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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 7, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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cnn newsroom continues with kyra phillips. cnn newsroom continues with kyra -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm kyra phillips. >> i'd like to talk to president obama and ask him that he please accept and respond to the demands of al qaeda. >> an american hostage held by al qaeda. but begging president obama for his life. warren weinstein was kidnapped in august. he hasn't been seen since or heard from until that video that just popped up on an islamist website. we are following that story out of washington. a lease, tell us who warren is. >> warren weinstein is one of a very important development professional. he's been working in development for j.e. austin and associates. it's a contractor in pakistan. he has 25 years of experience.
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this 70-year-old man was kidnapped in august. in december al qaeda claimed responsibility and laid out a series of demands. now we're seeing in this video today that he's asking, as you said, president obama to make good on those demands. >> so has there been any official reaction from the united states at this point? >> well, not yet. i mean, some of those demands, as we've been talking about, he's asking for the u.s. to release all prisoners from the taliban and al qaeda. also asking for all drone strikes to stop in afghanistan, pakistan, somalia, and yemen. and going as far as to ease the border between gaza and egypt. so it's not just about al qaeda and taliban, but improving the life of all muslims. but the u.s. says we don't negotiate with terrorists. we are aware of the video. very concerned about his well
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being and safety. fbi working with the pakistanis but no negotiations with terrorism. if you think back to when the journalist from the "wall street journal" was kidnapped, then secretary of state colin powell said there will be no demands met. we don't negotiate with terrorists. i think the u.s. will stick to that policy. everybody trying to do what they can to locate mr. weinstein, but there won't be any talking with al qaeda about his release. >> let's take a listen to his pleas. >> it's important that you accept the demands and act quickly and don't delay. there will be no benefit in delay. it will just make things more difficult for me. but it's very important that you act quickly. and i'm now waiting for your response. >> any progress at all in trying to find him? >> no, kyra. the pakistanis are telling us,
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police who are leading the investigation, say there have been no developments whatsoever. they arrested some people in august, a few people, connected with those people. they were questioned and released. the u.s. is saying they are trying to study the video. not sure if the comments were u his or whether he was under dure duress. but no developments so far. in that plea to president obama, he's saying you're a father, i need to spend time with my childr children. if you know what it's like, you'll help me. but everyone is praying for his safe return, but the u.s. won't be negotiating. >> thank you. a day after the kentucky derby, police suspect murder at the racetrack. we're getting new information in about the victim whose body was discovered by security guards in an area of the track known as the backside of churchill downs. police say the victim was a stable worker. deborah feyerick is keeping her
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eye on the developments for us. what more can you tell us about the victim? >> a police lieutenant for the department just had a press conference. here's what we're learning. he's a 48-year-old native of guatemala. he was working at churchill downs with his 19-year-old son who has questioned by investigators. it's believed that he's a stable worker, specifically a groom, who had been caring for the horses. he believes this is a tragic, isolated incident. it happened just after midnight really just hours after the derby. it appears there were several argumen arguments involving the victim, mr. perez, and others working at the barn. what police are calling altercations that led up to the murder. that's why they believe this is an isolated incident and not part of a larger thing connected to derby day. what makes the death suspicious is the type of wounds that were sustained by the victim, but also where he was found. there's an area in this backside where a lot of these stable
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hands sleep. he was found further back in a place that was a little hidden. he was discovered by a security guard doing normal rounds. >> we're following the investigation. deborah feyerick, thanks so much. operations at churchill downs are back to normal. a spokesperson says no races are scheduled at that track until later this week. but the cleanup from the kentucky derby continues as police investigate the case. great bodies, dumb men e. dawnya suarez can't top talking. you remember the scandal that's ended ten career cans. she says she's out of the sex trade now and glad the guys who picked her and a friend up at a bar are out of government service. she spoke to nbc news in madrid. >> translator: i think it's fair
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they can never have their badges again because they are not up to it. >> what do you think of these guys? why do you laugh so much? >> translator: they seem completely stupid, idiots. i don't know how obama had them in their security force. what dumb men. >> dumb, maybe. but suarez says the americans had well-defined abs, which they liked to show off. she also says she has lots more to tell. [ woman ] oh, my gosh -- it's so good! [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shrimp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp or crab stuffed shrimp. the crab-stuffed shrimp are awesome! [ woman ] very creamy. that's a keeper!
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. when i was in middle school, i was using search engines like google and yahoo. i thought they were the most
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amazing things. it's this complete symbol of the age we live where you have access to all this information. the thing that seemed missing was people. even from very early on when we were building this thing for one school, there was a concept of what it could turn into. we weren't sure we would be the ones who did it. >> facebook founder mark zucker berg taking center stage to kick off the company's road show. facebook goes public next friday and is courting potential investors to pay between $28 and $35 to get in on the action. the potential value is up to $98 billion. but there's one buyer who says he's not interested in facebook stock. >> we never buy into offering. the i.d. and something coming out will say on monday it's beinged offer with significant commissions. the seller electing the time to sell will be the best single investment i can make in the world among thousands of
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choices. it's mathematically important so we're not a buyer. >> warren buffett won't invest, but can small investors get in on the ipo? i'm guessing he doesn't facebook. >> i asked him that, but he said no. he said he wouldn't bet against facebook or google or apple, even though he doesn't have money in them. people watching it, just the average person, you can get in on the facebook ipo. maybe not as much as the folks on wall street, but you can. late last week. in facebook's ipo, different government regulatory agencies, they added e trade. it's something we m of us use to trade stocks on. so what that signals is you could possibly buy into this initial offering in that price range you showed. what you would do is now or any
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time you would put in a conditional offering, the maximum price you would pay. then you may or may not get that depending on how many shares there are. this the not just for the rich folks. this is for the average person. "the new york times" is reporting some are saying this could see more percent of those shares that are going to main streeters, which is interesting. you could invest in a fund like fidelity. they have stakes in facebook. so you could get in that way as well. >> total side bar. my guess is you asked about politics. is he supporting romney? oba obama? >> he's been really 100% his words behind president obama all the way through. this election cycle, he's thrown a fundraiser for him in new york. he still supports the president. he doesn't always agree with all the policies, but he supports the president. but i did ask him.
