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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 30, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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six ounces a day. that's not that much. for older kids, 8 to 12 ounces a day. really limit the amount of juice that they have. >> moderation, moderation. >> exactly. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. >> thanks. and now, forget shopping centers in california or even in new zealand. flash mobs have gone global. take a look at this scene. this is the busiest train station in mumbai, india. they took over the platform, broke it out. it's a popular baliwood tune. i don't know if these dancers are as good as the heart throb in the movie. we see a lot of americans in training there. and, now, top of the hour. welcome back. hour two, i'm brooke baldwin.
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here's what we're watching for you. first the dow goes up, way up today. the syracuse basketball program under the microscope. and who is getting the wintry mix today. alison kosik, let's begin with you on the floor. there she is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. huge gains. huge gains for wall street after the fed's massive intervention in europe. >> and not just the fed. we're talking about five other central banks. everybody pretty much getting together, brooke, and agreeing to be kind of a safety net to keep the problems that are happening in europe from getting worse. so what these essential banks said were that, you know, they are going to make it cheaper and easier for banks to loan money and to borrow money with the idea that the banks would go out and extend credit lines to businesses and to consumers. it's essentially the goal of trying to get more money to start circulating in these world economies. as you can see, clearly with the
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dow up, the market loves this kind of support. but if you look back, you look at how dire this situation is, that something so drastic had to happen. this is more of a band-aid more than a fix at this point. >> and this is obviously big today but it's certainly not unprecedented. >> it's not. it's actually an old line from an old playbook. lehman collapsed in 2008. days after that, bank stepped in and tried to get liquidity going as well. this time, though, it's not here in the u.s. the problem is europe. and now there's a lot of talk that if there is not a recession in europe, they are headed to one. they could be headed to a shock and that's why we see these
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steps being free to cash. >> alison kosik, thanks. let's go to he had lavandera. in syracuse, the legendary head coach joe boeheim very critical of those not supporting bernie fine. >> reporter: initially in the first weekend after the accusations were made public, jim boeheim said that they were liars and wanting money. after the phone taped conversations had emerged, he struck a much different tone. he was pressed to extensively as to why -- what caused that change and he said, look, his initial reaction and protection of bernie fine was driven by a
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friendship of almost 50 years and a great deal of loyalty. that's what he said was driving it early on and clearly things have changed now. >> as the story continues to evolve, europe there with gary tuchman. let's listen to a portion of that interview. >> it continued to happen, you know. and then i told him, please don't do that no more but he -- you couldn't tell him no. it was hard to say anything because you think you're with a god, you know. just hard to come out and say anything to anybody about it. >> ed, we're following what's happening at penn state. we see what is happening with sandusky and paterno is out. is boeheim at all worried about his job? >> reporter: well, the chancellor here gave him a vote of confidence and said she was happy with boeheim. he also said he doesn't worry about his job. he says, i don't worry about
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anything. and then continued to be pressed about who knew what and when and when they knew it. and boeheim wants to see how this plays out to see if these terrible allegations happened under his watch. if it did, perhaps that would change things in the future. he got a great deal of support. 19,000 people and when he emerged, he got a loud ovation from that crowd that attended the game last night. >> ed lauvandera, thank you. next, chad myers, intense wind in southern california? >> tomorrow morning, it could be 80 miles per hour. that's a fire danger, power line danger, that's a dust storm danger. especially if you're driving high profile. and may reduce visibility. one spark with a wind that's 60 or 70 miles per hour -- >> that's a hurricane-force wind. >> exactly. it's a cold santa ana and it won't be that please san. a lot of times santa ana winds
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are warm. it's only 55 degrees and winds blowing at 40. it's not going to be nice. here is l.a. the high pressure is here. think of it like a bubble of air. low pressure is down here. this is a trough of air. the bubble wants to go down to the trough. the wind wants to blow into the direction from high to low, like your blow drier does. it makes it high pressure and blows out the nozzle. this is going to be the nozzle tomorrow. winds blowing in from the west and into the east. and then east to west as it gets closer and closer. the wrong way almost blowing from the 29 palms area. you get one spark and we'll be on the air with the filed fire tomorrow afternoon. a lot of dry stuff out there, from san bernardino into the coastal areas and a couple sparks will make wildfires
