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tv   World Business Today  CNN  February 25, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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sunday, you will face unimagine blg consequences. >> well, now, the academy has caved in. oscars producer brian grazer tells extra, we're thrilled to have him. they do not know what they're in for, if this is any indication. >> did that sound crazy enough? >> that's all for us tonight. "ac 360" starts right now.
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until his deadly regime cracks and collapses because it will. i'm absolutely confident of that. >> late today, president obama called for greater pressure on assad to go. >> all of us who have been seeing the terrible pictures coming out of syria and homs recently, recognize it is absolutely imperative for the international community to rally and send a clear message to president assad that it is time for a transition. it's time for that regime to move on.
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and it is time to stop the killing of syrian citizens by their own government. >> despite the words, the killing goes on. we said at least 91 lives today. more than 100 yesterday, according to activists. and the shelling, this was the 21st day of the bombardment for people living in the baba amr section of homs. in the middle of this, crews from the red cross managed to evacuate a small number of women and children. the two western journalists remain in homs, so do the bodies of marie colvin and remy offlic, and so do tens of thousands of normal women and men, cold, starving, and still under the gun. you're about to see the work of a french photo journalist working with a correspondent from britain's channel 4. he went into homs and bore witness to things nobody should see. bombed out homes, starving people, wounded children. >> a little girl and her brother
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both badly wounded. >> no one can bear to tell her >> no one can bear to tell her that her father and youngest brother are dead. >> her father is dead. children being orphaned. kids being killed. we see it every single day, the carnage, khat mostly by cell phone cameras, the people making the videos stand on the front line, using the best weapon they have against the regime, the simple truth. and they're risking everything 250 do this. as a little boy explains in a home so cold you can actually see his breath.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> died filming demonstrations. that child, so many others face more than tanks and artillery and rocket fire. they face hunger every single day. >> down the street there's a long queue for bread. parts of the city busieged, you can no longer get to shops in neighboring districts. a cup official blocks away, and
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you're in sybille district, where many belong to the president's sect. >> well, the picture is grim, cold, hungry people being shelled in the words of the late marie colvin, but many caught another view of people killed but not yet defeated. friday is protest day. it's almost a carnival atmosphere. but at the carnival of defiance, the people of homs tell their president what they think of him. mothers, children, fathers, and fighters. this mass of humanity dances for its freedom. >> these are really some of the clearest pictures yet we have seen out of homs. that defiance is founding an outlet, a limited one in the
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form of the free syrian army which is made up of defectors and civilians going up against trank tanks with small arms and rocket propels grenades. they're outmans and outguns. and many capturing that as well. >> they're attacking the government security building across the road. headquarters of the hated secret police. the filmmaker finds himself at the heart of the firefight. urban guerilla war fair like this is relentless and terrifying, the fighters appear fearless and take crazy risks. but they still find time to look
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out for manny. >> back at the headquarters, the battle is raging. free syrian forces have detonated a bomb below the roof top positions where snipers are trapped. after more than 12 hours, the snipers are still putting up a fight. casualties are mounting.
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a mini bus ambulance and a break neck race to a make shift field hospital. three syrian fighters have entered the government security building. it's room to room fighting now. stairwell to stairwell. it's the humiliation for president assad.
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with bullets still flyingering fighters make off with boxes of much-needed ammo. >> really gives you a sense of the intimate nature of the fighting, room to room. street by street. it paints a picture of a situation for which there may not be any easy answers or simple solutions. i talked about it with cia officer robert bair. also, princeton university's ann marie slaughter. >> ann marie, you wrote an aup ed for the times today where you wrote for foreign military intervection. you called for it in no-kill zones. explain that. >> what i'm proposing is that the countries of the region, turkey, jordan, saudi arabia, qatar, essentially provide what is necessary for the free syrian army to create zones close to
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borders that would be no-kill zones, would be close enough for humanitarian corridors, to enable them to do that, you would have to give them very good intelntelligence, juneications, special forces on the ground, and some weapons rng but not the kind of weapons that are being pro posed and most of us are afraid will result in a long civil war. >> bob, you have suggested now for kill zones. what does that mean? >> well, i know. it doesn't sound good, but what -- the syrians right now are considering sending their heavy armor into the cities and using heavy artillery. as they did in 1982. >> against the people? >> against the people, in a last-ditch effort to take these cities, and there will be no limits to the violence. hamas, about 10,000, 20,000
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people were killed. we don't know. if they do that, i don't see how the international community can't react and hit this armor. the syrian free army can't do it. we should consider that possibility if it really does get that bad. >> so when you say a kill zone, you're saying above a certain line, you send tanks, a syrian regime, those tanks will be destroyed. >> once the tanks cross the bridge into homa or homs or alepo or any other city rising and turning against the population, you have to hit them from the air, and only we can do that. >> ann marie, how does this not escalate? how does this just not become a situation where countries all around syria start to send in weapons to the forces that they support, the various different ethnic groups, religious groups they support? political groups. how does it not escalate?
