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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 4, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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tomorrow on "starting point," we're interviewing stephanie cutter. she told me she was done when this was over. we'll talk about her plans now. and congressman steve latourette will join us as well. cnn "newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. bragging rights, iran claims they captured a u.s. drone and issues a warning "we shall trample on the united states." drunk and partying the night before he shocked the nfl and fans. director kathryn bigelow talks about the controversy over her bin laden death movie. >> i think it's nice because now the film can speak for itself
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and i certainly have a feeling that a lot of those debates will transition to something slightly less controversial. >> the full interview straight ahead. so you don't read runway ? >> no. >> before today you never heard of me. >> no. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> i think that depends on what your -- >> no, no, that wasn't a question. >> the devil's diplomacy. vogue editor anna wintour, u.s. ambassador? maybe. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. this morning iran is bragging. it claims it capture d an american drone. the u.s. is denying it. iran has made that drone a star on state tv. according to iran's state-run news agency, the drone was
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captured immediately after entering iranian air space. the drone, now being shown on iranian television. on tv behind the aircraft is a map of the persian gulf with the words, quote "we shall trample on the u.s.." the united states says all of its drones in the middle east have been accounted for. the drone iran says it has is a scan eagle, made by boeing, being used more by the u.s. navy. reza sayah joins us now from cairo. good morning, reza. >> reporter: good morning, carol. first off, we should point out it's not clear what, if anything, iran has captured. we're getting very two different stories from tehran and washington. washington denying iran has done anything. iran with a very different story and they're already using this to say that they've score d a bg intelligence victory over the u.s. the reports in state media in iran started early, according to iran captures a u.s. drone after
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it flew into iranian air space, southern iran. iran describing this drone as a scan eagle, about a ten-foot wing span that can go about 24 hours without refueling. iran already boasting a win, putting it on display, video clip posted online, carol, showed what appeared to be two military officials examining what looked like a u.s. drone with that poster that you mentioned with the title "we will trample on the u.s.." >> i don't mean to change the subject. we hear the yelling behind you. you're in cairo, egypt. what's going on behind you, reza? >> reporter: these are the option factions here in cairo, who are back in pretty big numbers, few thousand of them in egypt, protesting against president morsi's decrees and this draft constitution that appears to be going full speed ahead on a national referendum on december 15th, the road seems to be clear for egypt to vote on
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this constitutional referendum. of course, these option factions believe they've been sidelined, squeezed out of the process for which it was drafted. >> reza, we're going to let you go. thank you very much. back to iran for a second. this is not the first time that iran has gone public with the capture of a u.s. drone. last year it says it shot down a stealth used by the cia. we'll talk to our security expert fran townsend about all of this. hours leading up to a kansas city chiefs player's murder/suicide. jovan belcher was out partying with another woman the night before he shot his girlfriend, kasandra perkins. belcher and oert woman became separated. he wound up returning to her apartment complex. when he couldn't find her, he crashed at her neighbor's house and the neighbor says belcher
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was drunk. he returned home the next morning, several hours after perkins got back from a night out. the couple argued and belcher killed perkins, later killing himself. >> we will cherish the wonderful memories we have of jovan and pray that those memories will bring us peace as we grapple to understand the unpredictable and tragic ending of his life and the life of kasandra perkins. >> kasandra perkins released a statement saying, quote, we appreciate the outpouring of love and concern for our kasandra "kasi" perkins. our hearts are truly broken for kasi. she was a beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, mother and friend. please keep us in your hearts and prayers as well as the
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belcher family for two lives were lost, end quote. attorneys for george zimmerman have posted a photo online of their client with blood on his nose and lips. they released the high resolution picture they say was taken by police after prosecutors previously handed out a black and white copy. zimmerman claims he killed the unarmed teenager in self defense. republicans took the bait. they delivered a counter proposal to president obama's plan to avert the fiscal cliff. guess what, the white house rejected it, calling the gop proposal unbalanced and not serious. translation? no tax hikes on the wealthy so democrats said forget about it. we thought you should take a look. it totals $2.2 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years. the part that stood out to us was $600 billion in proposed savings in medicare reforms. how? in part by raising the age of eligibility to 65 to maybe 67.