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tomorrow for sure. the same story for not only tomorrow morning but friday morning as well, brooke. >> hopefully nothing catches a spark. >> yep. >> chad, thank you. the first civil lawsuit claimed against jerry sandusky. the suit claims that he assaulted the alleged victim more than 100 times. also, the men accused of cutting the beards of amish men in ohio go before a judge this afternoon. also, herman cain is reassessing, re-evaluating his run for the white house. that's what he is telling his campaign workers. also, jim acosta caught up with him today. it sure doesn't sound like he is giving up. have you heard about this bizarre one? police say a fake doctor injected cement into a patient's year end. we have learned about a new victim who got injections into her face. look at that. those stories and more in two
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[ male announcer ] shopping for medicare coverage? the annual enrollment period ends december 7th. now is the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today. in it's interesting, it's happening right now. rapid fire, let's go. with regard to the ref rand billy graham, his lungs need to be checked for a possible pneumonia. maybe you remember he was treated for that earlier this year. a press release says that he's alert and waiting to speak to hospital staff. penn state has been hit with the very first sex abuse scan tal involving the football program there. the suit was filed today against former penn state football coach
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jerry sandusky and the university and the second mile and the alleged victim named as john doe. >> it is a jerry sandusky who abused him and violated his trust as a child for over four years. herman cain is back on the stump today. he's making a three-stop swing through ohio. cain says he is reassessing his campaign following allegations of a long-time affair with an atlanta woman and says le make a decision about his political future in the next couple of days. today, cain sounded like someone ready for the long haul. >> but with a mess going on over the past several weeks where they have been trying to do a character assassination on me. some of you predicted that this room was going to be empty
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today. i don't think i see any empty rooms in here. >> cain has a campaign appearance at this hour at ohio state university. and that american suspected in the disappearance of his traveling companion gary giordano is free. investigators held him for four months as they tried to figure out what happened to his traveling partner. he was released for lack of evidence but the prosecutors are hoping to still build a case against him. >> we are hoping that this the end of it. however, he's not running. so if they have a legal basis to require him to come back, he's going to come back. >> it is an emotional day for family and friends of robert champion. the 26-year-old drum major died after a hazing incident. champion's family plans to sue the school. they say that band hazing
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incidents have been covered up there for generations. the embassy in iran was closed in iran. protesters stormed this facility in tehran. the move does not amount to a severing of diplomatic relations but reduces them to the lowest level possible. now france has recalled its ambassador from iran. a new search is under way for a florida mother who vanished after appearing on "the people's court." searchers are beating the bushes for clues to michelle parker's disappearance. they are searching near a park where the last ping from her cell phone was picked up. police call her ex-fiance the primary suspect and the 3-year-old twins were taken away from him yesterday but today a judge ordered that the children be returned to their father. call it a bada bing
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immigration bust. strippers were brought to mafia clubs to work. prosecutors say some of these defendants actually arranged sham marriages between these foreign strippers and u.s. citizens. and now this. does this look like a terrorist to you? he does to many people who are amish in ohio. sam mullet and three other auch amish men are due in federal court for shaving beards. cutting them is extremely hostile. the local sheriff said that some au amish are so scared of mullet ta they are arming mem receives with mace and shotguns and locking their doors. a fake doctor accused of
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injecting her patients with cement. she says she has a lawyer. morris says that super glue was used to seal their surgery wounds. one of the people who had these procedures performed said the fake doc had a word of mouth reputation and represented the transsexual community. >> you're willing to roll the dice and take chances. >> this victim now getting therapeutic injections from a real physician. an absolutely terrifying video of a great white shark off the coast of -- north carolina? what? the story behind those pictures coming up. and we're not far away from the stock market at this hour closing. we're 45 minutes from that. up even further than last time we checked. but why? our own financial friend, richard quest, standing by in our london studio.
