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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 19, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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french citizens and the embas sis. our jim bitterman is live with us in paris. give us a feeling, because you are later in the day than we are here on the east coast of the united states. has this gone over quieter than expected or are we expecting protest protests? where do things stand? >> well, it is quiet up to now. obviously, the french government is worried about things, and particul particularly worried about the idea that something might happen on friday, because they have closed down the french embassies and schools in 20 countries where they believe there could be a problem friday and they won't reopen again until monday. all day today, there is a lot of ofishl reaction, and the islamic community for example at a ko consult meeting complained how outrageous it is, and how it never should have happened and there was a question to block the publication in question, but the government refused.
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they say they condemn the magazine as well, but they say, look, it is freedom of expression, and the magazine, itself, has been reacting saying that we are doing what we have always been doing. we are outrageous and know we are outrageous and this is what we do for a living. i talked to one of the 12 cartoonists, and he has been under security protection 24 hours a day since last november when the magazine's offices were torched back then. he seemed even a little bit surprised at the kind of reaction that he saw. here is what he said. >> there was a big fire of paranoia, french paranoia of the media that link u to that put us into this, put us into the top of the news just right now. for the moment, it is just, it is just a big deal built by the media.
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>> reporter: just to give you an idea of how the magazine sales have been affected, they have been sold out of the various kiosks around town, and they only print 75,000 copies each week and it is just about sold out as it is now. >> jim, that is my next question s this an effort to pump up the sales or effort to truly make a worldwide statement or how's it being consumed there among the sort of non-muslims and are the french people angry or not angry or to non-plussed? >> well, we are out here on the streets with the camera talking to people and that is is what we heard, some people for it and some people against it. what has to be understood, this magazine every single week tries to be outrageous. it takes the news headlines and s satires them. and that of course led to the torching of of the deathings of
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lib libya, and so this is an attempt to satirize those events and it is again causing a firestorm as far as reaction is concerned, ashleigh. >> jim bittermann live for us in paris. thank you, jim. also for the american ambassador for china what should have been a normal drive around the embassy from beijing was far from normal. look at the sky view. you can see e ambassador gary locke's car. he is surprised by anti-japanese protest protesters, and this is the american ambassador trying to enter the embassy compound. this is strange, because the u.s. embassy is quite close to the japanese embassy where the demonstrators have been protesting the claim to the islands that are also claimed by ch china, and it is a longstanding dispute. ambassador locke was not hurt, but that car did sustain some minor damage with projectiles
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and people stomping on it. and protesting the japanese going after the u.s. ambassador. around also, i want to let you know about a former navy s.e.a.l.'s funeral services being held in massachusetts. short while ago hundreds of relatives and friends and probably some members of the public as well were lining up at the funeral home just before going into the church for a service in the hometown of winchester. doherty was working as a private security contractor in the consulate at benghazi when he and the former ambassador from america were killed last week. he was 42 years old and served two combat tours in the iraq war. he retired from the s.e.a.l.s seven years ago. and also churning out of the gun operation program known as fast and furious and the one that has been dogging the obama
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administration since last year. there is a long awaited report due out by the justice department, the inspector general in fact, and it may be released some time today. you will recall that the botched investigation was supposed to monitor the head honchos invo e involved in illegal gun running to mexico, but it is also being blamed for contributing to crimes, and not stopping them, and also been linked to the killing of a u.s. border agent. the republican-controlled house voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents that were related to the case. holder did turn over thousands, but there were many that were not turned over as well. joe johns is monitoring the developments in washington. so the inspector jep ral's report is an autonomous report, autonomous group, and they also as i understand, joe, they have access to some of the legal documents that here to for the american public has not seen? >> that is my understanding they
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have had access to the documents that perhaps congress could not get its hand nons the s on in t investigation, ashleigh. this could be the day that the air is cleared over fast and furious, because it i contemplating whether the lead investor michael horowitz who will have the answers, and how high up did it go and why didn't somebody stop it? it is an opportunity for an impartial broker which is what the aig is, and to take a hard look at it and tell everybody what he thinks, ashleigh. >> joe, you say it could be an opportunity for the air to be cleared, but could it not be an opportunity to have revelations totir up a whole other political pot. >> well, absolutely. if the questions are not answered to the satisfaction of all of the individuals involved, you know, there have been people on capitol hill who have
