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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 27, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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cnn newsroom continues right now with kyra phillips. >> hello everyone. 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 on the rest. five hours and counting until the official start of the 2012 summer games. the bells have rung. the torch has arrived. we're live in london. we haven't heard the last of jerry sandusky. voice malice have now surfaced along with a victim who has never come forward until apparently now. and not all of the world's best athletes are in london. i'll introduce you to a golfer who is taking the amateur ranks by storm. wait until you learn how old she is. it's been seven years in the making. costs more than $14 billion. and it's created a security nightmare. but now all eyes are on london. big ben and bells across the united kingdom sounding off for three whole minutes this morning to mark the start of the summer
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games. the olympic torch has finished its final leg on the river thames. next time you'll see its flames it'll be tonight. the big london secret though, the opening ceremony and, better yet, piers morgan is not going to be missing the event. he is on his home turf for goodness' sake. lots of secrecy about the opening ceremonies. i know you've got your sources, my friend. probably family members. clue us in. >> reporter: i've been sneaking around. i've been putting my nose in everywhere it shouldn't be trying to get any information. it's going to be pretty spectacular. probably my favorite detail is they're going to recreate a british countryside scene using real animals, country animals, so pigs, sheep, cows, you name it. they're all going to be in there with muhammed ali, bran-gelina, paul mccartney, an extraordinary mix of animals and people.
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>> sounds like the beautiful setting of your wedding. i remember the pictures of the two of you walking through the beautiful field. >> yes. >> you'll be right at home. are you going to be there? are you excited about this? give me some personal flair. >> i had 50 people at my wedding. i think there is nearer to 50,000 in there. amazing tonight. despite what mitt romney would have you believe the brits are very enthusiastic about this. it's actually -- the sun has been shining the last hour. the traffic has been pretty good. it took me an hour to get across town which about is how it normally takes. all the way i went over the london streets and i followed union jack flags and people celebrating and the one thing we brits are still world champions at is having a party. i think tonight is going to be the mother of all parties. >> all right. now let's talk about your interview with mitt and ann romney. okay? yesterday when i was talking to our folks there on the ground and they were showing us the headlines and the newspaper, you
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wasn't really being well received. a lot of londoners really not even caring that he was there. he's creating of course some controversy shall we say. what do you think about what he has said so far since he's been there and how is everybody receiving him in your eyes? >> i think mitt romney came at the perfect time for britain. for the last month all that any brits have been doing is moaning about the olympics, about the traffic, about the security, about everything in fact that mitt romney touched on. he was absolutely right in what he said. it's just a bit like going into somebody's house and saying, i don't like the color paint you've used. even if they feel that themselves, it's a little bit ill mannered to say that. i think that the feeling is he was a house guest and slightly over did his welcome. but let's put it in perspective. mitt romney told the truth. the security has been a shambles here. and to such an extent the british army had to be brought in to back up the outside group
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they used. i think that he was being accurate just a little bit insensitive in terms of the. as you can hear it's a bit noisy here. these helicopters are going in. and durand durand are actually rehearsing. so excitement is building. it's going to be a hell of a night and michelle obama is here. she came out with a great line u i must read you this. she said to the american athletes she visited, try to have some fun. try to breathe and take it in. but also win. and i think that is my message to the american athletes. but more importantly, to the british athletes. we've got to get some home grown gold out here. >> there you go. there you go. piers morgan. appreciate it so much. we of course are going to be talking to awe lot throughout the day and in the evening. for those of you who may have miss missed piers morgan's interview with mitt and ann romney you can see it again tonight at 9:00
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eastern. the republican presidential candidate had a meet and greet today with the prime minister of ireland. if he didn't say much for the cameras you can't blame him. romney's observations on london olympic security or lack thereof prompted "the sun" to call him "mitt the twit." "the daily mail" wondered who invited the, quote, party pooper. "the telegraph" called romney's charm offensive, devoid of charm and mildly offensive. my colleague jim acosta has seen all that and much more. jim? what do you think? will romney be lying a little low tonight in the ceremony? >> reporter: i think that's safe to say. i think the romney campaign, kyra, has come up with a new use for the olympic torch. they'd probably like to use it on those headlines in the london newspapers this morning and do away with them once and for all. the reception to what mitt romney had to say, like piers morgan said just a few moments ago, has not been good. he is trying to do some damage control. he did that interview with piers
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morgan last night and one with nbc's "today" show this morning. it's interesting to note, kyra, he did not really acknowledge the controversy that he caused over here in that interview on nbc that he now thinks london is ready for the games. he and ann romney will be at the opening ceremonies tonight. you mentioned his meeting with the leader of ireland. that meeting just wrapped up a few moments ago. and that is basically it for his schedule today. it's a lighter schedule and interesting to note that the leader of ireland said i understand you had to walk because of the traffic restrictions and mitt romney said he didn't mind the walk. that was basically all he had to say about that. but needless to say, he's walking on egg shells in london today, kyra. >> well, a lot of londoners were upset, offended i guess we should say, right, all that this talk about london not being ready for the olympics talking about security in particular.
