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tv   24 7 Mayweather Cotto  CNN  May 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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one led to agnes bernhart's son. a professor at williams college my alma mater sent me this. a photo of icelandic presidential candidate and her family. she is currently the front-runner. so, next time you think of iceland, don't think of economic crisis. think of fish and fiction, and yes, impossibly amazing females. they're smart.
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>> you know, somebody who has beauty that is only skin deep. im welcome to individuals and i like money. in this position, i will give
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back to families. >> we are at the end. >> he cruises through the race in 30 minutes. then sticks around to cheer on stragglers, both familiar and familiar looking. by dusk, he is recharge from his morning of charity. primed to spend a few dollars along side him. the first opera deals he has been keeping an eye on his opponent. and his unorthodox a sleeping arrangement. >> something smells good. floury. >> want to get in bed? >> i don't know if this is for me.
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this style is a little different. >> the pair is well protected as they make their way through the crowds that have gotten word of their shopping free. but there's enough time to make one final stop for the boxer's fiancee. ouch! we can see two bags come out of here. she's shoe shopping. she's shoe shopping for 11 grand today. don't worry.
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>> 2,000 miles from the spoils of the strip, orlando, florida, don miguel boxing gym is open every day, rain or shine. with cotto in a relentless battle of training for his bout with mayweather on may 5th. ♪ >> it was amazing. ♪ >> i've been training.
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training hard enough to beat my opponent. it's right now. ♪ >> mayweather will be the seventh undefeated fighter cotto has faced in his career, by far the most haroeralded of the gym. today the program calls for eight rounds of sparring. cameras are prohibited from chronicling the action. only glimpses at the architect of the fight plan are permitted. # >> as the trainer monitors the combat, camp medical adviser prepares for another vital task. a blood test h he administer to cotto after the sixth round. a small sample from the ear lobe
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serves to measure the lactic acid buildup in the fighter's blood. providing a precise measure of his muscle endurance, and a scientific perspective on his conditioning. [ speaking spanish ] sbrk [ speaking spanish ] >> the results are closely guarded, but at the conclusion of the sparring session, the overall prognosis for mayweather appears optimistic. [ speaking spanish ]
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[ speaking spanish ] >> in 20 sessions. i feel great. i'm ready for anything he can bring to me. i just want to hold the belt and start fighting.
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down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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following his weekend of charity and procurement, floyd mayweather returns to work on monday, with his mind still fix sat fixated on the tv revelations about his opponent. >> he's making people look bad. cotto, you making people look
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bad. stop that [ muted ], man. i ain't going to speak on that one seen. i can't believe this [ muted ], damn. i wonder what his wife say about that. and he touch my man on the cheeks. he touch my man on his cheeks. i thought his last name was cotto. last name is buttman. he didn't touch his butt. the things they doing is really hurting my feelings. i want cotto to be able to sleep good at night. they got 100 people in one house. get the back, rick. get the bag. what is your budget, cotto? how much it cost to run the house for the next couple of weeks? 10 gs. i got you ten right there, cotto. i want you sleeping in comfort. get him a down comforter, too. get him a new bed. from right now to may 4th, i want cotto to be comfortable. i'm going to make him uncomfortable may 5th. but leading up to may 5th, i
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want him comfortable. >> there's no place mayweather is more comfortable than the gym, and today's workout marks just 11 days before the bout. >> going into the fight may 5th, man, i'm telling you, man. i'm in my zone. you know what i'm saying? i'm going to be in my zone. that's any given sunday. but it's going to be, you know, for me it's any given saturday. you know what i'm saying? i don't got nothing against miguel cotto at all. no hard feelings. just a fight game. we at war. i know he's a quiet killer. you know what i'm saying? i'm loud killer. >> this training camp has been good. he's done everything he's supposed to do. that's what a fighter is supposed to do. do the running.
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do the workout. do the pads. do the mitts. do the bag. everything that he supposed to do, he does. ♪ >> with the sun still finding its way to the top of the next morning in orlando, pedro diaz has gathered miguel cotto and his team for an early wake-up call on the track. [ speaking spanish ] >> boxing floyd mayweather for 36 minutes will acquire an array of attributed. the next 60 minutes are designed to train every one of them. ♪ >> i'm ready for this. i'm ready for hard and tough
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quarter finals. i know we've done the right kind of training. i know that's what is going to happen. ♪ >> when the workout ends it's time to depart. no lagging allowed. floyd mayweather's afternoon agenda includes a routine prefight visit to the eye doctor. >> so it's clear. look straight ahead. margins look good okay, looks good. sit back, champ. now you know you're going to be out for the rest of the day. >> stop [ muted ]. >> you'll be out of it for probably three hours. >> damn.
