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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  September 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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down between every bite. he is also stopped grazing. month more picking off his wife's plate. this all may not sound like much, but these small changes led to some amazing results. 80 pounds, again, for carlos solis. it's going to wrap things up for sgmd. stay we could with us. let's keep the conversation going on twilter at sanjaygupta cnn. now a check of your top stories in the cnn newsroom. >> $100,000. that's the price on the head of the man who made the anti-islam film. >> does the fact that some muslims get violent over references over muhammad mean that americans need to be more sensitive? >> what is your judgment as to the chances they'll fire things off? >> john f. kennedy like you have never heard him before.
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secret white house tapes just released that even his staff didn't know about. good morning. i'm randi kaye. it's 5:00 a.m. in the west, 8:00 on the east coast. we start with the presidential race. there are just 44 days left until election day, but, remember, you have even fewer days if you live in an early voting state. president obama spent saturday pushing for votes in wisconsin. wisconsin is one of the key swing states that candidates have been focussing on. president wooed the state handily, and it is much closer now. >> i don't know how many folks will vote for me in wisconsin this time around, but i want everybody in wisconsin to know that no matter what i'll be fighting for you because i'm not fighting to create democratic or republican jobs. i'm fighting to create american jobs. i'm not fighting to improve schools in red states or blue
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states. s i am improving schools in the united states of america. i don't believe in just looking out for workers or businesses or rich or poor or 53% or 47%. i'm going to look out for everybody. >> and here's the cnn poll on wisconsin. the president has opened up a sizable lead now in the state and, remember, this is the home state of paul ryan, the republican vice presidential candidate. >> speaking of paul ryan, he is attacking the president over the white house's handling of the space program. he appeared along side former florida governor jeb bush at a campaign stop in miami yesterday. florida, of course, is another of those key swing states. >> we have preceded over a dismantling of the space program over the last four years. he has put the space program on a path where we are conceding our global position as the
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unequivocal leader in space. today if we want to send an astronaut to the space station we have to pay the russians to take them there. >> and mitt roey are getting some advice from someone who has been a through a campaign like this before. sarah palin, she says it's time for the country to have a come to jesus moment. she told "the weekly standard" with so much at stake in this election both mitt romney and paul ryan should go rogue and not hold back from telling the american people the true state of our economy and national security. mitt romney has been getting a lot of advice this past week from republicans. some of it hasn't been all that nice, quite frankly. the polls also haven't been very kind to hem, but apparently he doesn't see it that way. here's what he told "60 minutes." >> you are slipping in the polls at this moment. a lot of republicans are concerned about this campaign. you bill yourself as a turnaround artist.
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how are you going to turn this campaign around? >> well, actually, we're tied to the polls. we're all within the marge you know of error. we bounce around week to week, day to day. we go forward with my message that this is a time to reinvigorate the american economy, not by expanding government and raising taxes on people, but instead by making sure government encourages entrepreneurship and innovation and gets the private sector hiring again. >> mitt romney and president obama will both be on "60 minutes" tonight. neither candidate is letting up. they are both hitting the campaign trail full force with an emphasis on the swing states. here's cnn political editor paul steinhauser with a look at what to watch for this week. >> mitt romney campaigns in the rocky mountain battleground colorado. the cnn poll of polls shows it's a close contest between the nominee and president barack obama for the state's nine electoral votes. tuesday both romney and the
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president speak separately at former president bill clinton's annual global initiative gathering in new york city. after that romney heads to ohio for a bus tour through the crucial swing state. >> i need ohio to help me bece the next president. >> our poll of polls in ohio indicates that right now mr. obama has the upper hand m race for the state's 18 electoral votes. both men are visit visitors to ohio this year. while romney rolls through the state on wednesday, the president stumps there as well. >> it's going to be in ohio. it is great to be in this beautiful setting. >> also this week, with the first presidential debate closing in, both men will continue their debate preps. randi. >> thank you. let's move from politics to pakistan now in a stunning offer from a pakistani government official. he says that he has $100,000 and wants to give it to whom ever will kill the man who made that controversial anti-muslim film. he is talking about nikoula
