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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  November 30, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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tonight, power lunch. president obama and mitt romney behind closed doors. >> i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> how's that working out? has the gop learned any lessons for 2016? my political all-stars go head-to-head. and the vote that could derail peace in the middle east. what the palestinians are gaining, what israel thinks it's losing. i'll talk to both sides. and why a top senate democrat calls the vote
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provocative and reckless. plus, a return of the most feared man in boxing. iron mike tyson. unvarnished, as always. >> i never had any happiness. >> mike tyson on the state of america -- >> the republican party has to somehow change. >> -- to the state of lindsey lohan. >> she's not as bad as i was but she's catching up. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening. you're looking at palestinians celebrating in the streets of ramallah after a history-making vote at the u.n. it granted status to nonmember observer state. what does that really mean to both sides? i will talk to the chief palestinian negotiator and to israel's ambassador to the u.n.
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we begin with the ultimate power lunch at the white house. president obama and mitt romney face-to-face for the first time since the election and talk about a picture's worth 1,000 words. try a million for this one. only one word really you need which is awkward. just after this lunch took place, the president offered a tough fiscal cliff proposal to congress, one that aides to john boehner say -- wait for it -- he's already rejected. of course he has. joining me to talk about all things politics, "new york times" columnist frank bruni and ross douthat. how many seconds was it, do you think, gentlemen, let me start with you, frank, before john boehner rejected out of hand president obama's attempt to try and do a fiscal cliff deal? >> with $1.6 trillion in new taxes, i think probably half a second. >> when you see the apparent attempt at a bipartisan lunch going on today between obama and romney, it was all very sweet and everything, the reality is the picture was about as uncomfortable as the relationship is between the two sides, and again, frank, how do we get to a better place in washington? how do we get these guys to realize, let me throw this at you. i interviewed mike tyson an hour ago. fantastic interview in many ways. what i found really fascinating
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and relevant to this, he talks about when he goes back to the streets he grew up in in new york, what real people care about. they care about their homes, they care about their jobs, they care about feeding their children. he got quite passionate about it. i just don't get that these politicians squabbling in d.c. care about those things enough or they would stop this politicking over things like a fiscal cliff. what do you think, frank? >> they care in largest part about staying in office and one of the problems here is what each individual member of congress thinks he or she needs to do to stay in office, is not necessarily in concert with someone else, with what someone else thinks. so i think there are vast ideological differences, vast tactical differences, and i think it's hard for everyone to pull back, look at things from a macro level and say what's best for the country, because each person is saying what's best for me. >> ross, from where i sit, having interviewed all the protagonists for the last week
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as we head to this incredibly dull 30 days of the same debate being played out, eventually we know they will do a deal. so boring. so sort of childish, in many ways. but it seems to me, this will have to be resolved with the republicans giving ground on taxation and with the president giving ground on entitlements and it really is as simple as that, isn't it? >> it is, but the devil's in the details, right? yes, the president will have to give something on entitlements and in today's non-offer of an offer, he offered a sort of hypothetical $400 billion in entitlement savings to go with his $1.6 trillion tax increase and yes, republicans will have to give something on taxes and so you've had republicans saying well, maybe we could cap some rates for the top earners and so on. but in the end, you are talking about, you know, deep ideological and philosophical differences and hundreds of trillions of dollars. yes, it is obviously childish in certain ways to watch but it's
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also how negotiations happen, right? president obama, what i think we saw today, was he won the election and he feels like he's sort of partially broken the republicans. you've had republican movement on taxes in a way you hadn't had a year ago, and so he's decided rather than sort of play the nice guy, he's going to push much harder and see what he can get. there are important things at stake here, and i'm more inclined to agree with the republicans than with the president about what should be done, but i don't think anyone can blame him exactly for pushing at the moment. that's sort of what politicians are supposed to do. >> frank, on that point, the president clearly feels emboldened as you would do by being re-elected. can we expect to see a different obama? it struck me that the one thing he's not that good at actually is negotiating. if you compare him to somebody like bill clinton, i remember interviewing both president clinton and also newt gingrich. after a few early skirmishes which led to big problems, they then sort of got a new system
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together where they would get in a room, chuck all the advisors out and get stuff done. i just can't imagine that happening with barack obama and john boehner. they just seem complete polar opposites. >> as you suggested, obama doesn't really have an appetite for this sort of thing. we saw that last time around and if you read bob woodward's "the price of politics" it's one of the themes that comes through loud and clear. he's doing some things differently this time, though and one thing that i think is very interesting, he's taking his case to the american people and doing it day after day. all of us have talked on this show and other places about how bad the president has been in the past on selling what he wants to happen, on explaining his policies and really bringing people around to them. and we see him now trying to do that in a more forceful way than he's done in the past. and that may strengthen his hand further. >> also, do you think -- sorry. ross, do you think the deal in the end when it gets done, as it obviously will get done at some stage, do you think the republicans will by then, whether they want to or not, have moved on this thing that