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i said you're in support of the buffett rule. it didn't get support in the senate. is the buffett rule dead with romney? he said absolutely not. people are frustrated. he thinks it's going to change. but he's still a big backer of president obama. expect to hear a lot about him from the president on the campaign trail. >> and the state of the economy? >> it's getting better. he runs 80 companies from dairy queen to geico. it's slowly getting better. housing is the crux of the problem. he said housing is still in a depression. that's a big problem. i had a dilly bar interviewing him in omaha. >> why am i not surprised? thanks, poppy. >> facebook executives plan to
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one minute an army wife was skooiping skyping with her husband in afghanistan and the next he was dead. what caused the death of captain bruce clark remains a miystery. barbara starr joins us live from the white house. it's such a chilling story. >> it really is, kyra. unbres pres denlted by all accounts. he was talking to his wife from
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southern afghanistan last week. they were on skype when suddenly he collapsed. she made frantic phone calls to the military to try to get help to him in this remote location. but they weren't able to really connect and figure it out for a couple hours. she said she saw a bullet hole behind him. that was a statement that she put out over the weekend. leading to an awful lot of speculation about what may have happened to captain clark. the army's criminal investigation division put out its own statement to try and tamp down some of this. the army cid saying "although the investigation into his death is open and ongoing by special agents from the criminal investigation command, we can positively say that captain clark was not shot. agents conducting the investigation found no trauma to the body beyond minor abrasions and a possible broken nose, most
8:17 am
likely causing from captain clark strike his face on his desk when he collapsed." terribly sad news for the family and for his wife to have seen this. but this is somewhat puts a bit of shape on what might have happened here. they have said no trauma, no bullet wound to the body. the investigation will continue. medical examiner, toxicology tests underway to try to find out exactly what happened to him, kyra. >> what do we know about captain clark? had anything like this ever happened before this incident? did he have heart problems? brain issues? >> those are the obvious, you bet, obvious medical questions that come to mind. the factors that could have caused someone to collapse like that. by all accounts, he would have been in good health, otherwise if he had a heart condition or some sort of noun medical situation, not very likely he
8:18 am
would have been serving in this position in southern afghanistan chrks is a very hot combat zone. a lot remains to be seen here. terribly traumatic situation for his family. >> barbara starr, appreciate it. also in afghanistan today, three american soldiers were killed when an explosion hit their vehicle. a western official says two soldiers were wounded. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going.
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amid-pomp and circumsubstantiate, vladimir putin is sworn in as russia's president. he walked the red carpet and took the oath of office. but outside riot police cracking
8:21 am
down on anti-putin protests arresting more than 100 people. that was nothing compared to those rallied yesterday. police had thrown rocks at police who arrested more than 250 people. phil black joining us now from moscow. did putin address the violent crackdown and the thousands of protesters out there declaring that he was corrupt? and i even heard them shouting "thief"? >> reporter: the short answer is no. he did, though, talk about democracy and his desire. he says to increase rights and freedoms under the constitution here, to have more people take part in the political process, for people to live free and make the most of their talents. this is the sort of russia he wants to build and the sort of russia he will build. those are the comments that have people showing significant skepticism by many russians at
8:22 am
the moment. >> how serious is the opposition to pooutin at this point? >> reporter: they are serious and intent, but they are not yet a serious threat to his hold on power. the reason is they are not organized and there's just not enough numbers. across this incredibly-vast country, he enjoys significant popular support. but he's said he's lost the support of the educated professional class. these are the people who are educated and are well off. they are growing in number. so growing in political clout too. there's a view here that governing will get increasingly difficult without that demographic. >> so the anti-putin movement, what are his biggest challenges right now? >> reporter: well, i think they all refer and all have to do with the economy really.
8:23 am
i have yet to meet an economist who doesn't believe the economy needs to be reformed significantly. it needs to be diversified. it's dependent on oil exports. so at the whim of global oil prices and these greater mod dernnizatio dernnizations. corruption is a big problem here. outside of the cities, there are very few skilled jobs. the quality of living is still very, very poor. there is an enormous deficit in the state pension system. the people are getting older. but much of the infrastructure is already very old. so everyone is pretty much of the view that this is going to be a difficult presidential term for vladimir putin. tough decisions ahead. probably painful for those in the short-term and likely to be increase i increasingly unpopular as well. everyone, i think, is expecting this to be a very different term in power for vladimir putin to
8:24 am
what we have seen. >> phil black, thanks. key elections in europe are having a negative impact on wall street following the lead of the world market. the dow fell 50 points this morning. the trigger? concern over the euro after the election. the socialist president in france for the first time in nearly 20 years. nicolas sarkozy was defeated. here in the united states, the dow is down 32 points. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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police are looking for your help trying to find this man. he's considered armed and dangerous. he's the prime suspect in the disappearance of a tennessee woman and her three daughters. authorities found two bodies near a home in mississippi that may be linked to the case. maybe one or more of the family is missing.
8:28 am
joanne bain and he three girls were last seen april 27th. adrian is 14 years old. one is 12. one girl is 8. do we know anything about the bodies found in mississippi? >> police are being extremely close guarded about the information regarding these bodies other than to say they are tied to the investigation that is going on. the fear is it could be the mother or any of the three daughters. but they haven't said that. they haven't released that. it was only after the bodies were discovered on friday. this was in guntown mississippi that the amber alert was issued. so everyone is fearful it's family members, but somehow it's connected to the case and not. we don't know at this particular point. >> do we know if they knew the suspect adam mays? >> he had a close relationship with this family. so much so when you went to his facebook, you could see a number of photographs of him posing
8:29 am
with the girls. he was described as a close family friend. he even went on a trip or met up with the family when they were off in arizona at one point. it does appear this man had a relationship with this family. and apparently, a trusted relationship, which is of course, one of the reasons why when this family went missing, he was one of the first people contacted by the fbi. but it was shortly after they made the contact that he fled. >> what about the husband? have we heard from him? >> not a lot. he's dealing with the tremendous pain right now and worry. he initially made the report on april 27th. we're talking ten days ago that he filed the report that his wife was missing with his three daughters. but there's so much that e we don't really know other than the extreme urgency the fbi and authorities believe that these young ladies and their mother are in extreme danger. they do believe that adam mays is the abductor and there's an all-out effort to locate him. >> is it true police had adam mays in custody and then let him
8:30 am
go? or was that hearsay? >> not in custody, as they were talking to him. >> so they had him in person and questioning him and let him go? >> well, at some point, whether they let him go or whether he was free to go and simply disappeared, we don't know at this particular point. >> we'll follow it. thank you so much. lost in translation, nice try. but the escort who serviced a secret service member insisted the client knew the terms of the hookup. dania suarez talked about the liaison that blew up into scandal. there were no misunderstandings the night before, she says. >> translator: these are basic words. sex, cash, money. i made a sign with my fingers so he couldn't pretend i was charging $l 0 or 80 cents.
