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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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get nings done. i think in the meantime, tv is a great place to be. >> and given the current success of all these women, viewers seem to agree. and welcome back. we've been watching this one single dolphin swimming in circles in shallow water. these are the wetlands. the problem is this dolphin needs to be on the pacific side. so you can see, a number of groups trying to figure out how they're going to get this dolphin on the other side of the pacific coast hi. i want to bring in a member of the whale and dolphin conservation society out of
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plymouth, massachusetts. i appreciate you calling in. can you just first talk me through what folks there on the ground in huntington beach, what the situation is what they need to do? >> i think the first thing is that you have to assess whether or not this is an animal that is in need of human intervention or not. and so, you know, from what i've seen, there's a pod swimming somewhat freely and then this one particular animal that's a little bit away and stranded. here normally if we have a situation like that, we would try and actually move the single animal and move it out toward a deeper water area. often times you get animals, these are common dolphins. they're supposed to be in deep water. once they get into a shallow area, particularly a wetland area, it's really confusing for them. >> what can happen?
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can you hammer home how dangerous this is, how urgent this is for these folks to get this dpolphin to deeper water. >> as long as the animal can stay afloat, they're not in immediate danger. it's when they strand they don't have the ability to survive. neck suffocate under their own weight. the animal is still afloat, it has some time. what happens is stress hormones with any of us, the stress hormones start to impact your physiology. that's a big problem. you want to get them out of that stressful situation if at all possible. >> so dolphins can be stressed, too is what i'm hearing. do me a favor and hang tight. i have chad myers over my shoulder and he has this map that really kind of explains the lay of the land. >> let's just go to the map itself. we'll take it full screen. the dolphin is stranded, not
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that far from above the word stranded, above the r in stranded. it needs to get back north of the blue sign that says bulsa bay. to the north of bulsa bay, there is a bridge. and the water now is beginning to come up. we're getting back to high tide. i believe that's why this is often confused. water went down for low tide, now coming back for high tide. and if he ge gets north of that bridge, then all of a sudden he's going to be back with the rest of the pod. that's where the pod is right now in the marina. all those little boats to the north of there and fish all the rest of the mammals are swimming around in there. it doesn't need to get back to the ocean, just the marina so it can find its family. >> walk me through some possible scenarios if they find this dolphin is under stress or they need to move this. what's best option number one?
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>> to let it get out on its own with the tide. i think the best option is to wait for the high tide and see if it does reunite. for this animal to be on its own is absolutely the best option. option number two would be if it doesn't go out with the next high tide is to very carefully move it, usually what they have is a stretcher where it can be literally picked up and moved to deeper water and let it go off on its own. those are the two best options. option three is not the ideal option on any level is then to assess if it can't recover on its own and it starts to not be able to respond is it be euthaniz euthanized just for its own stack and the sake of the rest of the pod that would not longer
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be able to communicate with it and leave on their own. any of the nose on the bridge is going to be amplified. i would say give it some space, give it some time and wait for the tide cycle and it has a good chance of getting out on its own. >> obviously we're looking at these pictures. do you think it can hear the helicopter up in the hair? >> absolute it can. we've had helicopters that we ask to move off because it's very loud. sound in the water travels four times better than it does in the air. everything it's hearing is much more amplified. they're acoustical animal nisway. the sounds of people talking, the helicopter, that's impacting the animal. >> wow. thank you so, so much from
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calling in from massachusetts. we keep an eye on hopefully the high tide will happen and this dolphin will be on its merry way. regina, thank you. chad, thank you, too. you know about the secret service scandal i know by now. a similar story again involving prostitute has now ungulfed the pentagon and the state department. a deal is this, a woman in brazil is alleging she suffered serious injuries at the hands of three u.s. marines and an employee of the u.s. embassy. shasta, what are her injuries? what are her specific allegations? >> with el, looing, she said she broke her collarbone, three ribs and punctured a lung. she shoed us some pretty convincing peck churs of the injuries you can see the protruding bone and you can see bruised tire marks across her abdomen. she said on december 29, she and some other women left the