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basseley nikoula. his film led to international outrage and sparked violent protests in several countries, including pakistan. then comes this guy. he is pakistan's railway minister. he says the $is00,000 bounty comes from his own bank account and not from the pakistani deposit. pakistan's prime minister has publicly condemned this bounty idea. to new york now and an update on a scary story at the bronx zoo. we told you about the guy who was mauled by a tiger at the zoo when he jumped into a tiger's enclosure. he has been charged with trespassing. he says that he wanted to be "one with the tiger." not sure what that means. david bilobos is in the hospital and he will be arraigned on the tress paging charges soon. >> this retired fbi agent is pleading for release. >> 33 years of service to the
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united states deserves something. >> why the moan meeting in new york brings new hope for his return. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>> we want to wish you a good morning and a happy sunday morning to boston. there on the left side of your screen. good morning, boston, and what a lovely shot of lady liberty there in the new york harbor. thanks for starting your morning with us. we are back in 90 seconds. we are all reflections of
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the people who came bere us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. 2007 was the last time robert lefinson's family saw him until they received a video a few years later. a much thinner levinson saying his health was failing and begging the u.s. government to help free him from his captors. suzy candiotti spoke with the retired fbi agent's wife and her mission to bring him home. >> this is my husband.
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i have to take care of him. i have to get him home. >> reporter: but after disappearing more than five years ago christine levittson's husband, bob, is a long way from home where he once cuddled his newborn grandson. >> i am not in very good health. i am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> reporter: this video showing the much thinner retired fbi agent being held hostage was sent to the family two years ago. state department says it's unclear who is holding him. >> when they received the video, we had high hopes because we e-mailed back a mof times in order to get whoever is holding him to let us know what we need to do to get bob home. unfortunately, that hasn't happened. >> levinson disappeared off iran's coast in 2007 where his family says he was investigating cigarette smuggling for a private company. fbi billboards are now up in new york's time square in hopes that
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visiting delegates to the moan's general assembly will see them. >> whamakes you think that he is still alive? >> i just know that in my heart. i know that from the video that he has lost weight and hopefully all of his health problems are at least at bay and he will be able to get home safely to us. i can never lose hope. >> please help me get home. 33 years of service to the united states deserves something. >> what gives you hope when you look at that video and see how he looks? >> i know when he looks determined and he looked very determined to make it home safe and sound. >> her husband has missed walking one of his daughters down the aisle. another daughter's wedding is in february. >> his closet is still full of his clothes and i haven't even
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touched his dresser, so every morning i'm reminded. >> if he is able to see this, what do you want to say directly to him? >> we will never ever ever stop trying for you. i miss you every day. love you. >> the u.s. has offered no new information about where levinson is and who is holding him. i spoke to a source with knowledge of the investigation who says, "there is every reason to believe based on all the evidence that levinson is alive and well." susan candiotti, cmn, new york. the united nations general assembly will meet this week in new york, and here's some of what we're expecting. president obama will speak about the attacks on u.s. embassies and protests many the middle east, and the u.n. will address the civil war in syria and concerns that iran could abbot a nuclear weapon. we're also going to be looking out for those incendiary or awkward moments like we've seen in years past. remember last year when iran's
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president mahmoud ahmadinejad spoke. he talked about his suspicions about the holocaust and 9/11. dozens of delegations walked right out of there. john f. kennedy secretly recorded conversations are now being made public. we'll spla some of them for you in just a moment. you're watching cnn sunday morning. back in just 60 seconds. [ male announcer ] did you know, all those screens are sucking moisture from your eyes, causing irritation and dryness. really? [ male announcer ] revive your eyes with visine®. only visine® has hydroblend to soothe, restore and protect eyes for up to 10 hours of comfort. aaaahhh... [ male announcer ] visine® with hydroblend.
