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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 28, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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objection to the media participation always so restricted? >> not, your honor. >> do you have any objections, mr. farinacci? >> no, your honor. >> the court make note of rule 12, which states that all victims and witnesses may -- and if they do object, and if they do object, their objections shall be made known to all the persons and victims or witnesses who object may not be filmed, videotaped, reported or photographed as they so specify. is there flynn hoo here who objection to -- mr. farinacci, anybody objecting to being photographed by the media? >> your honor i believe -- that may not be -- -- >> all right. so the media is instructed not to take fasht photographs of any
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of the family members, which are the two aunts, the grandfather or t.j. lane. photographs not showing facial features will be permitted. is that brings us to the issue of rule 7, detention, which is the main purpose for us being here today, and with that prosecutor joyce, it's the burden on the state to demonstrate to this court the requirements of juvenile rule 7-a which reads -- prior to final disposition unless enough following applied. one, detention or shelter care is required, a, to protect the child from immediate or threatened physical or emotional harm, or b, to protect the person or property of others from immediate threatened fill or emotional harm, two, the child maybe abscond, three, the
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child has no parent, guardian cuss to doia or earn and return the collide to the courtroom required so prosecutor joyce, the floor is yours. >> thank you, your honor. yesterday officers reported to chardon, a student by the name of t.l. had a .2278 handgun and was shooting other students in the school. there were students injured and in need of assistance. t.j. was last seen leave the calf nearia, chief mckenna and sheriff mcclelland took command of the scene. the officers found three injured male students. all three were unconscious bleeding from the head area. another injured was a male
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student located in room 200 where he appeared to have been shot in the neck area. it was clear at that point that t.j. had left the building. it showed that lane was the only shooter involved. a total of five victims were shot. after shooting four students in the cafeteria, one in the 200 hallway, he ran out of the the east door, into a wooded area. at 8:37 a.m., he was located on wooden road and taken into custody without incident. once in custody lane was advised of his rights, he confessed to taking the .22 pistol to school along with a knife. he admitted he fired ten rounds into a group of students, that he did not know the students, about el he chose them randomly. since then three other victims have expired due to the gunshot injuries, and the fifth victim has been released to the family. this is an active investigation.
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for the safety of this juvenile and the safety of this community, we ask this court entertain a motion to detain himmen proper charges can be presented to this court. >> t.j., you do know you have a right to counsel and you're represented by farinacci, correct? the court will note it had a discussion with mr. farinacci should he feels he needs additional counsel and cannot obtain through private matters, the court will review and entertain a motion to have the public defender assist if necessary in the further proceedings of the court. additionally, you understand, t.j., you have the right to remain silent with respect to any of the allegations pending. do you understand that? >> yes, i do.
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>> mr. nolan, you understand you also have a right to be represented by counsel? >> yes, i do. >> do you intend to be represented by counsel? >> not at this time. >> mr. farinacci, you heard the information provided by the prosecutor on this matter to why -- why detention should be continued, do you wish to respond? >> your honor u. we're not objecting to continued detention. >> the court will find pursuant to juvenile rule 7-a, that placement of tjl in his home would be contrary to the juvenile's own welfare and protection of the community, and efforts to prevent or eliminate -- under the alleged circumstances would not be reasonable and that tjl should remain in detention pending further 0rd of the court during these proceedings for the reason the detention is necessary due
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to the sisters nature and allegations, detention is necessary and required to protect the person and property of others in the community from the immediate threat the fill and emotional harm and the detention is to protect himself from immediate or -- or emotional harm. this matter then under rule 7:00, i can place him in detention for 15 days. the court will make a few other notes. in this case the prosecution has not yet charged t.j. that under the juvenile rules, the prosecutor has until 1645 hours on march first, 2012 to formally charge the juvenile in anticipation of that charge, this court has scheduled the initial hearing on any charges that may be filed for tuesday, march 6th, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.,
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in this courtroom, so the initial hearing will be scheduled for march 6th, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. in this courtroom. mesh 19th, 2012, commencing at 9:00 a.m. should there be a filing of a moment for transfer to the adult court. so the tentative date for the probable cause here for bind-over is set for march 19th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. any questions to those matters, prosecutor joyce? >> no, your honor. >> mr. farinacci? >> no, your honor. >> there have been multiple requests to documents under the custody of this court.
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those documents are of three categories. there's been request for any reports as they exist to any juvenile reports pertaining to t.j. there have been any requests on for any records if they exist for other juvenile court records that may pertain to t.j., but are not involving or delinquency division, which would be the family jfs division. now there are requests that have been made of this court for release of information of the records, if any exist, to at least one of the victims in this matter. the court will ask, first of all, the prosecution, do you object to release of any of these documents? >> your honor, in each instant, the state would have an objection. >> thank you. do you object? >> likewise, your honor, object to all three. >> in light of the objections of counsel for both the prosecution and the defense, the court has
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set a hearing date for tomorrow, february 29th, at 3:30 p.m. to hear any media representatives, and to allow both the state and mr. farinacci to defend against the request for release of any of the these documents. for those of you in the media, if you wish to have these documents released, you're going to need to file at least some sort of formal motion or request with the court and have somebody here representing you tomorrow at 3:30. the court intends to take up all three areas of potential reports. the cord is not saying they exist or don't exist, but we will address the release by category, and those two categories at the hearing tomorrow at 3:30 p.m.
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charges are due by 1645 hours march 1st, initial hearing is set for march 6th, and the court will leave the 19th of march open as a tense tiff date. mr. farinacci, if you need additional time, the court will certainly be responsive, but the court intends to see this matter moved through quickly, as is the requirements under ohio law. >> thank you, your honor. >> anything else to come before the court today? [ inaudible ] >> the court will be more than willing to look at that issue tomorrow at 3:30, as we address the other media disclosure
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issues. all right. at this time the court will ask that everybody stay in place and that, first of all, that t.j. be returned to the custody of the geauga county sheriff. i think the sheriff has done fine work, and please transfer him to the detention facility. >> thank you very much, your honor. >> mr. farinacci, after t.j. mass gone, i'm going to ask you you and the family to leave, and we'll go from there. >> thank you, your honor. >> to the members of the media, i want you to stay for a minute, because i want to give you a road map, at least from the juvenile court, at least to where this scheduling is going to go. >> you may leave with the family.
