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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2011 12:00pm-12:57pm PST

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they will be ready to play. the question is will they be in shape to play. they were supposed to get started in october and it's going to be december before they get started. so it doesn't take them very long because they are in such great physical shape to get out of that great physical shape. the first month may be difficult. i don't suspect everyone has been running sprinting every day. >> they will be counting on that muscle memory right? >> absolutely. >> thanks so much david. appreciate you joining us from key west, florida. now to the fury and short fallout in pakistan. after a deadly border attack pakistan has called for a review of its relationship with the u.s. and nato. the government says nato's helicopters killed 24 pakistan soldiers at two military checkpoints during a raid. nato officials admit it's highly likely they did. our nick peyton walsh is live from kabul with more on this.
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nick. >> reporter: absolutely. the statement accepts it was highly likely they refer to what was air support strikes. they said there was an operation going on my afghan and nato forces on the afghan side of the border hunting down insurgents. they called in air support and that's when this incident occurred. they won't say whether it happened inside pakistan or talk about numbers. but clearly an effort by nato to try to begin the reconciliation process as the pakistanis come up with angry rhetoric towards washington. >> so, nick, is pakistan decides it will cut off some of the cooperation it has extended to the u.s./nato, where does afghanistan play in this? how will it choose sides? >> reporter: well, the afghans have their bed made really here.
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however much they talk about a future or they want a good relationship with pakistan there's way in excess of 100,000 nato troops. huge amounts of money being poured into by the coalition into afghanistan. also bear in mind what's happening in terms of pakistani moves. they are cutting off supply routes. it's happened before. nato do have reservoirs they can fall back upon would it go on for weeks or months. some other measures we heard of too are pretty much from the arsenal we're familiar with over this poor relationship in the last year or so. things they've done before. so while the rhetoric is bad and the casualties are large, large numbers we haven't really seen the pakistanis take this to a new level because many observers consider the americans and pakistanis kind of need each other the end of the day when it comes to policing this border despite the enormous animosity.
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>> in april supplies to nato sforss in afghanistan were halted for three days in protest over drone attacks. in may the u.s. announced osama bin laden's death. pakistan was not warned in advance of the raid. in june top u.s. military chief admiral mullen announced cuts and in july u.s. suspended military aid to pakistan. september outgoing u.s. admiral mike mullen accused pakistan of aiding militants. pakistan denied that. a body found buried in aisha low grave in ohio may be linked to the so-called craigslist kill there are. the fbi is working under the assumption that want it belongs to a man who has been missing
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for more than a week. he answer ad fake craigslist job ad. authorities say one man who respond the same ad was found dead, another escaped after being shot. a judge in aruba rejected prosecutor's request to hold giordano. the federal government is investigating the chevy volt over fears the electric car's batteries may pose a fire resk. the national highway traffic safety administration says the volt lithium ion batteries could catch fire after a crash. so far no fires and no recall. gm insists the car is safe. a tentative agreement was reached this morning to end the nba lockout but the players still have to ratify the deal. the plan is to start the basketball season on christmas day with a triple heard.
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there would be 66 games this season. a tradition in baseball is coming to an end. the league announced this week that chewing tobacco will no longer be allowed around fans. officials say if you've got it you got to conceal it like these players have in their back pockets. and i want weighs a ton and is about the size of a compact car and today nasa launched it into space. we're talking about the curiosity rover on its way to search for life on mars. we have more on the noigs the red planet. >> reporter: the atlas 5 rocket carrying the curiosity rover lifted right on time 10:02 from cape canaveral after about 44 minutes finally separation of the booster from the spacecraft and now at 22,000 miles per hour, curiosity is on its way to the red planet scientists hoping
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for some incredible insights in toly life existing there. >> the countdown went very smoothly. we worked a couple of minor issues, but none really on the launch vehicle or spacecraft, we're dealing with communications, and really threatened the weather or the clouds coming in because it was one of the constraints for this one. >> reporter: we talked a lot about the size of this rover. now the very first once like sojourner was about this big. take a look at this. this is a mock up of a wheel off of curiosity. the we'll show as big as the sojourner rover was. there's six of these on curiosity. so, this really is the cadillac of rovers and scientists believe it's going to help them answer those age old questions, was life on mars then and perhaps
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u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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. checking other international stories now. in syria, clashes continue in spite of the government crackdown, an activist monitoring the situation in syria claims at least 11 civilians including three children have been killed by syrian forces today. a man suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba will stand trial for another woman in peru. joran van der sloot peruvian murder trial is set to begin in six weeks. in new zealand, christchurch
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residents can return to cathedral square since the devastating earthquake nine months ago. officials say they hope residents can see firsthand what's being done to bring their city back. and in egypt another protester has been killed in cairo. police say he was struck earlier today by a police truck as it was trying to flee the chaos. e people have died in egyptian clashes in the past week while the anti-government protests get most of the headlines, not all egyptian protests are against the government. >> reporter: they called themselves egypt's silent majority. it's hard to say if those who support the ruling military council are actually a majority but silent they are not.
