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tv   Starting Point  CNN  May 28, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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well." >> glass half full, pretty resourceful. don't have money for rent stay where you are until they kick you out. that was "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point" with christine romans starts right now. a three-day weekend washout, tropical storm beryl making landfall while you slept, dumping heavy rain and with it dangerous surf in the southeast. unthinkable carnage in syria, dozens of women and children slaughtered, a weekend massacre triggering shock around the world. will that shock lead to military action from the u.s.? plus paying tribute to the nation's fallen warriors memorial day, general martin dempsey joins me live. the catholic church trying to solve vati-leaks, did the pope's butler really do it? it's memorial day monday, may 28th. "starting point" begins right now.
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-- captions by vitac -- good morning our "starting point" today, tropical storm beryl washing away holiday plans in northern florida and georgia. it made landfall overnight with drenching rains and driving winds. the hurricane force winds have died down a bit but the beryl will be a super soaker as they call it. rob marciano is tracking the storm at the severe weather center, good morning. >> not usual to have one but two tropical storms into the month of may, not even into the beginning of hurricane season yesterday. 70-mile-an-hour winds last night at one point, this close to being a hurricane. there's the radar picture showing you the center distinctly 50 miles to the west of jacksonville florida and all the rain and thunderstorms rotating off the ocean so this will be slow to weaken and it will weaken as far as the winds are concerned but the rainfall
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becomes the bigger player through time. they could use the rain but don't want it all at one point. this is certainly a drought-stricken area. look at some of the winds last night, 73-mile-an-hour gusts at buckeye land, kings bay base, 65-mile-an-hour gusts, a strong tropical storm, wind gusts almost to hurricane strength. we've got power out in lots of areas, southeast georgia and northeastern parts of florida because of that. here's your forecast track, we bring it in and weaken it of course and curve it back out to sea eventually. it will take its sweet time doing that eventually getting to theopen banks. certainly not a beach day from savannah, charleston to daytona beach but the rainfall as well. even though this area is in extreme drought, when you get all this rain coming at one time it potentially four to eight inches of it, over a very, very dry hard-packed ground you'll sigh a lot of that runoff so we have the threat for seeing some flash flooding in this area today so be afl what you wish
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for, these folks are getting some relief in the drought but it's causing problems as well. >> mother nature at her finest, thanks. rob marciano. we're also following a developing story overseas, syrian regime insisting al qaeda-linked terrorists are behind a bloody massacre in hula. this video is believed to show a mass burial of some of the 108 people killed on friday. that death toll includes 34 women and 49 children under the age of 10. as outragenged syrians pour int the straits the u.n. security council hold a rare closed door session. >> all violence in all its forms by all parties must cease. those responsible for acts of
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violence must be held accountable. >> syrian president bashar al assad and his spokesman insist they should not be held accountable. >> i would like here to condemn also on behalf of my government the tsunami of lies that were said a few minutes ago by some members of the council who try to mislead you by saying that their way of leveling accusations against my government is based on what they said evidences. they are wrong, and they are misleading you. >> steven cook is a middle eastern studys senior fellow with the council on foreign relations. horrific weekend in syria. there's a cease-fire in effect. does this show us the cease-fire
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and "360" point peace plan have been completely failed? >> there's been a cease-fire in effect since april 12th but that has not stopped the syrian government from attacking protesters, people demanding to live in a more open and democratic society. it is essentially a dead letter. the international condemnations and sanctions have clearly not worked. there is a hope as a result of this horrific incident it will turn the international community particularly the russians and the chinese who have not openly supported the damascus regime, then certainly the russians who have, from active support to pressure on assad to stand down, if not leave office. >> you mention the russians and the china's. sergey lavrov just spoke about the conflict, let's listen to what he said. >> translator: we do not support
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the syrian government. we are supporting the kofi annan plan that addresses both the syrian government and the armed opposition. you know, it takes two to dance. it takes two to tango. even though in the current situation in syria, what we have is not the real tango with having a disco party. >> okay, metafores and analogies aside, are the russians moving more in the u.s. direction on this, in the international community's direction on the issue with syria? >> lavrov's statement that moscow doesn't support the syrian government say new formulation, however, he's still insisting it takes two to tango whereas i think the entire international community and objective observers understand the predominant, the violence has been committed by the syrian government for the most part against unarmed syrian civilians. to be sure there is this free
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syrian army but hardly has the same capacity as the syrian armed forces. >> what is so shock being this weekend's events, friday's events, gunshots, u.n. observers are saying some children were killed by gunshot winds and mortars as well. this looks like a chaotic house-to-house kind of situation. this went on for 12 hours. how can the international community not respond forcefully? how can russia not respond forcefully to something like this? >> this could potentially put pressure on the russians and international community at large. there is an ongoing debate here in the united states. there are some who oppose military reaction, believe a more robust international response will make matter s wore if that is possible and those who believe the international community have a moral and strategic interest in bringing the assad regime down and bringing this civil war to a
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close sooner rather than later. doing nothing might no long this. intervening might end it. nobody has been able to make a credible argument either way and the obama administration is left with a country that does not really have a stomach for another international intervention, and international parties who don't want to intervene and they're left with diplomacy. >> senator john mccain called for military action in syria. yesterday on fox news sunday he talked about the obama administration's response and criticized them. i want to listen to that sound. >> horrible things are happening in syria. this administration has a feckless foreign policy which abandons american leadership. i know, because i visit with these people, that they are ready to help these people and they are already helping them some, but it cries out for american leadership, american leadership is not there. >> the focus now on forceful diplomacy with the chinese and the russians in particular.