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>> i'm not sure that any of us have proposals that don't have a risk of escalation, and i'll just say, i probably would support bob's recommendation, but i don't see any chance right now that the international community is going to accept it. i think the point of the no-kill zones is that you actually could get areas at least to protect the cities that are not now under a siege. and the other assumption is that many, many, many of the syrian army's soldiers actually would defect if given the chance and given a safe place to go. so it's a partial solution. it doesn't save homs. but i think it's better than doing nothing. >> bottom line, do you think it's possible to really stop the slaughter in homs or do you think it's just a matter of time before the regime has succeeded there? >> i have to say, i am not optimistic for homs. the time to have started trying to save homs was probably a month ago.
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there's one encouraging sign, secretary clinton said today that the u.s. government was in touch with a number of people or there were reports of many around assad who were really getting very nervous. and that they hadn't signed up for this kind of slaughter. so it's still possible we would see some kind of implosion from the inside, but other than that, my concern is to make sure there are no mome homs or as few as we could possibly mange. >> i think it's going to get a lot worse. i think this is a long haul with syria. the sectarian divisions are what are dividing this country, and there's no easy solution. and it's just not a matter of regime decapitation. it's a long, long haul. >> because there are christians inside syria who say, you know, if assad goes, and the sunnis take over, we're going to be slaughtered.
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how do you alleviate that concern? >> well, i talked to the muslim brotherhood a lot, and they say, ask me, why doesn't the united states do something? they're worried about the sectarian problems, what are you going to do about the aloites? he said, we're going to kill them, what do you think? and i say, what do you expect. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> well, let us know what you think about the images we showed you. facebook, google plus. follow me on twitter. i'm tweeting about it right now. up next, soaring prices at the pump, and the candidates trying to make political hay out of it. keeping them honest, getting the latest on the race. later, something strange is happening again to those young girls in upstate new york. first it was mysterious twitching. now just as mysteriously, some of them are seeming to return to normal. was it all just mass hysteria to begin with? we have a "360" follow-up. @
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high prices at the pump and the candidates are trying to cash in. just about everyone who wants to turn pain at the pumps into gain at the polls. we're keeping them honest. first the facts, nationwide, the average price of a price of gas stands at $3.64. that's 12 cents on the week and 11% for the year. double since president obama took office. republican candidates are pointing that out, trying to turn it against the president. they're also making a lot of big promises. here is newt gingrich at wednesday's cnn debate. >> i have developed a program for american energy so no future president will ever bow to a saudi king again. and so every american can look forward to $2.50 a gallon gasoline. >> speaker gingrich like santorum blames high prices on president obama's failed middle east policies. his decision to put the pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico on hold.
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>> think about what this president is doing. here we are now facing coming up into summertime, when if we had a pipeline being built right now, and it could be built right now, right now, the president could sign an order to build the pipeline. we would have the construction jobs and the knowledge of the industry that all of the production would be coming online. >> senator santorum has gone further recently saying about the obama administration, quote, they want higher energy prices. they want to push their radical agenda on the public, and gingrich put a petition on his website called drill here, drill now, pay less. suggestion being that the white house is anti-drilling. that's the suggestion. it's not just the candidates. john boehner held a closed door strategy session with republican members. according to the "new york times," this is a debate we want to have. keeping them honest, there are a whole lot of facts, or problems for blaming the president for prices at the pump. prices nearly doubled under
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obama, put a key reason why prices were so low when he took office, the recession. people drove less, flew less, bought fewer products that needed shipping, so demand for oil and gas plummeting and prices were low. as for the suggestion he opposes domestic drilling for gas and oil, it's not so clear. business week, crunching numbers from the u.s. energy information agency reports that domestic oil production is at its highest level in eight years. however, some of the production was approved before mr. obama took office. oil imports are down as well. critics, including the american petroleum institute claims the administration is slow in granting new drilling leases and permits. experts we have spoken to say there's not much this president or any president can do to affect gasoline prices. price of gasoline depends on the price of crude which demands on global demand. and it spikes up when rogue nations like iran make noise.
