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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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where that takes their weapons program. there are satellite photos, information about the economy, how they negotiate, so many reminded us we don't know what the leadership, particularly this new regime is really thinking. anyone that says they do is being disingenuous. it is the nature of this secretive nation and a big part of the risk it imposes. i'm jim clancy. "cnn newsroom" continues now with fredricka whitfield. hello. >> hello to you. have a great day. a lot to continue to cover. thanks so much. including a major scandal hitting the u.s. secret service just as president obama arrives in colombia, a country with significant security concerns of its own. officials say several american secret service agents sent to colombia for the president's weekend summit trip have been relieved of duty and sent home for misconduct. "the washington post" said misconduct involved at least one agent having contact with a
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prostitute in colombia. the post was tipped off to the allegations by former post reporter ronald kesler. kesler and on cnn this morning and he says a dozen agents were involved. >> all 12 agents involved in this situation involving prostitutes. one of the agents did not pay one of the prostitutes and she complained to local police and that's how this all started. police went to the state department. state department told secret service. secret service recalled all the agents. it is really the biggest scandal in secret service history. >> lothian traveling with the president. dan, i understand you found some information about this scandal and investigation? >> that's right. this information coming from two u.s. government sources who
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tucked to my colleague john king. early investigation according to the sources several prostitutes brought back to the hotel by these agents. one of those sources telling our john king that it was the same hotel that president obama was to be staying at. at some point at least one of the prostitutes did have a des putin with one of the agents over payment. i should point out that prostitution is legal here in colombia. so that prostitute then called police. now, the number that we have been using is 12, 12 agents sent home. sources saying that number is close to 12 and, quote, in the ballpark. not exactly 12 but in the ballpark of 12 agents who were sent home. also, it's a combination of secret service agents and also secret service uniformed police. now, they were not directly involved, we're told, in the
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president's security detail but rather were part of the broader security team here in colombia. some of them have been replaced. talking about when they left, replacement were sent in. we're told it wasn't a man for man replacement because it was determined that the staffing was adequate her on the ground in colombia. again, these sources stating at no point was there a threat to the president himself. but this is highly embarrassing because it is a breach of conduct. also, not to mention, especially here in colombia, a stranger or strangers were allegedly brought back to the hotel the president was staying in. we're told by these sources that the president has been briefed on this. in addition secretary of homeland security napolitano has also been briefed, and an internal investigation is under way at the secret service. fredricka. >> and so dan, all this taking place, however, before the
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president's arrival, meaning these alleged interactions with prostitutes and bringing them back to the hotel before the president of the united states was to arrive at that hotel, correct? >> that is correct. at least one of those sources saying it was the same hotel the president was to be staying at. he's now staying at that hotel. all that happened before president obama arrived at the hotel, fredricka. >> thank you so much. i know you'll be keeping us posted throughout the day. of course later on today we understand there will be a white house briefing coming from colombia at 4:00 eastern time. all right. back in the u.s., a growing sense of urgency right now that a new tornado outbreak is likely in the plains states. conditions are ripe for severe weather throughout the weekend. a tornado touched down in chickasaw, oklahoma damaging a number of homes there.
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you see the images. no one was injured. the same onstorm dropped hail in norman. a storm chair in tser has an om prediction of what might come today. >> super outbreak with tornadoes possible from nebraska to north texas. many of those tornadoes could potentially be very, very strong, impacting a lot of people from lincoln, nebraska, all the way to wichita falls, texas. >> all right. let's find out from our alexandra steele in the severe "weather center." this is a day for people to watch and be on alert and have their weather radios on hand. >> absolutely, fredricka. what's most unnerving about this, not only the potential for long track tornadoes but the balance of it. after nightfall, rain wrapped tornadoes, you can't see them, it's dark. the big message, showers and
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thunderstorms and lightning, nothing severe as yet. an awareness. if i talk about your city, your town. the key today, know where you're going to be, your kids are going to be, have a plan. we do have thunderstorms, a lot of lightning along i-44. pretty benign, nothing too severe. that's the good news. st. louis, cincy, indy a wet morning. look to the west, just popped up, second tornado watch of the day. tornado watch different from a tornado warning. tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted. a watch means atmospheric conditions are ripe for tornadoes to develop. that is most certainlily the case. the bull's eye today really seems like kansas and nebraska. this is the watch you can see. watch these storms. just firing up. atmosphere getting revved. here is the big picture in terms of what we'll see, of course seeing right now more warnings, thunderstorm warnings. we do have that tornado watch. why is this happening? all the atmospheric ingredients
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coming together. warm atmosphere from the south, jet stream, robust jet stream, cold pocket aloft. meteorological jargon is there. what does it mean for you? today, des moines, wichita, kansas city, oklahoma city, abilene, both kansas and potentially even abilene texas. tomorrow green bay down to houston. fredricka what we're talking about, 1,000 miles and 5 million people impacted. so a pretty scary day tonight and tomorrow setting up. >> of course we'll continue to watch and keep people posted. that being one of the stories we'll continue to stay on top of. the other mentioned u.s. secret service investigation. i mentioned there's a white house briefing that will take place at 5:00 eastern time. of course we'll be covering that live as the happens. also just moments ago the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a resolution on syria. it's demanding the government to allow 30 observers to monitor the situation there.
