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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. ooo no. the hotel lost our reservation. nonsense! you book at travelocity, your reservation's guaranteed. well, i did not book with travelocity, okay?!? [ female announcer ] get the travelocity guarantee any way you book, including our new app. you'll never roam alone. welcome back. beginning with our breaking news. shots were fired near the campus of texas a&m. i want to bring in nick who has
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been busy working the phone trying to figure out what happened, how injured, how many people? >> we don't know how many people have bee shot. i just got off the phone with sergeant jason james of the bryan police department. he said multiple people shot. the investigation is still continuing. they don't know if there's another suspect right now. this did happen off campus just blocks away from the university. it's scary for them there. >> scary for people anywhere given what happened recently. >> there was a gunman spotted on campus. they issued campus code maroon locking the campus down. they don't know if anyone from the university is involved. multiple people shot including civilians and police officers.
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>> when i spoke not too long ago, she told me, you never know how many people are involved. she said one person is contained, but there's the possibility and they are looking sboog it now that others could be involved. >> this is still a fluid situation. they don't know if there's another suspect. one person in custody blocks away from the campus. like you said, scary situation anywhere. >> and still the details of the injuries, we don't know yet. >> we don't know the severity and how many people have been shot. the first call came in at 12:12. according to sergeant jason james, the first officer that responded was listed as down. another officer we responded and took that suspect into custody. >> let us know. thank you very much. we appreciate it. now this.
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congressman paul ryan has just made remarks at the iowa state fair. this is his first public solo appearance since becoming mitt romney's running mate. peter, give me some of the backdrop. we played some of the sound. it was very noisy. was there some sort of scuffle? what happened? >> reporter: there was a bit of pushing and shoving going on here. lots of shouting from people in the crowd. it's sort of par for the course. protesters, hecklers. when they were on the republican primary all faced that too. there were some protesters shouting about the poor. ryan brushed them off saying you guys must not be from iowa. it won some smiles from some locals. he said we're used to shouting in wisconsin, his home state where that polarizing recall race concluded earlier this
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year. he really held his own for his first solo appearance. a lot of republicans i talked to right after said they were pretty imessed and they said he's only going to get better. >> what exactly did he have to say and how long did he speak? >> reporter: he spoke for about 15 minutes. he showed up early and walked through the crowd. he's flying out to colorado later today. he had a small group of people around him kind of mobbing him for autographs and pictures. he was happy to shake hands and talk about the green bay packers. >> okay. let's roll some sound. here is what he really said. >> paul ryan have talked about is saving. >> president obama has given us four years of trillion dollar
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plus deficits. he's spending our children into a diminished future. we don't have to stand for that. we're not going to stand for that. november 6th, we're going to change that. we also need to have free and fair trade to make more things in iowa, make more things here, sell them overseas. 97% of the world's consumers are out of this country. weeed to gw and mak ts inlaces ke wisnsin, iowa d the midwest. if we do at,e'll create jobs >> vintage paul ryan there on the soap box. pett peter, sounds like t linewe've y we don't have. the do th think tha vote getting line? >> reporter: yeah. i talked to a senior republican elected official spwho was. talking about
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whether ryan was the better pick than marcorubio. he said if romney picked rubio, he would be fing a lot of questions about immigration and the dream act and marco rubio is too. paul ryan will face questions about his controversial plan for medicare and medicaid, but those dub with romney's spending and debt. they'll dispatch paul ryan all over the country to talk about debt you got a little flavor of that right now despite the screaming. >> thank you. just a little shout out to you. always breaking the news and has just fascinating political tidbits. follow him on twitter. we appreciate it. we know we're going to hear a lot about paul ryan and his views on medicare. one critic, that would be the president of the united states, says his plan would end medicare as we know it. others speculate his plan could
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cause big problems for romney specifically in florida, home to quite an elderly population or retirees. they talked about the approach to medicare last night when they appeared on "60 minutes." take a look. >> paul ryan have talked about is saving medicare, is providing people greater choice in medicare. making sure it's there for current seniors. no changes for current seniors or those nearing retirement but looking for young people down the road saying we're going to give you a bigger choice. >> bigger choice. elizabeth cohen with me now. first, let's talk where is medicare now and how would paul ryan like to change it? >> medicare hasn't changed much in 40-something years. it's a federal program where you turn 65 and you get your health insurance through the federal government. what paul ryan is saying not now but in 2023, how about we give people a choice. you can have the traditional federal medicare program that we
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all know or we'll give you a voucher. you use that to go buy private health insurance. if it costs more than what the voucher is worth, you pay out of pocket and if it costs less, you get the difference. >> that would increase competition and reduce the price but there's criticism as well. >> there's a concern that the way set it up, that the voucher doesn't keep pace. it will be worth less and less as the years go by. he healthier seniors will see this choice and say i'm going to get private and that leaves the sicker seniors in medicare and it becomes financially not possible if you get the sickest people in it. >> how does mitt romney now having chosen paul ryan as his
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number two, how does he feel about the specifics of the plan? >> he was asked about this weekend and the answer w touse . not quite clear. first of all, he said it's the romney -- this wasn't him. this was the senior advisoadvis. it's the romney-ryan ticket and romney will be putting forth his own budget which makes it sound like he may not go with ryan's plan on this. then he also said something to the effect, he said that if romney were president then he would sign off on this medicare plan if it were part of the budget. it's not quite clear if he is saying i'm my own man and i don't like this or i'm my on man and i do like is and i would sign off on it. >> ergo mushy? >> exactly. >> i'm sure they will work to clarify. thank you very much. some great news for you. i'll be traveling to tampa.
