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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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least nine states from black friday. a grandfather bloody during a shoplifting arrest in an arizona walmart. gerald noonan hit his head on the floor and knocked himself out. he put a video game under his shirt to steal it. >> everybody was grabbing everything, because you could see it. it was like a mob. people were stepping on people. >> newman's grandson said his grandfather was con sealicealin under his shirt to keep people from grabbing it from his grandson's hands. a woman doused the other customers with pepper spray. they're trying to track her down. the woman was apparently trying to get a great deal on a video game console. a witness describes what happened. >> i didn't see her personally, but i sure got the scent of the mace. i got it in my throat, it was
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burning. i saw people around me, they got it really bad. i tried to get away from it as quickly as possible, because i didn't think that was worth it. no deal is worth that. nba players and owners reached a tentative deal this morning to end a month-long lockout. they are set to resume on christmas day. if the players ratify the agreement, the plan is to start a 66-game season with a triple header. the lockout has lasted 149 days. president obama even commented on the deal, giving it a thumbs up. >> what's the nba story? good deal. and the family of a florida a&m drum major who died last weekend may be preparing to sue the school. authorities suspect robert champion's death was caused by hazing. no one has been charged but champion's family has hired an attorney. the school fired the band director this week and he has hired a lawyer to fight for his job. the federal government is
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investigating the chevy volt over fears the electric car's batteries may pose a fire risk. the national highway traffic safety administration says the volt's lithium ion batteries could catch fire in a crash. so far there have been no accidents involving fires and there is no recall. gm insists the car is safe. and liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> nasa launches a mission to mars this morning. the rocket carrying the rover named curiosity will take eight and a half months to get there. it's about the size of a compact car. curiosity will look for life in moss and rock soil samples for about two years. back to our stop story. outrage in pakistan today after a deadly border raid. the government has called for review of its relationship with the u.s. and nato. choppers killed 24 of its soldiers.
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they are looking into reaction from islamabad. >> angry reaction here in pakistan, so what government officials are calling a nato air strike that hit two dozen pakistani soldiers. this sparked some anti-american and anti nato protest nz pakistan, some of those protests taking place in the city of lajor. this took place in moments. this is the tribal region that sits right next to the afghan border. this is an area where there is a lot of military activity. nato troops oftentimes conduct military operations there, and that's what was happening in the early morning hours saturday morning when this happened. the agreement between pakistan and nato is for nato troops to stay on afghanistan soil, but in this case, according to pakistani officials, that didn't happen. these nato air strikes hit
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targets on pakistani soil, and pakistani government officials not happy. the prime minister issuing a blistering condemnation saying he plans to protest this incident with u.s. and nato officials. here's what pakistan's top military spokesperson had to say about the incident. >> there is a great resentment, because these kinds of incidents happen and the excuse was given that it was by mistake or it was confusion because someone was chased because of the militants crossing over. but the fact is that they got together and exact locations were exchanged, and they were being manned by pakistani soldiers. >> calling an emergency meeting on saturday night with military and government leaders, trying to formulate a response to this incident. we should also point out that pakistan has shut down the two
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nato supply routes that take supplies from pakistan to afghanistan. that means roughly 40% of nato supplies are near pakistan, not clear when they're going to move again, not clear what other measures pakistan is prepared to take in response to this incident. c cnn. >> this is likely to impact already strained relations with the u.s. our soenior analyst peter bergmn explains how bad things have become. >> the incident have angered the pakistan and have contributed to the fact that this is one of the most anti-american countries in the world. the favorable views for out of the country are 18%. >> this is hardly the first time the relationship between these two countries has been put in jeopardy. back in april, supplies to nato forces in afghanistan were
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halted for three days in protest over drone attacks. in may when the u.s. took out osama bin laden, pakistan was not warned in advance of the raid. in june, top u.s. military chief admiral mike mullen admitted significant cuts in aid to afghanistan. in august they denied aid to pakistan, and in september, they accused pakistan of supporting the akhani military group in pakistan. they deny that. this is what the streets of cairo look like today. we'll take you there for a live report from tahrir square where the mood is tense after the death of a protester earlier today. and later, face to face with actor isaiah washington. four years after his controversial departure from grey's anatomy, he talks about how that role changed his life on and offscreen.
