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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 8, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> hugo chavez has been battling cancer for a long time and he would serve another six-year term as president if he wins that election. several stories caught our attention today and photos as well. have a look. this is the philippines and we have been reporting of the flooding and men and women and children crammed under a bridge crammed in there to escape the rain and flooding. there was 2 1/2 feet of water in 48 hours. and the people are inches away from the floodwaters. 800,000 people have fled their ho homes to stay in emergency shelters, and this is a desperate situation particularly in the capital. now, you have here, a woman painting an idol for a hindu god krishna, and the statues like the blue ones here are going to be used across india in a festival that is going to be happening this friday to celebrate his birth. we go the paris now. and take you there and wouldn't you like to go? these prosthetic legs and old medical supplies are part of one
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of the biggest lost and found collections in the world. it has been around for 200 years, and we don't know who lost them or where. the next hour of the "cnn newsroom," don lemon starts newsroom," don lemon starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. don lemon here, and suzanne is off today. this hour in the "cnn newsroom," we are going to focus on exciting new pictures coming back from mars and new details into the investigation of the wisconsin shooter. police say now that he killed himself. right to the news right now. a couple of grainy pictures have the space guys all fired up at nasa, and they should be fired up. these are the first color images beamed back to earth from the mars rover called curiosity, and the latest earth visitor to mars. nasa says it is in great shape and working perfectly. so far. john zarrella, and the jet
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propulsion laboratory in california. and john, i have been watching you for days now and i stayed up and watched when it finally landed. i talked to you this weekend ap it is exciting then and exciting now, and what is the level like there today? >> yeah, it is spectacular and we have treats today for the viewer. you can see the room i'm in and it is actually yellow, because they are duplicating exactly what the conditions are like on mars. what you will see there behind me, that is the engineering model of curiosity. it is an exact duplicate of curiosity, and everything that curiosity is doing on mars, this rover is shadowing here on earth. and you can see that the mast is actually up there, and that is because they have just in the last several hours raised that mast on curiosity on mars so that they'll be getting some of the high fidelity pictures from the lab cams.
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and they have started a press conference out there at the jet propulsion laboratory, and i promise you new pictures. >> okay. the rims instrument is the weather instrument that we have on the rover. that is the instrument that we had an anomaly with yesterday, and so that instrument is now healthy. we have the data down to show it is healthy and operating that, and not on sol 3, but sol 4. all good news as far as the other systems on the rover, the power system is very healthy. the radioice tome thermo electric generator, rteg3 is healthy, and we have been using a conservative predict, and that is going to be fantastic to keep the rover awake longer. we also have some thermal data indicating that it is a little bit warmer than what our predicts say, and we are looking at why that is. in general, it could be that the
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environmental models are a little bit different from gail, and it could be that the actual models from the rover are different, and we are investigating that. there is actually not a significant issue with that except for the potentially, different constraints on the time of day when we would operate the instruments, and actual huge advantage off that and in warming up the actuators in things like drive and moving up the arm will have less energy to do that. and we are looking at the thermal situation as far as the plans for the next sol, so we are planning sol3 right now, and there are a lot of folks over there getting the plans and sequences together for the next sol, and very exciting now that the mast is deployed, we will do the mass cam 36 o0 full color panorama, and i see the folks working on that for several months are smiling and excited that it is running and going to be on sol3 just like we planned.
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we should have amazing images from that. and also thing that we are getting ready for the sol transition, and there are folks working on over a year how to transfer from the r-9 software to the r-10 software. they have generated hundreds of files with thousands of commands that we have to execute over the four sols for transition. we will uplink them o the antenna the morning of sol3 on board and ready to go for the software transition. that is exciting, and we wanted to get it started on sol 5 to make sure we get to the new software. another issue, but not significant issue that we are looking at, but you can see the an ten na here, and as the earth sets, there is a little occlusion between the antenna pointing to earth, and so we don't have horizon, to horizon coverage of the and ttenna thro
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earth set so we can calculate the real occlusion so that the future antennas can be consistent with what we believe the capability of that to be. so with that, i'd like to introduce my colleague to the left. we were just talking, because we have been working together for 16 years. we were both very young and not that smart on mars pathfinder, and you can make an assessment of where we have come, but justin mackey built and operated the cams -- we know we will get the images coming out of the press briefing in a little while. mike malin is there and we like to call him the mars cameraman, because he is the guy who dropped dozens of cameras. he hayes flown dozens and brought back hundreds of thousands of picture s of mars and the orbiters and he says they might have pictures from the descent camera, and you also heard them talking about the
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mast cam, and i believe we are seeing the images from nasa as well right now. you heard them talk about the earth rise and what they want to do is to be able to use when they are sending back data of actually when the earth rises, the entire time that the earth rises to the time it rises and to the time it sets, they can communicate directly with the rover. after that, they can't. because earth is below the horizon, so they are working with the high gain antenna to do that and the good news is that all of the systems, don, appear to be working just fine. >> i wonder what happens when we see like little green men step in front of the camera. what do we do then, john zarrella? what do we do then? >> all right. >> thank you. we will get back. and here is what else we are working for you in this hour. the shooter in the wisconsin temple tragedy allegedly tried to join the kkk and why his ex-boss said he had to fire wade michael page.
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then, she was considered a hero for pulling ammunition away from jared loughner, the accused arizona shooter, and now patricia mace is calling for a bill on gun control. and from iowa, hear what a investigator calls the state's biggest fish kill ever. i'm not taking your money. besides i get great gas mileage. what's that? it's eassist. helps the engine run really efficiently. it captures energy that assists the engine... so i'm ner guzzling gas. oh -- that's hippie talk. it's called technology dad... here take two dollars. take the money. [ male announcer ] the all new 37 mpg highway chevy malibu eco. from conserving fuel, to the technology that makes it happen. chevy runs deep. to the technology that makes it happen. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives?
