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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 8, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the facts which takes time to tease out from the rest of the noise. from fran, the greatest invention ever, the mute button. keep the conversation going ott thanks for your responses and thank you for joining me. "newsroom "continues now. >> thank you, carol. i'm kate bolduan. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 out west. a lot going on including the fbi is due to weigh in any second now on the sikh temple rampage and the after math in wisconsin. through the tears of grief-stricken families, the world learns more about the victims. >> she was a great mom. she lived for us. she worked for us. >> plus a breathtaking landing on mars captured by a camera that was out of nasa's price
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range. more on that to come. there is no good place for a medical emergency but antarctica is especially bad. a medevac mission at the bottom of the world. first as investigators dig into wade michael page's past, page's ex-girlfriend misty cook was taken in on a weapons charge. cook's arrest was part of a joint investigation between police and fbi. we should learn more details about cook's arrest and really the investigation into page at this news conference. you are looking at live pictures right there from the room. this news conference will begin any moment now. we'll bring you that live. first straight to david mattingly who's on the ground covering the developments. what more are you learning about misty cook? >> well, the fbi tells cnn that when they went to search her
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apartment she agreed to let them in to search their apartment. as they were doing that they found a firearm. as a convicted felon she's not allowed to have one. the fbi speaking to ted rowland saying this is not part of their investigation into wade page. but they are saying that they were accompanied by south milwaukee police and the local police made the arrest on the firearms charge. the arrest and the firearms charge will be handled by police and not by the fbi. >> so as we are waiting to obviously hear more on the investigation into wade page's background and anything more we can gather from the arrest of his girlfriend misty cook what are you learning about the temple? when will it open? what more are you hearing from the community? >> the last we heard from the fbi, the special agent in charge said her heart goes out to people who worship there.
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they know they want to get back into the temple as soon as possible. she was saying because of the meticulous nature of the investigation they are having to take their time. she said it may be the earliest date possibly would be thursday before they could be allowed to get back in there. today the roads are still blocked going into the temple behind me. the police are still there on the scene. the mayor of the town here telling me yesterday the difficulty was because of shots that were fired into the police vehicles. they have to leave everything on site exactly as they found it so they can track the trajectory of all the shots fired and make sure every possible detail of the killing was documented properly. that's what's going on. thaw say it is taking time and the fbi saying they are conscious they want to make sure this gets back into the hands of the worshippers there as soon as possible. >> yeah. taking time is understandable when you are undergoing this type of investigation.
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david, are you getting an inkling of what we could learn in the update from the fbi and other authorities on the ground. what big questions remain in your mind to be answered today. >> well, obviously the big question is about motivation. what prompted him to carry out these deadly attacks? what associations he might have had that contributed to that. at this point there's been no mention from any investigatoring authority on this crime to tell us that there's been any kind of indication of a wider conspiracy. so far all the fbi is telling us that they have received tips that he was potentially involved with other groups but so farther saying that they were confident that he was acting alone as he was carrying out the killings. >> david, i know you are going to want to watch this as well. let's dip in live now. this press conference with the fbi and other authorities on the ground there to give us the latest on the investigation into the temple shooting going on
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now. >> our speakers include theresa carlson, special agent in charge of the milwaukee division. james santell, united states attorney, eastern district of wisconsin. john edwards, chief of the oak creek police department and jeff mcgee, assistant special agent in charge, atf milwaukee. at this time i introduce you to special agent in charge milwaukee division, theresa carlson. >> thanks. good morning. thank you for coming today. i understand that you guys have a lot of questions and that you are anxious for information. please know that we have been working around the clock since sunday on this investigation in an effort to make sure that it is thorough and efficient and that we get you the best information possible. obviously the investigation is on going. there's going to be details that i can't discuss today. we want to give you an update of some things that happened since the last time we spoke.
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first of all, after having conducted an extensive investigation we can still say that we have not identified anyone else other than wade michael page as being responsible for these shootings. on sunday evening we did identify misty cook as the ex-girlfriend of wade michael page. the fbi accompanied by the south milwaukee police department interviewed her at her residence. she was cooperative. the police officers while there observed a weapon and they arrested her for felon in possession at that time. the cause of this arrest is not connected to the shootings in oak creek and has no connection to this investigation. second, i want to mention that at the previous press conference, we talked a little bit about what other references there might have been to wade michael page in fbi files.