8:31 am
>> for the record, she charged $800 and settled for $300. if you have pets, listen up. we want to tell you about a recall of dried dog food. it's being linked to an outbreak of salmonella. the centers for disease control says 14 people in the nine states contracted salmonella linked to their exposure to dried dog food. it possible after people got sick after having contact with the dog who ate the food. it's diamond pet foods. here's a list of the brands affected. diamond pet foods says they are expanding their voluntary recall as a precautionary measure. you can visit the website and find out if it affects your pet food. the search is on for a 20th century fox executive who suddenly disappeared several
8:32 am
days ago. gary smith is an executive with the distribution department and was last seen on tuesday. according to the sheriffs department in l.a., he left in his black mercedes and hasn't been heard from since. the sheriffs department says they don't expect foul play at this point. no courtroom drama, just courtroom craziness. that's what happened when five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks made a rare court appearance in guantanamo bay. their 13-hour arraignment included one guy stripping off his clothes. another making a paper airplane. all of this in front of the eyes of families of 9/11 victims chris lawrence was in that courtroom. so what the heck did people do, chris, when this started happening? >> everybody just shook their head and looked in wonder at what was coming next. it started at 9:00 in the morning and didn't finish until
8:33 am
after 10:00 at night. right off the bat, all of the defendants took out their ear pieces so they couldn't hear the translation. when the judge would ask certain questions, they ignored him and wouldn't participant in the hearing. this was a form of peaceful protest over a system that they think is rigged where they are not going to be able to get a fair hearing in in military commission. but it had to be an embarra embarrassment who pushed to have the hearings to guantanamo. it's a stark reminder of president obama's promise to close guantanamo and move all this to federal court. >> what about the families in the courtroom? how did they respond after observing this? >> they were seated towards the back and for part of the hearing, you could sort of see their reactions. they didn't have that much reaction while this was going
8:34 am
on. but afterwards, several of them, you know, one of them at least eddie braxens, he lost his sister in the attacks. he said it was hurtful because the defendants seemed sto show o remorse. >> it's our justice system. they have rights as of right now. and whatever the due course is and how the process works, eventually, they are either going to be in jail for the rest of their lives or they are going to be dead. >> the so-called master mind who once boasted he was behind the 9/11 attacks khalid sheikh mohammed, this time he didn't say anything. at least when he was addressed by the judge. but during recess and breaks, we could see him whispering and talking to the other defendants. at one point, they all had a copy of the economist magazine they were passing amongst each other. >> when's the next hearing?
8:35 am
>> it's in june. it's a motions hearing for some of the objections that the defense attorneys have. no word yet on if the defendants will necessarily have to be there. but a couple months for the next hearing. the big question is, when it this actual trial going to start? it's coming up on ten years now since khalid sheikh mohammed was captured. the trial might not start until next year or later. >> chris lawrence, appreciate it. thanks so much. this was a case that president obama and attorney general eric holder wanted to hold in new york city, but after a flood of criticism and security questions, holder changed course setting up what we saw over the weekend at guantanamo. [ pilot ] flying teaches me to prepare for turbulence.
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together we'll go far.
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if you're leaving the house now, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch live from your desk top. go to you can brush up on your geography like my next guest. the experts at the metropolitan museum of art failed to catch it. millions of history buffs passed right by it and never questioned it. this is what i'm talking about. a map of the empire. the one hanging up at the met looks just like this one. so can you tell what's wrong with it? well, don't worry. a lot of people didn't know until 13-year-old benjamin cody came along. he saw the map during a trip to
8:39 am
the met last summer. he took one look and knew this was one of the finest museums in the world, but he also knew they were wrong. he joins me now live. so benjamin, let's take a look at that map again. tell me what caught your attention as soon as you saw it. >> well, i noticed that the southern part of spain and the tip of north africa was missing. >> okay. and so you noticed that. let's take a look at the map and see what it's really supposed to look like. there's the part that's missing. so how did you know this? had you just taken a course in this? was this something you studied a long time ago and happened to remember? >> no. well, i kind of studied in my free time history books.
8:40 am
but we did learn about the empire this year at my school. it's called rembrook. >> okay. so you had been studying it. so you just basically saw it and from memory knew something was wrong. so when you noticed something was wrong, what gave you the confidence to tell the museum? how did you do it? did you go to the front desk and tell them? >> i went to a doe sant who pointed me to the front desk. they told me to fill out a complaint form. they didn't really believe me. and five months later, dr. evans, who was very nice in the whole process, told me that i was correct and i was so happy. >> so you basically went to the front desk and filled out a complaint form. before that, what did the doe
8:41 am
sant say to you? >> they were like, i was like i don't think you're right. and they said front desk. >> they sent you right up there. so it took five months to get a response. what did they say to you? how did they tell you? >> they actually e-mailed my mom. >> okay. >> and it was a very nice e-mail that they sent. yeah. >> i see the e-mail here. it says "you are of course, correct about the bund ris of the empire. it may well have been a misprint. you are the first person to recognize the mistake and we thank you for bringing it to our attention." what was that like? did you take it to your history bye-bye. >> he asked if i printed it out somewhere. i was like, nope, they sent it to me. >> does e everybody want to
8:42 am
study with you in class now? >> yeah. a lot of people have been coming up to me during projects. >> last and final question. are you getting an "a" in history. >> yes, i'm getting 100%. >> why does that surprise me? you have a bright future ahead of you. thank you for talking with me. >> yep. bye. >> thanks to benjamin and. the museum is working to fix that error. they said in an e-mail to benjamin it may take a few months, but it is deciding whether it will show multiple maps of the empire. time for our political junkie question. who were the last three incumbent presidents to lose re-election? tweet the answer to me. rmy even. there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her what our other cats love,
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before the break, i asked who were the last three incumbent presidents to lose re-election? the answer is george bush in 1984, jimmy carter in 1980, and gerald ford. congrats for those with the right answer. congress is back in session at the student loan problem is a talker. if you're a parent or hard-working student, you all know interest rates on those loans will be double in a couple months. stress for you and a big battle between the president and the republican-led house. democratic strajist, crystal wright, is there a true concern
8:47 am
here or is this just about capturing younger voters? tara, i will start with you. you had three outstanding loans. you still have one. how do you feel about this? >> well, this is a very big issue. and while certainly the president wants to continue to attract younger voter, the reality is this is an issue that the president has taken on from day one. he actually expanded eligibility for the pell grant, which helps low-income students with funding for college. he expanded it to include more middle-income students and put more funding in place. the last thing we want to do at this time in this economy to make it harder for people to try to achieve their goals to make it harder for people to achieve the american dream. i for one know i have struggled with student loans. i know what it's like to not be able to register for classes. it's a shame they are not showing the same level of
8:48 am
sensitivity as democrats. >> this is another war the president is waging. this time, it's on the poor students and their student loans because he doesn't have a record of economic success to run on. what students want is jobs. they know they are not going to enjoy the enthusiasm and support he got from young people, who thought he was going to actually bring hope and change to this country. so what's really sad, and i think what everybody is really tired of, including young people, is the president isn't talking about creating jobs. he's talking about waging wars, whether it's the war on race with the arizona law or the war on women. what war is next? i think he's running out of wars. >> congress versus the president is a pretty popular theme. the president pointed out during his campaign kickoff with a little twist. let's take a listen. >> now after a long and spirited primary, republicans in congress
8:49 am
have found a normminee for president who has promised to rubber stamp this agenda if he gets the chance. somehow he and his friends in congress think the same bad ideas will lead to a different result. or they are just hoping that you won't remember what happened the last time we tried it their way. >> rubber stamp romney. winning strategy, tara? >> absolutely. romney supports, he said that the ryan plan which is the budget plan. he said it was a bold and exciting plan. to go back to the student loan issue, that plan slashes pell grants. it make s it harder for people in college to try to capture the american dream. we shouldn't be making it harder for people. i think we can agree. we shouldn't make it harder for people to try to achieve their goals and people who want to try to do better in life. we shouldn't be doing it. >> crystal? >> the student loan issue, it's about the rates doubling.
