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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 29, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you are in the cnn "newsroom." i'm deborah feyerick in for don lemon. let's look at the stories we're following this hour. a movie theater turned into a murder scene. the colorado suspect linked to that mass shooting spree is going to be in court tomorrow. james holmes is expected to be formally charged of 12 counts of first-degree murder. he killed 12 people and 58 others were injured. holmes was a patient of a psychiatrist at the university of colorado just before the attack.
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and getting the v.i.p. treatment, almost presidential treatment today in jerusalem. the presumed nominee for the republican party in the white house, mitt romney, the status of jerusalem. romney tells cnn he consider cans jerusalem the capital of israel and believes the american embassy should be there. the u.s. embassy is currently in tel aviv. mitt romney and his wife visited the western wall, one of the oldest -- one of the old city's holiest sites. full details coming up in just a moment. and the arab league says war crimes are being committed. syria is battling rebels for control of the country's largest city. the u.n. estimates 200,000 syrians have fled the city over
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the last couple of days. the government is stoppinging supplies of fuel and food controlled by rebel fighters. and a memorial service is being held today for the 15 victims in a rollover crash in texas. custom enforcement agents say the victims were from honduras, mexico, and guatemala. a damaged right-hand tire is being blamed for the accident. this woman and this man tried to get married in their own church. the answer? no. the reason? because they are black. it happened in mississippi. they are angry and they are doing something about t stay with cnn. they will be with me live right here later this evening. well, it's becoming a very long hot summer for a big chunk of the country. the heat is making people miserable. heat advisories blanket parts of oklahoma and arkansas. temperature turs spiking from
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105 to 113 degrees are in the forecast through thursday. well, the fight for the white house goes overseas. republican mitt romney is in jerusalem today touring holy sites and plunging headfirst into the middle east conflict. cnn's jim acosta is there. >> mitt romney stuck to his pledge but drew big contrast with mr. obama. the may headline, his call for jerusalem to be the undisputed capital of israel. that's something no other u.s. president has called for. it could in flame tensions should romney become president. romney issued a stern warning to iran. should that country continue to develop weapons. here's a portion of the speech. >> make no mistake, they are testing our moral defenses. they want to know who will
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object and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one in the same. we will not look away nor will my country ever look away from my passion and commitment to israel. >> after a bruising week for romney, romney and his wife visited the western wall here in jerusalem. that's one of the jewish religion's most sacred sites. he paused and left a note in the wall's crack. next up, he holds a fund-raiser before he heads off to the last leg of his trip, poland. jim acosta, cnn, jerusalem. the colorado suspect linked to a shooting rampage in a movie theater is due in court tomorrow. james holmes is expected to be formally charged in the case. 12 people died and 58 others were injured. david mattingly joins use
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outside of the courthouse in colorado. what are we expecting to hear and are you hearing anything about james holmes and what he's been doing this past weekend? >> reporter: well, deb, expect tomorrow to see the prosecution in this case to take center stage in this terrible tragedy. we'll be hearing from them tomorrow about what kind of charges they intend to seek against this alleged killer. we had 12 people killed in the theater. we're looking at the potential of 12 murder charges there, premeditated first-degree murder charges. we have 58 people wounded. there are any number of dozens, potentially dozens of attempted murder charges that could come about as well. we're also expecting to hear more about that mysterious package that the alleged killer sent to his psychiatrist at the university of colorado. authorities have that package in their possession but the defense has said that represents protected patient-doctor