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obama says he's adamant about, what he was elected on, as he says, which is this basic tax rate going up by say 3%? do you think they are going to end in the end have to acquiesce to that? >> i sort of do think they will because in certain ways from the republican perspective, you could argue that the smartest thing to do is to, you know, vote, vote to extend all the bush tax cuts, let president obama veto that extension, then vote a middle class tax cut and let the top bracket expire, and then republicans can say look, we didn't really break our pledge. taxes were going to go up across the board. we did what we could do and the president wouldn't let us do more. but i also think that president obama sees a real percentage for him in getting republicans to cross the line of agreeing to a rate increase. and that's why i think he's pushing so hard on this. i think most economists would agree that there is often more advantages in capping deductions than in just going for the
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rates, but i think there's a real political advantage for democrats looking ahead to battle after battle that we'll face down the road in getting republicans to cross that red line. it's sort of a scout, you might say. >> thank you both very much. the united states opposed today's u.n. vote on the palestinian observer state. senator bob menendez saying it could inflame passions throughout the region. welcome to you, senator. >> good to be with you. >> explain to me why you feel so strongly that the palestinians shouldn't have been granted today this nonmember observer state status. >> well, what we announced today is that in fact, should they try to use their nonmember observer status, for the purposes of pursuing other organizations within the united nations such as the international criminal court, in an attempt to try to delegitimize the state of israel
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or marginalize it, that there's a consequence in the congress of the united states that gives a significant amount of money to the palestinian authority. the problem with what i think is a reckless movement by president abbas is that when morning rises on the west bank, nothing will have changed as a result of the nonmember status that they acquired in the general assembly today. the general assembly was very hostile to the state of israel so nothing changes on the ground and the only way that we will get what we want, which is a two state, two people solution, is through a negotiated process. >> palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas says it's not about delegitimizing israel, it's about legitimizing a palestinian state. isn't this what everyone wants at the end of this very complicated, rather dangerous rainbow? >> it's interesting, in president abbas' remarks he never recognized israel as a
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jewish sovereign state. he never recognized the willingness or talked about a two state solution. he only talked about the aspirations of the palestinian people which i understand those aspirations, but those aspirations can only be fully realized through a negotiated process. and trying to get nonmember observer status as a vehicle to seek other opportunities at the united nations such as the international criminal court is truly an attempt in our view to seek to marginalize and delegitimize the state of israel. >> let's move to one key settlement that was resolved today. mitt romney went to the white house for the first time after losing the election and had a cordial lunch with the
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president. what do you think went on there? they apparently ate white turkey chili and southwestern grilled chicken salad. anything to read into that? >> i could only say that i think it was magnanimous of the president to invite governor romney over and good that governor romney came on. it showed what the spirit of america is all about, which is at the end of the day coming together in pursuit of our common goals as americans. you know, i just hope that we could have the same set of opportunities here in congress as we deal with our colleagues who i hope would show the same spirit by saying you know what,
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the senate has passed a continuing tax cut for 98% of americans, put $2200 in their pockets, continued to keep that amount of money in their pockets at a critical time in our economy. we can have that passed right away by the house and signed by the president. that would be a great christmas gift to everybody, 98% of all of americans. >> why can't they just be grown up about this, accept that there's movement on both sides to be done, and get it done over a turkey at the white house? >> well, you know, it would be great to have a celebration. we can start that celebration by passing what's already sitting in the house of representatives that was passed in the united states senate, which is a continuing tax cut for 98% of all americans. we have put down our down payment towards deficit reduction by saying that we believe that $1 trillion or so over the next decade of those
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tax cuts above and beyond a quarter of a million dollars can go to deficit reduction. our republican colleagues need to say specifically what they want to cut. when they say entitlements, entitlements is medicare and medicaid. what do you want to do about medicare and medicaid? put it on the table, let us know. let the american people know. then we can ultimately come to a conclusion and maybe have that celebration you're looking for, piers. >> senator menendez, good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thank you. when we come back, i talk to leaders on both sides of the palestinian debate. do they think today's vote threatens the peace process? aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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are you one of them? drink dream water, the natural, fast acting sleep aid that helps you wake refreshed. visit celebrations in ramallah tonight after today's historic vote at the u.n. giving the palestinian authority status of nonmember observer state. it's a moment the palestinians have been waiting for. the u.s. and israel sharply oppose it. with me, chief palestinian negotiator. welcome to you. >> thank you, sir.
