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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 29, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PST

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welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. we begin with breaking news. former president george h.w. bush is at methodist hospital in houston after being treated for bronchitis. that is according to a family spokesman, jim mcgrath. president bush, who is 88 years old, has been at the hospital for six days now. he has been cured of his bronchitis, but mcgrath says he is still in the hospital because of a lingering cough. we're going to bring you more details as we get them. to today's big meeting at the white house. we don't know what's on the menu when president obama, mitt romney meet for lunch today. that's right. the president is hosting his former rival about 30 minutes or so from now. it is a promise the president made during a victory speech on election night. listen.
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>> it's only because we love this country deeply. we care so strongly about its future. in the weeks ahead i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> mitt romney, he was stunned by his defeat, but gracious in his concession speech. it looked like everybody was ready to make nice until romney's remarks in a phone call to top donors days after the election. he said he lost because president obama gave policy gifts to key voting groups, including miss panics, african-americans, and young voters. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> fast forward to today when romney will sit down with the president in a private dining room of the white house. the two carry on kind of an i guess awkward tradition. s this meeting between the
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winner and the loser. i want to bring in candy crowley, chief political correspondent. candy, if only we knew. if only. flies on the wall, you know? it's one of those private things that happens. they clear out everybody. . no cameras. nobody. the two of them sit down there and try to hash it out. what can you imagine they are discussing today? >> i can't, actually. this is something that you do. it's good for the country to see the person who lost, talk about the person who won, and we can all talk about bipartisanship, but, honestly, they fought hard because they don't believe in the same things. they don't believe in the same way to prosperity. they don't believe in the same way in foreign policy. they can agree that they love america. we do know, in fact, that there has been some democratic interest in one governor romney's ideas, which was to put a cap on deductions.
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just say, okay, you can only take, you know, this much of your income, that kind of thing. can i see that there might be a discussion about that, but the specifics are not going to be dealt with between mitt romney and president obama. that ship sailed. this has to do with the president and basically the republicans on the house side, so i see this more as a photo op. i guess we're fwog get a still picture and a read-out about their nice, cordal meeting. i'm not saying nothing could happen. i just think it's hard to figure what it would be. there's ain't lot of love between them here. they have to make nice. how do they begin, do you think, to work in the same direction, to kind of put that aside? how much of this relationship really needs repairing?
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>> i don't know that either one of them feel it needs repairing, frankly. i don't see mitt romney getting into public office any time soon. i think we know apparently from some of our reporting that he is going to rent an office from one of his sons which sort of signals to me that he will be interested in getting back in the private sector, maybe raising some money, maybe doing some things with his church, which is so meaningful to him. i don't see their paths crossing in a way that makes it necessary that they just bury the hatchet. look at john mccain and president obama, and who has been one of his fiercest critics, despite they had a meeting after the election. >> didn't work out so well. maybe it's more for the american people just to see these two guys shake hands and move on. >> sure. i think there's value to that. i think there's value in the speeches you just played a little bit about on election night, and i think there is
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value in a democracy to see two people who are from different parties who have very different ideas, who had a hard fault election sit down and have lunch together. i think in and of itself the lunch can be a great signal. i just don't think we can sort of see some pathway to harmony through it. >> not yet. okay. all right. candy, thank you. good too to see you, as always. >> good to see you. >> the u.s. embassy in egypt is now shut down. violence between protesters and police has blocked roads around the compound in central cairo. the protesters, they are actually not targeting the embassy. they have been demonstrating, however, for a week. there has been some fighting with riot police around tahrir square. they've got rocks, tear gas being hurled in the streets. demonstrators, they are trying to force president mohammed morsi to give back some of the
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sweeping powers that he seized earlier in the week. want to go live to cairo. reza sayah is overlooking tahrir square. is it calm where you are, and are people assuming that things are going to get better? there are a lot of critics who vague the broum brotherhood is really now trying to hijack the process, hijack the constitution and get the president to remain in power, as much power as he can hold on to. >> yeah. many of those critics, suzanne, are behind us. still demonstrating here in tahrir square. in the meantime, major developments unfolding. as we speak right now, egypt's constitutional assembly is voting to approve a draft of egypt's all-important new constitution. this is going to be the backbone, the centerpiece of egypt's democratic transition. all of egypt's laws are going to be based on this document. everything from the balance of power between the president and the parliament, the power of the army, the independence of the
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judiciary, the personal freedoms. once this draft is approved and all indications are it is going to be approved. in about 15 days you're going to have a nationwide referendum. all egyptians are going to have an opportunity to vote yes or no. that all sounds great initially there was 100 member panel designed to draft this constitution. it was dominated by islamists. many liberals quit in protest. some sued to dissolve the panel. you'll recall one of the controversial decrees announced by mr. morsi last week banned any authority, even the judiciary, from disbanding this panel. he wants it moved forward, suzanne, and one of the messages, he is aggressively pushing now is once have you this nationwide referendum, about 15 days and it's a yes vote, all those controversial decrees that people were upset about will be canceled immediately. he is hoping that will calm the opposition factions down behind us. we'll see if it does. >> yeah.
