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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 6, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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their ideas and possibly see some of those ideas come to life. for more on this show and other agents of change, go to also follow us on twitt twitter @cnnthenextlist or facebook at or on life stream at i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for watching "the next list." you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. a major shake-up in political leadership in one of america's biggest allies. you're looking right now at french president nicolas sarkozy who is now -- now conceding to that race. the voters in france just now elected someone else, francois hollande, winning by a narrow margin. a change in leadership in france
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could delay negotiations on europe's debt crisis and that could impact the u.s. economy. more on that story later on. and then there are the parliamentary elections in greece. state tv says early exit polls show steep losses for the two main parties that have supported painful austerity measures. polls show an ultra right party making significant gains. today's vote is expected to have an impact on u.s. markets tomorrow. cnn's chief business correspondent ali velshi joins us live in a few moments to tell us how the markets might be reacting to this and what impact exactly these two elections, both in france and greece, just might have on the u.s. economy. back in this country now, a homicide investigation is happening right now at churchill downs. less than 12 hours after the kentucky durby, the body of a hispanic man was found near a horse barn. police suspect foul play. but won't know for sure until an autopsy is finished tomorrow.
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sergeant robert biven is a spokesman with the louisville metro police department and joining me now by phone. give me an idea, mr. biven, right now, what are your preliminary findings on this investigation? >> well, as you stated, fred, we got the call just prior to 5:00 a.m. this morning to respond to the back side of churchill downs. we are in a very preliminary stages. we do know there were about 400 people located in that area last night. so we are trying to speak with as many people as we possibly can. at this point we still have been unable to identify the individual. we do believe he's a hispanic male, probably in his 30s or 40s, and that is all the information we have on his identity at this point in time. we have a few leads coming up and we're certainly following up on those and after an autopsy is conducted in the morning, we'll have a better indication of cause of death. >> is there anything on this body that indicates this person was an employee there on the
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grounds? >> there is nothing indicating that at this point in time. just to give you some type of indication of what goes on back on the back side of churchill downs, it is basically like a mini city. we have over 48 barns on the back side of churchill downs, workers dormitories and areas where trainers live. it is a 24-hour operation. so we're trying to talk to as many people as we can possibly talk to. first of all, to obtain an identity on this individual, and try to back track and find out exactly what occurred last night or early this morning. >> and how was that body located? >> it was located by some workers in the barn area this morning. they notified track security which in turn called the police to the scene. >> all right, robert biven, thanks so much for that update from the louisville metro police department. keep us posted on that investigation. in mississippi, police say they have found two bodies at a home associated with adam mayes.
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the man suspected in the disappearance of a tennessee mother and her three daughters. the four were reported missing friday and authorities warn they may be in extreme danger. the case has left people in the hometown there with a whole lot of questions. >> makes me nervous, edgy, you know? so i don't know what to think of it, man. >> everybody is, like, what is going on? they feel there is more going on, but they don't know what. >> there is a lot of questions whether she was abducted or if she ran off on her own. >> an amber alert has been issued and the u.s. marshals service and fbi are offering a $50,000 reward leading to mayes' arrest. a deadly day for troops in afghanistan. a gunman dressed in an afghan army uniform shot and killed a nato service member before being killed by coalition forces. and in paktia, a roadside bomb exploded killing one american and two others. the explosion hit a vehicle carrying u.s. troops near an
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outpost close to the pakistan border. the lawyer for the 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed says the military justice system is, quote, rigged, so he can't do his job. mohammed and four defendants were arraigned saturday at guantanamo bay, cuba. they did everything in their four defy the court and the hearing dragged out for nearly 13 hours. family members of 9/11 victims say it was hard to hear the defendants criticize the court. >> i know the world hears me, and i'm sure you hear me. i came a long way to see you, eye to eye, khalid sheikh mohammed, and your four dominions. if you had done this in another country, it would be a different story. they would have given you your wish to meet your maker quicker than you would realize, but this is america, and you deserve a fair and just trial according to our constitution. >> the next hearing is scheduled for june 12th.