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there he is, the judge wrapping up this hearing. in the suspect will remain in custody for the time being sunny hosten is joining us. it seems routine, though the judge said no photographs of the suspect, no photographs of the family, the news media certainly probably will appeal that decision tomorrow at this hearing. walk us through what we just saw. >> well, in ohio, wolf, certainly cameras are allowed in the courtroom. the judge is basically required to have the cam rards. there's a victim and witness opt-out. if a victim doesn't want to be photographed or taped, that is usually what happened. but the judge in his discretion doesn't want the media to
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photograph this jewel as he is considered a juvenile right now. but we know, w068, that three young people are dead, and that he is the only suspect. he is in custody. i suspect he will be charged with philosophers, with murder, so i exact that he will also be transferred to a criminal court, an adult proceeding. is a 17 years old considered an adult or juvenile? >> it depends on the circumstances, but certainly a child over 14 can be transferred, can be tried as an adult. there are certainly rules in ohio that allow a judge to transfer a juvenile to adult court if a juvenile is over the age of 14 or 16 or 17.
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so we're dealing with a 17-year-old juvenile, but there's no question in my mind that the law allows this young man to be treated as an adult, and i suspect he will be. >> you heard the judge say he wasn't going to let him go back home for his own safety considerations, he would be better protected by law enforcement authorities at a detention facilities outside of cleveland where all of this is unfolding. hold on for a second, sunny. ted rowlands was in the courtroom. walk us through what occurred today, two more victims, unfortunately, passed away. >> reporter: yeah, wolf, which brings the total victims to a heartbreaking three. this community is even more affected today than the folks here were even yesterday.
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>> the big thing on this hearing that really was considerable in terms of news, if you will, in terms of crime, was the fact he admitted shooting to the police, and that he told the police that the targets in this case were not targets at all. he claimed he didn't even know the victims and chose them, quote, randomly. that coming out of the proceedings. that's contrary to what we've been led to believe from witness 125i789s, that he seemed to zero in on this group of kids sitting in the cat tieria, all around the table, that he appeared to be absolutely targeting those kids first. what we found out today is that he admitted what he did to the police immediately, said he fired ten shots, and also said that he did not know any of his victims, and did not choose them. in fact, they were random.
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>> we assume in the conversations he had with the police, with the local laws nvtment, ted, he had been earlier given his miranda rights, but presumably after those rights were read to him, he went ahead and discussed the detailfuls of what was going through his mind? >> reporter: absolutely. one would assume that for a number of reasons. not just that the police department would be professional, but they knew the high profile, that the federal government was involved very early in this, it is fair to assume the young man was given all of his rights before giving information. >> the attorney who was with him in court, ted, was this attorney present during the course of these conversations with law enforcement? >> we don't know if he was
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present during the initial to he was obviously called by the family fairly early on, and last evening actually came out with a statement from the family. so whether or not he was there during the questioning, nobody knows -- well, people know that were there. that we don't know for sure one way or the other, but maybe sunny has insight with just his permission, the 17-year-old juvenile. >> it's an important point in terms of add miskt if in fact t.j. lane, the suspect did confess and go into detail he has a right to an attorney. if he did give all of these details without an attorney present, did that raise any questions about the
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admissibility? >> it certainly will. right now we know he was advised of his rights. we know -- he had the right to remain silent, anything he said would and could be held against him. so you can answer question serve 56 waives your right, but as a juvenile, many people will argue and i suspect they may argue it here, he can't waive his rights here, but we don't know if his attorney was with him. >> presumably it would be moot if there were so many eyewitnesses who will testify they saw t.j. lane take out this handgun and start shooting people. >> i think that's right. we know he was identified by so many witnesses and was apprehended very close in time to when this tragedy occurred.
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so i don't think the identity has ever been in question. >> sunny hosten recording for us, thanks very much. ted rowlands, stand by, we'll be getting back to you. one quick note, the authorities in chardon was scheduled to hold a news conference. we're going to bring you that news conference live as soon as it starts. that could be within the next few minutes. stand by for this story, plus all the day's other important news, including a huge day in politician today. also dramatic development unfor thing in syria. stay with us, you're in "the situation room."
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news coming up. we're standing by for a news conference. authorities getting ready to explain what's next in this process, this horrible school shooting yesterday. we just saw t.j. lane, the suspect being held in detention, at least for the time being. a huge day today, 59
1:23 pm
republican del gant are up for grabs today. voting is under way right now in two crucial primaries. it's winner take all where mitt romney seems to hold a clear end. it's anyone's game in michigan, the state where romney was raised, that's where the charge of cheap shots and dirty tricks are flowing. jim acosta, set the scene for us. tell us what's going on? >> reporter: santorum is saying mitt romney is whining. the way these two candidates are going after each other, you would think the entire race is riding on michigan, and it might. cruising diners for last-minute voters, he was serving up mischief.
1:24 pm
>> reporter: what was the rationale. >> we're proving the point we can -- >> join democrats who are going to send a lout message to massachusetts mitt romney. >> the automated phone emergency hits mitt romney's opposition to the autobailout. >> i think -- >> reporter: after weeks of struggling, he labeled the call a dirty trick. >> i think the hardest thing about predicting what's going to happen today is whether senator santorum's effort to call democrat households and tell them to come out and vote against mitt romney is going to be successful or not. >> reporter: santorum noted romney has a robo-call of his
1:25 pm
own, using a clip from four years ago when he endorsed romney for president. >> i'm a big guy. if someone wants to take cheap shots, but to whine and complain -- >> that's a cheap shot. >> to use someone's voice from four years ago, you tell me what that is. >> romney has done some crossing over of his own. at the time he told abc news he voted for the person who he thought would be the weakest opponent for the republican. that's not how he explained it to reporters on this day. >> i was is erv voting against the. >> that's what we need to have. >> romney acknowledged he has damaged himself with some of his
1:26 pm
recent gaffes. >> talking to people like chris christie, jeb bush, paul ryan, mitch daniels. >> rick an sorm was talking about the dangers and i'm reading here. if republicans want to vote in the republican party, they should go ahead and become a republican. as for how far mitt romney would go, he told reporters earlier today he's not willing toe set his hair on fire. i assume where you are right now, jim, at some point mitt romney will be making a speech, either a concession speech or victory speech, whatever the case may be.