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nightclub where she worked as a stripper with a group of americans from the embassy. that same group of americans you're talking about. they called a van to pick them up. she said she was strie lently thrown from the van after she got in a fight with the brazilian rooifr. when she tried to grab the door handle, she was dragged along and let go and the tire ran over her. >> these are her allegations, though. we have to get the other side in. what are u.s. officials saying here. >> you definitely hear contradictory reports. from other witnesses on the scene. the u.s. embassy basically says that she was asked too step out of the car. she did, but then when she tried to climb back in when it took off, that's when she fell and hurt herself. some of the other witnesses, the other prostitutes, the tackcy driver say she was rudely fworsed out of the van, but they
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don't make it sound as violent as she made it sound. >> today,er a judge was asked to decide if donors to george zimmerman should be disclosed.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. george zimmerman it turns
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out raised more than $200,000 in a website he created. he wasn't in his courtroom today, but his attorney was. i know mark o'meara had some explaining to do after complaining that zimmerman was indigent just one week ago. a decision on his bond is now up in the air, right, martin? >> this is a case that continues. there's revelations that george zimmerman raised a lot of money, over $200,000 over the internet. about the same time that his attorney was arguing that george zimmerman was broke. as a result of this new revelation, the state of florida, the prosecutors today tried to get bond raised for george zimmerman. the judge in this case has three possible decisions. number one, raise the bond, two, revoke the bond or three, don't do anything about the bond. today, the judge decided no tot render a decision, saying he simply doesn't have enough information about the funds to render any kind of decision. so he's going so ask for that to
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come in. he's essentially going to learn how the money was raised, who had control of that money and when. after the hearing, mark o'meara, the attorney for george zimmerman said look on the bright side and said the newfound wealth shows that zimmerman has a lot of support out there. >> quite happy that there are enough people out there who felt it in their hearts that they wanteded to support somebody like george and have given that much money. >> but others say it shows something else -- you can't trust what zimmerman has to say. >> george zimmerman swore to be honest. he watched that whole proceeding and never once staid a word to the court whether or not he had raised money on that website when he knew he had raised over $200,000. >> trayvon martin's family say
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they also are doing fundraising online. it is for a foundation that will do advocacy. so far, they say they have raised about $100,000. martin savalv savidge, cnn, atl. >> nasa is moving its shuttles. today, new york city got the spotlight. and this huge shuttle, the enterprise will be joining the intrepid. next we'll tell you where to go with your family to see this orbiter. stay with us. we get there. because in this business, there are no straight lines. only the twists and turns of an unpredictable industry. so the eighty-thousand employees at delta... must anticipate the unexpected. and never let the rules overrule common sense. this is how we tame the unwieldiness of air travel, until it's not just lines you see... it's the world. the chevy cruze eco also offers 42 mpg on the highway.
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delmon young being investigated for a hate crime in new york. he had gotten in some sort of fight with a 26-year-old man. both of them ended up with injuries right now, the charges are aggravated harassment, but police there were some, quote, religious statements made. now there's an investigation now, .detroit tiger says they don't comment on legal matters. >> george zimmerman's attorney is back in court today. munt wasn't disclosed last week. zimmerman said he just found out about it. >> i thenl realized there were about 200, $20 h,000 that was contributed in the past 30 to 40
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days from the public into that account. >> prosecutors now want zimmerman's bond increased. an armed siege in central london is now over. a man engaged police in a standoff that lasted several hours. police say they were concerned the man might have possibly attached explosives to his body and that he might have moan himself up. and the pentagon being told to check their course work material and erase anything that contains references to islam. and i want you to take a look at the white van. surveillance video in from florida. take a look at the right side of the fvan. you're going to see a woman hanging on for dear life. why? her purse is getting snatched
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here. this is a walmart parking lot. she's not letting go. my feet go so shredded or i would fall off and go under the car. >> the charge, robbery by sudden snatching. and i have a special guest joining me in a couple of minutes on this special day for nasa. you saw the enterprise. some of you have being accepteding your pictures to me via twitter. [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle that could adapt to changing road conditions. one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power when you need it most.
