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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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amount of time. in a general rule, you will burn 100 calories in every ten minutes of freestyle swimming which is twice what you would burn in on a brisk walk. you can stay connected to me with time now to get a check of the top stories in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- from cnn world headquarters atlanta, this is cnn sunday morning. trying to make a comeback from the embarrassing first run. not an olympic athlete, but mitt romney's international tour. plus, a stunning victory and surprising defeat. a tale of two american swimmers in last night's must-see 400 meter race. and the suspect in the aurora shooting in court tomorrow. he could face more than 100 charges. a veteran colorado pros
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prosecutor explains why. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kay. we start with mitt romney's eventful visit to israel. he went to the western wall after he sat down with leaders like benjamin netanyahu and shimon peres. and jim acosta has been traveling with mitt romney, and he joins us by phone. mitt romney is due to give an address today and what do you believe that the focus will be on, jim? >> well, he is expected to say in remarks later today that the islamic republic facing an inevitable war with the west, and potentially israel if it does not give up the quest for nuclear weapons, and i can tell you that the republican contender wrapped up a visit to
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the western wall which is to be the jewish faith's most sacred sight. he was there for 15 minutes and approached the wall and said a note of prayer and left a prayer at the wall. ann romney was with him at the visit. he didn't make any public comments with the press, but mainly spoke to the jewish lead leaders on hand there, and ra i randi, i spoke to a couple of jews at the site, and they were impressed by his visit there, and he said this is a presidential candidate in their minds who gets the plight of the israelis here in the middle e t east, and the danger that this country faces with some of the neighbors, and now mitt romney is heading back to his hotel to confer with the adviser, and he is going to be given that address later on this afternoon and he just wrapped up a whole slew of meetings with the israeli meetings, including the prime m
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prime minister who wrapped up romney's fuf talk on this trip saying that he seconded what mitt romney had to say. randi? >> jim, what can you tell us about this cancelled meeting with opposition leaders? >> well, the campaign is not saying much about it this morning and it was a jam-packed schedule and are trying to get more information, but it is a full slate of meetings today and it is an unmistakable warning that we are hearing from mitt romney on this trip to iran. earlier this morning, one of the top foreign policy advisers dan seymour gave a briefing to the press where he said that governor romney respects any decision, and those are the words he said, respects any decision that israel would take to strike iran unilaterally if that country did not give up the nuclear ambitions. it is worth noting, randi, that the campaign put out a clarification later in the day softening the rhetoric, randi. >> and jim, you are trying tole follow mr. romney's every move the
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there, but there is one campaign fund raiser that is close to the press, right? >> that is right. we heard about this last night when we came in with the advisers who told reporters c s coming in to tel aviv that the fund-raiser scheduled for monday morning is closed to the press despite arrangements made between the campaignnd the news mediao allow some full coverage of the fundraisers, but it is interesting to note that one of the donors who is expected to be at the fund-raiser is sheldon aidle ad who is a big donor from the super pac, and mitt romney said he will not criticize the president on this trip, but if the press is not allowed to watch his every move and listen to every word, it is hard to verify that, randi. >> it is. thank you, jim acosta, thank you for the update from jerusalem. cnn's wolf blitzer is also in israel with mitt romney, and he
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will be interviewing the candidate in 30 minutes from now and be sure to stay tuned to cnn and as soon as we get the interview in house here, we will bring it to you. and a poll shows that many more people like barack obama and then mr. romney, and the approval ratings may have plummeted and despite recession, an unpopular health care law and string of fights with congress, an overwhelming majority say they like him. here are the results from the gol lup poll. they score him 60% likability and the republican rival gets only 30%. >> i want to leave you with two things and one is that if this coward could do this with much hate, imagine what we can do with this much love. another thing if you are putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now and you chase those dream, because you don't know how long you have here. >> that is the brother of the colorado shooting victim jessica ghawi. friends and family remember this aspiring broadcaster with words like spit fire and spunk and
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tough. services were also held for three other victims. petty officer john t. larimer, and alex teves and teves and quinn both died shielding their girlfriends. the suspect of the shooting goes back to court tomorrow. james holmes will be formally charged in the massacre which left a total of 12 dead and dozens injured. he entered a movie theater and tossed a can of tear gas and then opened fire. it is reported that he had been seeing a psychiatrist. ♪ the first full day of competition in london is in the
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history books and for michael phelps not such a great day. ryan lochte captured the first gold medal for the u.s. saturday and beating everyone else by more than three seconds and soundly defeated michael phelps in the 400 meter individual medley, and japan won the silver. and this morning we are asking, what is your favorite event in the olympics and who are the athlete or athletes that you are most rooting for? tweet me @randikayecnn. and we will get to some of those this morning. and there is something that nbc did not let you see with the opening sceremonies which was a tribute to those of war and edited by ryan seacrest. they said that our program is tailored for the u.s. television audience and it is a credit to danny boyle that it required so little edit iing.