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we have to talk about the markets. take a look at the numbers. huge day for blue chip stocks. dow up 412 points as we're 40 minutes away from the "closing bell." now, all of this follows word that the federal reserve has stepped into the europe to break this credit freeze and there's word of a monetary freeze in china. we're going to get to richard quest out of london live for us right now. first, richard, are you here to tell me that the u.s. is bailing out europe? >> no, i am most certainly am not. nothing of the kind. what has happened is, that the banks on both sides of the
12:19 pm
atlantic are very wary about lending to each other. nobody really knows where debt is or what liabilities there are. so european banks that might want dollars have found them difficult to get. and american banks that might want yen or euro or even pounds might have some difficulties, too. they have agreed that they are all going to swap amongst each other. basically, the central banks will make it easy. look, it is as if you and i needed to borrow each other's currency. but, frankly, we needed somebody to help us do it. and what the central banks are doing is doing exactly that. and they are doing it at a cheaper rate. the fear is, if they do not, then you won't lend to me, i won't lentd d to you. neither of us will trust each other and before long clam tea strikes. >> and i think it's been reir
12:20 pm
rated, it's just a temporary fix and when you talk about the central banks, i want to get back to the point of washington intervening. is europe unwilling, unable to -- >> no. no. no. >> ring that bell, richard quest. >> you're barking up the wrong tree on this one. and you -- this is not about the u.s. bailing out my europe. this is about the united states making making dollars available. they have had this plan in place for a long time. the plan isn't new. they had before and after lehman. they had it 18 months ago. what is new is that they have reduced the interest rate so that banks on both sides of the atlantic can actually free up -- this is oil that is going to lubricate the system. but more importantly, any money that is lent into the system or swapped, to use the technical
12:21 pm
phrase, is returned. the ecb in england gave it back at the end of it. so any american taxpayer watching us now that thinks, we're bailing out europe. >> we're getting our money back, is what you're saying? >> this is about insuring the system. because i promise you this, if they don't do this and we do get a gumming up and a ceasing up of the systems, we are lehman, we are ducks, and not only that, if it's the euro involved, it's going to be taking people by surprise. >> very simply, china requires banks to keep reserves, which the fed does or any other reserve, china has reduced the amount that it requires banks to keep on reserve. what do banks do when they can take money out to the central bank? they no longer have to store it?
12:22 pm
they lend it. why has china done it, slow down, fear of european slow down, want to make sure that china's growth continues. they are literally pumping money into the economy. >> richard quest, thank you. barking up the wrong tree, you say to me. if you haven't seen this video of the great white, stick around for a closer look. just incredible. someone got so close to these amazing sharks. keep in mind, this is just off the coast of north carolina. our jim oi costa did not get close to the sharks but he got close to herman cain. hear what he told him, next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
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then all of a sudden nothing. take a look at who decided to crash the party. matt gart from washington captured this video of a great white off the coast of south carolina. they were fishing 25 miles off shore when this huge finned shark arrived. it hung around for some 20 minutes, knocked into the boat, slapped it around with its tail. the fishermen did the right thing by not harassing the fish, allowing it to be curious. he bought the iphone two weeks ago and the purpose is now officially totally worth it. and, now, to ohio we go. jim acosta joins me live from columbus. i know you were in a rope line, talked to herman cain. tell me what his response was. >> reporter: well, you know, it is the question of the week,
12:27 pm
brooke. is herman cain staying in this race? he gave a fiery speech in dayton, ohio. a couple of hours ago he was well received by the crowd there. many people urged him to fight on and stay in the race. we went up to the conservative businessman and asked him, point blank, is he vowing to stay in this race. here's what he had to say. >> mr. cain, jim acosta, are you going to stay in this race? >> we are reassessing and re-evaluating. >> how soon until we have a final answer on your future plans? >> we'll be making a decision in the next several days. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: so, brooke, as you can tell, that was not a direct response to our questions from herman cain. it is an indication that he is trying to make this decision, whether or not to press on, and obviously there's a lot riding on whether he stays in this race, not only for herman cain
12:28 pm
or for the rest of the field. >> and he told you, is this based upon fundraising, is it based upon whether or not his wife is behind him. do we know? >> we don't know. and if it were solely based on the support he is getting and delivering the same applause lines of almost every herman cain event. he was i wouldn't say interrupted by the crowd but urged on by the crowd at several points during the speech to stay in the campaign and keep on fighting. and i have to tell you, brooke, after the event was over, we went into the crowd and talked to some of the people who were there and not only did many of them not believe the allegations that are facing herman cain, allegations of marital infidelity, accusations that he has denied, the sexual harassment allegations, there
12:29 pm
are folks not only who do not believe the allegations, he said even if they are true, they think they should stay in the race. very interesting. >> we'll see. jim oi acosta, thank you. appreciate it. this guy is running from the police, breaks into a family's home, holds a family hostage. but when is all and said and done, he says that they owe him because they didn't hold up their end of the deal. and ringley brothers is facing a huge fine because of the way they handled their elephant and what is it that crossed the line. that conversation is ahead.