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welcome back brsh let's check stories making news in your backyard. we start in kau wau wau where a runaway dock has been spotted off the coast of maui. it's believed to be tsunami debris from japan. one scientist says it's likely one of four missing docks that
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broke away during the march 2011 storm. fishermen are a little concerned about who it could damage boats if it gets closer to shore. in new york a controversial plan to provide emergency birth control to teens. a new program will allow school nurses at 13 new york city high schools to give students plan b and other emergency contraceptions without telling they are parents unless they specifically opt out. condoms are already widely distributed at high schools, but this is the first time hormonal berth control and plan b have been dispensed. chick-fil-a -- in a statement posted on former presidential candidate muk huckabee, he says the company has not made concessions. last week a chicago alderman said company officials said it had changed its practices. sfwlimplgts new conversations secretly recorded by former president john f. kennedy have been released. these recordings have been under lock and key at the kennedy
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library foundation for more than three decades. one of those conversations took place at the height of the civil rights movement. riots and chaos erupted at the university of mississippi in 1962 when james attempted to register at the all white school. here is a heated conversation between kennedy and then mississippi governor ross barnett. >> you have to know when they riot many the street, they step out of that building, something will happen to them under those conditions. we need to do something about that. we've got to get somebody up there to now to get order and stop the pirg and the shooting, and then you and i will talk on the phone. first we have to get order. >> listening in, the secret white house recordings of john f. kennedy will be available in bookstores come tuesday. the anti-islam film may not be the main reason muslims are protesting against the u.s. it may have more to do with
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education. first, the question for all of you political junkies watching this morning. which swing state has the largest mof voters? pennsylvania, michigan, florida, or virginia? the answer many 60 seconds.
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before the break i asked you if you move the answer to this question. which of these swing states has the largest mof muslim voters? is it pennsylvania, michigan, florida, or virginia?
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well, if you are playing along at home, the aswer is pennsylvania. now, new york and california have the highest numbers overall, but they are not considered swing states. on tuesday it will be two weeks since protests against an anti-islam film made in the u.s. began, but the outrage and in some instances violence is not just about insulting the prophet muhammad. earlier i spoke to "new york times" columnist nick krzysztof. he wrote behind the passion behind the protest in his column m "new york times" called exploiting the prophet. >> i think there are a few things going on here, and one is in a sense television can fashion few the degree of protest out there. you know, in libya, for example, there is a pretty small mof people who are ptesting against the video, and afterward there were huge numbers who were
5:21 am
marching to -- and to apologize to america. >> it's part of a narrative of the u.s. out to get islam. you know, a pakistani mullah once told me that since the united states executes people for committing blasphemy, then why shouldn't pakistan? i said the u.s. executes blasphemers? he said, yeah, president clinton burned to death scores of christian hair ticks. he said month. he pulled off a book off the shelf and pointed to the incident in waco, texas, in 1993. >> oh, my. >> there's a real misunderstanding here that i think also feeds that, and, you know, at the hands of a lot of young men, unemployed, kind of
5:22 am
frustrated with their governments, vulnerable to jihadys taking over a maretive using this as a way of pushing back at their own government. i think all of this is kind of coming together. >> and in terms of these protests in the middle east and north africa that we're seeing right now, i mean, are they about religion, do you think, or demographics because most of the people protesting are the young men in their teens and 20s. we've seen this in many countries. >> yeah. i feel like i'm betraying my gender here, but there's some evidence that really the biggest factor associated with civil conflict has monthing to do with religion, but, rather, it's a portion of people age 15 to 24 in a country, and especially those where women are marginalized, and these young men play a particularly significant role. some say the west was particularly violent because it was so full of young men.