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thousands of people cram the square to denounce more than 100,000 occupying tahrir square and demand the military get out of the business of ruling this unruly country. it may not be as big as tahrir square or not quite as many people but this is the other side of the coin. not everybody in this country is a revolutionary. running next monday's parliamentary election as an independent is houssam mansour. >> a lot of thug, yes. put yourself in the authority position. put yourself. yeah, okay. put yourself in authority position, okay. i don't know who is real revolutionist. i don't know who is a thug. but in the chaos, everybody throws stones. just takes one stone to ignite.
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>> reporter: this neighborhood is home to many members of police and government and army officials. they chant army and people are one. it never happened in the history of egypt that the army betrayed the people says this retired senior police officer. until today the army never let the people down. since the revolution the economy is way down, crime is way up. beyond the world of tahrir, are many egyptians the revolution has lost its shine. this university professor took part in the tahrir demonstrations that toppled hosni mubarak but feels the country is going out of control. >> our police is the last remaining institution along with the army. if these two institutions fall anarchy will prevail in egypt. the only way to say whether people in tahrir or the people
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here represent egypt is through elections. >> reporter: the two competing narratives are head forge a showdown, whether at the ballot box or in the streets. >> ben joining us live now from cairo. it's night fall. what kind of activity if anything is happening right now? >> reporter: well, there's still a fair number of people in tahrir, more than 10,000. of course, they are planning yet another million man march there tomorrow, just a day before the polls open for the parliamentary elections. >> are people excited as a whole about these parliamentary elections on monday? are they torn on that as well? >> reporter: well, everybody is talking about it. i wouldn't describe it as excited. the mood, however -- in fact there's a good deal of worry that given all the commotion that's going on in this country,
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in tahrir square, alexandria other parts of egypt there's worry that there could be violence. >> keep us posted on that. thank you so much. imagine finding all the music, video, articles about your favorite musician all in one place. that's after this.
