throughout the year or you know stores you'll frequent obvious, it may be a good idea to get that card from the store. >> all right. i'm going to ignore every bit of advice. >> you have shopping plans. >> i have shopping plans today. >> you were delayed yesterday. you're a big black friday shopper or observer. >> that's it. i won't buy a thing. it's been kind of dangerous on the there. >> i know. people, come on. calm down. just enjoy the experience. don't get too hot-headed. i don't expect that out of you. >> i might do a live report from the maul. >> tweeting, tweet me. just kidding.
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>> see you, fredricka. >> we have a lot straight ahead, including pakistan, where there's a lot of activity, growing outrage after the government says nato helicopters opened fire on two military checkpoints. at least 24 soldiers were reportedly killed near the volatile border with afghanistan. let's get an update from reza sayah. >> yeah, fredricka, an angry reaction in pakistan to what officials are calling a nato air strike on two pakistani military check posts on pakistani soil. it's killed at least 24 soldiers. this is an incident that's already sparked a number of anti-american, anti-fato protests in pakistan, some of those protests taking place in the city of lahore. according to pakistani officials, this took place in
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mohmand. it sits right next to the afghanistan border. there's a lot of militant activity, obvious times nato troops conduct operations there. the agreement is for nato to stay on afghan soil, but according to pakistani officials, it doesn't happened. nato hit locations on pakistani soil, and officials are angry. the prime minister issuing a blistering condemnation, saying he's going to protest this incident with nato and usual officials. here as prime minister ghailani earlier today. >> there was an attack on pakistan's sovereignty and security. learning of this, i was going to attend meetings with my sons and brothers, but going to islamabad
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to hold a special session of the dcc. i'm calling on all leaders to discussing this, so no one can even dare to attack pakistan sovereignty or security. >> tough words by the prime minister, who called an emergency meeting. in an effort to form late a response to this incident. so at this point, fredricka, you have 40% of nato supplies that usually go from pakistan to afghanistan, sitting in this country, not clear when those supplies will move against and not fear what other measures pakistan is prepared to take in response to this incident. >> reza sayah, thank you. american student arrested 24 weekend are headed home.
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egyptian officials say that the students threw molotov cocktails. the students deny the charges. nba players and owners reached a tentative agreement early this morning to end the lockout. the plan is to start a shortened season on christmas day, with a triple-header. we don't know which teams will play that day. the players still have to ratify the deal, but both sides say they've been under pressure to get this done. >> the greater good required us to knock ourselves out and come to this terms of understanding. i think there's a lot of, shall we say, other issues to be if thissed, because we have the broadest outloin. the most important thing is the
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patients through a large part of this process. that's what this credit goes to. >> there will be 66 games, 16 games shy of a normal regular season. number five syracuse won last night's tip-off without its assistant basketball coach. bernie fine is on administrative leave after two ball boys say he molested them. the 65-year-old denies the allegation. meanwhile, the university has placed him on paid administrative leave. a chum chapter for life on mars is under way. >> zero. the liftoff, seeking clues to the planetary puzzle about life on mars. >> with that picture-perfect launch, can't rocket carrying
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nasa's mars rover begins an eight-month trek to the planet. it will hunt for organic material. the mission will last one martian year. or 637 earth days. social conservative leaders in i had what are banning together to stop mitt romney's campaign for the presidency. we'll tell you why and who they are. a live report is up next. ahead, face-to-face with isaiah washington. four years after his controversial departure from "grey's anatomy" he explains how that role shaped his life on and off screen. >> like you say at the pinnacle, i won. i'm winning, right? no, i'm not. i'm -- i'm -- i was almost that close to losing what i consider the most important thing to me, and that is my family. act my age?