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turning down the gop proposal, dan pfieffer said, quote, it provides no details on which deductions they would eliminate, which loopholes they will close or which medicare savings they would achieve." let's head now to the white house and dan lothian. the white house will not offer a counter proposal, right? what's going on here? >> reporter: well, you know, i think the white house is digging in. the president said early on in this process that he would only sit down and really move forward, negotiate on this in any meaningful way if the tax hikes for the wealthy expired. and republicans have been pushing back on that -- tax breaks rather for the wealthy expired and republicans have been pushing back on that, say they go believe that will be harmful for the economic recovery because wealthy americans are the ones who are creating the jobs and helping to turn this economy around. that remains the big sticking point. those bush era tax cuts, white
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house saying it should be extended for middle class americans but not for those upper income americans, carol. >> how seriously should we take these negotiations? both sides are negotiating in public, not the greatest way to negotiate in the world, right? >> reporter: right. you sort of have to take it based on the information they give you. there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. we've seen this play out over the last four years where both sides will sort of throw these sharp elbows publicly, but then they do hammer something out. we do have to take it seriously. you have to get a sense that both sides understand the serious nature of this fiscal cliff and they do want a deal to get done. so they are looking for ways to find some kind of agreement. they are looking at outside groups today as well. the president will meet with half a dozen governors, arkansas, minnesota, utah, wisconsin, republican governor from wisconsin scott walker, a
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critic of this president. he will be meeting with them. those governorses are meeting with senate majority leader harry reid, house speaker john boehner. the reason they're here and want their voices heard if, indeed, this worst-case scenario happens, this fiscal cliff as we've been calling it, it will impact their state's economies. according to the ppew report, these states rely on federal money. things like education would be impacted. they're here to put pressure not only on the president but lawmakers up on the hill to get this deal done. >> takes place in about an hour. dan loathian, reporting from th white house. nearly 15 million households rely on food stamps. republicans say it's far too many. it's government assistance out of control. certainly a major theme during the republican primary. >> president obama has been historically the most effective food stamp president in american
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histor history. >> in light of the continuing controversy over food stamps, new jersey democratic mayor cory book booker will live on food stamps saying, quote, nutrition is not a responsibility of the government. >> as you mentioned this all sort of began as a back and forth on twitter. we'll get to that in detail in a moment. first i want you to look at something that mayor booker posted on his twitter account. it is a grocery store receipt from pathmark, detailing some of the things that he bought. you can't really see it closely but we can tell you some of the things that he bought include red delicious apples, yams, broccoli, corn, chickpeas and lots of black and pink beans.
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he is documenting his week on food stamps on twitter. that means that he will live off of about $30 a week on groceries. that works out to about $4.32 a day. and $133.26 a month. now the mayor says he is already going to have to give up coffee this week because he simply can't afford it. he did say on twitter that in exchange he will be drinking lot s and lots of water. remember, this will be for seven consecutive days. back to that sort of twitter exchange that this -- where this all began. it started with a woman from north carolina who goes by the handle @mwademc. she wrote to booker, as you mentioned, nutrition is not the responsibility of the government. why is there a family today that is too poor to afford breakfast? are they not already receiving food stamps? booker responded we have a shared responsibility that kids go to school nutritionally ready
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to learn. and he added let's you and i try to live on food stamps in new jersey. high cost of living and feed a family for a week or a month. you game? booker, carol, believes that people who are on the supplemental nutrition assistance program, known as s.n.a.p. -- that, i should tell you, replaced the name food stamps, deserved deeper consideration and he wants to do this to help reduce the stigma of people on federal food assistance. and i have to be honest, we are talking about it right now. it's something -- an issue that doesn't get a lot of attention. we'll have to see how mayor booker does over the next seven days. >> or if it makes any difference at all. the week will end, right? things will go back to normal and people will get back to their lives, if they pay attention at all. right? >> true. but he is avid on twitter, has tons of followers. we are talking about it. remember, carol, he is not the first person to do this. you well know the celebrity chef
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mario batalli documented being on food stamps for -- it was this year, actually, on his show "the chew." the colorado governor did it. mayors of philadelphia, las vegas, phoenix, have all participated. you're right, it gets a little bit of attention for the time being. we'll have to see if it really makes a difference in the long term. >> alina cho from new york. did you get your flu shot? still ahead, a warning that this year's flu season is starting earlier. [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever, for any reason, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades... if he ever lets her leave again.