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taking some other international stories now, the man suspected in the disappearance of american high school student natalee holloway in aruba will stand trial for the murder of another woman. jordan van der sloot's peruvian murder trial is set to begin in six weeks. and on to syria now where protests continue despite a government crackdown. an activist group monitoring the
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situation leaves at least 11 civilians, including three children, claiming they've been killed by civilian forces today. sancti sanctions in syria over a crackdown on the protesters. one protester was killed in cairo after being struck by a police truck that was trying to lessen the chaos. egypt's parliamentary elections beg begin on monday. we're in kcairo right now. it is nightfall. people who are in the square demonstrating, what is it they're demanding tonight? >> reporter: well, they're demanding what they've been demanding for the last week, which is for the supreme council of the armed forces, the military council that took over from mubarak, step down. they want a transition to some sort of civilian rule.
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now, this evening mohammad baradai, the former head of the economic energy agency, he did put out a statement saying he would be willing to drop his bid for the presidency and serve as the prime minister in a national salvation government. now, we know he did meet today with the head of the military council, field martial kontaui. nobody mentioned or stated what was the content of that meeting, but clearly the military is looking for some way to break the gap between the people in tahrir and the government at the moment. >> how powerful a movement is it, then, for those who are not necessarily taking the side of the demonstrators who want the government change? those who are supporting of the military rule. >> reporter: let me put it this way. the people of tahrir are good at
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mobilizing large numbers of people and really getting people's attention. certainly they have a very loud voice. but there are many other people who have been standing on the sidelines who are concerned about the failing economy, the disappearance of tourism, foreign investment is drying up. they're worried about crime in the streets, which is way up from a year ago, and they feel there's been enough political change, enough instability and now it's time for the country to get back to normal, to hold elections as are scheduled to begin this coming monday, and to restore some form of stability so the country can get back on its feet. so those people who, in fact, have their own demonstration yesterday in another part of town feel that the tahrir people are taking the country in the direction they're not comfortable with. >> ben weideman, thanks so much from cairo.
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expert, joins us to talk about some fat-fighting foods. this could be encouraging because it's tough trying to make decisions about what to eat. but you say among the three, yogurt, but a special kind of yogu yogurt, is in the mix. >> it's important that everybody rediscover the benefits of yogurt, fredricka. first of all, it's high in protein which means it's slow to be absorbed and slow to me tab lies in the body so you won't get hungry right away. you can get the low fat kind or the non-fat kind. yogurt comes in small individualized serving cups because it only takes a little bit of yogurt to make you feel full. the popular greek kind is out there now and it's loaded with extra protein, so everybody should try the yogurt for the holiday season. >> some people have tried to get on the greek bandwagon, but you have to wonder if things labeled greek are really different than
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your average yogurt out there. >> it's christmas time and people are trying to do the bait ask switch, but i would say stick with brand names you trust. but the added protein makes it worth it for quality greek yogurt. >> then there's tibouleh and quinoa? i've never heard of it. >> the great thing about these two fibers, you can serve them by themselves, you can ask fruits and vegetables to them as well. you won't be hungry ten minutes or an hour later so you don't get that rebound, and they're loaded with all kinds of bonus nutrients. so think about quinoa and tibouleh during the parties or between the parties. >> you learn something new all the time. sometimes a pretty good appetite
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suppressant are great for acidic things. >> we have grapefruit in our own yard here in northern california. technically, it's in the neighbor's yard, but the grapefruit hangs over. >> then it's yours. >> grapefruits are loaded with water, so naturally they're going to fill you up. again, we mention lots of fiber and lots of good nutrition that goes with it. here's the important part of grapefutu grapefruit. it's loaded with sole ubl fiber which is good for your intestines as well, and it also lowers the bad kind of ldl fiber. it will help you get through the cold season, and before you're tem tempted to add sugar, pick a variety of grapefruit like the texas red. it tastes naturally sweet and you won't have to deal with the extra calories.
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>> i had no idea grapefruit was fiber filled. >> the soluble fiber, the good stuff. >> thank you very much, and i love the winter holiday sweater you got going there. >> we're drready for winter. he has stretched himself as an actor over the years playing a gay surgeon and a politician. he tells me how "grey's" role
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isaiah washington played dr.
