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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm alison kosik. let's get you up to speed on headlines from around the world. >> the united states -- >> julian assange breaks his silence. britain plan s s to extradite h to face questions about sex crimes if he tries to leave. more on the story coming up in two minutes. in china, protesters attacked japanese-made cars and smashed windows of japanese-owned businesses. . they are upset that a japanese group landed on an island. it's at the center of a tense territorial dispute between tokyo and beijing. the united states observer mission is over.
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the mandate expired today and was not extend ed. that means that 300 observers will leave the country and just a liaison office will remain in damascus. none of the cease fire terms was followed by the syrian troops or the rebels. the mystery thickens over the fate and location of syria's vice president. he was no show at a holiday service today giving weight to rumors that he defected. told today from street fighting in syria, 135 people killed. that's according to an opposition group that tracks casualties every day in syria. most of these people died in damascus and its suburbs. in south africa, the company at the center of a deadly miner strike must go back to work tomorrow or lose their jobs. police opened fire on the
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striking miners. 34 miners were killed in the shooting. some good news from firefighters in washington state. a wildfire that chewed up more than 22,000 acres is about hof contained and will probably be completely out by this time tomorrow. credit lower temperatures and battling on the ground and from the air. u.s. distance swimmer dianna nyad is back in the water attempting another record swim. the 62-year-old jumped to the watersff c hg towar flora.ifcethe ip is to takeer 60hours. this is hirs fourth attempt t complete the swim. muslims around the world are celebrating the end of ramadan. but it's also a time of caution. data show a rise in a number of hate crimes against muslims. we'll talk about that later in the show. the head of the internet company that's leaked
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embarrassing secrets of world leaders is trying to stay out of jail. but to do that, he may have to stay locked up in an embassy in london. julian assange broke his silence today. he claims he's a victim of a witch hunt, but the britain says he's wanted in sweden. >> reporter: it's been two months since julian assange sought asylum here. it's been two years since two women brought allegations of sex crimes against him. that's why sweden wants to extradite him. but today he spoke to supporters from that balcony. still a protective part of ecuad ecuador. british police stood guard he told supporters his fight was purely political. >> there's unity in the oppression. there must be absolute determination in the response.
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as wikileaks stands, so does the freedom of expression and the health of all our societies. i ask president obama to do the right thing. the united states must renounce its witch hunt against wikileaks. >> reporter: that's not how britain or sweden sees this. they say this is purely a criminal investigation. julian assange steps out that door, he will be arrested and extradited to sweden. that's why his supporters will be standing guard here outside the embassy to see what happens next. but the bottom line is no matter how many protesters, how manyol. >> the julian assange ordeal has taken on a life of its own.
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it could remind you of a movie. he's off limits to the brits so ng as he stays inside the embassy. but is a great escape in the works? brian todd with some of the possible plots. >> reporter: he's reported to be tense and going stir crazy. julian assange holed up inside the ecuador embassy in london. . a classic standoff is underway. if he takes one step outside the embassy -- >> my understanding is that the british will arrest him and extradite him to sweden. >> reporter: he's wanted for questioning over sexual assault claims. with the fugitive inside and with british police outside ready to pounce, scenarios are being debated over a possible assange escape. is this an option? getting smuggled out of a car? a former british diplomat says
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it would be considered ecuador domain. there's a hitch in that plan. the hitch? there's no garage available to the ecuador emembassy. the building is completely surrounded by british police. they are in the street, the alleys, the side streets. if anyone was going to try to take assange to a waiting car, the police would get him. they are also reported to be monitoring the commune y'all areas of the building preventing assange from taking an elevator to to the roof. police can monitor the holloways because the embassy occupies only one floor. it's here and assange can barely step into the hallway without risking apprehension. if he did get to a car, there are airports in every direction. but once he got to one of those,