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we have yet to see whether or not that will satisfy the critics that have been on the streets there in tahrir square. reza, thank you so much. really appreciate it. we'll be following the story. this is a piece that you're only going to see on cnn. rebels, they are making significant gains now inside syria. we're going to take you inside the country to a site where a government plane was shot down. plus, there are celebrations that are going on in ramallah, but not everybody is happy the united nations is making a move to recognize the palestinians. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with
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shopping fdon't wait. coverage? more about the cold truth open enrollment ends december 7th. now's the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare today. >> this is aleppo, syria today. the man taking the video says the explosion and the moneying is from a strike by a syrian air force jet. opposition forces inside syria say at least 12 people have been killed today. most of them there in aleppo. we hear the road that is leading to damascus international
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airport is now shut down because there is fighting in that area as well. we've got another major development this week. rebel fighters who claim they have shot down three syrian military aircraft in a 24 hour period, much more on that, including the close-up footage of the wreckage. in just a minute. first, on the phone from northern syria, cnn's arwa damon. arwa, you have been inside, and we understand a lot of the communications is now down across syria. what do we know? >> reporter: can i tell you right now the area i'm in at the very least there is no cell phone reception or no power. people are telling us that this has been the case for quite some time now, and this particular area, in fact, they say that the internet has been shut down for three to four months. we're hearing reports of various internet blackouts taking place throughout the entire country. op sfwligs active i says saying this is a tactic that the assad regime has used in the past, although not as widespread as it
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seems to be in this case. we've been traveling quite extensively over the last two days, and what is quite striking is that areas, neighborhoods, cities that, one could not travel through, say, two months ago because they were under the control of the assad regime or because they were battle zones are now beginning to have signs of civilian life returning to them because they are firmly in control of the opposition. in fact, there are vast areas of territory in aleppo territory that the government no longer controls, except for sporadic cities that are predominantly shia but by and large in the parts of the aleppo, we've been able to travel significantly more east than what we've been able to based on two months ago. >> i understand that we are communicating via satellite. because of the cell phone service, it's down. who is responsible, first of all, for this blackout, this information blackout, this international blackout, and how
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is that affecting people who are trying to communicate with each other inside the country? >> well, the op sfwligs activist that is we've been talking to, people traveling from here, have been saying this. this is the government's way of trying to shut down communications, trying to prevent various units of the fsa from communicating with each other, trying to make it more difficult for people to upload the youtube videos that we have come to rely on so heavily. technically because it's been so difficult to access. you can also imagine how difficult it makes life for people out there who just want to be able to call or communicate via the internet with family members, with loved ones, who in other parts of the country when they hear about violence taking place there. especially the electricity blackouts that are increase leg more difficult for people to deal with as well. especially because it's winter. it gets dark at around 4:30 in the afternoon here. people are sitting around trying to figure out what is happening with their relatives, with their
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loved ones. they have no electricity, no means of communicating with them. in some areas, including the one i'm in, they're saying that even the rail lines have been down for quite some time now. >> arwa, before we let you go, because it is so unique that you are actually inside of the country experiencing all this firsthand, what is the situation on the ground? do you feel safe? do you see fighting that is occurring around you? >> well, we have been trying to make our way through various parts of aleppo province. the areas that we have been through, as i was saying, are under control of the opposition, but one does hear fighter jets overhead occasionally. closer to the city of aleppo. you can hear explosions in the distance. yesterday we were at the scene of where opposition rebel fighters say that they shot down that fighter jet in the same area where they shot down the two helicopters beforehand, and afterwards we went to the place where they said they managed to capture the surface-to-air
9:17 am
missiles. they used to shoot down these aircrafts. as we began to hear the sounds of explosions in the distance, the rebel fighters we were with was saying that was fairly regular. that ones the sun was down, that is when the intense bombing campaign would begin by -- most certainly what is striking at this time is just how much territory this reagan tag rebel fighting force has managed to gain given the fact that they are pretty much on their own in all of this and not any sort of significant international support zoosh thank you very much. please be safe. we'll be getting back to you shortly for updates out of syria. >> we'll have a live report from london. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines.
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tabloid journalists in britain lisping in on the private phone calls of celebrities. listening in on the british royal family. even ordinary citizens. this was a scandal that rocked the british press, but one of their oldest tabloids put them
9:21 am
out of business and led to a year-long ethics investigation of phone hacking. well, today the judge leading that investigation issued his final report. it calls on the tabloids to set up an independent panel to regulate their practices. british prime minister david cameron reacted to the judge's decision. >> a regulatory system that complies with the principles should be put in place rapidly. i favor giving the press a limited period of time in which to do this. they do not need to wait for all the other elements of the report to be implemented. while no one wants to see full stat other regulation, let me suggest the stat kwuso is not an option. >> we'll have more on this story from our dan rivers out of london in just a bit. we can call him up. meantime, japanese authorities are now dealing with this mysterious boat. it was found grounded off the country's sadu island in the sea
9:22 am
of japan. now, inside police found a number of decomposed bodies. the damaged wooden boat has markings that appear to be korean characters. authorities think it may be noshgtan fishermen or defectors. this don't know how long the boat had been adrift at sea. u.s.-based continental airlines is now cleared of blame in the crash of the concorde back in 2000. 113 people were killed when the high speed jet went down on takeoff at charles de gaulle airport outside of paris. today an appeals court in france ruled that continental is not criminally liable of negligence or manslaughter. now, the ruling comes two years after another court ruled that couldn't nemts was responsible for that crash. want to go back to dan rivers in london. i understand we have got a connection there. dan, you've got some more information on what is taking place. the judge ruling the final ruling and recommendation from his report regarding some of the british tabloids that got into
9:23 am
some serious trouble from phone hacking all the way to essentially spying on the royal family and many others. what do we know? >> where he. basically this is a response to this sprawling phone hacking scandal in the u.k. which exposed the way that tabloid journalists were going about getting stories. not only doing things in a very underhand way. in many cases breaking the criminal law to get stories. hacking into the phones of celebrities, of sports stars, of politicians, even of murder victims and of the victims of terrorism. a broad range of victims. now a huge volume of suggestions, 2,000 pages in total, from the judge that's been charged with trying to come up to a solution of how better to regulate the british press. basically the suggestion is it should be an independent form of
9:24 am
regulation of the press with some sort of legislation to back that up, but basically the press should have an independent body overseeing it, making sure that it's playing fair and that the people who feel that they're not treated well have a means, a cheap means, of getting redress, getting apologies on the front pages, getting compensation if necessary. >> dan, i notice one thing you said. you said suggestions. so is this completely voluntarily? how would this be ens forced? does the independent body have real teeth, real power in enforcing how the press behaves? >> well, it's a very delicate balancing act that he has tried to perform here, lord justice levinson. we don't have the first amendment here grarn teeing the freedom of the press, and so they're very concerned that they don't try and muzzle the press, while at the same time trying to gently suggest that they all join this scheme. they're not going to force the press to join this regulatory
9:25 am
scheme, but there are going to be -- there's going to be sort of financial jeopardy if papers don't join in, it is suggested. they could be liable to greater damages in court cases, for example, and they're talking about a kind of stamp of approval of patients in the scheme could put on the front page to say this is a trusted brand of jumplism. they're trying to entice them in. the question is will the politicians agree to implement any of this? >> good question. thank you, dan. appreciate it. we're talking about a brutal $6 billion campaign filled with those masty attack ads. you remember them. well, now president obama and former rival mitt romney, are they ready to bury the hatchet? break bread together? well, that is about to happen at the white house. minutes away we're going to have a live report. could be kind of an awkward lunch date. of tablets from del. it's changing the conversation. ♪