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questioned how much the attorney general knew, when he knew it, and you know, as you said, he was cited for contempt of congress, and the first attorney general ever cited for contempt of congress. so, in this political atmosphere, if you point fingers in one direction and don't point fingers in another direction, then immediately, your motivations could be called into question, but the inspector general's office as you know, ashleigh, they were set up to try to defeat that notion by making the office independent, and making the budget independent and giving tin spector general the power to root out waste, fraud and abuse as he sees it. so we will see how that works. >> and there's this other side of the coin that i wanted you the touch on and that is, a, if the report is not satisfaction that could open up a cap of political worms, but what if the report is more satisfactory and some say the fox over the henhouse, but it is the an
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automouse group that does not answer to the white house or the justice department so it is possible joe that we could see some information coming out that is very damning about the justice department from the justice department? >> well, obviously, anything is possible, because you don't know the kind of cards that the inspector general is holding, and that is what makes all of this so interesting. there is a lot of speculation though that so mauch has been said about this on capitol hill and elsewhere that what we will get is a regurgitation of all of the facts and put together in one place so you can understand them a little bit better and perhaps just follow the trail. anybody's guess, and as early as today, we could find out the answer. >> it is a good thing that you are a lawyer, my friend, because i have a feeling that -- >> i do have a law degree. >> because you will be reading it as soon as it comes out. joe johns, thank you. >> and i want to remind you folks that when we get that report and all of the full details, we will bring it to you as soon as it released.
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call off the strike after coming to a contract agreement with the school board. not a done deal yet though. the rank and file still have to vote on it in the coming weeks, but kim has the latest of the parents who have had to deal with the kids in the past and what they have to say, kim? >> well, everyone who is dr dropping off the kids this morning all say the same thing, thank good it is all over, and huge relief is a way to characterize the way as kids return to the classroom across the entire city, and 350,000 schoolchildren elementary age and high school age and the parents dropping them off and getting back into the routine. this is what we heard from a parent and a teacher. >> it feels great.
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i'm very happy for them, for everyone concerned, yes. but it does feel -- it is a great feeling. >> i am excited for them to go back. they were a little restless, but you know, it was for a good cause i think. >> reporter: the contract itself the teachers say it is not a perfect deal, but something they can live with and again the mood we are dealing with overall, and i was inside talking to the princip principal, and she said it is a lot like the first day of school. the kids are very excited to be back as are the teachers as well. ashleigh. and imagine to be one of the teachers who also happens to be a parent, the double-whammy. i don't know about the terms of the agreements of who got what, and how much do we know? >> well, both sides s had to m
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compromises, and the reason we are paying so much attention is how much the city gave up and the teachers gave up is seen as a template for the education battles across the country, so that the teachers did move on teacher evaluation, and student test scores will weigh in now on the teacher evaluations that could impact layoffs and the school quickly saying that this is also going to help with the development of the teachers and this is focused at the low-performing teachers and the teacher raises are 17.6 over four years and the mayor of the city rahm emanuel stressing that the big ben fit for theefit fore teachers is a longer school yea year. >> we will see how they both feel when nay go the vote. i want to move to john zarrella who is busy on another story, the space shuttle on its way to retirement. you can't get enough of this,
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the piggy backing flight. look at this taking off from kennedy space center leaving florida and heading for los angeles where it will end up on display at the california science center, but not before it is going to touch down along a few places along the way for visits and refuel. john zarrella is live from the kennedy space scenter, and this is not just for nerds, b for all people, and tell us about the significance of this, because "endeavour" was built in california in 1991, and so this is a homecoming. >> well, it s. "endeavour" never would have been built at all if not for the tragedy here in 1986 when the "challenger" exploded and then president reagan saying that the space program would continue and they decided to go ahead to build the space shuttle "endeavour" and it rolled off of the assembly line in 1991 out in palmdale, california, and the first flight in 1992 was a satellite rescue mission.
