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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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but the point is that if your child is snoring more than once in a blue moon, don't ignore it. find the way that the rest for the restorative sleep that he or she needs that. going to wrap it up for me. let's keep the conversation going on twitter, as well at sanjaygupta@cnn. let e let's look at the top stories. i understand that the british would arrest him and send him to sweden. julian assange is held up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. hear how he may try to escape. we will have that story for you. and guantanamo bay, cuba, like you have never seen it before. we will go inside of a prison and the prayers, and i will talk to a reporter who was there. and political comedy and why paul ryan may hurt political
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paul ryan may hurt political funnymen everywhere. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. happy sunday. i'm randi kaye, and it is 7:00 on the east coast and 5:00 a.m. out west, and glad you are starting your morning with us. the white house is getting more heated this morning as republican vice presidential campaign paul ryan and the president battle it out over the future. the president taking it to ryan directly over his bucket. and a familiar topic over recent month, mitt romney's taxes. >> his new running mate, congressman ryan, put forward a plan that would allow governor romney to pay less than 1% taxes each year. that's a pretty good deal just paying 1% in taxes. you are making millions of dollars. here's the kicker, they expect
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you the pick up the tab. >> the president is referring to paul ryan's 2010 budget proposal which by one estimate would eliminate taxes on capital gains and dividends and interest which is a main source of romney's income. meanwhile, romney is making a stop in florida to take it to the seniors, and the secret weapon is his mom. she is herself on medicare. and ryan offered praise to her in the appearance. >> mom, i am proud of you for going out and getting another degree, and i'm proud of you for the small business that you created and, mom, you did build that. >> ryan showing the willingness to serve as the ticket's attack d dog, and reference to comment
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that the president made you didn't build that remark showing that the president does not fully understand what makes u.s. business grow. and new hampshire looks to be the latest battleground in the 2012 race. mitt romney stopping there this weekend following a stop of president obama,ed a it comes after a tight race was shown in a poll between president obama and the republican rival. and obama has the slight margin of 49% to 46%. and people out in virginia, like this man,greeted the vice presidential nominee by tearing up a romney/ryan sign. this happened after a brief exchange. >> who epitomize -- makeing me
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feel at home. >> just the latest in a string of hecklers who have followed ryan since the first solo day on the stump. >> welcome to iowa. so, hey, all right. >> that incident taking place at the iowa state fair. now to syria where it seems that the country's vice president is missing. and sources say that farooque al sharra has fled the country. but now there is fear for his safety. and now syrians attending this morning services to commemorate the end of ramadan. and if he did defect, it is the
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top of the a-list of defectors. in early july, a high profile general left the regime and he was also al assad's childhood friend and of course, the question is, who might be next to go? cnn national correspondent nic robertson is following the story from abu dhabi. what is the latest on the vice presidential departure, nic? >> well, no word, and it is troubling the free syrian army who are trying to get him out of j jordan, but they say he has been getting out of the country, and they are trying to help him, but they are afraid that if some of the family is captured, he may be forced to surrender, but the pictures of the mosque of the eads prayer, where the president would sit next to the vice president is very telling not because it is a rare appearance of assad, but because he held the prayers at the palace and not the big mosque in the center
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of the country, but the political world here seems to be shrinking, and the changes at the ministerial level yesterday as well, and for bashar al assad, this image, he is not projecting powerful and in control the way he'd like to. this is very damaging for him, randi. >> and what do you think about that? will al assad bow to the pressure? how will he react to all of this? >> well, so far he plans to carry on fighting according to the international security assessments, he has used 70% of the military force and appears to be on content to fight with helicopters and gunships shelling around the country, and still going on to dday, and so is going to go down fighting, it a appears and the consensus, and we heard this from the prime minister who quit in the past few weeks that al assad controls less than 30% of the country, but he is fighting and pushing