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the tribute and the minute of silence is for people killed in theatres of war and spectators and deceased ones and many saw it as a tribute to those of the 1972 olympic attacks. despite repeated calls for the olympic organizers to do so, the organizers did not officially do that. and a mystery woman who crash ed the parade. you can can see her there wearing turquoise pants and the red hoodie, and the athletes are all dressed in yellow and she does not fit in. and an indian contingent complained that the at leets got 10 seconds of coverage and everyone was focused on the woman, and it is not clear who she was and why she was out there. and a city near di ssaster where massacre may be days away.
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geico, see how much you could save. that is the scene from the streets of aleppo, syria's biggest city. those are rebel fighters fighting back against the syrian military. they are using tanks and helicopters to battle the rebel opposition forces. at least 20 people have been killed across the country today and seven right there in aleppo. 60 people died in syria saturday. officials warn that aleppo could
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soon be a scene of a massacre. we have seenm so of the fight i fighting, but are most of the battles taking place in one concentrated area? all right. sounds like we are having a little bit of trouble for mohammed there unable to hear me. mohammed, can you hear me? all right. we will move on and get back to him as soon as we can, and bring you much more of what is happening there in syria. moving on, we know that one of the victims from the colorado shoot shooting had a miscarriage, and what could that mean for james holmes when he heads back to court tomorrow? >> and marco rubio shaken but not stopped. an emergency landing does not stop him from talking to potential voters. ♪ i'm a rocket man
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welcome back. 15 minutes past the hour, and tomorrow the only suspect in the colorado shooting is expected to be charged. but another topic may take center stage as prosecutors and defense attorneys are fighting over a package he sent to his psychiatrist seen her, dr. lynn fenton, and lawyers say what is contained inside is protected under doctor/patient privilege and they are complaining that the package contains a notebook
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from him by the suspect in the colorado massacre. we are joined this morning by our legal analyst. and she is obligated to turn that over and should she tell them what is in the package and what is protected? >> well, first of all, any communications between the defendant and the psychiatrist are absolutely protected. we don't know at this point when he had any communications with her and the nature of the communications and at this point the communications are protected. >> in terms of the hearing tomorrow where he will be officially charged, what can we expect and how much charges do you think that we might see? >> well, a couple of things that will be happening tomorrow. first is the actual formal reading of the charges or at least the advisement of all of t
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the charges that he is facing. i believe that we can anticipate poss pos possibly over 100 charges. and first-degree murder can occur in two different ways essentially fitting the facts, so it is possible that the prosecution could file 24 different counts involving the actual homicides. with regard to attempted murder, the prosecutor cannot file just attempted murder with regard to the individuals who are were hit by bullets, so in other words, the prosecutors could say if the defendant's intent was to actually hit other people even if those bullets didn't hit them, it is possible that the prosecutors could still file attempt attempted murder counts with
5:19 am
regard to those individuals. we also have first-degree assault charges that will be filed and second-degree assault charges and we have charges that will be filed pertaining to explosives, explosives that were involved in the movie theater or in his apartment. >> let me ask you about the charges, because we have more sad news this morning that one of the women wounded in the attack who also lost her 6-year-old girl in that attack also had a miscarriage and the family blames it on trauma from surgery, but would the miscarriage or the loss of that child add to the death toll or the charges that the suspect is facing? >> well, under colorado law for the definition of a person as it relate relates to a homicide is defined as someone who has already been born, so under colorado law, they would not be able to file an additional homicide count with regard to that miscarriage. >> and getting back to the notebook that was sent to this psychiatrist, what would both sides and we don't know if it is going to be turned over to the