8:50 am
i don't know what you're talking about. that's where the battle is now. and republicans have said, including mitt romney, that he doesn't want the rates to double. they want to find a way to pay for it because republicans are concerned with our debt. but back to the to this rubber , the rubber stamp issue, if anybody knows about rubber stamping, i think it's president obama who seems to have rubber stamped everything the democrats wanted to do, obama care, romney care -- i'm sorry, obama care and dodd/frank -- >> a little slip there? >> yeah, yes, it was. >> tara is going to be all over that one. >> i know, i know. but at the same time, you know, if anybody knows about rubber stamping, i think it's president obama. romney, on the other hand, yes, he has supported the ryan budget plan, which seeks to bring some fiscal responsibility to washington, but when he was governor of massachusetts, he worked across the aisle. he worked with democrats. he has a record of success. i think this is another distraction from the president
8:51 am
because he's the one that has the problems with congress, he can't work with congress and take the high road and actually act like the commander in chief. >> after that attack on saturday, there's this today. >> he believed in us, fought for us, and today our auto industry is backfiring on all cylinders. our greatest enemy brought to justice by our greatest heroes. our troops are home from iraq. instead of losing jobs, we're creating them. over 4.2 million so far. >> all right. here comes the positive ads. boy, you sat back and listen to that, you think, okay. tara, will it work? >> absolutely. it's a very strong ad, and it tells the truth. the reality is when president obama took office, whether the republicans want to acknowledge it or not, and clearly they don't want to acknowledge it because it was their fiscal policy that is led to this, but we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when president obama took
8:52 am
office. now we have added 4.2 million jobs. the math does not lie. and the other thing is what the president is doing is he's trying to work to ensure that everyone feels this recovery. the republicans seem to only want to protect the rich. they believe that for some reason that the real problem in this country, they think somehow we have a rich people aren't rich enough problem in this country. that's not our problem, and the president needs to push back really hard and talk about the things that he's done to make it better for ordinary folks. >> crystal? >> right, tara. our problem is we have a spending problem, and it's not about people who work hard and want to keep more of their money. it's a spending problem and a jobs problem. and i think it's nice that the president wants to create this fairytale, this tale of fiction with his positive ads, but i think the american people are tired of the blame campaign and his campaign of blame. if he's not blaming the mess he
8:53 am
inherited, he's blaming the republicans. and at the end of the day his policies have created an economy of failure, absolute failure, and so i think it's good that he tries to go positive, but the ads really speak the truth. and when you look at this ad, he starts off saying we're not there yet, give me another four years. i think the american people are like, another four years for what? to really drive the country into a sinkhole. >> that's "fair game." ladies, thanks. from "fair game" to a really long game. the orioles and red sox made made in 17 innings. the winning pitcher was chris davis, baltimore's designated hitter. that's right. baltimore ran out of pitchers, so davis had to come in. it was okay though. he was a piper in high school. and he must have had some skill, too, because davis actually threw two shutout innings. on the other side, the red sox
8:54 am
sent outfielder darnell mcdonald to the mound. and that marked the first type since 1925 that two nonpitchers actually pitched in the same game. the last time it was a guy, you might remember him, ty cobb. but what may have been even worse for red sox fans than the loss? lost call was at the end of the seventh inning. that's right. ten innings, no brewskis. brutal. [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month. wow. this is new. yep. i'm sending the dancing chicken to every store in the franchise to get the word out.
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the last and 11th person charged in a florida a&m band member's death turned himself into authorities. he was released on a $15,000 bail on sunday. she's one of the 11 band members facing hazing charges in the death of the drum major robert champion. medical examiners say he died within an hour of being badly beaten and collapsing on a bus last november. vice president joe biden's comment that he is absolutely comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage has set off an explosion on twitter. let's hear the comment first and then we'll talk about the buzz. >> look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual marriages are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil liberties,
8:58 am
and quite frankly i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> many people are wondering if biden's remarks signals a change in the president's position. mr. obama has previously said his views on the issue are evolving, but both a biden spokesperson and david axelrod is suggesting there's no further evolvement in the president's position. the lawyer for rachel "bunny" mellon back on the stand in the third week of the john edwards' trial. her contribution of 7 50 -- $750,000 is at the center of the saga. >> reporter: after two weeks of lurid details and multiple witnesses who testified john edwards lied about his relationship with rielle hunter, the prosecution is getting in the crux of the legal case against him. the question is whether he knowingly and willingly accepted illegal campaign donations to try to keep his political aspirations alive. new york attorney alex forger, the lawyers for john edwards' benefactor rachel "bunny" mellon
8:59 am
is expected to return to the stand on monday. he was on the stand as a prosecution witness on friday when the trial recessed for the weekend. in a bit of a cliff-hanger over the intent that was behind payments from mrs. mellon that ended up supporting edwards' mistress as well as edwards' fixers who were trying to cover up the affair. forger had testified that edwards' good friend and long time attorney wade smith had told him the money was for the benefit of edwards, which may seem like an obvious fact, but forger's testimony is important because other witnesses said edwards denied knowing bunny mellon's payments were being used use ed to clean up his herpersonal problems. the prosecution tries to wrap up its case by thursday. joe johns, cnn, greensboro. >> and mellon's lawyer says he first learned of a check for $175,000 back in december of 2007. that check was deposited into the account of edwards' aide,
9:00 am
andrew young. thanks for watching. you can continue the conversation with me on twitter @kyracnn. or on facebook. cnn "newsroom" with suzanne malveaux continues right now, but i hear she's a little extra excited about one of her guests this morning. >> what? >> so i'm told. >> so you were told, huh? actually it's creating quite a buzz. vanessa williams and her mother have a book out, and she has taken about 30 years or so to really tell her life story, what actually took place after the miss america scandal, how she overcame it. there are a lot of details in this book, kyra, from cover to cover that we've read and so it's really -- i'm fascinated to talk to her about how she actually overcame a lot of these obstacles, and some of the things that you just didn't even realize at the time, the kind of pressure she was under from both sides, and really how hard it was for her for years and years and years to kind of push back and not be humiliated and the kind of confidence she had, the real confidence to move forward.