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at any point can the u.s. get involved militarily? is that even possible? >> it's certainly possible for the united states to get involved militarily but the obama administration is determined to see the diplomacy through. it has a number of steps in mind that it would like to take before it has to take military action. it is not an easy prospect to engage in the military operation in syria. there are a number of obstacles. there is a syrian military likely to fight back. >> even if it's in a no fly zone it would be difficult, you have urban areas, air defenses in neighborhoods, israel, iran, turkey, all of the neighbors around. it's every kind of military option even the most limited including no fly zone is fraught with peril. >> of course, there's a risk to everything but indeed, unlike libya, there is more of a risk
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of escalation of instability spilling out across borders and more difficult for u.s. and allied air crews to get after and destroy syrian air defenses. >> really interesting. steven cook, middle eastern studies senior fellow at the council on foreign relations, thank you. >> thank you. let's get to zoraida sambolin for the rest of the top stories. >> former prime minister tony blair getting grilled in the uk's phone hacking scandal. blair testified about his ties to rupert murdoch saying "it is inevitable and essential for politicians to have relationships with journalists" but he admitted those relationships could be unhealthy. murdoch's paper's famously switched support to blair's political party right before he was elected. "news of the world" is accused of hacking the phones of several high-profile people. an international murder mystery is unfolding right now in japan. two american men are being held by tokyo police in connection
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with the strangling of an irish exchange student. police say the suspects met the female victim at a nicki menage concert in tokyo last week. she's identified as 21 neither nicola furlong. police say she was found unconscious in a hotel room early thursday morning. no word on how the two american men may be involved there. president obama will be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. this is a live picture from here he kicks off a 13-year project to honor veterans of the vietnam war today. the president will peek at the wall and honor those who served starting now and going through 2025, the 50-year anniversary of the last u.s. troops pulling out of saigon. reports of $5 a gallon gasoline by memorial day greatly
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exaggerated. we've seen a decline for 12 days. the national average $3.64 a gallon, about 30 cents a gallon less than this time last year. good news for an estimated 31 million americans driving more than 50 miles this memorial day weekend. and will smith now taking down superheroes, "men in black 3" knocked "the avengers" off the top spot at the box office this holiday weekend earning $55 million in its debut. "avengers" fell to second place. a couple in portland, oregon, raising the bar for marriage videos. isaac lamb enlisted more than 60 friends and friends to help him propose to amy franco. everyone is lip sinking to bruno mars "marry you" while franco is driven down the street listening to the song. she never imagined it was a proposal, as of this morning, the video has gotten more than 3
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million views. she said yes. wouldn't you? >> that is awesome. that takes it to the next level. >> there are men around the country going oh, he ruined it for me, now i got to up my game. thanks. >> you're welcome. ahead on "starting point," hundreds of the pope's personal letters leaked to the media. did the butler really do it and in today's "get real" a 17-year-old honors student working two jobs to support her siblings thrown in jail and a panel is heading in to talk about it, ryan lizza, john fugelsang and will cain, good morning. dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious.
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the butler did it, taken on new meaning at the vatican this morning. the catholic church is trying to find out who leaked confidential
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documents belonging to pope benedict. police arrest d the pontiff's butler, paolo gabriele. barbara news chief for "the daily beast" explain to me the drama here, the internal str struggle that these documents show? >> reporter: there's so many documents here, run the gamut from petty gossip to serious allegations of money laundering, corruption, where one cardinal is accusing another of hiding fitness of embezzlement, all sorts of serious allegations and for the first time ever we see a fracture in this secret city state. no w.h.o. knows, maybe the struggles have been going on for a long time but the fact we're seeing the documents is a very
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revealing bit of information. >> looks like these are legitimate documents. >> reporter: exactly. the veteran has not denied the authenticity of the documents. they say the publication of them in a book last week was criminal and a breach of privacy of the pope's privacy and the privacy of his sovereign nation but the journalist italian and the vatican does not have jurisdiction outside of its simplicity state so that's why they have jurisdiction over the butler and not over the journalist. >> the butler is part of an inner circle of seven laypeople who have, who work in the pope's apartments, maybe they're not all laypeople but seven people who are close to the pope at all times, 26 years. what do we know about him and his motives? >> he's a 46-year-old man, he's got a wife and three children. he is one of the few non-clerical members of the vat
4:19 am
ran staff who live inside the vatican city state. he also has vatican citizenship, he has italian and vatican passports. he's one of a small number of people the pope has around him at all times from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he goes to bed. the other people are two secretaries, two clerical secretaries, two ordained priests, four nuns and the butler, they have the most access to this man. what we don't know is if the butler acted alone, if he acted at all and we don't know what would have been his motivation. the journalist who published these documents says he didn't pay anyone for any information, didn't pay any of his sources so if that's true, money couldn't have been a motivation. whether or not there was a high-ranking cardinal or someone in the background maybe that's the direction the case is taking. >> was it a whistle-blower who saw things he didn't like and wanted to shed some light or a conspiracy behind the conspiracy? there's speculation that he couldn't have acted alone and it
4:20 am
was part of a bigger conspiracy. vat ran historian said it's always been a strategy of tension, an orgy of vendettas and preemptive vendettas that has now spun out of control of those who thought they could orchestrate it." oh my goodness. >> reporter: as the pope gets older and you know, his health fails him a little bit you see people sort of vying for power positions with an eye to who will be the next pope and that's probably what's going on behind the scenes right now. >> certainly this book is a runaway best seller in italy as people are sort of peering -- there's always intrigue but to have it so public is what is so rare. >> reporter: that's right, this book is number one in all of the italian book sellers right now and it is not negative against the pope.
4:21 am
it's got a lot of background information that we've never seen. there's a lot of gossip, talk about how a white truffle worth 100,000 euros ended up in a soup kitchen in rome, notes from celebrities, italian celebrities giving a major donation to the church and putting p.s. what about that private audience, a lot of that gossip especially in rome that is interesting to people here and the allegations of money crimes and things like that are especially troubles, one aspect has been noted in the italian press, the veteran doesn't pay property tax on its possessions of property within the italian state. italy is in an economic crisis. people are wondering what's going on behind the scenes here. there's also evidence of private meetings between the president of italy and the pope and what was going on. really shows you how much of a player the vatican is in italian politics and that translates to european politics as well in
4:22 am
this context. >> bar dee daneau, thank you so much. you have the vatican trying to get control of their renegade feminist nuns in the united states, i'm exaggerating of course but when you look at how the vat ran is trying to be a moral authority for the rest of the world, when you see this lack of cohesion there how hard is it to tell someone else what to do? >> still one of the inpenetrable institution. every institution seems to have been penetrated. >> as a child of an ex-nun and ex-franciscan fryer, we hear how they're cracking down on nuns but not talking about abortion or gay marriage enough, two things jesus never mentioned but it's all about a power struggle and a lot of vatican insiders believe the butler is a complete fall guy, that this is all about who the next pope is going to
4:23 am
be, there's no man this would be, his own confessor says he loves the vatican. he's one of the few families that lives behind the wall. i know it sounds shocking they're blaming the wrong guy but he's devoted to the pope and this is all about who the next pope will be. >> we'll talk more with john allen who is an expert on these things, too, in the next hour. ahead an honors high school student who works two jobs on top of going to school, thrown in jail, don't miss our "get real" next. a human traffic jam on mt. everest blamed for increased deaths and more dangerous conditions. hear from a man who just climbed the world's tallest mountain, coming up. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here.