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you even talked with the mayor of london. he wasn't too happy himself. >> reporter: well, we didn't talk with the mayor of london. he was talking to about 60,000 revelers last night at an event in london whipping up the crowd preparing them for the olympics that are about to get under way. and during his remarks to the crowd, he basically taunted mitt romney. here's what he had to say. >> there are some people from around the world who don't yet know about all the preparations we've done to get london ready in the last seven years. here is a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we're ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? [ cheering ] yes we are! >> reporter: now, we did try, kyra, to land an interview with the mayor of london, boris johnson. his office got back to us. they said his schedule is just a little too busy as we might
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expect but that they did add that the mayor has made some supportive comments about mitt romney in the last several hours because of what mitt romney has been saying doing some of that damage control and walking back his comments. perhaps some fence mending is going on here in the aftermath of what happened yesterday. and probably that's in keeping with the olympic spirit. >> of course. okay. i apologize. i thought you actually had a sit down with the london mayor. my guess is at some point you will. what about the romney camp? you mentioned they're sort of trying to i guess shift the direction of the conversation now? >> oh, yeah. well, mitt romney has said time and again that he is not going to criticize the president when he is on foreign soil. he is going to stick to that. we're going to see that by and large throughout the rest of his trip overseas. but the romney campaign back home, you know, they have other plans for president obama. just this morning the new economic numbers came out about the gdp, some disappointing numbers. only 1.5% growth in the second quarter and a top romney
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strategist took to twitter this morning and sent out a tweet that reads, gdp grossly disappointing president. so even though the boss is bossasway his staff is still working on getting their boss elected come november. they're still going after the president back home. we probably should expect no less, kyra. >> all right. jim acosta in london, thanks so much. time now for a little olympic trivia. when was the olympic torch relay first started? tweet me the answer. kyra cnn if you know. of all the times i've been live in iraq -- >> what went through you mind? >> what do you do about this district attorney? >> this is the geographic south pole. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank
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♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream before the break i asked you when the first olympic torch relay was started. the answer? 1936 berlin games. more now on london's big day. the opening ceremony to the summer olympic games just a few hours away but a lot of cool stuff going on right now. of course that's where we find zain vergee hanging out at the olympic village. tell us what's going on, zane. >> reporter: hey there, kyra. good morning. ready, set, it's almost go here in london.
