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tv   John King USA  CNN  April 23, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> oreo. >> oreo. >> not to be confused with the technical term for the anatomy at issue. >> aero la. >> jeannie moosz, cnn. >> oreo. >> oreo. >> i know you. you are funny. >> oreo. >> aerola. >> that's it for me. thanks very much for joining us. i am wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. a third government agency drawn into the secret service prostitution scandal and the white house said it checked and cleared all of its staff on the columbia trip. a new government report says medicare will go broke in a dozen years and the social security trust fund on track to run dry in 20. the political divide over what to do is as great as ever. is this the ticket? mitt romney campaigns with florida senator marco rubio and while they say it is nothing of the sorts, some conservatives see a bit of an audition.
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>> up first, president obama is imposing new sanctions designed to make it harder for rogue regimes to crack down on their own people. speaking at the holocaust museum he drew on the lessons of history saying it is imperative to never forget and never be silent, he said, when there is evidence of mass killings, human rights abuses and other atrocities. >> with allies and partners we will keep increasing the pressure of the diplomatic effort to further isolate asad and his regime so those who sack with asad know they are making a losing bet and will keep increasing sanctions to cut off the regime from the money it needs to survive. >> is it enough? the new steps from the president, syria continues to violate a cease-fire it negotiated with the united nations and as the president spoke so he had sudan attacked south sudan and fred townsend is
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in new york with us tonight with the external advisory board for the cia and the home atlanta security department. announce the the new board and the new sanctions and other stuff he says the government will do a better job watching, keeping track of what the rogue regimes are doing. listen, even a man that supports the president, a hero, listen who what he said at the ceremony. >> in this place we may ask have we learned anything from it? if so, how is it that assad is still in power? how is it that the holocaust number one denial mahmoud ahmadinejad is still a president? >> anything, fran, in the new steps, this new practice put forward by the president that might change that and. >> no, john, i think the additional sanctions that the president outlined, particularly as regards syria, are helpful, are useful, and applying more
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pressure. i find no fault with that. i think what you're hearing from someone like muzel is we need more than words. we ought to do more than just watch this and talk about it. i think there is tremendous frustration. what i think people fail to appreciate fully is as asad violates the terms of the cease-fire he agreed to, as he continues to kill his own people, the civilian population left and abandoned by the international community in syria becomes more hardened and ral callized and bitter over that abandonment, and i worry from a counter terrorism perspective they become vulnerable to radical elements because they feel that there is no one left to turn to and so we really have a national interest to do more than talk about it, more than merely sanctions. we really have to do something about it. >> when you say that, you're laying out an accountability test if you're going to talk about it, you better do something and a lot of people said that in this administration and it is hard and for months
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now asad's days are numbered, here is what the former secretary of defense madelyn aul bright and coen wrote about, the real test whether the u.s. government will use this body and the tools develops to heed the warning signs and engage early enough. no longer will pure the kra i can inadequacy and look of prioritization be an execution for inaction. this initiative raises the standards of accountability for this in future administrations and they're making the point you make if you're going to lay this out and say we have new tools, you better be prepared to use them. >> exactly right. it is funny. there is a parallel here. the privacy and civil liberties board which was recommended and put in legislation after the intelligence reform was manned by the bush administration, didn't do a lot, and then in the new administration only last week did the people get appointed three years into an administration and again they haven't done anything. if you have one of these boards, you better be sure you're
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prepared to appoint the right people and use them to really formulate policy but you can have a board but if you ignore it and don't take action, it really doesn't matter. >> national security contributor. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we learned another member of the united states military is under investigation in that prostitution scandal that came to light during president obama's visit to columbia. the scandal still hasn't touched the white house staff. dana is keeping track of the dwromts. start with a 12th member of the secret service complicated and this taking at the president's hotel. >> it was the cartagena hilton as you said was the president's hotel and a source familiar with the investigation tells me this happened five days before the president arrived in columbia and not just that it was two days before the infamous evening with 11 secret service members and prostitutes at a different hotel and i am told investigators believe they're completely separate incidents that will feed into the worry this is a cultural problem with
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the secret service. >> and the other agency is the white house communications office. this is a member of the military who was assigned to the white house communications office, agency, what do we know about that? >> we know that one member of the white house communications agency or in the alphabet soup of washington we call waca was relieved of his duties after he told according to barbara starr her leadership he was involved in misconduct of, quote, some kind. now, the white house communications agency is travels with the white house and they're involved in documenting the president's events, archiving it, so that is separate from the white house staff but with regard to the white house staff we learned today from the spokesman that the white house council did his own investigating and found according to them that nobody inside the white house did anything wrong and those of course are white house advance members who were there ahead of time to prepare for the trip. >> thanks so much. president obama heads out tomorrow, a two-day trip to