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the effort to show unity and continuing the fight to hang on. it is not set to change him right now, randi. >> and even as the things appear to be crumbling around him. let's talk about the united nations observer mission, and that ends today. is it seen as a success, nic, or failure? >> you know, it was almost a sort of failure from the beginning in many people's eyes. they came in to monitor the u.n. cease-fire in the beginning of april and the casualty toll at that time fell into the single digits for a few days, but the cease-fire never really held right where it is right now there are more than 100 people a day being killed, and so really, it was a failure from the beginning for this free syrian army and the syrian army, itself, to actually agree to a cease-fire, and the u.n. had nothing to monitor, and halfway through the mission, all they were doing is to be able to try to get truces at local level to allow the humanitarian supplies to get in to the community
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level, so it is that success where the civilians in syria are going to miss when they leave, but the overall picture of observing a cease-fire and bringing that towards dialogue has been a failure. >> certainly difficult to make anything happen there. nic robertson in abu dhabi. thank you. we are expected to hear from julian assange, the wikileaks founder who sparked outrage by publishing classified u.s. cables, and he has not made an appearance in months, and his attorney says that assange is in quote, strong spirits, as he is in refuge in the ecuadorian embassy. he sought asylum there from sweden who is wanting him for sexual assault. they say that it is in retribution of disclosure for american secrets. from now on, american troops in afghanistan will carry loaded weapons at all times and it is a new policy for the recent
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secrets for political gain. did the president take too much credit? he is the commander in chief and gave the order to kill osama bin law d.e.p. and any tactical seek are th seekrets reveal ed we go the brian todd. >> reporter: we have new video that rakes the president for his campaign references to the bin laden raid. in a campaign ad, bill clinton praises president obama's courage for launching the navy s.e.a.l.s to kill osama bin laden. >> supposedly they had been captured or killed? the downside would have been horrible. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, he emphasizes it. >> i promised to go after bin laden and we did it. >> reporter: and now a counter attack. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden, america
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did. the work that the american military has done killed osama bin law d.e.p., and you have not. >> reporter: that is former navy s.e.a.l. ben smith in a new video slamming president obama. the 22-minute film titled "dishonorable disclosure" skewers the president for taking credit for the osama bin laden raid. the president bushs back saying he has always credited the s.e.a.l.s for the raid. and this is a interview done with admiral mccraven about it. >> make no mistake about it at the end of the day, it was the president who shouldered the burden of this. >> reporter: i pressed ben smith on this. should the president get no credit here? >> he gets the credit for having osama bin laden killed under his watch. if he gave the order, wonderful, but taking all of the credit with the i, i, i, me, i, i, i
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about it and using us as a political ad is wrong. >> reporter: the film also blasts the obama administration for allowing classified information on the raid and the security operations to become public. >> we had tactics and techniques and procedures compromised and we knew the name of the dog on the operation. >> reporter: the obama team denies taking part of any leaks and the republicans say that they are resorting to swift boat tactics a result to john kerry's vietnam war record. this film was made by op-sec for operational security, and a spokeswoman for the group says it is nonpartisan, but cnn found many links between the group and republican aftfiliation saffili. a spokesman for the group has done similar work for the bush
5:16 am
administration and republicans in congress. and ben smith, the former s.e.a.l., says he is an independent voter, but he says on the page that he was once a spokesman for the tea party. they say they are located in this suite, and also in that suite are two republican strategy groups and no other groups. we were not allowed to film inside, but we were told inside that they have nothing more than a desk there and no one from the group was there to talk to us, and the woman said that where they are located has nothing to do with the message they want to get out. could that message hurt obama like swift boat hurt john kerry? >> well, it could, because it is competitive election and could come down the 25,000 votes in a handful of states. national security is a sensitive issue for many people. >> reporter: and op-sec is one of three groups of special operations members coming out with campaigns against the president over the security leaks. neither the pentagon nor the cia
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would confirm the video nor confirm the mitd military experience of those in the video. >> and a similar group says that he is a birther and not afraid to admit it. larry miller believes that president obama is lying about the origins and is a socialist and raised by communists. the 27-year-old veteran of the navy s.e.a.l.s says he is against the president, politics and personality. he is writer frank marshall davis who is obama's long time mentor. and still ahead, the story behind the dramatic rescue as this man is pulled to safety from below ground. i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day,