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just yesterday, president obama tried to call out his critics. >> there are no silver bullets short-term when it comes to gas prices. anyone who says otherwise isn't telling the truth. anybody who tells you we can drill our way out of the problem doesn't know what they're talking about. >> well, that may or may not be, but just in case we're only keeping republicans honest t didn't keep senator obama from campaigning against prices when he was running for president. >> john mccain is part of the problem. they support a drilling plan that won't produce a drop of oil for seven years. mccain will give more tax breaks to big oil. he's voted with bush 95% of the time. barack obama will make energy unless an urgent priority. >> well, now, in fairness, mr. obama's plan for energy differs sharply from the current gop talking points, but it's based
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on the shaky assumption that policy makes a difference at the pump, and he wasn't the first to do what republican candidates are doing now. 2006, democrats blame bush for higher gas prices. so is this just a case of what is gas for the goose is gas for the gander? joining us, rich galen who is associated with the pickens plan. which focuses on america's energy issues and hillary rosen. apologize for the pun there. you say the price of gas is absolutely a winning issue for republicans. you thing it's a winning issue for republicans? >> winning issue for republicans because there happens to be a democrat in the white house. if the situation were reversed, it would be a winning issue for the democrats. to protect the president in this regard, every president 6 richard nixon at least has said, elect me and we'll have energy unless. first, we're not going to have energy unless because two of
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three biggest oil traders are mexico and canada. and we want to keep trading with them on oil. but the other side of this thing is that it -- there is no reason for, in terms of demand, for oil prices to be spiking to $109. it's all in the lead up to this, geopolitical. you have nigeria, iran, all of these places where traders are saying, i need to protect myself, moving forward, and they're bidding the prices up. but there's no demand reason for this. >> hillary, it is kind of hypocritical for the president to be pushing back on republicans for using the same kind of reterate he used when he was running for president against bush. >> i looked at the ad, and it would be hypocritical if that was what he said, but he said republicans are in kohouts with big oil, but oil companies don't
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give consumers the benefit of drops prices and that's because republicans are funded by big oil, when you look at a plan like mitt romney's it doesn't take on oil because he's funding -- his super pac is founded by the coke brothers, who run big oil. but let's talk about what actually the president can do -- >> the reason, hillary, that republicans say, gasoline prices have risen so far, is because they dropped so far. oil went down to $35 a barrel at the beginning of the recession. >> right. >> and the oil companies brought that up. the price is what the price is. >> and what i'm saying is when the prices wnt down, when the prices go down, consumers can get the benefit, but oil companies -- >> and they did. >> and they're getting profits and nobody is dealing with the fact that they're making the record profits as the prices go up. they're not paying it all up. wait, let's go back to the things that politicians do have control over, if we all agree
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that presidents can control the price at the pump. what president obama has done is he said we're going to depend less on the pump. so he doubled the fuel efficiency standards for cars. and got everybody together, the automakers and consumers -- >> that's not going to change anything today? >> it does. it changes demand. >> here is -- >> i let you talk, let me talk. >> let's -- let's not talk over each other. both, let's stop on the topic. i want to switch gears for a moment. i wanted to show this event that mitt romney held in michigan. it was attended by about 1,200 people in a football stadium. they moved it to the stadium because the other venue was too small, but there was about 65,000 seats in the stadium, most of them were empty, was this a big mistake because this was an important speech he was
1:26 am
meant to make, and a lot of folks, just a sound of it, it sounded like he was talking to no one out there. >> of course, there's got to be something between 700 seats which is where the detroit economic club has its venue and 65,000 seats. somewhere in the city of detroit, there was something in the middle, but i think -- i was watching this on -- i was following this on twitter all day, and you would have thought listening to the national reporters, this was the biggest mistake in the history of american politics. it's not good optics, not a favorable thing, but i think once people listen to what romney said, in terms of what he is proposing moving forward, that if anybody cares about it, i'm not sure how many people do, but if they listened to what he said instead of worriedabout how many empty seats they were, they would be favorably disposed. >> the other thing that a lot of