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a lot of excitement. a real sense of the olympic spirit. the torch, where is it? it is actually in hiding, kyra. it's gone around the country 8,000 miles, millions of people have cheered it on. but it's actually at city wall. they're only going to talk it out when it makes its way to the olympic stadium behind me. it's a big secret who is actually going to light the calderon. a few hours ago the first lady michelle obama met with some of the u.s. athletes and wished them well and good luck and most of all said just have a great time. the music is blaring behind me. there will be 60,000 people in the stadium later tonight. kings, queens, celebrities. where are you, kyra, the 5.3 million people are here in london. chariots of fire is playing. come on. we need you to do it in slow motion. >> yes. can you just see it now? we'd probably make 500 feet and then die a slow and painful death along the beach north case the thames. >> at least we'd be on the
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beach. >> true. going back to the movie. all right. so yesterday of course you always find the interesting characters. i can always count on you for that. yesterday you were doing push-upsith some crazy guy you met that made a double decker bus and was entertaining all kinds of people going up and down like it was doing push-ups itself. now i understand you've jumped into the boxing ring? >> reporter: you just really detainee want to get me mad. that is the headline here. we wanted to focus on the athletes and boxing and the different muscle groups i needed to be of olympic caliber. i worked out. it wasn't pretty. take a look. you think boxing you think moomd ali who will be here during the olympics. it's mostly a mans sport but this year's games for the very first time will have women jabbing and crossing. trainer brendan mccarthy will tell us what muscles boxers need. >> boxers again like most
8:15 am
athletes use their entire body but today we'll focus on upper body strength. we'll do 32, 33, 34, we'll do 20 dips to strengthen the triceps. >> thank you. >> beautiful job. >> in the olympics since the 7th century bc and it is going to be here for london 2012. >> can't help it, carol. >> i was trying to figure out the baseball cap. it was looking like the colors of south africa. am i wrong? >> yeah. it's the colors of the kenyan flag. >> of course. >> so i was trying to cheer on my kenyan team. everywhere i go. but there will be more than 10,000 athletes in the stadium as well as mary poppins, 007. it's going to be quite the extravaganza, kyra. a billion people will be
8:16 am
watching. i hope you're one of them and it doesn't rain. >> keep your fingers crossed. that's right. i can't believe i missed kenya. i think i needed to color code the video there. i should know better. i look forward to my private lesson. thank you, zain. a quick note for those of you heading out the door. continue watching cnn and everything that zain does out of london from your mobile phone or if you're heading to work you can catch cnn live from your desk top. go to
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he never testified at jerry sandusky's trial. prosecutors said they didn't even know his name. now the person whom sandusky is convicted of raping in the penn state locker room showers has supposedly come forward. along with some before heard voice mails from sandusky, himself. our coverage of the sandusky scandal as you know for the heritage patriot news won her the pulitzer prize. sarah, tell us what is going on with this man known as victim number two. what do you know? >> reporter: kyra, we heard about him for the first time about eight months ago right after jerry sandusky was charged. he came forward but not to police or prosecutors. he didn't call the anonymous hotline.
8:20 am
he walked into jerry sandusky's attorney's office and said, look. i think i'm that person they're talking about in the shower but i wasn't abused. the attorney thought it was a huge victory for them and started telling the media in various interviews this person had come forward. he wasn't abused. he could testify on sandusky's behalf. but just days later, this man hired an attorney and his attorney sought a court order for his identity to be kept a secret. we really haven't heard anything about him again for eight months. he flew very much under the radar until yesterday when he came forward and said, i was abused not just that one time but for several years both before and after that incident and i plan to sue penn state because they could have done something to stop it. >> what's the situation now with these voice mails that have come forward? >> reporter: i think his
8:21 am
attorney has released them, kyra, to offer some kind of proof that he is who he says he is. you hear on the voice mails, sounds like jerry sandusky's voice, obviously we haven't been able to verify them beyond what his attorneys say they are. i've heard jerry sandusky talk before and it sounds like him. it sounds like his demeanor. he says on the voice mail, love you, and both voice mails he ends them with love you. i think they were offering them as some sort of proof to the public that he was in fact abused and as far as his attorneys say they have more evidence of this but have not yet shared it. >> all right. let's take a listen to one of those voice mails, sara. >> i was just calling to see whether i don't know if you had any interest in going to the penn state game this saturday. if you could get back to me and let me know i'd appreciate it. and when you get this message give me a call. and i'll talk to you later.
