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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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shot. this mother is wounded in the leg as she tries to escape the gunfire with her 4-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter. >> i just grabbed the baby, and i just drug -- i grabbed my daughter and just got her out as fast as i could. and just ran out. i didn't turn around. i didn't look behind me. i just got out. and then there was a moment where my daughter tripped, and -- and i just pulled her up. i was dragging her. i was thinking, we've got to get out. just -- just got to get out the doors. if i fall dead, just get my kids out of here. it was -- just so horrible. >> reporter: at 12:39 a.m., the first calls come into 911. >> reporter: police arrive within 90 seconds to soon learn that 71 people have been wounded. the cell phone video shows panicked and bloodied victims streaming out of the theater. [ crying ] >> been shot --
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>> reporter: inside, ten people are dead. >> we need rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims. >> i got seven down in theater nine! seven down. >> i've got a child victim. i need risk at the back door theater nine now. >> chilling moments for sure. authorities have said little about what they believe was the motive behind the massacre. the death toll now stands at 12. 58 wounded. we'll have more on the shooting investigation in a moment. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on cnn "sunday morning" which starts right now. if you're just waking up this morning, let's catch you up on what's happening here in aurora, colorado. overnight, we found out that police interviewed an associate of suspected gunman james holmes. a spokeswoman says the person is not a suspect, and there's no reason to believe that he was involved.
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also, police now say that they've removed all the booby traps from james holmes' apartment and performed a controlled detonation of some of the explosives. others were burned. many residents who were evacuated were allowed to return home. police say the evidence shows holmes may have been planning the attack for months. and he wanted to kill or hurt anyone looking for information about him in the aftermath of the attack. we now know the names of all 12 people killed in the tragic shooting. many were under 30 years old. the youngest victim just 6. police say the theater where the shooting took place will remain closed until at least wednesday. that gives them time to complete their investigation. holmes' defense team will get access by tuesday. today is an important day for people here in aurora, colorado. president obama is headed here thchb the this afternoon to meet with the victims' families. jim spellman is near the complex where james holmes lives. what do we know it the president's visit and his agenda today?
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>> reporter: the president will arrive later this afternoon. we expect him to meet with the families of the victims and perhaps some of the wounded and local leaders here. that comes before the vigil later in the evening. the president not expected to speak at the vigil. he'll depart and head to san francisco early in the evening. randi? >> and as far as tomorrow, what can we expect from this arraignment? the suspected gunman is going to be in court for his first hearing. any news on what to expect from that? >> reporter: well, the court documents are sealed at this point. so we don't have a lot of insight. we haven't heard publicly what exactly is going to happen at the hearing. they could potentially charge him. if not, they'll have to deal with detaining him. perhaps some sort of bond hearing. it will be our first chance to get aook at him up close. we should know a lot more about how the state -- how the state of colorado will proceed with their case against james holmes after that hearing tomorrow morning. >> and yesterday they spent hours trying to get inside the apartment. they eventually did. police have been gathering the evidence there. we're hearing new details also,
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jim, about exactly these booby traps were. what did they find? >> reporter: well, we know that there was at least one trip wire set up at the front door. the police chief here in aurora described it as designed to kill the first person who went into that -- into that door. then there were many more in there. some of them described as being similar to -- to fireworks with golf ball-sized diameters that would shoot off, some are described as incendiary devices that would have caused fire. took them the better part of two days to render this apartment safe. unbelievably complex web of these -- iedsi improvised incendiary devices. they are trying to use evidence to advance the case. >> yeah. they were certainly careful about trying to keep some of that and not detonate everything there so they would have evidence left. jim spellman, thank you very much. the attack has left many
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wondering if it is time to beef up security at movie theaters. in new york some theaters are doing that. one made big changes well before friday's massacre. >> reporter: police vehicles are now posted outside new york city theaters showing "the dark knight rises." the nypd says it's not responding to any specific threat, rather hoping to prevent any copycats. >> we're just concerned that someone perhaps seeking no notoriety will attempt something similar. we always that when a -- a high-profile event happens. so we're doing this to sort of raise the comfort level of people who are going to the movies. >> reporter: at one multiplex theater outside new york city, security goes beyond comfort level. it's been using metal detectors for more than two decades. >> i actually feel safer coming to the movie theaters knowing there's a metal detector. feel more safe. >> reporter: the detectors were installed in 1990 after gunfire
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broke out on the opening night of "the godfather part three." one person killed, three people injured. the valley stream theater, according to a security consultant, was one of the first theaters in the country to install the detectors. he says certain factors were considered. >> we look at crime statistics in and around the area to see what type of crimes have occurred. is it a high crime area, does it justify certain level of technology or -- you know, additional measures that might not be needed in another area. >> reporter: in the mass shootings in aurora, authorities say the gunman entere through a fire exit. former fbi assistant director and cnn contributor tom 15 tofu. >> you're not talking about someone who brought weapons in through the front of the theater, the ticket-taker entrance. >> reporter: individual chains declined to discuss specific security measures.
