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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 21, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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hospi hospice. >> i wouldn't have made it this long without their tender loving care. it's 1:00 eastern time. let's get to the news. it's a show down over the payroll tax cut. house republicans are refusing to go along with a two-month extension on the payroll tax cut even though their counter parts passed it. now the house has left it up to a conference committee to resolve it. john boehner stood by the move. >> let's extend the payroll tax credit for a year. all we're asking for is to get the senate members over here to work with us to resolve our differences so we can do what everybody wants to do. >> most lawmakers are actually
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gone. off on their holiday break. what does that mean for you, your paycheck and unemployment benefits? and what's this committee all about? we will talk to one of the members in a few moments. we are still keeping our eye on a massive blizzard that ripped through the rockies and central plains. >> rain to sleet to snow. >> snow has tapered off but the blizzard shut down highways and interstates. the conditions are to blame for at least four deaths in new mexico alone. this one is a survey and among likely caucusgoers, there is a new leader of the pack, ron paul comes in at 28%. newt gingrich has been tied at
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28%. at this survey he drops to second place but gingrich does pull away. >> airline pilots. in a push to increase safety and prevent pilot fatigue. unveiled what are the most sweeping changes in pilot rules in half a century. >> it is a big deal to them. it's a big deal because for 25 years people have been talking about this and haven't done a dang thing about it. >> according to the new rules, in addition to other limits, pilots have a flight time limit of eight or nine hours. they are now required to have ten hours off between shifts. the changes could cost airlines nearly $300 million a year. for some military families,
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homecoming could turn into preparations for yet another deployment. thousands of soldiers unpacking will have to pack up again for afghanistan in the coming month months. members of the fourth brigade combat team were informed via face book. the posting said they were one of four chosen for an early mission. 2 eight officers and enlisted service men face charges including making false statements and involuntary manslaughter. the army has not released details of what may have happened. they did complain about harassment by fellow soldiers.
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and the 55-year-old blagojevich was scheduled to report in march to start serving time. he was accused of trying to profit by the senate seat vacated by barack obama. he was sentenced earlier this month. >> this is the roar of the russian rocket. it took off just a few hours ago. the three-man crew now heading to the international space station. he will join three others already on the space station. the russian soyuz is the only craft to relay messages. >> mismanagement, lousy political posturing. call it what you want but leaders are taking the heat for leaving town without a payroll tax cut. so now what? we will talk to fred upton about that next.
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they all agreed they want to extend the payroll tax cut but again we're looking at another political show down in washington. in the meantime we may all be paying more in taxes and looking at a smaller paycheck. if you are unemployed, some of you may not get your benefits. bottom line your lawmakers have not finished their business. yet the halls of congress are practically important. the senate overwhelmingly passed an extension but yesterday the house rejected that idea in a very round about way some critics are calling a cop-out. they called for a house senate conference committee to settle
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the dispute. these house members are hanging in washington to serve on the committee. one of them republican congressman fred upton from michigan. nice to have you on the show. we have to ask because i'm sure the american people would like to ask, why the need for this committee? >> you know, this is the normal way that things are done. the house bill is always different from the senate. the conferences usually organize to resolve the differences. i think we can get the job done. when i left the office to walk over here to do this interview with you, randi, i was watching the president's press secretary saying the president still supports a one-year extension. so do most of us. why can't we sit in a room and figure this out and get the job done way before we get to the deadline of january 1. >> i want to read you something from an oped in today's wall street journal. the gop leaders have somehow
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managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for a tax cut holiday that is going to pass. republicans have achieved the small mere kl of letting mr. become eastern the title of being a tax cutter. has the gop botched the campaign? >> no. most of us on both sides, house, senate, republican, democrat, are on the same page. we want a one year extension of the payroll tax. it means to the average family a thousand bucks. just listened to your rock star a few minutes ago. he said for two dollars he can change the world. think what a thousand dollars can do or 40 bucks a month. it's not our road or the highway. we know that there is going to be changing in both of the bills. let's sit down, figure it out and get the job done and then get out of town. >> the end of the year is ten
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days away. what can you say today to the american people so that -- give them a little sense of calm so they don't have to worry about their paychecks taking a hit. what actually is going to happen in the next ten days? >> i know that again, watching the report a few minutes ago, i saw that the president reached out to speaker boehner. an toshs find outd how it went. one year extension is a lot better than two months. let's get the job done. let's sit down and figure out where we need to go and get the job done so we don't go all the way up to the end of the deadline. >> i want to ask about the white house's twitter campaign. the white house tweeted this. what does $40 mean to you? and they're getting a heck of a response from people asking and telling them what a difference $40 a paycheck might mean to them and their families. what do you make of the response
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and what do you say to those people? >> it does make a difference. to every family it makes a difference. whether it's a tank of gas, maybe going out to a meal with your spouse, taking your kids there. it means a lot. $1,000 a year for the average family making $50,000 is a heck of a lot of money and it's something that we cannot turn our back on as we look at these very difficult economic times. >> as you say you all agree so i think we are all looking forward to an agreement. >> i hope so. we can do this. >> thank you for your time. >> whether or not you agree, if it does not pass you will be out about $40 a week. we wanted to ask you the same question, what does $40 mean to you. send us your report at irepo
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a very important development on bioterrorism to tell you about. researchers in wisconsin and the netherlands have created a form of the bird flu virus that can easily spread from person to person. there is concern that if terrorists got their hands on this information they could create a virus that could affect people around the world. it is fatal in 60% of human cases. about 600 people have been sickened by it. of those only 336 have died
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mainly because it cannot yet be transmitted between humans. the government's national science advisory board for biosecurity for the very first time has asked the journal of science and nature to with hold certain details of the research. he is also a member of the national science advisory board. nice to have you on the program. >> thank you very much. good to talk to you again. >> thank you to you as well. how significant of a discovery do you think this is? >> well, first of all, let me add one disclaimer. as a member of the board i can't get into the confidential information of the work. there is a lot of public information that i can talk about. basically the efforts were to see if the h 5 n 1 which today have not transmitted readily
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from person to person could go through genetic changes that would make them capable of doing that and becoming the next pandemic strain. what the authors were able to do and did demonstrate changes that could very well mean the virus could become readily transmitted between humans. >> what do you say to critics who are saying that this is, in a sense, sensorship, telling the journals that you can't publish these findings? >> we all agree that the ultimate original sin is sensorship but we also understand that there is a way to move critical information to those who have a need to know without informing the entire world. what i mean by the entire world, particularly those individuals who may want to try to duplicate this work and that virus somehow get into the population.