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16 minutes past the hour. need a reason for a flu shot? how about this? cdc says this year's flu season is off to an early start for the first time in near ly a decade. parts of the south reporting unusually high case numbers. but there's a silver lining. doctors say this year's flu shot is an excellent match to the strain. hillary clinton for new york city mayor. that's what outgoing mayor michael bloomberg wants. according to the "new york times," bloomberg reach ed out o
6:17 am
the secretary of state and asked her to consider running next year but says hillary clinton declined. secretary said she will leave public service once her successor is in place. one of the world's leading experts in fashion add the title of ambassador to her name? anna wintour, editor in chief of vogue magazine is one of several people president obama is considering for the ambassador post to the united kingdom or france. wintour is a u.s. citizen, but was born in the united kingdom. she is one of the president's biggest fund-raisers. federal judge temporarily blocks federal law, banning the use of conversion therapy. his ruling applies to only three providers who want the law overturned. the therapy is aimed at helping change a minor sexual orientation from gay to straight. 13 people dead, 32 wounded.
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now the judge in the case has been removed. u.s. court of appeals for the armed services says the judge showed bias when he ordered h hasan be forcibly shaved before his court-martial. hasasm n argued that he grew a beard in accordance with his muslim faith and the order violated his religious freedom. with the san antonio express news, joining us this morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> i thought it was against army regulations to have facial hair. >> it generally is. the regulation is so strict, in fact, that most of the people i've known in the military don't even wear mustaches. and when they did, they were in the war zone. for example, invasion of iraq, one of my buddies wore a pretty thick mustache. that was out of regulation but no one cares when you're in the war zone. at fd hood, that's a different matter. people are very generally very
6:19 am
careful about it and there have been no exceptions as far as i know for muslims. there have been some for seikhs. but there's a very complicated process for that. >> so why did the court of appeals rule that the judge was wrong in this case to force this guy to shave his beard off? >> you know, i talked to a couple of lawyers last night. i have other experts i'm talking to today because i'm sure we'll have a follow-up story. i can't exactly explain why they ruled that. and one thing i can tell you is that all the people i talked to last night were absolutely shocked about that decision. they were not expecting it. >> the court also ruled that colonel gross, the judge in this case, had allowed the proceedings to become a duel of wills between himself and major n nadal hasan rather than an ajudication of the offenses with which hasan was charged.
6:20 am
how so? >> i have not gone to all of the hearings they've held. but you can tell that hasan has decided he is going to do things his way. he has grown the beard and he has said in a very soft spoken way i'm not out here to defy you, your honor, but this is what i believe. the judge in the meantime is a soldier. and he also has the right to control his courtroom. and he believes -- and it was very clear that he believed that the growing of that beard was a challenge to him. and he was going to run his courtroom as he saw fit. maybe that is where the appeals court saw this dueling going on. i don't know. it's an interesting thing. and i wonder whether the next judge will have the same issues or whether he will simply allow him to keep the beard. >> exactly. it's been a couple of years since this terrible thing happened at ft. hood. when might the trial begin?
6:21 am
>> my experts have told me they expect it in january. this throws a real wrench into the process. one thinks it will be in the spring. another thinks it will be in the summer. the army jag office up in washington will have to select a new judge. they will pick that judge from a circuit that's down here in the texas region. that judge will be a senior-ranking colonel and it will be a pretty experienced individual. just exactly when that judge gets on the case and how that judge decides to handle all the appeals processes that have been in place for, what, more than two years? the case has been three years since the shooting. no one really knows. this could be into the summer. it could be into the fall. people who have been highly critical of the process will be howling if this thing goes into the fourth year without a trial. no one knows yet.
6:22 am
it's completely up in the air. >> sig christianson, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much for having me. one of the big stories of the day involves food stamps. it's also our talk back question. is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless exercise? again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day. is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless exercise? cory booker, the hero mayor of newark, the guy who runs into a burning building to save lives, invites superstorm sandy victims into his home and rushes to aid a pedestrian hit by a car. heroism so out of the norm, it's been lampooned by booker himself and new jersey governor chris christie. >> gov, sit tight. i got this. >> booker. >> governor, stand back! i got this. i got this. >> booker! >> now booker says he will honor a challenge he made to one of his million plus twitter
6:26 am
followers to live on food stamps for a week to see how the other half lives. although it's fair to ask, as mayor of newark, doesn't he already know? the s.n.a.p. challenge, as booker calls it, means eating on just $4.32 a day. he he says he's doing to, quote, raise awareness and understanding of food insecurity, reduce the stigma of s.n.a.p. participation, and amplify compassion for individuals and communities in need of assistance. he was told by a constituent that nutrition is not a responsibility of the government. he seems to be itching to prove her wrong. he could run against the govern governor. i'm not saying he's insincere. i'm just wondering what living for just a week in someone else's shoes really proves. it's not like the food stamp challenge hasn't been done before. mayors of philadelphia and
6:27 am
phoenix and even super chef mario batali has done it. what will it tell us that we don't already know? the talk back question for you today, is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless exercise? your responses later. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and...
