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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 21, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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smirking, and saying "i'm checking her out" he was checking her out. which is more than you can say for the mccain campaign. they did not check her out. >> thanks for starting your morning with us, we have much more ahead on cnn saturday morning, which starts right now. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning, george zimmerman speaks. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of of your son. >> his parents plea at yesterday's bond hearing and why he might be set free as early as today. we'll have a live report. plus, we put the u.s. secret service in focus this morning as more agents are implicated in the scandal in colombia. is the agency forever tarnished? what are some of the great heros saying? new leads in an old mystery, why police are digging up a new york basement. in the case of the 30-year-old disappearance of a now famous child. and later, picasso, and
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penguins, how this one is using her talents to raise money. good morning, everyone i'm randi kaye, it's 7:00. a lot to tell you about. george zimmerman could be out of jail as early as today. a judge has set bond for zimmerman at $150,000 at a hearing yesterday. that means his family needs to post $15,000 to get him out while he awaits trials for the killing of trayvon martin. zimmerman called itse self-defense. he took the stand and offered this apology to the teen's family. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> zirmmmmerman's attorney want him to be able to leave the state until the trial.
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we'll have more on that later on. the fbi is expected to continue their work today digging up a manhattan basement, looking for evidence in the 33-year-old disappearance of a young boy. 6-year-old etan patz disappeared on his way to school in 1979. police and fbi this week came to the former apartment of an area handyman. authorities say old and new evidence led them to othneil miller. brought in for questioning earlier this week, but not arrested. his attorney said he is cooperating. >> mr. miller has been cooperating with this investigation for over 30 years. and he has continued to cooperate on multiple occasions. and i'm going to assist him in cooperating to the fullest extent possible. >> the disappearance of etan patz raised awareness to missing children to a national level. he was one of the first to appear on a milk carton. three more secret service agents are out as part of the scandal involving colombian prostitutes. three agents have chosen to resign over their part in the scandal.
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that makes six agents so far, at least two of them were supervisors. all employees are accused of bringing prostitutes to their hotel rooms before president obama arrived in colombia for a key trade and security summit. he was briefed on the investigation. just yesterday. the agency announced a 12th employee has been implicated. the united nations security council meets later this morning in an effort to expand the monitoring mission in syria. a peace plan is not holing holding. 60 people were killed yesterday. the un wants to up their involvement from 30 monitors to 300. helicopters are being brought in to try to find victims bodies from a plane crash in pakistan. officials believe that none of the 127 passengers or crew survived the crash in islamabad. family members are helping to identify the victims.
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all but seven bodies have been recovered. bad weather may have been a factor. a possible merger between u.s. airways and american airlines. u.s. airways says they have agreements in place with three unions covering 55,000 american airlines employees. that includes pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. american filed for bankruptcy last year, the new airline would keep the american airlines name. outside it may not be all blue skies and sunshine for many of you but reynolds is keeping an eye on what the weather holds for us on this saturday. good morning, reynolds. >> good morning, randi. looks like a nice day in parts of the country. everything on the eastern third, rain will be in the picture. as we head toward the gulf coast, to the welst of new orleans, counter clockwise rotation, indicates an area of rotation that will pop up and pull a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico, that will give
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you a chance of the thunderstorms along i-10 corridor. the low will march all the way curving back toward florida and frontal boundary will bring in good chance of rain through much of the gulf coast and in the eastern seaboard. what is interesting if this happened to be september, maybe november, we might see this become a named storm. there is always that possibility. that won't be the case now. it looks like we are going to see something that is all together different. what we have is a chance of rain that will continue for much of the eastern seaboard. the reason for that is simple, we have an area of low pressure in the western great lakes and upper midwest will bring rain. will bring cooler temperatures right behind it. but for the east coast, all going to be this complex system you see between frontal boundaries, areas of low pressure. although it will bring rain to the eastern third of the country in some spots, especially way up in new england, highest elevations may be dealing with a chance of snow. snow is not an issue in texas or to the west coast, sunny, warm, in many locations including san
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francisco, high 79. by pier 39. 73 in los angeles. 47 in minneapolis, the other side of that, over toward chicago, 53, 69 in kansas city, 75 in dallas. from boston to new york, mainly low 70s, 81 in washington, d.c., 77 in tampa, miami with 80 degrees. expect chance of heavy showers, possibly thunderstorms through much of florida. the time on saturday, fast forwarding from saturday early in sunday. march right up the eastern seaboard. some places up to four to six inches possible. the heaviest rainfall toward the ev everglades. next time we chat with you, we'll talk travel weather that is moments away. >> i hope i get to chat with you soon reynolds. >> fair enough. up next, search that captured the country's attention. pains taking hunt for clues for
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etan patz, three decades after he vanished as a child. 50% off your restaurant bill, the app that could save you hundreds. good morning to lady liberty, you can kind of make her out there in a foggy, very foggy new york. it's time for you to rise and shine. keep it here we will be right back. t sarah... will you marry me?