8:16 am
so, it has done a hubbel missions, and the first servicing mission, and flown to the international space station. flew barbara morgan the backup to crista mcauliffe who died on "challenger" and flew her to "endeavour," and you can see the complete circle there. you can see the gear is not down, and still doing flyovers at the houston area, and we noticed that it had been just over gal vveston island a few minutes ago and passed over ellington field at one point, and that is right by the johnson space center where it will land today and overnight, ashleigh, until tomorrow when it takes off again in the next leg of the flight. so spectacular opportunities all across the country for people to get a one last glimpse of the orbiter on the back of the 747. this is the last trip an orbiter will make on the 747 and the last trip one of these 747s will
8:17 am
make. ashleigh. >> well, just as you mentioned, a lot of the opportunities for us all to be able to take part today. and john, you said that the wheels should come down any moment, because that landing is exexpected to happen live at the johnson space center in houston, and then what? take me to the end and let me know why there was controversy in los angeles when it landed in lax because it has one more trip that it has to make that has raised some hackelles. >> yeah, yeah, it sure does. to put it in a nutshell. tomorrow, they will leave at daylight to houston and fly out to el paso and refuel and out to dryden to the dry lake bed out there at edwards air force base where so many shuttles landed when the weather was bad here at the kennedy space center. then on friday morning, they will take off for what will really be spectacular sights for so many of the viewers who can go outside to watch it fly up to san francisco, by the golden
8:18 am
gate bridge and by the ames research facility and out toward sacramento, california, and then down in fly arounds all over los angeles, and in fact, about this time on friday, it should be over the san francisco area, we believe at this time. and then land iing in l.a.x. abt 11:00 pacific time friday, and lit s it will sit there for three weeks untilg the they reconfigu, and this is the controversy, because they will have to tow it for a day and a half to get it to the california science center and cut down couple of hundred trees alongs the way, and move power lines and light fixtures and of course a lot of outrage among certain people in california over the fact that so many trees had been cut down to allow it to move through, but the california science center says it will plant two trees for
8:19 am
every one tree that had to be cut down to make it happen. but the flyover happening and landing shortly at ellington field near houston at the johnson space center. >> oh, you have the plum assignment, my friend. this is a sight to behold. thank you, john zarrella. keep an eye enon it live if you would. and john, i will let the viewers know that they can continue to follow the "endeavour's" journey to the final home in california by going to [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese...
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issues 2012 all this week as cnn is going in depth for you exploring the issues that impact voters this the united states, and today we take a look at president obama and governor mitt romney's plans for the future of the military. here's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: how many troops and just what weapons are needed to defend the nation. president obama and governor mitt romney each are making a different case. governor romney has said that he wants to significantly add to
8:23 am
the conventional forces. >> we must have a commitment not just to more ships and more aircraft, but also in my view to more members of the armed forces. >> reporter: president obama wants a smaller conventional force and 500 billion $in pentagon spending cuts over the next ten years. >> so long as i am commander in chief, we will sustain the strongest military that the world has ever known. >> reporter: let's start with the romney plan. the candidate says he favors a larger force of naval ships and aircraft. but he has not said how he'd pay for it. romney has also said that he wants to add 100,000 troops to the current force of 1.4 million. now, for a look at obama's plan. as part of $500 billion in spending cuts, president obama says he wants to get rid of older ships and to delay buying new ones. he proposes by cutting the army by some 66,000 and reducing the
8:24 am
marine corps by another 20,000. obama envisions continuing use of small special forces teams and unmanned drones, a signature weapon of the last decade. but romney surrogate and former d.o.d. comptroller doug zanheim says there is no evidence that it will work. >> there is no information that manned and unmanned drones are effective when used exclusively. >> reporter: the use of them gains militants in pakistan and yemen have had results without putting u.s. troops on the ground. he told cnn's jessica yellin. >> it has to be a situation in which we can't capture the individual before they move forward on some sort of operational plot against the united states. >> i don't think that whether
8:25 am
obama or romney wins, we will see this technology go away or see any greater minimized use of it because of their own approach. i think that we have seen that president obama is definitely willing to utilize the signature part of the counterterrorism agenda and it would be hard for romney to roll it back even if he wanted to. >> whether it is romney or obama in the oval office, the bigger problem with drones may be the international pushback from governments and human rights groups increasingly voicing the opposition. barbara starr, cnn, pentagon. >> barbara, thank you for that. for in depth coverage of the e lek shun all you need to do is to go to won't clog your pores so it lets your skin breathe. it lets you be you! flawlessly. clean makeup. from easy breezy beautiful. covergirl.