6:28 am
social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... you
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it is 30 minutes past the hour. good morning. thank you so much for being with us this morning. i'm carol costello. sports teams could be another family for players, especially in trying times. kansas city chiefs still think of jovan belcher as one of their own, even though he killed his girlfriend, kasandra perkins, and then himself. >> jovan is a member of the family. what he did, we didn't like, we're not crazy about. but he's still a member of our family, you know.
6:31 am
when you go out in society and things like this happen in society -- because they do happen in society -- you don't see people throwing the family members out the door. they are still loved by their family members, but the act -- you don't like the act. so you move on. you deal with it. and you don't have a choice. you have to move on. >> mike brusco knows what it's like to be a member of jovan belcher's family. they were teammates at the university of maine. thanks for being on with us this morning, mike. >> thank you, carol, for being on with me. >> you said it was therapeutic to talk about jovan belcher. what would you like people to know about him? >> before i start let me just say as difficult as these past days have been for people like myself, his teammates, his friends, nothing can compare to the pain that his family and the
6:32 am
family of kasandra perkins are experiencing right now. my utmost and sincere est sympathies to those families and their baby daughter, zoe. i'll be preaching to the choir, but this was not the person -- the picture that people got of jovan belcher saturday was not the person who jovan belcher was. he was incredibly passionate, loving individual. he enjoyed everything he did. i'll always remember him with a smile on his face. he had a huge smile, great smile, infectious smile. excuse me. that's the picture that i have of him. he cared. he loved, had such a big heart. loved so many people. and the feeling was mutual. he was loved by so many. it's an incredible tragedy and
6:33 am
very difficult to come to grips with. >> it's difficult for many people to come to grips with. because everybody says oh, there was no history of domestic violence in his past. but there are reports out there that he did have one experience while he was at maine. do you know about that? where he became so angry, he put his fist through a wall or glass window? >> he -- there was an incident with -- where he did put his fist through a window. to me it was our freshman year. he was 18 or 19 years old. i always credited that to an immature decision, a decision that i actually have another friend who has done the same thing -- not to justify or defend that or make it sound like a reasonable thing to do. but for jovan, it was a decision
6:34 am
that he made as a young man that he would -- i'm sure would have taken back. >> what was he angry about, mike? >> that, i don't know. i don't know the specific circumstances and i don't care to speculate. i just -- obviously, i was there and we knew that it happened. like i said, it wasn't ever anything that any of us looked at and said this is a bad sign. we all attributed it to immaturity and just a lack of -- an inability to make a really informed decision at that point in time. you know, myself i've made plenty of bad decisions when i was 18, 19. >> let me interrupt you. i ask you this question. i understand when you were at maine, you both were members of male athletes against violence. why did you guys decide to get involved in that organization? >> i do need to correct you. i actually was not a member of the organization. j jovan was. i knew about his participation
6:35 am
in it. he seemed sincere about it. but as far as myself being a part of it, that i can't comment on because it wasn't anything that i ever had any experience with. and his decision to join, probably not something that i'm able to really comment on because i never talked to him about his specific decision process in joining the organization. >> all right. mike brusko, thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> sure. thanks for having me. coming up in just about half an hour, diana reece, who reports for the kansas city star, has a closer look at who she says is the forgotten victim in this tragedy, kasandra perkins. papa johns, hitting back. pizza chain's favorability score dropped from 32 on election day to 4 at the end of last month.
6:36 am
40 is the top score. papa john's released a statement saying the results are contradictory to another study by the same company showing significant reputation gains. that statement also says the ceo made, his remarks on the affordable care act were mischaracterized in the media. that mischaracterization didn't seem to have had an effect on the brand. new jersey governor chris christie isn't shy about asking the federal government for money. he wants fema to reimburse the state for 100% of its emergency costs following superstorm sandy. the total? nearly $40 billion. we've heard the controversy surrounding the food stamp program. another politician is taking the challenge to see what it's like for other people who rely on it.