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in the race for the white house, it's just over a month before the iowa caucuses. now social conservative leaders in that state are banding together. in fact, they held a secret meeting this week. he's with us now from chicago, so shannon, what happened and who was at that meeting? sanchts what happened is you had some of the biggest social groups in iowa, coming together last month, fred, to have this secret meeting. is the purpose was to see if they could have a consensus
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around one potential candidate that they could all support. and their words, not mine, stops mitt romney in iowa. isms who do they feel they could all support? >> excellent question. there seems to be a bit of a division in terms of who they could come around. they have actually crossed off herman cain and ron paul from their list of consideration. they have concerns about expertise, and they have some concerns about ron paul's libertarian leanings. >> what does mitt romney's campaign say yet? >> it says governor romney will
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be reaching out to sort conservatives, and they seem to not be taking this all that seriously. we know he has a lot of support, got a business endorsement from john thune the other day, and got a lot of money, fred. >> how important is that endorsement from theune? >> it could be important. south dakota is a neighboring state, it could hem in the western region up there. >> this was a big get. it could help him. >> where are the candidates this weekend? >> yeah, yeah. because we're a month away, they are out there on the campaign trail.
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they're all awrong -- michele bachmann is in iowa, and today nude gingrich is in florida. >> thanks so much, from chicago. join us every sunday afternoon when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in this 2012 election. just blah black friday is now behind us doesn't mean stores don't have more tricks to get you to buy. we'll tell you what they are and how not to fall for some of those tricks. that's next. in you're low segment, conrad murray finds out how much he'll have to spend in prison for his conviction in the involuntary murder trial of michael jackson.
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. a look at our top story straight ahead. we've got the latest on the case of a missing american woman in aruba. the man being held will soon be freed. we'll tell you why. some black friday sales are still going on this weekend. the retail machine is now in full swing to lure you into spending lots of money. in this week's smart is the new rich, a former insider exposes the tricks. you can also find out how not to fall for all of that. hire's our christine romans. >> it's hard to escape the grip. how do they get us? >> it happens everywhere. just think about this, when you walk into a retail story, but know if we walk counter clockwise, we spent 7% more.
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>> and they're putting in speech bombs that vibrate slightly, it makes us show slow down, and we spend 6% more. >> and the time of -- it actually has one single agenda, to make us spend more. >> it's like being in a vegas casino where there's no windows and clocks, and the light is perfect, it's except the supermarket. next time what can we do differently not to fall for it. >> i think one of the advice is not to bring the kids with you. and it sounds silly, but use your iphone and place really high written music. it makes you rush out of the
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supermarket. and another pies of advice, use big dollar notes that makes you spend less. it's the dpee nomination effect. it is the less money you spend, typically it's correlated with the higher bills you had in your pocket. and another decision for conrad murray. he funds out tuesday whether he has to spend time in prison. we'll check in with our legal guys. there they are. we'll see them in a minute. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise.
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all right. the family of a drum major who died last weekend may be preparing to sue the school. officials have indicated that robert champion's death was from hazing. the band had just finished playing at orlando last weekend when the 26-year-old was found unconscious on a bus. no one has been charged, but champion's family has hired an attorney. the school fired the band director this week, and he has since hired a lawyer to fight for his job. michael jackson's doctor conreal murray is about to find out whether he will have to spend any time in prison for his conviction in jackson's death. his sentencing is scheduled for tuesday. good to see you, avery. >> hi, fredricka. >> and richard herman, law professor joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well. >> hi, fred. >> gentlemen, we're in the final
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stretch tuesday's sentencing, he could get probation or a maximum, but we also know the situation with overcrowding in many california prisons, avery. so what are the chances of his sentencing, in your view? >> right in between what you just said. it will never be probation. he's looking at the max, four years. however, the general assembly, the state legislature in california changed that. they've come up with something called realignment, which means four years equals two years and discretion is given to the local sheriff. that means it goes to the los angeles sheriff's department, so frankly the bottom line is you're probably some time less than two years, maybe not even one year. >> how do you see it, richard? >> fred, i think he's going to get house arrest, home confinement with a bracelet. that's what's going to happen. >> why do you think that?