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we are not sufficiently care tofl keep them -- so the efforts we have really undertaken is to try to find that right middle point. how do we make sure that the right information is moved to the people who need to know but not in the hands of those who could use it for unfortunate purposes. >> how easily could this get into the hands of terrorists or anyone who might want to do harm with it? >> opens is what we're all about. that is how science moves forward to make sure that others can see how we did it and have others duplicate it. physicists have been working with classified our secure data since the 1930s and 40s. we have worked with agents of bioterrorism where we have done research that we call classified. it's not that this hasn't
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happened before. we have to realize that we leapfrogged over an infection agent that we worried about but never thought it being a potential agent of intent to harm and now being that. we are all working at how to try to find the best names to support this work and make sure that it's done right and safely and those who have a need to know know and those who don't won't get knit their hands. >> given the sticky situation, do you have any thought that maybe this research shouldn't have been done in the first place? any regrets? >> i think this research is having important for several reasons. one is that until now there are a lot of people who doubted that h 5 n 1 would ever become a pandemic strain. it circulates around the world among a largely unprotected population and causing great damage.
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the changes that have allowed it to become more ferrous should be a wake-up call to the entire world that tomorrow this particular flu virus could become the next pandemic and dwarf anything we have seen in modern history. second of all it does give us more information about how to anticipate when another flu virus is moving towards pandemic strength. are there markers that should give us warning that some things are ready to happen. this work does have real benefit but we also recognize the downsides and that is what the advisory board was trying to do was use the wisdom of solomen. >> great to have you on the show. i hope you get back to your lab sometime very soon. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> to you as well. millions were glued to the
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welcome back. as the year comes to a close, cnn is looking back at 2011. it was a year filled with cameras and reporters inside and outside the courtroom across the country and across the world. here is a look at the legal dramas that defined 2011. 2011 was the year of legal drama and none grabbed the country's attention more than the casey anthony trial. she was accused of suffocating
10:24 am
her 2-year-old daughter, dumping her body and embarking on a month long party streak. spectators fought for seats. millions more watched it all play out on television. >> we the jury found the defendant not guilty. >> this only further enraged a public convinced she was a cold-blooded killer. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> o.j. number two. >> that's what you're hearing here. o.j. number two. >> conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. >> in los angeles, all eyes were on conrad murray, the doctor accused of killing the king of pop. the defense attorney michael jackson injected himself with propofol. the jury didn't agree. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in jail. >> i'm not taking this as a
10:25 am
joke. it's my life. >> in what is becoming another hollywood tragedy, lindsay lohan continued to battle addictions. following a conviction for stealing a necklace, she was ordered to work at the la county morgue. sex violence and corruption may sound like the makings of a movie but it was the core of amanda's murder trial in italy. she was convicted of killing her roommate, whose body was found half naked, her throat slashed. after four years in an italian prison and still so many unanswered questions, the 24-year-old walked free. >> thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me. >> news of the world's drama played out before parliament. one of the oldest and best selling newspapers in britain was forced to shut down following accusations that
10:26 am
reporters illegally tapped phone messages of nearly 13 million people. >> when a story has been obtained of hacking the phone of a murdered schoolgirl of the family of a soldier killed in afghanistan, i don't find that lovable and naughty. i find that cowardly and bullying and shocking. >> news of the world honchos were grilled and forced to pay millions in compensation. >> tsa, shame on you. >> back in the u.s., we saw a french leader's future crumble. after being accused of raping a hotel housekeeper. the former leader of a mormon sect was not so lucky.
10:27 am
warren jeffs was convicted of sexual assaulting a 12-year-old and 15-year-old girl he claimed were his spiritual wives. in arizona, jared lee lawsuiter in gunned down giffords. she managed to survive, surprising everyone by regaining her ability to speak. he was declared incompetent to stand trial in 2011 but may face the death penalty in the future. >> troy davis lost his battle on death row though maintained his innocence. >> the state lynched an innocent man. >> davis was put to death for the 1989 murder of an off-duty savanna police officer. seven of the nine witnesses against him have recan'ted the
10:28 am
testimony. many had urged the execution be halted. also staring down death row, this man was convicted of the brutal murder of a woman and her two daughters. she was strangled by an accomplice who was sentenced to death in 2010. michaela was sexually molested and left along with her sister to die in a fire set by the men. >> jaycee dugard was just 11 years old when kidnapped in 1991, she gave birth to two children during her 18 years in captivity. the father of those children? one of her abductors, phillip garri garrido. they were convicted this year on charges of abduction and rape. and 2011 saw brian david mitchell sentenced to life in prison for the 2002 kidnapping
10:29 am
of elizabeth smart. he took her and raped her repeatedly. legal dramas and historic court cases that defined 2011 but will be remembered long after the calendar turns. cnn atlanta. >> and here is a question for you today. the gop is all about lowering taxes so why are some suggesting that house republicans have managed to lose the tax cut issue and maybe the election to president obama? we will talk about that. but next, our question of the day can you name the only president to serve a full term without appointing any supreme court justices. if you know the answer, i will give a shoutout to the first person with the right answer. get on it. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own.
