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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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effects of smoking pot and you say, hey, that is not my kid, but know this, pot use is up for kids and 25% of teens now admit to using it. don't be shy and warn them what their brain might look like later on in life. that is going to wrap things up for us here at sgmd, and you can keep the conversation going on twitter, and time now for a check of the top stories in the check of the top stories in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- from the cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is cnn this morning. the hurricane may be over, but a new threat emerges, a new orleans dam in immediate threat of failure. and the lights are up, and the stage is set and the tell prompters are ready to roll. we will have a preview from charlotte for the dnc. and tiki barber weighs in on
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whether refs on the bench will sideline nfl games. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye and it 18:8:00 o the east coast and 5:00 a.m. out west. thank you for starting your morning with us. the army corps of engineers is trying to keep a dam from failing and flooding hundreds of home. it is near the pearl river and st. tammany parish. water is about to overtop the banks of the river, and that could flood 35 subdivisions. homeland secretary janet napolitano will be in the gulf coast region today and talk to the officials in louisiana about
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the disaster recovery and president obama heads to louisiana tomorrow. the chief of staff from i.c.e. has resigned. suzanne barr says she has created a culture of sexual discrimination gaiagainst men. it follows a suit against the partment of homeland security. james hayesays he was crossed over for promotion s in favor o less qualified women. the nfl will start the new season this week with the replacement refs on the field, and the nfl locked out the regular refs over dispute of salaries and pensions, and we will talk with former nfl star tiki barber about this coming up in a few minutes. no matter the age, chances are you know his work. ♪ what is the world needs now
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♪ is love sweet love >> hal david, the man behind the iconic tunes has died. he was best known for his partnership with burt bachrach. they say that david died in los angeles from complications of a stroke. he was 91. now back to the locks at tammany parish. they are bursting at the seams from swollen flooding as a result of isaac. we hear that the parish opened up the valves last night in an effort to release some of the pressure, and you are getting new information from the parish president. >> randi, good morning. we are getting information that they are confident that they believe that some work they did will help tremendously to keep this river stable for the
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moment. i want the show you what we are looking at he. quite a beautiful scene quite frankly right off of the west pearl river, but you can also, if you see closely the current, and that current is moving quick ly, and people talk about how high this water has been before. i want to pan over to show you the water mark here. you can see right now where we are, you know, just around 11 feet, but people are talking about what happened in 1983 when this river got up to 21 feet. they are thinking right around here it could crest at 19 feet. so there is a great deal of concern watching this river. what they did, randi, just the other day, the parish went in and they decided to open these valves on both locks, lock one and two, and that took some p s pressure off of the river, and now they are just watching it closely. i want to bring in here the parish president, pat briser. >> good morning. >> talk to me about that, because it seems that the parish took that initiative and i
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understand even broke into the fencing to take care of this and protect the parish. >> we did. it was on the diversionary ca l canal. the river that feeds into the west pearl and it was just scouring the sides. there was nothing left there on the sides. >> so you could see the erosion on the sides? >> yes, very much so. so when we got there and it was overtopping and coming out, we made the call to go in and at least open up those valves to releave a little pressure. and st. tammany residents expect it of us and we have done it since katrina and sometimes you have to do what you need to do at the time. that is what our personnel did. we were on the phone with the corps of engineers, and we had to close it back at one time, because it was a little mix-up
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there, and as soon as we talked with general peabody, and he said open them up and leave them open and that drained the water down tremendously. there was no more scouring or water coming over. now, they got here last night about 6:00, the engineers from vicksburg and that is their property and started testing everything and general peabody was there last night until 10:00 or later and he said to drain it down to two feet and above the ground level just to make sure it is as safe as it can be. >> randi, i want to explain this, because the parish took action before the army corps of engineers could get here and they decided to go in and made sure that the valves with were open. i want to ask you, so a lot of people and talking about thousands of people who got out of to way of the mandatory evacuation, and so what is the concern right now? >> well, we feel a lot better, because the general gave directions to drain it do unto
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the ground level during the night last night. our people are still evacuated. we won't go back in until we go back out there, and they are lowering the levels of the lock one and making sure that lock three is okay. they are testing it all. so we will have a clear or at least low, low danger before we ask those people to go back home. >> thank you, pat brister. >> randi, i have understood that we can see up to three feet of water where we are standing, and we have warnings and we have a path to get out if that is the case, but this is a situation they are hon monitoring hour by hour and volatile situation, but right now, the officials feel good about the action they took on this river. >> sounds like they had to take it into their own hands there. george howell, thank you very much. to find out how you can help the many people devastated by isaac, visit the impact the world page