8:22 am
thanks. i love you. >> so, sara, if this abuse took place ten years ago, why would he be saving these voice mails now? >> reporter: these voice mails were actually in september of 2011 so just less than two months before jerry sandusky was arrested. and what the attorneys for this man say is that it shows jerry sandusky was still exerting some kind of power over the people that he abused and that, you know, he saved them because at that point he knew jerry sandusky was under investigation. we know that a boy was abused in the shower in 2001. a jury already convicted jerry sandusky of that. what i think this man has to prove now is that he was that boy. his attorneys believe this evidence gets him one step closer to that. >> sara ganim thanks so much. for the record cnn cannot prove
8:23 am
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they're just kids who might look a little different. big ears or sharp chin for example. and because of that, they've been bullied in ways that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. as one victim says the relentless tormenting will never stop but some are getting help from a group of pretty extraordinary surgeons to try and change that. dr. sanjay gupta has their story. >> reporter: it's a parent's nightmare. >> i used to be very talkative when i was a little kid and now i'm just shy and i'd rather not talk to anyone. i'm antisocial now. >> reporter: children viciously bullied for their physical appearance. for 14-year-old nadia the bullying started in first grade. >> there was this girl. she came up to me and says, you have the biggest ears i've ever
8:27 am
seen. i'm like, well, i'm speechless. because i didn't think about it until she said that. >> reporter: she has heard dumbbo, elephant ears, and much worse. seven years of torment, so withdrawn, still so hard to talk about. do you remember the worst sort of taunting or teasing or, you know, whatever? do you rear day where that happened? >> it happened a lot. well, it happened so many times it kind of all blends together that i kind of don't remember. >> reporter: nadia was just 10 years old when she asked her mom if she could have surgery to pin her ears back also known as nodoplasty. she wanted them to stick out less all in an effort to stop the bullying. it's been sort of a dark place for you for sometime it sounds like. >> yeah. it's been very depressing. >> reporter: her mom desperate to help turned to the internet and stumbled across the little
8:28 am
baby face foundation. the nonprofit organization offers free plastic surgery for children like nadia who are bullied because of their physical appearance and can't afford an operation. >> there may be people, nadia, who say, look, you don't need to do this. this is just who you are. it's the way you were born. people should love people for who they are. what do you say to those folks? >> i say that they're right, but it'll never stop. it'll just keep going and get worse and worse. >> reporter: the foundation flew nadia and her mother from georgia to new york city for an all expense paid trip to this hospital. >> this will be our target ear. so we'll match the other ear, which is not as lateralized as this ear. >> reporter: in her application, nadia asked to have her ears pinned back. but dr. thomas romo with the little baby face foundation recommended she change more than just her ears. >> i love thin chins but i don't
8:29 am
want them as pointy as that chin. we talked about that didn't we? we looked at some pictures of some different people. >> mm-hmm. >> and their chins come off just a little more square. so that's exactly what we're going to do, too. >> reporter: and there was more. >> when i looked up inside her -- the whole septum is actually going off this way. as the septum goes so goes the nose. >> reporter: she never talked about the nose or chin before? >> she did not because she didn't recognize that. >> reporter: dr. romo says with her ears pinned back, her nose and asymmetrical chin would be more pronounced. he said all three surgeries are necessary to balance out nadia's features. >> any last thoughts as we go into the o.r. here? >> nervous. excited. >> in some ways this has been seven years in the making for nadia. she just went under but she tells me she has been dreaming about this day for sometime.