1:27 pm
>> reporter: that's right. rick santorum will be here later tonight. you can see over my shoulder they have already hung the banner "made in america." it's reference to his economic policy. that's a message that's gotten lost for rick santorum in the last several days, because he's been focused so much on the social issues. >> we'll hear from all four candidates as the evening unfolds. thank for that, jim acosta. is the party being battle tested or badly wounded? ifb talking to a lot of important republicans in michigan, what are they saying to you? >> reporter: well, look, in michigan and elsewhere, as short ha time ago as two weeks, i
1:28 pm
remember talking to rhine priefer is and how stuffed. so hear that much anymore. some say, look, we are at this point where it is no longer helping us. you can look at the polling numbers as the -- i brought up, what about when hillary clinton and barack obama went at it as two candidates, and everyone felt they came out stronger. they said the difference here is that over time, democrats seem to come to like both hillary clinton and barack obama saying i'll take either one, but what this is doing is, they say, dividing the republican parties and both of them are seeing their numbers falling, particularly when it comes to
1:29 pm
santorum and when it comes to mitt romney. they're no longer seeing this as helpful. you add into the economy showing signs of getting better, you have a president as any incumbent has, has the bully pulpit. he can go out and call it policy, but it's still politics, because it's an election year. they feel this is the time the party needs to come together. also, you know there's a lot of chatter that if rick santorum continues to do well, a new candidate could jump in and change everything. what are you hearing about the thew yam for that kind of idea? >> you know, again, the folks i talked to set, number one, there's a couple things going on, it would be incredibly complicated rights now it's not
1:30 pm
enough to collect, so it would have to happen at a convention or prior to the convention. when you put it together with the question of is the republican party hurting itself right now in november, when you put together the idea of a brokered convention, they say there wouldn't be enough time in august when the convention is held and november to try to bring the party back together. they also note that, let's say, rick santorum goes into the convention with the most delegates but not enough, they think it would be very heart to get folks from rick santorum's team to say, yeah, yeah, we would give it up to somebody else, and the folks with the biggest names to bring the party together, jeb bush, chris christie, mitch daniels, they have all been absolutely without hesitation said no, no way, no how. so the folks i talk to just don't see how this can happen. they're praying for someone to come up with a conclusion to this sooner rather than later.
1:31 pm
>> candy crowley, thanks very much. we'll check back with you as the evening continues. let's bring in our analyst gloria borger. i've been looking at what you are calling the x factors in this contest. >> these are way toss make mischief tonight the first is the crossover voters, michigan open primary, that means democrats can cross over and vote. there's some democrats who are saying, you know what? let's cross over and let's vote for rick santorum. that way we can cause some problems for mitt romney, the santorum campaign taking advantage of that, putting out robo-calls, telling people to do just that. if it's a really close contest and 1%, or even 2%, it can make a difference. >> it's not just democrats that can cross, but independents as
1:32 pm
we well. >> another x factor that can cause mischief here are absentee voting. most estimates say not as big as it was ins arizona or florida, but could amount to just under one nist of the voting population. if there's a low turnout, that should mean that mitt romney is going to do pretty well. so we have to look at the -- >> the third thing is the popular vote versus the delegate county. we ahead a lot about this in 2008, but it is possible, now bear with me, it is possible that you could win in the poplar
1:33 pm
vote and not wince in the delegate counties, because delegates are given according to congressional district. so, for example, if mitt romney won in the populous area of detroit, he could win in the popular vote, but rick santorum could pick up more dale gas if he won, for example, in the northwest. we're going to have to watch this, whoever wins one and not the other will still claim victory. >> let me read quickly from your column, santorum's attacks on romney just exposed the huge calf between the old elite and new insurgents, and no matter who becomes the nominee, one faction will be disappointed and disaffected. >> quickly what we're seeing is the their own version of class warfare. in this party right now, you've seen rick santorum positioning
1:34 pm
himself as the pop you list, the blue collar who can win -- and mitt romney, he's positioning him as the establishment candidate of the republican elite. that is a fight going on in the republican party. >> and critical next actual, ohio, too. thanks very much. peg of ohio, authorities there are scheduled to update us on the school shooting investigation. we also expect to hear more about today's court appearance by the suspect. stay with us. we'll have live coverage. you'llant want to hear my one on one with newt gingrich. who does he think will win tonight? my interview coming up live right here in "the situation room." the lead i can pick up traveling through your pipes, and then... [ click ] it just clicked. get it? it clicked... like the
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service of geauga has established the chardon fun. it will help local individuals, families and others impacted by this horrific tragedy. the fund will be overseen by an advisory commutee, including a school administrator, business professional, community member, chardon high school student, a parent representative, uniced way, the local foundation, and a mental health expert. united way will do what it can to track each gift to the fund. and also sending out tax donation letters, united way
1:38 pm
will follow up an important feature about this fund that 100% of the funds received will be used to help those that have been impacted. deposits can be made to any pnc banking officer or by main into to united way. we'll provide you this information when we're finished. according to the united way, $150,000 has already been donated to that fund. $100,000 from our own fair month minerals here in our county. thank you. $25,000 from the cleveland foundation, again thank you. and we have our first $25,000 from an anonymous donor, as well as a number of smaller contributions that would encourage everybody who does not
1:39 pm
have the wherewithal of such a large donation, to certainly consider. thank you for that aspect. i want to stress against the importance of taking advantage of the counselors, we'll have available. counselors are available at the middle school today until 7:00 this evening, which is right to my left. counselors will also be available from 4:00 until 9:00 this evening across the street at st. mary's parish. our friend here to the west. as part of our hearing -- there are some changes in that schedule. tomorrow, wednesday february 29th, all high school faculty and staff are asked to gather at the high school at 9:00 in the morning. counselors will be on hand. also tomorrow we're asking that our kindergarten through grate 5 faculty and staff to gather at
1:40 pm
the munson elementary site at 9:00. counseling staff will be on hand as well. also tomorrow, and this is part of the change, we're asking that all of our middle school faculty and start report to the chardon methodist church report at 9:00, we need to work hard to make sure our staff are ready for the questions, concerns and issues our children will be bringing with them when they come back to school fibly on friday. thursday, march 1st, we ask that faculty and staff in all buildings report in their regular times. i would encourage people to take advantage of this. we will reopen on thursday or high school for parents and students, again at the high school for parents and students to come together to kind of reintegrate back into our program, super 10:00 until 3:00. the middle school will have the same option for parents and
1:41 pm
students, to gather from 8:00 in the morning until 11:00. elementary school will be own from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. again, this is an important step, i would encourage everyone to take advantage of. we need to get kids back in our schools safely, that their comfortable and their parents are comfortable. we have a great program, great staff as you've seen over the last day, and certainly a great community that's working hard to get our kids back in our classrooms. friday march 2nd, sfisms schools will open at the usual times. we'll have a full day on friday. hopefully we can have some other time for family saturday and sunday. again, i would encourage you, as i've said before and mean it from my heart, spend some family time. you never know what the next day will bring. i want to thank the media representatives for their willingness to communicate this reopening schedule to our
1:42 pm
