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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 5, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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that's why i think buying is a better deal. it's true n. a lot of places renting was cheaper as housing went up, up, up, and now buying is a little bit cheaper so that's another reason. and then finally, it's a depressed asset. you're using other people's money that you borrow at 4% and get a tax deduction. >> so it is worth it to buy? >> it is worth it to buy. we have talked about just because it's worth it to buy for some people, doesn't mean it's right for everyone. it's probably where we ought to be 65%. you might have a job offer halfway across the country. you meet the love of your life and she says, great, but i don't want to live in the same state as your mother. i think there are a lot of reasons why people should let go of the american dream and feel that i'm not a grown up if i don't own a house. >> you go through the books with simple and profitable answers. very nice to have you on board z thanks. we have a great conversation about real estate going online. i want you to join in. find me at facebook and bottom
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line. i want to know what you think about the difference of raising boys and girls and whether occupy wall street speaks for what you hope to get from this chee. back now to cnn saturday for the latest headlines. have a great weekend. from the cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is saturday morning. >> it has to be the death penalty. >> families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks arrive in guantanamo bay, cuba, as the alleged mastermind behind the most notorious day of terror is arraigned. we'll take you there. plus, president obama officially kicks off his campaign in ohio. we'll take you there live. we talk to one bullied teen who pulls himself from the brink of suicide and becomes an
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activist. jessica simpson's pregnancy weight and the tannest mom in america. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 on the west. a lot to tell you about this morning. let's get you caught up on the news. the arraignment for the man who is probably the most notorious man alive. can khalid sheikh mohammed has proudly admitted that he masterminded the plot to bring down the and is pleading not guilty in guantanamo bay, cuba. they all face the death penalty if convicted but the trial could take years. the woman in the center of the colombian prosecution center is calling the agents a bunch of fools. daniel suarez says she was
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introduced to one of the men by a friend and went back to the hotel room. she didn't know that he was an agent but went to sleep and left confidential files right out in the open. and when he awoke, he pushed her out of the door and refused to pay her $800 for the night. that's when she went to the police. >> translator: of course, at that moment if i had been a member of one of those terrorist gangs, it's obvious that i would have gotten everything. just like the newspaper say, they are a bunch of fools. they are responsible for obama security and they still let this happen. i told them, i am going to call the police so that they would pay me my money. they didn't care. they didn't see the magnitude of the problem. i could have done a thousand other things. >> suarez says her life as an escort is now over but is open posing in men's magazines. after a three-year battle
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with cancer, adam yauch has passed away. from enanymore mem, i think it's obvious to anyone how big of an influence they were on me. and calling yauch a true center of art. and he's mca, rest in piece, adam. schumer added, born and bread in brooklyn, another big hit. i don't need a baby sitter. that's what he said when the adviser warned him to stay away from rielle hunter. prosecutors say edwards broke finance campaign laws by accepting large donations from two supporters to cover up his affair with hunter and then lying about how that money was used. if convicted on all six counts,
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president obama kicks off his 2012 they will headline a rally in the battle ground state in virginia and more now from jessica yellin in columbus, ohio. good morning. what should we expect to hear from president obama today? >> reporter: hi, randi, when the president hits the stage in the arena behind me, this is the first time that we are going to hear him deliver a purely political message in a campaign format in public. we have heard him read some of his fundraising messages in private and that's why he talks about this message that what it was like when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. he tries to frame a narrative of what the campaign and presidency -- where america has
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fought through since then and what it would be like in the campaign's terms if the u.s. went back. now you're going to hear him deliver that message behind me. the one thing that is going to be slightly different, when you see him go state to state, here in ohio, expect him to punch harder on the bailout message, maybe when he's in virginia you'll hear him emphasize women's issues. randi? >> jessica, obama campaign, they are pouring resources into ohio, right? he won ohio in 2008 but right now he's trailing romney when it comes to the economy. >> is he trailing. it's a statistical heat on the head to head matchup. 18 field offices compared to none for romney. and the president is vying for this state. we visited with their team this week and they have a digital