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their umbrella group, the national association of theater owners, said in a statement members are working closely with local law enforcement agencies and reviewing security procedures. the national association of theater owners says it doesn't have a number of how many theaters in the u.s. use metal detectors. one immediate change in security, though, here at amc theaters is that movie-goers will not be allowed in the theater wearing costumes or masks. mary snow, cnn, new york. we'll have much more from aurora. let's go to our headquarters back in atlanta where jennifer westhoven has a look at other stories making headlines. good morning again. >> good morning, thank you. when we come back, we'll look at how norway is memorializing its own victims a year after a deadly attack. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i
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we'll take you back to aurora, colorado, and randi kaye for the latest. first, the latest international headlines. media baron rules package is stepping down from the board -- rupert murdoch is stepping down from the boards of dozens of companies including his media empire, news core. the company says it's part of a previous plan to separate television from film after the scandal involving "news of the world." police are looking for possibly a second suspect in the deadly bus bombing outside the airport last week.
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investigators previously released video of a man they had believed acted alone. now they are taking a police sketch of another man compiled from eyewitness descriptions to area hotels. five israeli tourists and their bulgarian bus driver were killed in wednesday's attack. today norway is remembering its worst day since world war ii that left 77 people dead. it was a year ago today that anders behring breivik bombed a government building in oslo, then headed to an island sum camp. he opened fire, leaving 69 teenagers dead. nationwide events to mark the solemn day include a wreath laying and a moment of silence at the time the bomb was detonated in oslo. this morning, we are following a mystery surrounding the jackson family. and the question we're asking is -- is kathere jackson okay? this is after conflicting reports over her whereabouts. we'll have more. i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile.
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all right. let's take you to syria now. that country's main commercial and industrial hub, its largest city ilepo, is the scene of
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heavy fighting. syrian military forces are launching an all-out attack on opposition strongholds there in the capital of damascus. the opposition says helicopter gunships bombarded several districts in an effort to drive out rebels. meanwhile syrian refugees are fleeing across the border, running for their lives to try and escape the violence. at last count, the number stood at 120,000 people. cnn reports from abu dhabi. you were telling us from among the tens of thousands of civilians, two army generals are joining the exodus, fleeing to neighboring turkey. that tells us that there are more than 20 merely officials now who have defected -- military officials who have defected from the army. is it a sign of a power shift, that the syrian regime may be crumbling? >> reporter: well, it certainly looks to be, jennifer. over the last couple of weeks, you've not just seen regular rank and file members of the army there defecting, continuing
4:18 am
to detect it the opposition and joining the rebel free syrian army. you also saw a little over a week and a half ago the defection of the most senior general, a brigadier general who fled the country. beyond that you've seen diplomatic defections. former ambassador to iraq left, as well. that taken in with the fact that there's fighting in damascus, that now there's fighting in ilepo, commercial hub of syria, is putting cracks into the idea that the syrian regime is invulnerable. a lot of questions as to how tenuous the grip that bashar al assad has on power remains. also, one other thing -- last week you had an stloeexplosion damascus that killed four of the top syrian officials. all those signs put together, people asking just how much power does bashar al assad hold in the country. >> speaking of damascus, we're getting conflicting reports
4:19 am
about what exactly is happening there. can you tell us what you know about the fighting there? >> reporter: it's interesting. you know, oftentimes we see in the syrian conflict, we hear from opposition activists because we're not able to report from inside syria, the syrian government will not give us visas. but we have reports today of fierce fighting in the capital. several days that intense fighting has been going on. there's one neighborhood in particular, the passion activi t activists telling us it's been shelling by helicopter. there are heavy casualties. the syrian regime for its part on state television, they were saying that although the syrian regime was going after armed terrorist groups in the capital, that life was normal in the capital. in fact, we even saw at one point they put up pictures of the round-about neighborhood of the capital as if to say everything is fine. they cut into soap operas that run during the holy month of ramadan as if to announce to the world everything is fine in the capital. we've gotten things under
4:20 am
