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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back. there are conflicting reports about whether one of the most powerful men in syria fled the regime. a spokesman for free syrian army says they are trying to help vice president farouq al-sharaa cross the border into jordan. let's get more from nic robertson. what is the latest on the vice president's where abouts?
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>> reporter: it's still not clear. they are saying he left damascus a week ago. they have been trying to get him across the border into jordan. they haven't been able to do that. they want to get him and his family safely out of the country. he wants to leave. they are trying to make it happen like they did the former prime minister a couple weeks ago. you have the state news agency saying he worked diligently for the government since the beginning of the crisis then he welcomes the u.n.s new choice of envoy and hopes they get the unified support. you have on one hand, the free syrian army saying he's on the way out. we are trying to get him out, but lost contact with the commanders doing it. on the other side, saying he's back at his job, supporting the
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things happening. >> al-sharaa is considered one of the last figures of the guard. he was a confidant of his father. if there is true, how much of a blow would his defection be? >> it would be a very, very big signal to whoever he thought was loyal around him who is not in the upper echelon is desserting him. the defection a couple weeks ago of the prime minister sends a signal it's possible for officials to get out of the country that the free syrian army can help them. farouq al-sharaa has been foreign minister for many, many years, prime minister before that, somebody very, very trusted by the regime. he floated peace initiatives to take over from al sad to negotiate. it damages any efforts along
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those lines, not that i think anyone had a lot of hope in there. for al-sharaa, that is a critical message, his top guns are leaving him. where else can he turn for support. >> thank you very much. my next guest says the cause of a financial meltdown can be traced back to a memo written 40 years ago. she'll explain, next. ♪
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good morning, miami. take a look there. beautiful sunny day, already. nice shot of the water there.
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glad you are waking up with us on this saturday morning. there's a new documentary that outlines what producers call the biggest heist of american history. what was stolen? your money. take a look. >> massive job losses, record home foreclosures, and devaluations. lost retirement savings. the mess we are in today did not begin on wall street. long before the financial collapse, government regulation was under way. vast sums of wealth being channelled from the paychecks and bank accounts from every day taxpayers into the pockets of the super rich and corporate ceos. >> this has been the greatest wealth transfer in the history at least in the american kind, if not mankind. >> this is class warfare. >> i think it's scaring the hell
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out of everybody. i think everybody should be scared. >> francis produced the film, "heist." good morning, thanks for joining us. >> it's great to be here. >> in the film, you outline the collapse of finance in history. that one memo by the chamber of commerce in 1971, the powell memo. tell me about that. >> it was written by justice lewis powell. he wrote it at the urging of his friend at the u.s. chamber of commerce. the memo called for a big business kind of corporate makeover of government. he wrote in strident terms. he felt the memo was attack on american free enterprise. powell believed the system was under attack. he called upon corporate leaders to go to washington, get out from behind their desks. you know, they were losing the
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battle, the public relations battle. they wanted control over media. they wanted, you know, business schools, you know, more business friendly. so, that's essentially what they did. they implemented friends of powell and corporate leaders all across started implementing the memo. >> the documentary is a lot of issues that led from the rise of big businesses, bailouts, killing regulations on banks. after all your research, was there one event that put us over the edge, would you say? >> what gotus interested in the topic and taking a long form look at this, i think documentaries are positioned to look at a topic lie this, we looked at the lobbying that did away with it. it was the most successful and long-lived financial law ever
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created. it came out of the great depression. we began to understand more about the lobbying influence and as we studied glassed eagle. keep in mind rksz it protected investors and consumers alike. >> the economy crash wasn't because the democrats did this or the republicans did that. you say it was a bipartisan event? >> it really is. i think for americans who sit at home and watch television and watch, you know, the political theater, it looks like there's opposing sides. in reality, the democrats as one guest expt says in the film, the democrats started drinking the kool-aid with the republicans. it looks like there are big differences, there are actually very lock-in-step on economic
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matters. >> let's play another clip, then talk about it more. >> folks in charge of running the economy ran red light after red light after red light and caused car wreck after car wreck and no one held them accountable. >> you would think congress did it. are people going to jail? where the is prosecution? you would think that would happen, right? it hasn't happened. >> they are the most powerful lobby on capitol hill and they own the place. >> when ever i talk to anybody about the financial collapse, they say where is the accountability. if big businesses and banked caused it, why isn't anybody in trouble? >> if you look at a 2005 supreme court decision, there was a case
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the justice department won against arthur anderson in the aftermath if you recall the enron scandal. the supreme court overturned that decision. basically, the government says to corporations, police yourself. i think a lot of americans find it comical. >> yeah. >> so, they kind of operate with not a lot of impunity. look at jamie dimon's arrogance. i don't think they are threatened with any kind of punitive tion. >> certainly doesn't seem that way. nice to have you on. thank you. >> thank you. a california coffee shop tells customers to bring back their dirty dishes, keep their voices down and not talk about hipster topics. we'll have what exactly that means. >> i'm often asked if i was
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welcome back.