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i want to reiterate as we did before that we did not have an open investigation on him prior to the shootings. i want to clarify that a reference can be anything from a complainant, witness, background, referral, liaison. it can be any number of things, not necessarily derogatory. as the investigation stands now, we have conducted over a hundred interviews nationwide, includes those of family, associates, employers, neighbors of wade michael page. we have issued 180 federal grand jury subpoenas. as of 8:00 this morning, we have 101 leads pending nationwide. i'm sorry, worldwide. as of this morning the evidence response team is continuing the process of the crime scene at the temple.
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it is a large crime scene. as you can imagine the temple consists of several thousand square feet that need to be meticulously searched. we recovered approximately 139 items from the parking lot alone. we are reviewing electronic records from page's e-mail accounts, koeming through traffic videos, neighborhood security videos. the video coverage from inside the temple was not on at the time. so there is no video of the shooting from inside the temple. we have conducted physical searches of his residence, his vehicle, a rented storage locker, and a also space he had at a former employer. i want to reiterate again that after all of this work we still have identified no one else responsible for this shooting other than him. we have also not clearly defined a motive at this point.
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another thing i want to note is that the evidence indicates that the second respond iing officer who shot page in the stomach, thereby neutralizing the threat -- and, by the way, i have seen the video. it is an amazing shot. thank goodness. subsequent to that wound, it appears that page died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. the person of interest we talked about at the last press conference, thank you for getting that photograph out. it helped us identify him promptly. we have located him, interviewed him. he is cooperative and is continuing to cooperate. at this point i want to turn the podium over to u.s. attorney jim santell who will talk about community engagement. >> thank you. good morning.
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my name is jim santell, the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of wisconsin. i want first to reaffirm the statements -- >> this press conference is ongoing. i want to reiterate the headline we heard from the fbi special agent in charge teresa carlson. she said from the video they have they see when the second officer arrived on scene and shot page in the stomach, after that, according to the fbii ini- fbi agent, page appeared to die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. this is the first time we are learning this kind of detail coming out of this temple shooting massacre. david mattingly, are you there? >> reporter: yes, i can hear you. that fact is absolutely very important. if you put it into context, as we saw brian todd reporting earlier today, he had an
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experience when he went to the officer who shot page there at the scene. when he went to his home to ask if he could interview him, multiple police cars showed up. police seemed edgy, hands on weapons at the time to find out who they were and what they were doing there. showing a great deal of sensitivity about approaching that officer's home. he later found out they are concerned about possible retaliation from white sprem s supremacist groups in some fashion. by putting this out there they are saying page took his own life. that police officer did shoot him when he arrived on the scene. the fbi called it an amazing shot. but then page himself died from a self-inflicted gunshot to his head. so that could be possible that in that context, putting that out there to let anyone know who may be thinking about retaliation of how page actually died in this confrontation.