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now it's time to get real. she's an 11th grade honors student at willis high school in willis, texas, since her parents divorced and left her and her two siblings she's been the sole bread winner. she works a full time job and a part-time job and trying to support a brother at college at te texas a&m. she's missed entire days, sometimes late, she's an honors school. local authorities decided to use her case to crack down on truancy. texas law says students can have no more than three absences in one month. the local judge landy moriarty ordered her to pay a fine and spend 24 hours in jail as a lesson. wow. okay so this poor kid first of
4:28 am
all her parents have failed her, period, right? this girl works at a dry cleaners, lives with one of her employers' families. it's really incredible how hard this kid is working and sometimes the alarm goes off in the morning and she just can't get up, she's worked all night long. >> did the parents separately abandon the family and she's going to jail. >> what's the judge's defense here? did he know the back story to this poor girl? >> the judge told khou he didn't know her situation at sentencing and may consider erasing the arrest from her record but doesn't want to appear soft. >> only in texas. >> "a little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence." >> can they put her on death row for this? >> no, john. there's a good gray area between those two sentences although this one is obviously unfairly harsh. come on, the girl is doing all she can to get by for herself and her family and as we've made
4:29 am
clear she's know at the one failing. >> she should figure out how to get a ged and get herself into college as quickly as possible. it's sad someone has to work so hard so young. >> why aren't the parents held in court? >> where in the world the deadbeat parents went. ahead on "starting point" a human traffic jam on the world's highest mountain. despite four recent deaths, hear from a man who just reached the summit. paying tribute to the nation's fallen hawarriors on ts memorial day. martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joins us next. el greasy ultra sheer® is clean and dry. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. with new chef's picks from lean cuisine. new dishes on the culinary cutting edge
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president obama is headed to arlington national cemetery in a few hours to lay a wreath at the
4:33 am
tomb of the unknowns, a live look. the commander in chief will thank the men and women who have given their lives to service this country. more than 4,600 killed in iraq and afghanistan alone in the past 11 years ago. joining me is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey. >> good morning. >> what would you like to say to the family of services members lost in this country? >> thankfully very few have had the experience of being handed a folded flag because of a loss of a loved one in combat and i want to make sure that we remind ourselves that today is about them. this is a day where we memorialize our dead. i drive to work every day past arlington cemetery and there's 260,000 small american flags planted at each of these grave sites today so i just want to make sure they know that we will never forget. >> look at afghanistan, almost 2,000 troops died in this war in
4:34 am
particular. how do you define success there? >> well, success in afghanistan will be when the afghan security forces are capable of maintaining stability inside of their own country and that the central government of afghanistan is able to provide governance. that's always been the definition of success in iraq and afghanistan. >> how close are we? >> lisbon, 2010, nato took a decision, established objectives to be delivered by december of '14, and i think we're moving positively toward those objectives. >> jean ral john allen, chairman of the international assistance force in afghanistan said 22,000 will be home by the end of the september. do you know when the remaining 65,000 will leave? >> we don't know yet and john allen will be given the opportunity following this year's fighting season which roughly runs between now and the early fall, he'll have to
4:35 am
determine what the security situation is at that time before making his recommendation. >> senator john mccain was asked about the negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban over the release of captured u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl. mccain believes the scheduled withdrawal poses a threat. >> i think that the negotiations that have gone on have failed to a large degree because the taliban believe that the united states is leaving anyway, and so if they just hang on, then they will be able to prevail, so they have not seriously negotiated. >> do you think those fears are valid, sir? >> well, i think they're somewhat valid because i think there's multiple faces of the taliban. i think there are taliban who are reconcilable, i think there are probably taliban who will never reconcile. i will say that a strategic
4:36 am
partnership agreement that we entered into with afghanistan should give pause to the taliban that they just can't simply wait us out. >> secretary of defense leon panetta talked about the current state of the taliban. >> we still have a fight on our hands, we're still dealing with the taliban although they've been weakened, they are resilient. >> still resilient. how prepared are of aafghan security forces to deal with the threat of the taliban? >> they are performing well. we talk about our losses but they're losing approximately 100 to 125 afghan soldiers a month. their losses exceed ours so they're out in the fight. they've got capability gaps, air defense forces, logistics, some communications but we think we can close most if not all of the gaps between now and the end of '14. >> in syria there were 108 killed in a massacre in syria
4:37 am
friday. about half of them were under the age of 10, senator john mccain pushing the u.s. to take military action. we went into libya. is military action something we should consider for syria? >> i think as you know my job is to provide the commander in chief with options and i think the military option should be considered and i think that, but my preference of course always as the senior military leader would be that the international community can find ways of increasing the pressure on assad to do the right thing and step aside. but of course, we always have to provide military options and they should be considered. >> a range of diplomatic forceful diplomacy until you get to those range of options military options but when you see 108 people massacred like that and just such a deteriorating situation there, the u.s. has a moral authority doesn't it to help see this gets
4:38 am
resolved? >> well, i'll let others speak for the moral authority. my moral authority is to ensure that my forces remain ready, postured and provide the options i described. >> general martin dempsey, thank you so much and thank you for being here this memorial day. >> thank you. let's go to zoraida sambolin for the rest of the day's headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you. the family of pedro hernandez, the man charged with killing etan patz trying to come to grips with the horrific crime police say he confessed to. church pastor says his wife was shell-shocked by the news. relative says back in the 1980s, hernandez confessed to him and a church prayer group he killed a little boy, they reported it to the police but they didn't believe the story. hernandez is in the hospital on suicide watch. lady gaga forced to cancel a concert in indonesia because of security concerns, after islamic
4:39 am
ha hardliners denounced her costumes and dance moves saying they were too risque. lady gaga tweeted an apology to fans and sent a message to islamic hardliners about hatred. the church wants major reforms from nuns and has criticized them for their "radical feminist themes" and for not speaking out about abortion and gay marriage. the 21-member board of the leadership conference of women begins its meeting tomorrow. todd frazier of the cincinnati reds might be the world's strongest man. how so you ask? he hits a home run yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary.
4:40 am
take a closer look. it shows the bat is out of his hands when he makes contact with the ball. how is that possible? that's power. there's a human traffic jam in the world's tallest mountain, hundreds of climbers have been lining up to reach the top of mt. everest this month. poor weather is generating larger than normal crowds. at least four people have died from exhaustion or exposure in the bottleneck. one man who made it to the top is kenton cool, scaled everest ten times and earlier he told us too many climbers don't understand what they're getting into. >> climbing big mountains is all about management and understanding about how that mountain works and i think unfortunately people perhaps on the 19th and the went prematurely. >> at least two of the climbers who died last week insisted on reaching the top of everest despite being told by guides to turn around. they died of exhaustion and exposure on the way down.
4:41 am
very sad. christine back to you. >> thanks, zoraida sambolin. ahead on "starting point" meet the 4-year-old boy who didn't want to wear his hearing aid because he told his mom superheroes don't wear hearing aids. the new superhero created just for him and jeff bart is running for a house seat and among his qualifications he's ridden an ostrich. seriously, is this the greatest political ad? you're watching "starting point." it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. [ female announcer ] weak, damaged hair needs new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen.
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♪ tell them why we're laughing in the prompter, it says john fugelsang fugelsang's, and that is not. >> this is why you can't just read the prompter, boys and girls. you probably don't know who jeff barth is but you'll know more than you ever wanted to after you've seen his latest ad.