5:23 am
i hi that there are some extremist religious groups m middle east that are trying to take advantage of that, and they feel marginalized, and they're trying to use this issue as a wedge issue in their own cultural wars, and we're big players in that graum. >> when you look at what's happened, do you think this means that the onus is on the u.s. and other western nations to be more delicate with speech in muslim nations and about muslims? >> to what extent should we walk on eggshells to avoid giving offense? i don't think that we should curb freedom of speech to prevent things that are perceived as blasphemy. i don't think we should walk away from that. i think that secretary clinton was right to, you know, to announce this, say this is not
5:24 am
representative, the official government position, but we also immediate to make clear that we're not going to ban any stations. >> you also say that this is really more of a struggle between radical islamists and government officials in certain muslim countries, and that americans are pawns in the fight. can you explain that? >> yeah. you know, i think that there were a lot of islamic radicals who felt that they had been imprison, they had fault for years against corrupt ought accuratic dictators, and then elections came, and they didn't benefit nearly as much as they thought they would, so the salafis in egypt or radicals in libya and they feel that they have been marge malized now, and they see this as a chance to push back against government officials who were more moderate. >> there was such a great sense of hope after the arab spring, but now you have to wonder, are the effects of the arab spring doomed because of this cultural
5:25 am
sensitivity? >> yeah. i think there is -- i think there are a lot of americans wondering has arab spring become unglued and has autocracy by dictators been replaced by a rule of the mob. i think it's way too early to say that i think this is, you know, the second inning in a long, long ballgame. this is a work in progress. it's going to take time, but i don't see these countries falling over a cliff. i do see a lot of turbulence ahead. >> certainly seems that way. krzysztof, nice to have you on the program. thank you. >> good to be back. >> it certainly is nice to have nick back on our sunday mornings once again, and once again, can you find his column in the "new york times" today. could the world have come from nothing before the earth, the planets, and the sun? was there nothing? if so, then how is there something now? an award winning physicist joins me to explain. here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things
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27 minutes past the hour, and the 64th prime time emmys will air tonight. late night comedian jimmy kimmel is hosting, and we'll find out who will win the coveted award for best drama. let's take a look at the nominees. boardwalk empire from hbo, breaking bad from amc, mad men also mom natured again. it won the award last we're. downtown abbey from pbs. game of thrones also from hbo, and homeland from showtime.
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welcome back. cnn sunday morning. i'm ramdi kaye. here are some of the stories we're watching this morning. we start in pakistan. a government official there is offering dlars 100,000 reward for the death of the man who made the anti-islamic film that has sparked violence overseas. the country's railway minister made the offer yesterday saying that the money is his own and that he is not acting as a government official. the pakistani government condemns the move. back in the u.s. mitt romney heading to the battle ground state of colorado today. it is the first stop in what his campaign advisors are calling an intense battleground state schedule. from a rally tonight in denver, he heads to a three-day bus tour in ohio and then a stop in virginia. president obama won those three states back in 2008. and in texas a double amputee in a wheelchair was shot to death by police at a group home in houston after threatening officers with a pen. caretakers called police when
5:31 am
they say the man who had been diagnosed with skits fren away became aggressive. when they arrived, he threatened them with what appeared to be a metal object. it turned out to be a pen. the officer has been placed on administrative leave. and in new york business, charitable and world leaders, have a very busy week. if they're not attending the u.n. general assembly, chances are they'll be attending the clinton global initiative meeting. the presidents of both lib wra and egypt will be there. news surrounding major religions has been front and center the last few weeks. justoments ago we looked at the outrage and in some instances violence that erupted in part because of a film am insulting islam and the prophet muhammad. we wanted to take a look at science for this week's faces of fate. coz monthly jilgs lawrence krout
5:32 am
joins me now. myself to have you back on the program this morning. so what -- >> it's goods to be back. >> let's talk about this whole idea of nothing. explain your book, if you will, first of all. you say the universe was created without the hand of god and that science can explain why everything exists. so explain that. >> well, let me make it clear. i say it's plausible that it was created without god. i think that's what is worth celebrating is the fact that we can see some plausible steps. we don't know all the answers, and i don't claim we know all the answers, but even the fact that the laws of nature themselves could have created everything we see, all 100 billion galaxies from nothing. it is absolutely remarkable, and the discoveries that have made that possible, that idea possible, are worth celebrating. the point is that we kind of realized after 100 years of studying the universe that the total energy of the universe could be precisely zero, and if you are about to create a universe from nothing, that's probably a good first step.