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endorsed mitt romney. although she did say as a porn star, she does admire joe biden's ability to put his entire foot in his mouth. so that's it. and now the world of late night tv where things are changing behind the scenes at the "tonight show" as nbc has purged the payroll as jay leno is said to take a big pay cut to stop others from losing their job. leno replaced johnny carson and the network is trying to reduce production costs. checking stories across the country, 20 minutes past the hour. rescuers pulled a man from a rural well in little rock last night. horse riders heard his calls for help and he had been in the well for 24 hours in the desert heat. he was wedged tight, and
5:21 am
firefighters had to chip concrete to get him, and he had apparently dropped something in the well and trying to recover it. people in michigan may get a fascinating and frightening force of nature. this is a waterspout, and nine of them formed on the lake yesterday and forecasters say could be triggered today. and winds from the water spouts can apparently hit 60 miles per hour. in chicago, a small monument now marks the spot where president obama and first lady michelle obama first kiss ed which stands outside of what was once a ice cream shop in hyde park. the monument was commissioned by owner s owners of a nearby shopping center. muslims around the world are celebrating the end of ramadan, and we will tell you how one community in the south is marking the holiest month on the islamic calendar. first a very good morning to
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washington, d.c. lovely shot of the white house. gray skies there it looks like, but thanks for waking up with cnn.
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this week, first lady michelle obama will meet with some of the families devastated by the shooting at the sikh temple. a gunman who is tied to racist groups turned the gun on himself and killed himself after killing six people. and people are celebrating the end of ramadan which is a
5:24 am
time of fasting and abstinence, and a 30-day period of reflection for all muslim. we visited one mosque in ga do thtalk about the holiday's significanc significance. >> you can think of it this way as a boot camp, training boot camp for the spirit or the soul. it is a spiritual training period that extends about 30 days. >> the funny thing is that people think it is the food and the water, but it is not the food and the water that is the hard part. the hard part is that without the food and the water, everything goes on in life. people may aggravate you, and when you don't have food and water, and you are tired, then you to be patient, and that's, you know, that is like a challenge. >> ramadan by the nature will change the routine for people and everything is upsidedown. and sometimes you are the only fasting person in the workplace
5:25 am
or the classroom and everybody else is not practicing what you are practicing, so you have a feeling that you are doing it l alone and it is not easy, but harder. you play this role where everybody comes together and stay at a state of worship. >> and sometimes you will not see somebody for a whole year, but you will see them in the meeting and connect with them and their lives and brings together the whole idea that this is the community that we need to care about each other. we teach the kids that they have to be extra good in this month, and try to please god and have to try to strive to do good deeds so that their reward is the holiday. the idea is to go back to life better than what we entered ramadan in, and try to, you know, improve ourselves and in turn improve the world through that process. >> even in the guantanamo bay
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and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management ...we inspected his brakes for free. free is good. free is very good. my money. my choice. my meineke. >> welcome back to cnn sunday morning, i'm randy kaye and the bottom of the hour now. here are some of the stories that we are watching. any moment now we are expected to hear from wikileaks founder jou julian assange who finds himself in the middle of controversy as ecuador and london battle over
5:30 am
his situation. >> julian assange has always fought for true justice and fought for human rights and continues to do so. he demands that quick release and his peaceful rights be respected. >> he is currently living at the ecuadorian embassy in london where he went for refuge after sweden are the brought sexual assault charges. he d i ins the charges. and now the vice president of syria is rumor ed ed to be b defected. he was nowhere to be seen at this weekend's ramadan celebration with president bashar al assad. if he did leave, it will mark the highest level of the regime to have defected. and yesterday president obama quoted republicans to be
5:31 am
dishonest about his plan since they can't sell his own. a gop plan will force the seniors to pay more for medicare, and the gop says president obama has siphoned millions to pay for it. and now the first time a powerful laser has been used on another planet. it helped to eionize gases and helping the curiosity rover to identify chemical elements. next it will start to drill into martian rock about 30 feet. fortoday's "faces of faith" we are focusing on unlikely place to celebrate a holiday, the guantanamo bay detention center where more than 150 detainees will end the holy month of ramadan today and we are getting a very rare look inside. remember, this is where the u.s. keeps somef the world's most
5:32 am
