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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux and we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. two member s s of the punk rock group pussy riot are out of russia. and we will tell you what is being done to stop prosecution in africa. and right now everybody is focusing on tropical storm eisac putting the gulf coast on high
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alert and massive evacuations from louisiana to florida. and the emergency management agency said they are concerned about storm surge and heavy rainfall. tropical storm isaac passed through south florida sunday and bringing the blustery winds and wet weather, but it is moving over to the gulf of mexico, and the national hurricane center is saying that the storm is now better organized and it looks like isaac will pass well past tampa where the republican national convention has been delayed. i want to go the chad meyers who is tracking all of this. what do we expect? >> we expect this storm to be a hurricane later today. i looked at air force reconnaissance flying through the storm and they found 72 miles per hour, and that is close enough. hurricane is 74. so we will get there today. and getting better organized means that the pressures are going to get lower, and the wind speeds pick up and an eye wall forms. with event had an eye wall with this yet, and that is the reason why it has not exploded into
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that category 1 or 2 hurricane. it has been fighting itself out there and not getting organized, because that is going to change. something else that i am concerned about this morning or afternoon depending where you are, all up the i-95 or west there in florida, we have what is called training. think about a train. like a freight train, and there is one car right behind another, and behind another. there's one storm right behind another where it has put down an inch and another inch and another inch of rain and all of the sudden, you will get significant flooding and we could get flash flooding there across parts of south central florida and maybe up to brevard county. we are expecting an awful lt of rainfall and as the storm moves up, a couple of things that came out from fema, andp we knew this, but i want the let you know that is what they are worried about, it is a category 1 hurricane and that the forecast, but don't think about this as a category 1 storm surge, because it is a large storm, but it does not have a tight center. so when it moves up the gulf of
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mexico, the storm surge could be literally 8 to 10 feet and think of that through the bayou or grand isle or mississippi for a while. then the storm comes up and literally stops. it is a cold front or ridge that stops and it will rain for days just north of new orleans and that may help a little bit when it comes to the alleviating some of the drought, but i tell you this could cause a lot of flood i ing. this is what katrina looked like and isaac looks like. two completely different storms because by this time in the forecast, we were already seeing and i know you have heard about this katrina comparison, but katrina was already a cat 3, so that does not work. and here it is driving into the bayou south of new orleans and could go to gulfport or back here to new iberia, but the center of the cone, which is getting smaller now, because the storm is closer and the center of the storm is somewhere near the mouth of the mississippi around maybe 6:00 or 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow night.
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>> chad, i have to ask you, any chance at all that this could become like a katrina and grow that big? >> there is always that chance and always a chance and anyone at the hurricane center will tell you that the, they know the path pretty good at 24 hours, but it is impossible to tell that that storm is going to literally get its act together and pull arms in like an ice skater doing a big circle in the middle, and it is impossible for them to tell if it will explode. forecast models are not that good the predict that yet. it is all kinds of things that the models are good at and one thing that they will all admit that they are not that good at what the wind speed might be 24 hours from where it is now. so, yes, there is a potential that it is still a cat 3, but at least cat 2 surge, but a it wid broad winds to get the category up. but it is a significant storm when it comes to the gulf coast with flooding and rain. >> and as chad say, the storm is
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gaining strength along the gulf, and this is not strangely just on the same path as katrina, but scheduled to make landfall on katrina's 7th anniversary. rob, i know that people are still recovering from devastation of katrina and a lot of the relatives have been on the phone with them and asking questions if new orleans is prepared for this kind of hurricane to hit, and what are they saying and what have they done? >> well, they have been preparing for seven years. they had a kind of practice session with gustav in 2008 and they got a taste of the hurricane and how the new and improved levees would hold up and better than that now, but the people here, you would think are storm hardened, storm tested, but when we got here yesterday, the anxiety level was extremely high and people were certainly worried about what this might do to their city and now that the track seems to be zeroed in on it, they are even more so worried, and they have