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nominee mitt romney. speaking with graduating senior. a good voting base for him in november. this was a land of freedom, personal freedom, political freedom and economic freedom. and those freedoms interestingly, having been the foundation of our nation drew people from all over the world seeking opportunity. because collectively, they represented human opportunity. and so for hundreds of years, people have come to america seek ing that kind of betterment for themselves a chance to pioneer, innovate, create. it's almost in the genetic code of america, if you will, to be innovativ innovative, pioneering, creative. and this freedom, this economic freedom is an enormous apartment of what not only has attracted people here but kept people here to build enterprises that, by the way, through their success
12:23 pm
have made us all better off. in's another element of our foundation that i think is critical. i'll connect with the phrase that is united we stand. or one nation under god. america has had this extraordinary combination of people highly diveversdiverse, the same time coming together for united purpose. and so when we face challenges and threats, particularly in the last century even today, the american people have rallied and overcome the challenges that have been presented.
12:24 pm
tt election before us is to strengthen the foundational principles or to choose no ones. in my view, the election of 2012 is a befining deciding election for the course of america. over this century. and we will decide whether or not we're going to transform america into something different it's been in the past or whether we're going to restore to america the principles that have made us the nation that we are. the challenge is that you will hear words of people running for office that sound great. but sometimes what people say is not a perfect example of what they're going to do. appearances don't confirm with the facts or reality.
12:25 pm
it was said facts are stubborn things. i say you consider not just the brilliance of their words, but also the facts of their record. and what they've done anticipate that will be the best predictor, i believe, of going forward. i have examples between disparity of appearance and fact. i remember when we had someone come into my office, as you may have known, in my prior work, i was both in the business of helping start businesses known as venture capital, as well as in the business of acquiring businesses and trying to make it
12:26 pm
better. this wasn't from my own money. this was from money entrusted to me from pension funds, college endowments and the like. there was an idea for a store that would sell office supplies at a discount. he said they were sold at a huge mark-up and he would have a big store are sold office supplies cheap. so we asked whether this was a good investment opportunity. not one of them said yes. everyone said it was a bad idea. the reason they said was in the world of business, the trend has been away from individuals have been to run out and manage various aspects of their business on the run and instead
12:27 pm
focussing on the business. so going out and buying office supplies wasn't a good idea. this superstore idea wasn't a good idea. it wouldn't work. that was the appearance. there was a sense there wasn't enough savings. the savings of $1,500 a year wouldn't justify folks going out and shopping. so we took that to the entrepreneur and said it doesn't look uh like this idea is going to work and no one thinks it will work. and he says those businesses don't know how much they're spending on office supplies. go back and get their invoices.
12:28 pm
ask them to let you look in their files and see what they're actually spending. and so we did. what we found was they were spending a lot more than that i thought on copy paper and toner and supplies. and software and so forth. so we decided we would invest in this office superstores. it's called staples and now employs many tens of thousands. i think 90,000 people. appearances do not always equal reality. >> so mitt romney, touting a successful business story. he's saying hey, i'm a businessman.
12:29 pm
we've been seeing them chris cross the country talking to universities. bomb of the hour, let's play reporter roulette first. hey, candy. is. >> the president kicked it off to various university, much as we just saw mitt romney in swing state, much as we just saw mitt rom nooe saying. boy, if coming doesn't hurry, the interest rates on your student loans are going to double here. and this has made the speaker oof the house angry. he said this is something we were going to do anyway. we sat down with the speaker earlier today.
12:30 pm
the republicans want to dip into a health care fund that's part of the health care bill. the president said if it comes to me funded that way, i'm going to veto it. i took that to speaker banener and he said -- >> for the president to politicize this is picking a fight that doesn't exist. >> it wasn't in the ryan bill, though. >> that's next year's budget. >> so for this year, you were planning all along to keep the student loan rates as they are? >> no one wants student loan rate go up. >> right. but if it comes out of health care bill. that's not going to happen. >> so why did they put reductions in spending in this program? why did the president sign into law the payroll tax credit that included $4 billion into this same program, taking it out of
12:31 pm
the same fund you want to take it out of? >> the same fund. >> is as for the veto threat, the speaker says look, they may have different ideas. the democrats are saying what the prups want to do is pay for keeping student rates low by taking money from poor women and children for immunization programs and cancer screening. this totally irritates the speaker who says again, this is the same program the president used to pay for, i don't know if you remember, brooke, there was a huge fight earlier this year or late last year about social security tacks and keeping them low. they said the president signed a bill that paid for keeping them low using money from this exact same fund. that's his pushback. by the way, just ps he said look, we're going to get this thing done. >> this was my question. i'm sitting here anying okay, my
12:32 pm
kid won't have to pay this, but really, can they breathe that sigh of relief. it's really, where it comes from. >> it hasn't passed the senate at all. we don't know what how the senate feels it should be funded. i actually think, not particularly from what speaker boehner said, but i think most parents and most children can rest assured those interest rates won't go up. simply because it is far too middle class an issue for this congress to allow those interest rates to go up. it will get done. it won't be pretty. >> no one in the water here.