notorious suspected terrorists. u.s. soldiers have had to make several changes around the detention center for the prisoners and say there is a notable change in the mood. it is quieter, and the photos are from t"the miami herald" wh was granted special access to the prison during ramadan. and the visit was accompanied by a u.s. official, and it is sensored. and joining us is a correspondent from "the miami herald," and good morning to you, carol. what incredible access, you saw the food and heard the prayers and watched the detainees and what was it like enside and to witness this? >> well, remember, this is the 11th ramadan in a row in u.s. custody for most of the detainee s, and the first for most of the guards at guantanamo. what we found is that it really has developed a routine, that
5:33 am
the military has gotten accustomed to doing this after 11 of them down there. what they have done is that they say they have changed the battle rhythm, and they have upended the schedule so that at night when the detainees are awake and praying and eating the meals, there is a lot of activity. and remember, this is the prison camphat should have been clo closed a couple of years ago and instead, it's -- they have learned how to do this holiday not unlike when the military around the world does thanksgiving. they bring in the traditional foods and they bring in dates and literally this time a ton of dates because they have 168 detainees and captives down, there and they are giving them dates twice a day. they are giving them traditional meals, and they are trying to make it as quiet as possible as they say from what they showed us, and they did not show us everything. we saw a pretty peaceful ramadan. and what was extraordinary about the visit, sorry, is that they let us go in at 2:00 or 3:00 or
5:34 am
4:00 this the morning when the camps are awake and alive and active. >> you say that one of the surprising things is that some of the detainees are on hunger strikes and force fed by the guards, but that process is chan changed a little bit out of respect for ramadan. >> that is right. they turned the activities to the night. something they would do in the day which is to feed the hunger strikers through tubes inserted through their noses goes on at night. the military says that this is all part of respecting the islam. they won't tell us this year how many people underwent this treatment or how many this was done to, because the transparency only goes so far, but at night, most of the activity goes on and during the day, they try to keep it quiet. and the guards have been handed out pocket guides that teach them not only to be quiet and respect the prayer time, but also to be on alert. the pocket guide tells them that evenb in ramadan, war is allowed to wage war.
5:35 am
>> and even the defense lawyers don't schedule any meetings with the suspects at this time, and why is that? >> well, the defense lawyers say that this is an introspective time, and the men want to stay w with themselves and they don't want to go through the process of being shackled and moved from the detention spaces over to the meeting spots with the attorneys. so the attorneys give them that month off basically, because, you know, the detainees have the choice of seeing their lawyers and they were rejecting it through the years. >> and you were actually accompanied the whole time and did you have a sense there was something that they didn't want to show you? >> yes, the transparency only goes so far and we go to the two camps where the low-value detainees are kept, and one is very much like a prisoner of war c camp and they eat and pray together and the guards are not on the blocks, but outside looking in. you know, there's -- there's another prison down there called camp 7 which is the secret prison, and that is where they keep the people that the cia
5:36 am
waterboarded and the people they are going to be putting on the death penalty trials later this year or next year, and not only don't we see it and not only don't they talk about ate, but we the american people can't even know when it was built or how much we paid for it. this is the secret prison where they keep over 1 dozen of the cia captives, and what we see are the low level detainees and more than half of them have been cleared for release, but politics and violence in yemen and the inability to resettle some of them around the world means they are stuck there in this legal limbo. >> did they know you were there? the prisoners know you were there and how did they react if so and who you were? >> part of the deal is that we go and the photographer whose pictures you showed shoot through one-way glass, and the idea is that they would be understandably upset if they knew that people were watching
5:37 am
them at prayer and photographing it. so the deal is that you have to be really not exposed to them, and stay out of their way. in one instance they were walking a captive to the recreation yard and he saw us. he shouted at us something that sounded very much like in an accented english "everything is great at guantanamo," but it sounded rather sarcastic from where we were standing. >> i'm sure. coming up this week wednesday, the trial for the 9/11 suspect. any word or any chatter about that or any talk of that trial starting? >> well, this is a pretrial hearing and one of the issues that will be on at issue in the motions is how much we, the world, will actually get to hear about the treatment in those cia block sites of the men who will be put on trial for the september 11th case. khalid sheikh mohammed was waterboard and we are going to
5:38 am