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. i would like to think that
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the best work is yet to come. i know that's a pretty big statement to make. but i'm serious about my craft. i've studied my craft and so as you get older and wiser, you're supposed to get better. even though it's pop music, i think you can get better. that's my hope. that's my dream. i would like to create something that people go wow. >> wow. people are always saying wow. it's sting. he's turning 60 and talking about how he hopes his music, his best music is still to come. time for our gaming and gadget segment where we keep you up to date with ever changing technology. so you have albums, eight track maybe, cassette, cds of your musicians and bands. you can have this all in one place thanks to sting. oh, my gosh this is so intriguing. he really is an enterprising man from the very start and he just
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keeps going. >> absolutely. so, you know, not only is an activist and of course a singer, songwriter, but the ex-front man for the police has had a solo career so far. so now with folks that create this app for ipads. it's called sting25. appumentary is a documentary that's an app. it's a downloadable application you run on your tablet and flick and tap your way through all of sting's content over the last 25 years. there's behind-the-scenes footage of him in a recording studio. there's -- you can stream all of the music and have the option to purchase it from all of his solo albums. there's rare photos that's amazing. my favorite feature is 6th birthday concert you alluded to with the likes of bruce
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springsteen and lady gaga. so this is the sting25 app. it's free and i think it's great. setting the bar very high for what artist kansas do. >> oh, my goodness i imagine other artists are thinking that's an inventive great idea. i want to do the same. who else is on board? >> there's other apps you can download. katie perry has one. one from pink floyd. not an official app but called this day in pink floyd. modeled after this detain history approach where you've got facts by date, 365 facts per year. there's so much more to it. we have some pictures as well. this is based on pink floyd's long career. it's got notes for all 167
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studio tracks, plus it's got lots of rare to, to got an exclusive video performance from the late '60s. so this one is 2.99. it's free. it has thousands of apps on the band. quizzes. ringtones and wall paper to customize the smartphone or tablet. >> is it about revenue or these artists saying i want to make money off my history as opposed to somebody else documents my history. >> well, it's both. great question. no surprise that the music industry has seen a decline in cd sales over the last decade or more. so, they are looking to other things, merchandise even more, product placement in music videos. live concerts. endorsements. apps are the next thing. i mean digital distribution is here to stay. buying and renting a piece of
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plastic for a documentary, those days are slowly coming to an end. apps are just so easy to acquire. you can buy with it a couple of finger taps. not just smart phones an tablets, computers and smart tvs which we talked about last weekend how you can download app tours tv. it's got rich multimedia capabilities. it's not about information and tos but interactive elements like games and kwzs. this is a revenue stream. the sting app while free is sponsored by chevrolet and american express. you see that, it's not all over the place but when you launch the app you see that. then an option to buy the music that you're streaming. so you need an internet connection. >> they want to make their money but the app is free. night be the future, perhaps of music releases, that this is the way artists want to go?
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>> well, i think you have to offer more bang for your buck. if you're a music fan you're probably reluctant to shed out $10 to $20 for just an album of music. so you'll see on itunes they are throwing in a digital booklet, throwing in multimedia like music videos and alternate versions of the tracks. you have to offer more. the music industry wants to survive. multimedia is the key. making it easy and inexpensive to download an app is a great start. >> always good to see you. thank you so much coming from toronto. >> thanks, tread. >> for more ideas and reviews go to >> stay tuned. it's movie time. we'll look again at some other movies. this time limited releases including george clooney in "the descendants." "consumer reports" is out with its naughty and nice holiday list.
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a breakdown of companies with good and not so good shopping policies. here are some. nice ones. made the list for taking a stand against hard to open product packaging. costco for automatically extending the manufacturer's warranties on tvs and computers. and rei accepting exchanges for any times and for any reason. can you guess the companies that made "consumer reports" naughty list? they are up next. it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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want to have a pleasant shopping experience. courtroom reports say shop here. these are part of the nice companies list. now for the naughty ones. airtran made the list for charging extra for selecting a seat online. verizon wireless is naughty for notifying customers they went over their minutes. radioshack, courtroom reports says the company sometimes charges different prices for the same item. what about customers who have been naughty? one psychologist tells why they relationship with the u.s. dead border raid. 24 pakistan soldiers were killed, two military checkpoints. nato admits it's highly likely their choppers were involved. pakistan's decision to re-evaluate its arrangements with the u.s. does not surprise
12:27 pm