5:20 am
defense, be but what would pr prosecutors and the defense be specifically looking for in that notebook? >> well, the defense attorneys of course are wanting that notebook, because it is their belief or their assertion that notebook is abshut lie privileged, that it was supposed to be communications between their clienthe doctor, and what is in there and how does it relate to the mental state? i anticipate they have hired doctors do private evaluations to determine if the client is competent or whether the client was insane at the time, and they want that notebook. for the prosecutors, what they are looking at does this notebook contain evidence that would prove that this was a intentional, deliberate, well planned out attack by somebody who was not criminally insane at the time. >> and if, as we talked about,
5:21 am
if that notebook is considered private doctor/patient communication, does all of that evidence goes away? >> no, not necessarily. if somebody, if the defendant in this case raises the issue of competency, raises the issue of ins insanity, then all of those communications and that information contained in there, i believe would be part of the case. in other words, something that doctors who would be appointed to make that determination would look at in making that determination. >> and when you mentioned the evaluation process, both sides will have a chance to evaluate him, correct? >> right. what will happen is that if the issue is raised, then a doctor will be making an evaluation. defense attorneys probably alrey have private doctors making an evaluation, but once the report is done, the prosecutors have a right to se
5:22 am
another report, seek a second opinion. >> karen steinhauser, appreciate your time this morning. again, thank you. >> you're welcome. trouble for one of mitt romney's key surrogates. marco rubio fails to show up to a campaign event in iowa, but he had a really good reason. we will tell you what happened to the florida senator. but first, good morning to new york city. lady liberty is waking up with us. it is going to be a great day.
5:23 am
checking stories making the news "cross country" now. florida senator marco rubio had to skip a campaign event in ohio because his plane broke down. he made the announcement on twitter saying not one, but two
5:24 am
planes i was on today had malfunctions. the second one forced to make an emergency land iing in new mexi. i know how to take a hint. but he did not totally miss the event, because he spoke to the crowd on cell phone. a couple in crystal springs, mississippi, had to find a new place to get married after the church banned to marry them. the pastor was threatened to be removed if he married them, because the couple is black. >> there were people in the sanctuary pitching a fit about us being a black couple. didn't like it at all, because i was not brought up to be racist. >> the pastor who was white ended up residing over the ceremony at a separate church down the street. the church is holding meetings now the determine what to do in they get another request from a black couple. in iowa, a search goes on for two missing little girls. friday 200 people came back to
5:25 am
vigil they held a week ago to pray for lyric cook and her 8-year-old cousin elizabeth collins. they disappeared july 13th while apparently riding around a lake. their bicycles and purse have been found, but authorities have no other leads. yes, that never gets old. a controlled demolition of the 19th story st. ann's heritage tower in new york. when we see a demolition we bring it to you. 1,400 tons of stone and concrete now a rubble. now a new parking lot and medical build also be built in that surrounding area. mitt romney is visiting jerusalem today and visiting one of the holiest sites on a holy day. we will speak to a rabbi on the significance of the western wall.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. religion and politics tend to cross path s s in the electi cycle and this year is no different. mitt romney has gone overseas to meet with one of the israeli leaders and he has visited one of the holiest sites in jerusalem, and he was asked what