4:45 am
strolling down the trail with strategically placed props pointing out key moments of his life, who wouldn't vote for a guy who rode an ostrich? >> we lived around the world, you know, embassies, consulates, iceland, germany, belgium, south africa and lusutu. look that one up. along the way i learned chess and n iceland. i've ridden an ostrich, done a lot of stuff. for six years i served in the u.s. military with one of these. >> and he's funny and self-deppry indicating. his website says i hope you will humbly consider me. >> i would hum blbly appreciate your support. >> doesn't push partisan politics. >> playing off the extreme factions of both parties so
4:46 am
playing to the non-ideological voter. >> we know he went to five different colleges and five high school, he has a rubber chicken in his campaign ad and says nuclear. >> he's the most interesting man in the world and adopted it for politics. probably a genius, most likely this guy is a genius, not going to do the false humility thing. for thaw get my vote. >> the ads are so brain dead. >> the opponent is sitting there going what? >> all of the prop. carrot top is cursing himself for the wrong career choice. >> we would like to see the non-negative ad and the scary music. getting veterans jobs on memorial day, what businesses are doing to help those who risk it all for our freedom come back. they just want a job. you're watching "starting point." ere ? where ? it's getting away !
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♪ >> that is from john's play list. veterans return home face a tough economic reality. the weak job market. the unemployment rate for vets is higher than the national average. in today's smart is the new rich, we take a look at some companies who are making a point to hire our service men and women. take a look. >> for dave to find a job, all it took was a sign. >> i've been driving past that sign for probably before i moved out here 12 years ago for probably about 18 years before that. >> reporter: this billboard off i-95 outside of philadelphia construction equipment company modern group wants to hire people just like him. veterans. he retired from the navy in
4:51 am
august after 29 years. >> it was a bit after shock, i think, for me. i put llvall of the application out there and got very little response. so i saw the sign out front and i called the hr department and sent them my stuff and the rest is history. >> and that is what led him to a job as a shop technician here. >> i will tell you this. my first-ever job interview and i'm 47 years old right now, happened at modern group. it's a change. definitely a change. >> reporter: dozens of application pored in to dave griffiths. he has hired all branches of the military. >> they tend to be more disciplined and more focused and more sensitive to the customer. i think is there a great attention to detail for folks coming out of the military. >> he has shown me quite a few things around here. >> we have to help each other out. we are all on the same team and
4:52 am
our mission is get the entire job done and, you know, keep this company rolling. >> reporter: a huge push to hire more veterans. the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans is improving. 9.2% in april but higher than the national average. 40 major u.s. companies have pledged more than a hundred thousand jobs to veterans by 2020 including time warner the parent company of cnn. already this year 12,000 plus vets have been hired. the fields hiring veterans, health care, tech and manufacturing. >> i feel very strongly to honor that service and if we can do that in such a way it hire the men and women and bring them on board and also do good for our company and our stake holders, i can't imagine why i wouldn't do that. >> we do in the military nothing more than a snapshot of society anyway, so coming here, working with these guys here, it's just, i think, it's a perfect transiti transition. >> leadership, organizational skills. then the mechanical background
4:53 am
in particular is what they were looking for here. the mechanic background and take from the battlefield or from the military service and bring it right into the private sector. it's a perfect match there. other companies are doing this as well but that sign right there on i-95 saying, hey, veterans, we need your mechanic background and come here. >> the fact that vets have a higher unemployment rate than the population. i can't hope but think one of the contribute being factors is vets applied in jobs in front of other vets. today with the voluntary army that represents a small portion of our society, you're applying for jobs in front of guys who didn't serve and may not see all of the values you were able to acquire and may not be able to identify with it. >> some of the job coaches told us one of the things that happens when you get the interview, veterans or people in the military, a lot of yes, sir, no, ma'am, you have to turn around. that is the way you treat the customers but for the bosses they want to hear when you think and hear what you're going to do and how you would lead so there is kind of a military culture where you are led. you have to show you can be a
4:54 am
leader. >> i like any story that liberals or conservatives can agree on. one of the criticism you have in the big government wars is that ronald reagan grew the government by 61,000 jobs which he did but to create the department of veteran affairs that is an example of big and big government and when you look at that plus what this program and barack obama giving tax breaks to companies that will hire vets, i think, it's, you know, anything that raises the awareness of this problem and the culture is great and brings both sides together. >> the profile is a match between the skills they were looking for. >> totally. >> the kind of stuff. >> totally. >> that want. is there -- does that exit elsewhere in the job market or mismatch in other fields? >> is there a mismatch in other fields. for veterans a program now we are trying to retrain people 30 to 65 so they can be re -- retrained to be hired in fast growing fields as well. when you're looking at technical skills and machinist skills and manufacturing skills like those, there is demand, there is demand
4:55 am
for but more concern about the very young guys and women who have been maybe walking patrol with a gun who don't have an awful lot of education background, maybe high school degree is it and they are coming back so now they have got -- they don't have a college degree. they don't have the technical skills or the manufacturing skills machinist skills they will get. now what do we do about those kids and where a concern is overall. >> they need retraining. >> absolutely. hundreds of thousands of people will be streaming home looking for work. anyway, ahead on "starting point," an 80-year-old woman goes sky diving and she nearly falls out of her harness and it was all caught on tape. you don't want to miss the terrifying video. this morning, the vatican in chaos after the pope's butler is arrested and more arrests could be on the way. you're watching "starting point." americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
4:56 am
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4:59 am
our starting point this morning holiday weekend washout. tropical storm beryl makes landfall dumping heavy rain and whipping up dangerous surf. we are tracking that storm for you. plus vatican documents leaked. taken right from the pope's apartment. is his loyal butler behind it all? something more going on here. it's a first. a hearing-impaired super hero. meet marvel comics newest hero and the 4-year-old boy who inspired the creation. it's memorial day. monday. may 28th. "starting point" begins right now. ♪ ♪ brown sugar you taste so good ♪
5:00 am
>> officially playlist. do we share this on all of our play lists? >> yeah. i heard bob dylan sing this. >> john fugelsang with us and will cain. tropical storm beryl getting a head-start on the atlantic storm season which begins friday and beryl is pounding coastlines in florida and georgia with heavy rain and high winds this morning. the powerful storm slammed ashore overnight bringing down trees and power lines in jacksonville beach, florida, sparking this electrical fire. thousands of people in the region are without power this morning. the storm is expected to bring as much as a foot of rain in some places. a little bit of good news there for areas and long-term drought. rl relative humidity is tracking this tropical storm for us. a hard way to get a little rain, isn't it? >> they are getting it all at one time. the rainfall that has fallen over 3 inches in many spots here in drought-stricken areas over 2 inches in jacksonville. but since this time, they have seen much more rain pile up and
5:01 am