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>> that's a very interesting point, david. again, to reiterate to the viewers. a big headline coming out of the press conference that's on going that we are monitoring is when the second officer arrived on scene outside the oak creek temple and he shot wade michael page in the stomach, the fbi is now saying it appeared wade michael page died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. that he killed himself there in the parking lot of the sikh temple. also, other headlines. fbi reiterating in this press conference they have still identified no one else other than wade michael page to be responsible for this shooting. obviously they say the investigation is on going. they have a very large crime scene they are trying to comb through and they don't have a motive at this point. we are going to continue to monitor the press conference. we'll bring the headlines to you
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to presidential politics now. president obama is on his way to colorado where, compared to 2008, he seems to be facing an uphill climb. a grand new poll shows likely colorado voters favor mitt romney over the president by a five-point margin. in 2008 mr. obama defeated john mccain in colorado by nine points. mitt romney had a morning event in iowa where last night he raised 2 million dollars in a single appearance. that's an iowa record. he's due to raise more cash in new jersey this coming afternoon. cnn's jim accosta is covering team romney in des moines this morning. hey there. what was the message to voters in iowa this morning? >> reporter: the message to voters in iowa is the same message he's been putting out the past 24 hours. it's a controversial one that president obama, in his words, has weakened the worker requirements in the welfare program. it all started, this
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controversy, with an ad the campaign debuted yesterday that accused the president of weakening work requirements in welfare noting that it was president bill clinton who signed that into law back in the mid 1990s. though the ad itself has been ruled pants on fire by politicifact it's gotten a nose on fire. welfare change rule sparks tiff. so the romney campaign is getting people talking about it on the campaign trail. earlier this morning in des moines, mitt romney doubled down on this accusation against the president. here's what he had to say. >> as a result of working together with welfare the number of people on welfare was cut in half. poverty was reduced five straight years. the level of poverty in this country came down. it was an extraordinary success. back at that time then senator
8:18 am
obama opposed to that. as president he put that in place with a very careful executive action. he removed the requirement of work from welfare. >> we should note bill clinton put out a statement last night. he doesn't usually get into the fray on the campaign trail. he put out a statement calling mitt romney's ad not true and misleading pointing out there were republican governors seeking waivers in the welfare law that would have given them flexibility in helping people get from welfare and back into jobs. that basically is what the obama campaign is putting out there. they have a web video going after mitt romney on this. but the romney campaign also has a web video out doubling down on this. pointing out that joe biden supported welfare reform in the
8:19 am
1990s. of all people, the rnc has put out newt gingrich today. they had newt gingrich on a conference call this morning, kate. it was kind of entertaining, if you read some of the remarks he made during this conference call. he referred to the president as the anti-clinton. he was really dishing out the red meat on this conference call. also called the secretary of health and human services a radical. so i think it was probably entertaining for republicans to hear. but i'm sure there are a lot of democrats out there saying, wait a minute. this is out of bounds. which is, of course, something newt gingrich doesn't mind. he likes getting out there and miracling it up. kate? >> it's a race to the finish and some say a race to the bottom in terms of rhetoric. interesting to see if the latest tactic by the romney campaign is resonating with voters.
8:20 am
jim acosta, thank you very much. want to turn to the white house and dan lothian. when you hear what jim is talking about in des moines, iowa and the romney strategy we know president obama is traveling to colorado. how important is colorado to president obama's re-election bid? >> it is an important battleground state for the president. he's leading in some of the other patle ground states but not in colorado. the most recent poll there showing the president trailing mitt romney by five points. that's why the president has been spending time in that state since he announced his re-election bid this will be the seventh time he visited that state. he will be making four official stops in denver, grand junction, pueblo and colorado springs over two days. but in denver, while the president broadly will be addressing the economy, he'll be focusing on women's issues. in particular, talkingabout how his health care law will benefit women. in addition that, you have seen not only in colorado but other
8:21 am
battle ground states the obama campaign rolling out an ad going after mitt romney's policies. issues on women. specifically replaying some of the earlier comments when he talked about eliminating planned parenthood. so the president and mitt romney both going after this critical group. women voters, especially in a key battleground state of colorado. >> you hear jim in iowa talking about the romney campaign doubling down on the latest salvo in the welfare war, if you will. it's putting the obama campaign on defense. but it sounds like a fight the obama campaign is welcoming. what are you hearing from inside the campaign on this? >> reporter: that's right. not just the campaign but the white house. often when the ads are put out we ask the white house to comment. jay carney at the briefing will often say if you want to ask specific questions about ads go directly to the campaign. yesterday he addressed the issue
8:22 am
saying this ad on the president attacking the president on welfare is simply untrue. it's blatantly dishonest. so they are putting out this web ad trying, as they believe, to straighten out what mitt romney is putting out there saying the president's policies on welfare reform have only strengthened the program, not hurt it as mitt romney is saying. >> yeah. i think you will agree we are seeing more name calling these days than we are talk on substantive issues. but we continue to cover it. they continue to talk about it. dan lothian at the white house, thank you. the president is due to speak in denver this afternoon at 3:20 p.m. eastern, about four hours from now. you will see him live on cnn.