6:37 am
newark mayor cory booker is pledging to live off food stamps for one week, joining other celebrities like mario batali, colorado governor john hickenlooper, philadelphia mayor michael nutter and representative robert brady. joining me now is sister simone campbell. thank you, sister, for joining us this morning. >> glad to be with you, carol. >> i wondered what you felt about mayor booker's exercise. what do you think? is he doing the right thing? >> i think anything that brings attention of ordinary folks to the struggle of people, low-income neem our society, this probably is a step forward. i think he will find it quite challenging. when we were in milwaukee during a tour, our bus tour, we
6:38 am
discov discovered a man and his wife and two kids who used food stamps for breakfast and lunch during summertime when the kids aren't in school. and what billy told me was that having a 14-year-old child, a boy, who is growing and eats everything in sight, the only way they can do it, to try to keep him fed, is then come into the evening to st. benedict's dining room because billy's salary is only enough to keep a roof over their head and keep them from being homeless. i think mayor booker's trying to bring attention, shine a spotlight on this issue is probably a step forward. politicians too easily think of the dollars and cents that can be bargains away in the grand bargaining. all that argument going on in washington, d.c. where he is illustrating the plight of so many families who are the working poor in our society. it could be a step forward. i hope it is. >> sister, i'm sure you're well aware that a lot of people in
6:39 am
this country think there are too many people on food stamps. more than 15 million. some people believe that there are plenty of people taking advantage of the system. how do you respond to them? >> well, quite frankly, the congressional budget office or accounting office that reviews utilize iation found that the f stamp program was most effective program. they do an amazing amount. one, of screening. but two, because it's all done through electronic benefits now, they can really track how it's being used. the real plight in our society is the fact that there are so many hungry people. people don't realize if you work for minimum wage there's not enough money to go around. so food stamps becomes a subsidy for your salary that isn't enough. and i like to say that employers are benefiting as well as the
6:40 am
employees who use food stamps. because the employers then pay lower wages and can make more of a profit or keep their business going while they have work er w. we really need to be responsible. >> sister, i think many people are probably listening to you and saying, but still, sister, too many people rely on the government. and the government can't keep paying out the government assistance it needs to pay out to help these people forever. there has to be some other solution out there. in your mind, what is it? >> oh, there are solutions. one, we can raise minimum wage to make sure everybody working is not living in poverty. two, what we can do is help folks get into the job market, keep growing this economy. the fact that our people in the richest nation on earth are hungry, yes, it is disturbing. it's not disturbing because people are hungry -- i mean
6:41 am
because people are using food to feed thelmselves. it's that they're hungry. let's get systemic changes and move forward to grow the economy so people make more money in their jobs. that's where we need to go. >> sister simone, thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. appreciate it. one on one with the woman who brought you "the hurt locker" on the greatest manhunt ever. >> where was the last time you saw bin laden? >> oh, my god, is that what i think it is? >> zero dark thirty next. [ ross ] the streets of monaco, home of the legendary grand prix circuit. the perfect place to bring the all-new cadillac ats
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just about 45 minutes past the hour. if you like "the hurt locker" get ready for "zero dark thirty." >> we're sending billions of dollars. we are still no closer to
6:45 am
defeating our enemy. >> 20 detainees recognize that phot photo. >> no birth certificate, no cell phone. the guy is a ghost. >> film critics are calling it a stark portrayal of the grueling hunt for osama bin laden and the raid that eventually killed him. the movie opens in limited release on december 19th. and the controversy surrounding it certainly is helping to create buzz. a.j. hammer joins us now from new york. kathryn bigelow made "the hurt locker." i've heard this movie is supposed to be terrific. >> that, it is, from everybody i've spoken with who has seen it. it has gotten some good critical aclim. they're excited to get this movie out there at this point tlaechlts been so much speculation, carol, about the film and whether or not it was going to be some sort of pro obama movie.