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universitys and three important swing states. le call for congressional action to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling this july. the republican nominee, likely nominee, tried to get out in front of this issue today and, surprise, listen. he agrees with the president. >> i fully support the effort to extend the low interest rate on student loans. there was some concern that that would expire halfway through the year. i support extending the temporary relief on interest rates. >> gloria, there is breaking news animation and it is very rare that governor romney and the president agree on something that involves spending and involves philosophy. smart for governor romney to get ahead of the president? >> sure. it does cost $6 billion but it is temporary and it is all about younger voters. don't forget 2008, president
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obama then candidate obama won with young people by 2:1. this is part of mitt romney's pivot as he we call it because he is talking to women voters because he knows he has a gender gap. he is talking to young voters because that is a problem and he is also talking to hispanic voters where he is losing by about 47 points to president obama. >> i hope the young voters you mention and had also their parents that might need help with this. >> absolutely. >> we showed governor romney talking. if we broaden out the picture a little bit you see this guy marco rubio, the freshman senator from the state of florida, both of them say, no, no, no, just campaigning together but are we looking and hopefully we can show pictures here, looking at a dream ticket? here is what they had to say about it. >> like unemployment which under his watch has gone up. like a debt which under his watch has gone up. like the value of our homes which under his watch has gone
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down. >> senator rubio giving an endorsement and denouncing president obama as part of the endorsement for mitt romney. a ticket? >> it is a little premature, wouldn't you say, john? >> very premature. >> it is easy. you look at marco rubio, young, attractive from the battle ground state of florida, could appeal to hispanic voters and at least get them to give him a second look. mitt romney during the primaries moved way to the right. he is now trying to move back to the middle. i think marco rubio is trying to giff him a lifeline there by revising the dream act and saying maybe you could go along with that. in the end what mitt romney has said is that the person he picks has to be ready to be president on day one. i think some republicans and maybe mitt romney himself would think, you know what, if we're running against barack obama on the experience issue, saying he did not have enough experiences of two-year senator, maybe marco
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rubio would not be ready. >> one of the many calculations governor romney has to make. apeeling in some ways the experience and does have some if not more experience than senator obama but if you make that case. see how that goes. we'll watch. >> you bet we will. >> we'll see the next audition. >> who he is out with tomorrow. still to come, a question whether sanford, florida, will need a new police chief as part of the fall out from the trayvon martin case city officials refuse to accept the chief's offer to quit. next, the annual report card on medicare and social security is i wake-up call or at least it should be. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth.
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new report just tonight spells trouble for two entitlement programs millions of americans depend on, the social security and medicare trustees report estimate that is medicare won't be able to pay full benefits starting in 2024. social security benefits won'ting paid in full as early as 2033. that's three years earlier than projected just last year. joining me to talk about social security and medicare in new
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york, christa, and here in washington david walker. i want to start with you, david. the house speaker john boehner immediately issues a statement saying almost we told you so, we have to get about serious entitlement reform and the former speaker see this is completely differently and says despite the repeated efforts of republicans to private size social security these vital initiatives remain strong. who is right? >> both programs are paying out more than they're taking in so adding to the deficit when you look at known demographic trends our federal financial hole is getting deeper $10 million a minute. the longer we wait to increase entitlement reform or social insurance program reform the more dramatic the changes will be, the more risk of debt crisis and the less transition time we'll have. >> david mentioned $10 million a minute. that means about 40 million
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dollars, 50 million during this conversation. >> i wish i was getting the money. >> we're in an election year. nothing will happen between now and november. they tried the bargain last year and got nowhere. what is the trigger, the circuit breaker that will get politicians to sit down and figure this out. >> that's the $40 million question. i do think there is a deadline coming up at the end of this year because of the deal that they did to get the debt ceiling raised. so, you know, we could see some fairly dramatic action then. the other big thing, and i don't see when this is going to happen but what forces other countries to finally deal with the budget deficit problems and that's essentially what this is, when the rest of the world stops agreeing to lend you money. the perverse at this of america's situation today is even though america is spending a lot of money right now, the rest of the world is lending america money at incredibly cheap rates. the feet are not to the fire.