community. thank each of you who are away from your families, and again i remind you to take care of yourself and your own families. i appreciate the coverage from a positive perspective you've given us, because we know things we have seen around the country and the tragedies that have happened. and i truly am appreciative of that. this is chardon. we will mourn, we will seek counseling for the pain and the scars that we have, we'll move forward, i promise, thank you. i'd like to introduce tim mckenna. thank you. >> i have three bull fins, the first at 1:00 this afternoon as we've done along with these other briefings with the news media, we want to be accurate. i did receive a call from the
1:43 pm
cuyahoga county office. demetrius hewlin was pronounced this afternoon. the coroner's office was notified. you have asked for the 911 tapes. chardon received four calls. that's all we god. the rest of the calls went to the sheriff's office. i have 57 hard copies with me today. the raese bulletin i have, we were notified at 12:00 noon today that our female student was
1:44 pm
released from hillcrest hospital and is home with her family. that's good news. for the other families, i am deeply saddened, my condolences, and we'll be seeing you and talking to you. i thank you, the news media, as well. thank you. at this time we're going to have geauga county prosecutor david joyce come up and tell you where we stand on the legal issues. as a kid who grew up in this county, i want you to know you have my deepest condolences, one, and i guarantee this is an aberration. this does not represent or community. what we have a is a dill gen group of schools and public officials in law enforcement that have worked together hoping
1:45 pm
this day would never come. it happened yesterday. they had a plan. the plan worked. unfortunately at the end of the da day. this was the effect of one lone gunman. he chose his victims at random. this is not about bullying. this is not about drugs. in the someone who's not well, and i believe in our court case we'll prove that and we'll make sure justice is done. in the meantime, this community needs to heal. the school did what they were supposed to do. law enforcement did what they were supposed to do. they need to get back to school and seniors justice will be done. i appreciate your time and concern, as some of you were in court today. you understand we're under a gag order and we can't talk about this going forward, but i do
1:46 pm
want to say on behalf of myself, on behalf of people of geauga county, thank you for the opportunity that you've given is to get the word out. thank you to the people who have been so gracious in helping us heal, and thank god we have such wonderful school officials, also students here in chardon from all walks of life, made a terrible, horrific situation as good as it possibly could be. we'll get it done from here. i thank you for your time. we're get to ask you ask some questions. >> mr. joyce, will you contemplate trying the young
1:47 pm
defendant as an adult? >> absolutely. it's a matter of law in the state of ohio. >> reporter: it's a matter of law? >> at 17 years old committing an act like this, which most likely would be three counts of aggravated murder as well as other counts we anticipate going forward, provided the juvenile court judge funds there is probable cause, he will be bound over to adult. >> reporter: it's my understanding that t.j. lane had already confessed and said he did have a motive, to shoot people. is any of that from you? >> i did not do the interview, and i'm really not prepared to talk about that right now. it's part of our investigation, scott. that will come out at some point. >> reporter: glen miller maple leaf. chief, the report was that he
1:48 pm
was arrested on woodland road. is that correct? >> that's correct. he was arrested on wooden road. >> reporter: were there any people -- trying to get hi gun from t.j.? did they try to apprehend him at all? teachers? students? >> we had a teacher in the school that attempted to stop him, and he was probably or best observer, best witness to let us know that that student had left the building. that gave us the green light to get our officers in the door, our ems in the door, and make the assessments we had to make yesterday morning. >> reporter: what about students? >> as far as what? >> reporter: students trying to apprehend t.j.? >> i don't have that information, no. >> reporter: sir, i'm from the numbs i have a question for
1:49 pm
prosecutor joyce. could you tell us about the murder weapon? cnn is reporting i think it was a .22, that it was a semiautomatic, and he took it from his uncle bush can you tell us about the weapon? >> no, i can't at this time. as you know, we are under a gag order from the court that was just imposed. we were allowed to talk about the fact what was given, the statement read in open court today, and i'm not allowed to go beyond that. >> you deny that he took it -- >> i said there's going to be a time and place for this. we're going to try this case, and we'll show it to you, but this next week is about getting our community back on its feet. we're going to continue to monitor this news conference. we'll update you on what's going on. lots of dramatic developments. stand by for much more. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll speak
1:50 pm
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because you never know what lies around the corner. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? today's primary drama surrounds ron paul and newt gingrich. they certainly are still in the presidential race. both are looking ahead to one week from today, the super tut contest, ten of them, a week from today. joining us now, the republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. mr. speaker, thanks very much for coming in.
1:54 pm
who would you prefer win in michigan today? would it be mitt romney or rick santorum? >> whatever the outcome tonight, the race will go on. isr if romney lose says michigan, it's hard to understand the rationale, because it never was built on ideas, but on the idea he was inevitable. you can't lose your home state and be inevitable. on the other hand, if santorum loses, i suspect we'll see a lot more doubts about whether or not he can go the distance. that's something i have lived through now with pawlenty, bachmann, trump, cain, perry, it wouldn't surprise me to find out this is one more brief period of somebody being really exciting, and then they disappear.
1:55 pm
>> i've been talking about a totally new generation of ideas. i present much bolder approach to saving social security than they do, by giving younger people to have a chance to have a perch saving account. i have a propose for american energy i have a proposal for very dramatic tax reform, including a flat tax which is very different from their, i'm trying to create a solution that doesn't compete with romney or santorum in terms of right/left. it competes as being the ideas of the future, the solution that will work. i hope to take away votes from both of them. >> the super pac that supports your campaign is out with a new ad. let me play a little clip. i want to discuss it with you.
1:56 pm
>> mitt romney. >> i looked at mitt romney's report. can't figure out what he changes. >> i don't rely to rho romney. >> i don't know if i can trust him. >> he doesn't have the strength to stand up against obama. >> that ad is running in georgia, tennessee, ohio, oklahoma, four of the ten states with contests one week from today. if he turns out to be the nominee, can he beat president obama in november? >> well, i hope so. i'm going to support the republican nominee, but you know, you have to admission have had someone -- it's going to be hard for them to make a difference between the two of them. i think -- the republicans have to look seriously at who could debate obama and win, drawing a sharp distinction and win. every time -- twice now i've
1:57 pm
nationally been leading in the polls. everybody time it's based on new ideas and new solutions. >> what's the minimum number of victories for you next tuesday that you really need to keep your campaign going? >> well, i think we have to pick up delegates in a number of states and unequivocally win georgia. we have to win delegates in a number of states, and i think we will. >> also i think we'll have a chance to mick up some delegates in idaho, vermont, a variety -- north dakota, for example, so i'm looking forward to next tuesday. we frankly made a decision that we put our resources into next tuesday and beyond and recognize we weren't in a position to compete head to head in michigan. >> let's get to substantive issues. >> afghanistan, first of all, you've criticized president obama for apologizing for the
1:58 pm
mistake in burning of the korans in afghanistan. but president bush did very much the same thing in 2008 when he apologized when an american soldier started firing his weapon into -- let's play this clip. >> i believe it was either the first or second issue that the is that brought up to tell president malaki that he heard about the incident and apologized for that, in a sense he said we take it very seriously, we were concerned about their reaction, we wanted them to know the president knew this was wrong. >> i don't know if you remember, but did you criticize president bush in 2008 for apologizing for the iraqis? >> look, i wasn't a presidential candidate at that point. what i will say is that the u.s. army destroyed bibles in 2009. i find it reprehensible we have this double standard.