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with flexpen, say good night to vial and syringe. ask your doctor about levemir flexpen. covered by 90% of insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay at two elections happening thousands of miles away from the u.s. could have dramatic impact on your 401(k)s. france and greece holding elections today. here to explain how the outcome will affect the stock market and the u.s. market, cnn chief business correspondent ali velshi joining us now. let's begin with huge news out of france, nicolas sarkozy would be out and instead francois hollande in. how is this going to impact the business market? >> well, he's just conceded. for the moment i would say to you we're still waiting to see what happens in greece. france is the more important economy. i'm not sure that there will be
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a sudden market reaction. generally speaking markets are not going to like the fact that a socialist that wants to increase spending is in charge of one of the largest economies in europe. that said, i think analysts are going to wait to see what francois hollande, the man on the left, is actually going to do rather than what he promised to do during the campaign. a decisive victory by the socialist leader in france. here is what it comes down to, fred, the battle in france, the battle in greece and the battle here in the united states between more government spending to continue to stimulate the economy, or austerity which is government cuts, which we have been seeing, which the tea party and conservative republicans would like us to see, in order to balance budgets. it is the same kind of thing. a sta austerity has been applied in europe in the past couple of years with not great results. part of the thing about austerity, fred, when you impose it, voters don't tend to like it because it hurts them. >> well, then that would kind of intimate there may be a repeat performance as it pertains to greece. >> yes, and we're probably
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likely to see the same thing in greece. the prime minister there who is what you call a technocrat, not a party man, he was put in because there was a coalition government, one of the parties in that coalition seems to be leading the others. so the leader of that party will probably try and form a coalition government. they have more elections in a month. greece is a smaller economy, but it is the absolute extreme situation of what can happen if you don't govern responsibly. here in the u.s., you asked about one's 401(k) there are two effects. one is whatever the markets do tomorrow as a result of this, which i think will be relatively muted, but more importantly, everybody will be pointing to europe -- u.s. politicians will be looking at europe to say, should we be going that way? should we be going toward austerity or should we be cutting back or should we be spending more? it is going to be used as an example of what we should try back here, fred. >> interesting. you're going to be bringing us your money live today. how much of that is now going to be dominated by what we're seeing in both greece and
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potentially -- or in france and potentially greece? >> well, we have got our reporters all over the place. we have got jim bittermann in france, matthew chance ins and that, we'll talk about spain with al goodman. a full hour of why this matters to you starting in about 20 minutes. >> we'll see you then, top of the hour, thanks so much, ali velshi in new york, appreciate that. headlines around the world now, a rare tornado in japan killing a teenager just 37 miles northeast of tokyo. burn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! it kills heartburn fast. morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way!
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all right, some stories making headlines around the world now. a rare tornado in japan kills a teenager, just 37 miles northeast of tokyo. the twister destroyed dozens of homes and left nearly 20,000 households without power. japan's weather agency issued warnings for east urging people to seek shelter if necessary. syria's opposition is blaming the government for a blast that hit damascus yesterday. activists want an investigation into the explosion. syria is due to hold parliamentary elections tomorrow, despite ongoing violence. and police in moscow detained more than 400 protesters one day before vladimir putin's inauguration as russian president. three key leaders of the anti-putin movement were among those arrested. the interior minister says 20 police officers were injured in clashes with protesters. and back in this country, despite rain in the forecast,
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the final day of the new orleans jazz fest is under way. among the artists performing today, the nevilles, foo fighters, rain or shine, it takes a dedicated army of a staff working year round to help host 130,000 fans a day and hundreds of artists during the annual two weekend long fest. face to face i tagged along with fest ceo quinn davis. ♪ take me to the river wash me down ♪ >> reporter: it is an incredible variety, some of the biggest names on the world stage of louisiana, you know, upbringing and just of the u.s. as well. it is -- all of it is very global. >> we have such a broad pallet to begin with. we have gospel and blues and african and rhythm and blues and cajun and zydeco music. and we now have one special guest every day in each
11:47 am
category. we like to say when the gates open, it is wheels to wheels. one of the things that really sets this festival apart, if you can get to the farrest from the trees, is that every day you have one headliner, so to speak, but the other five bands are all from new orleans. this culture that is here that celebrates life, you know, we dance in the street when we're born and when we die, that's part of what is here. it is not just a show coming to town. they used to say it is the most fun you can is in life with your clothes on. i don't know if i can say that on air. >> reporter: i think you just did. >> look at that. holy christmas eve. >> reporter: wow. it takes two people? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: beautiful. >> that's the big cheese. >> big cheese! >> reporter: what are you most proud of about the jazz fest? >> oh, boy. that it's new orleans and the
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staff that puts it on and the way the people embrace it. and that it is still vibrant and relevant and maybe a strong as ever, you know, 40 years later. >> today at 4:00 eastern time, i talk face to face with the young manifest ceo quint davis calls the louie armstrong of the future, trombone shorty. face to face with legend al green. and former nba star shaquille o'neal is now a doctor. yes, dr. shaq. we'll tell you why he says he owes his greatest degree to his parents. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement.