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i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. we have new information for you this hour about the massacre at the sikh temple in wisconsin. and an fbi agent said that page was wounded by a police officer, but that is not the fatal shot. apparently he shot himself. >> the evidence indicate s ths the second responding officer who shot page in the stomach thereby neutralizing the threat and by the way i have seen the video, and it is an amazing shot, and thank goodness. subsequent to that wound, it
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appears that page died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> another new update to tell you about, the president called india's prime minister to express his condolences over the shooting. for the third night in a row, the community held a vigil to honor those who died. people came together to share their grief and pray for the wounded and to search for answers, but the motive behind the shooting may have died with the gunman. here's cnn's ted rowlands who traces the gunman's actions leading up to the massacre. >> reporter: in the days and weeks before the temple shooting, wade page began to withdraw from the world, starting, according to neighbors moving out of the upstairs apartment behind this house he shared with his girlfriend and her son. neighbors say he left with a few box boxes, but he didn't seem upset. >> i never did see a big breakup or anything. i rarely saw him around. >> reporter: two weeks before the shooting, page stopped showing up for his jobs a machine op p p ray tor at the
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manufacturing facility and then july 28th a week before the shooting, he walked into the gun store and bought a 9 millimeter semiautomatic gun. >> the purchase was legally, and he filled out the state and the federal paperwork and passed the background check. >> reporter: then he used that gun to shoot nine people, six of whom died, but what is not clear to investigators is why. page's girlfriend was questioned the day of the shootings, but they say she offered no insight on the motives. neighbors told them that she had not talked to page since he moved out, and even shutdown his e-mail account. there were no people inside when we went to page's girlfriend's apartment. we are learning more about page's past and the apparent association with white supremacists. the owner off this harley-davidson shot in fayetteville, north carolina, says he found an application by
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page to join the ku klux klan in 1994 after failing to get the job. la later he came back for the application, but he was told it was destroyed. >> we excourt kou escorted him and there was an application to the kkk on his desk and i took that information. >> his mother and stepmother remember him from denver. >> we don't know what happened to him, and obviously, we will not know. >> another sad development, and now investigators are concerned about the safety of the police officer who shot the gunman at the sikh simpltemple, but the f that he shot himself may ease
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the tension as others were suspected of possible retaliation. the southern poverty law center who tracks hate groups says that there is reason to be concerned. >> law enforcement in general are targets of these groups, and in fact, wade page's band had a record cover which shows an altercation between a skinhead and police car. it is not unreasonable for the law enforcement to be concerned about this. they have been literally the targets of extremist groups in the last few years a couple of militias that wanted to kill cops specifically. >> well, the police chief in oak creek, wisconsconsiwisconsin, s no specific threat against the officer. she is considered a hero for pulling ammunition away from jared loughner, and now patricia maize is calling for a bill on gun control, and there she is. i will talk to her after the break.
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t fate of another mass shoor has been decided. tucson massacre gunman jared loughner has plead guilty to 19 criminal charges which allows
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him to avoid the death penalty. he is going to be sentenced to life in prison in november with no chance of parole. loughner killed six people and wounded 13 others including then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he opened fire outside of a supermarket in january of 2011. patricia was there when he opened fire. she helped to stop him from reloading the gun and she joins us now from tucson. thank you. are you doing okay? >> i am, thank you. >> good. what are your thoughts now on the plea deal? do you agree that loughner should be spared the death penalty? >> i am satisfied that justice has been served. i'm not a proponent of the death penalty, so i am satisfied that will save a lot of heartache and pain going through the trial and money, also. >> you are not a proponent of the death penalty, but you have been outspoken about gun control issue, and this is a gun control
10:20 am
issue, especially when you consider the other recent mass shootings, and the movie theater attack in colorado that left 14 people dead, and 48 wounded and the temple shooting in wisconsin which leftfour people dead and others injured, and what do you believe about that because you are outspoken about it? >> well, as a result, i have been active because not being injured, and it is my personal responsibility to take some action so i have joined with 14 other survivors of the tucson shooting and some physically wounded and some not physically wounded, and we are all emotionally wounded, but we have joined together, and we have been helped by mayors against illegal guns. we want to make sure a dierence. we are well founded in doing this. we like to call it crime control instead of gun control. we have a new plan called the
10:21 am
"demand a plan" that we'd like to see what president obama and mr. romney can tell us what their thoughts are on stopping the carnage. people can go to demand a plan and check it out and sign up if they'd like. >> and can i ask you something, because you mentioned that you want to call it crime control instead of gun control. you believe and answer, you know, correct me if i'm wrong, that those words gun control, they are hot button words and people just go to both their polarized sides when you say gun control. do you think that by renaming it and rebranding it so to speak it is more palatable and people may talk about it without getting so h hostile about it? >> i think that it helps, but i think that if you looked at the latest polls, one done by a republican pollster that shows that even a majority of the nra
10:22 am
members want to have sensible gun reform. that they believe that there should be a background check on every gun sale. 40% of the guns sold in this country have no background check. and in this day, there's no reason why they can't pick up the smartphone and immediately get a background check. then the next aspect is to make sure that all of the people who have been ajude kate eeen adjud have a gun are on the national criminal investigation list so that the background check can find those who shouldn't have it. >> yes. paicia, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we should say that she wrestled not the gun, but the extra clip from jared loughner to prevent him from possibly shooting other people, and you don't think that you are a hero. you told h me i-- you told me i
10:23 am
the break that you are not a hero because other people would have done the same thing, but i believe you are a hero. >> thank you, mr. lemon. here is what a new poll is showing. president barack obama is ahead of mitt romney 49% to 4 p% in west virginia. the quinnipiac, and new york times with this poll. romney is up by five points in colorado, and that is where the president is campaigning today. yet, dan lothian is at the white house. come on, dan, we need you on the plane with the president who joins us live now. these polls who are creating them by people, and lot of news organizations show how close the race is and it is 90 days out. how important are independent voters going to be come november? >> well, i think they the independent voters are very important for mitt romney.
