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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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charges. what was the reaction inside the courtroom? we'll let you know. what does it feel like when floods sweep through your hometown? one woman said it feels like a whale swallowing her up.
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welcome back. i'm randi kaye. thanks for starting your day with us. back to the top story. jerry sandusky has been found guilty on 45 of 48 charges related to the sexual abuse charges of ten young boys. the crowd gathered, cheered the verdict. they watched as sandusky was
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brought out in handcuffs and put in the back of a police car. okay. that's what happened outside. jean casarez was inside the courtroom when the verdict was read one by one. what was it like in there? what was jerry sandusky doing as the guilty verdict was read? >> reporter: he walked into the courtroom. he had one hand in one pocket and sort of walking stoic. i saw him stoic as he stood. it took quite awhile to read all the verdicts one after the other. i think the emotion that caught me was an empty bench in the courtroom until almost the last minute. three women sat on that bench. i didn't recognize them. all of a sudden, i looked and there was victim number six who had come and sat in the middle of those women. that is the accuser from 1998. the very first young man that
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stepped forward because his mother called the school and authorities. he held the hand of his mother, who was the woman that was in the seat before him, so tightly. he was -- through the verdict. when the counts were read, she sobbed in silence. his eyes just filled with tears. he was the lone victim in that courtroom, we believe, last night. so emotional. >> if they followed it up then, how it could have been prevented. sandusky is going to be sentenced within the next 90 days. jean, what is he facing? >> reporter: he's facing multiple life sentences because of the convictions on so many felony counts. in the interim, what's going to happen is the sexual assault assessment board is going to do the assessment on him as well as a preconviction report. the sentencing should be in 90
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days. probably september. that will be an emotional point. victims can read victim pact statements. we don't know if any will choose to do so. some may benefit from it psychologically. the judge will determine his sentence. he obviously will not see the light of day. >> his defense attorney certainly tried to poke a lot of holes, inconsistencies, stories, lack of physical evidence, financial gain, possibly. jerry sandusky never took the stand. there was talk he would. his wife did. how do you think that played with the jury? >> reporter: i thought she was probably the strongest witness they had. what i was surprised about was i felt because the children were so, you know, the summer of this year i spent every single weekend at his house and that's when he forcibly raped me. i thought dottie sandusky would bring out the family calendars
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and talked about how they weren't home this weekend or that weekend to raise that reasonable doubt. she said i don't remember dates. i don't remember when we were at home and when we weren't at home at all. it didn't help in the defense. i thought the motherly, grandmotherly, likable type of person she was would affect the jury potentially because at that moment she testified, you sort of felt sorry for her. >> you say they are going to appeal. on what grounds can they? >> you know, it was a seamless trial. the only thing i can think of, they could not get a continuance. it was months ago that 52 charges were brought against him. the trial was brought forward. i think that is their top issue. >> thank you so much. great to have you on this morning. checking other stories, a formal cardinal aid could face
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charges for covering up priests under his supervision. he was found guilty of one count of child endangerment. the conviction sends a message that church officials will be held accountable. parts of minnesota and wisconsin are a mess following days of torrential rains. thousands are waiting to return to home because the roads are too dangerous. floods killed at least three people in wisconsin. estimates could top $100 million in duluth, minnesota alone. a boy's father went out to bring home dinner. the boy was home alone when three teens broke in. he crawled behind drawers and called 911. >> i was watching tv. i went to get something to drink when i saw somebody throw a hammer through a window. >> is it inside the house? >> yes.
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>> i felt like i was riding from here to orlando. it was like when the operator told me that he was on the other line with another operator, that's when i -- she told me to calm down. >> can you call the police? >> they are outside. i want you to stay on the phone. >> that quick-thinking little boy is just fine. the three suspects are under arrest. the 68-year-old grandma who was relentlessly bullied by a group of middle schoolers may be getting ready for retirement. wait until you hear how much money people have donated to her cause.
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the father of one of the middle school students filmed
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virsly harassing a bus monitor has received death threats. the victim is getting an outpouring of support. her daughter says to stop harassing those involved, it's a form of bullying as well. you don't typically think of an adult as a victim. i went to greece, new york to talk to a bus monitor who was bullied. >> it begins with karen klein in her seat at the back of the bus surrounded by the kids. >> you are so fat. you are so fat. >> the students, all boys, tell klein their 68-year-old bus monitor for the greece central school district that she's so fat she'll probably die from diabetes. it's not just verbal attacks. there are physical threats, too. >> you are a troll.