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jets, helicopter gunships and tanks. this video shows massive damage. just look at it. from recent shelling in a rebel-held neighborhood. all signs indicate an all out offensive to retake the city could come any day now. ivan watson is monitoring from i skr -- istanbul. what can you tell us about the situation? it seems to be deteriorating more by the day. >> reporter: there is no question that syria's largest city, large parts of it are being destroyed in the struggle for control of it. syrian state media is reporting that the neighborhood in the southwest of the city has been cleared out, as they put it, cleaned out. and that a number of terrorists, as the euphemism goes from the government, its description of the rebels and foreign mercenaries have been captured. rebel commanders are saying they
8:27 am
are still battling for control of the key neighborhood. a neighborhood that the rebels first really moved into in force when they moved to infiltrate the city a couple weeks back, in part because it is a poorer neighborhood with a much more socially conservative population that tends to support the opposition. our own ben wideman just got out of aleppo, a dangerous journey. he saw fighter jets bombing neighborhoods and artillery shelling residential neighborhoods indiscriminately. >> we have been watching images for now, 17 months of the fighting that's been going on in syria. you covered uprisings in egypt and libya. for our viewers who are seeing images over and over again, how do you describe the violence in those areas with what's happening in syria. >> reporter: well, theirst of
8:28 am
the two revolutions of the so-called arab spring, egypt and tunisia were violent. the period of conflict lasted only a few weeks. the uprisings were not armed. they were able to overthrow western-backed dictators within weeks. libya took much longer. it involved intervention by the nato military aalliance. a robust aerial bombing campaign and huge amounts of guns to back the libyan rebels able to overthrow gadhafi. syria hasn't gotten any of that foreign support. the rebels have been on their own starting as a peaceful protest movement, morphing into armed opposition. it's clearly the longest of the uprisings we have seen. 17 months and counting with unquestionably the highest death toll as well. kate? >> the images from there are amazing,wful to look at on a
8:29 am
daily basis. i'm sure you have seen more than yoever wanted to. ivan watson, thank sos much. in addition to the battle for aleppo, there is no let-up in the fighting across syria. and the world health organization says there are severe shortages of supplies.
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an update on our top story this hour. the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. justle moments ago the fbi told for the first time that the suspect, wade michael page, killed himself with a shot to the head after an officer shot him in the stomach on the scene at the wisconsin temple. initially it was believed that wade michael page was killed by that officer -- that police officer. police tell cnn also that there are concerns white supremacists may attempt to retaliate against the police officer who shot the suspect. also some of page's neighbors confirm or tell us that he played in a hate rock band. also new information. a man who says he served with page in the army says page talked about a racial holy war in the 1990s.
8:33 am
police say they have no clear motive for the attack. the message from the community is clear in oak creek, wisconsin. family and friends summed it up with one word -- peace. the grief, shock and anguish we are seeing is palpable in that community. their wounds, still very raw as the families prepare for their loved ones' funerals. over the past few days we have come to know some of the six victims killed. among them, a wife, a mom and a devout believer. we spoke with her sons about her loss. >> reporter: it didn't take long for kamal to learn what happened to his mother. >> my aunt said there is a shooting outside. we need to leave. rather than just leaving she wanted to bow down and pray for the last time. and then get up and leave.
8:34 am
as she was getting up she was shot in the back. >> reporter: murdered in her sacred place. >> she collapsed there. she didn't have a chance. they said she was dead on the spot. >> reporter: paramjit was 41 years old. >> i called her phone. i went to the scene and they wouldn't let us through. >> reporter: you went to try to find your mom. >> i told the police officer my mom is there. >> reporter: 20-year-old kamal left his younger brother home trying to protect him. as survivors emerged kamal searched among them. >> i went in the basement where the rescuers were, searched for my mom. she wasn't one of them. >> reporter: reality sinking in. >> i had an idea that she didn't make it. but i just didn't want to believe it. >> reporter: paramjit kaur went
8:35 am
there every sunday often arriving early to help prepare food. >> she was a good woman. she was a great mom. >> she lived for us. she worked for us. anything she did was for us. >> reporter: what was she like when she walked into a room? what was she like? >> always had a smile. she always had a smile. >> reporter: what were your mother's dreams for you? >> just wanted us to be educated. she told us education is everything here. >> wow. such an emotional and powerful interview that you conducted. absolutelyuch a powerful storiful joining me live now from new york, i found what's so incredible about the story and these young men is that both of them want to go into law enforcement. >> they do.