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>> dialated pupils shouldn't be a full loss. not with the sunglasses available for purchase in. i need the burberrys right there. i don't know what you did in there. but you went in there. i just called -- ♪ to say i love you >> i got my eyes done. i can't see. but we going to get to the spot where we need to get to. oh, i thought i miss the mother [ muted ] street. ♪ i just called to say i love you ♪ most people ride around with the little coins in their car. i got the coins in my car, too, right there. little cup holder. burberry, you all better pay me for this. ♪ no warm july >> there are a few wrong turns,
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but mayweather safely finds his way back to the right spot. and continues to ignore doctor's orders by getting right to work. i can't see right now. it's blurry. everything's blurry. [ shouting ] >> cotto gonna come ready. cotto is gonna come ready. be ready! we all made it the same in the gym. but we don't perform the same under the lights. >> by workout's end, he's seeing clear again. with the specter of miguel cotto coming ever closer into focus. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> back in orlando, the focus at least on this night, is on the feast being prepared by cotto, his mother and brian perez. >> these are mexican refried
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beans. also doing chicken fajitas and chips. guacamole. once juana declares the buffet ready for takers, the group takes little time emerging. one is waiting for handouts. >> serve is here. all the guys. i like a very special activity. just keep the con trags to the fight. >> the evening is a commemoration of what's been accomplished over the last eight weeks and an acknowledgment of what still awaits. like everything else in camp, it's shadowed by an absence. two and a half years ago,
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miguel cotto's father, the man who guided his career from the beginning, died suddenly. here in orlando, the mech-tech boxing gym honors his memory. >> the best name we can put on this gym is my father's name because if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be here. since he passed away, i feel his absence every day, you know. he was a guy who will always be in charge of everything. having brian, my mom, people who we train, ceos. i think he's happy. he's laughing. he's enjoying right now.
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the way he sees his son. the whole group doing things the way he wants to be. [ speaking spanish ] >> the loss of his father has become an integral part of the narrative of miguel cotto's career. just as much as his two defeats. antonio in 2008 and manny pacquiao in 2009. he insists, however, the final chronicle is far from complete. >> no one wants to fall. but we fall and you can stand up again with a better kind of mind. every step will make you thankful with everything that you have in your life. i'm here today because of everything i passed through.
9:25 pm
and i know, and i believe this is my moment to shine. >> every boxing career begins with dreams of perfection. but in nearly all cases, reality inevitably interferes. at which point it's up to the fighter to discover how defeat can benefit him. disappointment can crystallize purpose. doubt can fuel hunger. and perfection might yet present itself for the taking again. >> waking up every day better. i work and sacrifice myself for being the winner. and i'm not going to rest until i have that. >> never once i thought about another guy being victorious. never. that's not in my mind frame. that's not in my thoughts. i don't call it cocky.
9:26 pm
i don't call it over confidence. i call it believing. ♪ cotto, you ready to die? i'm ready to die may 5th. >> one week from tonight, miguel cotto and floyd mayweather come face to face in the ring. resurrection against perfection. reality with no escape. stay tuned for the anial lee of
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it's 24 hours before miguel cotto heads to las vegas before his showdown with floyd mayweather. but there are a few more commitments on his florida agenda. this morning there's a special appearance at nearby freedom high school. a rousing welcome from the student body. >> it's like miguel bieber. >> mr. cotto is issuing a $25,000 scholarship. >> awarding a college scholarship was the fighter's idea. the way to further his connection to the community has pulled home during his last two training camps. judging by the reaction of the crowd, it seems to bond between the fighters and his fans to be strong. >> the welcome that the kids zbaif him, like screaming cotto,
9:32 pm
puerto rico. it gives us that great feeling of support. this is the last activity that we have here in orlando. tomorrow we head to vegas. and now it's almost -- it's almost judgment day. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ >> with nearly two dozen bags to check, the party of ten arrives at orlando international airport. perhaps seeking anonymity of seg f amusement. the chapter's paint-on mustache is mandatory before takeoff.