1:59 pm
i find it at the present time you have americans being killed in afghanistan over her issue. i don't think the commander in chief apologizes when young americans are being killed. i don't find anything september all. sources churches get burned in nigeria. does anybody apologize? churches get burned in egypt, in malaysia. does anybody apologize? the iranians last week sentenced a christian minister to death. is anybody apologizing? i for one am tired of this one-sided process by which -- i don't care which president you're describing, i'm tired of american presidents thinks that they have to kowtow to whatever the islamic -- you think assad worries about destroying korans in syria? you think gadhafi worried about destroying korans?
2:00 pm
do you see any riots over that? this was an excuse, just like the danish cartoons, and i think we ought to be clear about this. this is an execution to have anti-american hatred whipped up. >> i want to be precise, sill understand where you're coming from as far as president obama, but in hindsight, was it wrong for. . to apologize back in 2008? >> i think we should always have respect for various religious documents yourchts this one-sided nature always, while it's dissing christianity. and i am just -- i personally am -- we want reason -- i'm tired of the elite view, you can do anything you want, but you have to apologize for islam as
2:01 pm
even as necessary, and you can never stand up and just say that's baloney. let's talk about afghanistan a bit more. the u.s. is still spending $2 billion a week. in -- building hops there, bridges there, infrastructure, power plants if you will. $100 billion a year. is this money well spent? >> no. well, first of all -- we need a complete and thorough rethinking of our strategy in the middle east. we're deeply focused on afghanistan, which you not the central front. the obama administration is stunningly inaffect i have on iran. the pakistanis have now proven
2:02 pm
they're tolely unreliable. when you learn they kept bin laden for seven years in a com pound in a military city a mile from their military defense university, they went after the people who helped the united states find them. there's something deeply rotten about our unwillingness to be mentally tough. if karzai doesn't want to apologize for the killing of young americans in the current koran incident, i think we ought to seriously deeply reevaluate our entire attitude toward hi government. if the pakistanis insists on going after people who are pro-american, i think we need to rethink or position. we do not have any long-term obligation to be in either afghanistan or pakistan. we can shift to a much deeper alliance with india very easily in a setting like this, we can figure out new strategies that don't involved american forces in the region. i do not believe we have to
2:03 pm
appease corrupt government and appease people killing young americans just in order to stay someplace where they apparently don't want us to be. >> one final question, mr. speaker. last week's debade, the cnn debate in mesa, arizona you were critical of what you called the elite media for never questioning obama about his position on what are called legalizing infanticide. we checked action and i remembered it at the time, we did report on that extensively and did question president obama at the time, our special contributor david brody of the christian broadcasting network interviewed president obama on this subject. here's a clip of what we ran right here in "the situation room" on cnn. listen to this. >> real quick, the born alive infant protective act, i get a lot of e-mails about that, not just from evangelicals, they're trying to understand it, because there were some literature put
2:04 pm
out by the national right to life committee, basically saying they felt like you misrepresented yourself on that bill -- >> let me clarify -- >> because it's getting a lot of play. >> and they have not been telling the truth. mr. speaker, i just wanted to correct the record, let it show that we did report on that. >> okay. >> we did question president obama, and it was played right here on cnn in "the situation room." i just wanted to clarify that for the record. >> well, listen, i commend you for clarifying it. i'm going to go back and look at the full transcript. i'll be cureual whether or not anybody came back and said the person who wasn't telling the truth was barack obama, because the bill he supported did in fact protect doctors who kill babies after they were born alive in an abortion, and the nurse who has been the most deeply involved in that has her own website. she held a baby for 45 minutes as it was dying. i think her vision of that bill is radically different from the
2:05 pm
president's. wolf, i always know when i deal with you you're going to do your homework, so now i have to read the transcript, and i promise i will do that. >> and then we'll continue this conversation. >> okay. >> mr. speaker, as usual, thank very much for joining us. >> good to be with us. let's get back to the breaking news right now. major developments in the deadly hawaii shooting where the death toll has now climbed to three. one of the two students who has been hospitalized has been released. cnn was inside the courtroom for the suspect making his first appearance, t.j. lane, a 17-year-old. we'll go to our own martin savidge in just a moment. is many schools have tried to prepare for the worst. brian todd is working this story
2:06 pm
for us. an emotional outpouring today, but tell us what you're finding out. >> reporter: wolf, statistic top school security officials for this county once had to lock down a school because of a similar threat. he took us through this elementary school and showed us how students, teachers, administratiadd administrators can protect themselves. a nightmare scenario, but michael blow has ideas. how do you respond if there's kids all around? >> i think that's where the training comes in. >> he's head of security in maryland, a former deputy police chief who once had to lock down a school. he took us through an elementary school that officials didn't want us to name. >> exits are obviously key. >> absolutely. it's important to be familiar with the building.
2:07 pm
that's why again we encourage just little things, just walking the outside of the building, if it comes to a creek or a parking lot or busy intersection. >> adults and students have to have that exit awareness, but if you're stuck inside, michael blow says while bathrooms might be tempting at first, not a good idea. very confined and usually no way out. >> court yards are also equally tempting. michael, if there's a classroom, we don't know where the gunman is, what do we do? lock? turn lights off? close windows? >> certainly there are a host of things we would do, including locking doors, to make sure that we are able to fortify that entranceway as best we can. again if there are no safe alternatives for evacuating the
2:08 pm
buildings, and that way if someone was to walk by, they wouldn't have an easy sight picture of anyone in the room. >> reporter: what about large roo rooms, but there is not a lot of places to conceal yourself, but there's a way to get to the other side of the building. >> reporter: blow didn't want to give away too many preemptive security measures, but he did tell us some cools use wanding device toss screen students on occasion when they come in, but he says the best screening is awareness, awareness of who is troubled, who's being bullied always having a radar up for that potential assailant. >> what does the security chief say about the idea of confronting the assailant? >> reporter: i asked him about that. he says you can do that maybe as
2:09 pm
a very last measure, maybe if you know the students, if you have a sense that's the only way to protect the other students. he doesn't advise doing that in really any situation unless it is of last resort. >> brian todd, thanks very much. and remember martin savidge is standing by in hawaii bhoi for us. he's going through the 911 tapes. we'll go to himself shortly. let's turn to the horrible crisis unfolding rite now in syria others estimate a lot more, a much higher is already out there. reportedly 100 were killed only today, that's a number we have come to see almost daily in recent weeks. meanwhile, we're learning about potential plans the united states has in place, should it decide to take military action against the syrian government.