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director just to handle digital outreach in this state alone. so they are a real presence. this campaign has spent, depending on how you count, 89 to $120 million already, the obama campaign has, since the campaign began. we've been focusing on the republican primaries but they have had an operation in the field. >> obama has been to ohio 20 times and romney has been there twice in the last month. why do you say ohio is a critical swing state in this election? >> reporter: well, ohio is always a battle ground and it's a battleground that sometimes goes republican and the economy has struggled for many years. the unemployment rate is lower
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than the national average. i would say this is a different kind of year. we always in the political media say the way ohio goes, so goes the nation. this obama team is making the case that they in fact believe that they can win the presidency without winning ohio, that they have other routes -- the 270 battleground map that they need but still, as you can tell by the president's presence here today, they are not giving up here and many argue that here in columbus, this is the most swing area of this swing state so this area will get a lot of attention and the president is deploying a lot of sort of new digital media resources at this event here so there will be a lot of new technology deployed to keep your eye out for as the rally is unveiled today, randi. >> jessica yellin, thank you for that report. and keep it right here today at 1:00 eastern, cnn will bring you president obama's first campaign speech of the election from columbus, ohio. that is scheduled to get under
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way at 1:00 eastern right here on cnn. now to the story of junior seau, his family will allow researchers to study his brain. they want to know if repeated concussions, which the family says he suffered from, caused damage to the former player's brain. he was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest. his death has been classified as a suicide but a final autopsy report may take up to 90 days to complete. and before you go to sleep tonight, well, make sure that you get a good look at the moon. the supermoon, that is. there's really no way you're going to miss it because it is huge. it may appear up to 14% larger but and a third brighter than any full moon this year. for the best views, look on the horizon right after sunset. it's been called the greatest two minutes in sports. in a little more than eight hours, the 138th running of the
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kentucky derby, the race has never been canceled due to weather. let's check in with reynolds to see if there's a chance it might be canceled, delayed, what do you think? >> if there's any kind of electricity out there, they will certainly delay it. with a lot of thunderstorms, they don't last that long, they dissipate or move on. we're hoping that is going to be the scenario should they form. right now we have a live image. camera zoom. you can see the slow track of people that make their way into churchill downs. of course they will see the race. the forecast calling for a high of 82 degrees and unfortunately, that includes a chance of scattered showers and storms, randi. >> reynolds, thank you. >> you bet. the arraignment of one of the most notorious man in the world opened with an argument about clothes. the man accused of plotting
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right now the man accused of planning the 9/11 attacks are in court. one of the first issues at hand, what clothes they are able to wear at the hearing. defense lawyers want khalid sheikh mohammed to be able to wear vests and turbans. mohammed is the admitted mastermind of 9/11, blamed for the attack on three people.
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our pentagon correspondence, chris lawrence, is in guantanamo bay, cuba. what is happening in court right now? >> reporter: randi, a couple hours ago when we talked you mentioned it could be a circus atmosphere and in less than an hour it certainly lived up to that already. khalid sheikh mohammed for a while asked, can you hear me? there was total silence in the courtroom and then after that there became just this long, drawn out back and forth between his defense attorney and the judge over whether khalid sheikh mohammed will even participate. his defense attorney says that khalid sheikh mohammed is choosing not to participate because he was tortured, because of the way that he was treated not only in the last year, year
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and a half, and brought in by shackles, there was talk about something that he did outside of the courtroom that got him in the shackles and there was a conversation about how and when he should be unshackled. finally his attorney said, he will behave, he can be unshackled and then as it got to a third member, he stopped the proceedings to pray, took out his earpiece, stepped to the side of the table, and then proceeded to do the prayer at about 10:00 in the morning. so really, i don't know much of anything that's gotten done yet. it's just been veering from one side issue to another. very, very curious start to the morning, randi. >> i was going to ask you about a timetable with all of the delays but is there any -- do you have any idea how long something like this might go on before we actually see a judgment here? >> reporter: well, this will are go on today.