10:24 am
we are talking about a small slice of the electorate, because as we look back over history, the independent voters, the bulk of them usually lean one way or another to the right or the left. so a small group of people that both sides are really going after, and clearly, they believe that many of them are the middle-class voters that you have heard the president talk so much about when he is laying out e tax policies and making that contrast with mitt romney. so they are spending a lot of time in the battleground states and a lot of money on television ads targeting those independent voter voters that they believe to be key to the campaigns come november. >> okay. all right. now, let's move on to romney, and the romney campaign, and he was on the campaign trail in iowa today, dan, and he doubled down on the claim that president obama is gutting welfare. listen to what he said. >> it was an extraordinary success. back at this time, then, senator obama was opposed to putting work together with welfare. now, he's president. and just a few days ago, he put
10:25 am
that original intent in place. with a very careful executive action, he removed the requirement of work from welfare. it is wrong to make any change that would make america more of a nation of government dependency. we must restore and i will restore work into welfare. >> okay. so how's the other side responding to the continued line of attack? >> they are pushing back hard, and not just the obama reelection campaign, but also the white house. jay carney the briefing and then in a gaggle on the way out to kro saying that the charges and the welfare ad are categorically false and blatantly dishonest and the obama re-election campaign releasing a web ad to fight back. >> have you seen this ad claiming that the president would end welfare's work requirements, and nbc calls it dubious and they are right. it is false. the washingt post says that
10:26 am
the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all. states have to increase the number of people moving from welfare to work. in fact, romney asks for even more flexibility when he was governor. romney, flexible on welfare and the truth. >> so there you are, don. the welfare wars, and what is interesting here is that the white house oftentimes will not respond directly to any of the campaign ads out there any time that you will ask these questions at a briefing, they will say talk to the campaign, but in this case, the white house spokesman jay carney says that this is involving the president's policy that he believes is false, and what the president has done and the administration has only strengthened the welfare reform and that anything other than that is simply not the truth. we have also seen former president bill clinton weigh in on this as well in a statement
10:27 am
calling these charges disappointing. don. >> after a while, the music it all starts to sound the same, and si like white noise after a while. thank you, thank you very much. appreciate it, dan lothian. check this out. unbelievable new pictures now from the mars rover, curiosity. look at that. i wish there was something we could put there like a nickel or a quarter to show you the dimension of how big that is. but it has been up there a couple of days and arrived early on the early hours monday and delivering fantastic pictures and of course, the jet propulsion lab in pasadena is so excited about this, and really the world is excited about this. it's not the end of the world as we know it, but definitely the future is now in this forever changing our world i'm sure as we get more information, and we will progress along to find out exactly what happens in space, and if we are the only ones here. chances are we are not, so get ready. and it is hot and really hot
10:28 am
and july was the hottest since record keeping began in 1885, and the weather is not taking the toll just on the crops. fish are dying by the tens of thousands. this is a section of the des moines river in southeast iowa. look at that, 58,000 fish have washed up on the shores of a 42-mile stretch of the river. joined now by fisheries biologist mark fleming who will tell us about this. mark, explain to us what is causing this unprecedented river fish kill in iowa. could there be long-term effects he here? >> the cause coming down to this essentially unprecedented heat that we are having has been going on for a long time and in addition in the midst of the severe drought, and the flows down water in the rivers are very, very low, and the fish are reacting and not reacting well. in terms of whether or not the impacts will be long lasting, it is certainly a something that we are concerned about and we need
10:29 am
to consider to monitor. >> you are at home thinking, oh, my gosh, a fish kill and what's the big deal. but what is interesting is that they found over a prolonged period of time temperatures, the water temperature was like 97 degrees. and these are fish that are very expensive fish, and it is like $10 million so far and counting when you tack about trade and how much money is made off of these particular fish, the selling and the eating and what have you. >> the sturgeons are caught and sold at market either as smoked sturgeon or as caviar. it could potentially impact some of those markets. >> and you said that it was the prolonged heat. 97 degree water temperature --
10:30 am
am i correct for a extended period of time, and that is unprecedented? >> certainly. yeah, in terms of my experience and the records, we have nothing that really matches that. and you know, it wasn't just in one spot. it was up and down the entire river for a very, very long stretch. >> what do we do from here then? anything can we do to correct this? >> it comes down to us really trying to come up with the real issue of what is driving all of this? we certainly need to identify what the exact problems are, and you know, in all likelihood, fish populations are going to rebound and it is going to take a while. what we need to do is to identify what the exact problems are, and as biologists and users of the resources try to figure out how to solve the problems of the future and that and hope for rain, too. >> we hope it works itself out, but if it continues, it is a bigger problem. thank you, mark flamming. >> thank you, don. >> more pictures now from
10:31 am
curiosity, and this thing is sending back pictures right and left here. don't know what they are, but this is looking like when it was landing, i would imagine a couple of days ago and color pictures, too, they are excited about. it is interesting, too, because this is offering a perspective on just how big a surface it is. look at that. look at the horizon. when did you ever, and i know that there are other rovers that have land and other pictures, but look at how clear this is. would you have thought in your lifetime you would be looking at the horizon in mars beyond "lost in space" or some other television program that created it? "star trek"? here we go. everything, everything evolves and we move on. all right. so they invade our waters, our land, and invasive species like the water lion. and eatocracy has a solution,
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you should know that there is a battle raging out there for the top of the food chain, and yeah, we are on top of it now, but there is some weird fish and funky weeds out there that will eat everything unless we eat them first. scary, right? we are talking about inveiasive species of plants an animals and not where they should be, and causing troubles. we are joined by the cnn's editor of eatocracy blog that i look at all of the time and never thought i would say funky weeds on television. why is this interesting to you? are you saying that we should start eating all of the bizarre creatures to get rid of them?