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>> if the feet are not to the fire, one of the things that allowed the politicians and this goes back to previous administrations not just with thun and not just this congress to sort of punt it, kick it down the line is the report always says the next generation, future generations, two of the public trustees say if they don't deal with this and soon people now on these getting aid from the programs will be affected and people waiting in their 50s about to kick in will be affected. will that be enough to light the fire. >> what will be enough is if we get a market signal. right now we have the lowest interest rates in modern history. we have not locked them in nor the long-term. for every 1% kr he is in interest rates 100 basis points it is over $150 billion a year for which we get nothing. it is not a matter of if interest rates are going to go up. it is a matter of when and how much unless we make meaningful progress. we must make meaning lful progress in 2013. as you may know i was a trustee of social security medicare from '90 to '95 and myself and my
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co-public trustee were the one that is blew athe when i go he will in the 1990s. >> that's conceding the point we won't make progress in 2012. when will we at least make progress in advancing the dialog? the president has his approach and governor romney says in terms of the big approach to the deficit he says take tax cuts off the table and he talked about things like raising the retirement age and the like. are we at least going to have them discuss at the presidential campaign level some of the pieces so that whoever wins the election will be able to move quickly or am i being too idealistic? >> i am afraid that you are being too idealistic. at this point although there is a lot of discussion about the economy and i think there is a meaningful discussion happening now about taxes, i don't think either side is presenting a really realistic program forgetting the budget in balance. >> so? >> that's true. neither candidate right now has a credible program to be able to restore fiscal sanity. one that achieves a measurable goal, one that is culturally
3:18 pm
acceptable and one that can pass a political test, that can get the support in the house and the senate and meaningful bipartisan support. >> does it take somebody outside the system to kick and raise the issues? >> well, i think the point that david and i have been making is maybe what it is going to take is some kind of very powerful market signal. what's unfortunately about that is market signals come really painful and unpleasant, so i hope it doesn't come to that. the other point that i would make is president obama took a lot of flack trying to address health care. one of the problems here is the u.s. has probably the least effective health care system in the western industrial world. you spend a lot of money and don't get particularly good results. fixing that really you fixing the guts of the health care system would go along way towards fixing medicare. >> john, we spent double per person for health care and get below average societal outcomes
3:19 pm
and as you know the trustees said if the affordable care act was re peeled, then the medicare date would move up to 2018. the other thing that they didn't talk about is that the chief actuary medicare actually thinks the situation is much worse than the trustees and the politicians claim. so we have serious problems. this general election really has to focus on the facts, the truth, the tough choices. we need to be able to make meaningful progress no later than 2013 or we could have a debt crisis in the united states. >> hope that we're all wrong, that the candidates are more shall we say debating the facts and issue more than we think they might. thank you for coming. we'll stay on the issue going forward. in north carolina prosecutors started presenting evidence that could send one time senator and hopeful john edwards to prison for 30 years. wreelt have the latest on his trial in a little bit. next, winter sudden revenge in the northeast. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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welcome back. here is kate baldwin with the latest news you need to know right now. welcome back to the evening. >> at least i am back for a little while. good evening, everyone. headlines to catch you up on this evening. the search for clues in the 1979 disappearance of six-year-old etan patz has come up empty. he fbi and police wrapped up their investigation in new york city apartment building today after finding, quote, no, quote, obvious human remains. the only evidence found, a stain that turned out to be nothing and strands of hair and a piece
3:24 pm
of paper, a source close to the investigation tells cnn the evidence will be analyzed by the fbi. we'll be following that closely. singer and actress jennifer hudson testified at the murder trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew in 2008. the defendant william balfour is the estranged husband of hudson's sister. she told the jury, quote, none of us wanted her to marry him and during cross-examination she added where he was i tried not to be. so much for april showers, unexpected snowstorms dropped in on the mild spring we have been having dumping up to 10 inches of snows in cities throughout the northeast. 16 inches can be expected and snow advisories are posted for west virginia, western new york and northeastern ohio. bundle up. good news, temperatures should rise by the end of this week. it has a 600 horsepower engine and i am so excited i can't get it out, fairly energy efficient and comes in cherry red. soccer moms will love this, all
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car lovers there. lamborghini unveiled the first suv in over 20 years at the bejing auto show this week. there you're getting a look at it there. they're planning on making about 3,000 of them and the question, of course, is will it have the famous doors? this is not the first lamborghini suv. i am sure you know this because i am sure you know this because they had one a couple decades ago. >> it is a good looking car. >> i don't know the price tag but i am sure it is north of $100,000. >> when you buy me one you don't have to say the price tag. the red is too bright. something for subtle. >> we will accommodate your wishes. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we have seen several important developments in the trayvon martin case including the temporary release of the man accused of murdering him. we'll get the latest from florida in a minute and why the pent going doubts iranian claims that at the deciphered a secret with the u.s. drone. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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this half hour we're trooking new developments in the trayvon martin case, the man that shot and killed the teenager free on bail. the police chief tries to resign but his bid is rejected. sex, money and a man that wanted to be president. the criminal trial of john edwards under way. convicted he could spend 30 years in prison. gop powerhouses are slowly and reluctantly learning team romney. the truth about why he would like more love from his party.