9:01 am
we're going to talk to vanessa and her mother. >> i loved her in "ugly betty." i know you already have a twin sister, but and vanessa come pretty darn close. have a great show. nice to see you. live from cnn headquarters in atlanta where it's 12:00 noon, 9:00 a.m. on the west coast. want to get you up to speed for this monday, may 7th. >> you don't accept the demands, then i die. >> american kidnapped by al qaeda makes a desperate plea for president obama to save his life. 70-year-old warren winestein was abducted last august from his home in pakistan. in a video posted on several islamic website, weinstein says al qaeda will release him if he president accept s alexander's
9:02 am
demands. military investigators do not expect foul play in the death of a soldier who collapsed during a video chat during his wife. it happened in afghanistan. the wife of army captain bruce kevin clark says her husband fell forward. she saw what appeared to be a bullet hole in a closet behind him. military officials say there were no wounds, however, on his body. his family is still trying to make sense of it all. >> he loved being in the military and he loved serving his country. he was absolutely willing to make any sacrifice, and it's just horrible that this is the sacrifice he ended up making. people are cheering in france, but here in the united states investors are worried. francois hollande, a socialist, defeated nicolas sarkozy in a runoff election. hollande says he will boost government spending in france. now the world is afraid the
9:03 am
european debt crisis is going to continue. keep an eye on how this election impacts your 401(k) and other investments. as you can see there, the dow jones industrial average has been down all morning. right now sitting down about 31 points or so. european markets were also down sharply to begin the day but recovered a fair bit by the loss of the day's end. vladimir putin was sworn in as russia's president today, but not before hundreds of protesters were arrested in moscow. clashes erupted sunday when demonstrators veered off the agreed route of the march. some threw things at police. they responded by clubbing people who broke through those police lines. and security at the london olympics already embarrassed after a stunt pulled off by "the sun" newspaper. the tabloid reports it managed to sneak a fake bomb past
9:04 am
security checkpoints protecting the main stid yadiums. this follows a week of security exercises designed to try to build public confidence. it is the first time warren weinstein's family has seen him in almost nine months. he is pleading for president obama to save his life. the american man kidnapped by al qaeda last august showed up in a video posted on islamist websites. he said the terror group would let him go if the president accepts a list of demands. want to bring in reza covering the story from islamabad. this was posted yesterday but we don't have any idea of when this was actually shot. is that correct? >> reporter: that's correct, suzanne. we don't know when this was shot and we don't know where it was shot. so it's impossible to independently verify if warren weinstein is okay at this moment as we speak. he seems to be in relatively good condition, he's speaking
9:05 am
clearly and coherently. he doesn't seem to have any visible injuries. at one point, and this is very strange, he reaches out and seems to be eating something. we have no idea what he'd be eating something in the middle of an appeal for his life, but that's what he seems to be doing. it could be that his captors have asked him to eat something in a strange effort to create the impression that he's doing okay and he's being cared for. but certainly a strange moment in that videotape. >> and let's talk a little bit about the demands from the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri. we're looking at some of these demands now here. what do we make of whether or not the united states is actually going to be able to go along with any of this? >> reporter: if you talk to u.s. government officials over the past several years and look at what al qaeda's done, there's lots of evidence that they're weaker and more desperate than ever, and one way they like to change that is to use the media to create the impression that
9:06 am
they still have power, that they still have a vast army, that they can spread terror with kidnappings like this. this could be an attempt to do that. the state department today has come out and made it clear that they're not going to negotiate for hostages. it's not clear what's happening behind the scenes, but certainly some anxious moments for mr. weinstein's family who obviously want him back home safe and sound. >> and we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton commenting today on the efforts to actually capture him and other top al qaeda leaders. i want us to listen real quickly. all right. i'm told we don't actually have the sound. but she is trying to reassure folks around the world that there is a real manhunt that is under way. what is the reaction here? is there a lot of confidence that this is somebody who is going to be captured and perhaps killed? >> reporter: well, you're talking about ayman al zawahiri, the number one leader of al
9:07 am
qaeda today. if you look at the past several years, we have had a lot of mixed messages. frankly, convoluted messages, coming from washington about al qaeda. two years ago you had then head of cia leon panetta saying there was only 50 to 100 al qaeda operatives in afghanistan in this region. then over the past two years they said they've killed a lot of operatives. how many al qaeda operatives remain we simply don't know. last week john brennan, the adviser to the white house on counterterrorism, came out and explicitly said the infrastructure of al qaeda in pakistan has been dismantled, but today you had secretary clinton saying they were only making progress and there's many important leaders that remain. a lot of mixed messages coming out. i think what's important to point out is over the past ten years, al qaeda has failed to kill a single american on u.s. soil, and that's something that should reassure our viewers in america. in fact, you have a better chance of being killed in a plane crash or a car accident
9:08 am
than being killed by an al qaeda operative on u.s. soil. even so, you still have a lot of institutions, a lot of organizations that are concerned about what is left of the al qaeda threat. >> i guess that's encouraging in some ways. r reza sayeh, thank you so much. the french elect a new president. he's a socialist. we'll tell you what that means for our economy. we're watching your money. facebook takes its stock pitch on the road buttering up potential investors. and then the vice president takes a stand on same-sex marriage. now another member of the president's team is also speaking out. >> men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women, are entitle d to the same rights, all the civil libertie liberties. >> you can watch cnn live on your computer. head to
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
there is a pretty big shake-up in french pop tigs over the weekend. we're talking about francois hollande defeating nicholas car sozy in a runoff election. sarkozy failed to rein in unemployment, made the deep kind of budget cuts that have become the norm across many countries in europe, but has frustrated a lot of folks. i want to bring in michael holmes to talk about this. it was a busy weekend here. people hear socialist and it doesn't mean the same in europe as it does over here. even the world socialism or socialist has been used as a political weapon in the campaign. >> it's down to dirty words here. speaking to somebody who deals in international news all the time. it's not a dirty word anywhere else.
9:12 am
there are socialist parties in other parts of the world and as we see in france, they win. president sarkozy was defeated, it was basically a vote against the incumbent. he was seen as favoring the rich and left the poor people behind. unemployment has gone up. a lot of that is due to the eurozone crisis. along comes francois hollande -- >> i love the way you say that. >> thank you. he's like mr. normal, mr. bland, but he said all the things voters wanted to hear which is that the austerity, the cutback programs that have been put into place, led by germany and france, are not good for the country. there needs to be more growth programs, more spending. he's proposing in putting in tens of thousands of more school teachers, lifting the minimum wage. this has germany worried. it's europe. >> how does this impact the u.s. economy here? we're seeing the markets beginning to react. >> in that regard you are seeing that. the markets are way down. asia got pummeled over night. the nikkei in japan, down 2.5%.