an expert on the region. >> the pakistanis have done it before. they are reasonable to be quite angry about this incident. not the first time it's happened. this is one of the ways they can put pressure on the united states to make sure it doesn't happen again or to investigate what happened. typically the shutdowns have happened for, you know, a day or two. you know, you'll see pictures of hundreds of trucks backing up at the border because hundreds go over. >> we'll have an nba season after all. basketball commissioner david stern said a tentative agreement was reached this morning. the plan is to start the season on christmas day with a triple header. players still have to ratify the deal. nasa launches a mission to mars this morning. the rorkt carrying the rover named curiosity will take 8 1/2 no, sir to get there. it's about the size of a compact
12:28 pm
car. curiosity will look for samples for about two years. this alabama sky diver is taking this jump and taking it again until he's jumped 100 times in a sing detail. he's doing it to be the first american killed in combat in afghanistan back 20i01. and these santas hit the streets to remind new yorkers of the homeless this holiday season. along with the standard ho, ho, ho, they chanted feed the homeless. they set up their trademark chimney box and solicited donations. >> black friday frenzy was in full force with incidents of violence reported. from los angeles to fayetteville, north carolina and
12:29 pm
kissimmee, florida, an employee in rome, georgia said she was hurt. >> hurt my back, hips in a got kicked feigns. it was just like a scene. all you heard was just as if there was a whole herd of animals coming through there. people every where. >> sign this season of good cheer why do so many people turn into monsters at the mall? i spoke with a clinical psychologist to get some insight on shoppers who behave badly. what's happening? what's the explanation behind this kind of behavior? >> i think part of it is you look at the economy, people are really desperate and now you throw in this mix of black friday and all of the hype and the brainwashing, and i think people are whipped into a frenzy psychologically, physically it's a major event. it's an opportunity to hoard
12:30 pm
perhaps some products that they really don't actually need and some that they have to have and it becomes really a deadly mix and then you have that mob mentality with the anonymity and lack of conscious. >> this mob mentality or this kind of competitive nature is it in all of us? >> it is in all of us but we're also civilized human beings and we know when it's time to turn it on and when to turn it off. what happens is when we have this kind of advertising and the retailers use these incredible sales, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% off people at times can't help themselves. it's this competitive nature. people get together because they are with other people and they are fighting to get these products they become even more competitive and then they actually begin to become inappropriate, very rude or even some criminal very aggressive behaviors. >> and no one can forget what happened back in 2008 when at a
12:31 pm
walmart a worker was trampled to death by people who rushed through the doors and were so anxious to get to those sales and it took a long time before anybody realized there was somebody on the ground injured which ultimately led to his death. so, when you see examples like this, and even examples that we talked about earlier that have happened today since midnight, for example, do you feel that it's time for the retailers to take more responsibility and say, you know what? maybe people can't behave responsibly and we shouldn't have these sort of black friday or midnight or 6:00 a.m. rush for a bargain or you only have two hours to take advantage of a particular bargain. >> i think you're absolutely right. retailers do have to take responsibility. they really do need to understand that in this particular economy people are very, very desperate. they still can make the money, maybe not as much as they want to make but you also have to be responsible for your fellow human beings, especially in a
12:32 pm
society where people have a lot of desperation. therefore they shouldn't be pushing them so much and using psychological tactics to get them to feed into this desperation. they need to teach them better ways to shop where at the same time they can be kind to their fellow shoppers. >> thank you. millions of people are traveling this holiday weekend as well. the men and women who make sure those planes take off safely have a big job. air traffic controllers have to undergo hundreds of hours of training. we find out how tough that job is. >> reporter: we're here in a simulation lab where air traffic controllers train. we're here in the trial at lax airport and you're going to show me how to land a plane, right? >> we're going depart a couple of airplanes. >> reporter: send some off. >> what you see out the window
12:33 pm
is what you see in the tower. there's no conflicks, scan your runway. make sure noish. >> reporter: southwest 416 cleared for takeoff. it is normal your hands are sweaty? >> yes. at the beginning it is. >> reporter: this is stressful. >> each strip represents an aircraft and flight plan. it's like a road map in the sky. we need move to these airplanes here across this runway because the guy on short final here will not be able to land. better make transmission now southwest 725 go around. >> reporter: southwest 725 go around. so the poor people on that plane are circling the airport. >> the runway are these two lines here. the white are the actual aircraft coming in. this is a ground radar display. this shows a controller exactly what you see as you're looking out the window. did you watch him land? you should have made sure the runway was clear when he landed.
12:34 pm
>> reporter: this is very hard. >> it's extreme concentration. it's a mental game pinpoint does get tiring. >> reporter: redwood 825. >> now you're getting it. we'll introduce rain with lightning. have the capability to show snow. work in the dark adds a tremendous amount of complexity because you can't see as well. >> reporter: cleared for takeoff. those people are happy. cactus 297. >> we're out of airplanes. >> reporter: great feeling. thank you >> you're welcome. maybe she could get that job if there's an opening. many of us here said no we couldn't survive in that. movie reviews coming up next. ♪ we'll look at some of the limited releases including my week with marilyn.