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done things to prepare like gas up the cars. i mean, everybody was at a gas station last night and a lot of to filling stations are now tapped out because of it, and even though there are not mandatory evacuations yet, people have left or preparing to do so just in case, and taking the storm very seriously, suzanne. >> and rob, the big problem is the levees that the army corps of engineers refortified them and rebuilt them and they have spent $11 billion the build a wall around new orleans and it has on of the largest drain pumps i understand this the world. are people actually confident that this is going to hold up? that this is going to work? >> well, i think that general honore put it easily that what man builds mother nature can easily destroy, so that is in the back of their heads. when you look at the structures and look at something like this that was not here seven years ago, you think, my goodness, how is a wall of water going to get
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through that? that is a new floodgate to protect the 17th street canal and on either side of the floodgate are massive pipes connected to the pumps to have the ability through each one of the pipes and there are eight of them on this side, they have the ability to pump over 8,000 gallons of water a second out of basically new orleans over the flood wall and back into lake pontchartrain. we have three of these on the north side and another one on the south side andn top of that, you have 140 miles of reinforced levees around this ci city. so that is the main reason they haven't had mandatory evacuations here yet. if they go the category 3, a forecast, then that is going to trigger them, and that is what people are preparing for just in case. >> all right. rob, we are going to be paying very close attention and appreciate it. two governor manies in the southeast addressing the storm, and governor robert bentley in alabama speaking right now talking about precautions, and we have governor bobby jindal in
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louisiana who is expected to talk, and we will stay on top of the statements and as we get new information, we will bring it right to you. just two hours away from the official opening of the republican national convention and party chief reince priebus is going to be pounding the opening gavel there at 2:00 p.m. eastern and turn around and adjourn the meeting until tomorrow. the party made the choice to delay the convention by a day, because of isaac, and obviously the tropical storm churning off of florida's coast, and the weather has delayed paul ryan's arrival in tampa until tomorrow. and brooke baldwin and hala gorani are both in tampa, and tell us what the weather is like, brooke. >> what's the weather like? i will tell you, it is absolu absolutely stunning right now. to be perfectly honest with you, beautiful blue skies and i woke up at 5:00 or 5:30 this morning and absolute dleluge and fast
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forward and it is buteautifulpf. and you mentioned reince priebus' gavel call and that will happen in my show, but they will con dins it from four days to three. and mitt romney has been in new hampshire practicing the speech which is by the way, thursday, and he was cornered and asked and certainly on his mind the folks in that you mentioned bobby jindal in louisiana and mi mississippi as well, and certainly everyone's mind is on isaac and it is clear that the delegates are not out and about at least right around the forum where they would have normally been had this thing not been condensed. >> brooke, anybody who is quietly complaining thinking, come on, it is a little rain here and we could have started it off right and we had to delay it is day? >> sure, of course. people are frustrated, you know. it is a big hurry up and wait and most everyone got into town and we know how the airlines can be with an impending tropical
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storm and those folks are in town and when we say most folks, it is a huge number, suzanne with 50,000 people here in tampa and add folks like myself and chris seigel the cameraman here, yes, so people do understand out of an abundance of caution, and you have covered the storms that the weather can change on a dime. so they have had to condense shorter speeches and the big superstar speakers, that all remains the same and for 7 to 10 minute wes will see reince priebus with the gavel at 2:00 and the national debt clock and really the whole party is rolling tomorrow. >> all right. well, enjoy the weather, and stay warm and dry. we will be following you as the days going on. thank you, brooke. now, i want to bring in hala gorani and, hala, the fact that you were there covering the national republican convention not only for us, but cnn international certainty