10:36 am
>> not all of them, but the ones that you can eat. it is interesting, because it combines the movement is where people are eating for conservation methods. it is delicious and saving ecoe systems as well. >> you are talking about, and tell me what you are talking about. invasive species and where are they and how do they get here? >> well, so invasive species are basically non-native species that can damage an ecosystem. they can be animals or plants or microo microorganisms and they are brought in for a variety of reasons and the common denominator is that they are usually brought in by humans. they can be brought in cut zoo which is a vine that is nicknamed the vine that ate the south which was brought in to control erosion and took over from there. and nutri a is a water-borne
10:37 am
rodent brought in for t fur, but a couple of them escaped and the population skyrocketed from there. so calm of them brought in just to kind of help humans, but at the same time it ended up backfiring and lion fish is another one that has been a problem. it was brought in for pets. it was originally kind of an aquarium trade and it got released and has since been a problem. >> those things are a problem. did you see that nutria? that is giant. it looked like a cat. so listen, i have to ask you, what harm to leave the plants an animals alone? there are many say that nature will just balance itself out >> well, it is going to be tough, because they are non-native, they don't have natural predators, so the really, only way they can control these is by human con sum shun or not consumption, but you can use herbicides and pesticides, but arguments to have a perfect good food sources that we are not tapping into, because we henk factor.
10:38 am
if you say you want a water-borne plant, chefs say it tastes like rabbit. we are not used to seeing the proteins on the tables, so it is weird to us. nu.good luck selling ut m sin i don't think it is going to happen soon, but you never know. people eat snails. thank you, sarah. she owns a pair of silver medals and now allison felix is predicted to wind up one step up on the podium, but she has stiff competition for the 100 meter gold. well, it starts with a healthy scalp. that's why i use head and shoulders for men. they're four shampoos for game-winning scalp protection and great looking hair... go on, please. with seven benefits in every bottle, head and shoulders for men washes out flakes, itch and dryness. and washes in... confidence. yeah it does. [ male announcer ] up to 100% flake free scalp and hair
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time to aim for some gold right now. it is 200-meter showdown time at the olympics, and the money is on american allyson felix, and
10:42 am
in fact, according to some betting sites, she is a bigger bet to win than usain bolt is to win the men's 200. and interesting. becky anderson joining me from london. so becky, with the sting of collecting silvers in the previous two olympics, there is a lot of pressure on felix and the americans. how do you feel she will do against the against the jamaican powerhouses? >> well, she won't run as quickly as bolt would, but none of them qualified under 22 seconds in the qualifying rounds. 21.34 is the world and olympic record held by flo jo still in 1998. remarkable. and allyson felix has a personal best of 21.69 and she should do it with carmelita jeter running against her and the two
10:43 am
jamaicans, and this is the one she wants. don't forget she got the silver in athens and silver in beijing and she wants to step up to the extra, extra step on the podium tonight and get that gold. >> good luck to her. i like to watch when they cross the finish line, becky, a nd thy are out of of breath, and then there is that moment when they look up and see the times and a big smile and then another big exhale. >> exactly. we have seen it a number of times here. yes. >> and moving on to beach volleyball. women's beach volleyball and for the first time in history, it is an all-american showdown in women's beach volleyball, and tell us about that. >> yes, and you have a really good final shaping up hee, and the brazilians expected to do well as well, but they have been knocked out by one of the duos. so the two-time champions misty may treanor kerri walsh,
10:44 am
going against the two lesser known duo as it were, but remarkably well placed to do well in this, and this is going to be taking place in between 10 downing street and the prime n minister can look down on the horse guards parade where it is being held and up from buckingham palace and we are told that there will be a right royal audience there tonight in prince harry showing up to watch this. surprise, surprise. and it is going to be a really good showdown. and something that the brits who have been supportive of every event here whether we have done well or not, and we have done well quite often,ut the brits have been supportive of every event here is not something that we do particularly well, because it has been a real centerpiece of action, and real entertainment around this event, and looking forward to it. >> it is. i want to quickly get this in before we run out of time. w i want to talk about the men's 200 meter finals with usain bolt, and johan blake, but does
10:45 am
anybody have a chance against bo bolt, becky? >> no, i don't. he wants to be, and he wants to leave here being what he says is a living legend and i just talked to menford christy's who is a medal holder himself, but and he is, but we have not seen this posturing that we have seen from usain bolt in the past. certainly not before the 100. i think ha he was slightly nervous before that, but he has won it and beaten out johan blake and he wants the 200. a lot of people are telling me that they believe it is a bit of a stroll in the park for him. i'm not sure about that, but watch out for a really good race, and that is thursday. >> of course, we will be watching. thank you, becky. appreciate it. did you know when you fill up your car with gas, you are not pumping just gas, but corn as well, and why some are saying that should no longer be required. including the gs and is. [ engines revving ] because control
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10:48 am
well, you can blame some of the high costs of gas on the drought. aaa says that the gas prices have increased 16 cents in the past ten days, including another two pennies today to an average of $3.65. marybell of the new york stock exchanges, we were enjoying relati relatively low prices so far for so long, and what gives? what is going on? >> well, hi, don. we have been hearing from a lot of the analysts and they are all pretty much saying that it has been essentially a perfect storm
10:49 am
of circumstances. part of it is done to refinery pr problems across the country, and there is a pipeline in the midwest that ha to be shutdown in the end of july and problems at bp and other refineries in the region and that and plus a big fire at the chevron plant in california a couple of days ago and then crude prices. crude is the biggest component of gas. crude prices are rising for six weeks on the worries about the middle east. so aaa as you have been saying earlier here a average for a gallon of gas is currently, $3.65, and tom kloza says that he expects the prices to tick higher in the next couple of weeks burk not too close to $4, and underscore that, not too close to that, and the prices should decline labor day to more comfortable levels, don. >> with the rising prices, the people are calling for the government to scrap the ethanol