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all right. this holiday weekend several films are in limited release. movie critic with rotten
12:38 pm one that's getting a limited release is "my weekend with marilyn." >> darling, larry tells me that you are quite, quite superb. i'm wild with jealousy. >> okay. matt. was she a convincing marilyn? >> she absolutely is. about halfway through movie you're forgetting you're watching michele williams playing marilyn monday re. it's a great performance. great performances all around in this particular film. this is about the production of a movie called "the princess and the show girl," the movie that marilyn monroe shot before "some like it hot."
12:39 pm
it's a good little movie. i really enjoyed it. it's a fascinating look at how movies were made back then and the trouble that people had working with marilyn monroe. the movie gets predictable at times but for the most part it's worth seeing especially to watch this performance by michele williams. >> what was your rate on this? >> i would give at it b. it's really solid. we'll see at the very least some oscar nominations for the cast. >> what is the premise of these limited releases when you have a movie like this with this kind of star power why is it movie houses would say we'll only send to it a few cities. >> in a weekend like this where you have three really big wide releases part of it is finding the theater space. one of the strategies with a movie like enthusiast release it in the major cities only and create kind of a big buzz. so that way the studio can then get the word out and expand into wide release. typically they start in a few cities and then takes a couple of weeks to get out.
12:40 pm
that way people can hear from their friends oh, i saw this. i've seen it. buzz from your friends is the best kind of marketing. >> another movie getting that same kind of method, this with kara knightly. >> this is about carl young and sigmund freud. >> let's take a peek. >> i thought i should be take the initiative. >> don't you think there's something male in every woman and something female in every man or should. >> interesting. >> not a lot of dialogue in that clip but we get the message. what do you think? >> i like this movie a lot.
12:41 pm
this is another interesting movie. a historical drama. story of carl jung and his relationship with sigmund freud. and the patient that comes between them. great performances in it. karaing knightly is the standout actress. very bold, daring performance that she turns in here. the movie gets sideline spots but for the most part it's good. i think kara knightly will get an oscar nomination. if you are the history of violence he transformed himself. he's not in horror movies. he's got a bit more dramatic. >> real quick your grade on that one? >> i give at it b. i think this is another one definitely worth seeing. >> another one getting oscar buzz, george clooney starring in "the descendants." let's take a quick peek at it. >> okay. what's going on this week is really a family matter. do you understand.
12:42 pm
sid will not be interested in meeting your grandparents. >> dad, i told you he was going to be with me. i'll be a lot more civil with him around. >> okay. so this one, this is a case of george clooney's character, his wife dies and is re reunited wi his kids. >> this is family drama. relatively heavy. family drama. a lot of comedy. directed by alexander paine. got that same kind of feeling to it. definitely mixes comedy and drama. this is a sweet movie. it's anchored by two fantastic performances bun by george clooney, looking a little doughy in here, not the suave, debonair george clooney. the woman, the girl playing his daughter is fantastic in this. we see some great performances. this is a very moving film.
12:43 pm
george clooney is the favorite for an oscar nomination. >> grade on this? >> a. this is a must see movie. really good. >> brought us a lot of great movies. wide release. limited release. >> you can spend your whole movie. avoid that black friday craziness. >> go to a movie. check out all of matt's grades by going to rotten one chef is trying to make sure kids in his neighborhood of a one great meal a day. our top ten cnn hero is next. will fade. s,e roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. pillsbury crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels just unroll, add ingredients, roll and bake. and the crowd goes wild.
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that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. the thanksgiving holiday focuses a lot on food but millions of children in this country are hungry. bruno serato is a chef in los angeles. when his mother came to visit him in italy they noticed a small boy eating a bag of potato
12:47 pm
chips. he began serving pasta to children who live in motels and hotels. he serves the food seven days week. bruno serato is a top ten hero. he joins me from los angeles. good to see you again. >> nice to see you again. >> this must feel really incredible because you were taking a lot of joy in seeing how are you food has been changing children's lives and now you're a top ten hero which means you may potentially able to help even more kids. >> i know. i would love to help every boys and girls clubs in america. we serve 300 every night. imagine 12,000 club, chefs in their own city we could feed millions of kids in american. the kids we're feeding are american kids.