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you're a troll. >> how about i bring my knife -- >> if i stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would go through you like butter. >> what is your address. >> i'm gonna tell you. >> klein takes most of it in silence. hardly engaging the kids except at moments like this. >> unless you have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. >> everything these teenages said was cruel, this comment was the most hurtful at all. >> your family killed themselves because they didn't want to be near you. >> her son committed suicide. it's unclear if they knew about his death. >> the video was recorded by one of the boys who posted it on facebook. from there, it was picked up and posted on youtube. by thursday afternoon, it had gone viral with more than 1.6 million hits putting this quiet
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community of greece, new york on the map. >> i think it's disgusting. you know, i raised eight children. if one of my children would have done that, there would be consequences to this. i don't care what but you have to have respect starting at home. >> 48 hours after it was posted online, klein told me the same students have misbehaved before, but never like this. how were you feeling when they were saying such cruel things to you in. >> i didn't catch them all. the things i did catch -- i didn't know what to do. you know, it was one of those things, i didn't know what to do. >> investigators interviewed all four boys involved. they may be suspended or expelled from school for a year or charged with aggravated harassment, menacing or stalking. for now, this grandmother of eight says she doesn't want to pursue criminal charges. all she wants is an apology.
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>> is there anything they could say that would take away the hurt that they caused you? >> they wanted to -- they won't do it to anyone else. they thought they were so smart. so smug. wipe the smile off their faces. but, i cannot see pressing criminal charges. >> this week, people started raising money for karen klein to take a vacation. the fund swelled to just about $600,000. she's considering retiring and may donate the money to an autism charity. she's received apologies from three of the four boys involved. i would love to know what you think about the case. what do you think in terms of punishment? what would you do if you were their parents? you can find me on twitter. use the #bullying stops here. as the decision on health care looms, bill santiago talks
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the justices haven't made up their minds yet. how about you? bill, good morning to you. you hit the streets in new york city. you were looking to find out what some people thought. what did they tell you? >> that's right. the people can't wait to find out how this obama care movie ends. the streets of new york famous for their opinions. let's check it out. see what they had to say. a big supreme court decision. we have to get the polls on the street. take a picture. how do you think the supreme court will decide? >> i hope they decide it is indeed constitutional. >> it's equal for everybody. >> especially old people. >> i do not know. >> obama should kill his own health care bill? >> sure. >> there's no easy answer for health care. >> can you do a song about obama
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care? ♪ obama care used to be romney care ♪ >> what do you know about it? >> you are covered until 26. that's all i know. >> should they raise the age? >> 26 is fine. >> 27 is pushing it? what do you think the co-pay should be on a vodka martini? >> i think they should be free. >> do you have a second. i want to talk about the supreme court decision on obama care. all right thank you. ♪ it might be declare d unconstitutional ♪ >> oh, boy. stick to comedy, bill. no more singing. >> i couldn't help it. i was surprised they didn't know my key. don't blame it on me. >> very good. the vodka martini? >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
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people had a lot of opinions on that. i'm surprised more people didn't agree with the tea party. the only thing you need to stay healthy is tea. there was a lot of gut reactions and i can't wait to get out there and do it again. >> what was the biggest surprise? >> how informed people were. they blewwere. they blew me away. i wasn't expecting that. of course none of that made it in the video. >> didn't want to make them look good. they did. they knew they were covered until they were 26. there were a lot of things there. >> a lot of people had very specific things about the bill they were familiar with that they liked. hey, everybody is waiting with bated breath to find out what the supreme court does next. they want to put a video about my songs, scalia, i'm waiting for you. >> write a song about scalia? >> i might. it seems to be me thing. something i channel things. if my collaborators are willing.
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a painful chapter for victims in the penn state community are over. horrific testimony and 20 hours of deliberation former assistant coach jerry sandusky has been found guilty of 45 of the 48 counts of sexually abusing young boys over a 40 year period. let's talk about the jury itself. seven women, five men. many of them in that community had ties to penn state. >> as can you imagine, rural
4:55 am
pennsylvania, centre county, everyone has ties to penn state. everybody in pennsylvania has some direct or indirect tie to penn state, jars one fourors, o professor, one current. we'll start with one, husband works with mike mcqueary's father who said he saw him molesting a young boy in the shower at penn state. there was a question whether to allow him to continue. a preemptive challenge. sandusky felt she would be fair moved forward in the case. juror number eight, very interesting. a current student at penn state, showed up wearing an archery t-shirt from penn state and still allowed to sit on the jury. >> probably thinking he would never get seated he did. >> he was saturated with the
4:56 am
outrage. jerry sandusky. he said he had strong feelings about the dismissal of joe paterno. he said it was a lot of people's fault. joe did some things he shouldn't have done. juror 11, married woman, part-time worker at penn state, had conversations with her husband about jerry sandusky. had a 6-year-old. you could imagine what might have gone through her head during the testimony, the mother of a young boy. >> what a difficult time for the jury. you've got to give them a lot of credit for listening to such disturbing testimony and victims we're now calling survivors for coming out and speaking as well. thank you very much. >> thank you. imagine this, you send your child to school, and he comes back home badly beaten and blinded in one eye. that's what happened to my guest in about 20 minutes. the family will share their tranlic story and why they want $16 million from the city of new york. ♪ i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions.
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