1:27 am
reporters focused on and i don't know if this is fair or not, that he mentioned his wife drives a couple of cadillacs. that's the other thing a lot of reporters are talking about. is that just the media looking for something to attack this guy on? >> that's a little out of touch, i have a couple cars here, my wife has a couple cars here. in california we have a couple cadillacs. it's that kind of tone deafness that has followed him along the trail where he doesn't realize that most people only have one car. and when he talks about, i get to have cars from every one of the detroit automakers, i think that makes people cringe a little bit in terms of the sense that he's out of touch, and he probably doesn't really care about the price of gas because he's filling all of those cars with gas. one quick point on fuel prices, which is this focus on getting away from oil, alternative energy, whether it's natural
1:28 am
gas, whether it's solar, whether it's wind. you know, the republicans have simply not invested in this, and that is because the oil companies have held them hostage in congress, and so that there's just not the investment to get us away from being so dependent on the up and down gas prices. >> rich, i want you to be able to respond. >> that is correct, that we should have other alternative methods of powering our vehicles, and one of those is natural gas. i think the president has spoken of that, and i'm for that, and especially in heavy duty trucks, that would make a huge difference. i absolutely agree that we have to look to alternative fuel. >> rich galen, rillary rosen, appreciate it. >> we end in agreementd. >> a tragic suicide. clementi, his roommate is on trial for invasion of privacy among other charges. we'll tell you what happenedige the emotional first day in court.
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also later, no end to the deadly protested in afghanistan over nato troops burning korans at a military base. we'll have the latest.
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up close tonight, the trial has started in new jersey involving the tragic suicide of tyler clementi who jumped off a bridge just days after his roommate allegedly used a web cam to spy on his encounter with another man. the roommate went on trial today, facing 15 counts, including invasion of privacy. now, at the heart of the case is whether ravi's alleged actions constitute a hate crime,
1:33 am
bullying motivated by prejudice against gay people. last year, he turned down a plea deal that would have allowed him to avoid any jail time at all. >> former rutgers university student arrived at a new jersey courthouse, ready to hear both sides argue whether his actions led to the death of his roommate. he used a computer web cam to show him having an intimate encounter with another man. days later, clemente jumped off a bridge. the jury heard vastly different views of the case. the defense said his actions were childish but not worthy of a conviction. >> just because we do something stupid, we make mistakes, especially when we're young, it doesn't mean we're hateful and we're bigoted. or we're criminals. >> prosecutor julia mcclure laying out a starkly different
1:34 am
view, saying he not only used a web cam to watch him, but tweeted more would follow. >> these acts were purposeful, intentional, and they were planned. and i would suggest to you that beyond that, they were mean-spirited, malicious, and they were criminal. >> the prosecution called their first witnesses, students who knew ravi, some testified he and his friend molly, who is now cooperating with the prosecution, had offered to show their video stream of clemente with the man. >> did there come a point in time where you saw something on the screen? >> yes. >> can you tell us about that? >> it came up for a second, a quick video. you saw two males leaning up against a bed, making out. >> what do you mean by making out? >> kissing mouth to mouth. >> okay, what was he telling people? >> he was telling people how he set up his web cam to view tyler's actions that night.
1:35 am
>> but during cross-examination, some of those same witnesses say they could not recall ravi making anti-gay comments. >> during that period of time, did he say anything about a problem he was having with tyler? >> no, he actually told me tyler was a nice guy. >> sitting in the packed court, ravi's family as well as clemente's tyler's parents telling ac 360 in an earlier interview, each day in court is a painful one. >> i also try to focus on the judge and prosecutor and what is being said and try not to let my mind go to too many different places. >> when you have thought about mr. ravi, is there anger associated with those thoughts? hurt? >> i wouldn't say anger. i would characterize it as i'm heart broken. i'm heart broken at what happened and about the loss of my son and how it happened. it breaks my heart.