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underscores the importance of the process of picking potentially a new u.s. president or staying the course with president obama. what do you think is the biggest draw? h what are the biggest questions or concerns of the international audience? >> well, mitt romney and the running mate do remain a foreign policy mystery for the international audience. they don't have much experience with that, in that regard. paul ryan did vote several times and even co-sponsored a bill extending sanctions to insurance companies that deal with ships that are meant for iranian shores and by the way, if the party starts tomorrow, we are here in the preparty, because the sound checks are going on, and that is what you are hearing, apologies for the audio issues, but we can identify some foreign policy differences between mitt romney and barack obama, though, of course, as many of the viewers know, once the president makes it to office, then the harshness of
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real politics sets in and it is a question of having to work both with congress and with the realities on the ground, and especially when it comes to the middle east, to iran and to russia. some of the differences on missile defense for instance, and barack obama of course famously reset russia/u.s. relations after they went through a rough patch. as far as mitt romy, he has criticized that reset, and said that russia is quote our number one geopolitical foe, and now on the peace process that has stalled since 2009 and mitt romney has criticized barack obama for asking concessions of israel on that kind of thing. but fundamentally, i think that the international audience is going the wait and see for and to hear more details on what the foreign policy differences and similarities are between the two men. >> all right. hala gorani, thank you, and good to see you. reminder, 8:00 p.m. eastern as part of the cnn national republican convention coverage, as the presumptive nominee mitt
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romney, the family, faith and road to power is followed at 9:30 eastern by the convention preview tonight on cnn. here is more of what we are working on "krncnn "newsroom international" undercover and under fire in syria. >> there is a number of dead they are trying to bring them back, but a major fear is the jet circling overhead. our nick paton walsh finds out for himself just how dangerous life is for the rebels there. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue. ♪
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police in china and an goi
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la are crack down on people trafficking women in angola. women in angola are kidnap and coerced into prosecution. many are forced to work in casinos outside of luanda and a dozen chinese criminal gangs could be involved in this. i want to bring many michael holmes to talk about this, because it is the first time i have heard of this story. and explain to us first of all what is taking place and why this connection between china and angola? >> well, it is a disturbing case, and you are talking about in this case the first time that the chinese authorities orrer police have been working with the african police to crackdown on chinese gangs working in aftrica and in this case angola. busted 47 people and rescued women who were taken into prostitution and they will be taken back home. and the relationship is the same as the rest of africa, economic. china gets one-third of the oil from africa and most of it from
9:18 am
angola so there is a growing, growing increase in chinese investment in general, and in angola in particular. >> and the chinese gangs, why in angola? why the emergence in angola? >> well, the triads and the like that operate in hong kong and basically they follow the money. when you have money pouring into afri africa, the gangs say, hey, we can get a little bit of this as well. you have something like 800 corporations, chinese corporations doing business in africa. you know, something like 3/4 of a million chinese nationals working in after ka and trica as are following the money, and these guys have flak jackets and bulletproof cars to protect themselves from the chinese gangs in africa. >> and this is interesting, and obviously some of it is legal trade, but they are talking about the small arms that china is providing to africa and can you speak to system of tome of
9:19 am
things that are of concern to us? >> well, china makes a lot of arms for countries and a concern that some of them are getting into the places where there is myriad of disturbances like the civil wars and also the terrorist angle, but mostly in the purely business sense. there were protests in kenya because the chinese merchants have set up shops in the local markets and selling stuff cheaper than the locals and that is hurting the local economy, but the u.s. is worried about it in the broader picture and china back in 2009 overtook the u.s. as africa's biggest trading partner and multibillions of dollars involved and you are talking about infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, building roads in and as well as banking. one of the things that is concerning about it some westerners are that we still have our finger in the african pie of course, but ill at ease with how big china is getting there, and some countries have criticized as neocolonialism
9:20 am