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but the bloody massacre comes on days after a fragile sees fire went into effect. in homs government forces shelled neighborhoods at dawn, government forces targeted protesters in dara injuring 20 people. opposition activists say 16 people killed by syrian security forces across the country today. the u.n. estimates at least 9,000 syrians have been killed since protests began there just over a year ago. the presidential campaigns are going into overdrive to win over women voters in this country. it's a fierce fight with major consequences. details next. i went to a small high school.
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the battle for women voters. it's heating up with both president obama and mitt romney speaking to that key voting bloc directly this week. but there were some missteps by republicans and democrats. turn to editor paul steinhauser. good to see you in person. this is a good treat and rare treat. we're talking about democrat hillary rosen who made some comments and it really has ig d ignited a political firestorm saying ann romney never worked a day in her life. that can be interpreted many way. the romney camp came out and obama came out and distanced themselves. you have to wonder will it have legs? will it turn to churn, this issue, as we go into the november election. big impact? >> the romney campaign was so quick to jump on this.
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>> seize. >> the obama campaign pointed out hillary rosen has no connection to the obama campaign team. as to that controversy, it will run out of steam. the bigger picture, the battle for women voters that will continue. yesterday this is interesting. we saw mitt romney give his first real major speech since rick santorum dropped out of the race. >> in front of the nra. >> guess who introduced him. >> ann romney. >> she spoke a couple of minutes. that's no mistake, no surprise at all. mitt romney will use his wife to reach out to female voters in november. >> is that effective? we saw president obama using michelle. she was a big gun in their arsenal. is that effective or does it depend on the woman? >> it depends on the woman. it depends on mitt romney and his issues when it comes to women. we saw ann romney become a bigger factor in the primaries.
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we see polls there's a gender gap. you'll see more ann romney on the campaign trail. >> gop is damage control itself. so many women were turned off about the whole discussion about the reproduction debates and really blaming a lot of republican leaders for that. so is this trying to make up, i guess, for some of that? >> the romney campaign is hoping to turn the corner of remember, mitt romney said in the primaries he would defund planned primary, of all federal funding. they are hoping to get away from the social issues and economy, economy, economy and how barack obama has not helped women. that's how he hopes to get rid of the gender gap. >> rick santorum out of the race leading up to pennsylvania. does this mean mitt romney is able to get the party to unify? >> that's his job right now. listen, newt gingrich and ron paul still in the race. basically it is over. mitt romney is the nominee. now he has to consolidate all the base. he's got to reach out to
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conservative, christian conservatives, tea party supporters he didn't do well with in the primaries and bring them in. >> the discussion will be vice presidential pick, the young mate, someone mitt romney met up with on the campaign trail or start over and look for fresher faces or other more popular gop leaders? >> yeah, that's the big question between now and august when military names his running mate. who is it going to be. does he need a woman, a latino, conservative does he need somebody from an important state. couple of names pop out. mark rubio from florida, even though he said no, no, no. he brings a lot to the ticket. florida is a swing state. not an exciting character but same pick. ohio. ryan we saw a bromance between him and romney.