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a lot depends on whether they are going to choose to participate. the judge made it clear, if they are not going to participate and we're not going to hold up these proceedings because of that, if he's not going to enter a plea, then a plea of not guilty will be entered for him. once that happens, we're still a long way away from any sort of resolution. a lot of the families, the 9/11 victim's families have journeyed here to guantanamo bay. they are here in the court watching these proceedings. they know that it will be years before they get ultimate resolution but they were hoping that today would be sort of a first start in trying to come to some grips with what's happened. >> chris lawrence in guantanamo bay, cuba, for us. thank you very much. you can follow developments here at cnn or on our website at next, a 16-year-old bully victim pulls himself from the
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today i have good news to share about bullying. i want to tell you about matt, a 16-year-old student who turned the table on bullying and didn't let the bad guys bring him down. when his classmates found out he was gay, some bullied him to the point where he almost chommitte suicide. he created a twitter account and sent positive messages to bullying victims. matt is joining me life via skrip. good morning. let's talk about how you were bullied, first off. when did it start and is it still continuing today? >> yeah. it really started throughout middle school.
7:20 am
it was the worst during my eighth grade year. it was really kind of a growing process. and as for being bullied today, i am still bullied some, i cannot walk home without having absurd things screamed out car windows at me so i'm adamant about getting rides home from people. >> what do the bullies say? >> they will call you bad names, a homo or a tag, just things like that that make you feel worthless. >> what was your brauking point? when did you decide that this was just too much? >> well, i never understood how i was different. like i still don't to this day. so a friend of mine said, hey, maybe we can make you act straighter and i kind of just snapped a little bit. >> and that was it? >> yeah. >> i know at one point -- this is probably hard for to you talk about -- but at one point you actually considered taking your life and having done so many stories about bullying, many
7:21 am
feel that is the only way out. luckily you got past that terrible, horrifying moment. what were you feeling at that point and how were you able to get past it? >> well, i felt like the most worthless thing on the face of the planet. that's how i described it. and really i don't really know how i continued. i guess once i got out of that point, i continued as i thought i should have. >> did you think there were bigger things for you to accomplish? is that what brought you through it? >> no. i actually developed a sense in my head somewhere that people who go through extreme struggles become angels. i believe that i can help people become angels themselves. >> let's talk about the twitter that you created. you were tweeting positive
7:22 am
anonymous support to kids don't let them get to you ever. >> i have seen the same kind of support, yes. beforehand and what i really wanted to show people is that there is hope out there for people that are bullied or that are experiencing horrible things said to them, whether it be online or in school. >> was the school ever aware that you were being bullied? >> the school -- i did not tell the school because i did not understand that i could get help. >> what i love about this is that you've taken it so far.
7:23 am
you've taken it the next tra step. you're actually working on getting legislation this place. can you tell me about that and your efforts there? >> yeah. last march i attended the gay and lesbian network where i lobbied and met with representatives to lobby for national state school legislation. >> well, i think it's -- as i said, i think it's great, all of your efforts. and do keep us posted on how things are doing with you at school. we appreciate having you on the show this morning. >> thank you. >> 17-year-old darnell young said that bullying drove him to bring a stun gun to school in minneapolis and guess what, he is facing expulsion. he's been facing daily bullying for years. after reporting it more than ten times, she gave him a stun gun
7:24 am
for protection. >> i put the taser out, pushed it back in the air and went into class. i didn't sit there to see what was going to happen. the police locked me up and talked about -- put me in handcuffs and told me you shouldn't be so flamboyant, maybe the kids won't mess with you that much. >> gabrielle jones turned her story into money. she won a $50,000 scholarship from the stop the hate scholarship contest. way to go, gabrielle. if you'd like to sound off on stories about bullying, find me on twitter @randikayecnn.
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wait until you find out what else amendment one will do away with.