8:30 am
and now it's all happening for her. what dr. romo is doing is a reduction reducing the size of nose and a surgery on the chin. what might surprise people is 42% of surgeries on the ears are done in people under age 18. this four-hour operation would normally come with a price tag of about $40,000. for nadia, it's free. here in the operating room when you see what's happening here behind me it gives you a good idea of just how significant bullying can be. kids become depressed, they can become anxious. in nadia's case she told me it changed her entire personality. but surgery alone won't wipe away the pain from years of all that bullying. nadia's mom hopes counseling will be the final step in the healing process. 72 hours post op, nadia is still swollen but cautiously
8:31 am
optimistic as dr. romo removes the bandages and she sees her new self for the first time. >> i look beautiful. exactly what i wanted. i love it. >> okay. as parents that gets you a little choked up. >> yeah. >> you want to say to your kids you're beautiful and they are beautiful. >> right. >> but kids can be cruel. >> you're doing everything you can to improve their self-esteem and make them safe at home and then they go to school and endure this. it is very hard. i think as i said the worst nightmare, the worst scenario for what the kids come home with sometimes. >> so cow see in her eyes that it made a huge difference. tell me about the followup. >> it was striking. it was almost -- the next time i saw her she was completely a different person. her confidence was there. she was always sweet and like you said beautiful and i had a chance to sit down and talk to her. take a look at the -- this is just -- >> my gosh. >> about six weeks after surgery
8:32 am
now and besides the -- you could see the plastic surgery, what happened there, but also just her smile and her confidence. she came in very poised and she has absolutely no regrets having gone through this whole process. >> she is gorgeous. you know what's interesting when i was looking at the before though i was saying as we were watching the piece, i don't see what's wrong. she's a naturally beautiful girl so isn't that interesting how as adults we see kids differently than kids see kids. >> no question. kids can be very cruel. some of the names she has been called, you could just really see the pain in her eyes which is sort of another part of this that the plastic surgery is only a part of addressing this. in some ways just making the bullying stop for now but the torment she went through, she'll go through counseling for sometime to really get through this whole thing. so it's not an easy fix or a quick fix. >> she looks actually stunning. and you can tell she's also a beautiful person on the inside. she was so humble. i know she definitely moved you.
8:33 am
>> yes, yes. i think in part as a dad of three girls myself now, you know, i think every parent thinks what, could that be my child? what is my child enduring when they're not around me? >> have you thought about that? when you met her and started working on this story and saw what she was going through, we even talked about your daughters and certain things they've been dealing with. what was going through your mind? >> i think primarily that if they were getting bullied in some way instead of becoming withdrawn they would talk to me about it and, you know, i think a lot of kids get bullied in their lives but if it's getting to the point that it's detrimental that i could know about it as their dad. >> makes a big difference too when a parent does something and feels really good and brings back a lot of confidence. >> absolutely. >> we know that too. we have our own stories sanjay, thanks so much. ♪
8:34 am
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the chick-fil-a is facing a lot of back lash for its present stand against gay marriage but also has supporters. the latest to defend the fast
8:37 am
food chain is evangelist billy graham. he says i want to express my support for my good friends truitt cathy and his son dan and for their strong stand for the christian faith. i appreciate their support for god's definition of marriage. mary snow reports more on the controversy. >> reporter: the grand opening of a chick-fil-a restaurant in laguna hills, california was met with protests. guy rights supporters calling for boycotts after the president of the chicken restaurant chain said he opposed same sex marriage. >> those kinds of messages and that rhetoric is very hurtful to our families. >> reporter: chicago is the latest city to yank the welcome mat. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago values. they're not respectful of our residents, our neighbors, and our family members. >> reporter: mayor rahm emanuel echoed sentiments of a city official who threatened to block construction of a chick-fil-a restaurant. the chain has become a lightning rod for controversy after its president dan cathy made it
8:38 am
clear he believes marriage should only be between a man and a woman. >> i think we're inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, you know, we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. >> chick-fil-a says the company has always applied, quote, biblically based principles and is closed on sundays. it declined to comment on vows to block their restaurant saying in a statement the chick-fil-a culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect, regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation, or gender. but boston's mayor isn't sold, repeating his message to the chain to stay away. >> i don't want an individual who will continue to advocate against people's rights. and that's who i am and what boston is all about. >> reporter: can politicians block businesses because of the words of a company president? lawyers say they have no legal ground to stand on. one christian radio host calls