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preston burke on the hit tv show "grey's anatomy." in the four years since the controversial departure from the show, he starred in tv's "law and order." he also wrote "a man from another land." in his book he writes it didn't take long to realize the impact the doctor had on his character. he was riding high in his career. >> before you get knocked off that horse and you were at the pinnacle of your acting career success, and you were able to say, you know, these have been some of my favorite bodies of work, what were they before "grey's anatomy"? >> it seemed like products i would choose like love jones, which was ten years before its time. i did it intentionally because i wanted people to think.
1:22 pm
ironically, this character's name was george washington. so that was my favorite film. and "clockers." any of my psych films, but "dancing in september" was one where i got to play at the height of my intellect, so to speak. >> so when "grey's anatomy" came calling, no one could predict it would be the kind of success that it was. >> i did. >> you did? >> i was the one who suggested calling it ""grey's anatomgr "g" they changed it to another name, and i said it's going to be popular as "grey's anatomy." >> you were loving dr. burke. you have become him, he has become you. what was the most gratifying thing about this role? >> actually understanding the
1:23 pm
glory of heart, of the human heart. and actually participating in several open heart surgeries. i didn't want to participate in one on a child because i had children, and i just couldn't bear it. >> so what came with this role was greater than, here's an acting opportunity, a regular gig every day, the popularity grows, the salary grows. there became a personal responsibility. >> yeah. >> -- that you embraced as being this dr. burke of "grey's anatomy." >> yeah. >> explain that to me. >> i really started believing that i could change the world with this guy. i never knew the power of isaiah washington. we were working a lot, and i didn't notice the power that existed after this crisis. i thought nobody cared about what i did or thought because i was so busy doing what i was doing. >> it took a physical and emotional toll. >> yes.
1:24 pm
>> you had to be totally invest nd this role working how many hours a day? >> 18. i would come home at 6:00 on a saturday morning and sleep through the weekend, kids trying to pull my eyes open. we had all the money in the world, all the adulation. >> $5 million a year. >> you know, great, but the moment i was off the show, i went to pick up my son, who was born in 2002, and he pretty much didn't see me his whole young life because 2004 the show took off. he was running around the school, and i thought he was running around playing. i got out of the car and he was crying. he had seen me pull up, and i got out to see what he was doing, and he was crying, running around telling the children, see, i do have a father. he really is my father. i do have a real daddy. i told you i have a daddy. >> my gosh, how much that had to
1:25 pm
hurt when you are thinking, i've done all the right things to get my career where it is, to be able to provide for my family the way i want, but then come to find out there is some deprivation that my child is expressing right here. >> that one rocked me. that one rocked me to the core. like you say, it's a pinnacle. i won. i'm winning, right? no, i'm not. i was almost that close to losing what i considered the most important thing to me, and that's my family. >> actor isaiah washington remains busy. he continues his book tour promoting "a man from another land" and over the last few months, washington says he's produced two movies and one documentary, skpul sand you'll on the big screen in the movies
1:26 pm
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we're heading into the second busiest travel day of the year. terry mcguinness has the forecast of what it might look like. >> we've got a lot going on, but it looks like going into the suspend sunday, that's when we see the back end of snowfall. all the way from jackson, mississippi into memphis into nashville. right now we're looking at airport delays, ground delays being reported at chicago's o'hare airport, but not just there. we're also looking across the midwest where the weather system is trying to move now. the back side of this is where we're looking at winds that are rushing in bitterly cold air, skpoo and you've got the ideal ingredients for snowfall. places like nashville could be a mix of ice and snow. we're beginning to see that break up just a little bit. most of that has moved off towards the north and toward the east, so houston's weather
1:30 pm
situation is definitely improving. all right, as we go into the next, oh, 12 hours or so, here are what we're expecting. chicago, already the delays have taken place there, but for dallas, memphis, minneapolis, those wind gusts could be up close to 60 miles per hour. now, we've already seen some reports that they've been as high as 65 miles an hour in sections of oklahoma, also into texas. cool weather is going to prevail here. nice, sunny sky. you'll need it because those wind chill factors are going to be exceptionally cold. this rainfall, though, fredricka, is kind of the key. here is the front going into sunday. for atlanta, the rainfall begins to pick up. lots of people on the roads trying to get different places for this extended thanksgiving holiday, but you're headed back to home. try to get home in time for work. for atlanta, for places like nashville, also into charlotte, it's going to be a wet forecast. more so into monday along that