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well, love them or hate them, motorcycles are certainly dangerous, but now throw in a muddy track and 40 other riders going atop speeds, and i think it is safe to say it is risky. imagine being on that track and not being able to hear a thing. this is the reality for someone named ashley, and she is not only a role model for the deaf community, but you could say she is a role model for all girls, t too. here is cnn's dr. sanjay gupta with her story. >> reporter: for ashley, motocross rating is in her blood. >> my dad brought me to watch a race and i was 3 years old, and i fell in love. >> reporter: but there is something different about ashley, when she hits the course. she can't hear a thing. ashley was born completely deaf. she speaks to us through a sign language translator, and her friend, nalie. >> i don't know how it would be
8:30 am
riding hearing. i grew up and i was born deaf. >> reporter: in a sport that prides itself on making noise and hearing your opponents coming can mean the difference of winning and losing, ashley stands alone. >> but she has to hold my lines when i'm ride, because it is hard to see if somebody is coming up behind me. >> reporter: and she uses the vibrations of the engine to make sure she is in the right gear. in this race, ashley is the only deaf rider to ever compete in motocross trying for rer her fourth championship title. >> i feel good and hit every jump and the big double. i hope to win and be the champion. >> reporter: and she achieved just that beating out her closest rival for the national championship. but for ashley, it is about more than just winning. >> well, it is really cool to be a role model for the deaf community, and it is a cool feeling to have people look up to you. >> reporter: and from natalie, her friend's impact is obvious
8:31 am
as well. >> she is very important to women's motocross and as an idol for all of the young girls whether she is deaf or not, she is like a smaller than i am and she can ride a dirt bike like that is crazy. >> reporter: proof that anything is possible. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. woman 1: this isn't just another election. we're voting for... the future of our medicare and social security. man 1: i want facts. straight talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers.
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48 days before the e llecti day, and president obama still holding a lead in the national polls. cnn's wolf blitzer joining me live with that as well as a number we don't hear a lot, a weight of the candidate, and we will get to that in a moment. wolf, start with the horse race and the latest numbers. a poll from the "wall street journal" and nbc is showing that the president has a five-point edge among the so-called likely voters burk we have the poll of polls averaging eight ationwide nonpartisan survs done after the conventions, and it shows a
8:35 am
three-point edge for the obama/biden ticket. and does something major have to happen to push the numbers around or can anything really move the numbers in such a short amount of time? >> the answer is that the three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate, and those could certainly have an impact if there is a major gaffe by one of the two candidates or one of the vice presidential candidates, and that might have an impact moving the numbers up or down obviously. obviously, the debates are very, very important, and money spent over the last 47 or 48 day, and i think that the republicans will have more money, and that is going to be to their advantage. if you look at the internal number s numbers in the polls, it shows that their are encouraging for obama at least right now in terms of right track, wrong track, and higher numbers in the right track than a month or two for the president, and as far as handling the economy right now, obama is in the new nbc poll right this with romney on who would better handle the economy
8:36 am
which is encouraging for obama, because romney has previously done better in those numbers, but it is a long way to go and anything can still happen. >> and these polls were taken before the latest political hot put button issue arose of the surrepetitious video taken of governor romney at a private event talking about the 47% of americans who he says are in the column for president obama. he actually referred to that and president obama show ed up on "late night with david letterman" and actually answered to this. let's listen. >> one thing i have learned as president, you represent the entire country, and when i meet republicans, as i'm traveling around the country, they are hardworking family people who care deeply about this country, and my expectation is that if
8:37 am
you want to be president, you have to work for everybody and not just for some. >> and you know, wolf, vice president biden really skirted the issue and said that i will let the tape speak for itself and he did not weigh in on it, and did you feel like this was president obama getting tough, not getting tough enough or leaving it for the super pacs? >> well, what is clear is that he came ak krcross very smooth presidential with letterman last night and athe top of the game and explains why he likes to go on letterman and some of the other shows because he comes across genuine and presidential and he does not have to go after romney directly and brutally, because he has other surrogates this the campaign who support him, and he can take the high road which is smart at this stage especially when you are up in the polls. he does not have to get back into the fight directly with romney. and as i said, he is going to
8:38 am
have three debates in which he can show his stuff. romney is a good debater as well, so i am looking forward to those. >> and the campaign has come out with ads showing the people outraged by the surrepetitious video, and certainly, the surrogates and the campaign are not letting that one go. but i want to get to the lighter side, and another reason that i want to get to the lighter side, because mitt romney showing on the old kelly and regis show now called "kelly and michael" and i want to get to the topic on this clip and ask you about it. >> you look great. i feel good. how much do you weigh? >> you know -- [ laughter ] about 180. >> 180 looks good on you. >> thank you. >> it is just about where i am, and i don't look so good at 180. >> you look sharp. >> you haven't seen me naked. >> we are going to keep it that way. >> i loved that. i loved it. i want to ask you a serious