1:36 am
>> jason carroll joins me live. the defense attorney saying ravi never cyberbullied clemente. do we know how the defense is going to explain the web cam set up to record him. >> what you have is a case of a young man who was worried about the older man that tyler was bringing into the dorm room, and perhaps that's the reason why this web cam had been set up. i think from the prosecution, it's very clear. what they're going to argue is that the evidence will show through twitter, through witness accounts, through the web cam, that this was harassment, that ultimately ended in a young man's death. >> jason, appreciate the reporting. a 360 follow-up. has a medical mystery been solved or at least is it over? there's a major update on the teenage girls in upstate new york who developed symptoms similar to tourette's syndrome, but we have a look at the other stories we're following. >> at least eight people were
1:37 am
killed and 27 hurt in afghanistan as protests continues for a fourth straight day. the fury is over the burning of korans by nato troops. president obama has apologized to afghan president hamid karzai for the incident. >> and growing concerns over how quickly iran could create a nuclear bomb. they have enriched uranium while blocking access to a key site last week. >> and this may be the world's shortest man. he's 22" tall, 72 years old and lives in nepal. they're going to verify that this weekend, and hopefully he'll take the title. a major twist in a medical mystery. many of teens in upstate new york who were overcome by bizarre ticks are getting better. was it just a case of mass hysteria.
1:38 am
also the close crew for a helicopter that broke into pieces. we'll show you the video. @
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a 360 follow on tonight to a medical mystery we have been covering closely. parents in new york were terrified when a dozen teenagers developed ticks resembling tourette's syndrome. most of the teens were girls. this video was taking in october after sarah sanchez developed
1:42 am
uncontrollable twitching. her mom said her seizures got worse an the tics started. during an interview, she appeared to have a seizure. >> these are seizures she's had since a kid, is that what we're looking at? >> no, no, these are from the tics? >> a different kind of seizure she developed. >> these are a different kind of seizure. >> okay. are we okay? do we need to call the paramedics? >> yes, no. no, they -- it's okay. it's okay. >> her mom said she was fine after the seizure was over. some of the teens were diagnosed with something called convergeant disorder. mass hysteria. but many of the girls and their parents were not satisfied with that answer. they didn't believe that even though health and school officials ruled out any environmental cause.
1:43 am
erin brockovich sent a team to take samples. they were never able to explain why it would have appeared mostly in young teenage girls. the mystery deepened with a 36-year-old woman developed the same tics. she said she hung out where the kemtle spill happened. >> i have to have faith in my doctors. all of the lab work and cat scans and mris i have had done have come back within range, within the normal range limits. so if it ends up being
1:44 am
environmental, then does that mean that i don't have hope of getting better? these are thoughts that go through my head. >> well, that was three weeks ago. in that clip, you could see how difficult it was for her to speak. we learned that her symptoms have improved that she's returned to work full time. the doctor treating her has treated some of the teens. three of the girls are back to normal, their symptoms have disappeared, and five others have improved significantly. does that mean that the mystery has been solved. dr. drew has been covering this extensively. >> the health of the girls seems to be improving. are you surprised by that? >> well, actually, i'm not surprised for a couple reasons. one is we fully anticipated if this was a convergent reaction or a mass hysteria, it would naturally get better slowly with time. even with no treatment, and they were getting some -- some of them getting specific treatment which can accelerate the recovery.