10:50 am
mandate, maribelle, and explain what that means? >> well, corn is a key ingredient in ethanol, and current rules say that corn must make up 10% of the gas we fill up in and that small fraction of gas can fill up with. critics are saying that getting rid of the mandate would lower demand and help bring corn prices down which would bring down prices for other foods that would rely on corn. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. we're going to get a quick check on the stock market. the dow is up three points. 13,1 13,172. a full check later on. there's a loophole in the health care law that doesn't sit right with parents. here why some pregnant women won't get coverage under the law. that's true.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
we're now live to new york city where the mayor and police commissioner are announcing its latest in crime prevention tools. it's the most extensive as far as data gathering. they are announcing it as the domain awareness system. let's listen in to mayor michael bloomburg. >> it is a great example of what the public and private sectors can do to improve people's lives when we work together. as i mentioned, microsoft provided the technical and engineering muscle but nypd personnel our offices committed countless hours working with
10:55 am
microsoft engineers on developing and refining this new technology. i'd like to invite the man who led that process to tell us more about their work. >> thank you, mr. mayor. i want to first point out jessica tish who is here. she will give you a demonstration in a few moments. she was an integral part of this product. our deputy commissioner of terrorism was important. we have chief waters and chief depace. when came back to the police department in 2002, i found out that the department was still a very big user of white out and carbon paper. in other words, the technical
10:56 am
revolution had, to a certain extent, by passed the department. >> as the police commissioner gives some of the details, this is going to allow police in new york to tie in with the anti-terrorism and crime fighting technologies they have. it's going to look at license plates and other things and give police officers more intelligence about the people who travel into their city and the people who live in their city and some are conceed calling it an invasion of privacy. these prosthetic legs are part of a lost and found collection that's been around for centuries. we'll share more candid moments from around the world, next. the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination...
10:57 am
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dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream several stories caught our attention today and photos. take a look in the philippines. a group of men, women and kids
11:00 am
cram under a bridge to escape heavy rains and flooding. more than 800,000 people left their home to stay in emergency shelters. a woman paints an idol for hindu gods. take you to paris, these old prosthetic legs. it's one of the biggest lost and found collections in the world. it's been around for 200 years. thanks for watching. "cnn newsroom" continues now with alino cho. nice to see you. thanks for joining us. right now all eyes on the you are urgent situation in syria. it's been bard ford for a long . people say the battle intensified by a lot of
11:01 am
government war planes up the amount of bombs dropped and state tv says the government troops have taken control of one of aleppos strategic neighborhoods but rebel leaders say not so fast. they deny the followers are retreating from their strongholds and say neither side has gained ground. getting an accurate picture of what's going on inside aleppo can be tricky. i want to bring in our ben wedeman. he's just gotten out of aleppo after spending two days on the front line of the battle there. we have some of the pictures that you brought with us. tell us what did you see while you were there. >> reporter: what we saw was a city very much at war, at least about half of it under the control of the free syrian army. the government is not hesitating to use its fire power, it
11:02 am
artillery to fire not only upon the combatants in neighbors like salahuddin but other neighbors as well where they still have significant population and just a handful of fighters. these areas are coming under regular bombardment. last night we had a very hard time getting any sleep at all with all the bombardment that was going on. humanitarian situation very difficult. doctors telling us they are running low on medicine, medical supplies and medical staff as well as many of those who could help the wounded are unable to get to the parts of town that are controlled by the rebels. we're hearing from the official syrian media that regular troops have entered and retaken the
11:03 am
salahuddin neighborhood. a very strategic neighborhood as it lies next to the entrance of aleppo. rebel commanders say it's not true. they inflicted heavy casualties on the government forces destroying anywhere from one and four of the government tanks and that they have not ceded any ground. >> i know you've been following this csely over the past few days. i think we should be reminding our viewers that 17,000 people have died in the fighting so far in syria. however, civilians are trying to go about their lives as you say. i'd like to hear more just about the difficulties. just yesterday we were speaking with hala and she said getting bread has been a problem. that goes to show how difficult it is to live inside syria as
11:04 am
the fighting continues. talk a bit more about that, ben. >> reporter: bread is difficult. people have to line up for hours to get just one loaf of bread per person in the family per day. at the same time they're suffering from electricity supplies. they don't have any cooking gas. one woman cooks on firewood she collects in the street and public parks. other families, for instance, are no longer living in their houses in their apartments but rather sleeping in the stairwells because of the danger of bombardment which is really a 24 hour thing. people try to live. i met man who was walking down the street in one of the rebel held neighborhoods with his 10-day old baby. the baby was born during the
11:05 am
fighting and when ever this baby hears these massive explosions of the artillery, it just cries and cries and cries. for instance, other people, i spoke to some children and they are clearly disoriented by the fact that aleppo just a few weeks ago had been spared much of the violence and fighting that was going on in syria. just a few weeks ago the uprising spread there. the children seem to be disoriented by the fact that their once peaceful neighborhood, peaceful just a few weeks ago has become a battleground. it's difficult to try to survive and feed their family and keep them safe under these horrendous conditions.