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he could easily be captured. he could be smuggle out in a crate or large bag. the british police can't open it if it's labeled specifically. >> they could hold it. >> reporter: the former ambassador doesn't see that happening. he could take refuge inside the embassy indefinitely. it's happened before. in 1956 a top catholic official took refuge inside the american embassy in boou da pest. he lived there for 15 years. brian todd, cnn, washington. it's been a nice relaxing day for the presidential candidates, but after quiet trips to church, things are about to get rowdy. and navy seals are slamming the president in a new ad. why they are taking issue with
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it's a rare day off from the campaign trail for president obama and mitt romney. both of them attended church
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this morning. president obama and his family made the walk across lafayette square. the first family also worshipped at st. john's on easter sunday. the last time the president publically attended church. mitt romney attended a meeting in new hampshire. he owns a lake house in new hampshire and he's scheduled to campaign there with paul ryan tomorrow. mitt romney's running mate paul ryan has changed the discussion in his one week on the campaign trail, but has he changed it in a way the republicans really wanted? let's bring in our regulars both cnn contributors. will, i want o to start with you. paul ryan and critics in the campaign have spaent lot of time talking about medicare. do they reale this was sort of a run away train? >> you know what, i think they
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are ready to have this conversation. they are excited about it. obama care in the romney team east estimation changed the entire game. they feel like the $716 billion that over the next ten years obama care transfers into the new entitlement and reducing medicare is a winning issue for them. romney would not take that $716 billion out of medicare. changing this entire medicare debate for the first time republicans feel like this is a winning issue for them. so i don't think they are afraid to have that conversation. >> okay, elsie, is the day spent talking about something other than job a good day for obama? >> yes, it is. i don't know what will is talking about. this is a side issue. the only way that romney is going to beat president obama is to hammer him on the economy and on jobs. he's not going to do it any other way. he hasn't been talking about jobs since he left on his trip. i really think there's a distraction for the romney
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campaign. i'm shocked they allowed it to go this far. what's really going to happen is they are going to start dissecting the rest of ryan's plan and get further away from the conversation about jobs. let me help lz on what exactly i'm talking about. a, i think we can get back to talking about the economy. there's still three months to go before the election. stretch back in your memory to the 2010 midterms and picture the town halls full of seniors upset about the cuts to medicare. i think romney's team looks back at that and says i think we can use that again. >> 2010 back when the tea party came in and they were supposed to help cut back all the spending and then we had the big budget crunch. that 2010? is that what you're talking about. >> yes, i guess.
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>> just making sure. >> let's move on now that we have e that settled. this morning on the state of the union, they fought back that the president is avoiding the national media. here's what she said to our jim acosta. >> we're going to talk to media all over the country. >> he did that as well. are they more important than the national news media? >> i don't think they are more important, but i think they are equally important. that's where a lot of americans get their news. i think the president will continue doing that. >> is this a legitimate argument? >> she might have a point when she says they are of equal value. news media would have a little more substance than "enterta "entertainment tonight", but they doesn't mean he shouldn't be giving those interviews. a lot of americans watch it. but you might also fit in a press conference or an interview
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with cnn or some news media outlet. which he hasn't done since may. >> are you getting the feeling that he's avoiding the national media? >> i think it's more than a feeling. i think it's obvious. >> lz, what do you say? >> i say mitt romney had a photo op with him going grocery shopping. so clearly making sure that the american people feel good about you as a person is just as important in this campaign is what we say is the most subs tant conversation to be having. no one between president obama or mitt romney done it more. i don't think this is a good conversation to be having. the fact of the matter is mitt romney has been using fox news as his pr. and as long as he keeps doing that, i think he's barking up the wrong tree here. >> did he give a press
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conference on thursday? >> when he said he wasn't going to release anymore taxes. >> that one. >> i guess you can count that one where he said i paid at least 13%. >> you didn't like what he said, but he gave one. >> i'm holding up the flag here. hang on. don't go anywhere. there's a new ad out there. we nt you to watch some and show you what cnn found out. >> don't forget you can watch cnn live on your computer. go to no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate!