1:45 am
the other issue is cl this was an auto immune system that can happen after an infection, and several of the girls got treatment for that. if it's that, it can accelerate the recovery, and sometimes these kinds of interventions can act as a placebo, and also accelerate the recovery. >> we talked to one of the doctors treating some of the girls that said a lot of the reason the girls are improving is trust, trust in the doctor and trust of the diagnosis, because initially, a lot of them, the ones i talked to, certainly, resisted the idea that this was some sort of mass hysteria. >> that's right. one of the more difficult parts about treating conversion. i ran a medical department in a psychiatric hospital for about a decade, and one of my primary responsibilities was to deal with conversion reactions and rule out potential medical causes and then deliver that
1:46 am
message if i found, onto the family, and the patient, and there's a very specific, what we call counter trantransference, you get a feeling when the family comes at you and they don't like that diagnosis. some of the moms, i discussed that fact with some of the moms and i didn't get that feeling i normally get. that led me to look around for other causes. >> for people watching, when they hear it's mass hysteria, it doesn't mean they're faking it, right? >> it absolutely does not. it's a subcautious thing, so it's not as though they're aware they're doing these things or that they're thinking about doing it. that's mallingering. that's when somebody does something willfully and consciously. at no point have any of the treating team said this is mallingering. it's at most conversion. and to be fair, when conversions occur, and when they occur in a mass setting, it's often in an isolated community, a small
1:47 am
community, often younger women, and it's often very dramatic. >> what about the attention all of the girls have been receiving, could that have exacerbated their symptoms? >> it could have. and lately, there's not as much media attention and maybe it's helped this settle down. it's a double-edged sword. the media attention allowed us to really direct resources up to them. they got treatment for the pandas, you have erin up there who uncovered the spill. there are things that were discovered as a result of the media attention that might benefit the community and town overall. >> and you say we may never know exactly what the cause was. >> yeah. it's not as though we'll ever have some smoking gun, some specific test, some specific finding that will tell us absolutely that's what it was. in my mind, as i watch this wind down, i still in my instinct tells me it's some combination,
1:48 am
that yes, conversion was here, i always believed it was part of the story, but that some of the girls may have had a biological problem to begin with that triggered this and then the conversion ensued in some of the other cases. again, important -- really important message i want to give out. you never call something a psychiatric diagnosis until you have ruled out other biological problems. psychiatricsteps can be manifestations of all sorts of biological issues. >> you think it could be a biological issue with one or two and the others, it was conversion. >> that's where my bet would go. >> interesting. dr. drew, thanks. >> thanks. up next, it looks like jerry sandusky, a former penn state assistant football koch could have more legal troubles coming his way. and a fortune in silver and gold coins found in the bottom of the ocean finds a permanent home after a legal battle.
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[ engine sputtering ] [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. the ridiculist is just ahead. first, susan hendricks is back with a 360 news and business bulletin. >> it appears federal prosecutors are now looking into the sexual abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. penn state says it has received a federal subpoena seeking information about the former assistant football coach. jerry sandusky is under house arrest as he awaits trail of dozens of child sex abuse charges.
1:53 am
an air strip in north brazil. it shook violently as it broke apart. crew members suffered only minor injuries. look inside the black beens, tons of gold and silver coins flown to spain. the coins were found in a ship that sank in the 19th century off the coast of spain. the american company that discovered the treasure shipped it here and fought for ownership. the u.s. courts ruled that the treasure belongs to spain. back to you. >> wow. worth a lot of money. thanks. coming up, a young woman shows up on the news without meaning to. the ridiculist is next. o0 c1 0 [ beep ]
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time now for the ridiculist. tonight, we're adding a group of people we're calling newsroom extras. they're like extras in movies, but they don't always know they're in movies. take for instance a live forecast from the university of florida. i encourage you to keep your eye on the background. >> students can register for the lottery tomorrow and it's open until friday. the uaa will notify the winners of the lottery by monday december 15th, and vouchers can be pickedp from tuesday to thursday. students with more than 90 hours have the best chance of getting tickets. live from the news room, tara minnelli. >> that was posted online. the young journalist in the background making the copies seems to have a great sense of humor about it. on her blog, kristen writes she had been working for hours, went to the printer to pick up some papers, didn't realize at first that the bright light she was staring at what perched on top
1:58 am
of a camera, she calls it an embarrassing moment, but we think it's adorable. it could have been a lot worse, a whole lot worse. take a look. >> it's also important you try to keep the bed bugs out of your home, the best way when you stay in a hotel. you might want to use a plastic bag like this one. >> oh. oh, the thing about working in the news, you have to pick your stories carefully, and you have to pick your battles. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> i love his response. he just leaves. the real fun starts when you leave the news room and you go out for live shots. that's when every tom, dick, and drunk hairy shows up, sometimes
1:59 am
dressed like drunk chickens. >> in houston, a couple bars ar still open. >> at least the guy had clothes on. >> we have been out a couple hours, getting the building clear. >> cold out here, whew. >> some people are utof their minds. what are you going to do? it's nuts. >> now it's one thing when the story is lighthearted, but what happens when someone takes the focus off a reporter covering a serious story like kim kardashian's wedding. >> as for the wedding, a lot odetails have been kept under wraps, the bride will be wearing vera wang. she's going to be marrying nba player chris humphries. chris also spoke out to ryan seacrest, he produces a reality show on e! keeping up with the kardashians. she said her dress is going to blow everyone away.


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