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that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪
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before the break we asked you to name the only president to serve a full term without appointing any supreme court justices. jimmy carter. reagan would follow carter and appoint three more. and a shoutout goes to kenneth
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wilcox who was one of the first to tweet the right answer. you can tweet him and congratulate him. senator jon mccain is saying that the payroll tax stand off is harming the gop. >> it is harming the republican party. it is harming the view, if it's possible, any more of the american people about congress. and we have got to get this thing resolved. >> new cnn polling seems to indicate that mccain is correct. 50% of americans say they have more confidence in the president with only 31% saying they have more confidence in republicans in congress. the fair question to ask is this. are republicans losing the tax issue to president obama. let's ask cnn contributor maria and will. the wall street journal says that republicans are losing the tax issue to the president. do you agree? >> yeah. they lost the debate. first they have been painted as the party who is now opposing a
10:34 am
tax cut and cut is losing the debate. the republican party is for lower taxes but above and beyond that it is for economic growth. and a second component to of course lower taxes is certainty. let's just say this. a two month payroll tax extension is a joke. it's a banana republic style joke. you can't do it on a two month ske. but a year is not much better. they have lost both debates and now just look like a squad fighting with themselves. >> how would you say the tea party caucus is impacting the whole date? >> they are the ones who are controlling speaker boehner in this. it was clear as they went into the negotiations and the senate republicans thought that they had a deal with speaker boehner. most of them, 90% of senates voted for the tax cut extension for two months. when house speaker boehner goes
10:35 am
back to his tea party congress and say there is no way to do this, he has to reanything on this. he has lost absolute and total control of the tea party caucus and it is now being seen as the one who is losing this battle to president obama and the democrats. but the important thing here is that if taxes go up on 1670 million americans, they lose. there is a lot of uncertainty but there is more uncertainty if you are a middle class family expecting the tax cut and you don't get exit that is why the political battle is being won by obama and the democrats. >> i mean i guess it's never good for your side of the aisle or your team to be looking at itself as though it can't get along and put together a cohesive strategy on how to approach tax cuts so it's not going to come off well. i do think in the long haul this is a tree falling deep deep deep in the forest.
10:36 am
>> what do you think? >> i disagree. especially when you have somebody like mitt romney who is one of the presumed front runners not being able to take a stand on where he is on the payroll tax cut. here is somebody who called the tax cut a temporary little band dade. he is completely out of touch with the middle class and with what working families are going through. this debate is not going look good for him going into 12012. >> i want to ask you both very quickly about this comment. some of the crowd asked him if they could defend on him. so let's listen to this comment and i want to ask you about it. >> you should be thrilled.
10:37 am
>> so in case you didn't hear it clearly, he basically said you should vote for obama if that's your main issue. to you first what do you make of how he handled that? >> i think that clip is a little disingenuous. i don't think it is true how that conversation went. it makes gingrich look really dismiss if. that man came up to gingrich. you would see this and say what do you do if you have somebody who supports basically everything you stand for except for your position on gay marriage. how should i vote for you? he said i would love to engage you on any of the topics. if that's the central issue, if that's the main issue that matters to you, obama is probably you guy. you have to give him credit for honesty. >> he did say if this is your issue, this is your big issue then you should vote for obama. maria i will give you the last word. >> i agree with will. when it was first presented to me it did seem like he was
10:38 am
dismissive but in the longer cut of it, it is that gingrich was telling you if this was the number one issue, you are better off voting for obama, that shows you core or principle which in the gop debate, romney is the person you are going up against, that will help gingrich. romney has more of a core than he does. >> wow. >> we will end there. >> thanks. >> whether or not you agree with the white house's new twitter campai campaign, you will be out about $40 a week so we wanted to ask you this question. what does $40 mean to you? send us your ireport. this middle eastern country has seen its share of violence. they are claiming a government-led massacre.
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10:41 am
>> let's go globe trekking. today we start in syria. what they call horrific massacres this week and calling on the u.n. security council to help protect civilians.
10:42 am
we cannot ind penitently confirm the allegations. >> the japanese government and tokyo electric power company have unveiled a plan to decommission the damaged puck shee -- puthe plant was badly damaged from the earthquake and tsunami that hit in march. that disaster killed 15,000 and displaced another 80,000 who lived within a large radius from the plant. and this piece of art work was stolen. this was displayed for more than 40 years and valued at more than $750,000. the piece was probably stolen to be sold as scrap metal for a few hundred bucks. it follows the surge in demand for copper leaving thieves to
10:43 am
rob even war memorials. >> and this is the same charity princess diana supported. in 2009 he spent a night among the homeless during an event. bill clinton has said he didn't want to spend the remainder of his days wishing he was still president. we will hear from him in his own words about why life in the white house is better than ever. sometimes tricky delivery areas. however that is no excuse to toss a customer's merchandise like a bag of trash. tossing a computer monitor like it's a pillow. you have been caught. sorry mr. reckless delivery man. your 15 minutes are up.
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he hasn't slowed down one bit. bill clinton's foundation is making big strides, bringing life-saving medications to some 4 million people. we sat down for cnn's christmas
10:47 am
special, big stars, big giving. >> no matter where he goes, president bill clinton is treated like a rock star. the man many democrats call the best president in modern times is working to make the modern world a better place. >> you don't want to spend the rest of your life wishing you were still president? >> i don't mind telling the stories but you just need to keep telling something new. >> that urge inspired the former president to open an office in harlem and create the william j. clinton foundation. today the clinton foundation celebrates what it calls a decade of difference. >> four hundred million people impacted. when you hear that do you think to yourself wow that's incredible or boy, there is a lot more to be done? >> both. >> this little pill will save
10:48 am
about 200,000 lives. >> driving down the price of aids medicine and malaria medicine, building up health care systems that countries can afford to run. >> i have to live a long time to do as much for as many people as when i was in government. >> but you can go places. >> i can go places and doepg -- do things. >> as the special envoy to haiti he has visited 20 times since 2009. his foundation has raised $23 million towards the rebuilding effort. helped fund programs to fight childhood obesity in 13,000 u.s. schools, established a mentoring program for entrepreneurs and then the clinton global initiative. >> we want it to be beterer. >> since 2005, the annual meeting has drawn a wide range of people. 150 heads of state.