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there's a new ad attacking president obama in connection with the raid that killed osama bin laden. these are coming from former navy seals. brian todd looks closer at the group sponsoring the ad. >> reporter: in a campaign ad, bill clinton praises president obama's courage for ordering the navy seals to launch against osama bin laden. >> suppose they had been captured or killed, the downside would have been horrible for him. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, the president emphasizes
3:21 pm
it himself. >> i promised to go after al qaeda and bin laden and we did it. >> reporter: now there's a counterattack. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden. america did. the work that the american military has done killed osama bin laden. you did not. >> reporter: that's former navy seal ben smith in a new video slamming president obama. the video features former seals, special forces members, intelligence officers securing the president for taking credit for the obama raid. the obama campaign has fired back. the obama team also points to this interview wolf blitzer did recently with the commander of the raid. >> at the end of the day, make no mistake about it. it was the president of the united states that shouldered the burden for this operation that made the hard decisions. >> reporter: the pressed ben smith on that. does the president get no credit
3:22 pm
within. >> he gets the credit for having osama bin laden killed under his watch. if he gave the order, wonderful. but taking all the credit with the i, me, i, me about it and using us as a political ad is wrong. >> reporter: the film also blasts the obama administration for allowing classified information on the raid and other security operations to become public. >> we had tactics, techniques, procedures compromised. we even knew the name of the dog that was on the operation. >> reporter: the obama team denies taking part in any leaks saying the republicans are resorting to swift boat tactics. a reference to the 2004 attacks on john kerry's vietnam record. this film was made by opsec. a spokeswoman for the group says it's nonpartisan, but cnn found many links between the group and the gop. the president of opsec, a former
3:23 pm
navy seal, once ran for congress as a republican. a spokesman for the group has done similar workor the bush administration. the form er seal told me he's a independent voter but on his facebook page it says he was once a spokesman for the tea party. he was in this building in a certain suite. also in that suite are two republican strategy groups and no other groups. we were not allowed to film inside but were told by someone in the suite that op srsec does have anything more than a desk there. a spokeswoman said whe they are located has nothing to do with the message they want to get out. could that message hurt president obama? >> it could hurt obama politically in the sense it's a very competitive election and it's going to come down to 20,000 votes in a vandful of states. national security is a very
3:24 pm
sensitive issue for my people. >> reporter: there are a number of groups coming out with ads against the president. nor the pentagon or cia would comment on this video or confirm the military experience in them. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> want to bring back will cain and lz granderson into the conversation. will, do you think this ad is fair? >> i think there's a lot of unfairness in the ad. i think there's also fair questions asked in the ad. first of all, there's three issues. is it partisan or not? the answer to that question is somewhat beside the point to me. it appears to be partisan, but it's beside the point that if there's honest questions being asked, it shouldn't matter where they are coming from. does president obama deserve credit? undoubtedly, clearly the answer to that is yes. third they are asking questions about the leaks. the concerning leaks that have
3:25 pm
drown bipartisan concern like diane feinstein who said this is highly concerning the amount and detail of leaks coming out of washington, d.c. where i think this ad went overboard from just asking those questions is they provided conclusions that we do not know the answers to. they were certain it's coming from the obama administration and certain it was being done for political gain. if there's one fair thing, it's that they are asking questions e we should know the answers to. >> lz? >> i agree mostly with will. it asks a very important question is about the leaks. it's unfortunate that they are being disingenuous about the fact that it's clearly a partisan commercial. it's a partisan ad. to frame it as anything else, it undermines the question about the leaks. one other thing is the fact that president obama ree petedly has thanked over and over again, even in the clip you showed, he
3:26 pm
said i made the call, but we went in and got him. to even try to frame this conversation as he's taking the credit is unfair. >> so lz, maybe it's the issue of the leaks. we're talking about the navy seals here and very specific operation here. >> absolutely. the leaks are a concern, but again, it's not as if this is the first administration to have such leaks. do i need to bring up scooter libby and what happened with that. leaking information is a problem in this country, period. as long as we have the internet and as long as we have things like wikileaks, we're going to be battling this. but to try to pin this on president obama is unaccurate. >> will, how successful is this ad going to be with voters? is it going to resinate enough to help them choose who they are going to vote for on election day. >> i think in the end, we probably overestimate the value
3:27 pm
of every evidence that puts itself forward during a campaign. do i think this has the potential to swing the potential? probably not, but it will impact some people, the extent of what is beyond my ability to tell you. >> what do you think lz? >> i don't think it will be the people who are on the fence. i think it will make those who despise president obama despise them more. i don't think any independent is looking at this as the deciding factor. at the end of the day, it's about jobs and the economy. >> all right. lz and will, thank you so much. >> thank you. one boy didn't know what racism was until he went to the pool one day three years ago. the story over who could swim in a suburban pool captured world attention then. now a settlement. these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive.
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i'm just in love with the design of the human body. its elegance. nature has often these very powerful principles that if captured in a technology or device can be very, very extraordinary in their capacity to help people move again. so that's the basic thesis of our work. we steal from the cookie jar of nature and apply that and build synthetic constructs. half past the hour now. let's look at the headlines. it happened again in afghanistan today. a man wearing a policeman's uniform killed a member of the nato security force. we don't know the nationality of the service member or exactly where it happened. two american troops were killed
3:32 pm
in a similar attack in afghanistan on friday. it's not the only threat troops in afghanistan face. three coalition soldiers in eastern afghanistan were killed by an ied. no other details are being given out at this part-time. the west nile virus has taken another life in illinois. the virus is blamed for 26 deaths nationwide. most have come in texas. in dallas county leaders have been forced to spray pesticide from the air for the first time in 45 years. the spike in infections is the worst in eight years. the shooting deaths of two deputies in louisiana are being linked to an extremist movement. seven people are in custody after the shootout at a trailer park near new orleans. authorities have revealed -- they have been conducting surveillance for some time now. the group was heavily armed. stay with us for more on this developing story at the top of the hour.