5:30 am
that means to jewish-americans, and we got word, rabbi, that he put a note inside of the wall and a lot of us do that when we visit the wall, and what is the significance of that and other traditions having to do with with the western wall? >> well, the western wall is part of the retaining wall built by king herrod some 2,000 years ago. and since then jewish people go there to pour out their hearts and that is why it is called a wailing wall, because people wail and feel connected to god. whilst there, they recite psalms and some people kiss the wall, and they feel by putting a note on the wall, their thoughts are closer to god, and that is why the people do this type of activity. >> this is a holy day in israel
5:31 am
in which the western wall is a significant central figure and what day is that? >> this is the ninth day of the hebrew month. and on this day twice the temples were destroyed. the first temple built by king solomon was destroyed 2,333 years ago, and i might have that backwards. and the second temple was destroyed by the babylonians and the second temple was destroyed by the romans 1,944 years ago and the temples are discussed in the book of kings as well as in the book of ezra. >> we have some sound of mitt romney speaking with israeli prime minister benjamin n netanyahu. let's listen to that for a moment. >> i'm honored to be here on this holy day to recognize the solemn ti of tity of the day an
5:32 am
the suffering of the jewish people over the centuries and the millennia, and come with recognition of the sacrifices of so many, but unfortunately the tragedies of wanton killing are not only things of the past, but have darkened our skies even more recent times. >> and you were recently in israel, and did you get a sense of what the iz sraeli people wanted to hear from mitt romney? >> i think that he is on the ball. this is the day that the temple ps were destroyed and it is a sad day for the jewish calendar and we will be fasting and not eating until after midnight, and i am not wearing leather shoes. and the sadness of the day should also be marked with the hope that there will eventually, the promises of the prophets in the bible that there will come a
5:33 am
day when there is a world filled with peace and no suffering should also be part of this significance of this day. so it is not just to commemorate the sad times, but to hope for the best times in the messianic era. >> could it be viewed as a foe p -- faux paw for hthe come? >> well, the day will be over and the sadness over and it will show solidarity by a person coming to a place which is the focal point of all of the jewish people. we pray three times a day and we face that wall. so i guess it would be considered that. i'm not sure. >> as we are talking here and sorry to interrupt you here, rabbi, but this is new video here of mitt romney as you see him in the dark jacket there at the wall. describe what you see happening here. >> they seem to be opening up one of the books that we pray from on a day like this. it is only used on one day of
5:34 am
the year, which is today, and they are probably showing him that and it might contain the book of lamentations which is focused on this day, and the men in the black hat is the rabbi of the wall, and of all holy place s in the holyland. his name is rabbi labinowitz. >> so much is made of mitt romney's faith, his mormon faith in the u.s., and how does that play out in israel? h. >> well, good to believe in something, and a supreme being, but i am not familiar with that much with the mormon faith. but men who are men of faith or women of faith are people who usually have some kind of commitment to a higher supreme being. >> there he is as we watch, and
5:35 am
sorry again to interrupt you, but this is the note, and the moment. oh, well, no, there it is, it is back. we have a video of him about to put the note inside of one of the cracks in the wall, hoping to get his message, and his prayer or whatever it might be closer to god, correct? >> yes. correct. this is the place where i brought my son three weeks ago and marked his bar mitzvah and the 13th birthday in front of the wall. >> and you can see the other notes stuffed in there. >> rabbi, thank you and congratulations to your son as well. appreciate your time. for more stories on faith, you can check out the wildly popular belief blog at a milestone on the way to the white house. it is 100 days and counting until election day. so where do the voters stand? we will take a look. c250 sport. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st.