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you know shaquille owe nehh neal, now he's a doctor. he received his doctoral degree in education from bayer university during commencement ceremonies yesterday. there he is. he bent down on one knee, so his professor could place that light blue hood around his neck. he was so excited about it all, he lifted him up off the floor, kind of his version of a high five, maybe. shaq says he credits his parents for his success. >> i owe my mother and father this, because they made me who i am, taught me everything about life, about people, about being humble. and i always promised my mother and my father that i would further my education.
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>> so sweet. fulfilling a promise there. shaquille o'neal will sit down with me in a few moments to talk about his new doctoral degree, basketball and more. don't miss that. i'll have another one coming from -- well, no, let's -- the name of the horse is i'll have another one. i forgot about that. that's the catchy phrase about that horse. so you know this by now. it won at the derby yesterday. the horse's owner collected about $1.5 million for that win. pretty good considering he bought the horse just last year, for 35,000 buck. that's kind of a bargain by, you know, horse racing standards. the derby drew a record crowd. many of them enjoying some of the race's more elaborate rituals, but, you know, such as the hats there. usually you think may, you think the kentucky derby, you think flowers. the last thing you usually think
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about is snow. jacqui jeras in the weather center here. unless you're an avid skier. not this time. >> not this time around, yeah. this is kind of a problem actually. today is the last day that a basin is open, the last remaining operating ski resort still going on in colorado. and normally they'll go well into june and this time last year they were even skiing into july. >> what? >> yeah. they were still skiing. look at the web cam here. let's take that full and look at the brown that you see here. you can barely even see any snow in many of these areas. and we have got a couple of statistics that we want to share with you. there you can see what the snow pack looks like so far this year, not a lot on the map. let's advance that, and show you what the snow pack looked like last year. wow. what an incredible difference. so as a whole, colorado, the may snow pack was 135% of average
11:54 am
last season. this season, only 20% of average, one week off from the all time record earliest closing for a basin. this really is very significant. another statistic for you, that maybe you're not a skier but you care and interested in what is going on in denver. the average snowfall for the month of march and april is usually 20 inches. this year, only an inch. so that's a huge difference here. the problem is there is just basically no snow. that's the bottom line, fredricka. we had a latina type pattern and that kept the snow away. >> oh, gosh, all right. maybe next year. for those that like to ski until july. all right, thanks a lot, appreciate that. in mississippi, police say they have found two bodies at a home associated with adam mayes. he's the man suspected in the disappearance of a tennessee mother and her three daughters. the four were reported missing
11:55 am
friday and authorities warn they may be in extreme danger. an amber alert has been issued and the u.s. marshals service and fbi are offering a $50,000 reward leading to mayes' arrest. police are investigating a homicide at churchill downs, a body was found early this morning, fewer than 12 hours after the kentucky derby. investigators suspect foul play but won't be sure until autopsy results are available tomorrow. i'll be back in one hour from now. former nba star shaquille o'neal will be in the house, talking to the doctor, that's right, dr. shaq, get used to it, about his newest degree and his thoughts on the nba playoffs. all that straight ahead. i'm fredricka whitfield. stay with cnn. "your money" starts right after this break, live. after a hard day at work what better way to relax than eat well? eat good food. drink fine wine. karen winter shows you where she goes to unwind.
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>> reporter: i'm kareen wynter here in west hollywood, california. welcome to one of my favorite restaurants here in town, ricotta divetro. it is not just about the atmosphere, but the food. it is going to blow you away. what makes this hot spot so unique is the vibe inside. from the floor to ceiling wine rack to the detailed custom designs, the upper floor dining area, it is the perfect setting to hang with a group of friends and perhaps do a little people watching down below. so now we're in the kitchen, check this out. it is right in the middle of a restaurant which is kind of cool. we're going to catch up with the extraordinary chef danny. we're interrupting your masterpiece. we want to see you in action. >> we have the blackberry bacon pizza today. we have bellwether ricotta, rosemary garlic oil on top.
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parmesan on there. >> i don't think we would be able to find this anywhere, guys. it is bacon. >> bacon. >> and -- >> blackberries, a little arugula, a little bit of parmesan and that's the pizza. >> look at all of this food. you know, the desserts are just as amazing. i'm going to get to work. until next time, kareen wynter, cnn, west hollywood, california. cheers. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit for your chance to win the ultimate sightseeing dream vacation and more great prizes. brought to you by transitions lenses,
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