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so lovely to be headed back there where republicans will be holding their national convention two weeks from today. that kicks off august 27th. we'll be doing the show live all week long. paul ryan was on the soap box at the iowa state fair today. he's not the only special someone in iowa. president obama there as well. the president had scheduled three days in the state working to energize supporters who gave him a huge campaign boost back in 2008 during the primary there and when he defeated senator john mccain. president obama used the crushing drought that we have been reporting on facing farmers that there really is a way to criticize paul ryan and his philosophy toward government. here he was. >> i am told that governor romney's new running mate might be around iowa the next few days. if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important
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this farm bill is to iowa and our rural communities. we've got to put politics aside when it comes to doing the right thing for rural america and for iowa. >> the president did say he considers paul ryan a good man and a family man, but said he fundamentally disagrees with ryan's vision for the country. we do have some more news just in for you. this coming from washington state. here is what we know. the first three floors of the capital building have been evacuated. the governor's office was evacua evacuated. a suspicious box was found on the second floor of the washington state capital. bomb squad in route to figure out what's going on with the situation. washington state patrol is there. they're investigating and from what we have heard there's no legislative activities scheduled for today. we'll stay on that. got a lot more nfor you on this monday. roll it. they're the folks who just can't
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find a job. many of them struggling to survivor. we'll show you this boot camp for the chronically unemployed and ask the question does it really work? i'm brooke baldwin, the news is now. >> even the simple act of crossing the street requires a strong heart and fast feet. snipers bullet is just a crack away. >> cnn takes you inside the hell that is syria. plus, more than three months after a beastie boy died, fascinating discovery about his will. you'll hear what he did not want when it comes to his music. [ female announcer ] granola thins. from nature valley. crispy granola, layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural. and nature...approves. granola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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egy egypt's forces here raided this area. this is south of al gura. it's the latest move against the militants and the deadly back and forth that started two sundays ago. in this area here, this is the border crossing right there. this is when egyptian forces took a devastating blow. they killed 16 soldiers and two armored vehicles as they tried to get into israel. it's believed they are trying to undo the delicate peace with israel. then we have cairo. this is all happening. president morsi is in cairo. he's flexing his muscles in an unprecedented way. he forced his defense minister into retirement, and morsi did the same to four other top
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military leaders. >> translator: it was not meant to target certain persons nor did i intend to embarrass institutions. >> i want to go straight to cairo to ian lee. put this in perspective for us. how big of a move was this for mohamed morsi and how are egyptians reacting? >> reporter: this was, egypt is in state of shock now. for the last two months we've been watching this power struggle between president mohamed morsi and the military. he eliminated his rivals within the military while keeping the military structure in tact. this move gives him all the cards. other than have presidential powers he now has legislative
12:18 pm
powers. he also has powers, a lot of influence over the writing of the new constitution. as one prominent political figure in egypt says he has super powers. with super powers comes super responsibility. anything that goes right or goes wrong will fall on his head. he cannot hide behind the military anymore. after this decision was made, the muslim brotherhood wanted to show their support for this decision. they called their supporters out to demonstrate to show that they support this decision. there's also an aspect of egyptian society that's very much afraid of what's going on. you have a president from the muslim broerhoods with all the power. they are afraid he's going to try to consolidate power to keep them in charge for the years to come. if we throw away all of that drama and look at yesterday's
12:19 pm
decision, it was historical because for egypt, for the first time for the country's history you have a civilian elected leader who doesn't have to answer to the military. that was a big move in egypt. >> i have to ask, what's the response from the military, this forced retirement? >> reporter: so far the military hasn't given us a response. they have been tight lipped. that's what we see with the military and this lets us believe they're going to go along with it. what the prime minister said to us yesterday was that the military was advised about this. what we're hearing is he didn't know this was going on. what we're hering this went on behind his back. if you remember the revolution last year in egypt, we didn't know what the military was going to do until we saw tanks rolling down the street. we're not going to probably get any forewarning of what they
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a marksman is terrorizing the chinese city of chonggoing. he's been evading authorities since 2004. after a deadly bank robbery police and soldiers are hunting for an elusive killer. or mas man hunt in south western china continues with thousands ofpoceman and soldiers in search of the nation's most wanted man. wearing full combat gear, they are combing amountain.