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at to politics now and the countdown to the democratic national convention. president obama is keeping busy on the campaign trail by taking aim at mitt romney. cnn political editor paul steinhauser has more. >> now, iowa, this is our first stop on the road to our convention in charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: the president's first stop was sentimental. >> there was a reason for me to begin the journey right here in iowa where it first began more than four years ago, because it was you, iowa, who kept us going when the pundits were writing us off. >> reporter: today, he's in colorado the state where he was first nominated for president four years ago and now as he is ready for the big speech, he is
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criticizing gop nominee mitt romney for offering up reruns. >> if you didn't watch the dnr, let me recap it for you. everything is bad. it is president's fault, and mitt romney is the only person who knows the answer to the economic recovery. >> reporter: and then he campaigned with joe biden in wisconsin. the campaign is off of the trail today after teaming up in florida yesterday, and saturday was kickoff day for college football and republican running mate paul ryan tailgated in columbus where his team was playing ohio state. >> and if you have a coach who is 0 and 23 million, you say, it is time to get a new coach. it is time for america to see a
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winning season again and we are going to bring it to them. >> all right. we are having trouble there hearing paul steinhauser, and we will get back to him as soon as we can. and remember, of course, our live coverage of the democratic national convention starts tuesday at 7:00 p.m. eastern and be sure to join us here on cnn for that. football fans, get ready the nfl season kicks off this week, but the usual referees won't be anywhere in sight. former football super star tiki barber weighs in on a ugly dispute and whether it will put the season in jeopardy. he is ready for the interview. and this -- >> reporter: a monster truck loses control and heads straight for the stands.
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welcome back, everyone. 13 minutes past the hour. penn state's new season did not get off to a very good start. the nittany lions lost to ohio university in front of 97,000 fans yesterday and it was the first football game since jerry sandusky's conviction and the ncaa sanctions and the first game under new head coach bill o'brien. and they may have lost the first ga game, but that is not what people are going to be talking about. some fans will do anything to prove their school's loyalty. look at this, it is a t-shirt and slogan going across the internet. it says i'd rather shower at
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penn state than cheer for the wolverines, but it is showing up for other rivalries as well. we want to know what you think about this. is this referring to the jerry sandusky and the penn state scandal crossing the line? you can tweet me at randi kay cnn and i will read some of them this morning. and the scrutiny on the nfl this weekend may not be on tony romo or the regular focus, because it is on the nfl referees. they have referees now in place that refereed last high school games and some of them even worked in the lingerie football league where, yes, women play in lingerie, and joining me is former running back tiki barber to be on to talk about this.
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>> good morning, randi. >> and we want to know how much impact even the regular referees have on a game? >> well, i think they have a lot of impact. you have seen over the past few years there are some games that are questionably decided by a referee's call as opposed to the play on the field where some people has been rubbed the wrong way and we can talk about the labor dispute and the lockout that the nfl has instituted on the referees and think it is about money and benefit, and it may be, but it is also about contl. one of the tenets that is not talked about a lot is that the nfl also wants to add three more crews which is 21 new referees and the reason being if they get underperforming referees in the season and there are some bad calls determining the outcomes of games, they can be easily replaced and obviously from the refereeing standpoint that is not something that you would clearly want. >> and we have heard about some of the mistakes in the certainly preseason from getting the team names mixed up and putting two
5:17 am
footballs in play, and two footballs and calling penalties that don't exist and getting mixed up on how to enforce them, and is this really happening? is this what football should be about and what we should expect this is. >> it absolutely should not be about that and it should be about the play on the field, and you are to realize it is the same transition of college and high school players an wherever may be to go to the professional level and the same for the referees, because the speed of the game is so much faster and also the pace of the game is so much faster and things are happening faster meaning not just the play on the field. it is easy to be confused or caught nup in the moment as a player and imagine like a referee who has not been in the stage before and they went through a lot of growing pains. if they go a significant way into the season, they will go through more and the value of the real referees is going to come, i think stronger. >> and here is what the league is saying and let me share it with the viewers. the replacements have undergone extensive training and
5:18 am