9:33 pm
even if there's no disguising high spirits of confidence permeating through. >> we have the excitement that the day is coming, you know, the fight day is very soon. we had a great camp. i think we'll really step into the plan. we're very comfortable and happy that we're going to accomplish our goal. >> i'm just going to do the same things since i started. which was all of the work for this fight. i'm going to enjoy this final work. week. >> las vegas may be floyd mayweath mayweather's playground, but cotto is no stranger to the bright lights of the strip, having fought here 11 times in 11 years as a pro. he comes through the doors of his mgm grand sky loft suite just past 11 p.m. pacific time. 2,000 miles from where his trip began. eager for time to speed up, the
9:34 pm
opportunity to redefine his career to arrive. while cotto will be spending the next several days in a hotel, floyd mayweather will continue to enjoy the comforts of home. >> i'm not going to show you all who i got under here. i'm not going to show you who i got under here! it's not a guy. it's not a guy. >> fight week has arrived in las vegas. >> probably when i was a lot younger i probably was anxious. i couldn't wait. i'm a lot older now, a lot wiser. now i'm 35. it's just like, it is what it is. you know, patience. it will get here.
9:35 pm
i really don't know what miguel cotto thinks. but may 5th blood has got to get drawn. i'm going for the kill. when i see blood, it's motivating me even more. cause i want to see more blood. i think that the fighters that come to fight, nine times out of ten, go out in a blaze of glory. either on their back or on their face. it's up to the fighter. some fighters come to survive. which fighter is it? >> if evening runs are a steady staple of floyd mayweather's training regimen, they're also even for the man who may well be the sport's hardest worker intervals reserved for down time. one place to find it, on the water. for what's become a regular right of each may weather camp. a celebration in the boxer's honor, hosted by his family,
9:36 pm
friends and employees. ♪ ♪ i like to do it till you holler for more ♪ >> cotto would never have fun like this. >> ever, ever. we do it best. it's how we do it. >> you know, last year we did a picnic just to show appreciation of floyd during training camp. we know that's the time when we can get him to sit still. >> while the group crowds the dance floor, the boxer c conspicuously spends the bulk of the time at a table in the back playing cards with his uncle. roger mayweather turned 51 in the ring with his nephew. still working full time as he continues to battle health problems.
9:37 pm
>> i mean, i'm living. i'm breathing. no, i'm that big. so being that big, you have to take care of yourself basically. i just -- i just try to live life. i want to live life. i want to be -- i want to live to be 150 years old. cause i want to see my son and daughter grow up. that's basically what it is to me. >> my uncle roger, when i sit back and think about my uncle roger, think about his health. when he don't eat a solid meal, he start forgetting certain combinations. the last couple of nights that i had, i don't want to get past these fight couple of fights because i really want to spend time with my uncle. and make sure his health is better.
9:38 pm
i love him dearly. i love him dearly. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. tuesday on the strip. fans flood the lobby of the mgm grand for the official arrivals of two of boxing's biggest names
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at 1:30 p.m. only they're not floyd mayweather and miguel cotto. saturday night an ultimate bout will feature a clash of generations. rising star alvarez defending his 154 pound title belt against sugar shane mosley. alvarez is 21 years old. a native of central mexico, undefeated in his young pro career. with a body of work that's made a formidable impression on his iconic promoter. seasoned for the new crossover latino megastar. >> it's exciting. especially that i now r can now finally pass the torch to somebody else. it's a big thrill for me i'm exciting. he's proving every single day he can have what it takes to become a superstar. his time is now.
9:43 pm
i feel like he can carry boxing for the next 15 years. >> after the pomp and circumstance at the mgm, alvarez finds quieter terrain at nearby sunset park. even there, it's hard to escape the reality of what's approaching on saturday night. [ speaking spanish ] [ speaking spanish ] ♪
9:44 pm
>> it may be the biggest bout of alvarez's career, but for his 40-year-old opponent, the arena atmosphere will hardly be anything new. >> been on the stage so many times, it helps my mind and my confidence. thea experience and everything that comes along with it. crowds are cheering, all that stuff. it pumps you up a little bit. >> mosley has fought a long list of every weight. including both of the fighters following him in the ring on saturday night. now facing an opponent who is just 2 years old when mosley began his pro career, the former champion's confidence is as high as ever. >> it's proving the nay sayers wrong and letting people know, yeah, i'm still here. i'm here. i'm not going nowhere yet. so stop saying i want you to
9:45 pm
retire. or it's going to be your last fight. i don't want to hear that. i thank you for it. i don't need more of it. i'm done. i'm not going anywhere until i'm ready to go. >> he is fighting not for the first time in his long career to push the clock backwards. in stark contrast to an opponent firmly f firmly fixated on becoming a force of the future. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ >> a few miles away from the park at the mgm grand, miguel cotto spend his evthe evening ws team behind closed doors. settling in for a round of virtual golf.