bring down a media lawyer and try to persuade the judge to open it up, because there is a lot that is classified and closed in this pretrial hearing. we are in pretrial hearings and a lot of of discussions and motions regarding the defense attorney's resources, what the media will see, and the a krscl coming down and other issues about transparency and discovery being argued in the court. we are not going to see a trial for the some time to come, certainly not this year. >> carol, thank you for your time, correspondent for "the miami herald", and you and your photographer did incredible work. >> thank you. is paul ryan fibbing on the campaign trail? find out what he is blaming the president for and whether he is right in doing so. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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to politics now and a blame game that traces the roots back to paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. he says this this general motors plant in part of his district is evidence of one more broken promise by president obama saying that the auto bailout which ryan voted for failed to keep the plant open. >> unlike mitt romney, you supported the auto bailout, and do you think that the obama bailout of the auto industry helped? >> it did not help kenosho or this plant here. >> well, it closed in the bush administration and several attempts for ryan to keep the plant open visiting the g.m. headquarters and writing op-eds in the newspaper failed.
5:43 am
and ryan helped later to secure a $1.6 million emergency grant to help those workers dislocated by the plant's disclosure. it remains unopened. and president obama says his plans are better than ryan and the man at the top of the ticket, mitt romney. speaking to the potential voters the president blasted the republican policies as the same ideas that hurt the economy in the first place. >> another $250,000 tax cut for folks making $300,000 or more a year. now, have you heard this before? they have been trying to sell this trickle down snake oil before. and guess what, it didn't work then. it won't work now, and it is not a plan to e kroo ycreate jobs o to reduce the deficit or move
5:44 am
the e cconomy forward and secretly, they know this. >> the president had previously called the plans fairy dust. with 80 days to the election, both parties are ramping up the campaigns. the flashpoint is medicare. each party wants to cast their party at the great defender of the elderly. jim acosta is following it all from washington. good morning, jim. it is getting pretty ugly out there, isn't it? >> well, it is, randi. we will be talking about this in in a few moments on state of the union and we will have eric fehrnstrom from the romney campaign and stephanie cutter from the obama campaign and also talking to rick santorum and as you wiremember was on the receiving end of some of the tough romney politics, and politics ain't beanbag, so it is getting tougher, and it will get nastier and uglier than what we have seen. i think that the paul ryan pick
5:45 am
more than anything so far in the campaign has made this election a choice between a two contrast s. you could not have a clearer contrast between the two campaigns right now especially on the issue of medicare and the budget. >> so, in terms of what they all want to talk about, romney certainly would like to switch the conversation back to jobs, wouldn't he? >> he would. and as the president's team knows, there are more jobs reports coming out, and it seems that we have reached the critical mass every time one of the jobs reports comies out, an then we all of the sudden have a new analysis of how the president is doing on the economy, but really it is surprising to see medicare just jump to the forefront of this campaign and talk about an issue that was a sleeper until romney picked paul ryan. up until that point, we weren't talking about medicare that much and as you saw in florida, this is such a concern for the romney campaign, they had paul ryan out there with his mother telling the seep your citizens down
5:46 am
there in florida where the elderly vote is crucial that the romney/ryan ticket will not do anything that will harm current beneficiaries or people nearing that age when they would start to receive medicare benefits. so i think that you will hear the president going after paul ryan and mitt romney on this for weeks to come, and we will be talking to all of the guests about about that this morning. >> thank you, jim acosta in for candy crowley. and keep it here for stu"state the union." it starts here at 9:00 a.m. eastern and 10:00 pacific right here on cnn. by picking paul ryan as his running mate, mitt romney may have energized the gop, but some think it is bad, bad, bad for the late night comedians. he will join us. on dining in restaurants,nts
5:47 am
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5:51 am
co-conspirators. and of course on thursday, live coverage for the james holmes hearing in colorado who is the man accused of kill iing eight d injuring 30 in colorado movie theater. and also friday we will be looking at the andrew breivik's killing of kids at a camp in norway. and then sunday, attorney bradley manning will give us an exclusive about julian assange from georgetown university. my next guest dean obeidallah says with rewe are i
5:52 am
for a comedy recession. say it isn't so. he will explain. ♪
5:53 am
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good morning, new york city. look at that beautiful shot of the hudson river there. just beautiful. glad you are waking up with us here on cnn, sunday morning. and our next guest is somewhere in that crush of buildings. in comedy, it is all about comedy, and in the presidential elecons, it seems like a great time to be in comedy. >> usain bolt won the 100 and 200 meter dash for the second olympics in a row.