6:46 am
bigelow says she's happy to have this movie judged on its own merits. >> it's definitely nice to have the film out there. it's been so kind of debated, kind of -- you know, obviously a bit of a -- there's some bit of controversy that's surrounded it. and i think it's nice because now the film can speak for itself, and i certainly have a feeling that a lot of those debates will transition to something, you know, slightly less controversial. >> i find it really interesting. a lot of people had ideas of what this movie was before it came out. i think a lot of people were afraid it was going to be a propaganda film and thought they knew what the story was. it's actually not at all. >> carol, so as it turns out, there are only brief shots and mentions of the president in the film. the story really centers on the cia operatives who were trying to fight terrorism and find bin laden. bigelow calls it the search for
6:47 am
a sharp needle in a very, very large haystack. chastain's performance, playing the cia agent ruthlessly tracking down bin laden. now controversy may shift to how some of the scenes were shot, cia operatives using abu ghraib tactics trying to break down detainees. >> can't wait to see it. thank you so much. >> you got it. circle awards, are those films now oscar favorites? we'll be back in a moment.
6:48 am
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"the wall street journal" reports the united states has stepped up its spying of an iranian nuclear reactor, the move coming after iran discharged fuel rods from the reactor in october. u.s. drones were involved in that surveillance. more expensive. priceline says the average holiday airfare will cost 469 bucks. that's an increase of 4% over last year, but you can find cheaper fares if you're willing to fly on christmas day and on new year's eve. britain now begins a royal baby watch. but the more immediate concern for prince william and his wife, the duchess of cambridge, is her health. she will be in the hospital for a few days dealing with an acute case of morning sickness. i still know her as kate middleton. could you imagine black friday lines to get your child
6:51 am
into a school. this was last friday at a school in south carolina. parents nearly trampling each other to be first in line. the parents camped out for three days before they could actually register their child for this school. it's cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless exercise? your responses to our talk back question today. yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom.
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all right. talk back question this morning. is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful for just a pointless exercise? >> it's a gimmick to get
6:55 am
national attention. this from tyler, sure it's a gimmick, a gimmick with a very valid point. you only hear about poor people. you rarely get a chance to understand their desperation. this from stephen, he should focus on things that can realistically be done to get off food stamps. show that it's not beneath someone to work at mcdonald's or macy's to get back on their feet. from sara, it's not about telling us something, it's about continually raising awareness. from leslie, he may be doing it for the right reason, but i know elderly people that live like this for years. i don't see what one week will prove. now, six months, that's a different story. keep the conversation going. i'll be right back. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue,
6:56 am
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rg3 is so good that even
6:59 am
when he makes a mistake his team scores, at least they did on one play on monday night football. he fakes out to the back and rolls out against the giants, and then he's tackled. he's going down, the ball pops loose. the redskins receiver grabs it and takes it in for a touchdown. afterwards the players joked it was all planned. washington went on to beat new york 17-16. now trails the giants by a game in the nfc east. you won't see al elects rodriguez taking grounders in spring training. the yankees say a-rod will have surgery next month on his left hip. he's expected to be out four to six months. as you well know, a-rod turns 38 next year and is currently owed $114 million through the 2017 season. a-rod's surgery will be similar to one he had on his other hip. and hockey fans get thrown out for throwing stuff on the ice but not at the calgary hit men's annual teddy bear toss. when they score their first
7:00 am
goal, fans tossed out more than 21,000 teddy bears onto the ice. it took 45 minutes to pick all that stuff up. the stuffed animals were given to needy kids with the players helping to hand them out. that's awesome. and that's a look at sports this morning. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." drone debate. iran says it has another u.s. unmanned aircraft and it says we shall trample on the united states. she was shot and killed by an nfl player before he turned the gun on himself. now some are asking assandra perkins s she becoming the forgotten victim in this tragedy. it's a blady picture released of a man charged with killing an unarmed teenager. why all sides say this picture will help prove their case. we've heard the story, a new york cop buys a homeless man a pair of boots. now we're learning more about the man who benefitted from that
7:01 am
random act of kindness. you won't believe it. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. this morning iran is bragging. it claims it captured an american drone. the u.s. is denying it, but iran has made that drone a star on state television. according to iran's state-run news agency, the drone was captured immediately after entering iranian air space. this is how the drone is being shown on iranian television. behind the aircraft is a map of the persian gulf with the words, quote, we shall trample on the united states. the u.s. says all of its u.s. drones in the middle east have been accounted for. the drone iran says it has is a scan eagle. it's made by boeing and it's used by the u.s. navy marines. actually it's used by the marines. cnn national security