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>> it changed the way the country looked at missing children. etan's picture was the first one to go on a milk carton. a basement could hold the clues to etan patz who vanished 33 years ago. the fbi is ripping up the concrete floor, removing piece by piece. investigators say both new and old information led them to question a carpenter who had a workshop in the place they are now searching, the carpenter has not been charged, has no involvement with the disappearance, but what exactly happened the day he went missing? here is our correspondent, susan candiotti. >> reporter: may 25th, 1979, etan patz is getting ready for school. he comes straight out the door, all decked out in jacket, and pilot hat. he can't wait to get to school.
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for the first time his mom and dad are allowing him to walk two blocks to get to the bus stop all by himself. >> it was the friday before memorial day weekend, this would be one of the last opportunity, they relented and said he could go. >> it's after 8:00 a.m., according to lisa cohen, etan's mom kisses him goodbye and watches him walk toward the bus stop. everything seems fine, his mother runs back upstairs to take care of her 2-year-old son. this is the corner where etan was heading to meet the bus, two blocks from their apartment. i can still see it from here. but etan never made it. at the end of the school day when he didn't come home, his mom called the police. >> by that time, several hours had passed before anyone had any idea there was something wrong. those were crucial hours for an investigation. >> reporter: etan's dad starts grabbing photos to show to people in the neighborhood. investigators interview the
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parents and start canvassing the area for the youngster. see that traffic light? that is the bus stop, i'm a block away, this is where the fbi is now searching that basement, see all their equipment here including blue tent you see? in that basement writ menment i carpenter had a workshop. more than 30 years ago, police searched the basement but did not dig it up. the fbi is trying to figure out whether the key to etan's disappearance is right here all along. sus susan candiotti, cnn new york. >> we'll to in watch that throughout the morning. a witness to history, secret service agents risk their lives every day. coming up we'll hear from two former agents who were in dallas on the back of the car when john f. kennedy was shot, they will tell us what it means to be an agent and how they live with the tragedy every day. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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♪ good morning, washington, lovely shot of the capitol there. you can see the flags are blowing in the breeze. might be a bit of a windy day in washington, d.c. glad you're with us. we have been doing a lot on the secret service and going to focus in on that. the agents are meant to be invisible but the scandal involving colombian prostitutes has changed all that. now six agents are out, there are six others still under investigation for their part in the scandal. the secret service director is promising a full accounting of the agency and culture. but let's take a moment to move beyond this or rather before this. our brian todd spoke to two former agents involved in one of america's great tragedies. men who risked their lives to try to protect the president on that that fateful november day in dallas. >> reporter: gerald blaine and
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clint hill carry themselves in the upright tradition. have the bond only secret service agents know. still have vif rvid memories of half a century ago. >> we felt like we failed. we all had the same mission, and it was a terrible feeling. >> reporter: i spoke with blaine and clint hill a few feet from kennedy's grave. hill wrote the forward to blaine's book but rarely spoken about the day. you had a tough time in the years after the assassination, after your resignation, can you talk about what you went through? >> it's nightmares, every time i turned around something reminded me of what happened. so i just clammed up and went in my basement with some alcohol and cigarettes and stayed there for a few years. >> reporter: clint hill was the first agency to get to kennedy's car in dallas. he broke in a sprint after the initial shot was fired.