8:39 am
it disturbing. >> i mean, it seems to me that these are bullying tactics. diversity is celebrated provided that you are towing the line of the radical left. >> reporter: also supporting the restaurant chain is former presidential candidate rick santorum and fellow republican mike huckabee, who is calling for a chick-fil-a appreciation day next week. on the other side some gay rights activists are organizing a national kiss-in to protest chick-fil-a. mary snow, cnn, new york. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. this was a really disturbing and pretty unbelievable story that our elizabeth cohen told us about at the beginning of the week. now we're learning that the medical technician accused of spreading hepatitis c may have spread the disease to thousands of people. health officials are now actually trying to track down all the patients he came in contact with in eight different states. and our elizabeth caught up with one person who was under his care. >> reporter: ron cross went in for a heart procedure in february. and now he is here at a new hampshire department of health meeting learning about hepatitis c. he might have caught it from
8:43 am
this man, david kwiatkowski, a technician at the hospital he went to. >> that guy was in the room, you know, he was ere at my procedure. >> reporter: an fbi affidavit says kwiatkowski, who has hepatitis c, stole narcotics meant for patients like cross and then gave the patients infected syringes. it's called drug diversion. when cross heard there was a drug diversion problem at exet he immediately thought of kwiatkowski. >> i suspected but i never thought i would be right. i guess that was the biggest -- >> reporter: when you heard about drug diversion you thought of david. >> almost immediately. >> reporter: why? >> his oddness. i mean, i don't have anything else to say. it's just -- i thought it was -- he was an odd guy. >> reporter: kwiatkowski was a frequent customer at the restaurant cross owned. cross says there was something odd about him and he told strange stories. >> the story about this fiance
8:44 am
dining in a tragic car accident five days before his wedding. of course, my reaction was oh, my god. but he had told stories about his dog having diabetes. >> reporter: cross is now part of a class action suit against the agency that placed kwiatkowski at exeter hospital. the agency declined to comment. >> come on, lexy. >> reporter: cross won't know for another month if he has hepatitis. for now, he can just worry and wonder why no one caught him sooner. >> this guy could fall through the cracks. or seemed to have beat the system or there is a system. how did this happen? >> elizabeth now joining me from boston. where exactly is kwiatkowski now? do we know? >> reporter: right. kwiatkowski right now is in a county jail in new hampshire. on tuesday he waived his right to a federal detention hearing. >> reporter: okay. what's the deal with regard to he was actually fired from one
8:45 am
hospital for drug abuse? and then was able to land another job? >> reporter: several other jobs, kyra, in several other states. this is really amazing. cnn learned yesterday that he was at a hospital in arizona and they found him passed out in the men's locker room. they then tested him and he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine and the hospital called local law enforcement authorities. we're not quite sure why. the very next month it appears he went to go work at another hospital and two years later he was still working. >> unbelievable. i know you'll stay on this story, elizabeth. there are a lot of people that are concerned about their health right now. for more details on where kwiatkowski worked you can go to and track the story with us and elizabeth.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
all right. it takes ten years at least for most golfers to perfect their drive, their swing, their putt. believe me, i should know. i've been trying to perfect my game for decades. so you will not believe and may
8:49 am
be green with envy when i tell you about latona stone. why? because she is only 10 years old and qualified for the u.s. women's amateur championship. i'm just going to repeat that. she is 10 years old. she's barely out of elementary school. i don't even have to tell you that that makes her the youngest ever to qualify for the u.s. women's amateur. michelle wei, tiger woods, eat your heart out. she is already proving to be a golfing power house which is why she had to bring her on our show joining me live from tampa, florida. great to see you. >> hi. >> so tell me. how the heck did you develop such a beautiful swing? >> my dad just got me into the game and it was amazing. he got me a cut down broomstick
8:50 am
and he just let me have a sling at it and he got me some plastic golf clubs. i never touched those because i wanted the real things. >> you're like, dad, i'm not going to do that. i want really nice clubs. apparently you began that and a some nice callaways. and so you were 2 when dad got the clubs in your hand and even that broomstick. do you even remember? how far back do you remember? >> i only remember when i was about 5. >> and that's when you were already -- >> that is all i can remember. >> and about 5, and you were already winning tons of tournaments, so let me ask krou this, what do you think that makes you so good? i mean, you have watched a lot of other players your age and older and you have watched the pros and i know you study videos and you look at your videos, what do you think it is that makes you such a good golfer?