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just about ten minutes before the hour. you are looking at live pictures from the villages north of orlando, florida. folks are getting ready for paul ryan to speak there at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we'll bring it to you live. they are getting the podium ready for him. it's interesting to look at the crowd. seniors are going to want to hear what he has to say about their plans for medicare. take a look at the crowd and see what he has to say. a u.s. navy commander has been relieved his of duty after a woman accused him of faking his death to end an affair. good morning. >> good morning. >> give us the details on this commanders story. >> i'll give you a rough outline. so, yeah, there was a naval commander who started an affair with a 22-year-old girl online. told her he was in special-ops.
4:50 am
he got busted. she meets him. they have this affair and he does finally reveal his real name. he wants to end the affair. he does it by sending her this mysterious e-mail from some supposed third party saying it's a friend who was instructed to contact her in the event something really bad happened and her lover would not be able to make it back. you know, in other words, he had died, apparently. >> yeah. >> so, she went crazy, tracked him down to his house, found out from the new owners of the house that, no, he was alive and well, was transferred to command of a new submarine and moved to connecticut. of course, she goes ballistic. she goes on hunt for the caught red handed commander and the guy gets fired. for poor judgment. i mean, you know, the whole idea of a submarine is to avoid
4:51 am
detection. if you can't hide from a 23-year-old girl looking for closure, who's going to trust you with hiding a nuclear 6,000 ton submarine from the enemy. >> not comforting. also want to ask you about this story we've been looking at. this san francisco four barrels coffee shop put up a poster of store rules. one of the rules is not talking about annoying hipster topics. first of all, what do you think about this? what's your take on a hipster topic? >> this list could go on forever. there are so many of them. first of all, you should not be allowed to talk about the need for gluten-free pabst blue ribbon. you shouldn't say the phrase, no worries. don't want speculation on eraser head. and i absolutely do not want to hear anything about how well
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>> whitney houston's final film is in theaters this week. a bitter sweet celebration for her fans. "sparkle" opened friday, seven months after the legendary singer died in los angeles. houston's death came shortly after filming finished, causing a bit of a crisis for the movie's producer. michelle turner join me from los angeles. good morning. the film's premiere this week was a pretty emotional one, wasn't it? >> absolutely. whitney was certainly on everyone's minds thursday night at the premiere. the producer says the film is her gift to whitney and this will be the way people remember her. she also said whitney gives the best performance of her career. jordan sparks, who plays sparkle in the film, said she gets emotional thinking about whitney. listen to this. >> it hits me in waves sometimes. i'll be talking in an interview
4:57 am
and somebody says something and i'm like, okay, yeah, this is the last piece of her legacy, you know, like this is the last piece. and it's really crazy because, i mean, like i would have never thought i would be in a movie with whitney houston, acting in a big film. i never would have -- and to do it both together is incredible. >> you know, "sparkle" is a remake of the 1976 cult classic, one of my favorite movies, starring irene cara. whitney houston spent more than ten years developing this and it was supposed to spark a comeback but as you know this has turned into a memorial and remembrance. >> how do you think it's expected to do at the box office? >> it's gotten pretty good revie reviews. it's expected do well this weekend but it's going up against "expendables 2" and
4:58 am
"para normal" and you know never. it's gotten good reviews. everyone is touting the acting in this movie and, of course, the singing because you have whitney and jordan sparks singing. should be an interesting film. >> let's talk about the other big story this week, rihanna. the singer is opening up to oprah winfrey in an interview airing tomorrow, specifically talking about chris brown. >> she's opening way up to oprah and making some surprising revelations. it's her admission even after chris brown beat her she still felt protective towards her. ty a look at what she has to say. >> i felt protective. like, i felt like the only person is him. it was a weird, confusing space to be in. as angry as i was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, i just felt
4:59 am
like he made that mistake because he needed help and, like, who's going to help him? nobody's going to say, he needs help. everybody's going to say, he's a monster, without looking at the source. i was more concerned about him. >> that is a wow for me. people have really jumped on this saying, how could she feel sorry and protective of a man who just abused her. but i think that this is a really raw and emotional rihanna we just saw there. maybe she was expressing when a lot of women who are abused feel at first, when they're dealing with the fallout from an abusive situation. looking at that, i can't wait to see this interview, randi. it airs this weekend on the own network. >> i'd like to have that interview analyzed by a pyschotherapist, psychologist, because that wasaw