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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >> top of the hour. thank you for joining us. this happened overseas but it is going to affect the world and we're going to begin with a major shift in the halls of power. france's new president is a socialist. he beat conservative incumbent in today's run off.
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it came down to the economy and where have we heard that before? live were us in paris. quite a turn of events. >> this was a new era for france. the first time in 17 years this country has elected a socialist president. it is over after only one term. a victory speech just a fur hours ago. he promised to unify the country because it was a close race. some of the big challenges ahead, the euro zone debt crisis. you also need a growth plan. this debt crisis has a direct impact on u.s. stock prices. directly impacts in the u.s.
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he promised all the soldiers from afghanistan by the end of this year. he was a little bit. >> all right. thank you very much. voters in greece are also showing many of their leaders the exit doors. greece's economy is so bad it could drag the rest of the world down with it. they accepted bailout money in exchange for extreme spending
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c cuts. the economic ripples from today's results could hit very close to home for americans as you heard. we had better pay very close attention. >> when you look at these elections in france and greece, there are a few take aways. voters are unhappy with these policies, or this talk of government cut backs. there was a massive crisis. a government was put into place to impose some of the cuts necessary for greece to continue to get loans. people don't like austerity.
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watching this election, these two elections very, very closely. on one hand you have liberals and the left who say too much cutting hurts an economy. if you go down this road we will have double the unemployment. but there is a message heres. this is what happens when you don't get your fiscal house in order. you end up like greece. and maybe there is something to be said for both sides of the argument.
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>> george lindsay was 83 years old. he played the eager and lovable goober. griffith said this. we found ourselves in our 80s and we were not afraid to say "i love you." >> an al qaeda figure believed behind a deadly attack nearly 12 years ago has been killed after years on the run. and a court hearing turns into a circus. has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious.
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major role in the uss coal bombing has been killed. 37-year-old was on the fbi's most wanted list. 17 american sailors died 11 years ago. four air strike had killed six suspected al qaeda militants. a gunman wearing an afghan army uniform killed a nato. a roadside bomb struck a vehicle in eastern afghanistan. two other americans were wounded in that attack. >> the arraignment of the terror smts was expected to run about six hours yesterday.
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instead it went much longer. >> the terror suspects turned their arraignment into a chaotic court circus. >> they are complaining and our families can't complain no more. they took their lives. they took my sister's life. i don't care if they were on a bed of nails. it's our justice system and they have rights as of right now and whatever the due course is, they will either be in jail or they will be dead. >> he took.
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>> she compared american guarded to dead libyan leader gadhafi. maybe they will kill us and make it look like suicide. and khalid shaikh mohammcleekha refused to speak or even listen to the hearing through earphones. now the government wants to kill mr. muhammad. they want to extinguish the last eyewitness to his torture so that he can never speak again about it. chastised the women on the prosecution team for wearing skirts saying the detainees had to avert their eyes to avoid committing a sin just by looking at them and so it went for hours. silence and side issues dominating the hearing.
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>> could you respond to that? >> well, i didn't think it merited or deserved a response yesterday so i don't think it deserves a response today. the women on the prosecution team are dressed in an appropriate and professional manner. >> the next court hear willing be in june. but this had to be an embarrassment on all sides for those who push to have these men tried in the military commission here, which cannot be what cha had in mind. saturday was a reminder of that failure. demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way.
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>> as we have been reporting here, the french go socialist and a year after bin laden's death, the president gets accused of spiking the football. two great topics here. all right, everybody. fasten your seat belts. also a cnn contributor. okay. we're going to start with france. it just took a hard turn to the left. the president out and socialist
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is in. so first thing you will, france has had enough of us a terry and the wealthy should get ready to pay higher taxes. any lessons here? >> it does, right. i think we have two lessens that we can learn or will learn shortly. that you cannot tax enough to cover up for irresponsible spending and americans bet start debating whether we want to bailout europe. if he does what he has promised, he races taxes but doesn't put in place the appropriate reforms for spending, you will see deficits continue to go on. the bondholders will go no no no, we're not loaning you any more. then the eu begins to dissolved. that can't happen. then we will ask ourselves, the obama administration or romney, do we want to save the european
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union? do we want to bail it out? >> this president is in office now until the election. what does a socialist france mean for our current president, president obama? >> i don't think it means much of anything. i doubt if the romney campaign starts to make a connection between president obama and france. only because he doesn't want to begin that conversation about who loves france. that will bring us back to reminding us that he opted to go to france so i doubt if he goes that way. what he will do is try to ignore the fact that whatever is happening does not have an impact on the american economy. so, if i am president obama, i am very, very nervous about what's happening right now.