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privilege with those communications. we're going to wait to see how the judge weighs in on this if the content of that package is allowed into evidence and, if so, how. deb? >> it may have been interesting because it may have been protected before he went on this rampage. after is a different question. there's the issue of his apartment because that apartment was rigged so that it would go off and that clearly he was also planning on doing maximum damage and take lives there as well. what about the charges there? >> reporter: that's right. there's the potential for more attempted murder charges there. this was a death trap from everything we've been told about it, there were multiple improvised explosive devices, multiple trip wires. he even set off a timer so that loud music was going off after he departed from the apartment, almost as bait for someone to try and gain entry into his apartment and authorities have said what they found in there if someone had gone in that door unprepared, they would have been
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at the very least severely injured but most likely killed. >> remarkable. planning this on two fronts. david, we've also learned that there was a shooting victim separate in another heartbreaking, heartbreaking tragedy. ashley mosier apparently had a miscarriage and her 6-year-old also was killed in that theater attack. what are you learning? >> that's right. ashley's daughter veronica was killed that night. she was 6 years old. she was the youngest victim that night. and yesterday ashley went in for more surgery and at that time she suffered a miscarriage. she found out just that day, she had gone in for a sonogram and they were able to determine that she was 8 weeks pregnant at that time. they were somewhat celebrating when she, her boyfriend, and veronica were sitting together in that movie theater. they were all wounded but right now ashley is still in the hospital, and have severely
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injured, and there's a lot of speculation about long-term injuries that she might be suffering. but right now, again, this tragedy just keeps going on just kee keeps making things worse. >> david, thank you. we'll check with you later on. and later this hour -- >> this isn't about me. this is about me showing an act of kindness. >> one man's mission to pay tribute to the victims of the colorado theater shooting. but, first, a party crasher. did you wonder who this woman in the red shirt was during the opening ceremonies of the olympics? well, so did the indian delegation that was with her. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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another exciting day, london teammates ryan lochte and michael phelps swimming on the same team today. working together today but it still wasn't enough for a gold? >> reporter: no, michael phelps
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back in the team usa relay were defending their position as olympic and the events today in moscow. not enough, though, tonight. the australian team but it was the french who walked away with the gold tonight. the americans grabbing a silver and the russians getting a bronze. so quite a surprise in the pool behind me here today. some compensation for you guys in the state. so dana vollmer actually picking up a gold today with a world record of 55.98 in the 100-meter fly. the last five or six meters didn't look like she was swimming her best but she had already done what she needed to do as she really swam a
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fantastic race. the state should be absolutely delighted. >> what about this mystery woman we're hearing about? this is a little scary, given security, but it's a little bit funny, too. >> it's an amazing story. in fact, deborah, she remains a mystery woman. this is a woman we saw at the opening ceremony who joined the indian team as they marched around the stadium behind me and nobody knew who she was. and the indian team was absolutely furious. they had said it showed up with a lot of security issues that the london organizers had to answer today and sebastian, the head of the london organizing committee, said they still don't actually have name for her but they can confirm that she was a participant at the opening ceremony.
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she had been part of the splendid show and that he describes it as having gotten overexcited, a little too excited, and got involved in the ceremony. she did no harm at the end of the day but it threw up all sorts of questions about what had happened with security, if somebody could get on to the track and march alongside a team. >> sure. no harm if you include impostering an athlete. becky anderson in london, thank you. we appreciate it. so now that today events are over in london, china is in the lead right now with 6 gold medals and 12 overall. the united states is second and italy is in third for the overall medal count. well, guns are big business. not just in the united states but around the world. the united nations wants to regulate that but a group here at home is lining up against a proposed treaty.
