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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 12, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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"cnn sunday morning," which starts right now. mitt romney makes his pick, a bold move that some say will recharge his campaign. >> i'm really excited about this race. >> but is the conservative big gun a big gamble for the republican ticket. plus, please call it suicide. family members cal call it murder. what really happened to 21 yard chavis carter in the back of a police car. >> is it possible physic will i to be handcuffed behind your back and somehow pull the trigger on a gun that you weren't holding when you were handcuffed? and the nfl star formerly known as ochocinco in jail this morning all over what happened last night inside his car.
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-- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. happy sunday. i'm randi kay. it's 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. off and running, the newly formed republican ticket of mitt romney and paul ryan now on the second day of a bus tour that will take them across key battleground states. after kicking thinks off in virginia the pair is now in north carolina. later they'll make a special appearance in ryan's home state of wisconsin for an evening rally and then they'll head their separate ways for campaign events tomorrow. and we're getting new insights about a pairing that they hope will help republicans take back the white house. they spoke on their plane on the way to north carolina. >> for us it's a campaign of ideas in a direction for america, what's america going to be, what kind of nation is it going to be, how are we going to help people across this country
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have a better futuring having two people talk about that i think is a far more compelling dynamic than just being out there on my own. >> we understand that was a bit tough to hear, but that was mitt romney talking about a better future, and that's what they're trying to do. for his part, paul ryan, who is no stranger to washington but new to the national stage described what the experience has been like so far and what he hopes to contribute going forward. >> it's gone from the surreal to the real. by the time we met in person i kind of knew it was going to happen, and i was very humbled. it was the biggest honor i've ever been given in my life. and i love this country dearly, and i feel like we have an opportunity to fix things once and for all. >> and president obama hopes the selection of paul ryan will inspire his supporters as well, especially when it comes donations. he is back home in chicago where he will attend five fund raz ra
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including one at his hyde park home. meanwhile obama's team is wasting no time in blasting romney and ryan. they're calling them the, quote, goback team. fighting is ranging in syria, kills thousands. what happens when the fighting finally stops? the u.s. and turkey are making contingency plans. secretary of state hillary clinton has been in istanbul this weekend talking with syrian leaders. ivan watson is there. good morning. what did hillary clinton say the u.s. and turkey have actually agreed to do? >> reporter: good morning, randi. basically clinton's team requested this urgent team with the turkish leadership, a close american ally, to discuss syria, and in a joint press conference on saturday, she said that both countries had to work together to try to find ways to bring an
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urgent end to the ongoing bloodshed there and to prepare for a post-bashar al assad period in syria. but she also said they had to look at ways to try to speed up this transition without making bloodshed worse. she said now is an important time for analysis and said that the u.s. and turkey would set up a working group which would include the military and tin tell jens agencies to come up with contingency plans. i was, frankly, surprised to hear this, randi, because this is not a new problem. the syrian crisis has been going on for 17 months. more than 17,000 people by conservative estimates have been killed. around 150,000 rev gees. and now the u.s. secretary of state was talking about analysis and contingency plans almost as if this was a new problem. >> yeah, where has all that analysis been, exactly. let me ask you about her number one goal. she has said it is to hasten an
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end to the bloodshed, but how might that happen? is it safe to assume she's ruling out military means and is talking about nonmilitary measures? >> the u.s. is still talking about nonlethal assistance to the opposition in the form of radios and communication devices. she's also talking about some 5 $85 million in humanitarian assistance to the growing refugee crisis and pledged an additional $5.5 million. and she said that she's also going to be working with other countries that have been providing lethal assistance in the form of small arms and ammunition. it's falling far short, however, of what the rebels are asking for, which is anti-aircraft defenses to protect against the fixed winged jets from the syrian air force that have been bombing syrian cities day after day over the course of the last month. >> i van watson in turkey for us.