12:24 pm
a 42-year-old high school drop out with nine deaths across china linked him. the latest crime took place last friday when he shot and killed a woman point-blank outside a bank bvr before taking off with her bag containing $40,000 of cash. later he shot and killed policeman. his crime sprees started in 2004. he mostly killed for money. in china where private ordinary reasonship of guns is forbidden, the whole nation is gripped by the latest news. every here in beijing some 1500 kilometers away from the crime scene, people are feeling the impact. >> translator: of course i'm scared. he's suched a seasoned criminal. we have to be on high alert. >> reporter: he's about 5'6" with a slim to medium build.
12:25 pm
he's described as quiet and well behaved while growing up in a farming household. already some people are calling him the chinese rambo, but with this real life drama unfolding, people are expressing their outrage over his brutality and frustration over authorities and ability to capture him so far. it's the first time in history a protestant will not appear within oun of the presidential tickets. this is very significant. we'll break that down for you next. we are monitoring that breaking news out of texas. texas a&m, multiple people have been shot including police officers near the campus of texas and am university. ♪ ♪
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represent something we've never seen before. you have a mormon and a catholic on the same ticket. since joe biden is a catholic that means president obama is the only protestant on the ballot for either party. jeff, welcome to you. just first things firsts. is this really that big of a deal the fact that we only have one protestant in the race for the white house? >> it's probably not that big of a deal. i think what's a bigger deal is the fact that we have two communities represented in both the mormon and the catholic community who had previously been seen as marginalized and now they stand at the top of the republican ticket. >> paul ryan said his catholic beliefs infused his big budget ideas. the conference of bishops
12:30 pm
criticize his budget. one of the lead nuns said she didn't like it. she is still hoping for a meeting with congressman ryan. one of the nuns is sister simon campbell. he is a faithful catholic, but he is misguided. will he make a big difference when it comes to catholic support for mitt romney? >> it's interesting dynamic in this election because with the two vice presidential candidates, you have different visions of catholicism being represented. you have joe biden of the working class catholic background. you have mr. ryan on the other hand who represents a different catholic background. in a sense, one of the most interesting dynamics that can come out of this particular election will be an accountability moment for the religious communities that are involved. when the catholics start to
12:31 pm
define themselves, are they going to define themselves more in terms of pro-life, contraception? will they define themselves more in terms of social witness, social gospel? you have in some senses competing visions that actually exist within that large diverse tent of catholicism that will be an interesting conversation as we go forward. who's vision of catholicism will be the one most attractive to the american people? >> that's interesting. that's something to watch for and be merging. we also have mitt romney, of all the ads we talked about last week, mitt romney ran this ad last week declaring that president obama waged war on religion. here is part of that. >> president obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion forcing religious institutions to go against their faith. mitt romney beeves that's wrong. when religious freedom is threatened, who do you want to
12:32 pm
stand with? >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> here is what i wanted to know from you. here we are, we're in august three months out. what kind of sign is it that rom is still trying to appeal to the religious base? >> i think it's an interesting move to sort of make this decision to go after a religious war rhetoric. it's unfortunate, the war rhetoric is unfortunate. from a religious community standpoint, the community of mormonism had always been portrayed by the dominant religious community of protestantism as the other, as the one that's being waged war against. mr. romney is turning that on its head and waging war from his perspective against the protestant establishment
12:33 pm
represented by mr. obama in the white house. it's an interesting move to make this shift. >> did you think bringing all these sort of religious differences together that ideology is trumping theology? >> i would absolutely say that's the case. i think that's the case in politics altogether. it's very seldom the case that theology centers and guides ideology in the political order as much as we think. i've read mr. ryan's statements on the fact that catholic social teaching guides his particular budgetary process, i think that's going to be the issue as we go forward is what vision of catholicism does undergird or guide his budgetary process? the bishops had questions about