9:20 am
>> he's absolutely eligible for that. >> because the law in california is this. once he gets sent to county prison, he has a two-years sentence, bud since he has no prior criminal history, and the only crime he's committed is, not, quote, a violent crime, even though it was manslaughter, it's deemed not violent. he is entitled and should have house confinement. if he doesn't, it's corrupt. so he needs to have house confinement, but moreover, the prosecution is going to ask for $100 million in lost profit against a -- a judgment against conrad murray to be paid to the children of michael jackson for the death of the father. >> avery, you're in agreement with that, but you were in disagreement totally of everything else? >> well, you know, all the prosecution has left here is the restitution issue. that's $100 million. they're going to make that a condition of substantial release, which is what richard is talking about.
9:21 am
i think he's got to do some yale time. they're going to argue the defense is bottom line background, but i think he's got to do some time. >> will we hear testimony one more time, richard? soinchts you may hear from members of the family, cry to the judge and talk about michael's life. >> but the defense will say he's lost his profession, he's hated, getting death threats. he suffered immeasurably, judge, just send him home, monitor him, and that's it. enough is enough. >> interesting s you see gary giordano, the only suspect in the disappearance of robin gardner, a maryland woim, and apparently authorities are saying after four months, he's been in prison, he's been questioned, he is likely to return to thes. under what conditions, richard? >> home for the holidays, fred. that's it, over.
9:22 am
they have nothing. >> the case is over? >> they can't put the case together. there's no body, no dna, no nothing. but moreover, he is subject to extradition if they come up with something down the road, which you know they're not going to. >> that's right. >> worse off, he took out of a life insurance policy, i think he'll be able to collect. >> will he really? >> you know what? that's not going to happen. >> i think the insurance company knows exactly what went on unchts then they ought to testify. >> is he going to testify about what he did and what happened? it's never going to happened. i think the insurance company will contest it. i think it's part of the evidence here. the problem here, if you remember, is that aruban authorities decided, you know what? maybe we better take this seriously about it 1/2 months after the disappearance, they brought in cadaver dogs. i mean, come on. it's a ridiculous way of
9:23 am
handling it. i would not say it's over. >> you're thinking reminiscent of -- so apparently majority danielo was in jail, four months, he cried, next thing you know he's being released. however, aruban authorities will they abandonship? extradition -- is that fairly strong? >> how do you know he cried? >> reportedly. who wouldn't? >> because she feels bad for him, that's why. [ laughter ] . >> don't forget -- >> the united states will honor extradition if they come up with something. >> if he comes back. if he comes back. yeah, you think flight risk, he's going somewhere else? >> sure. >> please. he's going to collect that policy. >> another case taking place not that long ago when everyone
9:24 am
watched in horror the stage of sugarland collapsed. seven people were killed. many others were injured now we have the case of 40 or so people who are suing the music group sugarland at this indianapolis site. not necessarily going after the organizers of the stage, but they're going after the music group. why? >> it doesn't make any sense. they should be going after the promoters, the question is really legally should sugarland, did they know or should they have known about the likelihood of the stage collapsing? there's absolutely no foreseeability, no liability. i think they were brought in as a necessary party, at least that was the thinking, but i think ultimately it's the owners of the venue and promoters that are on the line. >> is that likely because they have the deeper bank account, presumably? >> he's wrong, fred.
9:25 am
there is a provision in the contract that she had sugarland had the final call whether or not to put the show on due to weather. sugarland ignored the reports and said, yes. i think sugarland is liability. they're going to get hit hard. >> this could are this should have been the one to say cancel the show, this is not safe, and they would be led culpable -- >> think insisted on that. >> how they will prove that is monumental. >> we'll see. well, they're not experts on stage construction. there's just no way. a. >> something tells me we'll be talkings about that one again. we'll be talking about others in about 20 minutes. we're going to talk about a teacher who the school, her school in california has investigated for allegedly running a important website from her school-issued laptop.