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>> why does it mean so much to palestinians that the u.n. today has slightly upgraded your status? >> it's about palestine joining the group of nations. this status was granted to us in 1922 when britain was mandated to palestine and restated the status in 1947 and today after 20 years of negotiations, having recognized the state of israel right to exist with peace and security, having negotiated with them in good faith for almost 20 years, they continued their settlement activities. we came to the united nations not to confront the u.s. and not to isolate israel. we came to preserve the two state solution. we have a derailed peace process due to the settlement activities by the israeli government and president mahmoud abbas decided
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to come to the u.n. in order to put the peace process back on track. imagine that the articles of the resolution specified a two state solution, state of palestine to live side by side with the state of israel and then we see some congressmen and some senators and some israeli government officials going out of their minds, threatening doom and gloom. what is the crime we're committing? for god's sakes, we're saying state of palestine to live side by side with israel in peace and security. i hope you ask your guest tonight -- >> i will ask him. i will ask him that. >> ask him whether he accepts the palestinian state right, whether he recognizes the state of palestine.
12:19 am
don't let him speak about two states. let him utter the numbers, 1967. that's the key that's the magic numbers. 1967. two states on 1967 lines. we came to the u.n. to preserve peace. we came to the u.n. to preserve the two state solution. that's our truth tonight. >> okay. but the israeli position as you know is they think it's a breach of trust because questions of statehood they think should be approached through two party talks. now, doesn't that make more sense? there's not going to be any constructive settlement until the two sides actually get together and negotiate one. so the essence of a palestinian state, the validity of it, the reality of it, cannot happen until you guys all sit down and thrash out the devil of the detail. >> that's true. i agree with you. we need to negotiate. as specified in the resolution that was voted upon today.