12:48 pm
we should have no kids going to bed hungry at nighttime. >> so, what happened that first time when you served a meal to these young kids after your mom convinced you this would be a great idea. what did you see in these children's faces and eyes when you handed out those first servings? >> i mean, you can see they were starving. in fact, when i go there, especially in the summer time, they don't go school. summer time they don't even eat lunch at cool. at nighttime they are starving more in the summer time. i give them my spaghetti or ravioli, they open their eyes like this. it's food for them. remember if you don't eat tonight we're starving. remember children running along they are really hungry. i would love to see them when i feed them because i can see their face with a big smile and
12:49 pm
this food is dinner for them also. that shouldn't be happening in our own country which is getting worse. >> have you always had enough for the kids or did you -- were you surprised at all that the need was much greater than you initially anticipated? >> what surprised me, surprised me during the summer time. winter, i feed them every night. we have over 300 kids. but not too long ago, this weekend, thanksgiving night, day before thanksgiving there were not a school day. i realized i didn't have enough pasta. i called the restaurant. i said prepare me another 10 pound. we don't have enough. the children are asking can i take some home. i can take some home. that really surprised me. when you see a kid asking if he can take pasta home, this is for your brother, for your sister.
12:50 pm
i have a younger brother at home. for my mom. that means there's an adult starving. as you know my goal is to feed the children first. that's what i concentrate on every single day. we have a lot of them. they are year by year, they add more. we're up to 350 today. i hope it stops, because if it doesn't stop, we won't feed all of them. it won't stop because we have children in america who are starving. >> you're helping them fill their tummies in a very big way. >> they come for dinner, and we feed them all. we say "ciao." >> ciao. good luck to you on the big night when we honor all the cnn
12:51 pm
heroes. they will be honored sunday, december 11 right here on cnn hosted by anderson cooper. you don't want to miss that. it is an incredible, moving evening. you will be inspired by these heroes. you can cast your vote. it has been more than four years since actor isaiah washington and his hit television show "grey's anatomy" parted ways since he made his controversial remark. he talks about that now, coming up. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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people still calm call him dr. burke from the hit tv show "grey's anatomy." isaiah washington tells me that was one of the most powerful roles he played. he left the show after a war of words. washington maintains it was taken out of context. in his book, "man from another land," washington explains that seismic speed bump was not career ending. instead, it shifted his focus. >> you be the one to tell hershey's going to be a widow.
12:55 pm
>> so it was never about you calling t.i. knight the f word in relation to his sexual orientation. >> never. never. it's about people with an agenda, people with filtered ears, people hearing what they wanted to hear. with all the words that was said at that time, i probably have a lot of organizations coming at me, too. >> you feel like you've recovered? you are back in that point in your career where you were? >> i don't think about it. you have to remember, i became an actor to change the world, to change a perception what i thought was negative for an african-american male. in the last four years, i get offers on facebook. i don't have a manager, a pr person, an agent -- >> because you let them go. z >> i let them all go. >> he promotes his book, and he's done one movie and one
12:56 pm
documentary. you see him movie called "the suspect." his favorite movie roles dating back to the 1990s, coming up. [ indistinct conversations ] nice, huh? yeah. you know what else is nice is all the savings you can get on cruze and traverse over there. oh! that's my beard. [ chuckles ] it's amazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more.
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topping our news this hour, growing tension between pakistan and the u.s. after a deadly border attack. the government blames nato for the death of 20 pakistan soldiers at two military checkpoints. pakistan has called for a review of its relationship with the u.s. and nato. pakistan's military is calling it an unprovoked attack of aggression. and three american students arrested during protests in egypt are headed home. they were accused of taking part in the violent protests in tahrir square. egyptian officials said the students threw molitov cocktails from a rooftop during the admonition strag demonstrations. the students denied the charges. they are due home tonight. violence reported


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