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glue a look at our top stories. pakistan is condemning -- pakistan says at least 24 soldiers were skilled.
9:29 am
a nato spokesman says it's highly likely its forces caused the deaths. pakistan responded quickly. and the prime minister called his military chiefs in for an emergency meeting. and basketball fans will be getting a christmas gift they really wants -- a season. the nba players and owners reached a tentative deal early this morning. their plan is to start training camps on december 9th, have a tripleheader on christmas day. there will be 66 games, but that's only 16 games shy of a normal regular season. the players still have to ratify the agreement. president obama commented on the deal, say it's good, and gave it a thumbs up. the at lat v rocket carrying the mars rover curiosity is heading to the red planet this hour. it began the journey this morning. the mission is to hunt for organic material that could lead
9:30 am
to clues about life on mars. bonnie, it was picture perfect for that launch. how is the rest of the forecast? >> not quite as beautiful as florida. we had great weather for much of thanksgiving and black friday, but changes are afoot, as always. we had a delay in houston, but expect a lot more as we go through the afternoon. in houston, the wind and rain will pick up. fog to start off in memphis. st. louis looking at low clouds. minneapolis you'll even see snow showers. there was wind that will pick up a bit, but i don't think it would be that bad as we go through the evening hours. what we are monitoring is a large weather system that will bring stormy weather to houston, as well as areas into arkansas, heavy downpours of rain, even
9:31 am
some severe weather threatening much, much of the region there. we can see plenty of stormy conditions to the north. in minnesota, we actually have a winter storm advisory. this will be a big story, high pressure to the west, low pressure to the east. right in between a strong pressure grad yen. that means windy weather, some 60 miles an hour or stronger. that will impact sunday's travel weather unfortunately as we go through sunday. but we are looking at the changes in the temperatures. we're also monitoring the snow and ice, over those of you traveling, that's where the winter weather advisories are for tonight. sow much colder temperatures as
9:32 am
we wrap up sunday. sunday will be the busiest travel day, and i am anticipating unfortunately a lot more widespread area of not so great weather. >> all right. a prelude to what could be. i don't know, a pretty rough winter? >> i think so. >> darn. if you think so, we all have to thing so now. thanks, bonnie. >> sure. a local mayor appears to have a twitter account -- appears, opera tiff word. that is, it's sending out rather inflammatory messages about him. so apparently it's really from a 17-year-old potential mayoral opponent. can he do that legally? our legal guys weigh in, next. act my age?
9:33 am
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a teacher accused of running a porn website from a school-issued computer is on paid leave. our legal guys are back. avery freeman and richard herman in las vegas. avery, this one is all over the charts. she's on paid leave, not solely because she used school property allegedly, because because she violated some ethical standards that all teachers are supposed to adhere to in this district in california. right?
9:36 am
>> what she did is absolutely legal. it advances the public concern about affection to teachers and respect for teachers. >> what? the problem -- >> you don't have to laugh -- >> the problem is what she named the site. she named the site " not a smart thing. they took it off in about one day. >> took it off. >> but at the end of the day, absolutely legal. >> apparently there were some t-shirts with trying to gain more support from students? >> yeah. >> the teachers were like "i heart teachers" and so all of this -- and you're saying that's okay, constitutional -- >> absolutely umplts absolutely constitutional.
9:37 am
>> apparently what happened, her boyfriend, a retired police officer, he's the one that got the domain name set up. they did use a school laptop that was assigned to her. apparently one of the sites went up for one day. it came down. like that motley crue son, "hot for teacher" apparently the students are supporting her. >> that's right. >> it happened outside school grounds but her estrained husband is the one that notified the school about these activities, so no students found out -- >> it legal? >> avery is luteally right, it's legal -- >> oh, my gosh. >> but it might be unethical. >> there we go. >> you're in agreement. >> so she'll be able to keep her job? >> no. no. it's bad judgment and unethical. >> fascinating. >> she's going to lose her job.