2:10 pm
our pentagon correspondent is joining us. barbara, what can you tell us? >> wolf, you're exactly right. if the president decides, pentagon officials tell us exclusively they would be ready to offer him military options to consider to use. much more dedays old planning has taken place in recent days on what officials say is a full range of options that could be ready for the president. that includes everything from rarming the rebels -- not very likely -- huge taern relief operations, very different to do, as well as outright mill taken action against the regime of bashar al assad. all these measures very risky, the nightmare scenario, if they have to go in and protect syria's chemical sights, chemical weapons site, and security simply disappears everywhere. all of these now, the pentagon
2:11 pm
has what they call concepts of operations, and a good understanding of the u.s. troops if they were ordered to undertake one of these options, but wolf, at the ends of the day, everyone at the pentagon hopes that sanging and economic pressure against bashar al assad is what works. wolf? >> barbara, thank you. meanwhile, renown british photographer wounded in an attack that killed two other familious journalists is safe after being smug you would through a secret escape route in a deadly rescues operation. it's a path that many know very well. here's cnn's arwa damon. >> the relevinless shells has led to an ever-growing list of casuals. people's injuries beyond the care of the few doctors brave
2:12 pm
enough to treatment them. so activists made a big and tough decision. they would try to evacuate those most in need as wet as the four western journalists trapped in homs. only the lucky ones made it to this hospital in tripoli, lebanon. there was an ambush, all my friends were ambushed, i don't know what happened to them. he needed evacuation after being shot in the sank the. 40-year-old ahmed was also trying to escape. i was already in a car subtly the night became day. then i heard intense gunfire. he uss paul conroy was one of the last to get out. he was terrified. and then he said, that's it, no
2:13 pm
one else will get out. he said a spanish journalist saved his life. when the army started firing, i'm wounded, i can't walk, i can't grip anything with my arm. javier helped me along, got me into a house. the people there were able to get me out. he also tells us at least seven of the wounded, 13 of the activists trying to help were killed. others were forced to turn around and reenter the hell that homs has become. details are difficult to come by, but it seems that espinoza was, we're not disclosing specific details about the route that everyone is tell us about, but it was the same way that we also recently got in and out of baba ahmed. i don't have the words to describe just how vital of an artery it was for those still trying to survive inside that
2:14 pm
neighborhood. it was their lifeline, how they got meager medical supplies and food in, and more importantly also how they got the wounded out. or at least got some of them out. it seems the military is ready to target the injured and anyone who would help them. arwa damon, cnn, triply, lebanon. so what will it take for nato to put a stop to the bloodbath? i'll speak with the nato chief. and new details about the twot service members killed only days ago in afc. we're digging through the chilling 911 tapes released. stay with us. lots of news happen right here. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
2:15 pm
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2:18 pm
jack cafferty is here with koich koich. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says president obama's apology over the burning of korans was, quote, the right thing to do, but not everybody agrees. the president haus come under fire for apologizing for something obama calls nard vertebraant and an error. they are among religious items seized in an afghan rick santorum says it shows weakness. santorum says the burning was a mistake and that the president of the united states should not apologize for something that was unintentional. mitt romney says for many people, the apology sticks in their throat, seeing we have lost thousands of troops there. and newt gingrich compares mr. obama's apology to surrender. he says karzai is the one that ought to be apologizing for the
2:19 pm
deaths of uss troops. at least four have been killed. dozens of afghans have been killed, hundreds more wounded. the ongoing violence is why hillary clinton believes the president's right to try to calm the situation, quote, it's out of hand and needs to stop. clichblten adds the ongoing criticism is inflaming the situation in. should is the president apologize. go to, post a comment on our blog, or go and post a comment on "the situation room's" facebook page. other news we're watching right now, the two u.s. military officers killed by an afghan inside afghanistan ace ministry of interior were shot in the back of their heads. that, according to a united states official. the bodies of air force lieutenant kernel john loft is, and arm major marshanti arrived
2:20 pm
yesterday. he was a teacher for 17 years before becoming a full-time active duty sdr senator mcculls can i grilled the secretary of state about their deaths. >> i am sorry about the inadvertent burning of the koran, i can understand the passion, but passion and anger is not equivalent to assassination. so this is really sad, because this man was a public schoolteacher, who was a physical ed teacher, a big bulky guy, wording in the blue-collar schools, what do i tell his family? what would you say if you have to make the phone call i'm going
2:21 pm
to make this afternoon? >> senator, first i would express the deep condolences and concerns that i know you will as someone who cares deeply about the people you serve. and there aren't any words that can tell a wife and four children and friends and colleagues why any kind of death in combat in service to our country is explicable. >> is the top nato commander in afghanistan meanwhile, pulled troops out of all afghan ministries until a new security series of measures is put into place. joining us is the secretary-general rasmussen. thank for you coming in. people are outraged in the united states, i assume in europe as well, including denmark where you're from. what's the point of what nato is
2:22 pm
doing in afghanistan? it seems the afghan people don't want nato there any longer? >> first of all, let me convey my deep felt condolences to the families and loved once of the service men who lost their lives in kabul. nothing can justify these killings. but i do believe the best way to honor the memory of these brave men is to stay the course and finish our job in afghanistan in cooperation with our afghan partners. >> what does it mean? it sounds like nation building. it's been going on for ten years. u.s. taxpayers spending $100 billion a year, it seems like it's going nowhere? >> it is going somewhere.
2:23 pm
if there is progress, we don't see it. >> we saw a decrease of 9% last year. in the south of afghanistan even more, a decrease of 30% in the helmand province, so to finish our job means we will continue the handover of the responsibility to the security forces. this process has started. it will be completed by the end of 2014. from that time on, the afghans have full responsibility for the security. >> well, when you say progress, mr. secretary-general, i say this with all great respect, because i admire you. what does it say when the nato commander on the ground says no nato troops, no u.s. troops, no european troops, can go into afghan ministries right now, because they might be shot in the back of their heads like they two u.s. military officers. is that progress?