a flash flood warning in effect for jacksonville proper. 40 miles an hour as far as max winds go the center of which between jacksonville and valdosta, georgia. it's spinning in. the rainfall continues to spiral in as well. the rain bands are getting up as far north as savannah and charleston. this is going to be a slow mover. because of that, we have the flash flood threat even those this is in a drought-stricken area you don't want it all at one time. winds over 70 miles an hour. near hurricane strength. this was almost a hurricane. we had sustained winds at 70 miles an hour. this is a remarkable stuff. our second tropical storm and one making landfall. we haven't seen one make landfall in may since 1959. incredibly rare. here is your forecast track. it will eventually get back out to sea and hug the carolina coastline but not really until tomorrow night. we have time where this is sitting overland and eventually
5:02 am
gain strength as it heads further out to sea. it will be interesting to see what happens along the carolina coastline. one thing for sure it will rain out quite a bit. we will see some flash flooding because of this even though we're in a drought here for the most part. good news and bad news situation and early start to this year's hurricane season which as you mentioned doesn't start officially until friday. >> get your go bag. i know you got it ready. thanks. get to zoraida sambolin. >> a commotion in british court as tony blair testifies in the uk phone hacking scandal. blair was being grilled about his ties to news corporation founder rupert murdoch. blair's testimony was interrupted by a protester who accused him much being a war criminal. >> this man should be arrested for war crimes. >> morgan paid him off for the iraq war three months after he invaded iraq! he held up the iraq bank for 20 billion! it was then paid $6 million
5:03 am
every year and still is from jpmorgan, six months after he left office! the man is a war criminal! >> i'd call that a commotion. the protester was removed from court. in the meantime, british officials continue to probe murdoch's company after his former tabloid "news of the world" admitted to hacking the phones of several high profile people. a murder mystery is unfolding in japan. two american men are held by tokyo police in connection with the strangling of an irish exchange victim. she is identified as 21-year-old nicolea furlong and found unconscious in a hotel room thursday morning. no word on how the two american men may be involved there. later this morning, president obama will mark memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. then he'll kick off a 13-year project to honor veterans of the vietnam war and speak at the
5:04 am
veteran wall and announce plans of those to serve in southeast asia from now through 2025. defense secretary leon panet panetta taking a swipe at mitt romney over his criticism of the president for making that plan public. >> without getting into the campaign rhetoric of what he is asserting, i think you've got 50 nations in nato that agree to a plan in afghanistan. it's an agreement that, you know, others, president bush, president obama, everyone has agreed is the direction that we go in in afghanistan. >> the secretary also warns there will be disastrous consequences if congress doesn't plan cuts of $500 billion from
5:05 am
the defense budget scheduled for early next year. live from new york, it is the first lady. mrs. obama will be here in new york city this week to promote her new book on the white house garden. on saturday, the first lady took daughters sasha and malia to beyonce's first show since giving birth to blue ivy in january. wow, she looks good. 80-year-old grandmother going sky diving for the first time and almost slipping out of her harness. laverne everett said she wanted to jump out of a plane for ten years! but it looks like she changed her mind just before the jump holding on to the plane for dear life. the instructor pushed her out and as they fall, her harness slips off and the partner held on to her tight. they both made it down safely i am so happy to report. >> i wonder if she ever does that again. >> she said she wanted to. >> oh! she was holding her legs as they
5:06 am
were going down. she was upside down. he was holding her legs. she must have been terrified. >> i jumped out of a plane. it's a really cool experience but i was harnessed to the golden knights who have never lost anybody so i was in pretty good hands. >> i did it once before and said i would never do it again and i called my parents and they hung up on me. thanks so much. >> i want to know how she drives! >> do you think she is a good driving? i hope a better driver than sky diving. >> he is always at pope benedict's side but the butler is accused of a disroyal act and has been arrested. the documents reveal an internal power struggle within the vatican. john allen of cnn, correspondent for the national catholic reporter, joins us this morning from denver. good morning. this is intrigue at the highest levels of the government. bring me up to speed here on what these documents show and why this is such a scandal that
5:07 am
they were leaked. >> good morning, guys. yeah, the vatican is always good for some intrigue and we certainly had a healthy dose of it over the holiday weekend. the charge is this 46-year-old italian lehman by the name of paola dab yelle is the mold of qha -- secret documents have been leaked to the press and created international sensations. these documents a lot of them and they are highly diverse among themselves. talking about confidential accordance between the pope's ambassador in washington and his bosses back home about internal policy disputes. documents from the vatican bank and elsewhere inside the vatican documenting alleged corruption and cronyism and vatican finances and also a plot to kill the pope. the thing is the problem for the vatican isn't so much the content of these documents
5:08 am
because they have been able, as they have rolled out, to provide alternative explanations. the problem is that these are all real internal vatican documents and quite clearly someone may be several swuns are leaking. >> if it was the butler, what is his motivation? until now, he has been seen as an ally, you know? one of only seven people very close to the -- you know, to the living quarters of the pope. >> first of all, i should say there is real doubt in many quarters whether or not this butler, if, indeed, he is involved, acted alone. in fact, one of the leading italy dailies has a story this morning with an anonymous source but an alleged vatican insider of who is saying there are multiple people who are involved in this effort to bring secrets to the light of day. but ultimately, i think, the theory would be there are some in the vatican who believe that pope benedict xvi has issued this call to purification and spiritual renewal but it is
5:09 am
being obstructed by some of the people around him, in particular, his top aide, the cardinal secretary of state ber ton bertoni. in a sense force the pope's hand to make a regime change. >> good morning, sir. john fugelsang here. as a subscriber to the catholic reporter i thank you for your expertise on this. is it like wikileaks? we find out who is behind the leak than the scandals detailed within the leak? >> well, i think both things are in play. i mean, look. in terms of the content the most damaging of these leaks has been the documents about vatican finances because, right now as we speak, the vatican is trying to get itself on the white list of countries that imply within international standards of transparency and the fight against money laundering and terrorism. clearly the leaks don't help. at the same time, there is active speculation about who is behind it, in part, because it
5:10 am
speaks to internal power struggles within the vatican and also competing visions about where the church ought to go in the 21th century. >> and happening at a time when the vatican is trying to exert more influence, for example, in the united states and with its nuns in particular and how they are spending their time in the united states. how important is it for the vatican to seem, i guess, no, sir as embroiled in this chaos. >> i don't think there ever is a good time to be embroiled in an internal meltdown but you're right, this is probably one of the worst times the vatican could have picked. i mean, not only do we have high profile controversy in the united states about a vatican crackdown on the leading organization of nuns in this country, but there is also an unfoldi unfoldi unfolding sex abuse in ireland. 150,000 christians being killed around the world in places in
5:11 am
africa and the whole new generation of christian martyrs. the vatican would like to move the ball on that issue. clearly its inability to do any of that is compromised by the perception quite simply it doesn't have its own act together. >> john allen, thanks for stopping by this morning. >> you bet. ahead on "starting point," up next a 4-year-old boy didn't want to wear his hearing aid because none of his beloved super heroes wore them. he said, mom, super heroes don't wear hearing aids, i'm not going to wear one, not mi more. we will tell you about a marvel hero and anthony smith. an estimated 550 million but sean diddy combs won't be paying for college for his oldest son who is getting a $54,000 scholarship. you're watching "starting point."