11:06 am
>> ben thank you so much for that. great reporting. politics now. mitt romney awoke to a stark reminder of the work he has before him. just 19 days before his party's big convention, romney's favorability among voters is sinking. the number you need to look at is 49%. that his unfavorable rating in the news poll that was released today. it's four points worst than may and the worst showing for a presidential hopeful this close to the election since 1984. romney is on the campaign trail. he hammered president in a speech. >> it's toh to be middle class in america today. a lot of folks that are in the middle class have found themselves falling into poverty,
11:07 am
having to go on food stamps. this is very different than the record that occurred under ronald reagan and the president's policies have failed to american people in terms of getting people back to work. >> a poll today bodes not to well for the president. the president is trailing romney in a state that he carried back in 2008, colorado. the president has just landed in denver and so has our brianna keilar. he will remind those women how governor romney tried tyke control of their health care. what else can we expect from the president? >> we know he'll talk about extending those tax cuts. this is an event about women voters. he'll be touting his action on
11:08 am
women's issues. you have to go no further than the person who will be introducing him, sandra fluke. she was the one who spoke on capitol hill in favor of the obama administration policy, part of health care reform that requires insurance companies to provide contraception and she really became sort of a lot of supporters for president obama rallying around her and even women rallying around her after rush limbaugh described her in some disparaging terms. she's been elevated and will be introducing president obama today. >> along those lines, i want to play part of an ad that the president is airing in colorado.
11:09 am
let's walk this and we'll talk on the other side. >> i've never felt this way before, but it's scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. >> mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. >> obviously, the president clearly targeting women along the same lines. is this a theme we're going to see continuing throughout the election especially when so many voters want to hear about jobs? >> i think it is when you're talking about women because these issues are s motivating for this voting demographic. women mean a lot for president obama. they normally trend democratic but even more so they came through big time for him in 2008. he won women over john mccain by 13%. they out number men by voters by a margin. also president obama struggled with white male voters.
11:10 am
this is helping him make up some of that ground. if you're talking about colorado and this explains why he's here talking about it, in 2008 he lost men by just about 1% according to to popolls. he won women by 15%. the latest poll shows that mitt romney is leading men by 17 points. that's a huge lead and that barack obama will lead with women only by eight points. he has some work to do here. >> that's absolutely right. one poll that i saw had mitt romney's edge ten to one among white male voters in colorado. you're absolutely right. we thank you for joining us by phone from denver, colorado. we'll be bringing you the president live in the next hour as well. stay tuned for that. we've got a lot more news unfolding right now including a surprise from police in
11:11 am
wisconsin about the gunman in the sikh temple shooting. police call the incident domestic terrorism. our next guest says the home grown terrorists are tristrikin more than al qaeda. the mars rover curiosity is working better than expected. picture you'll have to see. plap
11:12 am
11:13 am
meineke's personal pricing on brakes. i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work.
11:14 am
and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. the mission to mars continues to thrill. have you been paying attention to this? if you aren't, you're in the minority. rover is now in its third day on the red planet some 352 million miles away. the image is one that nasa just released in the past hour or so. the team pieced it together and it shows a panoramic view of the mars horizon. just yesterday engineers released the first color photo from mars. all of it more evidence of what a stellar success this mission has been even in this early stage after launching the rover eight months ago. more than half of nasa's landings have failed. no wonder the team is cautious
11:15 am
about everything the rover does. >> there's a question about can we move the rover. there's nothing around it. it's safe to move the rover. there's nothing under it because we have an image closer in as well. >> john, niels to see you again. >> they've sent me to the surface of mars to do this. it's as close as i'm going to get to the surface of mars. this is a sand box. it's a duplicate of the model. everything that the curiosity rover does this roser will do
11:16 am
also. ann, you're the deputy lead on the entry dissent and landing team. what do you do with this now? you use this to shadow what curiosity does? >> that's right. you see the size of it compared to us. one of the things we did today is raise the mass. they're about to be move the antenna. everything we would do on the real spacecraft we do with this guy first and second to make sure there's no problem, nothing we didn't see coming. >> you said you raised that. they are about to move the high gain antenna. if there's ever any issues you use this rover to figure out what to do on mars? >> that's right. what we would do is run through the same sequences on this model
11:17 am
and we could adjust the stuff we're doing on the spacecraft to take care of whatever the problem was. >> alina was talking about the fact they showed a picture of the ground. that was taken from down here from that image of the dissent camera. we were talking about, if i said you and i take a picture of the ground, we get rid of it. here, that's a cool picture because it shows, and this is what you guys think maybe martian dirt look like. >> it's just something to give it traction. this guy goes out doors. we could run her over big rocks and ramps and that sort of stuff. in a few days she'll go up the hill and be out in the mars yard. >> when you do things like move the rover you'll want to be out in the mars yard to move it
11:18 am
around. all of this is a lot more complex when you look at it this way. >> that's right. a lot of the stuff that's in here came off the same production lines that the real flight equipment came. when you see the way the cabling goes on here, this is the way ta re the way the real vehicle looks. this is what the real things look like. >> thanks so much for taking time to be with us here on mars. we're still waiting for that antenna to move. that should start. things take time here that we have to work through all of this. this gives everybody out there, all you have a really good idea of exactly how complex this is and everything that nasa has to do they mimic everything that curiosity is doing is mimicked by this vehicle here. >> i learned one thing today, that curiosity is a she.