9:13 am
the aussie market was down 2%. the dollar dropped, the euro dropped. now, that does have a flow, you can see there the dow jones down a quarter of a percent, slightly less than it was before. that was an effect on the u.s. markets. everything that happens in europe has at least some sort of play in the markets here. they watch this. but a lot of this is also played in -- already factored in the markets because everyone knew that hollande was going to win and what's been going on in greece is still going on. >> talk a little bit about greece because we looked at that and thought, that could be a hot mess. they cannot get a coalition together, essentially, to even move their government forward. they're not even participating. >> greece is a hot mess. greece is a country politically and economically that is in the turmoil at the moment. this was two-thirds of voters voting against the austerity measures, and what you've ghot now, two major parties that have dot no have enough even if they go together as a coal lis to
9:14 am
govern. there's already talk they're going to have new elections. though what would that achieve? disturbingly to me actually, one of the big winners there was 7% of the vote went to a far right extreme far right party, one that is anti-immigration. they've been called nazis by people in greece, by their opponents in greece. they got 7% of the vote. >> that is scary. >> we saw the right wing do well in france, too. the national front party did well. >> it's a strange thing when you look at greece because here, even if you don't like the guy, you vote. you know, you participate here. they're rejecting, they're actually rejekicting their government saying we don't want what you're offering. >> greece has already signed up to this. the bailout money with the imf and the european union, this is something they have agreed to. they have to go along with this, but now the voters are saying, no, we don't want it. what happens? if they don't get that bailout money, game over, greece. they're already bankrupt.
9:15 am
but the whole economic system would collapse if they didn't get this bailout money. the government wouldn't be able to pay government workers. just heaven forbid. >> and then you see the domino effect. >> that's it. and you're already seeing spain is in trouble, anti-usausterity sentiment there, portugal as well. it's not individual countries, it's europe. there's a big pushback on the austerity measures. angel merkel is holding firm saying we have agreed to this. the public is saying otherwise. soon you will have a chance to own a piece of facebook. what is it worth to you? the company is taking its show on the road to convince you it's a good investment. and singer, actor, superstar mom va nenessa wells is preveal private details. she join me to talk about her new memoir with her mom and her major comeback on the stage and on the screen.
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
facebook is for sale. you will soon be able to own stock in the social media giant. now founder and ceo mark zuckerberg is taking the company's road show to new york. facebook goes public next friday. it's courting potential investors who are expected to pay anywhere $28 and $35 to get in on the action. it's valued at potentially up to $98 billion. there's one billionaire, a buyer, who is going to be conspicuously absent. take a listen. >> we never buy a any offering. i can't recall in my life buying a new offering. the ideas that something coming out on say monday that's being offered with significant commissions, all kinds of publicity and everything, the
9:19 am
seller electing the time to sell is going to be the best single investment i can make in the world among thousands of choices, it's mathematically impossible. so we are not a buyer. >> felicia taylor at the new york stock exchange, tell us about warren buffett, the fact he may not be investing in this after all and what this road show is all about. >> hey, well, it's basically a nationwide pitch. facebook is going to be traveling to boston, chicago, denver, and even menlo park, california. facebook executives will attend and they're going to be courting investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, in hopes that obviously they'll buy shares in the company. they've outlined their mission, finances, vision for the future, things like that that obviously investors want to know about. the meetings are private but we've got an online video that gives us a little bit of a clue about what's going to be presented in the meet eggs. facebook basically touts its size with a lot of impressive numbers. 900 million monthly users, 300 million photos uploaded each day
9:20 am
and 1 billion comments a day. even its ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to take part as the road show kicks off in new york. i spoke to one analyst who said this is basically the moment for mark zuckerberg to grow up and, you know, be an adult. >> grow up. i like that. there is so much hype around facebook now. couldn't it actually just sell itself? do they even need a road show to begin with? >> well, like i said, this is just the kind of way it's done. you have to follow the rule book on this one. they need to raise or want to raise about $14 billion so they can have some sort of an expansion plan. this is their chance to explain why investors, you know, would want to invest in the company face to face and would facebook can continue to be great. let's face it, did i just say that? i didn't just say that, did i? i did. >> go ahead, let's just face it, facebook. >> there are so many people that use facebook. how many more out there can sign up? but banks are still rolling out
9:21 am
the welcome wagon. you can even see outside jpmorgan chase here at their headquarters in new york a sign that says, jpmorgan welcomes the facebook management team. there's a lot of hype around this. >> there's a lot of hype but i have to ask you, it's one thing for the big money guys on wall street, but you and i, can we get in on the action here? is this something that's available for us small money guys? >> you want the real answer? >> yeah, i do. >> well, i doubt it. i mean, let's -- i'm not going to say it again. i was just about to do it. retail investors could get in. believe it or not, there are 33 banks that are underwriting this ipo. that's a lot to divvy out there. most of the bigger wall street firms like jpmorgan chase, but there's also places like etrade financial that also got a big chunk. so facebook wants this to be a broad retail distribution, but truthfully and again i spoke to one investor -- or one trader out there who said, they have no
9:22 am
idea how much actual stock they're going to get until the actual day of trading. so it's unlikely the actual first day of trading, but that doesn't mean it's not open to investor after that. >> we can wish and hope, huh? we'll become the big money people later. all right. thanks, felicifelicia. why does it feel that gas prices go up faster than they go back down? kristine romans has the answers. >> quoting an average gas price in america is like quoting the average temperature. it's different depending where you live. we are 80 miles to empty, so we are going to fill up this tank. half a tank in new york, half a tank in new jersey, and you will be able to see just how much taxes and where you live depends on what you pay for gas. eight gallons at 4.259 a gallon is $34 for half a tank. now we go to jersey and fill up the other half.
9:23 am
all right. so fill me up, regular, $3.73. i getion it's going to be about eight gallons. it cost just under $28 to fill up the rest of the tank. the difference is the taxes. the government breaks down gas prices like this. taxes make up 12% of the price of a gallon of gas. 6% of the cost is shipping and advertising. 6% is refining it. and 76% is the cost of crude oil. high oil prices mean high gas prices. people see those numbers and they cannot understand how everybody who is reaching into their pocket is not making money. but not everyone is making money at gas prices at $3.80. >> the big profits have been in exploration and production. if you look at multinational oil companies, a lot of them are getting out of retailing. a lot of them are getting out of refining. >> reporter: the good news for you, the average gas price is now below where it was a year ago. >> i think you'll probably see prices retreat as we get into
9:24 am
the season. normally prices peak around the fourth of july. i think they're peaking right now. >> reporter: but here is that pesky average again. if you live in the northeast, refinery closures mean prices could stay high. and every dollar in here is a dollar not spent on consumer goods or on a 529 college savings plan or your retirement savings, and that's why gas prices are the economic indicator we love to hate. christine romans, cnn, cliftocl new jersey. president obama's launching his campaign with his first ads of the season. we'll take a look at how mitt romney is preparing to respond. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times.
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here is a rundown of some of the stories we're working on.
9:28 am
president obama officially launches his election campaign with a series of positive ads. we're going to talk about how mitt romney plans to go up against them. a major voice joins the fight for same-sex marriage. vice president joe biden, and at 1:40 eastern vanessa williams joins me to talk about her tell-all memoir with her mom. an inspiring story of how she overcame scandal and struggle to become a major broadway star and an actress on shows like "ugly betty" and "desperate housewives." you can watch cnn live on your computer while you're at work. head to andy warhol once said in the future everyone is going to have their 15 minutes of fame. well, this new jersey woman is getting her time. the suntan mother accused of bringing her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning booth making her ripe for the picking for the folks at "snl" in today's "punch line." >> the point is, seth, anyone can look like me. it's not just the tanning.