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thank you very much. after more than two weeks in intense competition and new world records the london olympics will come to a close later today. london will hand the games over to the next host city. that is rio de janeiro in the closing ceremony. last night's big moment. usain bolt led his team to a gold medal and a new record. the team finished in less than 37 seconds. the u.s. took second and canada was third but was disqualified when a runner stepped out of the ne, so trinidad and tobago took the bronze. usa and spain with basketball. back in the u.s., chad johnson is in a florida jail this morning on a domestic violence charge. you may know him as chad ochocinco. he's accused of headbutting his wife that he married last month. the two started arguing in the
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suicide or homicide. that's what the fbi is helping to figure out after man died in the back of a police car in arkansas. he was shot in the head. jonesboro police say 21ear-old chavis carter shot himself in the head while handcuffed with his hands behind his back. family and friends don't buy it. some carried signs. one sign said justice for chavis carter, what really happened. i traveled to jones brother, arkansas, this week to try to get answers from police. no one is disputing that chavis carter died from a gunshot to the head while in the back seat of a car in jonesboro, arkansas. the question is who pulled the tricker. police say he committed suicide. >> quite frankly, i've seen some
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of the people in custody do amazing things. >> reporter: but carter's mother doesn't buy it. she believes they killed her son. >> i think they killed him. my son was not suicidal. >> reporter: at this point it's still debatable and still under investigation. here's why. 21-year-old chavis carter was handcuffed at the time of the fatal gunshot. double handcuffed behind his back. >> reporter: is it physically possible to be handcuffed behind your back and somehow pull the trigger o an gun you weren't holding when you were handcuffed? >> the ample person who's never been handcuffed and never been around inmates and peop in custody would react exactly the same way that you just did about how can that be possible. well, the fact of it is, it's very possible and it's quite easy. >> reporter: chavis carter and two others were pulled over july 29 just before 10:00 p.m. for driving suspiciously. the first officer called for
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backup. then the two of them questioned and searched the three men in the truck. when they first searched carter they found a small bag of marijuana and plastic bags. they did not find a gun. then carter was placed in the back seat of one of the police vehicles. at that point he was not handcuffed. it wasn't till later when the officers searched the suspect's vehicle and found drug paraphernalia like drug scales and a large bag of white powder that they patted down carter again. they placed him once again, they say, in the same police vehicle's back seat, only this time he was handcuffed. how carter managed to shoot himself while handcuffed using a concealed weapon police missed during not one but two searches is a mystery to many, including the fbi who was looking into it. >> in their searching they found a small bag, $10 worth of marijuana but they miss a gun? >> apparently.
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>> is that disappointing to you? >> yes. >> reporter: the police say the two men with carter who were white were released but carter was held back after the officers who were also white discovered he'd given them a fake name and there was a warrant for his arrest in mississippi where he skipped out on a drug deferment program. the chief says his officers doan know exactly when the fatal shot was fired, even though they were just feet away. according to the incident report, one of the officers heard, quote, a loud thump with a metallic sound but thought it came from a vehicle who ran over a piece of metal on the roadway. >> reporter: don't your officers know the sound of a gun being fired? >> one would think, but when those guns are in a confined space like the rear of a police car, it could be very, very different. >> reporter: it wasn't until they were about to leave when police say they smelled something burning in his vehicle. the police chief said it was likely gun smoak.
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that's when police say they found carter bloody and slumped over in the back seat. officers say they called the ambulance and tried to revive carter. he died at the hospital. we asked the chief about teresa carter's allegations that one of his officers pulled the trigr. >> can you safely say you've ruled that out in your investigation? >> not at this stage in the investigati investigation. certainly a remote possibility. like i say, we haven't excluded everything, but i feel confident that that's not what it is, but i certainly understand how she might feel that way. >> carter's mother says its all doesn't add up. she says her son was shot in the right temple even though he's left-handed. police only would say he was shot in the head. clearly many accountings, we'll talk thabout that later with pa callan. but, i have an idea.