1:31 pm
i-95 corridor into new york, boston, baltimore, pittsburgh, philadelphia. that's where we're looking at some of the rainfall. this tennessee river valley, some of the rivers here are beginning to fill up, and as a result we do have flood warnings in effect, so if you're traveling through some of those areas, we saw that last week in arkansas where the heavy deluge really impacted this region. now it shifts more toward the east. we haven't talked much about the pacific northwest, but you have a system right here. they're saying to the east of the cascades, you're looking at snowfall, so that cold air is getting dragged in. alaska, rainfall, and you know what, fredricka, you know i'm a big birder. >> i know. >> we've got snowy owls here. we saw it with the last system that moved in and there will be another one moving in. they're saying the weather has an influence on kind of the migration of these birds. >> we've got to get some of your
1:32 pm
images on the air one day. we have some extraordinary images from the bird watching that you do. thanks very much, karen. appreciate that. some of our top stories now. pakistan is condemning a nato helicopter attack on checkpoints near the volatile border with afghanistan. pakistan said at least 20 soldiers were killed. they're calling for a review of its relationship with the u.s. and nato, and that could have a big impact on future military and political arrangements between the two countries. homeward bound for three american students arrested during protests in egypt. egyptian officials accused them of taking part in invite lent protests in tahrir square. the students denied the charges which included throwing molitov cocktails from a rooftop during the admonition strags. they are due to arrive home tonight. liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> nasa launches a mission to the red planet this morning.
1:33 pm
it will take eight and a half months for the rocket carrying the rover named curiosity to reach mars. it weighs a ton and is about the size of a compact car. curiosity will look for signs of potenti potential martian life. seven people were killed when three roadside bombs exploded in central baghdad. another six men died when a bomb hit a mini bus carrying young people in eastern fallujah. nearly 300 marines and soldiers returned from afghanistan for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. they were filled with joy and lots of love upon their arrival. the marines and sailors were coming home for the holidays from southern afghanistan. >> that's the best thing in the world. that's one thing the deployment taught me. for seven months away, all that
1:34 pm
matters is your family and coming back home soon. i'm thankful for them. >> iraq's army says it will take full responsibility for security when u.s. forces leave next month. almost all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year, and it's been a massive undertaking. >> if the war of iraq has a finish line, then camp virginia is it. for the last six weeks, as many as 350 vehicles a day have been rolling into this remote base on the desert, delivering soldiers and equipment. here teams workday and night, guiding convoys through a series of stops. each one like an assembly line in reverse, taking off, or as they say, downloading equipment accumulated over years of war. so what sort of stuff are they getting out at this particular port? >> oil, fuel, batteries,
1:35 pm
anything important to them that they downloaded here. >> everything is sorted and collected to be thrown out, recycled or put back in service. we brought you to this motor pool because it's really one of the few places you can go to get a sense of just how much we're talking about, how many vehicles, how many trucks, how much stuff. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. camp virginia has the capacity to house close to 7,000 troops and more than 5,000 vehicles. even though officials say they're below those levels, they admit it's been challenging keeping up with what's been coming out of iraq. >> it's very busy, and i will say we're making use of every available cot we have, all the space we have, but it's going really well. >> at ease, listen up. >> but there are signs of string. they had to greatly increase housing and office space, and the dining hall now remains open 24 hours a day just to keep everyone fed. the goal is to move the soldiers from a convoy to a flight back
1:36 pm
to the u.s. within five to eight days, but officers admitted it can sometimes take longer. and the next convoy to camp virginia is not expected until november 30 to allow the system time to catch up. despite such problems, morale remains high. every soldier who makes it here knows the next stop is home. camp virginia, kuwait. >> it sounds like they have a deal. when is it game on for the nba? but did you know they're good for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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it looks like we'll van nba season after all. david stern says a tentative agreement was reached this morning to end the lockout. the plan is to start the season on christmas day with a triple header, but players still have to ratify the deal. notice sports and entertainment attorney daniel meacham joins me live right now to talk about this proposed deal. the players still have to ratify it. would they back out at this juncture? >> i don't think so, but they can't ratify it until they reform the union. they recertify the union on
1:40 pm