3:30 pm
john edwards, the two-time presidential candidate once considered a democratic superstar on trial. you see him arriving in federal court in north carolina. he is accused of illegally using campaign funds to cover up his mistresses pregnancy while his wife battled cancer. he could look at 30 years in prison if he is convicted of the six criminal charges. joe johns is in greensboro. tell us what to expect over the next few weeks including the big names on the witness list. >> probably the biggest name of all on the witness list, john, is andrew young, the guy who was the north carolina advance man for john edwards, held a variety of other functions, very close to senator john edwards, and worked with him very closely. also, wrote a book about his experiences. he is the guy who in fact falsely took credit for
3:31 pm
fathering the child of rielle hunter, of course that child eventually turned out to be the child of senator john edwards. a big day in court here, of course, with andrew young taking the stand. he is probably going to be on for a couple more days. we also had opening statements here in greensboro, north carolina, the former senator being described by the government as a master manipulator while the defense said, sure, he lied about the affair, he lied about the baby, but he is not a criminal, and that of course is the novel question that the prosecution is tackling here in north carolina, john, whether there actually was a crime committed at all, whether john edwards did it or whether he was basically just lying to avoid humiliation which is what the defense claims. could be a few weeks before we know the answer from the jury. >> we'll keep track of this case. thank you.
3:32 pm
turning to the trayvon martin case, what was supposed to be a shakeup at the police department that initially handled the investigation. sanford police chief bill lee tried to resign and the city commission says not so fast. we'll talk about that in a moment. george zimmerman, he of course the nabtd watch than that admits to fatally shooting the unarmed teenager is out on bail. he slipped into a waiting car after midnight. david mattingly following all of this. david, questions about zimmerman's safety and threats. is he safe and what do we know about the role of police in his protection now? >> well, when you look at the video of him departing the jail, the man with him was the bail bonds man. zimmerman himself was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time. as they sped off into the night they were assisted by sheriff's deputies that provided roadblocks so they could make a quick get away into parts unknown. we spoke to zimmerman's attorney today and he said they have multiple locations set up where zimmerman will be staying and
3:33 pm
they will shuttle him from location to location, a shell game just in case anyone tries to go looking for him. zimmerman does have the court's permission to go out of state if he wants to, but his attorney will not say if zimmerman is out of the state of florida or inside. he says he will be dealing with his client over the telephone and he already made arrangements so that they have already entered a not guilty plea to the second degree murder charge so zimmerman will not have to come back to court soon for that arraignment. >> david, as we try to keep track of mr. zimmerman, what happened with the police chief? bill lee resigned, a controversial figure in the initial investigation. why didn't the city council approve his resignation? >> it came down to a 3-2 vote, the deciding vote cast by the mayor here, and he said that he wanted to wait until the investigations were complete and how the police department here handled the trayvon martin case. that's going to take a couple of months. at that time he believes it could take up the personnel
3:34 pm
matter of whether or not to keep the chief on the payroll. he is still on the payroll. he is still collecting a paycheck, but he stepped down temporarily while all of these investigations and all of this heat was on the department right now, so he still is getting paid but they were not accepting his increase i guess nation just get. >> strange twist there. thanks so much. overseas to iran where officials say they cracked the code to american drone technology and making their own copy now after of course you might remember a u.s. drone crash landed there late last year. could be cause for major concern if, underscore if, it is true. leon panetta has his doubts. >> well, you know, it is obviously a classified program and i don't want to get into the particulars of that program, but i think i can tell you based on my experience that i would seriously question their ability to do what they say they have
3:35 pm