12:33 pm
this is near bulsa bay. we are a dolphin too far. the dolphin is right here. it appears he came through the bridge area and sam swam right there. we have a canal here with fresh water. and then more water coming in here. will zo let's take a look at what's gong on. here's the little bridge the people are on standing here watching it. the dolphin is swimming in plenty of water. it's not like he's in one foot of water and he's going to be beaching himself. the dolphin doesn't realize he needs to go back to the north and he needs to swim all the way here and find his friends in the marina. >> we will wait and see.
12:34 pm
they' they're hoping the tide will wash him on and he'll be good to go. thank you. next up, it's the final plight of the enterprise. now that all the shuttles will be retired, nasa's test shuttle is headed to a new home. manhattan, the statue of liberty, john zarrella is live in miami. so walk me through, i'm sure there were so many people lookilook ing up and oohhing and ahhing over this. a repeat of what happeneded with discovery, just a week and a half, two weeks ago as it flew into washington, d.c. on the back of that 747. in fact brooke, it was the discovery displaced sbler enterprise at the smithsonian. discovery flew in space. so enterprise, which was the test shuttle so that nasa could check out if the design would really work, it's going to new york. it's there now. it's at john f. kennedy airport.
12:35 pm
it will sit there until june. and then it will ultimately make its way on a barge up the hudson river to the sea, air and space museum, the intrepid museum. it will be lifted up and placed on the deck of the aircraft carrier. we've got to look in the history books. i can't imagine that a space shuttle has ever been on the back of an aircraft carrier. >> right. >> barge, and then lifted up, we have to find that out. >> yeah, i think we may know someone who has the answer to that. john zarrella stand by for me. i want to bring in here a former astronaut who now leads nasa. on the foep, retired major general charles bolton. how do i address you? mr. administrator? general? you tell me. a. >> you can call me charlie. >> done. is this sort of precedent setting, an orbiter on the back
12:36 pm
of an aircraft carrier? just curious. >> there's never been an orbiter of any kind on the back of an aircraft carrier. we're excited about this. because as john said, enterprise, what's what we did the approach and landing test to demonstrate we could land the shuttle on a runway. >> this is wild. now as we look at these pictures of enterprise, you know, circling the statue of liberty, landing there at jfk, where were you this morning? and what sort of emotions do you run through when you see sort of the end, the retiring? >> it's not the end, it's the beginning of after new era. i act actually at the kennedy space center right now. i'm down here with a group of golden eagles. they're getting a look at atlantis here 234 -- at the
12:37 pm
kennedy space center and we're on our way out to look at the falcon nine and the dragon module. we're looking at the past and the future all in one day at the golden eagle. >> when you're talking charlie bolton and so many other people, i was in the kid in the classroom, had my hand raised. of course you want to be an astronaut. the only way to ferry astronauts in space, you're relying on russia and the soyuz. how does that make you feel, a? and b, what is the next era? when do we go to mars? >> we're going to mars, that's what the president and congress have set forward. they have agreed on that as within of our top priorities. we have to get commercial space going. we're working on that right now.
12:38 pm
we're going to go first to an asteroid and then on to mars. >> john do we still have you? >> jump in. ask charlie bolton a question then we'll wrap. >> a lot of people have said to me, that you've got to have smoke and fire and you've got to do it soon because the longer you don't put something up nasa, then the easier it's going to be for people to say well, we don't need anything. '. >> john, we're going to see smoke and fire on the 7th of may. people need to understand when space x or orbital or boeing or anybody else launches, it's not just nasa. it's america. and we want to get america back launching vehicles. we've got atlas and delta but we need to have another capability. starting monday the 7th, i hope, will be when we start launching american vehicles to the international space station.