9:38 am
>> no, she won't. she'll get a slap on the wrist. >> somebody else who wants to keep that you are job and somebody else who wants that job, sheboygan, wisconsin, this is a mayor who says, you know what? unbeknownst to me a twitter account has been set up, the 17-year-old who wants to be a contender put up this site in the mayor's name, but then he's been writing things that are rather unsavory, sun complimentary, and now he wants an injunction. is there anything wrong presuming to be you, sending out tweets? it's okay or not? >> fred, the law is always ever-evolving. there is no set standard on whether someone can form a twitter account on someone else's name and then tweet. >> my gosh. >> so any sort of defamation, they have to prove that he put
9:39 am
in intentionally false statements. >> he was making fun of the mayor's drinking issues only. he's making fun, and it's parody, it will be extremely difficult to win defamation here. >> so i guess he's not disputing the whole problem with alcohol, if the information is true, it's just embarrassing or not poach, then it's okay? >> sure, it's parody, satire. up on the site it says he wearing pink pantsies. it's simple for mayor ryan to show it's not true -- well, i wonder about that, but the bottom line is it's clear satire, clear parody, clearly protected under the first amendment, and he's not going to get the injunction, fredricka. it's not going to happen. it's protected speech, it's political speech. >> okay. last word on that -- >> people better protect their
9:40 am
names with twitter accounts and everything else, because someone like this situation would do one in your name and start posting. that's what the law is right now. >> it's satire, though. it's not malicious. i don't know. >> this is an eatsy one. >> fascinating. you two gentlemen do amazing things in the spirit of the advancement of education for young people. richard, with you and howard university, and now avery, you as well with ursilon college in new orleans and a scholarship that's been set up in your name. >> wonderful. >> incredible. what does that feel like for you? >> wonderful, avery. >> very exciting. it's going to advance young people's education and my cnn family was a big help. wolf blitzer actually teased it for me, and now this exists. it will last, because it's
9:41 am
endowed forever, helping young people advance human rights. absolutely wonderful. >> congratulations. let's take a listen to this. >> thanks. >> this is something that will hang here at the college forever. >> that's very impressive, but i'm not surprised. you do extraordinary thing all the time. you impact so many lives. that's fantastic. >> how nice. >> avery, congratulations. that's wonderful. >> thank you so much. >> we're very proud of you. >> very lovely thing to happen. >> you deserve it. >> you have a great holiday weekend. hopefully we'll see you next weekend. >> absolutely. >> thanks. so long. cybermonday is right around the corner. maybe our guys will head out and get behind the computer and
9:42 am
start doing their shopping. is it really the best day to find the best deals online? josh levs will be along after the break. sfwhoo
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more than $1 billion in just one 24-hour period. it's cybermonday. is it really the best day for you to find those deals online? our josh levs is here to separate fact from fiction. is this the real deal? >> it's making people anxious and it's a lot of money flying around. it can be a good day to find discounts on some items if you're careful. i have new information that will help. it's from "consumer reports" they looked at whether prices are actually lower on cybermondays. one of the biggest things peek look for is people looked at what happened last year. among electronics they recommend, and what they found is a lot of online prices dropped after cybermonday. so some were 5% or even more off -- excuse me, if you waited until december, so the idea is
9:46 am
take a little time. i've got a cool chart that will help lay it -- no, i don't. the screen is sticking here. the basic idea is what you want to know is you might find good deals if you're going lower end. ha might have give you good discounts. fred, if what you're looking for is the high-end stuff that "consumer reports" would probably be in the business of checking out for you, you probably won't get a deal. first of all, experts say check out multiple sites. what you're seeing on the screen are some of the key sites. also search for coupons, folks. if you find something you want, before you buy it, what you want to do is google for coupons for those individual items. you might just find that you have exactly what you need. a couple more here. one is that if you follow companies on social media, they will be announcing new deals during the day on their official
9:47 am
pages, on facebook and twitter. let's say something you like, all of a sudden it pops up on twitter. boom, grab it then. and you don't have to wait until cybermonday. you can actually go on a lot of these sites today, fred, and start finding what you need. look at my page here. everything you want to see is up on my page. also facebook and twitter, and fred, what i have done is i've linked everything we're telling you about, also how to kind of navigate your way through the day, and some of the best ways to find deals and duds. we're giving you a guide. >> so $10 billion to be spend that cyber monday, so about how many people -- >> they're saying 76 million people will be shopping online.