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finally governor mcdonnell in virginia. it's a state obama won. >> no mention of chris christie. >> he's still there. will he overshadow. >> a big romney supporter. would he overshadow, a lot of charisma, personality. >> you're right. >> always good to see you, even better in person. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. college students are reassessing their majors to get them a leg up in this shaky job market. we take a look at that in 60 -- no, 90 seconds from now. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] the economy is steadily recovering but the latest
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unemployment and job numbers still paint a picture of uncertainty. many college students keeping that in mind now to strategically choose their majors. here is christine romans with smart is the new rich. >> laura isn't worried about finding a job after graduation. >> i've always been into science, never knew exactly what but now i'm pretty sure i want to work in genetics. >> a bioscience major at farmingdale state college, she's in the fast growing and high paying stem category, science, technology, engineering and math. >> a fairly neutral term. >> her classmate michael kelly, a history buff, doesn't share her love of science. >> i was dead set on history, didn't want to major on anything else. >> he loves history but will minor in it instead. his degree will be in technology studies so he can pursue a job with technology. >> i didn't want to finish school with a debt and then jump
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into a situation where i had debt from the master's degree. >> kelly knows starting salaries for general studies lag stem. the difference between engineering and psychology is huge. >> if you're studying to be a petroleum engineer and get a bachelor's degree you'll make $80,000 a year. if you're studying a psychology and going to become a counselor in social work agency you'll make $30,000 a year. what you make depends very much on what you take. >> but dollar signs aren't everything. find the intersection of what you're good at, like to do and what someone will pay you to do. nancy is chancellor of the state university of new york. >> what we know is businesses and industry are saying repeatedly, we want creative people, problem solvers, people who can work in teams. the trick i think is a dual degree or major minor where you cover i bases.
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>> these students think they have done just that and their degree will help them land a secure job in a less than secure job market. christine romans, cnn, new york. former presidential candidate john edwards in court. did he give money to his ex-mistress. coming up next our legal guys will weigh in. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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all right. jury selection under way in the john edwards criminal trial. he's charged with six
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attorney and law professor in las vegas. good to see you as well. all right, gentlemen. i know you couldn't wait for this day. we've been talking about this case from the beginning for a very long time before it went to the grand jury, a jury selection. a 12 member jury and four alternates will be -- select the. this is difficult. so much publicity involved in this case well before this day. how are they going to find any jurors to seat that don't know an awful lot about it or haven't formed and opinion. that's really the key, haven't formed an opinion about it.
9:22 am
>> that's how you get -- they seated a jury in the casey anthony case. if they can do it there, they can do it in john edwards brf his experience in civil litigation, personal injury torts. this is criminal law as avery will tell you. this is a whole different ball game. he's facing substantial prison time. >> up to 30 years. >> even though the statute that not been used. yeah, 30 years. the grounds of the prosecution are based on a statute never been used like this before. this the first time. apparently the trial judge has dismissed all the pretile motions. he's cleared the way to allow the prosecution a six-month deal, keep his law license. that's the plea deal he rejected. i don't know how strong they feel about it. >> he had to. i'm sorry, richard. he had to reject it because all
9:23 am
john edwards has left is his law license. he would have lost his law license and be finished. there's an enormous risk here. let me tell you something, the federal district judge to whom this is assigned has done a wonderful job, absolutely wonderful job handling the jurors. saying you're not judging this man based on the fact he was a lousy husband, a guy you couldn't trust and cheat, stuff like that. if you're watching law and order, judge judy, forget about that. she is handling this absolutely beautifully. you're going to see a good, fair jury. >> so one of the things they have to try to determine, these jurors have to help discern whether this heiress, the $925,000 she contributed to john edwards, was this to his campaign fund or directed strictly to cover up, kind of
9:24 am
hush money to help cover up this affair with rielle hunter. we're talking about checks, dialogue, people accepting the money, putting it in personal accounts. this is fascinating. would mrs. melon stated clearly this is money not for your campaign but money strictly for the affair. that's what at the heart of the issue, right? >> that's the heart of the issue, fred. the government claim john edwards sought and directed the issuance of these campaign funds to not go into his campaign accounts but circumvent them and go directly to hide this pregnancy. john edwards is saying, look, number one, i didn't know about it, which is a ridiculous claim for him to make. if he sticks with that he's going down. number two, feif he did the
9:25 am
motivation was not to hide from the election but his wife. i don't know how the jury will react to that. i think he's in hot soup here. i think he's got a problem. >> among those called on the witness stand, rielle hunter. this is the woman who was the mistress and now the mother of his child as well. she, too, could potentially face charges, right? the eldest daughter -- >> no, she's got immunity. >> she's clean so to speak. >> well, they will beat her up. but the government is hanging their case on guess who, andrew young, the tell all assistant. >> apparently received cash, sometimes cash, or these checks directly. interesting. >> fred, the best is yet to come. >> yeah, okay. >> guys, the plea deal allowed him to keep his law license, avery. it was a misdemeanor deal, allowed him to keep his law license and he rejected it.