december 14, so there are a lot of legal hoops that need to be overcome before there is a collective bargaining. >> so a lot? >> a lot. >> so nobody should celebrate december 25, possibly the start of the regular season. >> they say basketball players are the most pessimistic people, so maybe my opinion isn't the one to rely on, but there's two lawsuits. they placed one in minnesota, and they have to withdraw that. they filed a lawsuit in new york, they have to withdraw that lawsuit. i think one of the bargaining chips that allowed this to happen is that the players do it to gain $6 billion in damages in a lawsuit. but you've got to reform the union. the owners, 15 of 29, have to ratify the agreement. now, there is an economic committee within the owners that have to approve it and recommend it to the board. that has to be done. >> is it your contention that
1:41 pm
some of the players you represent, that some of the players are saying they had to give up the most in this in order to even reach this tentative deal, that they're losing millions. >> the collective bargaining agreement the players receive, they're guaranteed 57% of the revenues. that's $4 billion. now it's 50/50. so i don't know what the math is, but i think 7% of $4 billion is a significant number. the other thing is they did not mess so much where the cap or restrictive agencies, but what they did is they used the luxury tax as a restriction from a player like kevin durant who went from a small market in oklahoma to a large market in new york. i don't think what people understood, it was a three-pronged fight here. it was the owner of small markets versus the owners of large markets and then the players. >> so how does it either change the game, change the structure of the nba or change the contracts from this day forward?
1:42 pm
>> i don't think right now you're going to know until these things like luxury taxes start to really be applied and be in place. if they become very restricted, it's going to do a couple of things. it's going to have a restriction on the players' salaries, which is what they don't want to have, and it's going to have a restriction on the movement of the players' free agencies. i think it's kind of wait ask s -- wait and see, but the problem is you have to have players and owners voting on that agreement before you really know how it's going to play out. >> so the players are saying, wait, this is over a lot of money when a lot of the players and agents are making a lot of money, so a lot of fans are more disappointed that it disrupted the regular season and a lot of them feel these are spoiled kids fighting over their territory. do i have that right? >> the fans have the right because the fans make the game. but i think it's relative, because the players -- i heard michael jordan at his hall of
1:43 pm
fame induction say that though the front office put together a good team, the players won the championship. these players are the highlights. they're the entertainment. the owners take an economic risk in putting the team together. the players take a risk as well. and so one of the things of guaranteed contracts and economic risks, it's a real relative kind of situation. it's like saying secretariat was a good horse, so why did he get a chance to do all the things he did? it's relative. it's not a swayed back horse, it's relative. they played this game all their lives and they're entitled to be compensated for it. ive friends on both sides, owners and players, but i think i probably land with the players a little bit more. >> we'll see if we, indeed, are going to see that triple header on christmas day. daniel meacham, good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. here's a recipe for disaster. what would be your reaction if you walked into your living room
1:44 pm
and saw this? flour everywhere all because of two little boys. you're going to have to stick around, i guess, to see the video. two little boys kind of had a field day with a five-pound bag of flour. and it's everywhere. would you kind of blow a gasket or would you say, it's all right? >> i would probably blow a gasket. i would blow a gasket. that's my daughter. >> you'll have to stick around for our viral video. this was the end result. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. we'll be right back with more of this viral video. subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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here's what's crossing the political ticker right now. it's a little more than six weeks until the first in the nation presidential primary in new hampshire, and tomorrow one of the state's most influential newspapers, the union leader of manchester, will announce its endorsement in the republican race, an endorsement from the paper considered a major boost for any candidate. republican candidate newt gingrich is standing firm in his call for a more human approach to the illegal immigrant issue. he says those who just came here
1:48 pm
should go home, period. he said those here with longer ties and family should not be kicked out. he is a supporter of amnesty. the caucus will not serve an eighth term in congress. charles gonzalez says he's been in congress for 14 years and he wants to do something else. for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go, now a little time for some virals. karen maginnis back now. this is crazy, zany, over the top. we hinted to it earlier, flour everywhere. >> these poor little -- one is three years old, left alone, five-pound bag of flour. he's already wearing the prison stripes. >> that's right. that's funny.