12:20 am
piers, it seems to me that people don't read, the resolution we submitted for a vote today specifies a call for accelerated negotiations between palestinians and israelis in order to solve all core issues. that is an article in this resolution that was voted by two-thirds plus six of the nations on earth. and we want to negotiate. we have met with mr. netanyahu many times, but when he was given the choice between settlements and peace, he chose settlements. when he was given the choice between dictation and negotiations, he chose dictation. now with this resolution, yes, the rules of the game are not the same. now palestine has become a country under occupation -- >> do you believe, do you believe, let me ask you this. do you believe that after the cease-fire was called last week, there seems to be a collective international will that this may be the right time to actually get a settlement done? do you believe that is in reality what could happen here? >> absolutely. that's what we're here for. and i think the lessons from the war against gaza last week proved one thing, that mr. netanyahu argued with us that he wants to stay and to keep his
12:21 am
army in the jordan valley for 40 years and then the lesson we learned and we hope that this will be an eye-opener for israelis, that it's only peace that can provide security for both of us. >> okay. >> so no one is ending negotiations. to the contrary, we want to resume negotiations but we don't want negotiations for the sake of negotiations. we want a timeline, we want honest brokers, we want a set of to do or not to do things from both sides. we urge the israeli government to stop settlements and join us in the negotiations so we can make the year 2013 a year of peace. >> i am going to cut you off because i get your position. i'm going to move to the other side. thank you for joining me, sir. i appreciate it. israel is condemning today's u.n. vote. with me is the israeli ambassador to the u.n. welcome back to you, ambassador. >> thank you. good evening. >> you heard the doctor there, pretty outspoken, pretty blunt. he wants me to spell out to you one nine six seven, two state solution. what is your response? >> piers, i was there at the united nations, as you know, and i listened carefully because i
12:22 am
thought, you know, today, we will hear a speech by a leader who would go to the end of the earth to achieve peace. what i heard was a speech like everyone else, full of hatred, full of blame, full of distortion of history and facts, and in the sense, what happened today shows that we need more solutions than resolutions, because the only way forward are direct negotiations. when we made peace with egypt, we negotiated, it was hard, it was frustrating, but we -- it wasn't imposed from the outside. when we did peace with jordan, it was the same thing. now president obama in 2010 stood up and said, you know, you have to reach an agreement, it can't be imposed from the outside. what the palestinians did today basically doesn't change anything for palestinians on the ground tomorrow. young people will stand up, more expectations, higher frustrations. at the end of the day, the distance that abbas did instead of flying ten hours to new york, could have driven ten minutes
12:23 am
over to jerusalem, sit down with netanyahu without any preconditions and talk about the major issues that are important for both sides to solve. >> do you think a deal can actually get done, or are we just basically just going to see a lot more posturing before more missiles start ricocheting around on both sides? >> as you know, i was, i think dr. erakat was with me on the negotiation table. it's tough, it's hard, but you really have to sit there understanding that the only way forward are direct negotiations. what we saw today was, especially after i was here two weeks ago, you saw someone declaring statehood on what?
12:24 am
40% of the population in gaza he doesn't control. he hasn't seen them with binoculars since 2007. just think of someone's constituency that he doesn't represent. so what are you jumping forward? israel has always reached out for peace. that's what we want to do. it's important for us. we know that this is important -- >> are you prepared, let me ask you this, ambassador. in northern ireland which is a parallel i have drawn a few times because i had a local interest in it, obviously. tony blair in the end got a deal done there finally peace, after a lot of appalling terrorism on both sides, from the loyalists and from the i.r.a. he got a deal by sitting down as the prime minister of great britain, sitting down opposite people he knew had been terrorists for the i.r.a. and basically biting the bullet. are you guys prepared to sit
12:25 am
down with hamas leaders and actually deal directly with people who many believe now have more authority than the palestinian authority? >> first of all, thank you for asking me, because i heard you talk about it once and being israel's ambassador, former ambassador to the court of st. james, you would agree with me that even the craziest of crazy northern ireland did not claim them as the capital. we have hamas that does not recognize israel's right to exist. what do you want me to negotiate with them? how deep the hole, what flowers to invent to get to my funeral? at the end of the day, we are dealing with a terrorist organization. we went out of gaza never to look back into gaza and what are we getting? we are getting missiles day in and day out. >> i heard this argument, mr. ambassador. let me just say this, sir. the point is, though, you have to bite the unacceptable bullet eventually. you have to just do that.
12:26 am
that's what happened in northern ireland. >> we are biting -- >> they now have mounting prosperity from that peace. so isn't that what has to happen? i know it's unpalatable and makes israelis' stomachs churn but until you do it, i don't see how you get a settlement. >> first of all, i think we showed intangibles, okay? this is why it's important especially today, we gave tangibles in order to -- we gave tangibles when we made peace with egypt, with jordan, also on the palestinian side when we signed the oslo agreements, we gave tangibles. today, the message from this resolution says hey to the israeli people, you sign agreements, tomorrow morning they can be breached. what do you think the israeli citizens would think? the bottom line is that yes, we have to sit down and yes, i truthfully believe that if both sides are serious, we can move forward. and all it needs are good people
12:27 am
on both sides and i think we have enough. >> ambassador, that is good to hear. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming next, iron mike tyson is here, wearing the gloves and getting ready to spar with me. yes, you heard me. it's an amazing interview. mike tyson over the years is ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america.