12:34 pm
and said disproportionately disfavor the poor. >> thanks for being with me. apprecia it. >>hank you so much. > w ar geg some new foatio wh to the multiple shotsfired, several injuries here. new information. we got that for you after the break. environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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i want to stay on the breaking news. we've been covering the shooting off the texas a&m campus. i know there's a press conference underway and the news is that one of police officers has died. >> we got a call from the bryan police department. there's a potential that this is an eviction gone wrong. this disturbance wasn't a
12:38 pm
shooting scene. the one officer has been shot and killed approximate multiple others injured including civilians. >> just getting information from my executive producer is that this one officer according to college station police, one officer shot at the scene, taken to the hospital. died at the hospital. two others hurt. the extent of the injuries, duo not know. horrible. one police officer is dead. >> the initial 911 call being called in as shots fired. the officer was already on the scene when the first 911 call came in. not responding to a shooting scene but it did turn into one. >> police saying the one spect has been apprehended. let us know in you learn anything else. tracking weapons across the border. it's a program that's known as fast and furious. one congressional committee is
12:39 pm
filing a lawsuit against eric holder. dr. sanjay gupta introducing us to people changing the world. this week he focuses on one musician. >> my name is jake. i'm a ukelele player. i've had moments where the emcee of the show, we'll be backstage and seconds before he'll go on, one more time, how do you say your last name. i got it. they'll go out there, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jack and they'll be smiling. yes. they come off stage , i got it. i got it.
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today. they sited him for contempt of congress last month. this lawsuit forces them to produce specific documents related to fast and furious. they lost track o more than 1,000 guns. two of them turned up at the scene of the 2010 killing of u.s. border control agent. joey jackson on the case today. what kpiends of implications are there against the attorney general? >> what happens is that the republicans in congress want this information. they want to get at how the killing occurred. what happened? should it have been done in the first place. there's disputes on both sides as to whether this is pure politics. you have the republicans saying this is something that we need. you have the democrats saying this is just done to embarrass the president. ultimately at the end of the day, what they are attempting to do is to secure documents to see whether or not this program was
12:44 pm
appropriate, it was adequate, how it was structured and the president said no? why? executive privilege. >> you point out republicans want the information. we heard from top democrat in the house of representatives nancy pelosi saying this is a partisan lawsuit. it's waste of resources, waste of taxpayer dollars. that's that side of the thing. i want to move on here to the second case because this has to do with the beastie boys and the beastie boy who passed away adam yak. his will prohibits the use of him in commercials. he passed away of cancer. he was one of three. can this provision of his will be upheld? >> it's not going to stand. here is why. there's a distinction between publici publicity right and copyright. publicity right you can control your name and whatever.
12:45 pm
when you have a copyright, maybe it is that you sing the song but you didn't write it. maybe you wrote the song but didn't have anything to do with the music. where there's other and multiple participants if they want to go forward and advertise and make money and you don't, what do you do? it's not going to be very, it's not going to be something that he will be able to enforce. what will happen is in the event people want to use this because this compulsory music right, that's why you hear these remakes that you get from time to time, it will move forward and there's very little that his heirs or the estate will be able to do about it. >> interesting. thank you. good to see you. >> pleasure. we are getting more information here on that shooting at texas a&m. we now know an officer has died. that was according to college station police. we are now getting word the suspect is dead. more on that in a moment. [ bleep ] it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours...