5:33 am
the laws tell us that empty space is a boiling, bubbling brew of particle that is pop in a time scale so short you can't see them. strange things can happen, and, in fact, it's possible without my super natural trickery for matter and particles to be created from nothing. it's even possible that space and time themselves popped into existence from nothing. it's allowed by the laws of physics, and that is so remarkable that we shouldn't feel it's a let. we should celebrate this new discovery and knowledge. >> okay. so for those folks at home who just listened that and they're shaking their heads saying how could this guy say that something could come from nothing, where you saying that there is energy many that nothing, in that space? >> you don't -- what's really arkable is once you put gravity into the mix, you could have positive manager and negative energy. you could start out with zero energy, and then have positive energy, but they're graftational attraction is negative energy, and the sum total could be zero.
5:34 am
it sounds like the ultimate free lunch. potentially it is. now, these things are strange, but the world of quantum mechanics are extremely strange, but we rely on it for the semiconductor that is allow me to talk to you. the real universe is stranger than we could have imaged. it's far more interesting than the fables produced by peasants who wrote them down before they knew the earth orbited the sun, for example. mroo when people say maybe the notion of nothing creating something that sounds every bit as unbelievable as saying that god created all this. what do you say though those people? >> well, what i say is that the real difference is that we're not presuming the answers before we ever ask the questions. when you say god did it, it's really kind of a lazy result saying i don't know where it came from, and i'm iffing to assume intentionality, which is what our ancient ancestors really assume. they assume that everything that happened had intention. we discover that we've been driven to these amazing skoefrz.
5:35 am
for example, here's an observational discovery that defies commonsense. we have discovered and one of the reasons i wrote the book is we have discovered that empty space itself, empty space getting rid of all the particles and all the radiation, empty space weighs something. in fact, it has the dominant energy in the universe. it's causing the universe to expand ever faster, faster and faster. that discovery was so amazing that it was awarded the nobel prize last year. now, that sounds crazy, but it's true. i think the point is that we have to force our beliefs to conform to the evidence of reality, instead of deciding this is the universe we want and we're going to force reality to conform to that. the universe doesn't care what we want, and one of the beauties of science is it's forced us to change our attitudes about many things. it's forced us to ors open our minds, and i think that's one of the great aspects of science is that we've learned that our preconceptions aren't always right, and certainly as i say, you know, we didn't know the truth before asking the universe what the truth is. >> so then is science compatible
5:36 am
with religion in any way? >> look, we can't -- i can't argue that there's no purpose to the universe. i can say there's no evidence of purpose to the universe, but there could be purpose that i don't know about, but the point is that what we can say is that if there is purpose, it is strongly hidden, and we don't immediate any super natural miracles to create everything we see. i think in terms of a vague -- science and religion are compatible in that sense, but in temz of the actual doctrines of the world's religions, science is not compatible with them. the miracles of the bible are inconsistent, but i think most people who claim they're religious don't really think jonah lived inside of a whale or don't believe actually that when a priest bless az wafer, it really turned into the body of jesus christ. i think they throw out the things that they think are silly, and they keep the things they like because they want to believe them. i think that's the main thing. people want to believe that someone is taking care of them, that the universe is a place where somehow they have some meaning and, in fact, what i
5:37 am
would argue is if we realize that we create the meaning in our own lives, our lives can become, in fact, richer than believing in these fairy tales. >> just to be clear, though, are you saying there is no god or that you just believe that the universe was created without the hand of god? >> well, i'm not saying -- i'm not making grand claims in either case. i'm not saying there -- i'm saying tltdz no evidence for god. you don't see the need of a god to create a universe. in that sense i personally wouldn't call myself an atheist because i don't presume to claim there's no god. i claim myself as an amtitheist because i can't say with absolute certainty where there is no god, but i prefer to live in a universe without one. >> always a fascinating discussion. thank you so much, and best of luck with your new book as well. "universe from nothing." >> thanks. >> for more stories on faith, be sure to check out our widely popular belief blog at