done. >> more here from the chris lawrence. >> just four months after it parade this had captured stealth drone before the world, i rain claims it unlocked the secrets of the classified american uav. the general who runs the revolutionary guard's aerospace division says iran cracked the software code and knows it flew over osama bin laden's compound and when and where it got maintenance. he says iran is now building its own copy. a top u.s. lawmaker told fox news sunday he is skeptical. >> i don't have confidence at this point they're really able to make a copy of it. >> aviation experts admit iran has adapted other american technology like the hawk surface to air missile. >> from iran and on the ground against an aircraft and they adapted that and put it on the tom cat fighter. >> he says the sentinel has a
3:36 pm
grid over the engine that blocks radar waves and coding to absorb. designing a new one goes far beyond just duplicating smooth edges. >> you have to know how every piece of that aircraft contributes to its radar signature or to the infra red image or to any way in which it can be detected. >> at the same time it is boasting of one success iran is crying foul over another alleged cyber attack. the world's fourth largest oil producer says it detected a virus in the main oil export terminal which handles 90% of its oil exports. officials say they have been forced to disconnect the oil ministry itself and some data has already been affected. >> in fact, most of the world's oil facilities are run by computers which just gives you an idea how important technology is in modern warfare. as for the drone, most of the experts that i spoke with say to develop this kind of drone you
3:37 pm
need to know what you're doing and why you're doing it along every stage of production. you don't get that kind of knowledge over night and most of the experts say they don't see the evidence that iran invested the time to do so. >> chris, let's take this a bit further. maybe iran hasn't inveed the time thut they have conversations and might they have the capability and certainly interest of trying to reverse engineer this? >> that is a key question, john, especially in terms of capability. some of the experts i talked to say the concern over russia and especially china may be a bit over blown, but they don't see this particular drone as the end all be all of u.s. stealth technology. in other words, they think the u.s. already has more advanced stealth capabilities out there and they say china in particular probably within its own research and work has already matched or close to matching what this particular captured drone can do. >> chris, thanks so much. coming up here, the truth about
3:38 pm
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as auditions go, mitt romney, well, he had to be pretty happy with this. >> there is only one choice running for president that will help us reclaim and recapture the things that make this nation of ours different from all of the other countries on the earth and he happens to be here today,
3:42 pm
his name is mitt romney, the next president of the united states. >> of course governor romney says that was not an audition. did it owe says senator rubio. >> i don't think i have any comments on qualifications for individuals to serve in various positions in government at this stage. that's something that we're going to be considering down the road as we consider various potential vice presidential nominees. do you want to add? >> i am not talking about that process anymore. >> truth be told governor romney had to told getting some love. after all, there is more than a little grumbling and complaining of late about the man all but tern sob the republican presidential nominee. finally endorsing romney, for example, the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says he wished newt gingrich had fared better. >> i think mitt won fair and square. he's proven he is the most effective republican. >> not exactly bubbling with enthusiasm there, right? pretty much the same for the indiana governor mitch daniels
3:43 pm
who came on board last week and said in his view the key for republicans is speak more passionately and directly to those still struggling for economic gains and he went on to say, quote, romney doesn't talk that way, talking to the indianapolis star. talk about a ringing endorsement. the former gop contender john huntsman is kinder telling the crimson i think romney will show leadership on the economy but on the trust deficit he says, quote, i don't see a whole lot of leadership. at least huntsman endorsed romney. rick santorum is out of the race and still hasn't owe feshlly joined team romney. same for michelle bachman and newt gingrich and ron paul are active candidates despite the inevitab inevitable. >> you don't quit because you happen to be behind. you want to see how you do. who knows, maybe somebody will stumble. >> paul is pretty kind when he is asked about governor rick santorum in i and the romney campaign doesn't worry much about the texan but the truth is it would like a little more love from the rest of the party.