9:26 am
big stakes. >> so we've got about a minute left. >> hair might get messed up on this one. >> we've got about a minute left to talk about the other case, cigarette labels. fda wants graphic cigarette labels. tobacco companies say, no, this is a violation of their free speech, first amendment. avery, do they have a good argument. >> that's what the tobacco company is saying. the federal court of appeals up in this part of the country said, no, it doesn't violate first amendment rights of the tobacco companies. the argument was made to the u.s. court of appeals this week in d.c. they may or may not agree with that. if there's going to be a split in the circuit, fredricka, bottom line it may head to the u.s. supreme court. >> oh, my gosh. richard, do you think this is supreme court material? >> it's absolutely going to the supreme court eventually, fred. do they really think these types of ads prevent people from smoking? we see people smoking through
9:27 am
tracheotomies. if they want to smoke they will smoke. >> clemens, the second time around for the prosecutors trying to prove he lied to congress about the use of performance enhancing drugs. we'll talk about that. take a hit at that in a moment. adopting, it can be a tough process for any parent. we'll meet a man who helps gay americans fulfill their dreams.
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more than 100,000 foster children waiting to be adopted in the u.s. this week's cnn hero is fighting to find each one a family. after finally winning his ten-year battle to become a parent, david wing is uniquely qualified to help other gay americans to fulfill their dreams of becomeing a family. take a look. >> i was adopted and felt i wanted to adopt a kid that needed a home. my son was in foster care for four years. from the minute michael and i met, i knew right away we were going to be a family. i thought everything was going great. after a month mike was removed from my house. i was cut off. >> finding that family for a child, it's not short of a miracle. let's go get ready for the
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horses. >> sometimes families are faced with barriers because of a myth or misunderstanding causing the kids to stay in foster care longer. being the gay or lesbian individual makes it much harder. my name is david wing kovarik. now i help other gay and lesbian individuals become parents. we're working together with you on that. i want to make sure you have that family to family support. i've worked hundreds of cases side by side social workers. >> we covered a lot of information last week. >> i've trained thousands of foster parents, it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight. we do it for free. >> he figured out how to get us over the finish line. our family wouldn't have adopted epa other if it hadn't been for david. >> i'm fighting for the right of that child to have that family.
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>> daddy, is tonight movie night? >> it's why i keep doing it every single day. >> remember cnn heroes are all chosen from people you tell us about. to nominate someone making a difference in their community go to your nomination could help them help others. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd,
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and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? new details surfacing about
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a prostitution scandal with the u.s. secret service. personnel assigned to president obama's trip to colombia have been relieved of duty and sent home after they reportedly had contact with prostitutes in colombia. government sources say 12 agents and secret service police officers were involved. none were part of the president's protective detail. joining us right now by phone, dan emmett, a retired secret service agent, author of "from arm's length." thanks for being able to join us. even though these agents may not have been a part of the president's protective detail, they have, if indeed it is the case this took place, they have indeed breached a conduct. so give me an idea. what kind of restrictions are placed where these secret service agents or anyone working in u.s. secret service to bring any guest, no matter who they are, to the hotel where the president of the united states might soon be staying?