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one of a kind in and out of the ring. a boxing champ. he's had his challenges and triumphs and is back with me again tonight. mike, how are you? >> i'm doing great. thank you. >> want to talk to you about a few things in the news. a lot of things it seems to me are things you'll have a view about. first of all, president obama re-elected. you must have been a happy man. >> man, man, man, that's -- i don't even know what to say about that. that's just something that we never in america, i'm talking about americans in general, not just black americans, americans in general thought we would never even view but just to witness that and the population that he has, it's just amazing. >> you think he's done a good
12:32 am
enough job to deserve being re-elected? >> absolutely. just the republicans did such a bad job not to get elected. he's just awesome. he's just awesome. the republican party's going to have to change their whole way of handling politics in order to change, because people are changing. >> why are the republicans so out of touch? >> we have to have some republican representative and he has to tell you. i have no idea. >> that's very diplomatic of you, mike. >> it's true. >> you're becoming diplomatic in your old age. >> becoming very truthful because it's just unbelievable how people still have the same mentality. >> when you go back to your old streets and meet your old guys and so on, what do you think the real cares and fears of the average american on the street are right now? >> health care. there's people that haven't been to the doctor in 20 years, seen the doctor, because they can't afford it. and man, there's just hunger, homelessness and we're talking about the land of plenty. so it's just difficult.
12:33 am
we're in dire straits right now as far as hope. i believe obama and mr. biden, vice president, give the people in that desperational need that hope. >> you've had times in your life where you've had absolutely nothing, no money, no hope, nothing. you've had times in your life when you've had hundreds of millions of dollars, then you lost it, now you're getting back there again. tell me about what the difference is, psychologically, when you have nothing, when you have money. where is real happiness throughout that process? >> real -- from my perspective, i can only tell you as you're asking me, from my ordeals in life and challenges, it all comes from the inside. i never had any happiness, that's how come i was chaotic. i was addicted to chaos. i was looking for happiness on the outside somewhere and it really doesn't exist out there.
12:34 am
so it has to be within. it's mostly an inside job. i learned all this stuff when i went to my rehab, my rehab stint, i got involved in the recovery program, and i realized that this is what happiness is, what we make out of it. the reason why i'm not in trouble anymore, that i'm not in problems with any women, i'm not fighting with anybody in clubs because i'm not involved in that lifestyle anymore. being involved with these programs, these recovery programs, helped me have some kind of barometer for my life. >> how much has your one-man tour helped you? because i went to see it with my sons in las vegas, and they were completely gripped by your story and the way that you tell it. very eloquent, very passionate, very honest. good and bad, about the stuff you've been through. but every time i see you now, you seem even calmer, like going over everything that's happened in your life has calmed you down.
12:35 am
you've come to terms with all of the bad stuff. >> i'm calm now because i have my wife in my life and my children. see, when i do my show, i don't do it as mike tyson doing the show. the show wouldn't last five minutes. i start talking about my life and i start feeling sorry for myself. so i look at myself, this is just an actor portraying mike tyson, talking about mike tyson's life. i have to do it from that kind of exterior because if i don't, i'll fall apart. i'll feel sorry for myself. i was poor and my mother was on welfare and slept with a lot of men or something like that, i'll start feeling sorry for myself. even though it turned out well. >> when you see somebody like lindsey lohan, she was in trouble again yesterday in new york, arrested for assault and so on, clearly a very troubled girl, been in and out of jail now. you went through all that process when you were younger. she's got problems with fame, with her parents, with all of it. what advice could you give somebody like that? >> you know, i wanted to win so bad and it all comes down to
12:36 am
like i was explaining before, she's not as bad as i was but she's catching up. she's going to get there soon. and it's just a bad dark place to be. >> what does she need to do, mike, to get out of it? >> she needs a good support system. she needs epiphany, she needs this paradigm shift in her life, to realize that everything she learned in life, even the good stuff that allows her to succeed in life, is all a lie and we have to start all over, find out what's true and what's not true. >> do you know her? have you met her before? >> i've met her, yes. >> what do you think of her? >> i think she's an awesome person that's just got to get it together. maybe she believes she has it together. i think she's a good person and i don't think she's the person that the media makes her out to be. no one could be that person. she just can't be that person, you know. we get upset when we don't have our way and things don't turn out the way we want to be and
12:37 am
our life terms is just kicking us in the butt and sometimes we can't handle it. and we deserve as human beings to have our breakdowns. unfortunately for her or somebody like me, we do it in front of hundreds of millions of people. that's not fair but it is what it is. >> let's take a short break. let's come back and talk a bit of boxing through justin bieber who you helped. >> he knew how to fight before. i can't teach somebody to box the first day i meet them. >> i will also show you footage of me fighting against manny pacquiao that may unnerve you. watch out for the left hook. freddy roach is still having surgery.