3:33 pm
several officials in zu dan have been killed in a crash. it's blamed on poor visibility as a result of dust. you may remember this story. in 2009 some african-american and hispanic kids were swimming at a suburban philadelphia pool, but a fun day turned ugly when the children began hearing racial comments. this week a discrimination case against this club was settled. susan candiotti first covered that story three years ago and went back to talk with one of those kids. >> reporter: marcus allen will never forget what happened just before we met in 200. he was 12 years old and visibly shaken after he and his friends arrived at a predominantly white swim club. he said they heard this. >> why are these black kids here? then they were saying i'm afraid they might do something to my children because they might try
3:34 pm
to steal my stuff or try to harm my children. and i was amazed they were saying things like this. we're just like you. we're just like your kids. >> reporter: his mom had a signed paid contract to use the pool for her summer camp, but after the first day, the club's director pulled the plug telling local media the kids changed the atmosphere and complex of the club. i replayed for marcus his unforgettable reaction back in 2009. >> i see tears coming down your face. why does this make you cry? >> because it's just kind of sad that people are still thinking like this when i thought these days were over. >> you touched a lot of people when they saw you that day. >> i'm glad that people felt what i felt. >> reporter: when it happened,
3:35 pm
marcus's mom swung into action. civil rights complaints were filed with the state of pennsylvania and the u.s. justice department got involved. the valley club was sued, went bankrupt and the property was sold for over a million dollars. on thursday the justice department settled the case. proceeds from the sale will be divided among the children, camp, and counselors. >> what does this mean to you? what should it it mean for all of us? >> it should mean never judge a bo by its cover. meaning don't judge someone by the color of their skin. >> i think it's a great life lesson for these kids. they experienced something terrible and justice prevailed. >> reporter: marcus is now about to turn 15, a running back hopeful for his high school football team with big dreams for his future. >> i think everyone can see things differently and realize, yes, there is still some wrong in the world, but together we can make a difference and actually make a change. >> reporter: a change marcus concedes that isn't guaranteed.
3:36 pm
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more than a half million people were forced to flee their homes as a typhoon ripped through southern china. the typhoon left two people dead and two others have been reported missing. thousands of homes were flattened in its wake but it did weaken as it reached the shores of northern vietnam. a day of fun on the water turns deadly when lightning struck their bomt killing a 9-year-old boy. authorities say the family of
3:40 pm
eight was sailing on lake superior. they were trying to take refuge in a cove. four others were hurt. a rare and ominous looking sight on lake michigan. you're looking at five water spouts. nine of them formed on the lake yesterday. winds around this force of nature can reach up to 60 miles an hour. now time to look ahead to the week's top stories. a week packed full of campaign events. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin tonight with the preside president's plans for the week. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian at the white house. the president heads back on the campaign trail. he'll also visit the state of ohio, a key battleground state where he currently leads in the
3:41 pm
poll. both states could decide who wins the white house. then a fundraiser to raise much-needed campaign cash. sglrchlgts i'm paul stein houser on the campaign trail. mitt romney and paul ryan team up for a rally in new hampshire. both held a lot of fundraisers. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we have a packed week ahead full of economic news. first wall street will be watching for key corporate earnings. we'll hear from del, dell, hp and barnes and noble. then details released on the fed's meeting. and new home sales reports. we'll be rooking for any science of continued recovery. then we wrap up with the durable goods numbers. we'll keep an eye on it for you
3:42 pm
on cnn money. i'm nischelle turner. here's what we're watching this week. the one-year anniversary of kim kardashian's wedding bonanza. we look back at the 76-day marriage. plus as you pack away summer gear, we're counting down the most shocking stories of the summer of 2012. it's a time to reflect. ramadan is also a dangerous month for muslims in the u.s. we'll look at everythingrom mosques to personal attacks and why the increase is being called unprecedented. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers
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it may not be a holiday you have heard of, but it's being celebrated by millions of muslims around the world. in the u.s. it's a reminder that muslims are a minority and a vulnerable one at that. international desk editor azza
3:46 pm
day joins me. >> it's a time to celebrate with friends and family. muslims gather after the long month of ramadan and after fasting for a motto exchange gifts, share food with friends and loved ones and really it's a joyful time. >> obviously, islam is no small religion. it's not just big in the middle east either. >> according to the research search, there's 1 .57 billion muslims around the world with indonesia most populous nation followed by pakistan. but even here in the united states, there's 2.6 million muslims. that number is expected to double by 2030. it's a growing population as you can see by the estimates that we have here. >> but with the growing, what's being done to keep everybody safe? since muslims seem to be
3:47 pm
targeted. >> in the headlineses, we hear about mosques being built in communities that haven't had large muslim communities before. the reality is that muslims like other minorities are going to be targets regardless because if they are not familiar with the culture or their background, they are always going to be a target of some sort. after 9/11 there was a spike that a lot of hate crimes were on the rise. this past month according to the recent crimes statistics, they were attacked. we saw earlier in joplin, missouri, the mosque that was burned down. and to add to that in illinois earlier this month as well, a cemetery, too mambs were desicc and had anti-islamic sentiments written on them. >> what can be done to put an
3:48 pm
end to slow that kind of thing down? >> that's an excellent question. islamic as vo ka si groups are calling for heightened security. i think it's more about raising awareness about culture because this the not just an isolated incident. this has not just happened to muslims. we saw earlier this month with the community being targeted and again there's a history of minorities being targeted whether it's chinese, irish, italians raise iing that awaren and bringing these causes and everything to light to help prevent situations like this happening in the future. >> thank you so much. very insightful. starting with the nfl season with replacement referees, we're going to look at how likely this is and what it could mean for the season and your favorite team. north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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back from covering the olympics in london. he's the senior investigative reporter for "sports illustrated." there's the issue from s.i. it's great to see you.