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president obama and mitt
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romney should be sitting down to lunch any time. it's the first face-to-face encounter since the election. it comes at a time when romney's favorability ratinged is now down. the new cnn-roc poll showing 40% of respondents say they have a favorable opinion of rom my. that is down from 49% just before the election. they say they have an unfavorable opinion of romney is at 50%. that is up from 47%. not exactly the way mitt romney had envisioned himself at the white house. of course, he was picturing himself in the oval office, but the president says he does want to hear romney's ideas for moving the country forward. jim accosta followed romney throughout the campaign. now at the white house there. jim, i can't tell you how many people -- twriter is blowing up -- over recommendations about the menu and what should be on the menu that these two should be eating. crow has come up. you get the picture. right? people are wondering what good will come of all of this. we have taken a live picture there of romney actually arriving at the white house. sdoo that's right. he is here. >> yep. we see him walking up the side
9:30 am
entrance there. what's the expectation from romney's point of view? i think bipartisanship will be on the menu. the president extended this olive branch. on election night he said he wanted get together with the former massachusetts governor and talk about ways of bringing the country together and moving the country forward. remember, suzanne, at the end of mitt romney's campaign for the white house, he was talking about bipartisanship. that was a big theme, and it was really more than just talk. if you look at the track record for the former gop nominee. after all, when he was governor of massachusetts, he was able to work with the democratic legislature in terms of getting health care reform passed and that health care reform, as we all know, became the proto type for the president's health care law. i think there are things that these two men can talk about, but at the same time, suzanne, keep in mind both of these men hardly know each other. we were reporting during the campaign before those debates got started that they had met
9:31 am
personally only four or five times, and that might explain a little bit as to why the campaign got so nasty. this is done behind closed doors, no cameras. i can dell thaw an hour ago, at 11:00 this morning, he wrapped up a meeting with his former running mate paul ryan, had a chance to talk to a republican source close to mitt romney who said the meeting went "great." we should get a statement from paul ryan's office shortly. >> jim, who has romney been up to these days? what is he doing now? does he have any plans coming up? >> he has been laying low. you might remember he did tweet out that picture on thanksgiving of he and his wife, ann romney, who was, as we all recall, one of his big weapons during the campaign, inside their house on thanksgiving morning. pretty much not much else beside
9:32 am
that. he did have that controversial conference call with his daughters where he made comments that got him into hot water and brought him under criticism within the republican party. we did talk to a couple of sources close to mitt romney yesterday who said that he is subletting space at the offices much his son tag's investment firm in boston, and he is not not joining the firm, so the translation is he does not have a permanent day job, which brings us back to what's happening here. is this just a show of bipartisanship, something that happens between the viktor and the defeated in a presidential campaign, or is there something else more in store? mitt romney is arriving here at the white house at an interesting time. not only are the fiscal cliff talks going on, which mitt romney might have some input on that, but suzanne, as you well know, what is also happening right now, they are getting prepared for the inauguration just outside the grounds of the white house. they're putting up the bleachers for what's happening on january 21st. probably a bittersweet moment
9:33 am
for mitt romney as well on that front. >> yeah. that's probably true. let us know what they're serve and if there's anything that comes out of their discussions today. thanks, jim. good to see you, as always. palestinians, they want their own state, of course, and a vote by the u.n. today could actually put them one step closer to getting it. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne,
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♪ >> good news for the palestinians. what you are watching now, celebrations in the west bank, as they are preparing for a symbolic victory over israel. the general assembly of the united nations is almost certain to grant the palestinians a status upgrade. this is a step that palestinians hope will eventually lead to recognition as an independent state. take a look at the crowd that's gathered there. this is yasser arafat square in
9:37 am
ramallah. ♪ their president mahmoud abbas live. the vote is scheduled to be happening two and a half hours from now. this is something that israel and the u.s. have spent months lobbying against. i want to bring in jim clancy to put this in perspective here from cnn international. jim, first of all, what does this mean in very plain terms, for the palestinians if they get this upgraded status at the u.n., the significance? >> somebody calls them a state. they are allowed to join international organizations. they're even allowed to join the international criminal court. now, this is what worries israel and the united states because in doing so, they could file complaints with the court about the occupation, how palestinians are being treated. right now they have no such recourse. this is what could trigger a backlash by the u.s. and israel, who are downplaying it now saying that it's really meaningless, it doesn't have much meaning, and in a sense
9:38 am
they're right, but for the palestinians, as can you see there in ramallah, it has incredible meaning, and it's got meaning for mahmoud abbas and fatah. this is a group completely sidelined by what hamas was doing in gaza. these are the palestinians that recognize israel's right to exist, and they haven't gotten anything out of this peace process in a very, very long time. >> is it true -- because what's been in the news is hamas, the negotiations that took place with israel over the back and forth, the firing of rockets that, type of thing, there is a cease-fire that's in place, but it was largely due that it was the leadership of hamas that had gained ground from that. something sd this put mahmoud abbas, the west bank, does it give him a push here? does it -- >> it gives him a little bit of a boost, but, you know, the reality is that the whole strategy of confronting israel with weapons is what gained credibility and we should all be concerned about it. >> that's hamas? >> that's hamas, and i think a lot of people that will vote in favor of this, and it accident
9:39 am
like they have more than 130 nations that will include u.s. allies. i must say were pressured and pressured heavily to do this. all of those states are basically saying they -- somebody ought to reward the people that are standing up for peace in the middle east, and they're also saying, you know what, we are sick and tired of the palestinian-israeli conflict just being like a geopolitical rock of gibraltar on the landscape of the middle east. it is forever with us. you know, this isn't everything that they're doing at the u.n. today, but by casting a vote, they're saying for god sakes, somebody do something. >> is it possible -- i mean, i don't know if this is far fetched. is it possible that hamas gains recognition over the cease-fire, then you have the palestinians and abbas gaining recognition from this status, this upgrade in status, that you could get the two sides together, hamas and the palestinian authority, and people will be united and stronger. >> at the last minute they said we'll support abbas going to the u.n., but there's a huge gap
9:40 am
there between those two sides. unifying the palestinian people may only come, you know, in one of the later stages. there's a lot of people that support abbas. even in the gaza strip, there's a lot of people that are unhappy with the way that hamas has been running things. you know, at this point in time those two sides are as far apart as ever. >> you told me last week -- you said that secretary clinton, hillary clinton, when she was in the region, she told abbas don't do this, don't push this at the u.n. well, he has done this, so what does this mean in terms of u.s. -- >> not completely clear, as they said. if he were -- if the palestinians were to join the international criminal court and then file complaints against the israelis, you know, i think you would definitely see motions by this administration to cut their funding. you may see that anyway. even if they join the international criminal court in reaction, the israelis have threatened that they were going to, you know, pull out support, cut the tax revenues, but in the
9:41 am
end the palestinian hort is important to israel because they provide the policing there. israel doesn't want to have to go back in and take over, and that's exactly what abbas threatened them with. i'll give you the keys to the palestinian authority headquarters. come and take them. the israelis really don't want them. >> i sense this is an important story. i mean, obviously. you are talking about the palestinians that suffer greatly if the u.n. pulled out that money and leverage there, but they are moving -- >> the u.s. has to be careful not to be on the wrong side. i mean, there's a change here that's taking place in the middle east. look at syria today, what's happening all across the middle east. >> okay. we got to leave it there. >> all right. >> thank you very much. they're buzzing overhead. they are actually looking down on us from above. we're going to tell you why it is not just terror suspects who are being watched by drones and why some think the new technology could be violating our privacy. maybe new buildings?