9:34 am
>> okay. i'm not sure exactly what the details are in the situation. like to make it clearly there's not an issue of legality here. what they are accused of doing is legal in that country, although that certainly does not absolve them of their responsibilities, their level of conduct being secret service agents and officers. >> prostitution is legal but talking about bringing, if this investigation pans out and confirms any secret service detail may have brought guests to the hotel, the place where the president may be staying is not illegal but does breach the code of conduct. >> i would say there's conduct issues involved certainly. i don't know if we're talking about the hotel the president is staying in. >> our white house reporter
9:35 am
traveling with the president did get confirmation. that is the case these agents or personnel did, indeed, bring prostitutes to the hotel where the president soon would be staying. so that confirmed. >> if that's the case, that would be inappropriate. these officers have been relieved, sent back to washington. i'm quite certain a very thorough investigation will be undertaken by the secret service to determine what happened. >> how would or would you be able -- how would an incident like this be investigated by the u.s. secret service? would it strictly involve thating a ski or other outside u.s. government agencies or investigators? >> initially it's going to be looked into the office of inspection, which is the secret service version of internal affairs that you would have in a police department. of course investigations can escalate up to the inspector
9:36 am
general's level. generally speaking something like this would be handled internally. the white house said and again they are going to have a press conference, covering that from colombia. those in the white house have said this does not compromise security of the president. but do you question that, that this conduct could, indeed, compromise the security of the president? >> personally i don't see that as being an issue. i don't think for a minute looking at the circumstances right now that would be an issue, no. >> that anyone who would be a visitor would put anything, plant anything in the hotel the president was soon to be staying? wouldn't that be a concern? >> no, the president's area where he's staying, i think it's pretty well-known that area is
9:37 am
going to be swept and ensure there's not anything there. none of these women, i can assure you, would have had any proximity whatsoever to the presidential area where he's going to be staying. >> dan emmett, thanks so much. it is a fascinating investigation at the early stages. you're the author of within arm's length. i hope you don't mind if we call on you again as we get more details on the investigation and where it might go. >> certainly, no problem. >> thanks, dan. a quick visit to facebook on your work computer seems harmless, right? one company not only sued but wanted an employee to be tried as hacker. you can bet legal guys have an opinion. you'll hear from them right after this. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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all right. another swing for prosecutors trying to convict former pitching great roger clemens. clemens heads back to court monday for a perjury retrial. our legal guys are back.
9:41 am
avery friedman in cleveland, richard herman in las vegas. here we go again. deja vu. so, this ended in a mistrial last summer, richard. will anything be done differently that prosecutors feel they should be successful and maybe hit a home run this time? >> unbelievable, a swing, home run. >> can't help myself. >> you're taking them today, too. that's great. listen, they were embarrassed getting that mistrial. getting that mistrial, fred, the government was embarrassed. don't like to embarrass the government. they are going to streamline their case, watching their ps and qs this time. at the end of the day, fred, at the end of the day, a pitcher who throws faster at the end of his career than he did when he was younger, something is up here. andy pettitte is going to commit. this is his former bff. he's going to get on that
9:42 am
witness stand and give it to them in spades that roger acknowledged taking hgh. you can cross-examination andy as much as you want but jury will see it and i think it's very powerful. >> avery that has to be refield? this is only as if it's going to be a trial about steroid abuse, performance enhancing drugs in order to prove that he perjured himself. >> it's actually better for the government in that respect. the last time around before the pretrial, fredricka, the government only had transcripts. now they have roger petit's actual testimony, the recordings the justice department fought the house of representatives to get. it has increased. i agree. i think roger clemens is in a world of trouble. i can't believe he testified before congress in the first place. >> he didn't have to. >> put under oath. >> put himself in a bad position. >> there's six charges he's looking at here, absolutely.