because they go in and go out and don't leaf a lot there and leave import chinese workers there to work, and not hiring the locals. >> the next phase is to sort it out. >> a lot of money to be made in africa and mostly from the minerals, but in china's case, not leaving a lot behind. >> and the abuses that follow behind. >> yes. >> michael, we have to leave it there. appreciate it. rebels say they brought down this helicopter, but they have a long way to go before they can make a dent in the syrian military. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. in communities across the country. whether it's supporting a delaware nonprofit that's providing training and employment opportunities, investing in the revitalization of a neighborhood in the bronx, or providing the financing to help a beloved san diego bakery expand, what's important to communities across the country
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we are all over tropical storm isaac which is likely to turn into a hurricane. this is out of mississippi here calling approximately 1,500 national guard personnel now in the state to active duty in support of emergency operation, and this is of course in anticipation that isaac will turn into a hurricane, and make landfall on or near the mississippi gulf coast, and later in the week just within days. we are also awaiting a news k conference and update from the louisiana's governor bobby jindal who will give more inf information about the path of this storm, and very likely to hit new orleans. it is one of the worst
9:24 am
bloodbaths in syrian's civil war and we are talking about a massacre in the suburb of damascus and these images are graphic and very disturbing and we have to warn you about this. this is a youtube video that appears the show dozens of victims laid to rest in a mass grave. cnn has no way of independently verifying videos like this, but the opposition activists say that more than 245 people, we are talking about 245 people killed as syrian forces moved in to take control of the city. and now the state-run tv blames the rebels for all of those deaths. and now opposition activists are saying that the rebel forces are the ones who shot down a plane. it happened this morning in another suburb of damascus. this is is youtube video of the crash and we cannot, again, authenticate what that is actually, but it is what the rebels are saying.
9:25 am
now, to another flashpoint in the syrian war and the country's largest city, aleppo, and syrian's state-run agency says that the government troops just cleared one neighborhood of what they say are terrorists, but these are what they call the rebel forces. the battle for control is a key city and it is intensifying and you have rebels facing constant, constant bombardment are the the government jets. our nick paton walsh finds himself in the middle of one of the fights. >> this is what it is like to be with the syrian rebels around aleppo and hunted from above by merciless government jets. that fly-by followed with relief they survived and one commander's anger they must fight alone. maybe the out outside world pities us he said, but until now, we don't have any help. we need a no-fly weapons and
9:26 am
then just a battalion of us can finish this. even though they say 2/3 of aleppo supports them, they go into a journey that president bashar al assad knows he must hold if he is to succeed. they are young and cheered along and they have the will, but not the unified way ahead. the rebels we are traveling with have decided to go to the next town ahead and they are not going to fire upon them, so that is how patchy the communication can be. we drive down a main road that the locals tell them is safe in pitch black in case jets fly above. but ahead, assad's forces lie in wait with machine guns and grenades. [ whispering ] we are going into aleppo, and now everyone is staying very low
9:27 am
and keeping all of the lights off to figure out the best next move. we could not risk the tiny lights that the cameras make until we made it past the trees nearby. they say wounded and perhaps dead in the front rebel vehicles and trying to bring them back, but the major fear is a jet circling overhead in the past 15 or 20 minutes which keeps swooping low. their intense fear of not knowing if a bomber above can see them. later that day, state tv seems to headline this incident as a failed attack on an army checkpoint. th rebels must wish they were that organized. they lost two men and had many injured. they later learned the local rebels knew there was a military base on that road, but the information just never got to the unit. the many think that the rebels will be eventually victorious because they know the areas they
9:28 am
are fight iing in better than t assad forces, but tonight, we witnessed on a local level how a lack of cooperation can be fatal and you have the ask what that means for the rebels' strategy nationwide. questions when for now there are mostly prayers that this rebellion pulls together fast enough to bring the killing to an end. nick paton walsh, cnn, aleppo, syria. firefighters are beating back flames in venezuela after a dead lay blast at a refinely that could impact what you pay for gas. ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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gulf coast, and we want to go to listen in to louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> the track has shifted slightly to the west and now 20