9:46 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> i think it's really important for us as a team to be together as we always have been. you know, sharing time. he doesn't talk about boxing. he's just cool and relaxed. >> lots of pressure. >> the next day the team heads out to a local gym for an afternoon of light work. the final sessions of a training program that began 11 weeks ago and will culminate at the mgm grand ring on saturday night. >> i'm just here to do my work the best i can. i'm working for the victory.
9:47 pm
>> he's really motivated for this fight. i can see every single session of training, he's so into it, so focused. he's working for perfection. the results of that long training will come up on may 5th. >> every day, every workout, every punch. has been pain stakingly supervised by pedro diaz. a trainer who has long subscribed to the theory that maximum performance comes from maximum preparation. >> a sports book down the blocks have declared cotto a decided
9:48 pm
underdog in the bout. though both him and the trainer remain a sense of inner calm, nonetheless. >> people can say whatever they want. the satisfaction i have when the bell sound. going to be bigger. i'm enjoying the magnitude of this fight a lot. we have couple more days, and i'm ready. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country.
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at the mayweather boxing club, another training camp is
9:53 pm
concluding, but at per custom, the pace of preparation remains unchanged. ♪ nothing at all about the matchup of cotto appears to be phasing mayweather. not least of all the 154 pound weight limit. >> i can weigh 148, 152 fight night already and go out there and go fight and give the fans a pleasing performance. that's all i like to do. >> the boxer's self assuredness has long been a signature piece of his composure. it's also contagious. as witnessed by the confessions of those closest to him in the
9:54 pm
corner of a gym. >> you got to get it on. can't get along, got to get it on. >> it will be over in six rounds. good night. >> miguel cotto, good luck. >> miguel cotto, you'll never be ready for floyd mayweather. he's the greatest and best fighter ever in the history of boxing. i hope you ate your wheaties. >> may 5th is our day, may day. >> miguel cotto -- >> floyd, you know this ain't supposed to go 12 rounds. about 9 1/2, according to what i'm betting. >> cotto, you better be ready for my dad. he's going to give you a butt whooping. >> not even that dude that slept in the bed with you can get in that ring with you. >> it's going to be what it's going to be. cotto knows what it is. >> you will be put to sleep. >> they say you got doctor's training. they got to patch your ass up.
9:55 pm
i paid a lot of money for this game. >> as saturday night continues to draw closer, what's in store afterwards begins to loom more clearly on the horizon. a 90-day sentence at clark county detention center that starts on june 1st. >> you know, i'm always positive, even when it's -- when it's sunny days, i smile. when it's rainy days, i smile. i always try to take a negative and turn it into a positive, even with my case that i'm facing. you know, everything is just a learning experience. you go through certain things in life. >> he's never had to deal with a loss in the ring.
9:56 pm
but outside it, the journey has always been more turbulent. 35 years in, he's grown accustomed to managing success alongside volatility. and learned how professional flawlessness can live alongside life's inevitable complications. >> sometimes i lay in bed at night and ask why me. then i am thankful. i'm very thankful that i'm one of the chosen ones. ♪ >> this is something to ponder at your own risk. the fact that you are merely one amid billions.
9:57 pm
the reality that time and space have only trivial regard for each of us. it's a perspective that the vast majority find disconcerting. even as a chosen few uncover ways to rise above it. for as long as boxing endures, floyd mayweather and miguel cotto will both be recognized among the best to ever dawn a pair of gloves. an accomplishment that once feeds their egos and reminds them how much more work is left to do. beyond my bluster or pbrovado. he defines himself by perfection. defending it tenaciously. an unblemished legacy by
9:58 pm
contrast is no longer a possibility for him. now fighting is about regaining, reconnecting what was supposed to be. like so many others, they sacred the simple values of trust, friendship and family. like so few, they're using those ideals to propel themselves to legends. ♪
9:59 pm
tomorrow night in las vegas miguel cotto and floyd mayweather come together in the boxing ring. two men, an impossibly large world. two fighters who will only be lifted by the norm enormity of it all. tune into the live fight, mayweather versus cotto may 5th on hbo pay-per-view. ♪


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