10:49 am
>> the 2100 commitments have come out of the global initiative. when fully funded they will be valued at $69.2 billion. working tirelessly to make a difference, traveling all over the world. >> 150 countries more than that? >> yes. >> what keeps you going? >> i love this work. anybody that had the life i have had. anybody that was given the gift that i was given by the american people, you would be crazy not to do it. >> you can catch the entire interview with president clinton on cnn's big stars, big giving. it airs december 24 and on christmas day at 4:00. >> it's video that will shock and outrage you. two young men taping themselves as they kick hit and knock down
10:50 am
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let's check stories making headlines at street level. i have to warn you, we have some video that is tough to watch. you see a homeless man being pushed and kicked while his friend records it all.
10:53 am
even as the home lless man trie to walk away, they continue to hit and taunt him. police have arrested two men in connection with that attack. go. go. come on. >> dramatic video, you see it there, in detroit where two people trapped in a burning home had no choice but to jump from the second floor. a chicago man is being charged with abuse after he posted a photo on facebook where his daughter is bound with tape. we want to show you the photo, which you may find disturbing. the photo had the caption, this is what happens when my baby hits me back. the photo has been removed from facebook. in auburn, maine, the third
10:54 am
man to publicly accuse syracuse basketball coach bernie fine. zack pleaded guilty to charges that he molested a boy when he was a teen's summer counselor. he faces three years in prison after striking a plea deal? in michigan, there is something you won't see in your local pawnshop. a purple heart medal. a soldier on leave from afghanistan pawned it because he needed some cash. they will hold on to it until the soldier comes back in. rick baldwin will be talking to the owner of that pawnshop. now to los angeles, where a legend was made with this iconic movie, "citizen kane."
10:55 am
orson wells who starred in "citizens kane" and statue was sold for $861,000 on tuesday. david copperfield he was one of the unsuccessful bidders. near new york park, the largest menorah. the first night of hannakuh. it features a nate tift scene. president's approval rating now at 50%. mark, why is the president's approval rating going up? >> well, it's going up because
10:56 am
he's doing very well against republicans. especially with what we're seeing with this fight over the payroll extension. the fact of the matter is, people are very frustrated at gridlock here in washington. we've seen that play out in the past week. we've seen the house of representatives lead by house republicans decide to leave town and not cut a deal with the white house or the senate to try to get the payroll extension done. in fact, it caused john mccain to criticize the house republicans yesterday and was on "the situation room" for not getting it done. we saw "the wall street journal" put out an editorial where they were critical of the republican leadership and said that president obama was in a better position, randi, to get re-elected today than he was a year ago. take a quick look at these numbers right here. if you're a house republican and you're looking at getting re-elected in 2012, this is a very, very damming number. look at that. right now who do the voters have more confidence in getting
10:57 am
things done? back in march, 39% has now fallen to 31% for republicans in congress while we've seen president obama climb 6 points. so right now republicans are in a bit of a message battle internally. that's only good news for the white house and president obama, randi. >> and how was this whole payroll tax mess being handled out on the campaign trail? how are the candidates dealing with it, the gop candidates? >> this is one of those situations where they don't want to get in the middle of it. it would be very difficult for any of these candidates to be critical of what is happening on capitol hill because many of the republicans are supporting their candidacies and at the same point you might have certain faction is who agree because you don't want to see any deals cut. this is a something that you're seeing play out in washington, d.c., and not necessarily something that we're seeing in
10:58 am
des moines or new hampshire or south carolina, randi. >> what do you think of ron paul? we saw that new poll out today. it looks like he's making some progress there. he's visited iowa a bit and is making a lot of progress in the polls there. do you think he'll walk away with this one? >> interestingly, i was with ron paul back in 2010 in iowa. he was giving a speech to a fundraising dinner and at the time i was talking to him and talking to his campaign manager and said, what do you really think about iowa? they said, we've made inroads within the republican party. he has a very simple message that plays very well and that's exactly what we're seeing with ron paul. he's very plain spoken. he doesn't go into a hyper bowly. he could walk away with the
10:59 am
caucuses, randi. >> people say that he's just the play for the month but he seems to be holding on to it. >> yes. i spoke to one of his advisers. newt gingrich said that he will not go negative. whether it's from ron paul or rick santorum. he said that he's going to stay positive in his message. his campaign believes he has to remain that way. he needs to continue to show that is he a leader. and if he's able to do that and deflect a lot of this incoming, then newt gingrich has a chance of perhaps winning iowa if not placing very well out there. we'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks. but do not say that newt gingrich is dead. a lot of people saying that he was the flavor of the month and that people are souring on him, let's not give up on him. >> mark preston, glad we had a chance to chat.