9:29 am
it's also the right beauty products. >> really? because you look like a baseball glove. >> that is not an accident, seth. i follow the wilson athletic beauty routine. >> what is the wilson athletic beauty routine? >> every night i rub my face with murphy's oil soap. then i put a baseball in my mouth and sleep with my head under the mattress. and now i have the book every woman dreams of, wilee coyote right after something grows up in his face. >> dude, you look crazy. >> or do i look like a wise cigar store indian? i have to get out of here. i can feel myself getting paler every second. before i go i want to show you this trick. piece of bread, put it between my thighs. toast. >> oh, my god. >> all jokes aside, the mother has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment charges. she says she brought her
9:30 am
6-year-old to a salon but never let her into a tanning booth. 2012 presidential election is in full swing. this weekend president obama officially kicked off his re-election bid playing off his campaign slogan forward. headlines two rallies in two battleground states, ohio and virginia. >> this is not just another election. this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class, and we've been through too much to turn back now. >> this morning obama campaign launched the first in a series of positive ads aimed at highlighting the president's record on issues like the economy as well as foreign policy. >> he believed in us, fought for us, and today our auto industry is backfiring on all cylinders. our greatest enemy brought to justice by our greatest heroes.
9:31 am
our troops are home from iraq. instead of losing jobs, we're creating them. over 4.2 million so far. >> joining us for our monday political round table, democrat democratic strategist, esuwardo. do we think this is really going to work? >> well, you know, i agree with you. some people just react more to the yelling and screaming and criticisms, but the president has an amazing record to campaign on, and more -- it's more important now than ever to make sure americans understand what has been accomplished. over 7 million jobs, almost 8 million jobs were lost in that entire period before president obama actually got sworn into office, and to have over 4 million jobs already created in
9:32 am
under four years, that's an amazing accomplishment. so we need to be able to talk about this, talk about the auto bailout, how the auto industry in the united states is doing incredibly well right now and still has -- we still have a long way to go, but this is the message americans need to understand. the choice they're making when they go to vote, it's between the accomplishments and mitt romney, 47th governor in job creation in massachusetts. >> how do you counter that, chris? if the president appears to be taking the high road with his positive tone, it's the kind of thing hopefully they will try to resonate with independent voters. do the republicans need to change their tone? is it something we're going to see both sides engaged in? >> yeah. so a couple things. i think, first of all, the latest poll by george washington university, in fact, shows that with independents romney is ahead by at least ten percentage points. so i think what romney needs to do and what he will do is talk
9:33 am
about, okay, we get it. he's a nice guy. however, here is what's going on. what's going on is that there are a number of americans still suffering in silence, and as a result of that, it is those folks who we need to look at. the folks who have dropped out of the market, the folks who are under employed. these are the kinds of people that we need to look at. so we want to have a positive economy for everyone, and i think that's the message you're going to see going forward. >> i want to change the subject here. controversial ballot initiative banned same-sex marriage comes to a vote in north carolina. that's happening tomorrow. what we're finding here, three members of the oeptibama administration have come out supporting same-hex marriage. arne duncan, shaun donovan and the vice president as well on "meet the press." listen. >> men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women are entitled to the same exact rights, aulg the
9:34 am
civil rights, all the difl liberties. >> just a few hours ago, duncan said this on "morning joe." this is one of the shortest answers that we've heard, but take a listen to this. >> do you believe that same-sex men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states? >> oh, come on. you're going to start there? >> yes, i do. >> so estuardo, let's talk about this in a real way. the president once opposed same-sex marriage. the official position is his views on the issue are evolving. a lot of people say wink, wink, nod, nod, you have all these people in your cabinet saying they actually support this position. is the white house trying to have it both ways now? >> i think that the administration has moved forward in a very responsible way to ensure that there is equality and fairness for everyone in the united states, and with regard
9:35 am
to the lgbt community, repealing don't ask, don't tell, signing the matthew shepard act -- >> we know what they've done in the past, but looking forward, you have members of his cabinet saying one thing and you have him saying another here. i mean, clearly this looks like they're trying to get it both ways. keep the liberal base, at the same time he's not going as far as his members of the cabinet. >> i think he's definitely being measured. the members of his cabinet have made these very compelling statements now, and i think that the president's going to have to make some decisions on how soon he can come out there himself, but i think ultimately the actions speak louder than the words. i'm sure that the pressure is going to build on him and he will have to make a decision. >> chris, do you think this is a campaign issue? do you think the president will have to come out and make a decision and move forward on this? do you think he's been forced into this corner and he now has to come out and go further than he has in the past? >> yeah, actually, suzanne, i
9:36 am
do. here is what i think this is. i think what this is is you had vice president biden floating a trial balloon out there to see whether or not and, in fact, pandering to see whether or not this is going to work. i think at some point the president is going to have to move from evolving to evolved, wharf that means and whenever that means it, and i think that's what he's going to have to do. so you can't really have it both ways, and i think that's pretty much what the president is trying to do here. he'll have the members of his cabinet do it. but he's not going to do it. >> so, chris, does romney give up on this issue completely? look at the latest poll. you have support for legalizing same-sex marriage going up here. you have 53% of americans are for it as opposed to 44% back in 2008. chris, does he ignore this issue al tocchtogether here? does he say i don't care about the gay vote? >> there are a couple things here. i think what you look at is the issue of once we get into the question of marriage, and i
9:37 am
think thas tt's the larger conc, a number of people say this is a religious issue. i think if you look at the issue of domestic partnership or if you look at civil unions, then i think you have some movement in that particular area. unfortunately, the message has been clouded by the term marriage, which so many folks believe is religious, and not civil unions. and so i think there has to be some work there to be done. >> they're looking at this as a human rights issue. >> i just wanted to add, i think two things in response there. one is i don't think you can call this pandering. the representatives of the cabinet there represent the acts in total of the administration. and all of those items i listed before that have been pro-lgbt need to be recognized. secondly, romney has a huge problem. he signed onto the national organization for marriage and their pledge. he doesn't have any wiggle room at all. so i don't see how he makes any progress at all with the lgbt community. >> we're going to have to leave
9:38 am
it there. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. we'll pick up the debate at another date. >> absolutely. this woman watched her husband die from thousands of miles away. this is a chilling story of one military wife's worst nightmare. instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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military investigators now confirm no foul play is suspected in the death of an army captain in afghanistan who suddenly collapsed during a video chat with his wife. barbara starr is following this rather strange developing story at the pentagon, and, barbara, it is rather bizarre and tragic when you hear how this happened. do we actually know, first of all, how he died and what led to this? >> reporter: we don't, suzanne. you know, the military is saying that captain bruce clark was serving in southern afghanistan talking via skype, a computer chat, with his wife last week. she was seeing him, he was
9:42 am