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the case of a missing florida mother could now be getting close to a boiling point. two developments today.
12:33 pm
first, searchers were in this area combing the area where her cell phone was last detected. they are looking. also, a judge tells children services to give parker sz twins back to her ex fiancee. keep in mind, he's the father and primary suspect in parker's disappearance. sunny hostin is back on the case today. they took these kids away from parker's ex-fiance yesterday so why give them back today? >> i think it's pretty remarkable but the judge found in an emergency hearing that there wasn't sufficient evidence to keep them away from their father. remember, in these kinds of custody cases are, legally what is in the best interest of the children? and courts are loathed to take the children away from the primary parents even in cases where they are the primary suspect in a disappearance. so they are astounded that in such short order they were taken
12:34 pm
away and then given back. >> how unusual is it to then leave the children back in his care? >> i think it's very unusual there are not a lot of cases like this, quite frankly. but those that have occurred, it's very unusual for the prime suspect or in a violence or murder case to be returned to the purported perp. it's very unusual. >> michelle parker is dead. listen to what he said. >> statistics sadly suggest that when someone has been missing for 12 days or more, that a homicide has occurred and i'm bending over backwards to be respectful to the family who deserve to hold on to every bit of hope that they can. but if you're just talking statistically, after 12 days and no signs and no indication,
12:35 pm
typically somebody is no longer with us. >> so, sunny, then how unusual is it that you have this attorney for the prime suspect who know how -- who will have custody of the kids, will suggest that this missing woman has been killed? >> i thought it was pretty extraordinary. he's been an attorney for quite some time. he does a lot of legal comment tear on hln and other stations. he's a seasoned attorney and he's statistically correct when he cites those statistics. it's true that when someone is missing for that period of time is no longer with us. but to say that, given the fact that he is representing the suspect, the main suspect, it's very odd. but perhaps he's sort of implying that his client has nothing to do with her disappearance and may have met at foul play but not at hands of his client.
12:36 pm
>> this sheriff's team, it was a dive team, search dogs, boats, these searchers sort of combing these brush and we're watching some of the search play out this afternoon. it looks very, very thorough. >> it really does. and one has to wonder what led the investigation here. we know that investigators have been to the suspect's father's home and that they went throughout that home in search for things and now we know that they are here searching through this brush. did they get any tips that perhaps a body can be found here? we don't know. they are keeping the investigation close to their vests, which they should. but it's clear that it's an ongoing investigation and that they are searching for someone. >> second case, sunny hostin, a couple in kansas is being sued by the young lady accused of kidnapping them. can you explain this, please? >> i'm going to try to explain
12:37 pm
the lawsuit. i have it in front of me. bottom line is, this guy is running from police, brooke, it's a car chase. the police shoot out his tires. he ends up in front of this couple's home, runs into the couple's home with the knife and basically kidnaps them and holds them hostage. now he's saying that during that hostage situation they promised that he would -- that they would hide him from police in exchange for money. and in breaking that promise he then got picked up by the police and shot by the police. and they owe him, according to him, i think about $235,000. >> so the kidnappees broke their promise? am i hearing you correctly? >> broke their oral agreement to him. >> that's funny.