8:36 am
kamal, the 20-year-old older brother is studying criminal justice. they wanted to go into law enforcement before this happened. this strengthened their resolve. they want their mom to see them in uniform. she won't be able the to do that. they said they even more now want to make her proud. what was interesting is kamal told me, i was always told this was the land of opportunity. uh said, do you feel it is your land of opportunity. he said, it took my world away. he's wrestling with the opportunity that america brought the family that came here eight years ago and what happened here because they were there in wisconsin. i will tell you one bright spot to the story. the whole family -- that's a picture of their trip to india just a month ago. they went to celebrate harprit's 18th birthday. the mom saved up for eight years. every penny to take the family to india. they were there for a month. they got that experience together. thank goodness they did. they obviously didn't think they
8:37 am
would lose their mother. that was really the only silver lining to this horrific story. sitting there, hearing the anguish, it's unbelievable. the question is why this had to happen. they are not going to get an answer to that. >> no, they won't. i can tell you and be very sure the trip takes on a new significance in their mind. thanks so much. great work out there. >> thanks. >> a wake and visitation for the victims is scheduled for friday morning. temple leaders have said their doors will remain open to all. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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i am not a psychic. i can guarantee a u.s. team will win gold and silver today in the same event. zane verjee joins us from
8:41 am
london's olympic park. out's in my favorite sport. tell us more. >> reporter: well, unfortunately you're not that good, kate, but i am that good. and i can tell you the u.s. will win gold and silver, so congratulations, team usa and team usa. you've got a showdown in beach volleyball between jennings and trainer who have been playing together since 2001. afterwards the team will retire. you know what? they have been playing together so long actually they have been going to relationship therapy to make sure their dynamics on the beach are still good enough. they are going to be playing against kessy and ross who are totally fed up being called "the other team." so they have something to prove here. at least they are still talking and having dinner together. by the w we found out prince harry has got tickets to the
8:42 am
final of the beach volleyball. why am uh-i not surprised? >> not at all. it will be an amazing showdown. both of the teams know the other team so well. it will be fabulous to see. i want to talk about one other sport. a person who made a lot of headlines. out's been interesting to watch. a south african runner caster semenya has been the subject of a gender controversy three years ago. how is she doing? >> i watched a few hours ago. she came second in her heat. a lot of commentators were saying she looks in really good shape and could win the 800 meters she's running. but they are also saying because she's not been competing for the last year because of the gender controversy around her she's felt humiliated and they were questioning has she lost her focus because she had to go through drug tests and gender
8:43 am
tests to see whether she can compete. we'll see how she does. i have to say, my fellow countrymen or countrywoman is competing in that event. her name is pamela jalimo, the olympic defending champion for the 800 meters. uh want caster semenya to do well, but my money is on kenya. >> no bias at all. it's okay, zain. it's just sport >> i'm psychic. she's going to win. >> thank you so much. also today, the ladies jump in the ring in three boxing semifinals marking the first time women's boxing is part of the olympic program. congratulations to everybody. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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so did you see the curiosity rover fly toward the martian surface this week? how could you miss it? it was spectacular video. makes you feel like you were right there during the descent. can you believe how far away it is? it was made possible because of the mars descent imageer. interestingly enough it almost never happened. want to bring in john zarella from pasadena, california.