5:38 am
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>> look at that lovely shot of philadelphia on this early sunday morning. good morning, philadelphia. thanks for waking up with cnn. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it is time to get you ready for the week ahead. think of this on our week ahead calendar as our united nations addition. that is because on tuesday
5:42 am
president obama will address the moan. that's the second day of the general assembly, and we will, of course, carry that for you live on cnn so you don't miss a moment. on wednesday iran's president mau humid ahmadinejad, he will be addressing the moan. this might be pretty controversial again because last year delegations from the u.s. and the european nations walked out. you may recall. also now on thursday the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, he is going to be speaking at the u.n., and is he really feeling a sense of urgency regarding iran's nuclear program. he has expressed that over and over and certainly pushing the white house and the president to set a red line on taking some action in iran. also, on thursday with just 40 days before the election early voting begins in iowa. both democrats and republicans can fill out their absentee ballots, and on sunday it's a big day for troops. this is the last of the u.s. surge troops. they will be out of afghanistan. that's about 23,000 men and women leaving roughly 65,000
5:43 am
u.s. troops. plus, another 40,000 from nations like canada, the u.k., and germany. presidential gaffs. sometimes they're funny. other times they can kill a run at the white house. we'll break down some of history's biggest bloopers. >> and then we're going to washington d.c. through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. country? rocker? glam? take off that mask and see! clean makeup won't fake up... won't clog your pores so it lets your skin breathe. it lets you be you! flawlessly. clean makeup. from easy breezy beautiful. covergirl.
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full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs g of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover. we're back, and we begin in full swing. you can get the candidates are catching the attention of the weekend update desk. >> romney on friday released his 2011 tax returns, which showed he paid a 14% tax rate, so just a little less than what restaurants add on for parties of six or more. the 14% tax rate romney paid is less than the 20% paid by the average american. how did he pay such a low rate?
5:47 am
he claimed 47% of americans as dependents. >> oh, that's pretty good. and while mitt romney has been a target more than a few times, the snl team is spreading the comedic wealth. here they are calling out both candidates. >> president obama, what are you doing? your poll numbers are looking great. your opponent is in flames. i haven't heard joe biden's maim in months, which is great. yet, you come out and say, hey, i can't change washington from the inside. i'm not saying what you said isn't true. i'm saying why are you saying anything during this romney tailspin? i mean, let's review. on monday a secret tape is released where romney insults half of the country, and then that same day he stands by those remarks. on wednesday he does a town hall for hispanics in brown face, and friday paul ryan gets booed by the aarp, and then instead of just enjoying that, you go, hey, everybody, remember my campaign slogan? yeah, i can't do that.
5:48 am
don't make this hard on yourself. you're like the criminal who gets away with murder and then starts sending the cops puzzles to figure it out. take a note from the queen of fwland. she is still in power because she's only said 11 words since 1940. >> oh, that is so funny. 44 days until the election, and there are still undecided voters, actually. some say they could either determine the election or just stay at home. state of the union host candy crowley joins us now from washington. i know you have a few good laughs there along with us watching those "snl" clips. in all seriousness, who are these undecided voters, and why haven't they made up their minds? >> actually, it's one of the topics of discussion for the show today, but the fact is a lot of the things that -- the research that we have looked at shows that these undecided voters and its 6%, 7% -- i bet you get emails as well as i do, saying who is undecided between these two guys? they're so different. how can you be thinking, oh, i
5:49 am
might do president obama, i might do mitt romney. the fact is that these -- many of them do have party affiliations, and they kind of drift in and out. maybe one week they will say, you know, i think i'm going to vote for president obama and the next week something happens and they go, i don't know. they go back into that column. it's the same kind of larger group of people, and i think the key question really is where are they trending now because obviously that -- the undecideds get smaller and smaller and smaller with every single day. >> you get the sense, though, that they'll come out and vote? >> yeah. i think that's a big -- i have always said if you get to a point at the end of october and people are undecided, the question is are they really going to go vote at all? you know, pollsters look at how many times a given person they're talking to is voted in the past several presidential elections, and if there's a steady record of showing up, then obviously you think that's a likely voter, but, you know, the question is if you can't decide, a lot of people do