3:44 pm
here tonight to talk truth, senior political analyst ron brownstein, kevin madden and strategist donna brazil. mr. madden, why is this taking so long? why do people when they come on board add the mumble under their breath of he could be better at this or i wish it were newt. >> i think a lot has to do with the stage of the race. governor romney still has yet to get the nomination officially, so we're coming towards the end of the nomination process, and i think this is a lot of this is a result of the fact we have at the very end now, and now this is why a very critical time during the campaign, particularly as republicans is what are we going to do to bring the party together and how are we going to get beyond litigating our differences and focus on what you nights us as a party and now you can r we can take the fight to the collective opponent, barack obama and the democrats and their policies and i think that's what's happening. i would point to the remarks of marco rubio who was very
3:45 pm
enthusiastic, is representative of what a lot of people i think across the party are feeling right now. >> in our history going back 20, 25 years, it is often in presidential years your party that has this problem and the healing problem after and not this time. as you watch that, is that about how it goes or if you were them, on team romney would you worry or say this will all play out? >> i remember 1988 with the -- >> that was fun. >> and to quote one of my favorite entertainers, what's love got to do with it? you still have to put together an organization. you have to look over in the other camp to see if there are good people you want to bring on board. i am sure the romney camp is focusing on the fall and not going to continue to pull out a a lot of resources into the pressure battle and right now the entire focus is on defeating president obama. >> the entire focus but this is what you're trying to, number one, look to the right and heal some wounds and repair those relationships. number two, trying to figure out
3:46 pm
and i think governor romney when he tried to get ahead on the student loan thing is looking back maybe not the center but for younger voters and parents, people in the strain of the economy and how are they doing with the tug of war with conflicting goals. >> this was very much about speaking to the republican base and very little effort made by governor romney and probably less than he could have to reach beyond the base even during the primary process and now he has to begin doing that. he has two separate challenges. at the elite level you see the grumbling and the fact there was not anyone in the field who was an ideal fit for the republican party in 2012 and i think you still see that in the grumbling. on the other hand recommend an voters are coalescing quickly and some polls with him up to 90% so clearly the principle focus going forward has to be expanded beyond that. >> and nothing you nights them like the prospect of beating barack obama. >> look, people endorse the governor, some volunteers, you see senator rubio and we have seen other potential prospects and answer those who say these
3:47 pm
are auditions. this is what governor romney wants to see and wants to see them out there publicly speaking and see if they'll be passionate about him. >> i think the problem with that is that people haven't been involved in the process do think it has more to do with pageantry than substance and look more if he formula, who is from a big state, who as ideological or geographical diversity they may bring to the ticket and i think it is absent the considerations that the top of the ticket goes through which is who is going to be there on day one with me to govern? this is my first decision, you know, a nominee has to think this is my first decision as a potential president. what kind of message do i want to send to the american people? that i think is much more -- we don't put enough premium on that when we play the veep staikz. >> i am animated always. you have to veep someone with something and we don't know what
3:48 pm
that is because mitt romney is still trying to define who he will be now that he will not presumptive nominee. >> you stay put and we'll talk about that next. tom foreman is sitting in. what's on tap? >> hey, john, you know the drone that the iranians captured last december? they say they have cracked the electronic brain. they know the code behind how the drones operate and what they do and where they go. the u.s. government says they're wrong. but if we're wrong, the consequences for our troops all over the world could be profound. we'll look at that plus a woman who gave a kidney to help her boss and in exchange got fired. john. >> that's a raw deal there. wee you in a few minutes. when we come back great news for drivers. gas prices, you probably noticed, starting to drop. how far and how long they could last. lady gaga keeps company with the presidents. how does she do? that's what the wax figure does.
3:49 pm
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when we look at presidential politics and the polling, we know mitt romney has a little uphill climb. there's a gender gap. there's also a huge problem with latino voters. let's continue our conversation. kevin, just today out campaigning with senator rubio, he has a different version of what's now called the dream act. the president had a version, the republicans don't support it. governor romney doesn't support the democratic version.