9:42 am
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we're watching a developing story in boston. this is two trolleys that have collided. as many as 20 people might have been injured there. this accident has now shut down the massachusetts bay transportation authority known as the t. we're looking at pictures there from wcvb. those aerials of the crash site. as soon as we get more information, we're going to dip back into that and see if we can get more details. again, a passenger train crashing in the boston area. as many as 20 people who might be injured on the t.
9:45 am
critics say the u.s. is now overstepping its bounds by targeting terrorists outside its borders. now if congress has its way, drones may be coming to the skies over the u.s. for aerial surveillance, or even crop-dusting. in a documentary called "drone on" vice media explores the fears, hopes, and uncertainty surrounding u.s. drones. here's a part of it. ♪ >> new york city captured by a swiss drone hobbyist. as you're probably thinking, yes, this is illegal as all hell. i'll be the first to say that doing this sort of thing over the site of the worst terrorist attacks on american soil, probably not the best idea. the drone view that you've seen probably looks a bit more like this. or more accurately this.
9:46 am
the grainy pixelated bird's eye views of uav's offer have become wildly popular on the internet. maybe you've heard of the grim footage under its known day youtube, drone porn. how did we arrive at the robo-wars? where are they taking us? to get an idea, we left our brooklyn offices for washington d.c. to meet up with p.w. singer, one of the world's foremost experts on military robotics. >> we are wrestling with what it means to live, work, and fight through a robotics issue. the technology that we're using, with things like the predator or the pac-bot, those are model t ford. those are wright brothers equivalents, but even with that first generation, we're seeing impact on questions like how do we catch up on our laws? in war. also, how do we catch up our
9:47 am
laws domestically as we start to see that technology move over the domestic side. >> he produced that documentary for on-line news. vice media it's called. he is joining us from new york. brian, first of all, the gentleman who we just saw there, very even-handed when he talked about the need for us to have a healthy debate in this country about the use of drones. we saw an article that caught our attention, the "new york times", reporting that president obama had been working on getting the rules on the books to protect the drone policy in case he didn't win re-election. he has since won, so it doesn't really make that much of a difference, but he did say in a book -- a book, the killing of osama bin laden, "there's a remoteness to it that makes it tempting to think we can without a mess on our hands, solve vehiclesing military problems." he is talking about those questions in place, about the appropriateness of using these unmanned drones. what do you think americans need to know?
9:48 am
>> well, i think moving forward now that the pressure is off, obviously, romney lost, i think right now we're going to kind of return to the moral and ethical and legal slog that has marked a lot of the white house to this point surrounding who can be struck by a drone and when. i wouldn't say we're going to rush into a rule book right away, but i think when we get to that point, people should know that i think we're iffing to see sort of a thorough rethinking of the so-called signature strikes whereby a militant can be taken out without his identity being known, so i think there's been enough criticism there that that's going to have to be rethought. right now, basically, if you are a male of adult age, that's fair game in the middle eastern horn of africa. i think we'll see an admission
9:49 am
to the drone program. to this point obama really hasn't spoken too much about this. he has had a few public remarks, but, you know, even today white house and cia lawyers don't admit to this at all. >> you have the drones in the united states that are being used for surveillance. do you think there should be two sets of rules, those that are used inside the country in surveillance and those that are targeting the militants outside? >> sure. i mean, any critic will tell you that we already have rules for drones abroad, and that's
9:50 am
international law. by 2015 the faa wants to totally include drones into domestic airspace, be it for surveillance or just for the so-called triple d we will need guidelines there. >> it's a fascinating documentary. it should also be noted too that it was president bush who essentially started the drone program and it has been expanded under president obama. brian, thanks again. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> sure. it's a campaign promise that the president has not been able to keep. closing the prison at guantanamo bay. there's a new report that suggests this could change. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
9:51 am
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zoopt to go directly to the white house. we have jessica yellin with new details about some of the negotiations taking place behind closed doors between the president and congressional members, the republicans, on avoiding going over the fiscal cliff. jess, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, you know, the news here today is that in a phone call yesterday between the president and speaker boehner, i'm told by ae person familiar with the call, that the president made clear to the speaker that for him there will be no deal on the fiscal cliff unless both sides agree to raise rates on the wealthiest. that means raise tax rates for top earners. the reason that this is news is because there's been discussion publicly that perhaps they could find a rev new agreement where it would just involve capping deductions or maybe they could get to revenue just through tax reform, and with this piece of detail from that phone call yesterday, it would seem that the democrats, the president personally, is drawing a line saying those other ways are not
9:55 am
enough. his campaign message that the top earners have to pay more, he is sticking to that line many these negotiations. >> jess, do we know how the republicans responded to this red line? >> well, speaker boehner was frustrated, wrovl, and came out with -- in his press conference today basically accusing the president of not leading on the issue. both sides are calling for the white house to come forward with spending cuts first, tell us where you are going to cut spending, before we, the republicans, will say whether we'll go along with you on tax rates. >> okay. there's a red line that's been drawn there in negotiations. we'll sigh how this goes. wrer just weeks away from potentially facing that so-called fiscal cliff. >> president bim promised to close guantanamo bay two days after his inauguration, and he promised to do it within a year. political opposition, in part, derailed those plans, and now a congressional investigation says
9:56 am
there is no reason that gitmo cannot be closed and all inmates moved here to the united states. i want to bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin from new york. first of all, we saw senator dianne feinstein, chair of the senate intelligence committee, ordering this investigation four years ago, and now she's saying she believes that there is proof that gitmo can be closed. is that accurate? how do you read this? >> this has been a disaster for the obama administration. this has been a failure. the congress has been at the president's throat about this. basically what could happen here, instead of closing it all at once, this report suggests that the 166 people left can be brought one at a time into the united states to be tried. some of these people have been there for almost ten years and charges haven't been brought against them. some will be charged by military
9:57 am
tribe unl in guantanamo. some can be tried in american courts in america through some combination. that's pretty much how it looks like it will be. it will be thinned out if not closed. there are six prisons and federal prisons that can handle these gitmo detainees. it also says that the changes should be made at some of the sites. what are we talking about logistically. >> it doesn't strike me as all that lodgist iing -- a huge logistical challenge. i have been to guantanamo a couple of times. the prisons built there are actually built on the models, the actual physical plans of american maximum security prisons. it's not like they are in dramatically different settings than they would be in the united states.