12:39 pm
we're going to launch orion on a delta four, lockheed martin is on 2014. and then the orion is going to be on 2017. we hope to have smoke and fire continually from the 7th of may through the 2030. >> i just want to make sure when you go into a classroom and you say who wants to be an astronaut, i still want to see a lot of kids' hands raised. we appreciate it. coming up next here, a father sends his son to school with this wireless microphone so he can record what he is resu resuming is abuse from a teacher. we now know that teacher h eer a lawyer. people with a machine.
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what ?
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customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>> when it comes to children, we tell stories of abuse and
12:43 pm
mistreatment and say we can do better. a father says his son was bullied, not by kids but by grown-ups who were supposed to help teach him. this young boy is autistic and doesn't talk like most kids. but his violent outbursts were telling his father that something was wrong. so the father wired his son and recorded this. >> the cherry hill school district just released this statement, while our investigation continues, all the individuals working in the classroom on the date in question have either been placed on leave to minimize disruption or no longer work for the district. stewart chafitz says the teacher in charge was transferred. >> you say you could only identify two of the adults on the tape. your son's teacher and one of the aides, was you couldn't
12:44 pm
identify the person on this section of the tape. what did the school say about this person? >> the never responded to me about that. and just so people understand why that was so cruel. you could hear them all making fun of him, laughing at him. that was something he felt very personal about. and then he wept on a half-hour, you know, throwing over chairs and crying because it really hurt him badly. this is the worst three seconds of my life listening to that. it's something that still haunts me. i can't even listen to it and hear my son begin to cry like that and just know there was a culture of cruelty and they did it because my son is verbally impaired. he couldn't ever tell me that. so they felt they could do whatever they wanted to him and no one would ever find out. thankfully they were wrong. but they just mocked him and didn't care. >> it's extraordinary. we just received a statement for the lawyer for the teacher that you say you can clearly hear
12:45 pm
being abusive. kelly altenburg is a special ed teacher who for the past 20 years dedicated herself to teaching. she does not condone any such remarks and this language was not used at her direction in her presence or with her knowledge. mr. chafetz's comments to the contrary are totally inaccurate. ho uh do you respond? >> listen to the audio. if that's her defense, then bring it on. i will sit with anyone and play the entire 6 1/2 hours. and when she's there -- because that was her laughing. she wants to claim that's not her laugh, she wants to claim she wasn't the one there when the aide was talking about being under the influence of alcohol, you know, that's laughable. >> now, the father here says his son is doing much better in class, no longer hitting, no longer acting out. >> watch what you write on the internet, folks. i know patients say this to your kids, but find out what happens
12:46 pm
when grown-ups are acting badly. say things online you wouldn't say to someone in person. now one couple is awarded $14 million. their stunning story next. welcome to idaho, where they grow america's favorite potatoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they're good for you too?
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they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> you see two kayakers in the water because the one dolphin has been swimming, circling on
12:49 pm
the wroong side of the pacific coast highway. you can see kind of at the top of the picture a number of people have sort of pulled off the side of the road. rescuers here trying to get this dolphin swim on the correct side. the issue is, this is shallow water. it looks like someone is now swimming. i'm looking right along with you to try to see if i see the dolphin. want to stay with the picture? yep, there's the sdsh ok-- okay being told there's a dpooifr in the water. the issue, chad myers, we're talking to the woman from the conservancy in massachusetts. they deal with stranded dolphins often. they're hoping option number one, best option is that this dolphin goes on its own and you can see the guy, the diver sort of flapping his hands. is that the bridge? >> no. that's the south end. that's actually where there's water coming in because the tide is rising.