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i've been asking you about the chavis carter story on twitter. do you think man handcuffed behind his back would be able to shoot himself in the head? one of my followers said absolutely not. that's the most asinine thing ever proposed. another says there's no y that guy did it to himself. he may have been a criminal but he didn't deserve to be shot by the police. much more on this story coming up in 90 seconds. don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he's actually right... with cascade complete. see cascade complete pacs work like thousands of micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back. 20 minutes past the hour. before the break we told you about the controversy surrounding the death of man in police custody in arkansas. jonesboro police say 21-year-old chavis carter shot himself in the head while handcuffed with his hand behind his back, but his mother begs to differ. i'm joined now but our legal contributor paul callan. this case has gotten so much attention. the police chief put it this way, telling me, quote, it's very possible and quite easy. as far as you know, is it?
4:21 am
>> well, no. it is not easy. it is possible, but, you know, i did some research getting ready for this today just to see how we could explain such a bizarre shooting, and it's, frankly, very difficult to explain. however, escape artists, harry houdini, david blaine, they know how to get out of handcuffs. bland man could get out in 3.5 seconds. so is it theoretically possible? yes, it is theoretically possible, but i will say this. this is highly unusual. i never heard of a police shooting like this in the united states. i'm not saying it's never happened but it's certainly bizarre. >> chavis carter's mother says he was left-handed. that's what she told reporters. but she also tells reporters he was shot in the right temple. police would only tell us when pressed he was shot in the head. they wouldn't say which side. how do you build a case?
4:22 am
does it all come down to forensics? >> i think it will be more than forensics. we have video from two police cars which have not yet been released. so there's going to be some evidence we'll see. forensic evidence will be very important. if he shot himself, there'll be powder burns on his hands indicating that he shot himself. there may be stipple marks on his back indicating the trajectory that the bullet took. also, think people are makingen an assumption here that he tried to kill himself. you know, there's another possibility too. if he had the gun illegally tucked in his waistband he may have been struggling to get it out of his waistband to throw it on the floor of the police cruiser so it wouldn't be associated with him or maybe in his mind he thought that and it accidentally discharged or it could be a deliberate police shooting. we have a lot of possibilities. >> we have a lot of smart folks tweeting me this morning also
4:23 am
raising that question, could this have been an accident. by the way, they do have, as you said, the videos from the dash cam. the cars were trunch to trunk so they don't see him but you do see the officers which could be ben foishl what they're saying happened. but the police chief says his officers did search carter twice. they did miss the gun. thats fbi baffled that they missed gun in two searches. >> and then you have to come up -- of course, the fbi is looking at. by the way, they're held to the same as you and i would be. obviously if you or i were in a car and they found a man in the back seat shot in the back of the head, you'd be arrested. of course one of the things they're looking at it is what would be the motive? why would they want to kill him. i don't know that i've seen anything yet that would suggest homicide in the case, but you
4:24 am
know this is all going to come down to the physical evidence in the end, i think. >> right. and you can flip it as well and say what was his motive have been to take his own life. they only found $10 worth of marijuana. there was a bag of white substance found in his car but it turned out to be something like sugar. so he would have been aware of that. so what would be his mow tirch? >> he wouldn't have a motive. and i'm not buying the motive of suicide. if the police are not involved in this, i think it's going prove to be an accidental shooting while he was trying to struggle to get rid of the gun or to get it put on the floor of the police cruiser so it wouldn't be at least in his mind lifrmgsed to hill and somehow discharged accidently. it's either that or a dlb rat shooting by the police. i don't see it as a suicide by chavis carter. i don't think so. >> yeah. and the police say they're
4:25 am
working on their own reconstruction. they took a police car, similar vehicle. they're going to compare to that to the autopsy results. how much weight do you think that reconstruction will have? >> well, i think it will be very important but bear in mind this investigation of the jonesboro police should be conducted independent of the jonesboro police, and i hope the fbi is more heavily involveded than i've read at least in initial reports because anything they reconstruct will be considered highly suspicious. you kind of need an independent look at this it's such a highly suspicious case. it's where if a civilian were involved, they'd clear by under arrest right now for murder. we need a fresh look at this case, i think. >> absolutely. and the fbi is monitoring. we'll monitor it as well and keep an eye on it. paul cal am, thank you so much. >> thank you, randi. > l to co i have a check ofmorning's
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the u.s. geological survey says a 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck the western chinese