5:12 am
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5:15 am
what will you inspire, with the eos rebel t3i and ef lenses, for ron's next project ? learn more at youtube. 4-year-old noanthony smith needed a hearing aid but he wasn't going to wear it because none of the super heroes he read about wore a hearing aid. that all changed. his blue hearing device lets him hear an ant hiccup on the other side of the country. joining us is anthony smith along with his super hero mom and here with us is bill roseman, the editor at marvel comics who made all of this happen with some help from his friends. welcome, everybody. christina, first, tell me what happened here. . your little guy is hearing-impaired and he didn't
5:16 am
want to wear his device. walk us through what happened here. >> you know what happened? one day, we were getting ready. i said, okay, let's put in your ear piece. he looked at me in a sad way, he said, super heroes don't wear blue ears. i was gutted. i thought not now, you're only 4. i did what every mother does. i said, they lied. i said sure they do. he said which one? i said captain america. he said how do you know? i said i'm i'm the mom, i just know. i was worried what if he asks someone else and they tell him the truth about captain america? that's when i started looking around on the internet and posted something on my facebook and bunch of my friends said all of these other super heroes so i thought maybe one is hearing-impaired but i couldn't find anything. i was on the marvel website and i thought i'd give it a shot and told them a little bit about my guy. >> bill, what happened here? this gets to you, this e-mail
5:17 am
gets to you. you hear the little story the little guy doesn't want to wear his hearing a. you back to a hawkeye cover? >> the e-mail came into our general editorial address. even in her e-mail said this may end up in your spam filter but i'm a fellow parent. i read her letter and thought we have to help christina out and her son. i sent the e-mail around to everyone at marvel. a lot of us grew up reading the marvel comics. one thing we know what spider-man taught us with great power there must come great responsibility. if we have the ability we must do whatever we can to fix it. i sent the e-mail around and said what can we do? any artist can draw a hero that has a hearing aid? let's do some research. who in our past may have been wearing a hearing aid. >> you found somebody? yes. my executive editor said in the '80s hawkeye damaged his
5:18 am
hearing. right, i read that comic when i was younger. hawkeye hurt his here in an adventure and had to wear two hearing aids. >> you went further than that? >> yes. with blue ear? >> yes. i sent christina this avenger cover with hawkeye saying now super heroes wearing hearing aid but avenger wears an hearing aid and if anthony wears his hearing aid wihe will be an avenger. two of our people took it home and draw and create a hero. nelson created blue ear because as christina said, anthony calls his hearing aid the blue ear. we sent that to christina and anthony. manny drew a young version of blue ear standing with hawkeye both wearing hearing aids. >> he took this to school with him. what is the response?
5:19 am
he is wearing the device, i assume? >> i mean, it was amazing. he goes to preschool hearing for impaired children. first they saw hawkeye. he can do it! it was like spider-man can wearing a hearing aid and everybody can do it. when blue ear came, it was the best! that's a hearing-impaired guy. when manny is drawing the little blue ear and anthony said that's me, that's me! it was wonderful. >> anthony, who is your favorite super hero, anthony? >> blue ear because i love him. >> he loves blue ear! that is so sweet. did you grow up watching, reading comics? >> no, but i got into it through my son. i also had a son who had health problems and had to wear a body cast and we drew an ironman on the front. i can't tell you how important that was to be able to lift the spirits and have some fun with
5:20 am
what is really a hard situation. >> a beautiful story and takes away the pain of a dare devil film for me. >> you always have avengers. >> of course. will blue ear find way in the comics? >> do you think he is special just for anthony? >> right now we don't have any plans for blue ear but it's the marvel universe. you never know what will happen next. >> bill, thank you so much and christina and anthony, thank you. you're right, all mothers do lie but it's all for the right reason. i swear. thanks. >> anthony wanted to say a special thank you. can you say thank you to bill? >> thank you, bill! >> oh, thank you, anthony. hey, you're our hero! >> what a great guy. thank you so much. nice to see all of you. ahead on "starting point" history is made at the indy 500. we will talk to the big winner live and his 18-year-old son of hip-hop mobile sean diddy combs who just landed a 54,000
5:21 am
scholarship but should his multimillionaire father pick up the tab anyway? you're watching "starting point." sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band d crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band d crowd cheering honoring america's troops. sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseadeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band d crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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5:24 am
week when his son graduated from high school. justin is a rising football star and signed a full division i scholarship at shra to play for the bruins. the scholarship acquired not only athletic prowess but good grades. even so with many families across the country feeling the strain of skyrocketing college costs, some might question why a multimillionaire, more than that, half a billionaire's child is getting a free ride to college. here to talk about scholarships is cnn's education contributor steve perry. steve, welcome to the program. you know, this is a merit scholarship, right? this kid for grades and athletic ability got a merit scholarship to ucla. there are some who saying, wow this guy has a lot of money. shouldn't the taxpayers of california get a break here and sean combs pick up the bill? >> first i want to say happy memorial day to all of the families out there who have lost a loved one in the fight for freedom anywhere on this globe.
5:25 am
really that's what this is about. it's about freedom. the freedom of in a country where it's -- justin teams to have earned this a child with a 3.7 gpa in elite private school and done what he needs to do to be successful. in this world, we have to accept that no matter who your father is, whether he is be rich, poor, or absent, that you can, in fact, be successful on your own merit and they don't give athletic scholarships just because of who your father is it's because of what you're going to do. nothing free about a division i athletic scholarship. it's 40 hours plus of work on campus every single week. in order to make sure that you maintain that scholarship. nothing free about this. this child will earn this. >> when i first heard of this i think how many people do i know have successful parents and the parents said forget, i paid for my own school, you pay for your own school. the kid is the kid. the kid's merits. different if it's a needs based scholarship. it is not that but a merit based
5:26 am
scholarship. still, ucla, taxpayers, i mean, i could see how somebody could say, look. maybe same 54,000 should go to kids who need it. >> i work with children from historically disadvantaged populations and want every single one of them who earned it to get access to college and pay as little as possible but that is not where this conversation is. this is about some people feeling because sean p. diddy combs has in fact, been successful his child should not receive any form of support for his own ability and i don't see that is really the issue here. what is at issue is two things. one, this child has been successful in a place where very few is successful and easy for us to be overwhelmed by the ncaa and think everyone is getting scharps and how this things goes. i can tell you very few children get access to one of these and as a result it must mean he has worked his behind off. so kudos, justin. stay focused. >> i think he did say he worked his behind off but wasn't exactly the word he used but he
5:27 am
worked really hard. he said his dad was really proud of him. you can see as a parent on the table, we have a bunch of little boys here having a kid be able to get one of these scholarships would be pretty -- pretty rare and pretty amazing. >> indeed. we are very happy for him and, obviously, he had a pretty good start in life. he had an incredibly wealthy father who was able to provide him with the sort of support that millions of american kids don't have. now, taking nothing away from his merit, taking nothing away from his hard work and own achievement, 54,000 is what diddy spends on a tip to the school book store when he goes to shrucla. do you know in the past wealthy families have received wealthy scholarship and donated them to a needy student who benefited from this where they don't need the state funds to go to college? >> i don't know of any. i don't tend to work with children this wealthy.