9:58 am
>> do they want to take on the political heat when they've lost so many times on this issue? >> thank you, jeff. appreciate it. we have more news after the break. bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. [ male announcer ] are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. so don't wait. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions.
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10:01 am
i'm suzanne malveaux. before we continue, george h.w. bush is being treated for a lingering cough following a bout of bronc kites. the former president is 88 years old. he was hospitalized six days ago at methodist hospital in houston. well, he is expected to be released by the weekend. it f we learn more, of course, we'll bring it to you live. now to today's big meeting at the white house. imagine it, kind of awkward, wrau, like a first date compained with the bitter political campaign. that's one way to describe what's happening here. a lunch date between the president and mitt romney. we actually -- there you go. you see him there. caught a glimpse of-mitt romney as he arrived at the white house. that happened really just moments ago. it is the first face-to-face meeting between the two since
10:02 am
the election. >> what do we expect? >> we'll find out afterwards what went on. the lunch is a private lunch. no cameras, no reporters allowed inside, but we may get a read-out from the white house afterwards. as we just showed you, mitt romney did arrive very punctual, we might add. mitt romney has a thing for being punctual, and he was right here at the white house at 12:30 on the dot. some interesting lore to give you, suzanne, something to note as he was on his way in the white house or into the white house grounds, he was in a vehicle, and apparently as he was trying to make his way through the gate, he rolled down his window, or somebody in his vehicle rolled down the window and a man approached the vehicle and was yelling, mitt, mitt, and perhaps some expletives as we understand from our photojournalist who shot this, and that man was quickly ushered away by secret service. we don't know anything more than that at this point besides the
10:03 am
fact that mitt romney was able obviously as we know to successfully enter the grounds on the white house and have this lunch with the president. i can tell you that an hour and a half prior to this meeting with the president he did sit down with his former running mate paul ryan, and i did have a quote, if we could throw up a full screen on screen for you to tell you exactly what went on at this meeting. >> sure. >> this is from an aide to congressman paul ryan. it says, "congressman ryan had a constructive and positive conversation with mitt romney this morning. in addition to sharing updates from their families and reflections from the campaign, their forward-looking conversation focused on the critical fiscal and economic challenges ahead. that is a hint, suzanne, that they did talk about the fiscal cliff and, by the way, that aide did confirm this was their first meeting together since the election. >> and, jim, talk a little bit about what mitt romney is expecting or hoping out of his meeting with the president here. i mean, this was a bitter campaign. it was personal in some ways, and i imagine they have some work to do before they'll even
10:04 am
sit down and really listen to each other. >> that's right, suzanne. i think some fence-mend issing probably going to happen at this meeting, but keep in mind, you know, i think we talked about this at half past 12:00. mitt romney and barack obama, they hardly know each other. they had only seen each other in person a handful of times in their entire lives before those first debates, so they will have some of that catching up to do. they do have a lot of things in common. they both passed health care reform, and they both have a thing, according to aides to both mitt romney and to the president, for cutting the waste out of government. press secretary jay carney talked about that yesterday at the briefing here at the white house, and mitt romney, you'll recall, when he was governor of magazines mass, faced his own budget that was not in balance, and in addition to cutting programs in massachusetts, he raised a whole battery of different fees, which democrats and his republican rivals later called round-about tax
10:05 am
increases. mitt romney does have some, i guess, some expertise in this area, you might say, and he did have some areas for getting the budget balanced during the campaign that i think the president will also want to talk about. >> had this might be the beginning. >> we'll get a read-out if you find out if they've made any progress on all of those points. thank you very much, jim. appreciate it. the lunch, wrovl, between the president and mitt romney is carrying on tradition. it's a meeting between the winner and, of course, the one who lost the election. also, very much a symbol of how in this country there's a peaceful transition of power
10:06 am
that some take for granted, actually. joining us to give us a little perspective on the tradition and its significance, author and presidential historian david brinkley. author of the book "cronkite." you and i had a chance to talk about this yesterday where we get a chance to see what comes of this meeting. very symbolic. jim was talking about a lot of specifics here, and we talk about the fiscal cliff. in some ways this is really a lot about symbolism and more for us, i think, than the two of them. can you describe what you think it means? >> sure. well, let me start by just saying across the street from where i'm at at rice, george herbert walker bush has been in the hospital, and we wish him a speedy recovery from his illness. it's an example of how you can form a friendship at these meetings. bill clinton had beat the sitting president, george herber walker bush, and they met similar to the way romney and obama are now, and now clinton
10:07 am
and 41 are dear, close friends and have done many constructive things together around the world. i think, by and large, these meetings, the luncheon today, will be about optics. it's the photo ops. it's a chance to say america is united. there may be an opportunity here for mitt romney to come out and talk about the fiscal cliff or saying we must avoid falling off it towards something that could be helpful to the white house in the end. i remember back in 2008 it was john mccain that met with president obama. they met in his office in chicago. not at the white house. it seemed like that was the beginning, potentially of two leaders really working together. we have since seen that deteriorate.
10:08 am
>> we can't judge personal kem tri. i think barack obama has more at stake in this lunch in the end than mitt romney. if obama can get romney to say something positive about moving a health care agenda forward after all obama care was built on the backs of romney care. if he can say something about the fiscal cliff, the president can gain some bipartisan credibility. it's also the right thing to do. the real tradition of this is started in 1960 with kennedy meeting nixon in florida, and since then it's pretty much pro forma. what is 50-50 is whether a friendship gets developed out of this kind of lunch. >> this is the kind of thing that we take for granted in the united states. you really have to think about it, when there is no peaceful transition. >> well, you know, i recently wrote about the kennedy assassination, and it's amazing.
10:09 am
here our president was killed in dallas in 1963, and in many countries people would go riot in the streets, but in america lyndon johnson was sworn in, and it's a smooth transition of power. look at gore verse bush in 2000. went all the way to the supreme court, but there they were breaking bread together, vice president gore and then incoming president bush. it is what -- what we're seeing today the healthy side of our democracy. >> all right. douglas brinkley, thank you. good to see you, as always. i want to turn to another story here. we are going to boston. these are aerial shots here of a train crash in boston. we understand reports that as many as 20 people might have been injured from this crash. we don't have a lot of information about this, but we are looking at the boston common there, and this is, you know, known as the t, the transit system there, and we understand that because of a crash, at
10:10 am
least 20 people have been injured. we're going to have more details as soon as we can, as soon as we get more information we'll bring that back up. we'll take a quick break. ♪ [ male announcer ] you build a reputation by not breaking down. consider the silverado 1500 -- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. and now trade up to get a 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $9,000.