9:32 am
parishes under a hurricane warning and the forecast shows the storm will make landfall as a strong category 1, and however the national weather service is forecasting that the storm has a slow forward speed which means that the coast will see long periods of heavy wind. i want to emphasize this, the slow moving form of this storm means that we could be inundated with heavy winds or rainfall for several hours at a time. so that the slow speed could cause more damage as the forces accumulate. we are likely to see for example the landfall late tuesday and early wednesday morning and we are likely to see quite a bit of rain, and in terms of the wind, there are tropical storm winds for 20 to 24 hours with some locations and a few locations perhaps seeing tropical storm winds for 36 hours n. southeast louisiana there is an 80 to 90% chance of tropical force winds and in the parish area, it is 70%. the tropical storm warning and i want to emphasize this because
9:33 am
it is a slow moving storm and projected across various parts of our state could project, and could cover various parts of the state, there are inland parishes covered by the tropical storm wind warnings and not just coastal. i do encourage the folks the pay attention to the advisories and the alerts coming out of the national weather service, because there are inland parishes that could see significant winds and rain from the storm. in terms of the hurricane-force winds 20% to 30% chance of hurricane-force winds in southeast louisiana that drops to 10% to 18% in the greater baton rouge parishes . in the parishes in the direct path of the storm, the forecast shows hurricane force winds could last for as long as anywhere between eight and ten hours. again, one of the things that i want to emphasize about this storm is that because it is a slow-moving storm, you could see an accumulation both not only of wind damage, because several hours of heightened wind acti activity, but also rain accumulation as well. folks, you do need to be ready
9:34 am
for that as well. the national weather service does indicate they have less confidence in the direction, and the guidance of the drirection f this storm than they did compared to for example gustav and anybody in the cone needs to be taking precautions. one of the things that a lot of folks are looking at the center of the storm, and the eye ends up in the center of the cone, and not exactly into projected pathway. in terms of the tidal surges they are projecting 8 to 5 feet above normal of the pontchartrain, and the mississippi and the onset of tropical stormt winds will start in the lower plaquemines parish tonight and into the early morning hours of tuesday and then you will add more winds to baton rouge and other parishes further from the coast, but the projections are as late tonight and early tuesday morning and we could see the onset of tropical storm winds in lower plaquines parish. they are expecting 2 to 7 inches
9:35 am
but could be as much as 10-16 inches depending upon the path of the storm. they expect tornados and we could see tornados tuesday and wednesday as well. the following parishes have declared mandatory evacuations, and remember yesterday i did note that i strongly recommended voluntary evacuations in the low-lying area out side of the levee areas of the 15 parishes covered by the hurricane warning. today, we did project that by this morning some parishes would make some of the areas mandatory evacuation areas and for example jefferson parish, and grand island la fit, and the parish south of the floodgates and plaquemines and st. charles, and mandatory evacuation for the entire parish and in st. john, low lying areas, and a vol untay evacuation in the low lying areas there that they expect to be mandatory at 5:00 p.m. today. other parishes are going to add
9:36 am
mandatory evacuations and i emphasize ez that these are especially likely in low lying areas south of the intercoastal and outside of the levee-protected areas. these are areas that have been flooded before and areas when we have had previous areas where we have seen accumulation of water, and today is the day, today is the day for folks in that area to get out of harm's way. pack up your stuff and get out of harm's way. at this time 23 parishes are listing a state of emergency. i will list them, but they are in writing and online as well. these are livingston, orleans, and plaquemine, and st. john, st. tammany, and jefferson davis, and st. mary and west baton rouge and others. yesterday, we sent a letter to the prelandfall declaration of disaster and fema says that the
9:37 am
request is pending and they have it in front of them. in terms of the evacuations and the sheltering capacity, several updates. st. charles parish is the only parish so far that has activated the point to point evacuation plan plans and they are doing it in partnership with another parish. in terms of the capacity, there are currently, there are 13 red cross shelters opening today that will have 5,306 slots available for folks who choose to use that, and there is a red cross application where they will update you when they open and use shelter capacity and you can get that information through 211 and the local parish eoc as well. right now, we have 8,000 critical transportation need beds -- and that is governor bobby jindal saying to take shelter and evacuate the homes and prepare for the arrival of hurricane isaac which is on its way. we will have more details on how