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the the viewers on the west coast. many of you are just waking up. for all of the early birds watch watching us, thank you. and here is a story that we keep an eye on in the week ahead. police in colorado plan to file the formal charges against the suspected colorado shooter james holmes. tuesday, we will have the beginning of the trial of drew peterson which is when it is scheduled to begin. he is the police sergeant from bolingbrook who is suspected of killing his fourth wife. and also the federal reserve will meet, and a topic of that agenda is whether or not they will release another round of stimulus. and thursday is all about chick-fil-a eat-in, and mike
5:39 am
huckaby is asking them to support chick-fil-a if you share their views of same-sex marriage, and opponents also have something planned for them. and thursday, there will be a mars rover exploring that planet. that is a
5:40 am
♪ sarah palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. she posted this on twitter and
5:41 am
facebook. stopped by chick-fil-a in the woodlands to support a great business. that is her and her huz hband todd. chick-fil-a has come unfear fire after the president danicathy out in opposition of same-sex marriage and several communities are trying to block them from coming into their cities and fellow republican mike huckaby has organized the chick-fil-a appreciation day scheduled for wednesday. today a important day on the political calendar, because it is 100 days until election day. we wanted to take a few momens s to step back and look at the big picture. this is one picture, mitt romney in israel, but foreign policy is not on the minds of voters, but what is big is the economy. join joining me is cnn contributor maria cardona and allison stewart who worked with rick santorum and michele bachmann's campaigns this time around. good morning to both of you. let me show you this cnn/orc
5:42 am
poll, and mitt romney gets the nod by 1%, which probably doesn't mean much, but when it comes to te economy who does have the edgeb, do you think? >> well, it is interest, because you would think that romney would have a much larger edge than he does right now on the economy against president obama, and this is where the voters are right now and why i think that the president is doing well in the face of not very good economic news lately. that is that with the republicans trying to make the argument that president obama has been so bad for the economy that his policies have put the country in such the wrong direction with their out spending and outraising obamap in the last two the three months, the candidate that is running against obama, mainly romney, should be trouncing the president at this moment, and he is actually not. so, the fact that they are neck and neck and the fact that in a lot of the swing states obama is
5:43 am
ahead, i think that indicates that voters right now are not convinced and are not buying romney's argument that in fact they should change horses midstream and giving obama the edge. >> let me jump in and give allison's take, and what do you think is issue number two? >> well, certainly poll after poll where governor romney is far ahead of the president in terms of the voters having trust in who can turn the economy around and two reasons for that. the president's record has failed to make it better to the american people, and 23 million americans out of work and skyrocketing unemployment of 8% for more than 40 mob months ane the record, and time after time he repeatedly demonstrate ts th he does not understand the economy and he does not respect the business owners saying that you did not build that and that is completely disrespectful to the risk takers who put their
5:44 am
heart and soul into kree yaeting jobs and helping the economy and those two factors go right there to show he does not understand it and obviously the policies have failed to make it better. >> and alice, let me follow up with you because as long as we are looking at numbers the poll also shows that 80% of the people are set and here we are 100 days from election day and most people know what they are voting for, so what are the other 20% waiting to hear? >> more details of the policies. what we are looking at is the key in this election is the undecideds and the independents, and we are seeing in poll after poll that the economy is headed in the wrong direction because of the failed policies of the current administration, and what they will see as we get further through the summer and the closer in the next 100 days, we will see more of the governor's policies that are for free market policies and not big government, and putting control of turning this economy around
5:45 am
in the free market. reducing the government regulations and creating incentives, and it is not big government to turn the economy around, but free market and governor romney understands that and he has a proven record of that in the private sector, and that is what people will look to. >> let me bring in maria back in. is there one group of voters that could make the difference here? >> well, certainly the latino voters can make the difference and they have. they were instrumental in giving the election to president obama in 2008 by turning states like colorado and nevada and new mexico blue. they will have that same affect again this time around, and when you have a republican strategist saying that the, that a president cannot get elected to the white house without 40% of the latino vote, and you have in the latest polls that president obama is besting romney 70 to
5:46 am
22%, romney is in a lot of trouble and not just with the latino voters and again, because the majority of the american voters understand three things, that the romney campaign is taking things out of context like the you didn't build this because he was talking about infrastructure and the majority of the polls show that americans like president obama more than mitt romney, and number three that the maerer jo ti of the americans trust barack obama to actually understand what middle-class families are going through, and those are three important things going into the election. >> listen we are just getting started with the two of you. both of you will stick around and coming up next our candy crowley will join the discussion as we move to issues of mitt romney, and israel and voter apathy. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick.