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the colorado massacre is on
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the minds of many americans. the united nations are trying to pass a treaty in crimes against humanity. that took place this week. diplomats finished a month's long negotiation designed to regulate a market worth up to $60 bh $60 billion a year. they have opposed any treaty, and even though the u.n. and the u.s. say that's just not true. i spoke with him just recently. >> staying away from our freedoms, we're sure not going to let you anywhere near our guns. >> that basically sums up the nra approach to gun control, whether it's here in the united states or overseas. here to talk about that and where the white house contenders stand on the issues, ana navarro
3:19 pm
and the nra says it speaks for gun owners but a republican polsters found that carry permits should only be granted to applicants. is there a disconnect? are the majority of gun owners simply being drowned out by the louder voices? >> you know, i think not. i think the majority of gun owners are very important and their voices are not being drowned out at all. we see that because we see that neither of the two candidates are touching the gun issue. there's an issue that is so political, that is so powerful and that moves so many people that we haven't seen mitt romney nor barack obama, for all he says, move gun legislation or talk about it in the last few weeks even after aurora. if anything, it tells you that the voices are not being drowned
3:20 pm
out. when it comes to guns, it's all very powerful and. >> after virginia tech, it shows that half of all americans oppose bans on assault weapons. you oppose that ban, too. it seems to make sense. is it enough, though, when we're talking about just one gun, one kind of gun? >> i think it avoids the real issue, which is the guns have gotten into the hands of people who have criminal intent or evil intent. and banning the guns is not going to stop someone from committing mass murders. that's two separate conversations. i'm a strong supporter of first amendment right, the right to bear guns, and that includes assault rifles. we need to look to the government to purchase these weapons, to be more responsible in gauging the rounds and how many are within a number of finite months. that would identify people who
3:21 pm
are a threat to society but i don't believe the government should come in and ban all weapons. one thing that ana said earlier, that is, it's not true that the candidates haven't said anything about the guns. governor romney signed a ban. he hasn't talked about that now because that is his way of avoiding the base. but he did so as governor. >> but that's -- president obama had this to say recently on gun control. let's take a listen. >> i, like most americans, believe that the second amendment guarantees an individual's right to bear arms and i would also agree that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals. >> in fact, most u.s. soldiers carry m-16s, not the other type
3:22 pm
of weapons. are we talking about responsible gun ownership here? and let's talk about that issue. because if you have the nra saying no gun controls whatsoever, elsie, you seem to be sort of moderate. ana, you're saying, it's too much of a political topic. so where does the conversation even begin that allows us to take responsible gun ownership in the right direction? or is that just an impossibility? >> i do think that the conversation, a responsible conversation is not going to begin 100 days before an election. this is something that barack obama talked about, gun control four years ago. after he said those words you just put on tv, just the next day the white house came out and said there will be no push for new gun control legislation. and i'll tell you why. four years ago, barack obama was talking about the people who wanted to cling to their guns and their religion. well, today he desperately needs to cling to the people who cling to their guns and their religion because they are in many of the
3:23 pm
swing states, like my state of florida, like ohio and many of the other swing states. >> well, we're going to ask both of you to stay here because we have a lot more to talk about. we did see a side of mitt romney today that we haven't seen too much and there are a couple of things that he did that got some people pretty upset. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms,
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mitt romney is in israel and in four minutes he brought up iran. >> make no mistake, the iotolas in iran want to know who will object and who will look the
3:27 pm
other way. my message to the people and the leaders of iran is one of the same. we will not look away nor will my country ever look away from our passion and commitment to israel. >> and joining me here now, republican strategist ana navarro and elsie. some have criticized governor romney for not taking a stand on issues. today he seemed strong and ambiguous, saying whenever security in israel is most in doubt, america's security must be most secure. he talked about iran. did he say anything new as far as you think? >> you know, i think it's kind of funny that we're characterizing this as something new. there hasn't been much difference from his stance than the stance that w. had and that clinton had before him. and that is, we will be there
3:28 pm
for israel and we will do everything we can to keep nuke arms out of iran. the thing about jerusalem, though, that's the thing that's kind of raising eyebrows, and we were talking during the break, that sort of sets up a conversation that can lead towards war. and the last thing we need is some wannabe going overseas and talking about war, especially someone who, when given the opportunity to fight for his country, be opts to go to france. that's the thing that really ticks me off about his visit. >> lz, let me clarify, when mitt romney was there in israel, he said that jerusalem should be the capital of israel. ana, what do you think? do you think that was deliberate? do you think that was a gaffe saying that israel should --