3:52 pm
>> good to see you. >> let's start with baseball and san francisco giants outfielder. he was suspended 50 games this week after testing positive for testosterone. he was mvp of the all star game. how much of a surprise was this? >> yeah, sometimes when you have these announcements that are completely shocking, that was not the case here. this had been in social media and speculated. and actually a blogger in the bay area actually confronted kacaliforni cabrera about this. the report of this failed test was not a shock. >> the same team that barry bonds played for. we all know about the allegations that shadowed bonds. is this a coincidence or does the organization have a problem here? >> there were other giants a few years ago, but i don't think it's a problem.
3:53 pm
this is just a strange case all the way, but the fact this was another ang toll the story definitely. >> there was a report today that says cabrera concocted this scheme by creating a fake product to have claim to have taken by accident. is he in more trouble than we thought? >> i don't know. this is definitely a case where the cover up is going to be clumsier than the crime. whether or not this is going to cause more trouble, what this shows is players still think there are loopholes in the policy. they were going to create this product and say on the internet it's mislabeled. and the fact that somebody would be that bold suggests that players may not be as serious as they need to be about this testing program. >> or there's a lot of ego involved. there's switch to football. the nfl season just a couple weeks away.
3:54 pm
we could start the season with replacement referees. how much money are they fighting over? >> the money is very little. it's $2.2 million for this year. this is a $9.3 billion industry. they are really going to have replacement refs over a different of $2.2 million? i'm dumbfounded by this. a year ago we were talking about a player strike and splitting a pie. that made sense. this is pocket change. for a sport where the tv is through the roof and all this success and the franchise values are soaring, the one issue is player health and safety. this is the one issue that could hurt the league to have anything other than the best, most highly-trained officials is dumbfound i dumbfounding. >> they have experience, but one replacement ref reportedly used to work for something called the lingerie football league. there's a serious safety issue here. >> i mean already we have seen
3:55 pm
one ref called atlanta arizona and there was a call for holding against a punt returner which is not easy to do. and the lingerie will get a lot of laughs, but the nfl has this very serious issue that's shrouding the whole league. you have this litigation and liability issues. but if there's one incident or injury that's a result of these sub standard officiating, it's going to be a disaster. >> the people go to the games to watch the players, but the ref could make a call that decides who wins or loses. >> absolutely. anyone who watches football knows it's true. this is what they keep saying. no one pays to go to see the refs, but no one pays to go see the owners either. the refs have an indispensable job and especially for a product where health and safety is really at the forefront, i just can't imagine why they are playing hardball over a couple
3:56 pm
million dollars. >> all right. john, it's been interesting. thanks. it was a normal afternoon until a couple horse back riders heard yelling from below. . >> sure enough they came across a man stuck in a well. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [siri] sirianother busy day are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick?
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"the tonight show" laid off two dozen workers.
3:59 pm
jay leno isn't imcommune either. he's taking a pay cut to save the jobs of more staff. jay's foremost concern is for the wonderful people who work for "the tonight show." he did what was necessary to ensure their well-being. the payroll purge is said to affect about 200 of its workers. a california man is lucky to be free tonight. after almost 24 hours stuck in a well in little rock, california, crews were able to free the man. he fell in while trying to retrieve something that fell down the shaft. some horse back riders heard him and called for help. he's expected to be okay. how is this for a luxury ride? if you have $2.2 million lying around, you could put your name down for one of these. this is lamb boar gee