11:00 am
we can continue the conversation online, on facebook or on twitter at randikaye@cnn. i'll hand it over to brooke baldwin now. >> thanks, randi. i'm brooke baldwin. rapid fire, let's go. beginning with washington, the stalemate over the payroll tax cut showing no signs of easing but today we learned recently that a white house briefing that president obama did reach out to house speaker john boehner and reached out to harry reid on seeking revolution if -- here's the if -- if congress does nothing, the average paycheck will be $40 lighter each and every pay period. take a look with me. ten days left now before the tax cut ends. right now leader of the house republicans trying to restart talks. but democrats say they first want that two-month extension approved stay with me. one republican is optimistic
11:01 am
that a deal will be made by the end of the year. and the government is expected to reveal new rules for clean air. this means less contaminated fish which some experts link to learning disabilities in kids. and the grieving family of u.s. soldier found dead in afghanistan says he lost his life because of who he was. eight u.s. soldiers face charges in the death of their fellow serviceman. the army says 19-year-old danny chen shot and killed himself. >> we cannot allow this to happen to our sons and daughter. as asian-americans, this is our country and we want to serve. >> the soldiers are essentially charged with hazing and abusing
11:02 am
chen in the weeks before he took his own life. and your safety in the skies is a hot topic. pilots will fly on shorter shifts and get longer rest periods, according to new rules from the faa. >> this is a big deal today. it's a big deal because for 25 years people have been talking about this and haven't done a dang thing about it. >> included in these new rules, take a look, flight time is eight or nine hours and ten hours rest between shifts and could cost the airline $297 million a year. too many times you can see the horrors of war in the face of a child. a girl burned in a drone attack two years ago is receiving free reconstruction surgery in galveston, texas. but scars cannot hide her smile. >> she's coming towards her goal
11:03 am
to be treated. >> one thing that i've learned over the years is that children adapt to adversity a lot better than adults. >> shakira was found burned beyond description in a trash bin. doctors say it will take at least a year. and i need to warn you, you might find this next story disturbing. a father bound and gagged his 22-month-old daughter with tape and then posted the photo on facebook. this is the photo. it's no longer on the social media site. her wrists, her ankles, you can see the tape. her mouth, even, were bound with painter's tape. 21-year-old andre curry is charged with domestic battery. he made his first appearance in chicago. eight international space station is about to get three new visitors from earth. and there she goes. a russian rocket made a
11:04 am
spectacular, and might i add, successful mission to space. it will reach the space station by friday. we have a lot more to go in the next two hours, including this -- must be nice. most of the folks who represent you on capitol hill are gone on vacation yet lawmakers are nowhere close to getting their work done, which means your taxes are about to go up. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. take this bill up and pass it. >> we're here, ready to work. >> i'll speak live with one of the republicans staying behind in d.c. >> his daughter is missing after a bizarre encounter with a strange man. i'll speak life with isha khan's family about the message she left just before disappearing.
11:05 am
kim jong-il's chef releasing information. >> i bought a tuna for $42,000. >> what the chef thinks the son will do as leader of a nuclear nation. and instead of letters to santa, some kids pouring out their hearts to president obama. their message, don't deport me, for my parents. >> everything i have it right here in georgia. i don't want to go. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month with the lipitor co-pay card. terms and conditions apply. learn more at
11:08 am
some are calling this politics at its worse. democrats and republicans seemingly unwilling to extend the payroll tax cut. so check your calendars. the countdown shows 160 million americans will be on the losing end. that means starting in 2012, your paycheck will get smaller, about $1,000 less a year for the average family. and it looked like maybe relief was in sight when the senate approved a deal but then yesterday if you were with us, house republicans going against their own members in the senate rejected the extension. we heard from the house speaker and the president as well. now the move is to get started again. let's go to cnn correspondent, kate bolduan. i heard that the president has in fact recently reached out to
11:09 am
house speaker john boehner. do we know what exactly "reached out" means and does that mean that there could be a meeting soon? >> reporter: i don't know that i would say meeting soon but there were some phone calls. the president did reach out -- place calls separately to house speaker boehner and harry reid. and according to a read-out by the white house, president obama reiterated what we've heard from him in the past days, that he's committed to working with congress to reach a longer term, a more comprehensive deal to extend the payroll tax cut. but in the interim, to avoid an american seeing a tax increase come january 1st. the only viable option is to pass the bipartisan compromise that was passed by the senate. this comes as house speaker
11:10 am
boehner met today with republican members that he has appointed to what he thinks will hash out differences between the house and the senate on this same phone call, according to an aide to speaker boehner. he urged the president to call on senate majority leader harry reid to negotiate leaders to get this talk started again. as you know, they have no intention of starting up talks again even though they all want to get to a one-year deal until the house passes the one-year extension. they are talking now brooke because neither side is budging and other than that, there is very little going on up here since the house and senate are out. >> we know some of congress is still in washington. i'm sure you've seen wall street journal today fiery critical opinion piece, essentially going
11:11 am
after republicans. "the wall street journal" doesn't often do that. i'm curious, critical of house leadership as well. is the house -- is speaker boehner feeling the pressure at all today? >> well, i think you can be sure that the pressure is mounting and you mentioned "the wall street journal" editorial. that seemed to be one of the recent ads to this mounting pressure not only on congress but on house republicans. if i can read to you in part, given how he, meaning senate minority mitch mcconnell and house speaker boehner have handled the tax debate, we wonder if they might end up re-electing the president before the 2012 campaign even begins in earnest. at this stage, republicans would do best to cut their losses and find a way to extend the payroll holiday quickly. now, this comes in addition to a
11:12 am
growing number of senate republicans. this doesn't always happen, brooke, coming out to criticize their colleagues in the house to reject the senate compromise is irresponsible. we're also getting a sense, i am, from republican aides, both publicly and privately, that there's a general frustration of how house republicans have played this. one aide saying to me that they are on an island of their own and they went all in on what they thought was a good hand and it wasn't. brooke? >> kate bolduan, thank you so much. the white house is taking advantage via twitter, asking americans what can you do with $40? that's the amount that the average family would lose in a paycheck if the tax cut is not extended. t.k. in michigan says, it means the world to me. it's the equivalent of five hours of work or feeding my
11:13 am
family for three neeights. members of congress are on their end of the year holiday but house republicans did form a conference committee to try to hash this thing out, figure out a solution to this payroll tax cut impasse. joining me is one of the republicans on that committee, nan hayworth of new york. congresswoman, we appreciate you sticking around town and talking to me here. i can only guess that you're staying in washington not because you like how the jefferson memorial lights twinkle, it's because you're hoping that you'll be called back to do your job, yes? >> yes. we are hoping very much because we're here to fight for the american people. two months versus one year. you be the judge, brooke. it's far preferable to have a one-year tax holiday than two months and then being on a cliff hanger again. not only that, we have medicare, seniors, their patients,