5:50 am
decide not to show up or here many some place where, you know, it snow that is day and they did g, you know, whatever. i think there's a high likelihood that some of them don't show up, and one of the questions i want to ask actually. >> mitt romney certainly seems to be cutting back on his fundraising efforts to go out and campaign after several republican senators distanced themselves after that fundraising video. how concerned is romney, do you think, about others jumping ship? >> their main concern is not others jumping ship. in the end every election there comes a point where it really is every candidate for themselves, and in general parties don't mind. what they want is to get -- if you are a republican, more republicans elected, and they want more democrats elected if you are a democrat, so it's -- there is this feeling, as you move closer to any election, hey, do what you have to do to get elected, but there has been a concerted effort twukly on the
5:51 am
part of congressman ryan and the number two on the ticket to say, okay, folks, you immediate to stick with us because it doesn't help to have folks kind of backing away from the top of the ticket, so they're concerned about it, but honestly, if you look at some of these polls and you know that you're going into the fall election where the president seemed to have the upper hand that the point, mitt romney's main concern has to be how do i shake this up some. >> yeah. certainly. candy crowley, thank you. nice to see you. >> sure. >> and keep it here for state of the union. it starts in about ten minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. presidential gaffs can range from amusing anecdotes to campaign killers. dean shows us history's biggest bloopers. good morning, dean. are you okay, babe?
5:52 am
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. sxwlirchlgts i'm sure by now ewe seen that secretly taped video of mitt romney in one ill-fated fundraiser. he managed to offend palestinians, latinos and some of the same people he is counting on for the election. president obama has been getting slack for his comments in 2008 also in a private fundraiser saying people in small midwest towns cling to their guns and religion. comedian dean joins me now from new york. dean, good morning. so you made a list, an interesting list, of some of the worst gaffs of democrats and
5:57 am
republicans. fwor gore taking credit for creating the internet was at the top of your list. >> that was -- to me that was the big one. one quick thing about mitt romney. it has been a horrible last couple of weeks. he is becoming the lindsey lohan of mrekz. it's missays tea after mistake. even lindsey lohan is, like, have you to get your crap together. al gore, creating the internet is something that showed us a different side. it's like taking credit for inventing electricity or the color red or something. bush actually used campaign ads against him. the idea that somehow any human being could have created the internet paints you as a pompus, arrogant guy. that was hard. >> let's talk recent republican gaffs, including rick perry, appearing, i guess you might say, a little loopy one day. >> yes, he did appear a little loopy. that i think painted a picture -- the hardest thing about rick perry at the republican presidential debate, he couldn't remember the third agency he wanted to -- you have
5:58 am
three agencies. look down. make it ease where i for yourself. wron whether it's drunk are ook playful. not remembering the agencies you want to get rid of in a national debate, that's a bad gaff. >> that's when you are cringing for him. >> of course, there's sarah palin and the katie couric interview on cbs from 2008. that made the list too. >> sarah palin to me -- if she would have run for president, it would have been an economic stimulus package for comedians. i wanted her to run. she already had a credibility issue, and when she said she didn't know -- she couldn't name the publications she was reading, i think to all of us it made us realize she probably is not reading any publications. it really became that obvious because you would say time magazine, newsweek, it mighting, drudge report. she couldn't answer the question. it really -- i think that really was a nail in her coffin saying this person might not be ready to be vice president, let alone president. >> we talked about mitt romney.
5:59 am
he certainly has made a few mistakes lately, but in 1968 it was his father, george, who also made a really big gaff. >> his father who was the governor of michigan and actually one of the leading republican candidates said he had supported the vietnam war and then was brainwashed -- exactly, there's the quote -- he was brainwashed by


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