12:38 am
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no, you're not seeing things. that really is justin bieber training with iron mike tyson, who is back with me now. i watched that, he's not bad, is he? he had a few moves. not much power, to be fair, but i thought he had all the moves.
12:42 am
>> i don't know, if he hits you might think differently. watch that. boom, you think that's nothing, try again. >> did you enjoy that? >> yeah, i really did. i was impressed he knew what he was doing. >> what was he like? >> awesome little kid. >> he's tiny, isn't he? >> he's average size. not that tiny. >> what did you talk about? >> his mother, pigeons and we just hung out. >> you talked about pigeons? >> yeah. >> does he keep pigeons? >> his mother has birds. >> really. do you keep pigeons? >> i have a hundred at my house. >> you love them, don't you? >> that's what i do. >> what is it about the pigeon? when you're with them, what do you feel? >> i feel like i'm in heaven. i just feel like i don't have to hear from my children, my wife or nobody. i'm just looking at my birds, i'm happy. >> you're totally at peace when you're with them. >> yes.
12:43 am
>> amazing. you have always been like that with them? >> always. always. if i didn't have my pigeons, my marriage would be a mess. >> so your wife's happy about the pigeons. >> she loves them. >> i want to show you a bit of footage. >> she's trying to get them out of the garage so she can put her car in the garage. >> how selfish of her. >> i said a car, these are living creatures that have breath, have a heart and you're going to let them freeze outside, they can't go inside because of a car? a car? a car doesn't have a heart. it gets you into accidents. it gets flats. >> exactly. >> runs out of gas, costs you money. >> pigeons never run out of gas. >> never. never. >> i want to show you some footage, talking of never running out of gas. this is one of the up and coming pugilists in world boxing in action. >> freddy? >> watch the left hook. >> oh!
12:44 am
come back, freddy. oh! >> boom. boom. >> you're nothing but -- boom! >> that is the famous freddy roach. manny pacquiao's trainer. manny is there as well. >> you're a schoolyard bully. look how small he is. he's suffering from some kind of illness and you clocked him. >> you have trained with freddy roach. >> i didn't clock him. >> he told me you once knocked him clean out. >> he came back. >> he said -- >> no way. i got proof. come on right hand, left hook, right hand, left hook. nothing ever happened. >> of all the people you ever trained, who was the most dangerous. when mike tyson was in a bad mood, you just didn't want to be there with the pads on. >> i love freddy. >> what did you think of my left hook? >> i think it was really horrible. >> let's turn to something more serious. hector macho camacho died last week. very sad. police say they found cocaine in
12:45 am
his car. he was shot dead. his family had to turn off life support. another tragic victim of an ex-boxer who clearly was struggling with his life. did you know hector? >> yeah, i knew hector. hector started before me, he was a little bit older than me. i watched him fight a lot on television as a kid. he was one of the guys we looked up to. he was a real street guy so we looked up to him. man, he was amazing to watch. he was just the personality for the times was just amazing. he should have had a reality show. >> how hard is it, mike, for people who have been at the top of boxing, with all the adrenaline, the buildup to these fights for months, then you get in there, the adrenaline rush, the public going crazy, and then the actual fight, then suddenly it's all over, you don't have it in your life anymore. >> yeah, then you go to drugs,
12:46 am
too. you try to get that high again. but then you realize all the drugs, all the meth, all the cocaine, all the liquor, you can't produce that high no more. you can't produce that high. then you realize that high comes from within. so many of us entertainers, just people with a lot of money in general, we all failed in that and try to succeed and get happiness through substance. >> do you still, last time i interviewed you gave me the feeling that you're not completely confident that you won't blow up again. how do you feel now? >> i don't put myself in those situations. i never look at myself as this could never bother me again. once i think that way, i'm looking for my next hit. once i feel this is -- this is how i think. once i think i'm the man again, i can never get high, any moment i'm ready for the next line. that's just who i am. that's how much of an animal i am when it comes to drugs and addiction and stuff. i'm really a nasty animal.