11:14 am
doctors, seeking relief from what would be a terrible burden. 27 plus percent cut in reimbursements that will start up two months from now, or two months from january 1st, if we don't act. in the bill we passed through the house with democratic votes, we had a two-year relief from that burden. it's going to be hard to make poi appointments. it's hard to make a schedule when you have that hanging over your head. we're fighting as hard as we can. >> i want to pressure a little bit. i do point out -- i'm curious about democrats. do you know how many of them are around town and have you at all spoken with democrats in the last 24 hours? >> i haven't spoken with any of our democratic colleagues since we left the floor yesterday but would be more than happy to. i think a couple of them are around. we'd love to join them at the negotiating table. >> here's the thing,
11:15 am
congresswoman hayworth. you know this. americans are fed up. you've seen the approval ratings for this congress. they are at an historic low. there is bipartisan -- i don't want to use the word malaise. according to republicans, it's the leadership in the republican-controlled house that is holding this thing up. if i may, this is republican senator mccain speaking with wolf blitzer yesterday. take a listen. >> it is harming the republican party. it is harming the view if it's possible any more of the american people about congress and we've got to get this thing resolved. >> harming the republican party. harming your party. do you agree? >> well, brooke, we were elected overwhelmingly in 2010. the most immediate voice of the american people to actually then speaker nancy pelosi. the most immediate voice to
11:16 am
fight for the american people, to fight for commonsense in the way we burden them with taxes, in the way we burden them with regulations. we're trying to lift those burdens. we'd like to lift them for a full year. that's fighting for the american people. that's commonsense at work. >> but a lot of these voters, they certainly did vote for change. members of congress, such as yourself, to hold the government accountable but yet we're looking at this impasse and in ten days we're looking at these americans who voted for you to serve them to be paying more with their paychecks if this things expires. >> brooke, i think that the firm aim of all of this participating in this conference committee so far designated by our house republican majority, it's true, is to assure americans that they will have that relief. we're not trying to leave anybody in limbo and we're going to get this done as fast as
11:17 am
possible. we are all too mindful, as we should be, of their needs. so we will get the relief that they need. >> so straight up, ten days, what do you tell your husband, your family who i'm sure are eagerly awaiting for you to come home for the holidays, will you be home with the holidays with a deal? >> i hope so. the best christmas present that someone like me could have is to be able to work out a longer term solution for america's taxpayers, for our seniors and doctors who participate in medicare and for everybody that needs certainty that things are going to improve. the federal government is going to be on their side. >> but if the short-term deal is the only thing on the table, do you take it and walk away or not? >> well, brooke, we're here and ready to work. so we're concentrating on that
11:18 am
goal right now and i think that's important. >> congresswoman nan hayworth, thank you. we will speak live with craig crawford who says congress should go home and never come back. he's fired up. also, it's the holidays. kids are supposed to be happy and smiling but when all you want for christmas is to keep your family together, forget writing to the north pole. all of these letters from kids who don't want to be deported. >> here's my life. here's my town. everything i have is right here in georgia. i just don't want to go. >> don't miss this. two minutes away.
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
i don't know if you ever did this. i know i did. it's that time of year for little ones to write the letters to santa. many children are skipping the "dear santa" letters for "dear president obama." they are pleading for their families not to be deported. >> reporter: one wish for christmas -- >> i don't want my family to be separated. >> reporter: georgia native says that her family is not here legally so she fears they could be deported. >> it would be sad for me. >> reporter: anna and some 5,000 children wrote letters not to santa claus but to president obama. >> they are angry at the things that have taken their parents away. >> reporter: head of the human rights, he organized a letter
11:22 am
writing campaign for georgia. 400,000 deportations reported by the government last year are having an effect on the kids. >> they are writing to obama saying, listen, don't do this to us. leave my father here. let him spend the christmas with us. let the family be together. >> reporter: and not all of the letters are written by kids. >> so i could be able to give the president a better understanding of why i don't want this. >> reporter: he says he has friends whose parents have been deported from the only place they consider home. >> hopefully my kids from school don't have to go and i -- this right here is my life. here's my town. here's my -- everything i have
11:23 am
is right here in georgia. and i just don't want to go. >> reporter: he says that these children have shown an awareness of this difficult issue far beyond their age. their letters were sent to the white house and members of congress in hopes that the letters can reach an agreement on immigration reform. but for now the fear of the unknown overshadows the joy of the season. >> what i think is going to happen is more kids are going to be more sad than they've ever been in their life because their parents have been separated. >> reporter: gustavo, cnn, atlanta. >> men, women, children, they are all under fire in syria. according to the syrian national council, nearly 250 people have died in the last 48 hours alone. coming up, who is being asked to step in and help. plus this -- while many north koreans were starving, kim jong-il would
11:24 am
buy ingredients for lavish dishes. >> we are getting a rare glimpse into kim jong-il through the eyes of his personal chef. what he reveals, next. will fade. wrinklese roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. selling fishcakes from the back of his truck, and in 1942, of course, they were sent away.
11:25 am
after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america. we have four stores now, three in the pacific northwest and one in oregon. my parents would not believe how popular it is now. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪ this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light...
11:26 am
...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? globe trekking nows. an opposition group says some 250 people were slaughtered in two days. the white house released a statement saying the only way to bring about change is for bashar al-assad to leave. rema is following that story. >> urging the syrian opposition
11:27 am
arab league and international community to voice out concerns over the situation in syria. in a strongly worded statement, the white house says that the assad regime and syrian national council asked for an immediate meeting for the urk u.n. security council to take protection. they called the violence as horrific mass a sa customer that left more than 250 people dead within two days only. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of reports or social media that was coming out of the country. they showed the military and navy staging war games as a show of strength. activists and opposition reports massacres in syria while the regime talks about terrorist armed groups committing horrors
11:28 am
and the past nine months, international media have not been allowed into syria to report freely about advance that may mark history. brooke? >> rima, thank you. now to north korea where we have learned the first orders have been given by the country's new leader, kim jong-un, south korea's news agency has been reporting. it's a sign that he has taken complete control of the military. cnn spoke with a man whose family is inside north korea. he paints a grim picture, saying people are starving and he's risking his life just by talking to cnn. >> north korea generals don't speak openly, he says, if anyone knows that i can speaking, i would be sent to prison and there's no mercy there.