12:50 pm
they need to get this dolphin to the right of the screen and up almost half a mile to the warren avenue bridge. i think once the dolphin gets its sense of direction, it will be all right. they want to go from left to right left to right and the dolphin thinks they're playing with it. >> you know, it's fascinating and they're tapping and they'ric maing noise and what the expert a little while ago pointed out is these dolphins have an incredible, incredible hearing and perhaps that's what they're hoping, these sort of, you know, tactics, making a little bit of noise hoping the dolphin will spin around and move in the right direction. >> this dolphin is around people a lot. you can take this shot and you can pan all of the way around or a half mile north there's a huge marina, the huntington beach shot and there is a marina there and there are seven or eight
12:51 pm
others in a pod. i don't know if they're looking for this lost guy or not, but they have interaction with humans on a daily basis. they're in that marina and not scared at all and we froze up on the shot, but the dolphin seems to be enjoying the play time and not being scared to swim away from where they're making those slapping sounds. this is tape from earlier. here we go. back on the shot. we'll move away from the story. i'll interview the next couple here and maybe we can put the dolphin in a box on the screen. i'm looking at it off the corner of my eye. we'll see if the dolphin finds its way home. in the meantime it seems like anyone can say anything online. you can read the comment section sps see that for yourself, and you will meet a couple, here's a sample of what anonymous poster said about mark and rhonda lesher. they're molesting helpless people. sex orgies at his bar and
12:52 pm
spreads herpies. lesher been biting my donkey. the husband and wife were acquitted in 2009, but it didn't matter so the posts kept coming and the leshers tracked down the posters and sued and just this week a texas jury awarded the leshers $13.8 million. here are the leshers, mark and rhonda. welcome to both of you. you know, i had read -- mark, i think it was you, you said in the 2009 criminal trial that all of this ruined your life. do you still feel that way? >> well, to be found not guilty is one thing, but you have to be vindicated and basically we've been vindicated by this verdict that we received a week ago. >> so you feel vindicated? you feel good? >> we feel a lot better and we
12:53 pm
do thank the jury system. we thank the judge and we thank our lawyers that we were able to pursue this case to 12 of our peers, and they saw the anonymity shield should be taken down. >> let's talk about that, rhonda, because i know a lot of comments in this website. it's this online community board where posters can board things anonymously or so they think. how did you get that judge to basically lift the veil and get those ip addresses and find out who was saying those nasty things about you? these erroneous, nasty things? >> the original petition was quite volumous. there were 2500 of these horrible, horrible postings, and it was an all-out assault on our -- our character. >> could you go grocery
12:54 pm
shopping? >> you're in a small texas town. did people, i imagine it got around and it was difficult and you closed your business, right, rhonda? >> exactly. it's a very, very small town and everyone was glued to in the forum of clarksville and the threads that were absolutely bashing us. >> okay. i do have ago question. >> it was difficult to go to the grocery store. it was difficult to go to the walmart. >> i cannot een begin to imagine. >> the customers didn't want to come to my business. >> i'm sure it was beyond frustrating and we actually reached out to the defendants and we have a response. we'll take a quick break and we'll take that and one more question for you. stay with me. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and...
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back to mark and rhonda lesher. we reached out to the defendants, these folks who said these horrific things about you. they tell us they plan to appeal this case. let me get your reaction and your message to these people who lurk on these websites saying horrible things and they think that they'll remain anonymous, but they don't, always. >> well, the worst thing of all of this is that we have an out-of-control prosecutor in our small county and he took one of the authors of these posts and took here to the grand jury and got us indicted, and it was -- there was no investigation whatsoever. all of it was total lies and we
12:58 pm
were prosecuted. that was the worst of it. >> the blogs led us to being indicted, led us to hiring attorney, to defend ourselves. basically, the grand jury was just told they can prove their innocence when they go to trial. we had to stand trial. we went to the county and after a week's trial we were found not guilty in 20 minutes. >> that doesn't change the fact that we had to go through it. >> no. i know you moved to another town and you closed down your business, but you do feel vindicavine vindicat vindicated. i thank you so much. with two minutes to go, i'm taking off my anchor hat, and i'm just brooke here telling you the end of this show that there is a certain special someone who is sitting in the control room who gets in and out of my ear, she is angie massey. she is one of my best friends and she's is an absolutely incredible executive producer and today is her last day with us and we will miss her and she has touched too many people here
12:59 pm
at cnn. roll it. >> i have directed probably a thousand shows with angie, and she is my dream date in the control room. >> you've been an inspiration, the best teacher and an even better friend. >> angie is a set apart. she touches people in such a positive way. >> i thank you for everything you taught me. i wish you the best, and i hope to work with you again soon. >> angie, good luck. when people ask me if i like working with you, i always say angie trusts her people and that's something they appreciate, and i know my colleagues appreciate it. >> i'm grateful for the chance you've given me and it's completely changed my life, and i'm grateful for your words of wisdom, your constant advice. it's just something that keeps us going every single day. you'll be sorely missed and you're one of the best mentors