12:47 am
that's how come i'm so happy that -- it's changed my life, i'm with my family, i learned how to be a functioning human being in society. this is just awesome. >> when was the last time you hit a man? >> i don't know. maybe three years ago at the airport. >> the photographer, yeah. good shot? >> yeah. i was getting ready to hit him with the camera. i'm so happy i didn't hit him with the camera. i wouldn't be here. i'm so happy i didn't do that. >> i presume the paparazzi give you a pretty easy ride now, right? >> i know how to handle them. i don't want to beat them up no more. just love them. >> let's take another break. come back and talk about your hollywood career. i want to know if you will be in "hangover 3." >> no way. they're shooting it now. they don't want me in it. >> really? that's outrageous. >> unless they call me tomorrow. >> let's discuss this after the break. that's an outrage. i want you in that film. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
12:48 am
bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
mike sigh tyson in a hilarious scene.
12:52 am
you have good acting, mike. >> thank you. thank you. >> you're not in the third one. >> i'm just very grateful that i'm in the first and second one. >> they can't cut you out. >> i'm just grateful that they let me be in the movie. >> i want to talk briefly about the person who i think was the most instrumental guy, in effect saving you. he was your great trainer. when i watched the one man show, you talked so emotionally about you and the way that he took you and turned you into the most ferocious fighter in the world. what is interesting is what he thought about you as well. i want to play you this from him. >> you know, i owe you a lot and he doesn't know what i mean. i want to tell him what i mean. if he wasn't here, i wouldn't be alive today. the fact that he is here and doing what he is doing and doing as well as he is doing and improving as he has gives me the
12:53 am
motivation and interest to stay alive. >> when you hear him say that, he passed away in 1995 -- i mean, before some of your biggest wins. when you hear him talk about what you did to him and to his life, what do you think? >> i think, wow, that's awesome that he feels that way. thank you. i'd give him a hug. you know not to do that. but i just know when he says that, it inspired me more to succeed for him. >> does everybody that comes from your kind of background, mike, a difficult background, you have this charity, to give children from broken homes a chance, for disadvantaged kids. you were one of those kids. does everybody need somebody to like cus just to get a grip of them? >> i don't know if everybody needs someone like cus. he's a little too rugged around the edges. but everybody needs someone to admire and look up to, someone
12:54 am
that they want to please. and that's what i had in cus. somebody that i wanted to make happy. i didn't want to get arrested and have to look at him. i didn't want to be using drugs, smoking, you're going to have to face him. he didn't have to say words and i would think, gosh, i wish i were dead. those are the people we need, to aspire to look up to and bring out the best in us. they want us to be the best in life. >> your one man show, you're continuing. what are you going to do with it next? >> we're going to go over 36 cities across the nation and it's going to be interesting, in my first city, it's going to be indianapolis. >> really? >> the city i did my time in and stuff. >> how will that feel? >> that's going to be pretty awesome. i'm going to be free. my lawyer and probably my -- i'll give them invitations to come, of course. a lot of money and stuff.
12:55 am
that's going to be so cool and stuff. >> we're going to take a final break. when we come back, trust me, if you've seen from my left hooker, i'm not a justin bieber. >> you're going to be rip van winkle. >> these ears, these ears are staying on. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day.
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