11:29 am
a unique look inside the regime. she spoke with a former chef who describes the lavish lifestyle of former leader kim jong-il. >> reporter: as north korea mourns the las of their dear leader, they are waiting for the younger son to learn what a success he will be. with insight is the 13 year chef for kim jong-il. one of the few outsiders allowed into the secretive and reclusive world he says he was a chef from japan who would be invited to kim jong-il's private parties and drink with him. he would say, do you like me? and i would say, i love you and he would kiss his cheek. kim jong-il would send fujimoto around the world. he traveled to iran for cavear
11:30 am
and iran for pork. on a trip to japan, i bought a whole tuna for $42,000. i would do this trip a few times a year. but he spent time with the young kim jong-un who he describes as a chip off the old block. believing this teenager would one day succeed his father. >> translator: he would always take the lead over his brothers. he was always going to succeed his father. kim jong-un has a crippled economy and u.n. estimates a quarter of the population is facing starve vags. and while many are concerned that he will follow in his father's footsteps, they believe
11:31 am
he is very aware of what his country does not have. i believe he's aiming at reform in open society, explains the chef. he will look to china as an example so the country can move forward. while there are fears that kim jong-un and others around him may act to prove his leadership, he is hopeful that he will lead stability and lead them from out of the wilderness and into the national arena. >> now this -- kicking themselves down the road, way to analogies to describe congress. this fight, this impasse over this payroll tax cut extension. ten days until it expires. if they don't get their acts together, your taxes will go up in ten days. columnist craig crawford, thank you for standing by. i have a feeling he's fired up about this one. we're going to talk right after this quick break. i'm good about washing my face. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] purifying facial cleanser
11:32 am
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11:34 am
a lot of pressure in position right now in washington over the fate of the payroll tax cut extension. any american working has been benefiting for this past year. is the countdown clock on the white house website likes to show us, the payroll tax cut will expire in ten days and your
11:35 am
taxes are going to go up. republicans want the cut extended for the entire year. just a little perspective. take a look at this with me. if it expires, here you go, you're going to feel it right away. figure out the ballpark as to how much you make. if you make $35,000 a year, your taxes go up by $700. if you make $110,000, your taxes go up by more than $2300. joining me is craig crawford. you can help me out on this as well. this is not the first 11th hour decision that we've had to deal with this year. what gives? what's going on? >> that's all this congress could get done, brooke, is to keep the roof from caving in at the last minute they put up some scaffolding and put it up for a couple of months. it's been the least productive
11:36 am
congress that i've ever seen. they've gotten less done than they used to do in the 1800s when they only met a few months a year and on this payroll tax cut, all it does, even if they reach a deal s. maintain the status quo. it doesn't improve the economy. it keeps things the same. it doesn't help people who are hurting get better. it just helps them keep from getting worse. and that's all they would be accomplishing even if they reached a deal and they still can't do that. >> you mentioned the scaffolding and i think a lot of americans and i tweet through this show, they were frustrated with some of what she was saying and on both sides. you look at the congressional approval rating. it's at an historic low and you look at someone like john mccain who was speaking with wolf blitzer. saying that this move here, this desire to have the full-year extension is harming the republican party. do you agree, a?
11:37 am
and, b, if they let this lapse and it expires, how will it hurt both parties come this november? >> i think the approval for congress is so low, it's only those that worked for it on capitol hill. this has been political incompetence on the part of republicans. even republicans are outside congress are saying that because they had an opportunity to make obama look pretty bad to his own supporters, because he's the one who caved in the beginning on scrapping the millionaire tax that he wanted to pay for this payroll tax cut. that's something that upset his base very much. so had they agreed to this, he would have been in the political hot seat with his own base. now they have gone so far in actually what it boils down to is republicans in the house particularly, they are so concerned about maintaining low
11:38 am
taxes for millionaires, that people making $35,000, they would rather do that than give their supporters any kind of higher taxes. >> let's just say the what if game. again, here is how it translates for any working americans. if members of congress allow this thing to lapse, is this really an early christmas gifrt? look at this dysfunctional congress. pick me. is that a boost for him? >> yeah. his -- republicans want to stick it to the middle class campaign theme is so well supported by how this debate is ending up. sometimes i wonder how republicans, people who make 35,000 aren't their voters any way and don't care about them. they are more concerned about the millaries. also in this bill a retreat for
11:39 am
a public constituencies is doctors who provide medicare services. if this bill doesn't get done, if this deal isn't made, those doctors who provide medicare services would see 77% plus cuts in medicare payments for their services. now, there's a republican's constituency that i think would get pretty worked up about the party not getting anything done. >> well, republican congresswoman ann hayworth says that she's in washington and is willing to work. we'll wait to see. the clock is ticking. craig crawford, thank you very much. >> good to be here. >> thank you. the united states chamber of commerce was hacked and investigators are saying the hackers are in china. coming up, more suspicious activity on the computer servers and what's being done to fix that problem. but, first, cnn money put out their annual list of what they get dubbed the dumbest moments in business. and some of these, i have a
11:40 am
feeling you've been affected by. remember the blackberry apology $100 in free apps? and the three-day outage for blackberries. ever lost a dollar? how about a billion. jon cornize claims he has no clue where $1.2 billion worth of investors' money is. the top two after this. treatmd to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine
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11:43 am
back to cnn money's top five dumbest moments in business. second place, netflix upset customers with a 60% price hike. millions of customers canceled their accounts one month later netflix dropped that idea. and the number one dumbest moment, the debt ceiling debacle which led to the loss of america's aaa credit rating not too long ago. a group of hackers in china apparently broke into the servers of the u.s. chambers of commerce with about three million members and, get this, the chamber says it continues to see suspicious activity. case in point, a printer was
11:44 am
randomly printing chinese characters earlier this year. felicia taylor live at the new york stock exchange, chinese characters, huh? what kind of information did these hackers get? >> well, the information that they actually got was sort of opened to these individuals' e-mails that continued names of key people and things like that. ultimately communication ended with 50 names of chambers that were compromised. initially it was just four members that were targeted. the chamber of commerce has announced the breach but they have bolstered up the defenses and in the hopes that it doesn't happen ever again. >> have they said how vulnerable they could be to another digital breach? >> well, in their opinion it's not necessarily that they are vulnerable to another breach. like i said, they bolstered up their computer defenses.