9:38 am
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. all eyes on the gulf coast and you can imagine folks are anxious about what is taking
9:41 am
place and tracking tropical storm isaac and the storm is projected to make landfall on the seventh anniversary of katrina. i want to bring in chad myers and we heard the governor bobby jindal who is not at the ending the rnc in tampa, because he has stuff to take care of at home in louisiana. he talked about cat 1 and slow forward moving winds, and what does that mean for parts of new orleans? >> the surgeb is not going to act like a category 1 surge. you think that the winds come in and it is a blow and fine and four feet. no, this is a very large storm, and just because it does not have a central eye yet and the 130-miles-per-hour wind speed it does not mean it is not sucking water into the middle of it and making a bulge and the bubble of water that is eventually pushed on shore. you have to understand about the southern part of louisiana, there is not there. there are islands and places where people have built, but the rest of it is a bayou. okay. and so when it gets over grand
9:42 am
isle north of there, it is still not going to be losing speed, because the water is warm, and there is water there and the humidity is impressive in the bayou. so that is the long and short of what is going to happen to new orleans. i want to get to this comparison, because really the, other than the date, there is no real comparison to katrina and t the maps have shown it and everybody is talking about it, but let me tell you, this is not katrina. there are few and far between katrinas, thank goodness, but this storm is well off to the east of where katrina was, and by this point, katrina was a category 3 and approaching category 4 and this storm is going to be here and well offhere and why does that matter? that is where it was a category 5, because that is where and this is a very old map, but importa important. this is where we are going, and here is where katrina went, and it hit something called a loop current. it hit the warmest water in the middle of the gulf of mexico, and that's when it exploded.
9:43 am
when that storm turned into the category 5 because it was in such a big heat content, this storm is not in the heat content and much cooler water over there and i say much, but a couple of degrees, but significant enough that this does not go to cat 5. i don't see it happening. it does make its way on shore and does probably hit the south part of the mississippi river into the delta somewhere, 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow and we will see the hurricane-force winds in new orleans by 8:00 tomorrow night, and even though the storm is not there, it will be blowing around. and we will get a lot of convection in here and the wind blowing into lake pontchartrain and wind blowing out here and the surge all of the way through the southern louisiana parishes and maybe some surge from mobile bay, but if the surge turns a little bit, it is over here and that is 8-12 feet of a bubble of water that is slowly going to be washing on to your property and keep going and going and as it bubbles up, it will knock things down, because it is higher and
9:44 am
higher and higher. it is not a tsunami and you won't see a huge 14-foot wall, because it is slowly going to come on shore, foot by foot and higher and higher and higher and you think you are okay, until all of the sudden your house is under water. that is why the southern parishes there, and the mandatory evacuation there where new orleans is still up there, and the storm is getting larger and still impressive and round and it will create quite a storm surge even though it may not say cat 3, we will get big damage with this. you are north of grand isle and you will have 50 miles before you hit any other settlements, and so you have all of that time for this to keep getting bigger, and plus 20 inches of rain on top of an 8-foot surge, and all of the flooding is going to be tremendous in some places. >> yes, you can bet i will be on the phone with my relatives and warning them to stay inside. all right. thank you very much, chad. appreciate it. the punk prayer landed three of the members in a russian prison, so two of the members of the band pussy riot, they are
9:45 am
not taking their chance. they have left moscow to avoid prosecution. we are joined by phil black from moscow to explain and first of all, i want to remind the viewers what this is about. it is something that happened in february, five band members and the band pussy riot performed a song that is critical of vladimire putin which happened in an orthodox church. three of the members were caught, and do we know what happened to the other two band members? >> well, suzanne, pussy riot has acknowledged five members who took part in the punk prayer as you say was moscow's main cathedral and performed a song calling for the virgin mary to free russia of vladimire putin and three members were arrested shortly thereafter, and the members of the band always thought they knew the identities of the women, but decided to prosecute three of them. the other two have been keeping a low profile and part because they did not want to an ttagoni