8:39 am
question about funny stuff. >> yes. >> are these appearances on the light hearted show s wis with t light hearted folks as important as some of the serious stuff out in the campaign, because a lot of people watch late night tv who don't watch news. >> especially for the undecided. and remember, you know, we are talking about maybe 8% or out tw new york will go democratic, and texas will go republican, and you know we are talking about a few battleground state where is the undecideds will make the final decisions, and they want substance and all that, but they want somebody that they like and feel comfortable with. when romney appears on one of the shows or obama show appear one of the shows they come off as smooth and nice and friendly and that is why they are doing. michele bachmann the other day was criticizing president obama,
8:40 am
ashleigh, for saying that obama can go to new york, and he can go to new york and has time for letterman, but he does not have time for benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel. and who is going to get you more votes? a tense meeting with benjamin netanyahu or go on letterman to get votes from that show? i think that the answer is cl r clear. >> the little box on the right-hand side of the screen is making news as well. i want to draw your attention, wolf, and the viewers to the box of the touchdown of the space shuttle "endeavour" flying this morning from kennedy space center making a stop for refueling and little as it goese final resting day in los angeles. this is the final trip, and the vistas are spectacular. we will take a break and talk more on the other side.
8:41 am
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i want to get personal for a minute, if you'll allow me, and i want to get legal and controversial all wrappeded up in one, because in california today, a federal appeals court is hearing arguments for and against a law in that state. it is a law that requires california police to take dna samples from anybody they arrest on suspicion of a felony. let me repeat that. anyone they arrest, not convicted, not charged, but just arrest. you can't get more personal than this, folks, because the samples are taken like this. a simple mouth swab, open up, and the findings are kept in a database, and matched against unsolved crimes where genetic evidence might actually exist. you get a match, you might have yourself a case. and often those cold cases are solved. dangerous criminals are found, and put away, and sometimes decades after the actual crime. but a lot of those samples come from people who never end up
8:45 am
charged with any crime at all. remember, we are innocent until proven guilty, and anything not sitting right with you at this point? well, it is a good debate, because the dna of those people who are swabbed remain in government custody forever, and my next guest falls smack dab into that category. my next guest is right smack dab in the middle of a challenge with the american civil liberties union. thank you for being with me. >> thanks, ashleigh. >> okay. so you swept up in a protest and you were out for a simple protest and brought in and told to open up and let me swab your mouth, and taket from there and what happened and did you have a choice in this? >> that is correct, ashleigh. i was arrested at anti-war demonstration in 2009, and when i was arrested i was really surprised, because i did not
8:46 am
know about the law, even though i had voted against it, but i didn't know that it went into effect, and so they took me out of the cell and they said we are here to collect yourd dna and i was shocked. i said, i would not like to have my dna taken and i believe that i have the right to refuse to have my dna taken and when i refused they said, okay, you will be charged with another misdemeanor which will land you two more nights in jail, and at this point i was nervous and confused about what was going on and i did not want to spend two more nights in jail and i felt strong armed to give my dna. >> and you are saying that you voted against the proposition, and voted against this law, but the majority of those in your state voted for it, and now it is under challenge. it is a technical challenge and i will get to that later with the legal expert, but i think that there is a strong argument to be made about all of the good that this does. i know it is not nice to have a
8:47 am
q-tip put in your mouth, but can you understand all of the cold cases solved and all of the wrongful constrictions that can be overturned? >> right. i mean, dna can be a powerful tool, and there is a lot of technological advances and lot can be used, but my belief is that if you have strong enough evidence to think that i was at a crime scene to think that i might be a suspect, then subpoena that dna and ask me for thatdan dan and i will be forced by the court to give it, but there is no reason to collect the dna for people who are caught up on the arrests and many of us not ultimately charged for the crimes. >> well, i want to put up the stats for the dna hits in california. dna hits meaning successful matches of those swabs that are collected with actual arrests and possible convictions, and then, you nknow, imprisonments f criminals n. 2008 they had 183 of these hits were month in 2009
8:48 am
it went up to 280 per month and in 2010, it went up to 360 hits per month, and now there is about 25 states we are at right now across the union enacting several laws in kconnection to the proposition law in california. the democratic governor of california jerry brown who you would not expect to be in support of this is full throa d throatedly in support of this likened it to fingerprint iing. listen to this. >> dna is the fingerprint of the 21st century. when you are arrested, you get your mug shot and fingerprint taken of you, but the difference with dna, it is more accurate and linking in very important cases perpetrators of horrible crimes with the crime, itself, so this is really important stuff. i'm going the defend it to with every power i have.