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from outstanding value to standing the test of time, chevy runs deep. oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike.
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10:13 am
here. two trolleys that have collided. we're just getting information and details now. six people are injured. 20 are being evacuated for potential injuries. this is video of the scene here. this in the area of park and tremont. my old stomping grounds. went to college in the boston yar. the transportation authority saying that this took place at boilston street station. what we are being told is that six have been hospitalized, and less of a crash and more of one train bumping into another. that is the way one journalist is describing what took place there because had it been more serious, could have been a lot more people injured with much greater injuries. six people have been taken to the hospital. you are looking at first those air wral shots there on the left, and then to the right.
10:14 am
the graphic of that -- the area in general. as soon as we have more information about some of the details, we'll go back to a live report out of boston. i understand we have -- that's right. we do have a live report. we have mike bello with the boston globe. you are there. i understand you are at the paper, but you are reporting on this, correct? >> what do we know? >> let me tell you, at this point the accident happened around 11:53. t officials are saying one trolley bumped into another, but there was no derailment, no visible damage. many of these passengers were reporting back and neck pain. apparently according to witnesses one of the trains was stopped at the station. the other train came from behind. people were getting off the first train when it was bumped by the other train. one witness said he saw one man get knocked out of the door on to the concrete platform. most people, it appears, walked
10:15 am
away from this thing, but the boston ems set up two triage stations to treat people. it looks like six people were taken to hospitals with what looks like nonlife-threatening injuries. 27 people were being evacuated at the scene. many passengers were being evaluated by medical personnel. >> do we know if there was any warning when that one train was coming and the other train was just sitting there? did the train beep or honk or do anything to say, look, get out of the way here? >> there was no indication of that. it appears that the people were caught by surprise with the other train bumping. that's how it was described. bumping into it. not a massive collision, but a bump. people were certainly surprised when the first train, but there
10:16 am
was a lot of calm. there appeared to be no panic, and people -- ems people arrived on the scene to evaluate the walking wounded. >> mike, thank you very much. appreciate it. from "the boston globe." >> he called the show "two and a half men" filth. this is how christian beliefs have him questioning the show that actually made him famous. we're going to take a look at keeping the faith in hollywood. sxwro i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on the next list meet max little, a math whiz and an innovator. >> my name is max little, and i'm screening the population for parkinson's disease use -- >> he has a bold idea. what if doctors could detect parkinson's disease simply by the sound of your voice? max little is close to proving just that. he says one simple voice test can determine if someone has parkinson's.
10:17 am
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an actor and a popular tv sit comgetting a lot of heat for calling his show anti-christian filth. cnn's corin winters reports on angus jones' comments and the backlash as well. ♪ men, men >> he is the kid with the clever lines on the cbs hit comedy "two and a half men." >> i've seen so much crazy stuff in this house i could write a book.
10:21 am
>> it's not a book, but a video that's gone viral. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." >> reporter: where child actor angus jones lamb lambarry alvarezess his own preliminary while professing his love for christianity. >> you cannot be a true god-fearing person and ob a television show like that. >> reporter: but the 19-year-old who reportedly earns $350,000 an episode on a show he has been part of for nearly a decade apologized for his remarks, but for the celebrity turned devout christian, the damage was done. even fellow actors took jabs. the office star rain wilson released a video mocking the quote christian craze "two and a half men" star. >> please don't watch the office. it's on the office. it's filth. >> we're used to hearing child stars being arrested. only in hollywood could this be seen as something negative. >> pepperdine university professor and thee lonelying algan says there's a price to pay for that religious display.
10:22 am
>> this may should be maybe mrauded rather than attacked. but i think it reflects longstanding tensions between hollywood and religious community. there's far more christians in hollywood than people may realize, but rarely do they have an opportunity to speak out so public and boldly. >> stars like jim, mel gibson, and kirk cameron haven't shied away from publicly expressing their spirituality. >> god gave me a very strong faith in something that would promise to lead me in positive directions. >> reporter: now this teen is making headlines. the seventh day adventist -- >> i don't think i would be on the show this year if god hadn't kind of pushed me into it because otherwise i genuinely didn't want to do another year of the show. >> that's it. time to get a new kid. >> critics say jones, who for eight years, worked along side tv bad boy charlie seen sheen, has left a black eye on the
10:23 am
show, which sought an image makeover after sheen's departure in 2011. cbs hasn't commented on the controversy or jones' future with the show, but outspoken sheen has calling the show "cursed." the next chapter for this young star hasn't been written, but it appears he is a n no hurry. >> no matter what happens in the day, it is just a great day, you know, because i get to be a part of what god is doing in this world. mega church founder rick warren says that president obama is "unfriendly" to religion. now, this is the same religion leader who gave the invocation at the president's first inauguration. back then he praised him for commitment to civility. now warren has a new book out entitled what on earth am i here for? in his first book, the purpose-driven life, has been a best seller list for more than a decade. earlier today he talked with my colleague rick baldwin about his new book and his concern for the
10:24 am
american people. >> i learned a lot of things in the last ten years. when you write a book that now over 60 million readers just in america, according to gallop poll, 60 million people, that's 20% of america read, i'm not exaggerating, i probably have received half a million letters, and i still ten years later get hundreds of letters a day. >> how many do you actually read? >> not that many. as i read them, the ones that i have read, it really made me sympathetic to people's hurts. there's a lot of pain out there. >> all right. powerball, one of the winning powerball tickets was a $10 quick pick ticket. it was sold at four suns food store in fountain hills, arizona. if you didn't win the jackpot, you could still hold the winning numbers. look at the powerball payout up next. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about your old 401(k). tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 you know, the one that's been lying around. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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all right. i didn't win, but if you bought a powerball lottery ticket in arizona or missouri, it could be a multi-millionaire right now. check the tickets. winning numbers 5, 23, 16, 22, 29. powerball, 6. winning powerball tickets sold at a convenience store at dearborn, missouri, just outside kansas city. a lucky ticketholder is going to split an estimated $88 million jackpot. that is the largest ever. pretty amazing. the winning ticket sold in arizona at a food store, right? >> a food store, and we have the name of it. it is the four suns food store in fountain hills, arizona. so, suzanne, anyone watching, if you have been to that convenience store, it's also a gas station, you are going to want to look at your ticket. i spoke to the store manager of
10:29 am
that gas station, and he said he calls all of this simply unbelievable. you hear about people winning all the time, and you never actually think that you're going to be the one who sells it. now that this store is set -- has sold it, he is saying that he hopes he was one who actually did it. the lottery officials here in arizona are telling us that it was a $10 quick pick, and the person that was going to get this jackpot is going to have to split with that person in missouri. something else we should mention, though. okay. just because you now know that the big jackpot is gone, don't throw that ticket away because there's an estimated 8.9 million other small prizes that you'll want to double-check. that's how much has been doled out. maybe you don't have the big one, but you may have ale million dollars. there are 68 million tickets floating out there. has anyone come fashd and said i'm one of those winners? >> no one has come forward.