evaluation and have shown steady improvement in the preseason. but kiki, the nfl used replacements for the games in 2001 and i am sure you recall that, but were there problems then? >> i don't remember, because once the regular season starts, you get caught up with the cowboys and the giants and the rivalries a and is this team go going to repeat, and you stop to worry about the referees unless there are blatant mistakes and unfortunately we have seen in the preseason and you hope it does not linger over into the regular season. the nfl wants to get control of the game. it is very similar to the lockout of the players last year where the talk was about the money, when in fact, it was about a lot of other things as well including the ownership payouts, and et cetera, and this is deeper than what it looks like on the surface, but as a fan and former player, you don't want to see the game adverse ri affected and that is going to happen. >> and the head of the players
5:19 am
union has said that this is a safety issue. do you agree with that? >> i do believe it is a safety issue, because the current regular nfl refs are trained to see dangerous hits and to notice interactions that are are happening on the field, and either call it or not call it based on their extensive experience of seeing these hundreds and hundreds of times. it won't happen with the replacement refs, because they have not seen contact at this speed and level of intensity. there is one thing that you do have to watch for as the reacement referees start the season, and that is overcalling penalties whether it be look like helmet to helmet contact, but it is really shoulder to shoulder, and could it be a holding which happens on every single play in the national football league and should i call that or not call that and you may see overabundance of penalties called, because they are being extra cautious. >> and a lot of people are talking about this on twitter and a big debate and somebody raised the question of do you think that the players might try
5:20 am
to take advantage of the inexperience -- >> of course, they are going to try to take advantage. >> a little extra holding or bump -- >> obviously they will take away with that. if you think you will get away with a penalty and not get called on it, of course, you will try it until you are called on it. in the preseason, what happens is that the referees have a hard time getting into position. they think they are in position, but the play is so fast downfield and they are out of position, sow yo can expect the guys to take advantage of it. >> the refs will learn real fast this is not the lingerie league. >> no, it is trial by fire, and we did have the first female referee in the season because of the replacements and that is a barrier that was broken and a good one that was broken. >> one good thing, and tiki, good to have you on and nice to talk to you. >> likewise. thank you, randi. all right. listen to. this.
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welcome back. 24 minutes past the hour now. i'm randi kay. three people are recovering this morning after a mishap at a monster truck event in oregon. and onlooker captured this video on his cell phone of an out of control truck driving straight into a panicked crowd. the driver says that the rear wheels on the truck spun out and crashed through the barricade.
5:25 am
right after the crash, he got out to check on those injured. cheating scandals in schools are nothing new, but what about when it happens at one of the most prestigious schools in the world. how about harvard? more than 100 students in an intro to congress have been warned that their degrees could be in jeopardy. lisa sylvester takes a look. >> reporter: the instructions clearly state, open book, open note and open internet with one major rule, quote, the students may not discuss the exam with other, but harvard's administrative board have been investigating if over half of the class of more than 250 students inappropriately collaborated or plagiarized on that exam. the review has not been completed but even the allegations will hurt the university says ethics expert and author bruce weinstein. >> i was appalled by the news
5:26 am
and i will tell you why, you don't want to see harvard and cheating in the same sentence. it is horrible when any student cheats or accused of cheating, but we look to harvard to be one of the leader institutions in educations and a leader we expect more from the places like harvard. >> reporter: the alleged cheating came to light after the assistant government professor teaching the course noticed similar answers from students. ben samuels is a senior and the editor of the "harvard crimson" and he says that the students in the class they spoke to were dumb founded that they were accused of cheating. >> i think that there is more confusion than anything else. and the student wes have talked to by and large at this point are trying to figure out exactly what it is that they are being accused of. >> reporter: in a statement, harvard university president said that these allegations if proven accept totally unacceptable behavior which betrays the trust upon which intellectual inquiry at harvard
5:27 am
depend depends. other colleges around the country are taking note. andrea goodwin is the associate director of the student of conduct at the university of maryland. >> well sh, i think they will u this opportunity as many of the campuses across the country to educate the students about the importance of integrity and academic integrity and making sure that the students understand that it is not just cheating on exam or quiz or homework assignment, but it is much more important. >> reporter: if it is determined that the students cheated they could face disciplinary action including being kicked out of the school for a year. lisa sylvester, cnn, washington. the mormon faith, many people know little about it, and if mitt romney is elected president, he would be the first mormon leader in the white house, and it is the focus this week on our faces of faith. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to cnn's sunday morning, i'm randi kaye. bottom of the hour and these are some of the stories that we are watching. a city in st. tammany parish, louisiana, where officials are issuing mandatory evacuations and trying to open up valves to reduce pressur if the locks are opened, thousands of homes could be flooded and the water could topple the banks flooding dozens of home. president obama is to visit louisiana tomorrow.