7:26 am
more than 10,000 refugees have settled in the san diego area since 2007, many from iraq. they are finding that the american dream can be a challenge. one man is helping them to adjust and stay motivated with soccer. >> living during the war was pretty hard, with the explosions, kidnappings, we wanted to come to the u.s. t was like a dream, you know.
7:27 am
>> the united states, being reset telled in san diego in large number. when they get here, they are learning a new language. they have to find employment. really n. a lot of ways, the stress begins. when my family came from beirut. i saw a lot of kids just idle, having a normal childhood is something that they deserved. i use soccer to motivate refugees to succeed in the united states. what we're trying to do here and kids from all over africa, asia, anded middle east. they endure the same struggle. they realize that we become like brothers and sisters. soccer is an escape. it's confidence.
7:28 am
it's making them feel like they belong and it's just fun. he uses soccer as a hook and then we have them in our education program try to get them on to college. >> they teach me how to speak english and now the coach, it's a fun life. >> the families have sacrificed everything for their kids to have a better life. if we can do anything to help him, it's my honor. >> and, remember, you can nominate someone thaw think is going above and beyond for a cause at critics call it deceptive, discriminatory, and just plain wrong. what is north carolina's controversial amendment one. i'll talk to families whose lives can be dramatically different next week if it passes. their story, next.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. in three days, north carolina will be making decisions at the polls. it's called amendment 1. it's an amendment that will define marriage as between a man and a woman. not only would it ban a same-sex marriage but as you can imagine, the amendment causes all kinds of legal questions and is causing controversy in the state. both sides spending millions to convince voter. now we want to put a face to this debate. a real family that will be directly impacted if the amendment passes on tuesday. joining me now is melissa and libby. they are a couple that have been together for ten years and have a 4-year-old daughter. thank you both for joining me.
7:33 am
melissa, i'd like to start with you. your daughter will lose her medical benefits if amendment 1 passes on tuesday. is that how you understand it? >> yes, that is my understanding, because she's not on my health insurance, she's on libby's. >> and libby, you work for the government s that why that would be a problem? >> that's right. this particular version of the amendment, there is a portion of it that allows private contracts to keep coverage but with public entities allowing those types of domestic partnerships. >> libby, what is your biggest fear, both short term and long term if this passes? >> my biggest fear is we just don't know where it will stop. we've put in legal protection. we've had a lot of legal documents to try to protect our family from bad things happening
7:34 am
and i don't know if it means losing health insurance or if i won't be able to visit her or melissa if something goes wrong, if they get hurt, or if i'll be able to make any decisions whatsoever for moyra, my daughter. >> melissa, you appeared in a tv spot to protect north carolina families. i want to listen to that and then we'll talk about it. >> my fear with amendment 1 is that my daughter would lose her health insurance and that she would lose it immediately, simply because we're unmarried. and that's really unfair. and it is completely arbitrary. if you looked at a classroom full of kids and you said, well, which ones do you not want to cover? someone would say, why are you even doing that? this is. this amendment is doing that. amendment 1 will take away my daughter's health insurance and that's extremely unfair. >> i want you both to know that i played that ad for paul stam, who is a big supporter of
7:35 am
amendment 1 and here's what he said and his response. >> the vast majority of governmental insurance would not cover her child any way and those handful of cities and counties that have it in that -- of that nature if they reform m at it so they want to cover the unmarried households and children, they could do that if they want to. now, that would be very poor insurance policy but it will be legal if they want to do that. >> melissa, i want to ask you, how do you feel about reform matting your status, as he said. he said you can get -- a beneficiary can get coverage if you become roommates, someone that pays rent at the household instead of being called a wife, that that has to come off the table. what's your take on it? >> well, one, i think it's wrong to ask me to be untruthful in order to get coverage and i don't understand why an amendment that is intended to
7:36 am
protect families would request that our family lie about who we are and lie about being a family in order to get protection. also, i think that would require the entity providing the insurance to go through that additional process and it seems unreasonable to -- if they don't have a problem, you know, if the intent is for us not to lose our health insurance, then why are we going through this process? why pass an amendment that requires additional work if -- if the end result is that we would end up with the same thing? it's very confusing to me. but i think it would cost a lot of money and, again, i disagree with lying. i'm not going to go and marry someone i'm not in love with that i'm not living with so i can get some legal representation. this is the person i'm sharing my life with. this is the relationship that i have and that's what i'm asking to be protected. i'm not asking for anything new. i'm not asking for additional.