control. it's worrying for the regime that the fighting in the capital has opinion as intense as -- has been as intense as it has been these last several days. >> how about in aleppo and reports of violence there? that city had escaped a lot of the violence before. >> reporter: that's right. we've seen signs in the last few months that maybe the city wasn't as much of a stronghold for the assad regime as it used to be. it started in march when there started being university demonstrations. anti-regime demonstrations. this is the commercial hub of syria, aleppo, the economic lifeline for the bashard al assad regime. many since the beginning of the uprising said if aleppo goes, there goes the assad regime. they can't continue without the hourhouse of the country. today we're getting reports that the free syrian army has changed tactics, marching on aleppo. that they intend to focus energies on going after the city. they say that will be the death
4:21 am
blow to the bashar al assad regime. >> interesting as we hear reports about what could be a power shift there between the regime and the rebels. thank you very much. this morning we're getting conflicting reports on michael jackson's mother, katherine jackson. the 82-year-old was reported missing late saturday. now then her son jermaine tweeted she's fine and resting in arizona. the missing persons report comes a few days after we learned of a big fight going between mrs. jackson's advisers and some of her children over money. finances and legal affairs. joining us from san diego is cnn's alan duke with the latest on this. some of the developments are coming via twitter. mrs. jackson's lawyer is saying she fears for mrs. jackson's safety. do we know that she's okay, alan? >> we don't know if she's okay. what we do know is that a missing persons report was filed
4:22 am
late saturday night by her nephew, trent jackson. trent jackson is closest to her because he's her driver, her assistant, essentially her valet. handles a lot of her businesses. he's been concerned the past week since he hasn't seen her since then. but what most worries him, her lawyer, is the fact that prince, blanket, and paris, have not been able to speak to their grandmother. in fact, this morning early this morning, paris took to her twitter account and said, yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven't spoken to her in a week. i want her home now. if anybody sees grandmother, please call authorities or this number -- and gave her security guard's number. she's very upset, i understand even got into a -- a shouting match of sorts on the phone with janet jackson who -- who told her she couldn't talk to her grandmother because her grandmother was resting. now it sounds like if she's
4:23 am
resting she's okay. what the lawyer says, what the manager says and what trent says is they're concerned because it's not like katherine jackson to -- to not talk it them in a 24-hour period. now it's been a week. she left her calabasas, california, home a week ago with older daughter rebbie bound for a concert in albuquerque. she didn't show up. they want to know what's up with that. >> that's a very fascinating story. we'll keep watching updates on that. we'll be back with more coming up.
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast. [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. good morning, i'm jennifer westhoven. this morning, we have breaking news regarding the statute of joe paterno. the former revered football coach at penn state. of course there's been a big controversy about whether or not that statue would join. susan candiotti with more. >> reporter: hi, jennifer. yes, the announcement coming by way of paper statement from the president of penn state university. the statue will be removed. the president of penn state calling it a recurring wound, in his words, to the victims of child abuse. therefore, he says, it will be
4:28 am
removed from outside the football stadium and stored. calling it a source of division and an obstacle to healing and the source of a heated debate, of course, not only on penn state but around the country in light of the free report which found coach joe paterno who died in january along with three other top penn state officials didn't do everything they could and, in fact, in the words of former fbi director louis freeh, had helped to cover up the scandal surrounding child abuse and jerry sandusky. so the statue will be removed and stored. we don't know when yet. >> anything about the reaction from students, for example? there's been so much controversy about this. so many people know this statue right outside the football stadium. >> reporter: oh, it goes well beyond students. the controversy goes to everyone in the united states, including victims of child abuse, including people who are alumni. there are people who are for it, against it. but it's coming down right now outside the statue. there are a number of people, as
4:29 am
they have been for a number of days, because everyone knew that the decision would be coming. now you have a lot of people standi around the statue, workers, again, in anticipation of it being removed and stored. we don't know when that's going to happen. it could be as early as today. >> all right. thank you very much, susan candiotti in new york. coming up -- we'll go to randi in aurora, colorado, for the latest. randi? thank you, jennifer. coming up in the 8:00 hour from aurora, we will talk with an explosives expert on what exactly was found at suspect james holmes' apartment. plus, we're going to talk with a rabbi and a pastor in our "faces of faith" session bmt how people can keep their faith once it's been shaken by a tragedy like this one in aurora. thank you very much for watching. i'll be back at the top of the hour with much more live from aurora. cnn "sunday morning" continues then. for now, "sanjay gupta m.d." starts.