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you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. welcome back. just about ten minutes before the top of the hour. the presidential election is just around the corner now, and there are exactly 100 days to go. jo joining the discussion is cnn chief political correspondent and anchor of cnn's "state of the union" candy crowley. good morning. >> good morning. and our latest poll of polls shows president obama with a four-point lead, but far from comfortable. does this election come down to the economy, and if things are
5:51 am
looking up, obama wins, but fit is iffy, romney wins? >> let me split the difference, because i believe it is about the economy, but not as terrible if the economy is terrible, mitt romney will win and if it is better president obama will win re-election. it has more to do with a, consumer confidence, but in the end, you are looking at a race that right now is virtually unchanged and looks like it may be a dead heat, and the economy is already pretty weak. so the fact that it is dead heat tells me that what this is going to come down to is who can turn out the voters, and that is why you are seeing the negative ads so soon and heavily in the swing states, that this is not about swing voters who hate negative ads, but this is about your voters and trying to electrify them enough to get to the polls, and even if they don't like you so much or what you have done, but they don't like the other
5:52 am
guy at all and that will get them there. >> and we talked about romney going overseas and he had a few slipups in londons from the olympics, to this fund-raising dinner in israel that was supposed to be taking place in a fast. what do you make of the gaffes and does foreign policy matter in the election? >> foreign policy is always a undercurrent of any campaign, because what is the first thing that you need on a domestic e a agenda is americans who feel safe at home, so it is there, but it is trumped by the economy right now. what do i think that this matters? i think that they are not the headlines thus far, and he has othetrips to make and other speeches to make that mitt romney has wanted. i think that the dust-up in britain looking as though he was suggesting that their security was not good for slip-ups is less important than going forward where he has major chances to at least in picture show that he would be a different foreign policy president than president obama.
5:53 am
but i don't expect to come november people will be looking at the pictures going, yeah, well, because he took that trip. this is more to get your voters comfortable with the idea off you on the world scene. >> right. let me bring back in maria cardona and alice stewart. we remember when president obama rode the wave of excitement to victory and is either group on either side energized heading into november? >> well, we talked about the latino voters in the last segment and if you look at the poles, they are more excited than the general population about president obama, and the reason for that is that they have seen his commitment on immigration, and we know that there has been some disappointment, because he was not able to keep the promise that he made in 2007 to deliver comprehensive immigration reform, and he has tried and faced the party of no, the republicans, on the
5:54 am
comprehensive part b u the policy he announced two months ago where he would cease deportations on the dreamer kids, the kids who came over here when they were young through no fault of their own, and what you see on the republican side is nothing, no effort on immigration except to stick to the ultra right wing policies and the latino voters are looking at that and the prism they use in order to see where they can trust the candidate or not. >> alice, 30 seconds, your take? >> well, i think, too, the specific groups, the latinos with the unemployment rate of 11% and african-americans with unemployment at 14% as candy said, it is about the economy and people will look at who they can trust to turn the economy around and president obama's policies have failed and he has not done anything to make it bet better and he has not met with the economic counsel in six months or an economic briefing in over a year, and doing nothing to improve. the romney campaign will continue the remind the
5:55 am
americans that policies of big government and restrictions on the risk takers and job creators has not worked and evidenced by the gdp of 1.5% and tremendous unemployment, and people are going to be looking to governor romney with a proven record of creating jobs ands a strong b business owner and successful person in the private sector to turn the e e kconomy around as y said, voters want. >> thank you. we will plan to stay tuned for your show coming up in about five minutes where you will get plenty of great stuff there all about politics. all morning we have been asking what is your favorite event this olympics and who is the athlete or the athletes that you are most rooting for? your responses are next. get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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note to everyone, watch what you say about the u.s. women's olympic soccer team. goalkeeper hope solo called out former player and analyst brandi chastain writing this to nearly 5,000 followers, quote, it is too bad that we can't have xhen ta tors who better represent the team and know more about the game. no response from chastain on twitter. the team has one group game remaining against north korea and manchester tuesday and we will see how that goes. all morning we are asking you who is your favorite athlete or athletes that you are rooting for. and here is what you are saying. thank you for the tweets. jena said my fellow