1:49 pm
>> just for a hot second or a couple minutes, apparently mom went to the bamthroom. when she came back, this is what she saw. they had a field day with flour. a five-pound bag of flour can do that much damage. >> i'd like to think i never did that as a little one. >> i don't think i did, either. i think i'd still hear about it today. >> how in the world do you vacuum all this stuff up? >> i think you would have to make two or three passes over that. >> oh mir, my gosh, they're goio to get new furniture, take the carpet out. mom makes the discovery, she gets the video camera and they get to continue playing. >> 3 million viewers later, there you go. >> pretty remarkable. thanks so much, karen, for that crazy video. okay, now we got this coming up. were you into it, black friday? >> i was. >> you didn't lose your mind like a locality t of folks, rig?
1:50 pm
>> allegedly. >> now there's cyber monday. are you ready for that? >> i'm way ahead of the curve here. here's some cyber monday related stuff here. it involved a very warm place. ♪
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
with black friday over, the countdown is on to cyber monday now. it's the biggest on-line shopping day of the season, and you may see big deals on ipads or a new tv you've been wanting. you may also want to consider booking a flight to somewhere warm or just wherever you need to go for the holidays. this is great news. >> people don't realize, people hear cyber monday and they think, okay, it's time to get stuff. what a lot of people don't realize is there are cyber monday deals that expire monday night, 11:59 p.m. earlier we talked about some of the stuff you can actually get cheaper if you wait until after cyber monday. but we have a really great
1:54 pm
spread on cnn right now that talks about these travel deals and how you might want to grab them. let me talk you through some of these. think ahead to where you might want to go with the cold weather coming, but if you have something else in mind, so be it. the first one, hawaii. orbitz has a pretty good deal going. they're offering up to half price on hotels, including hawaii, also places in the continental u.s., san diego, orlando. they also have it for overseas places like paris and they're referring to it as a cyber sale, and this cyber sale ends monday night. so it is a really good example of taking advantage of it. >> that's gorgeous right there. >> yeah, that's hawaii. cancun, marriott has a deal going that will help you get discounts if you go there. it's for a bunch of warm locations, including cancun.
1:55 pm
business percentages off, also going to aruba, puerto rico, a bunch of good places. and few people know about this, but it's good right now, called uupon. it's offering what they're calling -- not a typo -- black friday and cyber monday sale. they're offering deals to all sorts of places, including vegas. they have a lot of discounts for shows in vegas. these are the kinds of things you want to tray advantaake adv right now if you can. i posted all this stuff for you including everything we talked about this afternoon, the scams to watch out for and when cyber monday is going to be a good deal for you, when it's not. is the blog, and on facebook and twitter, i'm at josh joshlevscnn. >> so you need to go to the airlines web site and the hotels
1:56 pm
web site, not necessarily to the travel web sites that have package deals? >> a lot of these kind of deals are going to be the sites where you can book everything at once, where you can book your flight and your hotel. the airline could be doing it directly as well, but a lot we're seeing in terms of cyber monday focus are at those sites that book your whole trip for you. >> looking at cyber monday in a whole different way. >> if you've got a vacation coming up, this is a great way to use it. speaking of traveling, a bill now before the u.s. senate would make a lot of airline passengers very happy. the senator of louisiana has introduced a bill that would accept one checked bag and one carry-on bag for free. spirit causes $35 for a carry-on bag. he says when they advertise a flight, that's how much it should cost, plain and simple.
1:57 pm
just one week after "twilight,"" breaking doawn" wa released. a california man was suspected of suffering a seizure while watching the movie's birth scene. doctors say it could have triggered photosensitive bouts of epilepsy. he jumped again and again and again until he jumped 100 times in one day. he's doing it to remember a soldier killed in afghanistan. money raised by that event will go to a trust fund of children. that will do it for me today. ted rollins in for dan. were put out for me. i did it again. no worries, nick. [ sighs ] say, nick, you must be busy this holiday.
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