12:38 pm
>> he wants about $235,000. he says on the last page that he wants about $160,000 for his hospital bills. and he wants about $75,000 for pain and suffering. really something very interesting, he did let me know that he filed this himself. >> right. i heard that it was handwritten. >> he didn't file find a lawyer to represent him. thankfully no one from my learner profession took this case. it speaks to the wonders of our legal system. the fact that you can sue anyone for anything and you can represent yourself if you need to. >> sunny hostin, you think you've heard it all and you haven't. it's a child tradition for so many children, a trip to the circus. but what goes on under the big top when there's no one watching. the greatest show on earth in trouble with the feds with how
12:39 pm
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you like the circus, you take your kids to the circus? now the home of the greatest show on earth is paying a fine for allegedly mistreat an elephant. this is from p.i.t.a. back in 2009. the animal rights group accused
12:42 pm
the circus of abusing animals using the metal hook. it's called a bull hook. the parent company is paying out this $270,000 fine to the usda for alleged violations. the company admits absolutely no wrongdoing but the head of the company and we look for to a cooperative and transparent manner that ensuring our animals are healthy and can achieve the highest quality care. we remain committed to complying with all requirements. want to tell you also what the usda is saying, this is a portion of their statement. you can find it on their website. this settlement sends a direct message to the public and to those who exhibit animals that usda will take all necessary steps to protect animals regulated under the animal welfare act and other
12:43 pm
stipulations. it goes on and the settlement agreement promote a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all exhibit fors in maintaining animals under their care. this is a better look at the bull hook. actor kristof in the red coat and perhaps you've read the book "water for elephants" and the parent company of ringling brothers says there will be other training for handlers. the head of the animal sanctuary in nashville, tennessee, what do you make of this fine, this $270,000? they are telling people no matter what your purpose is of keeping an animal, you have to look after them according to the law and it seems like it's a
12:44 pm
stern warning. >> if you look at this, the settlement was $250,000. the fine per violation, 27 violations. am i correct? violations of the animal welfare act? >> you're right. >> it alleges that they used bull hooks. do you know anything more about what they have done? >> no, i don't. but the bull hook is a traditional tool for training elephants. it's been used for 4,000 years but it's absolutely not necessary. there's no need to use any kind of negative reinforcement or pain or punishment. the only reason that tool exists is to inflict a level of pain and sometimes it can be extreme and there are incidents where
12:45 pm
that has happened. >> any circus and you need to teach an elephant some tricks. how do you train an elephant if you don't use a bull hook? >> you use positive reinforcement. it means, quite simply, you can get an animal to lift its foot in one of two ways. you put a hook in behind the foot you use positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement. >> you know, i look at these animals and they are beautiful animals and i want to think that a circus is a safe, happy place, where you take your kids and the animals are treated as the stars that they appear to be in the shows. but how naieve from what you know from being an expert is
12:46 pm
that? >> well, elephants are such complicated animals. they live in huge groups and live for decades. they stay in these strict family groups all the females are related. they recognize the cause of 200 other elephants. they travel for miles a day. they are active forging for 15 hours a day. you just can't replicate that in a circus environment. it just can't happen. it's a major insult to the animal's welfare and psychology by keeping them chained, traveling them, using abusive training techniques, exhibiting that none of that is what elephants are supposed to be doing. they are supposed to be living in groups and living a wild natural life as they can do at the sanctuary? >> you love them, yes? >> they are wonderful. >> rob out of nashville, thank you so much. and we don't know yet if ron paul has perfected the recipe for a winning presidential bid
12:47 pm
but his family sure has a bunch of other recipes. they apparently are willing to share. joe johns explains in a food-themed political pop. but first this -- how about this list for you? shoplifting has gone up 6% according to an article in ad week. out of every 11 people who walk into a store, out oh of 11 people, at least one will walk out with something they didn't pay for. one in 11. today we have the top ten items that shoplifters love to go after. take a look. number ten, nike shoes. number nine, chanel perfume. number eight, elmo, specifically the new let's rock elmo. number seven, polo/ralph lauren items. and then ax. what could be the other five? that's after this short break.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
just looking ahead at what i'm about to tell you. we have been giving you a list of the top ten items most likely to be stolen. ten, nike shoes. eight, let's rock elmo. seven, polo shirt. six, ax. gillette razors. number four, the iphone 4. three, electric tools. and number two, jamison alcohol and the number one item shoplifters love, meat fillets. how you walk out, i don't want to know. let's go to wolf blitzer and see
12:51 pm
what he has shaking for the situation room. how are you? >> very good. i like the way you did that top ten. maybe letterman can pick up some tips. very good. we got tony blair, he's joining us to talk about iran, the euro. tony blair will be here in "the situation room." also, dan fyfer, the white house communications director. lots to discuss with him. the campaign is clearly moving along, so a lot to talk about with him and a lot more news. i'm beginning to lose my voice. >> you okay? >> might choke a little bit, but i'll be fine. >> chris, get wolf some water. joe johns coming up with a food themed political pop. what the candidates are eating and what they hope you will be he eating. stick around for this. said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america.