7:37 am
i still can't get married whether it passes or not. the state won't recognize my marriage if this amendment fails that will not change. >> libby, i understand that you moved from georgia a few years ago to get to a more progressive area in north carolina. will you stay there? what happens to you both if this passes? >> we don't know. you know, we came to somewhere where we thought we would have more rights and better protected and everything's on the table. you know, we keep discussing -- i spent nine months unemployed earlier this year -- or last year and i have just gotten this job again. i've just returned to the place that i had worked and it costs to much to move.
7:38 am
that is not right. a 6-year-old singing a popular song in school suspended for sexual harassment. he is 6 years old. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv.
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it's a joyful reunion for tim sampson. they started their day in costa rica and just arrived in houston. >> so tell us why you decided to travel with your pets. >> they are my kids. they travel with me, go wherever i go. >> if you're four-legged family member is going on your next trip, a visit with your vet should be the first step. >> hi. >> hi. >> dr. sorenson checked my dog astro. >> if you're going probably for either it be car or air, you would want to have a copy of maybe their most recent medical records, their vaccination history, rabies histories. >> take a photo of your pet in case you get separated. >> make sure they have an identification tag on them that
7:41 am
has their contact information of where you will be when they are on vacation. >> this can ensure that your furry friend comes home safe. >> they didn't mind the trip at all. >> the next time you are on the go.
7:42 am
little goody toothes. this is atlanta. this got me going. i'm awake now.
7:43 am
>> i wasn't before but that really did it. that was from my teenage years. >> we've been on the air for 4 1/2 hours but i'm just waking up. it seems like this song is everywhere. have you heard lmfao's single, "i'm sexy and i know it." but a 6-year-old has been suspended for three days for singing that to a girl. >> that's insane. when you're 6 years old, it's not like it's a test test roan-filled action that you're doing. >> sounded like fun lyrics, right? >> absolutely. >> his mother told our affiliate that he had disciplinary problems before including last month when he quoted the same song to the same girl but this time supposedly he was shaking his bootie near the girl's face. at 6, do you even know you have a bootie? >> i think you know it's there
7:44 am
but maybe some of the things that you do with it are questionable. he's a kid. he's 6 years old. >> this morning we've been asking you at home if you think a first grader can sexually harass someone by quoting a song. tell us what you think. reynolds, take it away with the first one. >> okay. the first one, pretty interesting, depends on what he was doing. was he gyrating? then heck yes. and then no, because maybe he does not even know what sexy means. >> there you go. >> jack put it this way. that's ridiculous, right? >> exactly. what do you think? if you want to respond, keep tweeting, randi. >> this whole thing is ridiculous. what do you think? 6 years old? >> it's too much. they might as well put him in cuffs and march him out of the
7:45 am
school. a little over the top. >> aagree. >> it's all about respecting your classmates but i think it's a little over the top. >> i agree. okay. all he wanted to do was sell potato chips but what ashton kutcher did instead was create a big firestorm. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word.
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trying to wake everybody up there on the west coast, good morning, hollywood. ashton kutcher's commercial is getting him in a whole lot of trouble. now take a closer look at the character raj from india. that's kutcher in brown-faced makeup. many called it ad racist. pop chips says the parody featuring a variety of characters that was meant to provide a few laughs. we did not intend to offend anyone. let me bring in bill santiago. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. how are you? >> racist or just tasteless?