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the numbers have been improving. but at any moment the rug can be taken out from under him. >> you know, i caught that little jab there. did you get it? a little jab. we got it. >> soft serve. >> soft serve talking point. we will let you get away with it. spiking the football now. speaking of talking points, president obama said there would be no celebrating the death of osama bin laden but republicans say he is doing just that. >> i can report, i was briefed and i termed at my direction, i called the president. i as the commander in chief. >> okay. well, what's wrong with taking credit? >> well, okay. so specifically how you phrase that, don, what's wrong with
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taking credit? he deserves credit. he did make a call here that resulted in the death of osama bin laden, which is someone that everyone in the united states celebrates. not everyone but a majority of people. you are asking me what's wrong with taking and cloaking yourself in it and using the first person over and over? it becomes unseemly. phil jackson doesn't go on and say i did this and that and this after the championship. that ad advertising him as the man who actually did it? it becomes unseemly. you have cost to that. it comes off poorly. >> i have got to ask you this, will, what if someone took the same or similar ad and took every single time he credited the men and women in uniform and turned that into an ad. isn't this just picking apart the part that you want to make into a political point?
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don't get me wrong. whoever whether it be democrat, republican or independent, whoever was responsible for osama bin laden would be patting themselves on the back i don't understand. this is someone who is independent. i don't understand the republican side of this on this particular issue. >> you don't understand that it's possible that president obama could be taking undue singular credit for this? >> i do understand it. everything is about context. if you take the entire context of what the president said, even the night and i was covering the night the president made the announcement. he was saying iii. also in that same speech he credited the men and women in uniform and the president who came before him but yet no one is using that in an ad.
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>> he didn't deny credit. i am not suggesting that he did. you noticed he is using the first person over and over and over. when i heard it that night it did resonate, don't we usually hear people say we? kind of that we, we accomplished something tonight. we made this -- put this mission into place. i am telling you that by using i and that pirs person glory has penetrated not just here but in the ad against midst rom mee. -- mitt romney. you start to say that you are the one, you are singularly responsible. >> i can't sit back. this is a bunch of crap. i will cut right through it. it's an ad that is put together that is strung together him saying the same word over and
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over and over again. if you were to piece together if many times that he said thank you and giving credit to other people, you can put together the same ad. the daily show, which is a wonderful source of information tumly did that. they strung together all the thank yous and it was so many thank yous, it was hilarious. he was giving credit to everyone. >> but that's not the debate we're having. the debate we're having -- >> how can you attack the guy you attack the president for not coming through on any campaign promises. he said he would go pakistan to get bin laden and then he did exit now you want to say he is spiking the football? >> let me reign this in. what if -- most people love the bravado, whether you agreed with george w. bush or not.
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like yeah. he would say yeah, i did it. so what. so what. if you want to do that and not give credit to our men and women. so what, move on. why doesn't the president own it instead of denying that it was -- that it is being politicized. >> so that's the right question, then. >> why not just own it and say yes, i'm very proud of it. so what. >> that's the right question. your rebuttal to me is that the president has not cloaked himself in glory and i don't think anybody is debating whether or not the president has taken credit for this. it is clear between his campaign ads that he is taking credit. don, your question is right. what is wrong with taking credit and the answer to that, the problem with taking too much credit is that sooner or later it becomes unseemly. do you think there is any sense out there that he is taking too much credit for this?
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ha he is using first person too much? or will you tell me he is not taking credit? >> i am the one who asks the questions on the show. will, keep that in mind when you are on. i have not thought about it that much. very few people are on the extreme left or right. most people are somewhere in the middle. that particular parting of the lane does not mean that much for them. let me finish. to pretend that on the left that the president is showing up in afghanistan that would be ridiculous. and on the right to think that the president is not going take credit and embrace it on something as big as a capture of osama bin laden is also ridiculous as well. it is what it is. if the republicans had done it they would be patting themselves
3:24 pm
on the back. that is the ridiculousness of all of this. >> will or lz. either one. >> i fully agree. i think it is hilarious that there is no sense of barrier when it comes to placing blame on things that have gone wrong but anything that goes right has to be measured with a teaspoon. i believe if george w bush. >> last word. my producers are mad at me. >> if president obama cut an ad and said i just killed osama bin laden and it ran for 30 seconds would it be unseemly? >> it would, but that's not happening. >> okay.