5:32 am
he has designated louisiana and mi mississippi areas federal disaster areas last week. and janet napolitano will be viz setting louisiana today. and what caused a plane to explode in front of thousands of people killing the pilot. everything started out fine with three planes flying in formation, but then all of the sudden, one of the planes nose-dive into a field while attempting a 45-degree bank, but thousands of people watched as it exploded when it hit the ground. that pilot has not been identified. for this morning's faces of faith, we are turning the spotlight to mormonism which took place this week at the republican national convention. a couple who attended the convention talked about how the p
5:33 am
party's nominee helped their son when he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> how many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit a terminally ill 14-year-old and help him to settle his affairs? david also helped us plan his funeral. he wanted to be buried in his boy scout uniform. he wanted mitt to pronounce his eulogy, and mitt was there to honor that request. we will be ever grateful to mitt for his love and concern. >> this was a key moment even though romney will be the first mormon presidential nominee, he has rarely mentioned his faith in the past, but listen to what he said during his acceptance speech. >> we were mormons and growing up in michigan, that might have seemed unusual or out of place, but i really don't remember it that way. my friends cared more about what sports teams we followed than what church we went to. >> romney has not always been so comfortable to talk about
5:34 am
mormonism, a faith that has dealt with a lot of negative stereotypes including polygamy and misogyne. not only has brook thomas stood up to challenge the church on the controversial subject, but she married a jewish man and raises her kids in an interfaith household. she is dispatch of her own blog, and she wrote her own book "the book of mormon girl." and so let's talk about mitt romney, and he addressed the faith in a public way, but why h hasn't he opened up much about his faith before that, do you think? >> well, this week has been a really important week for mormons or lds people as we call ourself, because we saw for the first time a real human face given to our faith at the convention. romney has been so nervous to talk about it. for hundreds of years public figures have faced ridicule in
5:35 am
the public square about their faith and that accounts for his resonance. >> in what ways does he stray from the faith? >> well, the stories that we heard from rnc about the kindness and the compassionate service to other people in the congregation and i read about these day-to-day stories of mormon life in my book "a book of a mormon girl." he stands on the right to immigration policy reform, and the republican party's platform is to the right of the church's stance on abortion rights. so, you know, there are ways in which politics takes over as he runs for the presidency. >> so much has been made about him being the first mormon nomineand possibly the first mormon president if he is elected and what are the biggest misconceptions though about the church, and how is the church evolving if it is. >> that's a great question. i mean one of the most important things the know is that mormons
5:36 am
come in many different flavors, colors and perspectives, and we are not all mitt romney mormons or jon huntsman mormons or harry reid, and some of us were little girls growing up watching marie osmond, and that is how we are a faith that is evolving and growing globally, and we are a faith that is sorting through important issues like how to treat gay mormons in the congregations and how to express love and compassion and make more of a home for them. >> and one of the biggest problems with the chump as far as i understand it is the opposition to gay marriage. what makes you so passionate about this topic? >> as a mormon child, i was raised to love the golden rule. i was raised with a strong ethic of kindness to others and if in the book of "mormon girl" have
5:37 am