5:28 am
none of my parents are giving away anything because they are struggling to pay to get their child into any state school or other school that they can, so that's not -- >> sean combs is self-made. >> he earned it! this is a man who earned it. he has earned it on his own sweat. i mean, we have to begin to celebrate success at some point in this country. we can't, as we say, hate on this brother for his success or his children to be able to be successful too. >> think about if he did that, what message would that send to his son? this guy earned the scholarship. he probably wants to have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of earning his -- >> his own way in life. >> right. >> absolutely. if dad comes in and says don't worry, i'll take care of that, if i were the kid, i would like undercut by dad. >> i have a feeling that sean combs somewhere over the next four years could donate. i don't know for sure. but, you know, i mean, he's got a lot of money that he is
5:29 am
looking forward to spend. >> that may be the reason why ucla was willing to do it when i'm sorry, but the fact -- >> no! no, no! otherwise, you have -- >> you can't take it away from this kid. this kid has earned it. >> i'm not taking a thing away from him but teach your son a valuable lesson of service to your community and giving back to those that have less than you and your sacrifice -- >> your if your kid geeds a scholarship you're not taking it, then? >> if i have 500 million, no, sir, i'm not taking. >> the only way is if you reach 500 million, i would presume? >> he can do what he wants. you're right, christine, it's all hypotheticals and there is merit to teaching your child that lesson as well. >> would you prefer this kid never did anything to earn a 54,000 scholarship? >> let's leave justin combs to his scholarship and his moment, because i will agree with you that we want to be celebrating success and this is a kid. >> absolutely. >> a kid who did it. thanks so much, steve. nice to see you.
5:30 am
thanks for coming by. >> nice to see you as well. >> steve is mad at me now. >> no! >> thanks, guys. we will leave that story there for now and move on to international news. a deadly rampage in syria. dozens of kids younger than 10 killed on friday. the chairman of joint chief of staffs telling us military should be an option for syria. justin bieber wanted by police after a scuffle with paparaz paparazzi? and "wrecking ball." you're watching "starting point." great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet?
5:31 am
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good morning. let's get to zoraida sambolin for today's headlines. he is has confessed to killing etan patz. he reported the suspect to police in camden, new jersey, in the 1980s but nothing came of. according to the relative he admitted killing a boy in new york and dumping the body in the trash. he says police apparently didn't believe the story. hernandez is in a new york hospital on suicide watch await ago psychiatric exam to determine if he is competent to stand trial for murder. lady gaga canceling a concert in indonesia because of islamic threats. the police refused to issue permits for the show after a group threatened violence in lady gaga performed bawling her a devil worshiper. talks are being held to tone down the show but gaga people said she refused to budge. more than 50,000 tickets had been sold for that event.
5:35 am
a major milestone in the recovery of a georgia woman battling a flesh eating bacteria. 24-year-old aimee copeland spoke her first words in nearly a month. yesterday, she is also breathing now on her own. her family has called the special day aimee day. you'll remember, copeland has had her hands, leg, and remaining foot amputated. she contracted the bacterial disease after a zip lining accident over a river. justin bieber is wanted by police in los angeles and not for an autograph. they want to question him about an alleged assault on a photographer after he snapped pictures of bieber and his girlfriend selena gomez. it happened yesterday at a mall in california. photographer was treated at the hospital for chest pains and released. police want to question selena gomez. bieber could be charged with misdemeanor battery. >> thank you very much. an emergency effort this morning to save a peace plan in syria but a bloody weekend massacre could destroy all hope.
5:36 am
more than 100 syrians were killed over the weekend including dozens of women and children. both the u.s. and the u.n. condemn the attacks pinning most of the blame on syria's government but the government says it's not to blame. we are joined by mohammed jamjoom joins us on the phone. >> this has very little hope. he plans to meet with assad. he says he is shocked and horrified about what transpired this weekend and there must be a very thorough investigation but the fact of the matter is no matter that there have been new u.n. observers on the ground there the violence has not increased and doesn't look like it will decrease any time soon. activists say they don't believe the syrian government and they don't believe the syrian government was ever ceasing the violence or crackdown towards
5:37 am
them and the rebel free syrian army yesterday said coffee an n kofi annan's peace plan was dead. since a cease-fire that never seems to have come to pass was agreed upon over 1600 syrians have been killed in that time alone. very little hope. obviously, kofi annan is hopeful he can do something and hopeful to do something to convince assad to make sure that the syrians are implementing the six-point peace plan but at this stage very little hope what can happen next. >> 49 children under age of 10, the pictures are horrific. what is the motivation of this massacre? what is happening there? >> reporter: that is a key question. the activists we speak with in
5:38 am
homes said a city was shelled and said pro syrian government regime thugs went into the town and slaughtering women, children and women. it is beyond comprehension even to a population is used to this seemingly endless cycle of violence and can't understand why children would be the target of this kind of violence. the images we have seen are so graphic, so gruesome. mangled bodies of children and some with their heads bashed in absolutely horrifying in every way. international condemnation stepping up on the regime. even since this massacresyria. yesterday we heard over 30 people were killed in a city as a result of shelling by the syrian regime. the syrian regime continues to deny they are doing this and blame the violence in syria on terrorists and al qaeda and more more members of the
5:39 am
international community saying this is the work of the syrian regime and this blood shed must stop. >> mohammed jamjoom, thank you. we will tell you what the chairman of joint chiefs of staff had to say. up next, dario franchitti makes history at the indy 500. we will talk to the big winner live. this is from my playlist. cold play. ♪
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a dramatic day at the
5:43 am
indianapolis 500 but in the end, dario franchitti took the checkered flag, his third win at indy. the thrill of victory coming after a crash on the final lap. dario franchitti is the indianapolis 500 winner. he joins us. welcome. you are now the seventh man to win the race three times. congratulations to you! this race could have ended a lot differently. sato went for the lead and crashed on the final lap. take us through that final moment, will you? >> yeah. it was -- it was one of those crazy typical indianapolis 500 rans coming to the last lap there, i was leading and takuma got a run there. i went to inside and i realized i was too late with that move so i moved back up and gave takuma some room. you know? i could have given him a bit less but i started to move up. i wasn't getting a good feeling. i didn't want to crowd him too much. luckily i did that because he lost the back end of the car.