3:29 pm
that jerusalem should be the capital of israel? >> i would ask the israelis, do you want this? is this something that is important to you? and, if so, make the decision. i think it's a very logical thing that he is saying and would beg to differ with my friend lz. one of the things that mitt romney made clear is he is not going to look the other way when it comes to iran. as somebody that lives in miami, i am painfully aware of all of the efforts and outreach and cooperation that has been going on for the last 3 1/2 years between iran and latin america, our neighbors, our neighbors just across the border. we've seen him establish operations in cuba, establish operations in venezuela. and, yes, we have a president who has looked the other way, who says it's not a national security threat. someone who lives 90 miles away
3:30 pm
from cuba. >> let me clarify one thing -- >> i don't understand how someone -- >> here is the point. basically, president obama has said that he would not support a strike against tehran, he would not support that. he asked israel to stand down. a lot of people didn't think that that was the correct thing to do since it is their national security. and then when the foreign policy adviser suggested that he would back an israeli strike, then mitt romney sort of backed away from that. so what are we really talking about here? are these just words? >> we're talking about no one wants a war and i think that is the responsible thing to do, continue to push towards peace. i don't think you can call a president who has a kill list as someone who looks away when it comes to foreign policy, when it comes to social security, when it comes to foreign relations and policy. he may not be exactly happy with the measure that he's taking, but to ignore iran is an inaccurate way to say how he's
3:31 pm
handling this. no one wants a war and no one can afford a war, which is another part of the conversation that we are having. we cannot afford the fight. we are hoping that sanctions and diplomacy would be first. what we don't need is someone saying words that would incite a war. >> i would absolutely agree. nobody wants a war but nobody wants a nuclear iran or an iran that thinks we are a weak united states. what mitt romney said today is we hope that the diplomatic and sanctions work but there is nothing off the table and iran, you better understand -- >> arguably -- i'm going to have to stop you here. arguably and -- lz, making the last point, obama administration has been very forceful about taking other actions against iran specifically as opposed to through israel. we're going to leave it there
3:32 pm
even though we can talk about this for the next three hours. all right. lz, ana, thank you. half past the hour, let's take a look at some of the headlines. a movie theater turned into a murder scene. the colorado suspect linked to that mass shooting spree, he's going to be in court tomorrow. james holmes is expected to be formally charged with 12 counts of first-degree murder. holmes killed 12 people at a movie theater. 58 others were injured. court documents show that holmes was a patient seeking psychiatric care at the university of colorado immediately before the attack. and getting the v.i.p. treatment, almost the presidential treatment today in jerusalem, the presumed republican nominee today he weighed in on the issues of the
3:33 pm
conflict, the status of jerusalem. he considers it capital of israel and believes that it should be there and not in tel aviv. mitt romney and his wife visited the western wall, one of the oldest monuments in the city's holiest area. >> and in syria, the war crimes are being committed in aleppo. the syrians are fighting for the largest city. 200,000 syrians have fled the city over the past couple of days. the government is stocking supplies of fuel and food reaching controlled rebelled fighters. a memorial service is being held today for the 15 victims of a rollover crash in victim. that truck that you see there was filled with undocumented immigrants.
3:34 pm
custom enforcement agents say that they were from guatemala, honduras, and mexico. a damaged right front tire is being blamed for the accident. we've heard the description time and again, loner, quiet, kept to himself. a former teacher says that's not the james holmes that he knew. you're going to hear from that teacher. but, first -- >> it's human nature to invest. it's human nature to try to make your life better. it's human nature to make the world around you a better place and what stops people is to do that and actually execute on those ideas. it's really hard. good ideas shouldn't find their ways on to shelves because they are the ideas of people with luck and circumstance. they should find their way on to shelves because they are good
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last week's horrific shooting in roll kad doe, the number 78 car bears the names of those killed in the tragedy. the car was on the track for a sprint cup race at indianapolis motor speedway. the hood of the car had a memorial cross and red and gold logo that appears on the colorado state flag. on the rear bummer, the car carries an inscription that read, quote, for those lost, those injured and countless acts of bravery. the team shot this just seven miles from the theater where that dreadful shooting took place. well, the arrest of james holmes stunned those who knew him and left many wondering if there were clues that they missed. among those people are holmes' fifth grade teacher. he spoke to cnn about this shock. >> it's really disturbing.