10:30 am
>> you have to sign the back of it. get a lawyer. you know, make -- get a financial planner. very surreal to actually think about doing that, but there are two people in america who are probably doing that right now. >> do they have to become public? do they have to be public? can they be anonymous and still get the money? >> not technically anonymous. they can abstain from a media appearance, but they have to tell the lottery official who's they are. you know, the lottery does encourage them to do media interviews. like to see if the person crops up later on in the day. >> next go round for us. we'll win next time. all right. thanks. good to see you. >> you can always dream, right? >> i guess. >> background checks for gun buyers, they are actually up after president obama's re-election. why americans why. why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow.
10:31 am
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are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. . >> president h.w. bush was hospitalized at methodist hospital in houston. we're getting a statement from his office that reads "president bush has been in and out of methodist hospital in the texas medical center being treated for complications related to his bronc kites. he is in stable condition and is expected to be released within the next 72 hours. former president is 88 years old. we wish him the best in his
10:34 am
health. americans are now buying more guns these days. a lot more guns on the first black friday last week. more people asked the fbi if they could own a gun than ever before on a single day. take a look at this. black friday 2012 almost 155,000 people submitted an fbi firearms background check request, and that is up, way up, from previous black fridays. this is really the best way to measure gun sales since the government doesn't track actual purchases. gun store owners say customers are driven by one major issue. they belief a democratic president will crack down on gun ownership or even take away their guns. people are stockpiling ammunition. they did it back in 2008. according to store owners, they're doing it again. joining us from new york is craig whitney. he is a former foreign correspondent and editor of the morning times. also wrote a book living with guns, a liberal's case for the
10:35 am
second amendment. >> ever since president obama was elected national rifle association is saying that what he really wants to do is take their guns away from them eventually. people think you better buy your gun now or you may not get a chance. he has won a second term, so better get a gun if you want one. it's nonsense, of course, but it seems to have traction with a lot of people. >> tell us why do you suppose this is still such a hot button issue? i mean, this is not -- give us a reality check, if you will, because the president certainly has not threatened to take away anybody's weapon. >> no. in fact, he has signed legislation that makes it possible to take a gun with you on to an amtrak train in a locked container or a national
10:36 am
park brsh it's that the nra spreads fear among gun owners and people who are sympathetic to gun ownership that what liberals really want is to make sure that nobody in this country can have guns. mre purpose in writing this b k book. >> they have a right it own those guns, and there has been an effort to limit their abilities, their rights to do that. >> well, there have been gun control measures throughout the history of the republic and the constitutional -- the supreme court ruling that gun ownership was an individual right.
10:37 am
two rulings in 2008 and 2010. both said -- both those supreme court rulings said that reasonable gun control measures are constitutional, but the nra does spread fear. it was telling its members all during this year leading up to the election that president obama, if re-elected, would not only take away your gun freedom but all our freedoms, and if that isn't fear-mongering, i don't know what is. >> it's interesting that the gun -- anti-gun lobbying group, the brady campaign, gave the president an f on gun control policy during his first term. how do you explain that, that the president doesn't really seem to be winning from either group on either side? >> no. he has never done anything to advance gun control. as i said, he signed two measures that make it easier to take guns into certain places, and he has never done anything or said anything really to indicate that he has firm plans to impose strict gun controls on the country. i don't believe that he thinks
10:38 am
the issue is worth fighting because so many people feel so strongly on the other side. liberals have traditionally, and i think obama has done in his first term given up arguing for strict gun control. i argue that strict gun control alone is not going to solve the undeniable problem with gun violence that we have in this country, but reasonable gun controls should exist and do. >> how do you actually take away some of the emotion out of this debate, out of this argument here because people are very, very adamant about this, and seem very emotional. it's almost a political issue that we saw neither obama or mitt romney deal with because it is such a hot button issue. how do you take that out of the equation? >> well, it is an issue like abortion that appeals to passions on either side of an argument. as i say, i think the only way liberals will ever defang the gun rights groups that argue -- that use fear mongering as their
10:39 am
argument, is if they make clear that liberals do not contest the individual right of all americans guaranteed by the second amendment to own firearms and to -- about regulations to make it safer for all of us to have so many guns in this country. >> all right. thank you for starting the debate. one that we are going to try to just talk about the emotion and the baggage that goes with it. we really appreciate it. a top story plan to send nuclear weapons into outer space. how this mission to nuke the moon did not detonate. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ]
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10:42 am
. >> this might sound impossible but the u.s. hatched a plan to nuke the moon. not recently, but during the cold war. brian todd has the story. >> fire. >> reporter: just think of what a nuke explosion would look like up there. the u.s. government once considered it. cnn has documents and interviewed the leader of a once
10:43 am
secret air force project innocuously titled a study of lunar research flights with the justice low brow nickname project a 119. what was it really? >> to evaluate the value of putting a small -- emphasize small -- in this world, anyhow, nuclear explosion on the moon. >> physicist leonard rifle, now 85 years old, led the project in 1958. it was the height of the cold war. america and the soviet union were in a nuclear arms race. the soviets had just launched the world's first satellite, sputnik, and were ahead in the space race. u.s. officials needed a big splash. >> in comparison the united states feared -- was feared to be looking puny so this was a concept to sort of reassure people that the united states could maintain a mutually assured deter ens and,
10:44 am
therefore, avoid any huge conflagration on earth. >> koorgd to the new classified report, team leaders also thought they could get information concerning the capability of nuclear weapons for space warfare. >> rifle says the plan called for an intercontinental ballistic missile to be launched from an undisclosed location, travel 240,000 miles to the moon, and detonate on impact. various news reports say they considered using a bomb the same size as the one dropped on hiroshima, but rifle now says he wasn't in on those discussions. could the blast, as some news reports suggest, have actually blown up the moon? >> absolutely not. it would have been microscopic, so to speak, and it would have left a crater that would have been, i think, essentially invisible from earth even with a good telescope. >> reporter: rifle had some brilliant minds on his team. one of them, an up and coming graduate student named karlz saggin who went to become one of the world's most astronomers.