8:49 am
>> lily, any way that you don't see that this is similar to fingerprinting? >> this is not similar to fingerprinting. the finger sprint the tip -- fit is the tip of my finger and the dna is a genetic print of my background, and who i am and i welcome anybody to take my fingerprint if it is necessary and only when it is necessary. however, taking my dna is an invasion of my privacy and the government has no right to my genetic material. >> lily haskell, thank you for getting up early to talk to us about this extraordinary constitutional issue. we will look forward to hearing how you feel about the outcome. thanks, ashleigh. lily ash has ket joining us from san francisco. the legal aspects continuing with our legal experts in a moment
8:50 am
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>> i always like to surround myself with people who are way
8:53 am
smarter than i am, and christine is one of those people. she is a prosecutor in brooklyn, and she often can answer all the questions i simply can't. lily haskell just told us how invasive this was as an innocent person swept up in an anti-war rally, never charged, and, yet, swabbed and her genetic makeup is forever in the custody of the federal government. i know as a prosecutor this is great for you, but how is it great for me as a private citizen to know this can happen? >> i don't think it's any more invasive than your fingerprints wrish truly don't. these are the fingerprints of this century as the governor said very clearly. in fact, when we were proving cases now, and we have fingerprint evidence, sometimes our jurors want more than that. they want to know what about the dna, and some of our crimes we can't get fingerprints, but if if we had dna evidence, we can certainly have a better conviction and more concise conviction, a more positive conviction. >> i thn molecular smoking gun is a demand that's made by so many jurors, and it's great that we have these crime-fighting
8:54 am
tools, but it's also tough that the demands are made of you to provide them. at the same time i have a fourth amendment right to -- to guard against unlawful search and seizure, and when are you swabbing up my mouth and i'm not convicted or even charged with anything, how is that not an unlawful search of my mouth? >> how is it not an unlawful search of your finger tips? it has my genetic code, not just my print. >> your print itself, your print, two people can't have the same fingerprints. it is the same, but it is just brought up to this century and into the tools that we have now. it is better to have a dna. dlr less mistakes made with dna than there are with fingerprints. >> it's just gradations of the same personal invasion? you're saying that a fingerprint should be the same unlawful search and seizure? we should do away with those as well approximate 23 the argument is to be made that the dna swabbing of the mouth is unfair? >> do away with the fingerprints? yes. how could we do that? how could we reconcile that argument that the fingerprints are allowed andhe mouth swab is not. >> you saw those graphics that i put up earlier of the kinds of crimes.
8:55 am
i mean, we're finding murderers and rapists from 30 years ago, and we are putting them in prison because of this. >> and we are setting those free with finding the stronger evidence of dna. >> the exoneration. >> setting people free. >> it's a great argument to have. christine, don't go anywre, because i have other questions for you. a challenge, many of the, to the dna law in maryland may end up actually at the supreme court and a ruling there could settle this issue for everyone. stay tuned. we're back after this. ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be
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8:59 am
because florida has some strict laws about what you are and are not allowed to record when it comes to audio. this record issing raising a lot of questions, legal questions, about privacy and consent, which is why prosecutor christine is back with me now. florida has a law about two-party consent. two people who are in that audio conversation have to agree to that conversation. >> yes. >> does this look like it could be a two-party consent situation? >> somebody else had to have known or could have known that he was -- that he was taping it, but the issue is really more about how much privacy -- expectation of privacy did romney think he truly had when he is speaking to a room full of people. >> you don't think it's a two-party issue. the camera person is one party, and who knows if there was a second party in cahoots with that group. you say it's more of a privacy issue where romney was expecting a private event to be private in a public setting. >> that's an expectation that i don't believe he is entitled, to and the law