9:48 am
on monday, so many people are planning to shop from their desk, 76 million people expected to shop at their desks. that's a lot of employees hours as well. >> i misspoke, not $10 billion. $1 billion is still a lot. josh, thanks so much. >> you got it, fred. >> and he has stretched himself as an actor over the year, playing a love interest, a gay republican and a surgeon. now we're not talking at all one. now isaiah washington face-to-face telling me how hi role on "grey's anatomy" may have been the most life-altering in his career. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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it's been a long time since isaiah washington played dr. preston burke on "grey's anatomy" in the four years since his controversial departure, he opened a school in sierra leone, and starred in "law & order" and wrote "a man from another land" had he writing -- it didn't take long to realize how the casualty he played had an impact.
9:52 am
he talks to me face-to-face. >> before you get knocked off the horse and you were at the pinnacle of your acting career success, and you were able to say, you know, these have been some of my favorite bodies of work. what were they? before "grey's anatomy". >> it was projects i chose, like "love jones" always about ten years before its time. >> democrats want to keep us docile. >> i did it intentionally, because i wanted people to think. ironically this character ace name was george washington, you know. that was my favorite film. any of my spike lee films were there, but "dancing with september" i think was the one where i got to play at the height of my intellect, so to speak. >> when "grey's anatomy" came calling, no one could predict.
9:53 am
>> oh, i did. they changed the name to "complications" for like eight days. i was the only one, including all my fearless leaders saying it would be "grey's anatomy". >> when did hanukkah fall this year? >> so you are loving this show, what was the most gratifies thing? >> united states the mysticism and glory of the human heart. >> i didn't want to participate in a heart surgery with an infant, because i had children. i just couldn't bear it. >> what came with this role is greater than a regular acting -- the popularity grows, my salary grows, but there became a personal responsibility that you
9:54 am
embraced as being this dr. burke of "grey's anatomy." explain that to me. >> i started believing that i could change the world with this guy. i never really knew the power that isaiah washington had. i didn't know, because basically working 18 hours a day, 6 days a week, i didn't know the power until after the crisis. i thought, wow, i didn't know anybody cared, because we were so busy doing what we were doing. >> you loved the work, but it took a toll. >> it took its toll. >> you had to be completely invested in this role working -- >> 18 hours -- in the beginning of the season, six days a week. i would come home at 6:00 saturday morning and sleep through the weekend. it took its toll. had all the money in the world -- >> $5 million a year. >> it was great, but the moment i was off the show, i went to pick up my son, who was born in
9:55 am
2002, and he pretty much didn't see me his whole young life, because 2004 the show took off. he was running around the school, and i thought he was running around playing. i got out of the car, he was crying, and he had seen me pull up, and i got out to see what he was doing. he was crying, running around telling the children, see, i do have a father, he really is my father, i do have a real daddy. i told you i have a daddy. >> my gosh, how much that had to hurt when you're thinking i've done all the right things to get my career, provide for my family the way i want, but then come to find out there is some deprivation that my child is expressing right here. >> that win -- that one rocked me to the core. like you say, at the pinnacle, i
9:56 am
won. i'm winning, right? no, i'm not. i'm -- i was almost that close to losing what i considered to be the most important thing to me. that's my family. coming up at 3:00 eastern today, isaiah washington reveals face-to-face details about his controversial departure from" grey's anatomy." outrage and accusation after nato forces reportedly open fire. nato's reaction is coming up. to be more environmentally aware,
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