3:53 pm
essentially if you came to this country illegally, you were a child, if you ep roll in college or the military, you get some benefits, you get a break and a path to status. how important is the rubio version, which is a little less generous in its benefits to the republican party and potentially to governor romney in dealing with what is a huge problem with latinos. >> first of all, we have to remember the rubio plan is still in its genesis stage. he's having conversations across the aisle and with leadership about what it would look like. i think what's most important is the rubio approach allows republicans to talk about what they're for. all too often as a party we take the bait to make this a very divisive issue about what we're against. i think an aspirational republican plan about what a modernized immigration system looks like is good for the party and i think it will be good for the political debate and help us to make better inroads. >> but romney's mixed or cool or stand-offish response is
3:54 pm
emblematic of what republicans face. they cannot allow democrats to continue winning two-thirds of hispanics as obama did in 2008 and where he's polling in 2012. but today they are heavily dependent and winning majorities among portions of the white electorate, older whites and blue collar whites who are most uneasy about the demographic change that is going on. this is a fundamental conundrum. this would allow children of illegal immigrants brought here as kids to stay but not provide citizenship. democrats say that doesn't go far enough. conservatives saying that goes too far. how can they make this leap from the coalition they have to the coalition they need. >> governor romney said at the cnn debate on february 22nd that sb-1070, the arizona law, immigration law, is a model for the country. that law is going to be debated before the supreme court on wednesday. this is not about responding to
3:55 pm
democrats or responding to the media, it's about responding to millions of americans who believe that there should be a fair way for them to become citizens. they have worked hard, paid their taxes. they want to become americans. they believe in this country. they want to have a piece of the american dream. so you don't have to respond to democrats, respond to the hispanics. >> real quick, governor romney during the bedebate and today actually also talked about what he believes in as to what a modernized immigration system looks like and how it would help not only hispanics but the entire economy. he's been one of the candidates best on this issue talking about it. now, we need to do more, that's a guarantee. but i think the governor has been very clear to make sure he hasn't framed this in terms of what he's against. he's talked about what he is for. >> but he also has embraced attrition through enforcement. the self deportation idea which is a step to the right of where republicans were. >> democrats and republicans agree we need common sense enforcement issues.
3:56 pm
>> we do. >> we need common sense conversations on this and the tone and the tenor, it's not just the substance, it's the tone sometimes that hurts republicans. if senator rubio puts something on the table that gives democrats 65, 70% of what was in the original dream contact, do you take that and say we'll debate the rest later? >> they came up with a plan at one point john mccain embraced it. and then -- so look, there's no question democrats are willing to come to the table and talk about this issue. >> would they do it before the election? some democrats would say you're doing the republicans a favor if you do it before the election. >> i'm thinking more like an american and millions of americans who want to find a path to citizenship. >> one of the big challenges for the president is that there are many hispanic americans who feel that this was a president who talked more and acted -- didn't act enough on the issue of immigration. >> most democrats would say the rubio approach does not go far enough but some key elements in the immigration rights community might be willing to accept it. >> here's kate with the latest
3:57 pm
news you need to know right now. >> hey there, john. thank you. u.s. troops in afghanistan say they're being attacked from across the border in pakistan, and they're firing back. it has happened at least four times in the past ten months and the revelation is likely to put pressure on the already tense relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. the taliban and the hakani network are thought to be responsible for the attacks. a sigh of relief at the gas pump. prices are starting to fall. a gallon of regular now costs $3.91 on average. yes, that is still high. this is according to the lundberg survey. that's down, though, a nickel from two weeks ago. experts say we could see prices drop by another dime or so in the next few weeks. of course we will all be watching. a soccer ball swept 3,000 miles away during the japanese tsunami could soon be reunited with its owner. a beach comber in alaska discovered the ball, which was printed with the name and school on it. now a 16-year-old japanese
3:58 pm
student says it's his. u.s. agencies, including the state department, are working along with the japanese embassy, working on a process to return these found items. a pretty amazing story. another story that had a lot of people talking today, ron artest may have changed his name to metta world peace but actions speak louder than words. the player was thrown out of last night's game against the oklahoma thunder for brutally elbowing james hardin and giving him a conversation. he now faces a possible suspension from the nba. he apologized yesterday and tweeted this. quote, i just watched the replay again. my celebration of the dunk really was too much, didn't even see james. omg. looks bad. what do you think, john, intentional, unintentional? >> having watched that video, that is not a credible witness, let's put it that way. >> well put. >> unfortunately, even if -- even if he's telling the truth, his history would suggest otherwise. >> yes. >> he's -- the league is going to take a good, hard look at
3:59 pm
that. >> a name change may be required. >> that was not world peace. kate, stay right there. i'll need you help. lady gaga has made her work on pop culture and with her distinctive sound and style. she's made her mark on politics as a gay rights advocate and now she's making her mark in wax. right here in washington, d.c. dressed in black latex with huge platform shoes. that's not her, by the way, her hey tied with a bow. you just saw abraham lincoln, benjamin franklin, hillary clinton and president obama. i wonder if his wax figure feels as awe struck as the real president himself did after meeting gaga last fall. >> she was wearing 16-inch heels. he was eight feet tall. it was a little intimidating. >> i don't know what to say about gaga in wax so i'm going to let you talk for a couple of minutes. >> you know, i'll take


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