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he says if he could relive those moments, if he could jump on the back, maybe two seconds earlier. >> without question i would be taking a bullet for the president, be dead. >> you think that would be a happier ending if you weren't here to talk to us? >> happier ending for the country and everybody. >> how do you feel about that? that is a tough thing to live with for a number of years. >> it's one of those things you do live with it you have to accept the fact that you had a certain responsibility and you failed until that responsibility. you just have to accept it and live with it the best you can. >> hill says he still goes through periods where he's almost unable to talk about the assassination. he brushes it off when people call him a hero. heros, he says, are people who are able to do extraordinary things and "unfortunately i was unable to do that" brian todd, cnn, arlington, virginia. our thanks to brian todd,
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we'll hear more from the man in the story, clint hill, late this morning. he joins me live in our 9:00 eastern hour to talk about his memories of the agency and also get his impressions on the current scandal. so be sure to stay with us. up next, though, we have sound financial advice and we'll clue you in how to scout out good deals. financial expert clyde anderson takes us on a tour, next. there he is looking sharp. stay with us at cnn saturday morning where news doesn't take the weekend off. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought.
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impulsive. >> scout mob focuses on finding the best local places first. >> we wanted to sway consumers at the point of decision, so right when they pull out the phone they are going to lunch where am i going to go? we want to sway them in one direction versus another. and ultimately if we can do that we want to get paid for that by the restaurant. we kind of flip the whole model on the head and the consumer actually doesn't pay us anything. we charge the merchant, which is the local business for driving that consumer in. >> how do you handle the merchant side. some of the complaints of the companies out there the merchants can't handle some of the demands sometimes. >> we have to nail that merchant side of it. so we make sure we have an account manager dedicated to making sure that the merchants know how this is going to work, training the staff and making sure they can handle this. a lot of time this involves more staff, more food, being prepared for the rush of traffic. that is a big piece to what we're doing. the user experience are the experience of pulling out your phone saying i'm here with scott
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m scout mob. you want to be proud of the experience. >> are you thinking of going into entertainment and other venue? >> we're expanding the line we're covering all times of needs that the local consumer wants, and when we say local consumers, we don't do national chains. something we take a lot of pride in we're all local. these are all local businesses that are owned locally and so that is a neat thing for us to stay local. >> what is next for scoutmob? >> grow, grow, grow. launch more cities and so have more of a national footprint. we're wanting to get smarter to connect with the consumer, not as a shotgun approach where we send out something we hope that this is the right time for you depending upon what part of the neighborhood you're in, get custom to your neighborhood, what time of day it is. we view daily deals 1.0 is over, it was won by groupon and living social. that is over. we're on 2.0 of local mobile, and we hope we're right in the
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middle of that mix and want to be a player right there. >> they are a player. what is interesting is the scoutmob, it isn't a daily deal you have to use it within like three hours or something. it's instant. >> once it's there you download it, now you use it. how many cities are they in now? >> 13 cities now, expanding to seven more this year. they are on a rapid growth plan. they get it. they understand they started off with two employees, now they have 50. >> you see some of these come and go, there is a lot of them out there why do they think they have seen so much success? >> one of the things it's free. the other thing is these guys embrace a culture and what they want to do is they grow and embrace the culture. they are local, they make sure it's a local establishment, they don't do big chains. they make sure each city they have a team that go and scout out those local companies and make sure they become partners with them. >> the local companies are happy to see you when you walk in. >> very happy. >> clyde, thank you very much.
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>> thank you. >> you can join us every saturday at this times as our financial analyst clyde anderson gives us his latest money saving tips. sanjay gupta md moments away. what is on tap today? randi ahead on sgmd, a former marine said she was ra raped, a doctor told her she had a psychological condition and would have to leave the military. sad to say it looks like part of a larger pattern. also something that could be a life-saver, staying safe on a bicycle, a story and demonstration and investigation about a young man who was killed on his bike and police who seemed to be overlooking the real danger. sgmd, 7:30 eastern. thank you, sanjay. coming up, ted nugent can't stay out of the headlines, it's his actions not words, causing trouble. i'll explain after a quick break. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
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checking top stories now, george zimmerman could be out of jail soon, that is after a judge approved the request for bond for the former neighborhood watch volunteer. he's charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. in brief remarks, zimmerman told the family of the florida teen he's sorry for their loss an apology the family attorney called "disingenuous." a new york city carpenter has no involvement in the disappearance of etan patz. police said new and old information led them to the man questioned by the fbi thursday but faces no charges. patz disappeared one block from his family home in 1979. the carpenter met patz the day before. it's been quite a week for ted nugent, first comments about president obama led to a secret service meeting. now the rocker has agreed to pay a fine as part of a