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more on the story, the shooting just off the campus of texas a&m university. tell me again what you have learned. >> this press conference was held a little while. we now have an identity of the constable that was shot listed as lbryan bachmann. two offers with nonlife threatening injuries. >> this was a neighborhood? >> this is a neighborhood. this is a couple blocks away from texas a&m university. also home to george w. bush library. this is very active area. the campus is getting back urnds way and people are starting to go back to school. we have one identity to the con stable shot, bryan bachmann. one female civilian in surgery
12:50 pm
as well. >> with our other civilians. >> one male civilian killed. we don't know if that's the that's in addition to the constable that was shot. apparently the constable was maybe serving an eviction notice. we heard that earlier from the police department. when officers responded they saw him down in the front yard, exchanged gunfire with the suspect. we do know, brooke, that the suspect was shot at the scene. we don't know the status right now. we do know one civilian killed in addition to the constable. >> two dead, multiple injuries. nick, thank you. >> we'll stay on it. >> thank you very much. also we just learned this. cnn has confirmed helen gurley brown passed away this morning. they said she lived every day of her life to the fullest and will always be remembered as the quintessential cosmo girl. she will be greatly missed. end quote. helen gurley brown, 90 years
12:51 pm
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ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at we are just a couple minutes away from this man hat the helm of "the situation room," wolf blitzer. wolf, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what a 48 hours it's been, huh? >> since late friday night, all the sudden we got word the announcement would be made saturday morning. we were on the air most of saturday, obviously. it's generating a huge, huge reaction out there. some think it's good nor the romney campaign. others say not so good. we're going in depth on all of this: we're going to have lots of good strong analysts and reporters among our guests. debbie wasserman-schultz. she's the congresswoman from florida.
12:55 pm
a barack obama supporter. also the governor of new hampshire. he's a major supporter of mitt romney. he's going to be joining us. they strongly disagree on this. we're going in depth on the announcement that paul ryan is the vice presidential candidate, together with mitt romney. we're also dealing with other issues, brooke, as well. including major developments unfolding in the middle east right now. not only syria and egypt, but potentially iran. you can follow in the israeli media. there's all sorts of speculation in there now that the israelis are going to attack the iranian nuclear facilities before the election on november 6th. we'll talk about all of these reports, including from some of israel's most established prominent journalists. they're predicting an israeli strike before, before the u.s. election. what impact would that be? we're going in depth on that as well. >> wolf, thank you. we'll see you in five minutes for now on "the situation room." tonight the sundance channel
12:56 pm
starts "get to work." the stars are not just the unemployed, they're unemployable. ex-cons. ex-addicts, homeless. they go through a month-long boot camp. it's called the strive workforce training program that existed way before these cameras started rolling. one of the first challenges of strive, it's called the break test. students who are late getting back from a break have to give up something of value. watch this. >> time is money. where the students are in their lives right now, losing $2 or $3 out of their pocket is a real pain. >> oh, class ring. is that trail mix? >> no. i don't have trail mix. i want those shoes. >> i don't have no socks on. no high socks. >> donald, see you next class. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> [ bleep ]. >> all right, man. you can get out.
12:57 pm
>> wow. joining me, the man we just saw. mr. rob smith is also known as the enforcer on the show. rob, tough. it's a tough show. i watched the preview. there are men. there are women. there's cursing. there's yelling. how effective is it? >> we've been pretty effective over the years. this is a program that clients are coming in with considerable barriers. 7 70% of the clients who complete it go into employment and maintain their jobs for a minimum of two years. >> when we say this is for the chronically unemployed, be specific. who exactly are we talking about? >> well, who we're not talking about are individuals that have found themselves unemployed because the company is moved. these are people marginally outside the employment arena for
12:58 pm
years. you know. clients that probably generational unemployment. have watched their mothers and fathers never go to work. individuals coming out of incarceration. we also work with a young population that we're trying to change the behavior early on so we can kind of break the cycle. but these are individuals that have been outside the employment arena for a number of years because of a number of reasons. >> and they're coming out of incourse ration. some of them have to be there. the court says you have to go to second chance. so not all of them are thrill thod meet you. so the mark you've left on some of these people. i was reading about you guys. 50,000 people graduated from strive. but we're talking chronically unemployed people. how many come back and back again? >> well, we have a two-year
12:59 pm
follow-up that we do with the clients. and we have a lifetime service agreement. if an individual finds himself unemployed after five years. i had a compliant come in that it's been tens. they found themselves part of the new unemployment population where the job had moved and they downsized and came back in because they knew the value of the services. >> so you said second chance has been around for five years. how have the cameras changed the dynamic of the boot camp in 30 # seconds. >> second chance has been around for about 20 years now. i've been here for five. >> you have? >> yes, i've been in san diego for five years now. the cameras shine a light on a subject for a population that isn't the most