9:46 am
the authorities and to in spite change their mind and much of the balance of the colleagues also in the balance, too, but then the russian police announced publicly, they are looking for the unidentified members of the group. today, we have a an announcement confirmed by a spokesman of the band that two people have fled russia because of the police investigation, but they won't say where they are going, how long they are going for, and even if they are potentially thinking about or have asked for formal asylum in another country and they won confirm that the two women are originally connected to the punk prayer. the reason they won't talk detail is because they are worried for the safety of the two women. >> thank you, phil black. we want to look at live pictures here of paul ryan who is the republican vice presidential candidate, and this is his hometown of janesville, wisconsin, and he is going to be leaving for tampa tomorrow. he's had to delay it because of the weather of course sh, and w will hear what he is saying about keeping up on the campaign
9:47 am
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9:50 am
the things in the community to bring us together to help the neighbors in need. they call it civil society. i call it janesville, wisconsin. and what is important is that our government respects this, that our government honors this, that our government works for the people and not the other way around so that we can do this. that is what this e llection is all about. you know, we have been hit pretty hard here. you know, we used to always say as g.m. goes, so goes janesville. you remember that statement? we well, you know what, we have been hit hard, and we have a
9:51 am
hard knock, but we are hearty people, and we will recover from this. and i have got a lot of friends who lost their job at the plant, and one of my buddies went to blackhawk tech and afterwards got a contracting degree, and now he is doing a great job and he has a great career and he is happy. another one of my bud dislo los his job at lr and he went to blackhawk and nt to have a promising career that is going to be there for the rest of his life. that is the kind of thing that we need to do, pick ourselves up and give people what they need, and the job training skills they need and flor ish turish with entrepreneurs and getting people back to work. that is what the romney plan is all about doing. we will follow up more from the national republican convention later in the hour after a quick break.
9:52 am
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breaking news here. with e ve information about marines disciplined because of a desecration incident that happened in afghanistan. i want to bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr and brief us on what this case is about. >> suzanne, you will recall that there was some video that
9:55 am
emerged of marines urinating on deceased taliban and the video emerged earlier this year, and an investigation ensued and the marines were quickly identified, and now the results. three marines have received discipline in this case. not charges, not going to jail, but they have received what is essentially going to be caree career-ending punishment, reprimands about the activities. they plead guilty essentially, and we are told by the marines to posing to photographs unofficial, with photographs of them urinating on a dead taliban soldier and one marine for failing to report the mistreatment by other marines. this also comes as there is c confirmation that army soldiers are receiving similar reprimands for their burning of the koran at bagram air force base, and
9:56 am
the afghanistan government has been briefed about this and a lot of concerns to make sure this does not spark more violence as it did in afghanistan when the incidents first happened. >> barbara, may be too soon to nknow this, but i'm wondering what the reaction would be to this kind of punishment. is this considered a slap on the wrist, could it have been a lot more severe if the afghans as well as some of the members of the military, how they will respond and react to this punishment that has been doled out? >> well, the thing is, suzanne, in today's sort of winding down military from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, they are downsizing and less people in the military, and so even if you have a reprimands in the file, first thing, it is likely to be a career-ender. they won't keep you, because they can get enough people who don't have discipline problems in their file. and a lot of the concern when these incidents first emergeded, there was violence, and there was very adverse understandable reaction in afghanistan, so at
9:57 am
ma sure th briefhe afghan to government and explain the actions. the incidents are taken very seriously by the afghan authoriti authorities, but it also comes as afghan authorities are having to explain their own troop actions of many of the green on blue incidents and a lot of tension on both sides. >> breaking news out of the pentagon. thank you very much, barbara starr. we will take a quick break. ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy.
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