5:44 am
he couldn't hold the car down there on a tight line. he started to spin and i he hit the side of my car as he was spinning and took me sideways. i'm glad i moved up the track and gave him extra room. after that, out come the caution flag and bringing it to the checkered flag. >> it was how out there. 91 degrees. on the track it must have, someone said 130 degrees. how do do you a 500 like that? >> you know, it was actually not too bad for us. we had that 220-mile-an-hour air-conditioning going on so it wasn't too bad. the guys in the pit lane and the crews with their helmets and race suits on to do the pit stops, i felt for them and the fans in the grandstapends. it was tougher for those than us in the car. >> how does it feel to win the third one? savoring different than the first one or second one? does it feel different to you? >> not really. i've been in this whirlwind
5:45 am
since i got out of the car. i haven't had a chance to really think about it but i'm very proud of all of them and that feeling of, you know, of achievement is there and all of my guys from the target team are starting to walking past here now and photographs on the yard of bricks. i see those guys and you see what it means to everybody, that is a very special feeling for the team and for myself. >> last year, i interviewed dan wheldon on this way for his win and wearing the white glasses. he was a good friend of yours. i know you made sure this win was about him too. >> yeah. it was very ironic three of his closest friends win 1, 2, and 3 and yesterday was paying tribute to dan the whole month really and the fans and the teams and the driver got behind that and the emotion of the day was incredible. i think a fitting tribute to dan. the fans wearing the white
5:46 am
glasses, the crew as well and banners in the grandstands. i think he would have been very proud. he loved this track like no other and i think the fans have a special connection with him. so, yeah, it was very bittersweet day yesterday. >> it really was. we want to congratulate you for sure on your third win and thank you. you do that so tastefully. the honor to him, too, it's tough. it's just a tough -- tough all the way around but you deserve it and thank you so much for coming by. dario franchitti, third time. thank you. >> thank you. should the u.s. get involved after a devastating massacre in syria? we will talk about that next. ♪
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5:50 am
we have been telling but that deadly slaughter in syria over the weekend. 108 people killed. dozens of women and children. should the u.s. military get involved in syria as a result of this massacre as a result of the deteriorating situation there? here is what the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey told us earlier on the show. >> my job is to provide the commander in chief with options and i think the military option should be considered and i think that -- but my -- my preference, of course, always as a -- as the senior military leader would be that the international community could find ways of increasing the pressure on assad to do the right thing and step aside. but, of course, we always have to provide military options and they should be considered. >> it's interesting. the options before the military options aren't working so far. >> yes. >> what did you hear him say? >> the most senior u.s. official that i've actually heard say out
5:51 am
of his mouth that the military option should be considered. in the white house, in recent weeks, when you ask administration officials, why libya and intrude in libya and not the same in syria. partly on the grounds reality. in libya ga gdhafi was mounting campaign against the city and we could attack his military. a target we could hit from the air. syria, it's much more implicated. you've got an urban environment, military options and much more complicated but nobody has said the military option should be considered until kempsy said this this morning. >> is what we are seeing now not what was given to the administration a year ago the rational to stop gadhafi and see what is chosen for intervention. grags on what may be a scoop here. is that why the administration cannot come out and say
5:52 am
anything? >> it's interesting because in libya, most of the military establishment in the united states was not in favor of that campaign because, frankly, libya is not an -- wasn't important for the strategic u.s. interests. syria, you have hezbollah, iran and placed into our middle east policies. dempsey, his message this morning was not just pressure, but he wants assad to know the u.s. is thinking about military option. >> what about russia? they are so important here. >> when you talk about iran. i think russia is the real issue here. they don't want any international coalition going in and messing around. questions about syria have to be asked and answered had to be asked and answered about libya that i don't know ever were. is it a doable end game and will we be in syria for who notion how long and who do we put in place and maintain that presence? none of that is answerable in syria. >> one of the options republicans have talked about is arming the op motion. now we don't know a lot about
5:53 am
the opposition. and there's some bad dudes in the opposition that could be worse than assad. >> could be neighborhoods cleaned out because they suspect they are with the opposition too. what we saw this weekend was horrific. >> the opposition gave us saddam hussein and osama bin laden historically speaking and messy from all sides but the first time we have heard anyone this high ranking admit what we know it's being considered. >> hsome major atrocity happens and people move from sitting on the sidelines to watching and saying we may have to intervene. >> history tells us it was moved too late? we make a lot of mistakes ahead of time? it's a dangerous game to get involved. >> absolutely.
5:54 am
ven. >> of course. >> they are saying -- >> al qaeda linked terrorist groups. >> one interesting note in that all of the towns around that area controlled by government forces are empty. the towns controlled by the rebel forces and people are flooding to. >> wow. all right, guys. this isn't the last point or the last word certainly on syria but dempsey's interview is interesting. "end point" is coming up next and leave you with ryan lizza's playpolice. ♪ don't cry now you can apply sunblock
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one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ♪ take ago live look at arlington national cemetery on this memorial day. president obama headed there this morning to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the president will thank and honor all of the men and women who have given their lives to service in this country. time for the "end point."
5:58 am
ryan, start with you. >> back to the conversation we were having. >> syria? >> yeah. i feel we have reached a major development in the story between the atrocity and outcry in the international community and dempsey saying this morning that military option should be considered. >> do you think russia is going to be -- change its tune a little bit here? >> that, no evidence. >> really? >> champion of humanitarian causes. >> no evidence that. not in russia's strategic interest yet to see assad go but that could change. >> how about you? >> easy to be cynical about memorial day when it seems like it's a day for discounted mattress sales and air-conditioner sales and easy to be really downhearted about it. whether you were for these wars or opposed to these wars, there's so much you can do for the veterans who are still here and to acknowledge the sacrifice of those we have lost. >> the people we lost and i grew up putting flags on all soldiers
5:59 am
graves do you know what i mean? it is your whole family jis when you go to war and fight for this country. >> it's deeper than patriotism and ideology and young women and men sent off as civilians to fight and die and the culture in every world. >> it's not the beginning of sales. >> it is about -- it can be miller lite or another american beer. >> isn't miller owned by a brazilian company? >> in all seriousness i think memorial day becomes symbolic for many of us because we don't have a family member who served for this country much less died for this country but those who have had the flag handed to them and i think you have to search out that emotional connection. this is about individuals. it's about human beings who died for something that now gets to be


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