8:51 am
>> i have a lot of talent. i practice, and i just practice and practice and i just have a lot of talent, too. >> is there a professional golfer that wow would love to play with? >> tiger woods and alexei thompson. >> i know about her, and we will talk about her in a moment, but why tiger woods? >> because he has been through a lot of things and winning a lot of tournament like i have when he was right now, and when he was younger. i just would love to play with him, and i would love to play with lex i thompson, too. >> at the age of 12, she was the youngest golfer to ever qualify for the u.s. women's open, and i can understand why you would want to play for her. do you have any tips for tiger or lex si, do you think?
8:52 am
>> well sh, not really. i don't have any tips for him. >> you would probably want tips from them? >> yes. >> so let me ask you this, one thing i noticed in the interviews, you say you are mentally strong and you know how the stay focused. explain that, because a lot of golfers are not that way, lexi, and they get nervous and distracted and how do you stay focused? >> well, i stay focused if i had a bad shot, that is okay, and it is not the end of the world. if i hit a bad shot, one of the coaches, bill nelson, he says to look out in the distance and find something that is not moving and look at that and stare for ten seconds and stare at it and give the bad thought thos the object that you are looking at. >> what great advice. now how about if you don't get the shot that you wanted, or you don't win a tournament or have had a bad day on the course, how do you think about that? how do you make yourself feel better? >> you just have to forget about it. there is always next time.
8:53 am
>> there you go. great advice. so what's your ultimate dream? >> well, my ultimate dream is to go on the lpga and i would love the win a lot of tournaments. >> what about schoolwork? how do you keep up with that? >> i'm home schooled. i just -- it is flexible. i can do whatever i like to do, and i can skip this day and go to a golf tournament, and then ki catch up on the next day. >> i love how you keep it all in perspective. well, i will tell you what, we expect great things from you, latanna, and we are going to be watch watching. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> it is our pleasure and you can watch her compete at the u.s. women's amateur championship from august 6th through 12th at the country club in cleveland. [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick.
8:54 am
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well, listen up, if you drive a ford escape v-6, ford is recalling more than 400,000 of the popular crossover suvs made between 2001 and 2004 because a potentially dangerous acceleration problem. when the gas pedal is pressed a all of the way down a cruise control cable in ten gin can stick and you won't slow down when you let off of the gas. dozenbes of accidents have been reported including one death. and raul castro has a possible solution to the long-strained solutions with the u.s., sit down and talk. he says he is willing to discuss what he calls the problems of democracy such as human rights and freedom of speech, but only on equal terms, because he says, quote, we are no one's colony. the offer which he's made before came during a ceremony marking the 59th anniversary of cuba's
8:58 am
revolution. while most of the survives of doe mmestic violence strugglo put it behind them, some are motivated to help other victims. johanna crawford is this week's cnn hero, and she reached out years ago knowing it would change that person's life, but little did she know it was going to change hers, too. >> when i was 13, my dad was very violent. he attempted to murder my mom. it was not until i was 55 that i came to work in a shelter and met a woman who had fled chicago with two young children, and she had no documentation. and she did not legally exist, and she said, canou help me, i need $40 to get all of the documentation, and it is totally fored byd
8:59 am
fored byde forbidden, but i gave her the money. i changed three lives. my name is jo craw fod and ask victims of domestic violence to strive forward. the women are all out of a relationship for at least six months, and there have to be free of alcohol and drugs, and that i have to have a dream. >> i want to go to school to do social services. >> and it is to pay it forward. >>ly help three ladies get their ged. >> these women need to know that they deserve the dream, and they have the power to create it. >> i got so much help which enabled me to buy a sewing machine, and that made me realize i should be a person who not only receives help, but gives help. >> i am so proud of you. >> me, too. >> and one woman can make a difference, but women working together can change the world.