witnessed the churches campaign against civil rights for lgbt people and how it felt out of character for me, the faith i loved. so my heart led me to support equal rights under the law for gay and lesbian people. >> and so you have really personally struggled with the mormon faith, but somehow, you have managed a way to stay with it. what parts of it are what other parts of it are hard to accept? >> well, i think that it is a common experience for people of faith. we grow up in this child-like view of religion and everything is fine and when you are growing older maybe you have qualms or scruples and this is not just a mormon experience, but a protestant and jewish and catholic experience and we try to sort out what we were raised with and apply it in the adult lives and for me, it was worth it to come back to church, because of what mormonism taught me, love, and christianity and
5:38 am
values of cherish that i wanted to pass on to my children. >> and as a voice that speaks out as a liberal mormon voice, are you seen azs a rebel? >> i show up at chump on sunday and get along. but at the same time women have often played a less vocal and less public role in the faith, and in the "book of mormon girl" i am happy to tell the story of myself and pioneer women who struggled with the faith and certainly i'm not the only strong mormon woman who voices her mind. >> and what it slik to see big names in politics mitt romney or jon huntsman out there front and center to represent the faith? >> it is provoking a very public discussion about mormonism. if you live west of the mississippi, chances are you know mormon people, but more people east of the mississippi don't know us so we are having a get to know you moment in the heat of the presidential campaign, and i'm glad for that. i'm glad that the people know mormon storys a part of american
5:39 am
history. >> joanna, than fokk you for yo time this morning and sharing your story this morning. >> thank you, randi. >> for more stories of faith, check out our belief blog. well, if you think that the seats on a airplanes are small now? wait until you hear this. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for nine years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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i am busy tweeting this morning, and you are as wellt it is time to read some of the tweets. earlier we asked you what you
5:43 am
thought of these shirts mock in the penn state sex scandal to rival schools. and mike says, it should not be outweigh decorum displays of victims. and this is rather insulting to victims and reminder of the disgrace of man. and it is a sick and bad idea. think about the victims in the case. wow. and are these shirts referring to jerry sandusky and the penn state sexual abuse scandal crossing the line? keep the tweets coming. you can tweet me at randikayecnn. if you had to cah a plane lately i don't have to tell you about the leg room tor lack thereof. every time it seems to get more crowded. it is not your imagination, the airlines are squeezing the seats together and closer together and if you want the extra leg room,
5:44 am
get ready to open up your wallet. >> reporter: airlines and travellers are feeling the squeeze. >> it is getting a little tight for everyone. >> reporter: but in different ways. for pas ssengers -- >> they are getting more and more compact with the space, and definitely more people on and making us all in there feel like as they say cattle car. >> reporter: for the airlines it is the bottom line and many carriers are starting to use new and thinner seats to pack more people on to planes. >> passengers are not willing to pay the true cost of airfare and airlines have no ongs but to squeeze more passengers into the economy class. that is what they are using the slim seats for. they are able to add an additional row of seats in economy. >> reporter: more rows equal more dollars. the average seat pitch which is the distance of one point on a seat to the same point in front is around 30 to 32 inches on most major airlines and southwest is shrink iing the pih
5:45 am
an inch, but they say that a new slimmer seat design gives passengers more seat. spirit has been using the lighter weight seats that are pre-reclined and can't be adjusted. but seat distance is key on long flights. >> yes, i go on a long flight and my legs burn. >> reporter: well, the train is another also option. here on the amtrak train the seat pitch is about 40 inches. in a car, many factors, but with the front seat pulled back the seat pitch is about 32 inches. and things are not that glamorous or spacious here in the white house briefing room. the seat pitch here is 34 inches. on planes, there is also that other dreaded factor the randomness of the seating process. is that your worst fear someone big sitting next to you? >> well, i have to admit i don't like it, because it is hard to stay off of one another, you know.