2:24 pm
>> this is a temporary measure to make sure that we do all we can to secure our people. they will return as soon as the situation allows. i would also like to stress the very tragic incidents we have seen do not define the relationship between isif and afghan security forces. on a daily basis, 130,000 troops cooperate with more than 300,000 afghan security forces, and a cooperation based on trust and confidence. >> unfortunately i see that trust and confidence going away. but let's move to syria. this is another troubling moment for nato and nato's history. and you're the secretary-general. we know the role that nato played in saving thousands of
2:25 pm
lives in libya. nato went ahead with a no will have fly zone, provided weapons. what are you doing in syria? because thousands of people are getting killed. >> it's absolutely outrageous what we are witnessing in syria. i strongly condemn the security forces' crackdown on demonstrators in syria. but syria and libya are different societies. i do believe that a regional solution is the way forward when it comes to syria. so nato has no intention to intervene in syria. >> but mr. secretary-general, people are people. people were dying in libya, you intervened, and you saved a lot of lives. we're talking about the nato troops. people are dying in big numbers, 7,500 at least, some say a lot more, tens of thousands have
2:26 pm
been injured, they have been made homeless. they've been arrested, simply disappeared. what about a -- at least a nato blockade or a no-fly zone to stop -- to try to do something about what's going on? is that at all within the realm of possibility? >> you're right that our miss in libya was very successful. we prevented a massacre on the civilian population in libya, but there is a clear difference. in libya we operated on the basis of a clear united nations mandate, and we got active support, and none of these conditions are fulfilled when it comes to syria. >> doesn't that mean that nato is impotent star saving lives? nato has no role? is that what you're saying? >> nato has no intention to intervene in syria. obviously we monitor the situation closely, also because one of our allies, turkey, is neighboring syria and may be
2:27 pm
affected by what is going on in syria, but i do believe that the right way forward in syria is a regional solution. i commend the arab league for their efforts to find a solution hopefully that will bear fruit in the not-too-distant future. >> secretary-general rasmussen, thanks very much for joining us. i know these are sensitive, difficult issues, very difficult for nato, indeed for the entire world, but these questions have to be asked given the slaughter that's under way right now. appreciate it very much. >> you're welcome. other stories we're following. only molt ago authorities released recordings of the 911 calls from that ohio school shooting. martin savidge is on the scene for us. you're going to hear the calls. . to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota,
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2:30 pm
we're following the breaks news out of ohio. important developments in that triage sick school shooting. cnn's martin savidge is joining us. you were in the courtroom today, first of all, walk us through for viewers just tuning in, walk us through what happened, what it was like. the saw the suspect in this case.
2:31 pm
>> reporter: right, this was essentially a juvenile detention hearing, i guess is the best way to describe it. the judge has just one simple question, to determine whether he should hold this accused suspect as a juvenile, or whether to release hem to the custody of either his parents or to his guardians. in this particular case it was decided by both the prosecution and the defense attorney, that the young plan should be held for his own protection. there were family members, two aunts and a grandfather there for t.j. lane, and then t.j. lane himself. he came in, very sort of downcast wearing a brown shirt, black pants and very soft-spoken, very calm his demeanor as he answered the judge's questions. the issue did not come up solve about the charges. those will come later. at with pound the prosecutor goss up and described what happened. the first thing he pointed out, when t.j. lane was teenage into custody, he confessed to the police officer who arrested him.
2:32 pm
he said the young man admitted to having a gun and a knife, said he fired ten shots, and this was the key point he made, that he chose his victims randomly. now, as a result of that, the prosecutor says this clearly is not a case of reaction to bullies, and this is not a case revolving around drugs. it is, indeed, about a child, a young man, who has some very serious problems. wolf? >> what was his demeanor. they wouldn't let us show necessary images of the suspect t.j. lane, the judge was very specific, but you saw him. >> reporter: right. and we're going to bring this point up to the judge tomorrow. 2u8ly the media has a meeting with the judge. we'll talk about this, the point is the way he looked, he didn't show any emotion. his face -- his attitude pretty much remained the same. he didn't say a lot.
2:33 pm
you had to lean forward to actually hear him. not the kind of person we might have expected to see, but then do you really know who you'll see in circumstances like that? he tried to communicate with his family members, usually a nod, a gesture, acnomgment of the relatives. it looked like an aunt at one point wanted to talk with him, but he was led out and the proceedings were ended. from what i've heard, he seems to have been a rather troubled 17-year-old. do we know if he was on any medication or he had minute issues going into this? you've been looking into this over the past 24 hours since you got there. >> right. you know, one of the issues we have also pud forward to the judge is we would like to know if tlur any previous problems? does he have a juvenile record. of course those reports are kept sealed. we made a request that they be unsealed. the judge did not acknowledge
2:34 pm
there were such records, so it's hard to determine if in fact he has previous problems. we don't know about medication. i did wonder that while he was in the courtroom, but i have no proof. >> martin, hold on for one second. all right. the authorities in ohio have now released some of the 911 calls that were made. we've just received them. i'll discuss them with martin in just a moment, but let's listen to the tape. >> chardon high school, we had gunshots, multiple gunshots. >> multipap gunshots? >> we are in lockdown. >> do you know where? >> i want to say by the gym. that's where it soundsed like the gym, by the gym/cafeteria? >> okay.
2:35 pm
>> thank you. >> high school. >> okay. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> this is chardon high school. we are in lockdown. we need assistance right now. there's a student with a gun. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> this is principal at chardon again. the alleged shooter ran out the back door down the easement toward the tennis courts past the pool. >> okay. do you have any description of clothing? >> we have white t-shirt, shaggy dark hair, tall, skinny. >> chilling, chilling phone calls. martin savidge is still with us. he's there on the scene i got
2:36 pm
obviously very, very chilled as i could hear the fear in the voices. the community must be so distraught right now, martin. >> reporter: you know, they were, wolf. just getting back to the first calls, those are clearly coming in from the office -- especially if you listen very carefully, you hear the principal of the school on the loudspeaker system announcing we are in lockdown, we are in lockdown. this is very important, because many of the students say they heard of principal say it, of course, because they've done a lot of drills, it was the way he said it and the emotion in his voice, every student pretty much said they knew this was not a drill by the way he said it. that's what's interesting by the first call. these appear to be calls into the chardon police. they were multiple calls that came into the geauga police, and many parents tart started calling.
2:37 pm
this community is very badly shaken. there's a memorial service or vigil that will take place tonight. it's expected to be absolutely packed. cameras are not being allowed inside. this community is in very deep grief, wolf? >> and this community has personal impact on you, martin. you have family members directly affected. just remind our viewers, how are they doing? >> well, they're doing well, thank you for asking. i have a brother-in-law here, and he has two students in the chardon system, including one who was in the high school. they are fine, but of course it was quite a shock yesterday morning when i opened is the headlines and saw there had been on the cnn website a shooting. i immediately got ahold of my brother-in-law. he's in line waiting for one son to be released. i got ahold of my sister-in-law, you could heared emotion and anxiouses in.