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12:55 pm
anyo anyone? tracy gold will be joining me. she became a poster child for eating disorders. she is now trying to save young women from anorexia and bullemia and on friday, my old suspender wearing friend, larry king. by the way, did you hear? he's trying to buy the dodgers along with a group of friends. we're talking to him because he's going to be talking to me about his new special on cnn, dinner with the kings. take a look. >> we're having a party and you're ib vited. >> come on in. my wife and i are hosting a dinner party and invited some of the biggest names in hollywood! hi. >> and we saved a seat at the table just for you. >> conan o'brien. >> i'm wondering why we're being severed by the cia. >> russell, you know you're
12:56 pm
funny. >> under the right circumstances. >> you realize that you're a sex symbol. seth mcfarland. >> people because of "family guy" think i'm a heart l. >> alana:less fratto guy. >> shaquille o'neill. >> thank you. >> thank you. your hand weighs 60 pounds. you just crushed by vertebrae. >> quincy jones. and twitter inventer, jack dorsey. >> i've made hundreds and hundreds of mistakes. >> opening up about life, loves, success and failure. >> the most shocking thing that anyone would hear is there's a tendency for people to look and say they've made it. what they don't understand is the amount of insecurity that
12:57 pm
drives you when you're 15, but it's still there when you're 48. >> any discussion of this type makes me squirm. >> you have never seen a dinner party like this. >> none of this is airing. and if it's not, we all can chip in for the meal. >> i think this goes on hbo. >> that's a larry king special "dinner with the kings" on sunday, december 4th at 8:00. >> we talked to larry about that on friday, but we have now cooked up a food themed political pop r for you today. we have a cook book and a pizza party we're going to talk about. both of which involve gop presidential contenders. as always, joe johns is here. okay. cook book first. who's cooking? >> name some master chefs. julia child. wolfgang puck. ron paul. no. >> bobby flay. >> doesn't come across as the
12:58 pm
kind of guy who would have a cook book, but apparently, he does according to the ron paul km website. it has been eagerly anticipated. for the record, this is not ron paul's doing. it's carol paul's book. it has 28 pages, tasty recipes from the paul family and friends. at $8 plus shipping, sounds as though the campaign is telling supporters to use it because people might pay attention to it rather than a flier. even has a history of the family. >> who knew? we don't know yet. some of the recipes are still top secret. you have to buy the book to know. >> i would love to find out, you know wharks in there and because i have a bunch of cook books. i cook all the time. >> you'll have to teach me a few things then. what about pizza? newt gingrich is appearing at a pizza place in iowa.
12:59 pm
>> okay. we're a little suspicious of this one because you know, you read about it. it sounds like an attempt to move in on herman cain's turf. godfather's pizza. turns out this pizza party in iowa has zero to do with godfathers. actually at a place called pizza king and they're calling it a slice the deficit party, which sounds like something ron paul -- ron paul might be interested in that, right? doesn't sound like they tried to do anything special with the theme, if you will. our producer did some snooping around, called him up and checked and he says they don't even have a specially named pizza for tonight's event. >> if craig was hoping he would get the goods, he tried. we appreciate it, but no dice. no dice. >> no. >> go ahead. >> even -- if newt gingrich had spin doctors


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