8:47 am
could there be more drama and excitement? tell us why this camera didn't almost milwaukee it to mars. >> reporter: sure. we may get more images from that today. a couple of high resolution pictures, if nothing else. we should have that in about an hour and 15, hour and 20 minutes when the news conference begins here. i know it because i talked to mike mayland yesterday, the man who is responble, who created that camera. as you pointed out, we might never have seen these pictures. a few years ago, nasa, in an effort to cut costs from the mission said, look, we are not going to fly the descent imager. they had already spent a million dollars on it. mayland went to the phoenix project. there was extra money there for a descent imager they didn't use. he used that money and then put in the rest of his own money to
8:48 am
finish the camera. here's what he had to say. >> so i paid for the camera. the phoenix project paid to put it on the msl rover. nasa headquarters said, okay, under those circumstances, do it. >> how much did it cost you out of your own pocket? >> about $80,000. do you think it was worth it? >> reporter: now malin has cameras on half a dozen spacecraft, kate. his cameras are responsible for sending back nearly half a million images over the years. kate? do you think it was worth it? >> exactly. i think everyone at home was going, yeah, i think so. shows what passion and determination will get you. we would like to thank you, sir, for making that camera happen. john, thank you for your great work over there. appreciate it. >> certainly. >> for more information on the mission and the latest pictures from the martian surface, visit
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there's a medical emergency unfolding right now, and get this, at the largest research station in ant ark ka in -- antarctica, in the brutal dead of winter, and we understand that the person who needs to be evacuated is in stable condition. for more, we bring in chad myers. do you have more on the extreme conditions that the rescuers are up against as they try to medevac this person out? what do you know about the station that we are talking about here, chad? >> certainly very cold and certainly very dark for at least most of the day. there is a slight light period in the highest part of this noon hour where the sun is not even over the horizon yet, but getting better and lighter everyday. you have to understand they are in the dead of winter like we are in the dead of summer, but as they get closer to the spring, the days are longer. right now the temperature at
8:53 am
mcmurdo is 18 degrees. visibility is great. and visibility is perfect out there, and 7 to 10 miles, but the problem is vfr has to happen. visual flight rules only. and let me show you why that is a problem, because this is a live shot from mcmurdo station. there is no visibility, because literally no light. that is what it looks like right now, and here is mcmurdo, and christchurch up here where they have stationed the plane and i will show you that in a second, and they are going to fly here for a ice field, and why is vfr a problem? well, it isn't in the united states if you have lights on the runway and you could see and they wouldn't have to do vfr with the clear skies, but when you have a runway built on ice and kind of volcanic rock, but ice right there with no lights, you have to be able to see it. they can't light it up and if you can't light it up and can't see it there is no beacons and
8:54 am
you have to see the runway and line up, and in the dark, you can't do that. kate? >> talk about treacherous conditions, and treacherous flying conditions, and i can't believe this. we will follow this one closely. >> it appears that it is easier to land on mars than antarctica. >> and that tells us something. chad myers, thanks for being with us. ♪ this is the sound of my soul ♪
8:55 am
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today for a special trial offer. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. in 2000, martha runyan became the first legally blind athlete to compete in the olympics, and today, she is keeping her mission to run alive. this week we caught up with her in this week's human factor. >> reporter: everyday at camp abilities, it starts the same
8:58 am
way, with care to share. >> i hit three shots on the basketball court last night. >> i ran three miles. >> i did my first backflip on the rings at gymnastics. >> reporter: all of these children are visually impaired, and they have come to the camp abilities for a one-week developmental camp. their inspiration this year is martha runyan who was diagnosed with stuttgart's disease. >> we all know, whether you are sighted or not, physical activities plays a role, and running became my choice of sport after i abandoned soccer and had trouble seeing the ball, obviously, so i went out for my high school track team. >> reporter: and boy could runyan run. after running track and field in high school and college, she turned pro, and eventually
8:59 am
becoming the first legally blind athlete to compete in the olympic games. runyan says she reached her full potential by competing against the best athletes in in the world. and now she is giving these campers the first taste of sports. >> it is about teaching them what they can do and giving them opportunities that they are not otherwise available to them at public school or afterschool programs. >> reporter: there is a lot to choose from. sports like beat baseball, goal ball, and they learn how the ride bikes and practice judo and of course, run track. >> when my vision changed, but the desire to participate in sports never did. >> reporter: and just like the mantra of the camp says a loss of sight does not need to be a loss of vision. >> the motto of the camp is -- >> believe you can.