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when is it too much? >> we will talk more. appreciate it. in the meantime, let's talk about a ticking time bomb. that's how must next guest describes the state of young men. >> finding inspiration. here is a preview of the next list. >> many, many businesses have approached me to put these on their roofs, but i only work with those whom i feel truly embrace the concept of wanting to be greener. wanting to raise awareness. >> we hope to be harvesting honey within a month. >> i have wanted bees on the roof and grow honey for years. when the law was finally
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>> i would really like you to pay attention. statistics are staggering. for african-american men, the number is much higher. ten urgent rules for raising boys in an era of failing skools, joblessness and thug culture. there you are in new york. just saw you in la. before i get into all of this, this is an important issue. it has been talked about, but you are addressing it head on.
3:30 pm
tell me about this book and the interest in this book so far. >> this is a book for parents of boys and it is already the number one parenting book on we did a whole hour on dr. phil on it this week and it has been doing extremely well. i talk about the four cultural forces that are hammering boys, failing schools, jobless economy that is hitting young men very hard right now, thug kugture and all the negative messages that are getting out there. that's a lot of the messages they are getting from rap and hip hop, movies and tv. and the fourth is the culture of mass incarceration. u.s. imprisons more of its own people than any country in the whole world. 98% of inmates are men. that's an outcome that no parent
3:31 pm
wants for their son. the second half of the book are the rules that what the research shows and how to protect your son. >> in the united states, united states incarcerates men, right? number one in the world. >> that's right. so the problem begins as early as preschool when little boys are made to feel they are not welcome there. they have to sit still very quietly and listen. and boys get expelled from pree school at four times the rate of girls. who knew anybody got expelled from preschool. if boys aren't reading well, they are tagged for a very difficult time at school.
3:32 pm
high school dropouts have a very hard time in the economy. >> the answer to the question about why it is important for young men to catch up, it is better for society. for everyone. it is a simple question. listen, i want to talk to you about this. you talk about the media a lot. not just the news media. >> pop culture. >> all of that. you say the message that being a man means being a thug and they celebrate it. and i see it as well and then it shows up in actualture with the sagging pants, with the way people look, with how people treat women, how they treat each other. how is the media getting away with ha? >> that's a good question. some of the biggest music companies are celebrating rape, beating up gay men and illegal drug use. two-thirds of the top selling albums, artists like jay z,
3:33 pm
eminem have some truly sick lyrics. take the ear buds out of your kids' ears. listen to the music, google the lyrics then look up the slang and talk to your kids about your values. this does not reflect your values, it's a trap for our sons. if they mimic the language and behavior, they are getting in trouble for school. >> i know what the response is going to be right away. why are you picking on these people. you don't understand rap or hip hop. they do some very good things. no one is denying that. some of the music is very good but there is always room for improvement, especially if something is detrimental to the culture and people. >> i am not going to apologize
3:34 pm
for calling out people who talk about raping little girls and talk about mutilating them. they are multimillion dare artists. they should be ashamed of themselves. the more important thing is that parents need to be aware of what culture is teaching boys. swagger is the number one most popular song lyric. but when our boys do swagger, when they are arrogant, it is harmful to them. i want parents to know how they can act, how they can protect their sons and that's how the book is all about. >> the book is called swagger. i think the information is amazing. >> thank you so much. have a great evening. >> you, too. i want you to take a look at this. two very different images. one, lots of snow. the other, not so much.
3:35 pm
here is our question, now. which image was taken today and why we care? first is buying a prosthetic arm could be like buying a new pair of shoes. you might be able to pick one up in a small, medium or large. the details. >> it is like putting a backpack on. very simple and fast. >> a new type of prosthetic arm that could give hope to people all around the world. the arm doesn't have to be custom made. >> it is designed to be able to be taken out of the box or off the shelf and fit to someone in less than 20 minutes. >> the open socket technology makes the arm effective and affordable and will cost less than $300. >> the socket is the part where we have done our innovation. it uses rigid plastic pieces and
3:36 pm
flexible cloth to be able to be easily adjustable. >> the students founded the non-profit during their senior year in 2010 to help people who can't afford prosthetics. >> the vast majority of people in need of care are living in developing countries. >> the group is now working with amputees in guatemala to test the device. >> we can allow people to regain independence they may have lost by losing a limb. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪
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>> skiers and snow borders in
3:40 pm
colorado have to say good-bye to the slopes for another year. last of the state's resorts shut. >> dick: -- shut down their lift today. pretty early for them to be closing the slopes. >> the bottom line is there is not enough snow. sit snowing right now but there you can see the brown and the bare that is going on and there is not enough space for them to keep on going. let's put it in perspective. this is a google earth map.