5:46 am
and nobody wants somebody that they don't know all over them, so it is tough. >> reporter: this is the amount of seat that someone gets on the airplane and i'm not tall enough, but if you take away the length of the thigh and the seat cushion, there is very little room before hitting the seat in front and the only way to get more space is to pay for premium seating. san da sandra endo, washington. thank you for that. and now a muslim clarric has been arrested in a blasphemy case against a girl who was jailed for burning pages of the koran, but now the cleric is suspected of planting evidence by putting pages in her bag and this has fanned flames of religious tension in pakistan. new this morning, nato officials say they are suspending training for 1,000 recruits for the afghan police and revetting all of the current
5:47 am
police to make sure they are not linked to insurgency which comes after a series of attacks where afghan security forces or people disguised as such have turned their guns on nato soldiers, many of whom were american, and more than 40 people have been ki killed in attacks like this. earlier i talked with cnn military analyst general james spider marks about this growing concern and asked him about a "washington post" report that troops are being told to stay away from the afghan troops while they are sleeping, eating or other activities? >> well, it helps, but it is counter intuitive when you are trying the build teams which means that you are trying to spend time together and that is afghan and u.s. nato forces so it goes against the nature of how you coalesce and build the teams to get them prepared for the next missions to increase ust. while the challenge with that now is that as we have seen the vetting process, let's be frank, the vetting process has been
5:48 am
exceptionally well executed, but the problem is that there are a number that have gotten through and motivated to carry out these green on blue attacks, and so that causes great concern. you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you can modify the type of behavior you have on the bases in between operations. >> let's talk about this new book coming out on tuesday getting a lot of attention written by a former navy s.e.a.l. detailing the raid that killed osama bin laden, and some fear that the release of this book could actually inspire terrorists to target navy s.e.a.l. s and what do you think of the book being written and about that? >> well, let me -- well, let me address the first question. the fact that navy s.e.a.l.s might be targeted or some type of revenge attacks clearly that could be a possible outcome, but you can't control that. what you can control is the fact that this incredibly talented
5:49 am
s.e.a.l. who is a great patriot made a big mistake by publishing this book without getting the authorities the do it, and without getting the appropriate redaction and the fact that the mission he was on was a classified mission, classified by the cia, and not the department of defense, and not soc osh socom, but the cia, so only the cia had the authority to declassify information in that book, and the author would say it does not have that information, but it is not his authority to designate that. well, the stage is et and the speakers are scheduled and now the democratic national convention is ready to begin. candy crowley will join us from the site of the convention in charlotte as we leave you here with live pictures of inside the convention center there. the one you plan to take. annos whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ]
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5:52 am
well, let the brewing begin, the white house has just
5:53 am
released the beer recipes. the beer enthusiasts were clamoring for them and one groupen filed a freedom of information act to get the secret ingredients. and now the white house chef, sam cass has posted two of the recipes on the white house page to make white house honey ale and honey porter and all of this at home and the secret is honey taken from the behives on the south lawn of the white house. all eyes on the democratic national convention ready in charlotte, oklaho charlotte, north carolina. we are joined by candy crowley this morning. >> good morning. >> shall we expect any, shall i say, empty chairs on the stage this week? >> i am going out on the limb and say going to say no empty chairs that entertainers will be talking to, but conventions in the end always offer up a couple
5:54 am
of surprises. so sometimes they are good surprises and sometimes bad and sometimes the critics disagree which one it is, but i suspect we will have surprises here as well. >> some of the highlights, michelle obama is going to be speaking and jimmy carter and bill clinton will be speaking wednesday and that is always good? >> absolutely. what is interesting is that a lot of people say, boy, you don't want to share a stage with bill clinton and in fact, bill clinton is going to nominate president obama. he is the nomination speaker, and so, but he brings so much to the plate. number oner he is the most popular living ex-president right now and what does that include? swing voters and moderates and all of people upon whom the election may ride, and he is also extremely popular with the democratic base. clinton is kind of the good old days and that kind of remainind of him saying remember when i was president and things are great? well, that is the path that the president is on, and that is sort of the, he provides this
5:55 am
backup for president obama as he nominates him. and it is clearly an emotional highlight for democrats who have always thought that president clinton was great. so he feels so many roles here reaching out to both the base and of course the swing voters. >> and we are looking forward to the interview on the show today with ann romney. she has helped to soften the image of her husband. >> yes, so did the republican national convention and i spoke to her shortly the day after he gave the nomination acceptance speech, and she was pretty clear that she felt that the convention did go a long way to kind of putting out what she calls their storier tor try or romney's story and going in, voters have to understand he has a heart and understands their problems, and there was an effective although nonprime time set of speakers who came up and
5:56 am
talked about the personal relationship they had with mitt romney. she is bullish on their ability and their success and kind of selling the mitt romney story at the republican national convention and they think they may have picked up female votes, and we will check that out in the next poll. >> thank you, koig. and stay with cnn for "state of the union" with candy crowley, and beginning at the top of the hour at 9:00 a.m. eastern and 6:00 a.m. pacific. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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welcome back. let's take a look at what is happening in the week ahead. on monday, president obama is going to visit louisiana, and we have been telling you all morning about the damage there and thousands of people have been evacuated because of the rising floodwater and so he will have a chance to see what is happening there, himself. tuesday, the big book is coming out by the navy s.e.a.l. called "no easy day" and getting a lot of attention. it was supposed to come out on 9/11 originally and the dnc kicks off tuesday, the democratic nna