7:49 am
>> well, look, he's playing all of these different characters. it was a stretch for him. he kind of works. he comes off like a low-rent peter sellers. it was the best acting that he's ever done. he definitely would have it in a bag. was it racist? just because something isn't funny doesn't mean it's racist. it could be construed as mildly racist. definitely more mildly humor rouse. an insult to people's intelligence. which means, frankly, there are a lot of people all over the country who were not insulted at all. >> he hasn't apologized. even though you may not think it was racist, should he say something? >> no. i don't think it rises to that level. everyone is comparing it to black face. that was hateful and ridiculed. this was clueless.
7:50 am
i personally showed my indian friends and they said maybe i should be offended but i'm not. so i'm going to give ashton a pass on this one. i don't think you should judge a man by the color of another man's skin even if he has it smeared all over his face. >> bill, i want to you look at this woman. take a look at patricia crencil. look at that. this is not makeup. she took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning booth. that is not makeup. that is her tan. >> it's unbelievable. first of all, that this is happening at the same time that ashton is getting bashed for dr. and then here comes this melanoma mama. what color is she going for? she's one shade past beef jerky. where else in new jersey could you walk into a tanning booth looking like that, like a saddle
7:51 am
bag with eyes and the owners are going, yeah, you can use a little color. let's crank it up to extra crispy. it's so over the top z where is her husband and friends in all of this and what does she have to do -- she has to look in the mirror and see that something is not quite right, right? >> yes. obviously somebody is enabling her. she's having a bronzer shade in the morning. it looks like she's got a private home in the owe zone layer. i don't know how she's doing it. and they were saying that the kid is endangered. this woman is a danger to herself. the kid looked fine. >> apparently there was a little sunburn on the child but i like that. melanoma mama. i'm not going to let you go yet. i want to talk about jessica simpson with you. not about her having a baby last week but her possible multimillion dollar deal to lose
7:52 am
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go to and never go to the post office again. welcome back, emp. bill, let's talk about jessica simpson. >> yes. >> >> she was harshly criticized for putting on 40 pounds for her pregnancy. but she may be getting the last laugh here because there's whispers that she may be close to signing a $3 million deal with weight watchers. >> for losing her weight?
7:55 am
>> yep. >> that is just ridiculous that a celebrity can monetize every single part of their private life. if you have to pay someone $3 million so that your weight loss product or plan can be effective, i think it actually looks bad for weight watchers. if you use weight watchers, it will be effective if someone is willing to fund your weight loss with $3 million of capital. it's outrageous, you know. but i tell you something, i will give her this, it's an accomplishment no matter what. just because you pay someone the money, doesn't mean they can lose the weight. you can give governor christie twice that amount and i guarantee there is no way he will lose enough weight to fit into his days dee dukes. >> i think you laid out a challenge for him. >> it's a challenge, baby. >> back to jessica, though.
7:56 am
she certainly knows how to make money. how wild is it that simpson -- she has a fashion empire and she's going to get paid to lose weight. remember the mega stars like michael jordan were pushing mcdonald's? it's kind of nutty. >> she doesn't have to wait to lose the weight. what she should do if she wants to make a higher profit, just have the fat liposuctioned out of her body and she could auction off the 40 pounds. she'd make a lot more money. >> and cash that check pretty good. there you go. >> i'm sure we'll talk more about this as we do every saturday on our twitter accounts. i want to let folks know how to find you on twitter @billsantiago. >> that's right. that was fun and you can, of course, find me on
7:57 am
twitter @randikayecnn. bill, see you next saturday and we'll talk more on twitter later on. >> all right. everybody, thank you for starting your morning with me. join me for a quick break after much more cnn "newsroom" at the top of the hour. od, 'cause it's. find me a store that sells organic mushrooms for my risotto. [siri] this organic market looks pretty close to you. how many ounces in a cup? [siri] this might answer your question. oh, i knew that. and remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice. [siri] here's your reminder. shall i create it? yeah...unless you like hotspacho. siri? [siri] sam. you can take the night off. [siri] if you say so. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement. angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying
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