10:45 am
>> he mentioned the still classified project on a job application. his widow told us he is not sure if he ever did that is correct but if he did, it wasn't intentional. by 1959 project a119 was drawing more concern than excitement and was abandoned. >> we didn't want to clutter up the natural radioactivities of the moon with additional bits of radioactive activity from the earth. >> rifle says other factors in killing the project were that they weren't sure of the liability of the weapons, the possible nuclear to turn against the soviet union would not have been worth the gamble, and he said there would have been a lot of public backlash in the u.s. contacted by cmn, the air force would not comment on project a119. even 54 years later. suzanne. >> wow. it's a fascinating story. brian, you also talk a little bit about the fact that the u.s. had plans to actually house nuclear weapons on the moon? >> that's right. believe it or not mr. rifle said that generally in military circles at that time they
10:46 am
discussed the possibility of making the moon what he called a military high ground. it sounds crazy, but he talked about they were discussing even possibly having nuclear launch sites on the moon. the thinking was at that time that if the soviets hit the u.s. with nuclear weapons first and wiped out america's ability to strike back, the u.s. could launch warheads from the moon. he says these are horrendous scenarios, and is he very glad now that they're in the realm of science fiction, suzanne. >> yeah, really. all right. hard to believe there. thank you, brian. good to see you, as always. >> good to see you. >> we have pictures here coming out of the white house. mitt romney leaving the white house just moments ago. this was after he had lunch with president obama in the private dining room. you can see him getting into his vehicle there. he was with -- they were together about an hour and ten minutes or so. we don't have details yet on what they discussed, but, of course, good to be a fly on the wall just to get a little bit of the flair of that lunch. we're going to bring you more as soon as we can and we are going to also cover as well hillary clinton out with a plan to fight
10:47 am
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10:50 am
>> h.e.v. may well be with us well into the future, but the disease that it causes need not be. not be. >> a vision of a generation free of aids. today secretary of state hillary clinton announced a detailed plan to fight hiv and aids. the announcement was partly to commemorate world aids day which is on saturday. elizabeth cohen is joining us to talk about the plan. this is something started under president bush, continued under president obama's administration. what does it involve? >> let's talk about why she did this. in the speech she talked about the improvements and lower incidence of hiv and terrific and death rates are going down but still, there is more than a million and a half people dying every year from hiv and aids and
10:51 am
that's -- that has to be addressed and talked about a couple of things she wants to see get done. >> sure. >> first of all she would like to see increased mail s circumcisi circumcision. that's voluntary, i should add. increased generic drug use. get those drugs out to the people that need them and also she wants to see condom use promoted more and more distributed so, you know, that's been sort of a controversial thing in many countries. she was very specific about this. >> where do we stand coming to hiv and aids? how does it differ place to place or group to group? >> sub saharant africa has suffered the most. in this country we see too many people dying of hiv and aids and many people with the disease don't know they have it. >> still? >> still they don't know they have it. that's still a problem. 18% of people with hiv do not
10:52 am
know that they have it in this country. and that's why there's a government task force that tells doctors, hey, you should be doing this test for this person and this test for that person. they're what they say is very highly regarded an they just said recently they think every adult american should be screened for hiv. everyone should be screened for hiv. >> why so? there's a specific independent panel saying everybody 15 to 64 -- >> right. >> should find out. why do they believe that's important and necessary? >> so many people don't know and i think people have in their head i'm not gay. i don't need to get tested or i don't use iv drugs i don't need to get tested but the reality is even if you're not in one of those two groups you can get hiv and the best way to keep the death rate down and spreading is to know that you have it in the first place. >> there's women who have male partners who give it to them, as well. >> unfortunately, what happens is some married women say, why do i need to get tested?
10:53 am
i'm married for 20 years or whatever and he's not going to give it to me. you don't know what he's doing when you're not watching. you don't know who he's having sex with and you could get it from him and this is the situation women sometimes find themselves in. this group is saying that different people should get tested at different frequencies depending upon who they are and everyone should be tested. >> better safe. >> no downside to the testing, exactly. >> all right. elizabeth, thank you. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. they're smart and playful and friendly so why would anybody want to shoot and kill dolphins? they're searching for a killer.
10:54 am
energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas.
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10:56 am
dolphins. playful, smart, friendly. why would anyone want to shoot and kill them? that's a question investigators are asking after at least six dolphins were tortured and killed along the northern gulf coast. ed lavandera reports on the
10:57 am
search now for those responsible. >> reporter: to reach the crime scenes, you need to catch a ride and take a guide. this island we see off to the left is deer island where you found two of them? >> that's correct. >> reporter: a harrison county, mississippi, sheriff's helicopter and the lead biologist of the institute for marine mammal studies took us to the sight where the murdered dolphins have emerged along the mississippi gulf coast. how many dolphins turned up killed so far? >> about six or seven. we know that at least three or four of them were killed with bullets and that the other ones have been mutilated. some with their tails cut off, jaws cut off or a screwdriver in them. >> reporter: the doctor performed the necropcies. what does that tell you? >> i think it's a sick ritual of some sort. >> reporter: someone kind of getting a thrill out of doing
10:58 am
this? >> i can't see any reason than kind of a horrific act to do something like that. i don't know. >> reporter: the pictures of the mutilated dolphins are disturbing to look at. the bodies show signs of attack, bullet wounds in parts of the dolphins cut off, some too gruesome to show here. do you think you have a serial killer of dolphins? >> it looks like a we have deranged person doing something cruel, repugnant and senseless. >> reporter: federal investigators say they don't know if it's the work of one killer or all unrelated but even in the wild it's easy for a killer to lure in dolphins. katherine burton trains dolphins at the institute for marine studies. >> they're very curious and i think by getting fed, out in the wild, they will get fairy close. >> reporter: they can get themselves in a bad situation just unsuspecting? >> right. i think sometimes they get close
10:59 am
without realizing they're going to be in any kind of danger. >> reporter: that's why it's actually illegal to feed dolphins in the wild. so this is ship island where one of the dolphins was found? >> right. >> reporter: rusty pipman is with one of the agencies patrolling these waters. >> i've never seen where a dolphin is shot in 22 years. >> reporter: seems so much more difficult to investigate something like this. if you have a murder of humans, you have evidence. there's a crime scene. >> right. this you don't have. >> reporter: this crime scene is huge. >> and they do on the first dolphin that was recovered, they have the bullet. they did recover the bullet. how much that will help i don't know. but like you said. you have so much area through here. this is totally different than a crime scene involving humans. >> reporter: this part of the gulf coast is home to the largest population of dolphins anywhere in the united states. as many as 5,000. in the next few months, females will move in to g