3:39 pm
be so close to something like that and particularly as a teacher you're thinking, this is one of my kids. and then you also think, could i have done anything? or did i see anything? did i miss anything? you know, could i have done anything to have prevented this? did i do anything to cause this? which the answer is no. but that's what you think and that's how you feel. >> well, from glasses to lipstick, false teeth to your mobile phones, enhancements are very much a part of our daily lives. is humanity altering what our bodies can do? building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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3:43 pm
studying the extraordinary ways that people have tried to enhance the performance and appearance of their bodies. we're heard all of the chatter about various scandals, men and women in pursuit of athletic advantage. what is it that they are doing? >> well, deb, it's a fine line between enhancement and cheating. 100 years ago doping didn't take place whereas it does today and training did. it's only limited to four weeks. but, again, what extent are we going to go to to manipulate our bodies to gain that additional advantage? >> it's fascinating. i saw a video of ryan lochte and he had a huge -- it was a huge wheel and he was pushing it and pushing it, working various muscles. do we have an obsession on some levels as society and culture as to being superhuman?
3:44 pm
>> of course, it's something that we play with and this idea that we fantasize about. but at the end of the day, the real question is, does having the artificial enhancements give us the unfair advantage or is it -- are we playing here with nature and are we intervening in our own evolution and, in essence, creating a monster that we didn't even think we could have any say in or where the end of all of this is going to be. >> and as a dabler in exercise, i like to say, one of the problems is if you do it, you have to keep doing it. a, it's good for you. b., you kind of like how you feel after you do it. is it just the physical state that we're trying to change or the mental state that we're trying to work on? >> it's both. a south african track star and his name is oscar and he's -- for the first time, he's
3:45 pm
competing with able-bodied olympians and he's a parapalegic and skep particulars say by having that it's going to give him an added advantage. he said, look, i had to train for a very long time and this is well-deserved. >> right. but do that point, if we're going to test athletes for doping and crack down on them, shouldn't we possibly entertain the idea of students taking ritalin of giving them an extra advantage on an exam? >> you know what is fascinating, when you look at the advances that have been made in terms of the kind of sneakers and swimsuits. you see these suits that are so arrow dynamic that you're cutting speed in the water. this exhibit really just does go
3:46 pm
well beyond sports. describe a little bit to me because it spans -- >> it does t highlights artifacts from early as 600 b.c. until -- and spans into the future and the running shoe that we just saw in the picture before was the nike lightweight shoe and it's believed that a track coach invented it by pouring it into a waffle iron. the real issue, deb, is that we can do this and you can't do it without having a moral or ethical implications. >> of course. you're asking about how big, how much better, how much faster, how much more superior. all right. thank you so much. really appreciate it. clearly something to think about during the olympics. and the olympics are just under way and surprise winners and some big flops. we're going to be heading back
3:47 pm
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tim tebow welcome to gotham. no one said it would be easier. the jets' quarterback booed.
3:50 pm
his crime? fans were not happy after a few bad passes in the pouring rain. tebow was traded from the denver broncos to the jets earlier this year. a rock star seen how forgiving fans in new york will be. the athletes are aiming for gold in london and there has been a lot of talk about the opening ceremonies. jon wertheim joins us from london, where he's covering the olympic games. jon, what's the word over there? the industrial revolution and health care in the opening. >> some say this was the first modern dance devoted to health care, but it's 48 hours after the ceremony. we've had gold medal winners, upsets and still, andy boyle is the breakout star of the olympics. people still talking about the opening ceremony. we sort of had this quick transition to competition, but everybody was still talking about paul mccartney.