11:19 am
didn't know it was female. >> it's a she. that's exactly right. a monster ef-4 tornado ripped through a school and now $55 million later the school that was leveled is back open for students. plus, randy travis arrested in texas. there's the mugshot there. wait till you hear what happened.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
the first day of school has extra special meaning for some small town indiana students. a massive torn ripped henriville school to shreds. nearly 1300 middle school and high school students returned to the $54 million gleaming new
11:23 am
school, and the principal is thrilled. there's lot of silver lining in this. there's lots of things that have brought the community closer together, brought the staff closer together. there's lots of pluses that came about because of the catastrophic weather event. >> the tornado last march killed dozens of people in the midwest. we're talking about poison. this is poison that's being distributed and sold. all this mr. happy, california dreams, blueberry blast. it is poison. >> that's new york governor talking about cracking down on bath salts which can be damage when inhales. tough new penalties were announced for any who buys sell or possess bath calls. drug makers can skirt it but modifying the ingredients.
11:24 am
store owners say it's a but l of months ago. you can get them at east village shops. a blue ribbon on every uniform will signify for victims of cld abuse. football players last names will be featured on their jersey's too. jerry sandusky was convicted in june. a severe typhoon slams the east coast op china. more than 600,000 people have been evacuated from the storm's path. haikui was the third tropical tomorrow to hit in less than a week. it will continue to dump barrage amounts of rain.
11:25 am
madonna's concert in russia. it will have a lot more security than nooriginally planned. she supported a band that's on trial now for protesting vladmir putin. madonna said she's been against sensorship and says what's happening to the band is one fair. randy vis arrested last night on charges of driving while intoxicated and retaliation. argument police they found travis lying naked on a remote record in northern texas smelling of alcohol. his car was wrecked nearby and the singer threatened to shoot patrol troopers who responded to the call. travis is free on bond.
11:26 am
this is his second dwu arrest just this year. egypt is aunching air strikes. we're going to take you there live, next. do i look like i'm stalking plants? [ male announcer ] most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten but iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, yum! [ male announcer ] ...a naturally complete protein source. look at this body! under this shiny coat is a lean, mean purring machine [ male announcer ] iams. not just food, nutrition for life. i'm an iams cat. feed me what i'm born to eat. meow. hand-carved on the side of a cliff is the guoliang tunnel. what?! you've got to be kidding me. [ derek ] i've never seen a road like this. there's jagged rock all the way around. this is really gonna test the ats on all levels.
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all the things humans need to make our beautifully imperfect world a little less imperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? egypt taking its first steps as a true democracy is facing its biggest challenge yet. it's all happening in this area that borders israel, the sinai peninsula. watch. security forces were in shoot outs overnight. it's not clear who the militants represent but analysts suspect
11:30 am
they want to end israel's peace with egypt. the patchy helicopters fired ron rockets today killing 20 of the militants. forces are smuggling tunnels into gaza. mass shooters with grenades killed 16 egyptian soldiers after stealing two armored vehicles to get into israel. israel defense forces took one of the vehicles out and the other one blew up. joining me now issue ian lee who is live in the port city where egypt's air strikes happened. what are you seeing? >> what we have seen around issues a heavy military build up. it's a heavy rens. i've never seen this kind of security presence.
11:31 am
we saw small attack vehicles. hundreds of soldiers ready to impose to security that's been lacking in the sinai since last year's revolution. we're seeing a heavy military build up to continue the ongoing operation against the militants. the militants struck just 24 hours ago. the military is building up to push them back. >> how much of a test has this been for egypt's new president who just took office in july? >> this is a big test. it's the first crisis to come up during his residency and it's a test to see how he will handle it and work with the army to bring sinai back under control.
11:32 am
now is the time to see if they can work together to help secure the sinai. this isn't going to be just an operation of tanks and guns. they'll need a political solution. they'll have to work with them to help secure the peninsula because it has been marginized by the central government. there's going to be a political maneuver that's going to have to happen. >> ian lee we know you will be watching it. thank you for joining us. police dropping their driez about the investigation into the sikh shooter. officers didn't kill page. he apparently killed himself.
11:33 am
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11:36 am
we have new information about how the shooting suspect in the sikh temple massacre died. just a few moments ago the fbi announced that wade michael page killed himself. >> the evidence indicates that the second responding officer who shot page in the stomach, there by neutralizing the threat. it's an amazing shot and thank goodness. subsequent to that wound it appears that page died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> police say they still have no motive for the attack that left
11:37 am
seven people dead including the suspect. no motive and the fbi will say very little about what they know about page. what we do know links him to white supremacy groups. he talked of a racial holy war and played in a white supremacist rock band. peter, you come paper the twin terrorist danger as al qaeda versus the home grown variety. it's been 17 years since oklahoma city. do you believe we should be fearing home grown extremists more than al qaeda? >> the piece i wrote for pointed out that since anything else right wing extremist have
11:38 am
conducted more terrorist attacks. now, in both cases, neither groups have been successful at killing a lot of peek. oklahoma city, 168 people. it was great pressure on the right wing extremist groups. that continues to this day. a number of these individuals have successfully carried out leet that will terrorist attacks. the tote number of victims if we include mr. page and his attack in wisconsin is 15. thaths not a that's not a lot of
11:39 am
people. extremism comes in a lot of garbs. whether it's right wing terrorist or an al qaeda inspired terrorism. there's a great lawers for a moment law to go after the groups. b biis concerned about right wing militants attacks. >> let's talk more about the pre perpetrators. who are some of the most violent offende offenders. >> they come in various shades. on the right wing thing you have hent abortion militants and people
11:40 am
against the government. you have violent anti-semites, somebody with a long history attacked at the holocaust museum in 2009 in washington, d.c. a variety of people with different motivations for coming out of the right back. it's to remind readersd viewers that terrorism is not the monopoly of people inspired. this comes in a lot of different shades. >> i think it's important to point out that when we look at the sikh temple shooting in
11:41 am
wisconsin that they are looking at possible determine and it hunt been determined ye ed yet the makings of it. >> cnn is being careful about the way it characterizes the attack. his face pobook was in white is prim si. there's no other explanation for his actions other than extreme racial prejudice. sgh your piece is a great reminder that we shouldn't forget at kwied remains a threat peter, thank you for joining us
11:42 am
today. >> thank you. a mystery unfolding at the olympics. seven athletes disa peered. they are missing and we have the latest, next. machine [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. in here, every powerful collaboration is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud. that cloud is in the network, so it can deliver all the power of the network itself. bringing people together to develop the best ideas -- and providing the apps and computing power to make new ideas real. it's the cloud from at&t. with new ways to work together, business works better. ♪ starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors.