11:45 am
>> yeah. >> but the incidents of these things seems to be happening more and more and seems to be coming out of china. so that's where the concern is. the chamber of commerce is huge. 450 employees and members include some of the largest u.s. companies. companies are unlikely to share trade secrets with the group so that's good news. but they do talk about trade and policy. there's no evidence or harm to the members so far but any time there's hacking, it's worry some, naturally. u.s. intelligence officers have said that there's a growing number out of china. that's definitely not good news. >> not at all. felicia taylor, thank you, i suppose, for that. now this -- now look at death differently as being a part of the whole life process. and i don't think i understood that until i started doing hospice work. coming up, the
11:46 am
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11:48 am
that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? time for america's choice 2012 update. wolf blitzer as always joins me from washington. wolf, let's play this. i know the super pac has been flooding the airwaves with
11:49 am
attack ads. let's take a look at this one. >> barack obama's plan is working. newt has a ton of baggage. he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations newt supports amnesty and teams with al gore on global warming. the least conservative candidate. check the facts at >> so how has the gingrich camp responded? are they still staying positive? >> it goes against everything that i know about newt gingrich. when he gets slapped, he slaps right back and that super pac is not directly affiliated with mitt romney but it supports mitt romney. when they come out with an ad like that, he would come out with an ad like that in kind. instead, watch this ad that he
11:50 am
put out in iowa. >> these are challenging and hard times in america. we want and deserve solutions. others seem to be focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. i believe bold and when i was speaker our budget was balanced and 11 million jobs were created. we can do it again and rebuild the america we love. i'm newt gingrich and i approve this message. >> wow. >> another ad with his wife callista wishing a merry christmas. his instincts would be there. we're going to see if it has an impact because right now he's trying to stay above that fray. >> let's talk about ron paul. we're two weeks out from the iowa caucuses. he's topping a new poll. do you still think it's really anyone's game or does he have the mo behind him? >> he's got a bunch of ads
11:51 am
slashing newt gingrich as well, even more powerful than the romney super pac ads. this is a kcrg poll. paul, 28%, gingrich, 25%, romney, 18%, perry, 11. he's the leader right now sampling at 5%. but, remember, 13 days a to go. not a lot of time when you factor in new year's and christmas. ron paul could surprise a lot of folks actually win the caucuses in iowa. what that means, it will be up for grabs. >> january 3rd. wolf blitzer, thank you. >> thanks. >> doing whatever it takes to make life easier for people who are dying, even just having
11:52 am
someone there can make a world of a difference. it's our "giving in focus" today, strangers caring for the dying. >> it's me. hi. i do more in-patient care where you go into people's homes and usually give the caregiver a break. >> it's too early for your pills. >> with each patient it's different. i you just have to find out what's -- what they are comfortable with. >> what do you want to do today? how about your nails? just so that she knows she's not alone on this journey that she's on. people are there that care about her and want to make her life easier. >> good afternoon, montgomery hospice. can i help you. >> i'm looking for volunteers who don't look for fame, who don't look for being important, who don't be -- wanting to be loved.
11:53 am
we're looking for somebody who is truly wanting to give back and understand that the person in need will die. >> i need the oxygen. >> you need the oxygen. okay. >> for many patients, it's the last friend that they make in life. >> it's people like bonnie that will bend over backwards to do things for me. >> i now look at death differently as being a part of the whole life process. and i don't think i understood that until i started doing hospice work. >> a wonderful relationship. >> life is a journey and death is the end of that journey. what we're doing is trying to, as we say in hospice, gentle the journey. >> i would not have made it this far without their tender loving
11:54 am
care. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do.
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anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. trending now, this magazine editor has up and quit calling american pop star a racist and
11:57 am
sexist slur. lisa is joining us. we're going to talk about rihanna. >> rihanna. >> she was written about in this dutch magazine article where she is called the "n" word and "b" word. >> why? what happened? >> the article was supposed to be stylish like rihanna. we can say ghetto. >> she is furious over this. >> she is furious. she tweeted a response and said, i hope you can read eng english. i find you disrespectful and rather desperate. you ran out of legit, civilized information to print.
11:58 am
strong words. >> she goes on to use even stronger words, which we're not including. the editor in chief of this magazine initially apologized. >> said it was a bit of a joke, sorry, realized it was insensitive but ultimately she resigned. >> she resigned? >> yeah. she quit her job over it. >> she felt really bad about it. she was sorry, no disrespect was intended and because of it she is resigning. >> i thought, my goodness. i've never seen anything like that. hello, we're in 2011. who uses that phrase? taylor swift, beautiful young woman. she is is face of "cover girl." >> and she has these long lashes because of cover girl mass kara.
11:59 am
>> yeah, all about volume and length. >> photo shopped? >> yeah, you think? >> yeah. no truth in advertising here. and people think that they are going to get those types of results with mascara. it's not going to happen. but we can try. procter & gamble released a statement. our scientists work very closely to ensure that benefits are accurately portrayed and to feature visuals and claims that accurately reflect these benefits. as soon as we were concerned that the nad had concerns, we voluntarily discontinued the advertising a move that the nad itself regarded as entirely proper. >> i wonder what happened to the ad. it's gone. >> she's going to be on the cover of "vogue." >> she doesn't need all that -- >> no. >> your lashes look


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