3:51 pm
>> there were a lot of sort of mixed reviews about the opening ceremonies. visually, it was quite spectacular, little jumbled at times, but after china, why not just go for something dimpblt? >> you get the filter through media and here, the british media loved this. this was uniformly praised and celebrated here. every newspaper, television station. twitter was a little more mixed. overall, it was a smashing success. the complete polar opposite from china. a real humanity about it. i think the british were really pleased with that component. >> he was trying to say a lot and the flame, i thought that was spectacular. michael phelps has been a bit of a surprise. not just losing, but hasn't
3:52 pm
gotten a gold medal yet. >> they're both sort of the face of these games, but a lot of question marks. michael phelps came out and not only did he not win gold, did not win a medal in his first race. got silver today. this was his last and there is a sense, is he going to go out, he's not going to replicate his feat from beijing, but how is he going to go out and so far, it hasn't been particularly pretty and now we're waiting to see with usain bolt, is he still the fastest man in the world? will he, like phelps, be overtaken by a teammate? >> and obviously, when you're the superstar, there's also the understood dog chomping at the bit to try to get it. ryan lochte, the world champion,
3:53 pm
you've been watching a lot of things, covering a lot of things. what has been most interesting so far? >> that's a good question. just how overwhelming it is. you spend a few hours watching tennis and there have been a half dozen medals awarded. i think britain's role in this and british sports is interesting. you had mentioned the woman, the infiltrator in the parade and there are will the of stories about empty seats and this balance between the sport, the competition and what goes with it. but what blows me away is how absolutely massive an enterprise. a million fans will watch a bike race. there will be a really significant event that you'll miss because there are nine others you're paying attention to. >> i was riveted on women's ping-pong the other day. i watched men's water polo a little bit today and there's also trampoline, which is a brilliant sport, when you think about it. >> there's women's boxing.
3:54 pm
people will mention things and the response will be, oh, i didn't even realize that was a sport. somebody said hockey. oh, no, it's field hockey. there's a lot going on here. not even tim tebow here and there's a lot going on. >> you know, go figure. what would have thought? just kidding. jon wertheim for us. we look forward to touching base with you in a little while. thanks. nec -- >> this isn't about me. this is about me showing an act of kindness. >> one man's mission to pay tribute to the victims of the colorado theatre shooting. of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a solemn sign of peace amid the immense sorrow in colorado. across the street from the movie theatre where 12 people were shot and killed, 12 crosses suddenly appeared. all of them just three feet tall, but immeasurable in their meaning. let's mean the man who made them. from aurora, illinois to aurora, colorado. >> cutting out has a beautiful end on it. these are basically four foot tall and two foot wide. i got a phone call for two this
3:58 pm
morning. people call me and i try to respond immediately. you know, i ask them, do you want a tall cross like this one here is -- i dig in and put on the side of the road. this isn't about me. this is about me showing an act of kindness. saturday, i made the crosses up in the morning. painted them. it took about eight hours including the the painting. 16 hour drive and it's 1,000 miles and i think i made it in 12 hours. i know i was breaking the speed limit all the way through. we as a nation, are grieving here, but me coming from illinois is just saying one guy come and stopping what he's doing, going all the way out there is really a picture of what the nation's suffering, too. i cry a lot and you know, it's not so much placing the crosses is when i actually start writing
3:59 pm
names. it's my privilege to give. it's the other way around. i'm offering the gift. what are you going to do? pay for it later? somebody asked me, how much do you charge for the crosses? what are you talking about? i don't. family members are going to be honored with these crosses and see the outpouring. i understand thousands of people have been by these crosses already. i feel very much like jesus did. that ministering. i don't have a car. the crosses are a ministry. they're a prayer. -- captions by vitac -- you're in the cnn news room. i'm deborah fayerick in for don lemon. let's get you to the stories making news at this hour. movie theatre turned into a