11:43 am
just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
11:44 am
welcome back. stery in london to tell you about. seven athletes from cameroon
11:45 am
have gone missing. according to the country's team chief, five boxers and one swimmer disappeared on monday. a female soccer player hasn't been seen in two weeks. they have the right to stay in great britain without a visa until early november. it remains unclear if they are trying to seek asylum. the soccer team will be p y playing for the gold medal in what's expected to be the largest crowd. 83,000 people will fill the stadium to watch the u.s. face off against japan. that number smashes the old record for an olympic women's soccer game that was set during the '96s. team usa will be looking for revenge after losing last summer. two guys aren't too happy with president obama so they made a parody video using that
11:46 am
song "somebody i used to know. it's gone viral. the creators are raising some pretty interesting questions. they're going to join me next. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself.
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11:48 am
11:49 am
i've been waiting all day for this. creators of a controversial parody slamming president obama are with us live today. the video has been viewed more than 200,000 times. a spoof of the hit song "somebody i used to love." here is the original song ♪ i don't need your love to treat me like a stranger ♪ >> who didn't love that song? now watch the parody. ♪ you cut me off ♪ now your speeches never soar as high as unemployment ♪
11:50 am
♪ you left me like a dog strapped on romney's car ♪ >> you can understand why the vid yoep g video got our attention. we tracked them down. you guys co-wrote the lyrics. thank you so much for joining us. i have to say, it's one thing to have buyer's remorse over president obama a be upset. maybe decide you want to go the other way. it's another thing to put together this elaborate video. what inspired you to do this? >> you know, i was watching one of the numerous parody videos out there. it just struck me that would be a perfect parody would be obama that i used know. i texted justin, my partner in our production company and i was like we got to do this. he called me a minute later and was like let's do it.
11:51 am
>> justin, that's you, obviously that we see in the video. i watched it several times. the one thing that struck me was your angelic voice. i've come to find out that's not you singing. >> no, it's not. it's matthew boarer who is a fantastic singer. he is a friend of ours from college. >> i want to play another clip. i can't get enough of this. i want to play a clip where you pounced on the president abo. ♪ made out like you closed guantanomo and we got nothing ♪ ♪ strap the prisoners in on to of romney's car ♪ >> it gets a laugh. in all seriousness, can you even articulate what you two would have done. clearly the president made a promise. one of his first promises to
11:52 am
close it down, and he didn't. what would you have done? >> i think that's a tricky issue. a lot of this stuff you can't just blame on barack obama. there are other considerations and other politicians out there, obviously. we just, our general sentiment with this was just when he won, we thought that was going to be kind of a water shed moment and that he was promising to return us to the american values without having to sacrifice them for security. >> ryan has been most dispinting to you about the obama presidency? >> i would say the general hope and inspiration. i think that goes back to the message of our video. we were so inspired in 2008.
11:53 am
we had so much hope for obama and what we could do for america and the world. maybe those were unrealistic expectations. our message is kind of maybe the disappointment that's expressed in the video is just that he hasn't exactly delivered we thought he could. again, it might not be fair critique. >> i understand. i understand that both you ha supported obama in 2008. neither of you voted in that election. some people might say the better way to let your voice be heard, with all do respect, is to cast your ballot. >> yeah. we both agree with that sentiment, obviously. the reason that we didn't vote wasn't because we weren't politically engaged. we were in college and we're both from out of state and we thought we had registered in
11:54 am
massachusetts but when it came time to vote we had not. we weren't able to. i can speak for ryan when i say we were swept up in this moment of american history like so many of our friends and that was, we were very engaged in that. >> are you planning to vote this time? are you going toupport mitt romney? >> we'll definitely vote this time. i think both of us are undecided. >> undecided. >> we're waiting for the debates for more conversation. th's kind of what excites us about this video, the reaction it's getting that's spurring so much conversation. >> finally but quickly, what has the reaction been? 200,000 people have seen it, but i imagine people have contacted you as well, right?
11:55 am
>> yeah. it's everything from extreme hate mail to people telling what you say a great job we did. what's been really gratifying for us is seeing the reaction on the left and right sides of the aisle. everybody can find something in this video that they find truthful. that was really our goal was to be kind of post partisan in the spirit of the obama that we used to know and not take either side. >> you get an a for creativity. >> thank you. >> not bad for your directorial debut. thank you for joining us. up next, a live demonstration of the mars rover and how it works. you just got to see this. those are some of the pictures that were released today by nasa. happening right now, a medical rescue in antartica where it's the middle of winter and there's no sunlight for six months. [ male announcer ] count the number of buttons
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11:59 am
a medical emergency in one of the most extreme places on earth. it all happened at the mcmurdo station in the dead of night. a team is planning to fly in and rescue an expeditioner believed to be an american. this is such a remote area. we don't even know whether it's a man or woman. >> what we do know is that a distress call went out in the dead of night on wednesday. we don't know whether it's a man or a woman. we believe it's a u.s. citizen. there is a medical center at this facility. the fact that they have prompted this rescue effort means it's got to be a significant medical emergency. we don't know whether it's an illness or injury. basically a team of