3:41 pm
>> the total this year, only an inch. big deficit. down about 9% in those areas. >> bad news for the skiers and snow borders but winter will come again soon. >> and they can hike in the summer. >> stick around. wintler be back. appreciate it. loved the moon last night. >> it was a year of the summer olympics. >> it's a joyful reunion for tim
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and his two dogs men and jack. they started their day in costa rica and just arrived in houston. >> they are my kids. they travel with me and go wherever i go. >> if your four-legged family member is going on your next trip, a visit with your vet should be the next stop. this doctor checked my dog. >> also suggests you take a photo of your pet in case you get separated.
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staples. that was easy. >> this one might surprise you. qatar is sending women for the first time to the olympics. three to be exact so far.
3:46 pm
>> it's early in the day and she is on her way to a perfect game. but this young woman already has a bigger target in her sights. at this shooting club outside of qatar's capitol, she is training for the 2012 olympics. qatar has never sent female athletes. she and two others, a swimmer and a sprinter, will be the nation's first female olympians. >> it's every athlete's dream to reach the olympics. i'm so excited i want to cry. i love it. i was optimistic but i never expected to reach the games.
3:47 pm
>> all right. joining me now. who are the other two women attending the games? it's qatar. >> one of them is a 17-year-old swimmer. in addition to her, we also -- you can see the picture here of the one before that. she without getting a medal finish, these women are making olympic history. they are breaking down a lot of barriers and they are really pioneers in their own country. >> they are trying to make a
3:48 pm
last minute case to allow one of their female athletes to attend. i just want to talk about the president of the olympic committee. he had this to say in regards to not allowing women to attend these olympics. there is no move there, too, in this regard. >> i think they started in 1900s in the paris olympics. >> lrall right. now you know. all right. football is a tough game.
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floyd mayweather jr. did what he told me he was going to do. win the superwelterweight belt. he never lost a pro fight koto got shots in but mayweather won by a unanimous decision. gets a guaranteed $32 million.
3:52 pm
my interview is online on it's very interesting. a retired star's death fuels a debate over the dangers of football. i want to talk about it now. you see him every time at this hour on the show on sunday. s.i. looking at title 9:00 legislation. john, you know what i'm talking about. junior seau killed himself wednesday. 43 years old and people are speculating about possible brain damage and so many former players are showing symptoms of early alzheimer's and dementia? what is your reaction? >> it's tragic and horrifying. every indication. by every indication this is another former nfl player and a good one who is suffering from
3:53 pm
this post-career trauma. and he shot himself in the chest, not head which is very significant. the implication is he wants his brain to be explored and examined. the nfl has a problem on its hands. this is not the first time we have seen this. the players seem to be getting younger and younger. 20 years that is a lot of collisions and violation. the nfl has an issue on its hands. >> the object of the game is to score points but it is to hit. it's hitting. so the man who wrote -- i want to talk about this. this interview to me was significant. it's you're a football fan and they need to examine it. this next person says it too. he wrote "friday night lights" saying that college football should be banned. he said the game is in trouble at all levels including the professional level. here's what he told me last night. then we'll talk.
3:54 pm
>> it is a vicious game. i'm the first to admit this i like it vicious and violent but no one wants to advocate people repeatedly getting hurt and dying at an early age. >> if it continues like this and research finds out that brain injuries are responsible for those things can football survive? >> i think it's going to be hard to legislate against football. who is going to let their kids play football. if you look at the contemporary parent. you make sure they ware knee pad and there no diving boards. you are going to let them play a sport where players are suing the nfl about the link. i wonder who is going to let
3:55 pm
their kids play this. >> as we talk about injuries here, this man was injured but on a positive. it's inspiring this next football story. in about 30 minutes on cnn, john i'm going to talk with eric, he was paralyzed in a game in 2010. you chronicled his story on "sports illustrated" and on cnn. his old coach leads the tampa bay buccaneers. this week he offered him an nfl contract. what an a honor for eric. >> i defy you not to like this guy. just a great guy. it's easy to lapse into cliche when you talk about him. but he's relentlessry optimistic but realistic. there are no delusions here. he believes he will walk again. in the meantime his attitude is i'm not going to let it get me down. i'm going to raise awareness and
3:56 pm
get better. you'll enjoy talking to him, i'm sure. >> john, you just said you saw him in the studio. it will be exciting. you will get to talk. 30 minutes. thank you, john, we're going to interview eric legrande right here on cnn. facebook meets wall street. will investors like the pairing? get it? like? we'll have the details. monarch. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over.
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on the week ahead, our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> i'm dan lothian at the white house. after hitting the campaign trail in ohio and virginia, president obama heads to albany, new york where he will attend an event focused on lifting the economy. then the president heads west to attend two fundraisers. >> i'm paul steinhauser. on tuesday, senator dick lugar of indiana faces a primary challenge from the state's treasurer. the same day, a controversial anti-same sex