5:56 am
he has been running since he was in grade school, same as mitt romney. and the republicans have announced paul ryan as the running mate. seriously? that is trying to spice up a bowl of oatmeal with more oatmeal. >> comedian dean obeidallah says we are in a comedy recession. what do you mean? >> since president bush left, randi, it is a tough time. i will be on the subway saying we will tell jokes for food if this continues. we are really, being honest, we miss president bush and the material, and not the world of paul ryan, he is considered boring. in politics it is considered courageous to be a white christian from the midwest is challenging at best. >> and obama is not funny.
5:57 am
he gives you knotting? >> they do give us a little bit off jokes and don't get me wrong, it is not that we are without jokes, but it is reflecting and compared to what mt. bush gave us, and i mean, sarah palin, i wanted her to run for president, because it would have been a stimulus for comedians. >> and paul ryan gives you the p90x and six pack, right? >> and in times we will find more, but rush limbaugh called him the last boy scout, reliable, but boring. that is where we are getting a lot of the low key and political wonk and not a lot of fun things. i don't see any gaffe machine, paul ryan, which is good for him, but bad for me. >> well, you have had some fun with the bidenisms, haven't you? >> biden is unbelievable. he is our dan quayle, and yet for some reason the american public and the media are not as fas nated with him as they should be. here the truth about political comedy, if i am telling people a joke about something that they
5:58 am
don't know about like joe biden, we have to educate the audience and know jokes about it, so we have to assume they know knowledge, but joe biden this week's gaffe, we will put you all in chains and the same thing with the prime minister of ireland saying i'm sorry about the passing of my mother, and the prime minister saying, well, my mother is still alive. and the things that joe biden has given us would continue if -- randi, please pay more attention to joe biden. >> okay. we will work on that, but wasn't it, take us back to the glory days, and was there a golden age for comedians at some point? >> i have to pause and think about the great ys. bill clinton during the monica lewinsky scandal, and george bush in the eight years and even if he squint and laughed, and remember that. those little things that bush would say, he would not say al qaeda, he would say ill qiati, he changed a terrorist group to
5:59 am
a mexican restaurant. >> and who would have given you material? >> well, donald trump would have been amazing. he is funny and knows about politics and great campaigner, because he can campaign in one state and his hair can campaign in another, and the two-pronged campaign attack. my dream would have been snooki and it makes no sense, but she endorsed john mccain in 2008 and she is a republican. and romney/snooki ticket, and a lot of the jell-o shot and self-tanning people. >> what a dream. and what is your dream ticket there for 2016? >> no, you know, i want to put politics aside and think about the country. we need a bipartisan ticket to bring us together in the hyperpartisan worlds and i'm suggesting, think about it, sarah palin, and anthony weiner in 2016 is the ticket to bring us together and the laughs never stop coming. oh, my gosh. >> i was going to say, i dont n't know if we would have a political recession then, comedy at least. >> no, the whole world would be amazeded by us. >> dean, always fun