9:43 am
>> oh, boy. last time there was evidence that the prosecutors brought forth that the judge already ruled it was inadmissible. clearly the prosecutors felt like they really needed that evidence, even though it was inadmissible to throw it in there or taint the jury pool or something? was that an indicator of the strength or weakness second time around? >> no, it was a mistake. judge walton knocked out andy pettitte's wife's affidavit. wound up in a video. the judge on the second day of trial. they are going to do it again and do it better. i think roger clemens, i think i'm the first one saying it, we're looking at a conviction here. absolutely. >> oh, my gosh. if convicted he's facing the same kind of stiff penalty we talked about with john edwards, 30 years in prison maximum, a million and a half for a fine potentially. >> no. >> 21 months. >> so that information isn't
9:44 am
right. >> fifteen to 21 months. >> deja vu all over again. all right. facebook, let's talk about this. some folks are looking at their facebook at work. some employers are coming down hard and saying they are violating a federal law. first up richard, what is this federal law many employers are alleging need to be applied. >> anti-hacking statute enacted to prevent hacking. what the government is doing, apparently they are board, have nothing to do so they are trying to overreach and go beyond the intent of congress in looking at this statute and trying to now call it criminalized behavior if at work you go on facebook or you research the weather or you send e-mails, personal e-mails from your workplace computer, they are trying to say that is a
9:45 am
crime under this statute. the courts are not going to put up with it. this is not a crime under the statute. they are overreaching here, overall zealous, a waste of time here. >> avery, you disagree. >> it's not a waste of time. this is as serious as it gets, a 10 out of 11 federal appeals judges this week said that the law, in a sense, is unconstitutional. it's not a law that should be used to pick on employees. that employers are going to use it to threaten employees that go to the fbi. unfortunately three other if the appeals circuits said it might violate the law. again, here we go, splitting the circuit. i think the case is heading to the u.s. supreme court. >> oh, my goodness. the supreme court is going to be busy soon. busier than they have been. avery, richard, thanks so much. >> unbelievable. >> have a great rest of the weekend. see you next time. hot off the political
9:46 am
ticker, mitt romney is kicking off his general election campaign. yesterday he spoke to the national rifle association at their annual meeting romney promised to back gun rights in an effort to appeal to the conservative republican base. he shifted away from his own record to the president. first warren buffett now the president said he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary. if you're wondering, the president paid an income tax rate of 20.5% on an adjusted gross income of $790,000. that's according to obama's 2011 tax return released by the white house. the white house spokeswoman says the president's and his secretary's situation are proof the tax code needs to be reformed. we'll take a closer look at the political fight ahead for president obama versus mitt romney. join me tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 when i talk to cnn senior political analyst david gergen.
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all right. have you ever felt a need to push a button, any button? some ad creators relied on that urge to get a commercial made in belgium. >> reporter: it only took a couple of minutes for someone to push it. now, most of these folks are stunt people except the onlookers and those pushing the button. >> too flabbergasted to run away or intervene. >> reporter: what it is is a viral ad. cnn's sister network tnt, which
9:51 am
is being introduced in belgium. speaking of shootings, how many times did they shoot this? one continuous performance? >> eleven times. there's 11 people pushing the button. from the best reaction we made thecom comp ligs. >> reporter: the ad agency got permission from the town to set up hidden cameras. when a real person pushed the button, the drove yelled action. maybe you'd like a button for more drama in your town. don't get carried away. as close as you're doing to get to a button that produces excitement is watching a quiz shot. >> something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house? >> naked grandma. >> i don't want to see that either. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. very funny stuff. sunday is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic." not so funny.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
100 years after the sinking of the "titanic," many of you are looking for ways to relive the stories of those who were on the ship. rob marciano shows us how to get on board without ever leaving land. >> god almighty. >> reporter: the movie "titanic" is back in theaters in 3d marking the 100 year anniversary of the "titanic" sinking. >> iceberg right ahead. >> from the silver screen to attractions around the country, there are many ways to connect
9:55 am
with the ill fated ship. >> look right through these windows, that's just the way it looked that night. >> replica ofty tanks in pigeon forward and branson allow you to see recovered artifacts, climb the staircase and even feel how cold the water was the night of the disaster. for a doomed ship, they have no shortage of passengers. >> there was such a large following. i don't care if you're 5 or 95, have you an interest or some connection to "titanic." if you can't make it here, "titanic".net can steer you. >> i have an obsession with "titanic." it's cool. >> if you don't get the obsession, washington, d.c. making a splash with their newest exhibit aptly called, "titanic," 100 year obsession. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
9:56 am
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checking today's top stories, u.s. secret service investigating allegations of misconduct by several of its agents assigned to president obama's trip to colombia. several agents and secret service police officers have been relieved of duty and sent home after they reportedly had contact with prostitutes in colombia. the group was not part of the president's personal protective detail.
9:59 am
in syria, people can hear the sounds of gunfire and shelling again. last hour the u.n. security council adopt address illusion demanding the government allow 30 observesers. they are denying a cease-fire plan implement lented last week. they are saying 16 people killed by syrian security forces today. twenty killed as government forces opened fire at demonstrators in dara. people bracing for severe weather, specifically tornadoes. one twister touched down near norman, oklahoma yesterday tearing roofs off a number of homes. no serious injuries reported. coming up later this afternoon, a new broadway play about a basketball