seeing her. when suddenly he collapsed in front of her and died. she frantically started making phone calls into afghanistan, very difficult place to reach by commercial phone lines to a military base to try and get some help to him when he collapsed. when they finally got to him, he was dead. now, she issued a statement over the weekend saying that she saw a bullet hole in the closet door behind him when he slumped forward. so that might be the first indication that something else went on here. the bullet hole behind him, but he slumps forward. in fact, the army's criminal investigation command a little while ago issued a statement to try and put some shape around this very tragic situation saying, quote, although the investigation into his death is open and ongoing by special agents from the u.s. army criminal investigation command, we can positively say that
9:43 am
captain clark was not shot. agents conducting the investigation found no trauma to the body beyond minor abrasions and a possible broken nose most likely caused from captain clark striking his face on his desk when he collapsed. so the word from the military is they wanted to put out this extraordinary statement because of the concern and confusion surrounding the circumstances of his death. no foul play, but still under investigation awaiting a military coroner's report, toxicology results to try to determine what really happened here. >> barbara, are military officials actually addressing the heartbreaking aspect of all of this, which is essentially this poor woman watched her husband die in front of her via skype? >> reporter: it just seems extraordinary, doesn't it? you know, this is modern communications right from the war zone. we see every day troops talking on their cell phones, talking
9:44 am
via skype, computer chats, facebook, twitter, everything you can imagine, and it's just extraordinary and tragic and unprecedented. this man apparently may have passed away from some sort of medical condition that nobody had foreseen, and very difficult for his family, which is why the military, the army says they're going to try to get some answers to the family as soon as they can. >> i certainly hope they do. all right, barbara, thank you. appreciate it. it's a nerve-racking waiting game. the blind chinese dissident hopes its government is going to keep its word and let him come to the united states. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
9:45 am
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it's now a waiting game for chen gauangchenguangcheng. he's the blind activists who was fighting to stop forced abortions in his country. there is a new twist. the chinese government says chen is allowed to go to the united states as a visiting scholar at the new york university. well, meanwhile, everyone in china is banned from talking. if journalists try to reach chen, they risk getting thrown out. our stan grant is actually there. >> reporter: we dare not cross this road. we've been warned to stay away. inside this hospital is a man at the center of a tug of war between the world's biggest powers. chen gauangcheng is still waitig to hear if he can travel to the united states and flee a country where he fears for his life.
9:48 am
we're still waiting to speak to chen. these police have been put here to stop us from going across the other side of the road. >> if you should go to this area. >> reporter: that's right. i cannot go any further? >> yeah. >> reporter: so we've been told to move from there to here. we can't go anywhere near the hospital itself. journalists have been issued a very stern warning. if we're caught inside the hospital or even the hospital grounds, our visas could be revoked, we would be forced to leave the country. it isn't just reporters under fire. chinese security is fanning out rounding up chen's friends or fellow activists. many have been detained under house arrest, all gagged. this chen supporter who helped him escape has been released after police held her in a hotel for a week. once among the most vocal
9:49 am
champions of chen's cause, she's now uncharacteristically quiet telling cnn simply i'm home and doing fine. but it's inconvenient for me to comment on chen's case. extended chen family have vanished. it all adds up to a climate of fear that chen is desperate to escape. last week phoning in to a u.s. congressional hearing. what worries me is my family, he said. i can't get in touch with all my family members. they've instilled seven surveillance cameras in my house. in addition, they have guards staying at my place. they are building an electric fence around my house. they even scoffed, let's see what this blind guy can do to us. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in beijing for talks last week walked into a diplomatic storm. despite the smiles all around, china was demanding an apology from the u.s. after chen guangcheng's escape to house
9:50 am
arrest to the united states embassy. she flew out encouraged by moves by china to allow chen to apply for a passport and seek a student visa for the united states. but secretary clinton knew the stakes were higher than just chen guangcheng. >> this is not just about well-known activists. it's about the human rights and aspirations of more than a billion people here in china and billions more around the world. >> reporter: from human rights icon to cartoon character, chen has now crossed over into popular culture. threats, intimidation, and censorship, that taiwanese news satire can see plenty to lampoon. if only the reality was this funny. stan grant, cnn, beijing. a mom and her three daughters disappear, and police
9:51 am
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a maphunt is underway for a tennessee mom and her three daughters. an amber alert issued over the weekend said the girl may be in extreme danger. now the fbi is helping with the search. her husband reported the four missing late last month. two bodies were found in a mississippi house linked to the man suspected in their
9:54 am
disappearance. those bodies have not been identified yet. this is the suspect, adam mayes. police say he is considered a family friend, and they're trying to figure out if joanne bain went somewhere with him willingly. cnn talked to the fbi special agent in charge about adam mayes. >> the fbi and its law enforcement partners consider the suspect to be armed and dangerous, so any contact with him should be taken with extreme caution. in fact, you should always contact law enforcement first if you are an individual out there that comes in contact with adam mayes. >> $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to mayes' rest. over the weekend if you had good weather, clear skies, you might have got a glimpse of this. this is the super moon. it's the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. appeared about 14% bigger, 30% brighter than usual.
9:55 am
jacqui jeras is joining us. i saw this. i went to a concert on friday under the stars and it was gorgeous. it was just right there. it was so amazing. >> on friday or saturday? >> saturday. >> because saturday was the big day. >> saturday, yes. >> good. but it was close. it was almost a super moon on friday as well as last night if you caught it one of those two days. >> did you see it? >> i did. it was beautiful. in fact, i had to walk down the street because i couldn't see it from my house because the best time to see this was as the moon was rising because if you get a tree line or if you get something in the foreground as it's moving up, it actually makes it that much more spectacular. >> wow. >> yeah. >> and why does this even happen? >> well, because the earth, the moon, and the sun all align, and what happens is that when the moon orbits around the earth, right? it's not a perfect circle. okay? it's an elliptical pattern. there's one point when it's farthest away from the earth and one point when it's closest to the earth. this is when it was at perigee, closest to the earth, at the same time the moon was full.
9:56 am
look at some of these ireporters. our ireporters from all around the world caught images of this. photographers' delight. the closer an object is to you, the better, clearer, sharper pictures you're going to get, too. it's just amazing. i tried to take pictures with my iphone. not so good. >> and this was like iceland, atlanta, all over the place. >> all over. and how about from space? everything looks cooler from space, right? so check out this i am imagine. we've got one for you from the international space station. one of the astronauts took a picture. how weird is that? doesn't that look like smooshed? the iss is on one side of the earth. the moon is on the opposite side of the earth and the earth's atmosphere is in between so that gives it a distorted images. >> it was bul. when does this happen again? >> we'll see it again next year, believe it or not, but the best one of the century isn't going to happen until like 2052. so if you want to see another
9:57 am
great one, you have a ways to go. >> we'll be around. >> we will hopefully. cross your fingers. >> nice to see you, jack can he. . >> who can forget the voice and face of vanessa williams? ♪ since then she has stolen the stage and the screen playing a self-absorbed super diva on the hit show "ugly betty" and a spoiled rich woman on "desperate housewives." she's talking to me next hour about her private struggles. and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion.
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