2:38 pm
this was the story that truly personally struck home, wolf. >> please pass along our best wishes. we'll stay on top of this story. appreciate it. martin savidge on the scene outside of cleveland, in chardon, ohio. other news, democrats are getting involved in today's republican primary in michigan. you will find out how they might potentially at least help rick santorum. stand by. ? ? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it.
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president obama today defended his administration's bailout of the auto industry. in a speech to auto workers, the president included not so vail slams at his republican arrivri
2:42 pm
>> i've got to admit, it's been funnily to watch some of these folks try to rewrite history now that ear back on your feet. the same folks who said if we went forward with our plan to rescue detroit, can kit the american auto industry good-bye. now they're saying we were right all along. or you've got folks say, the real problem is what we disagreed with was the workers. they all made out like bandits. it was just about paying back the unions. really? i mean, even by the standards of this town, that's a lot of you know what. >> some michigan democrats meanwhile, may be up to some
2:43 pm
political mischief. you'll find out how they may be helping rick santorum. plus a waiter's worst nightmare comes true. [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan was designed with near-perfect weight balance from front to back... and back to front. ♪ giving you exceptional control from left to right... and right to left. ♪ the cadillac cts. ♪ we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? some important political news, olympia snowe of maine has just announced she will not seek reelection this year. in a written statement, senator snowe says she is finds it frustrating that what she called my way or the highway ideologues have become invasive in campaigns and governing sunrise, another senator, an incumbent who will not be seeking reelection.
2:47 pm
we're just hours away from the polls closing in michigan. cnn's dana bash is with us. she has democrats asking fellow democrats to support rick santorum. here's her report. >> do not forget to vote today, especially if you care about your future. >> i'm tony transcribibiano. >> reporter: a proud liberal. >> i am a proud liberal. and you're telling democrats to vote for somebody who is perhaps the most conservative in the race. >> absolutely, inequivocally yes. do i think he'll be a weaker candidate? of course he would be. >> reporter: you're making mischief, you can admit that. >> absolutely. i love it. off we go. let's go vote. let's play republican for three
2:48 pm
minutes. just checked off that republican party on there, yowza, yowza. >> reporter: so how many democrats will come to a voting place and vote for rick santorum? we're not sure, about you we did run into somebody. >> my name is christa larsen. i'm a democrat. >> reporter: you just voted in the republican primary. >> i sure did. >> reporter: why? >> you know, it's my way of protecting obama. >> reporter: you voted for santorum? >> i did. >> reporter: your look on your face. >> i kind of feel like i made a deal with the devil. it goes against everything i've stood. >> reporter: i'm joe desanto. for the past seven days we've been organizing and creating a list of democrats who committed to vote for santorum. we believe we have 14,000 solid commitments that we're working to turn out today in the primary. when we're done, they're being to have to buy pepo business
2:49 pm
mall by the gallon. >> reporter: this is garria zalinski, you are a democrat, and you went in there and voted. >> for santorum railroad why did you do it? >> i'm fed up with thing. >> reporter: why do you consider it a protest vote? >> because it's going to throw the gop into some turmoil. this is my way of saying, hey, i've had enough. >> reporter: just to be clear, the state of michigan has a history of so-called crossover voting. it's because when people come here behind me and vote, they can vote in either party primary. it doesn't matter the party they're affiliated with. i did spend some time with the democratic chair here in michigan, and he insisted that this is not their official policy, that democrats vote for democrats, republicans for republicans, but to be clear, he is also not actively discouraging democrats from trying to get out the vote for
2:50 pm
rick santorum to hurt mitt romney. >> dana hills is outside detroit. we appreciate it. we're just getting our hands on the exit polls from both michigan and arizona. we're going to have them for you. that's coming up at the top of the hour. and should president obama have apologized for the apologi inadvertent burning of qurans in afghanistan last week? stay with us. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives...
2:51 pm
that's smarter power today.
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2:53 pm
right back to jack for the cafferty file. jack. the question this hour is, should president obama have apologized for the inadvertent burning of the korans in afghanistan? mark in pennsylvania writes "i'm still waiting for an apology for 9/11. anybody from the middle east ready to apologize for that? anyone?" bob writes "if you visit someone's house, accidentally destroy something that has value to them, i was taught that an apology is always in order. the notion that they should be thankful we're there in an effort to ensure their democracy
2:54 pm
and therefore should be held harmless in this situation is absurd. richard also in pennsylvania, "there's no way that obama should apologize once again to our enemies. what happened was unfortunate and an accident. the only apology should have come from the base commander because it happened under his direct command. every time obama gives into our enemies i get acid reflux." jonathan writes "as a proud member of the armed forces who served my country in this area, i believe an apology is the right thing to do. this isn't an issue to take lightly. and in situations like this we need to deescalate hostility and not increase it. we've just seen a tragic response to this issue that was mild compared to what it could potentially have been." mark in oklahoma city writes "president obama doesn't have a foreign policy. he has an apology policy. i'm sure when israel and iran start fighting, mr. obama already has his apology ready to issue to iran. general patton is turning over
2:55 pm
in his grave." if you want to read more about this go to my blog, file or to our post on the situation's room facebook page. wolf? >> jack, thank you. an unexpected shower for a world leader and it involved lots of beer, an embarrassed waiter and a really wet german chancellor. and our special primary coverage only minutes away. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up,
2:56 pm
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will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to this reminder, stay with cnn for special coverage of the michigan and arizona primaries. it all starts right at the top of the hour. a waiter's good deed turned into his worst nightmare when he accidentally dumped a tray of full beer glasses on the leader of germany. and he did it all on camera. cnn's jeanne moos has the pictures. >> reporter: it's one thing when you spill a drink on yourself. oh. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: or when a basketball star collides with a fan. who ends up wearing his coffee. but what are the chances of a waiter dumping beer on the chancellor of germany? not one glass or two but five
2:59 pm
glasses of beer. germany's leader, angela merkel, flinched but barely. in fact, her flinch from five beers seemed less pronounced than her cringe that time that president bush gave her a surprise back rub. the german paper "das built" interviewed the waiter who dumped beer on the chancellor. he said someone behind him shoved him. one aide clapped her hands to her face, another passed a dry jacket down the table. but chancellor merkel stayed cool. and the next thing you know she was toasting. at the moment he dropped the beer, the waiter says he also dropped a curse word. dropped it loudly. but the chancellor just grinned at him. at least he didn't try to clean her up like the guy in the movie "old school." ow ow. >> i am so sorry. >> don't touch. >> reporter: but what's a few glasses when