7:02 am
contributor fran townsend joins me now from new york. fran is a member of both the cia and department of homeland security external advisory boards. good morning, fran. >> good morning, carol. >> when you look at the pictures on iranian state tv, is this an american drone or not in your eyes? >> well, it's clearly an american-made drone, right? as you mentioned, it's made by the boeing company, an american company that does in the aerospace defense sector, but, of course, the united states is not the only country that uses these drones. for example, the united arab emirates right across the persian gulf also uses scan eagles. it's not clear when the iranian it's captured this. american officials say they have accounted for all of their unmanned airlinal vehice -- aer vehicles in the middle east. it's unclear when the iranians seized this scan eagle, who it belongs to, and by the way as the pictures we have just shown demonstrate, this is a carefully
7:03 am
orchestrated propaganda effort on the part of the iranian regime. >> "the wall street journal" recently reported that the u.s. is using drones to spy on iran's nuclear capabilities. might this drone be part of that? what do you know about that side of the story? >> you know, it's not clear. you remember in 2011 there was a drone seized that the united states later did confirm was a u.s. spy drone, and so clearly there's an ongoing intelligence effort targeting iran's nuclear infrastructure. by the way, again, not just by the united states, but by other allies around the world who are concerned about the nuclear infrastructure and iran's desire to have a nuclear weapon which they deny, so there's no question, the u.s. and others are collecting intelligence about this program. they're using drones to do it. you know, whether or not -- clearly whether or not it's been successful and how much the iranians know about it is not at all clear to us. >> okay. so final question, if this is an
7:04 am
american drone and iran really did shoot it down or capture it, is it an act of war? >> look, given that we've been very aggressively targeting their in fact, there's a certain amount of this, carol, before you ever get to the is it an act of war legal issue, this is an ongoing skirmish. we've seen activities against -- targeting iranian nuclear scientists. we've also seen iranian actions around the world against israeli and western targets, and so there's this ongoing sort of below the radar skirmish that's been continuing, and i put this in that category. the notion of shooting down drones or capturing drones is not going to lead us into war without further escalation i think. >> cnn national security contributor fran townsend. thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thanks, carol. a select group of governors meeting in just a couple minutes at the white house with
7:05 am
president obama to discuss, what else? the fiscal cliff. states would be severely impacted because much of their revenue comes from the federal government. cnn white house correspondent dan lothian is at the white house. so, dan, who is trying to convince who? >> well, i think it's a little bit of both here. you have the president trying to sort of put pressure on them, if you will, these governors, to then they in turn should put pressure ontheir lawmakers to get a deal done. at the time the governors are here to let the president know there's some real consequences if this scenario plays out. a third of states out there get their revenue from federal grants according to a pew report, and that report also points out that states like virginia, for example, would be heavily impacted. why virginia? because it has a lot of military defense contractors. they're saying that they could be impacted to the tune of about $10 billion in economic activity
7:06 am
falling. in addition to that, 120,000 jobs lost. take a look at a state like south dakota, for example. a very small state, but 10% of its revenue depends on federal grants. so we're not talking about here just sort of these numbers in the sky, but real numbers that impact states, and that's the message these governors will have for the president here, and also when they go up to capitol hill meeting with senate majority leader harry reid and house speaker john boehner. >> let's talk about the negotiations themselves. president obama put out his plan. the republicans rejected it. the republicans put out a plan yesterday, and the president rejected it. what should we make of this? >> reporter: well, right now it shows at least publicly both sides are fully entrenched in not wanting to budge on some very specific issues. the president wanting taxes to go up on wealthy americans, those extension only for middle class americans. republicans saying no way at all, and beyond that while they might have some agreement on
7:07 am
other issues, those remain the sticking points. i did hear from an administration official a short time ago who told me no update whatsoever when i asked whether or not there would be some counteroffer, i guess, the counteroffer from republicans. so that remains the big sticking point, and it appears that until there's some movement on that, there really won't be an agreement. >> and before you go, i understand speaker boehner and the president were at a holiday reception and, well, what happened? >> well, you know, as you know what happens every year is that lawmakers come here to the white house, as do other groups, and they get a chance to get their photo taken with the president, a quick hand shake. last night they had a reception here at the white house and a republican aide up on the hill confirms that speaker boehner did not have his photo taken with the president. perhaps that's some indication of the current climate between the president and speaker boehner. as you know, out on the talk shows boehner has had very strong words for the president and even in some news
7:08 am
conferences as well. so there's been that public posture of pushing very hard on the president, and apparently they're not getting along that well because they did not have a photo taken together last night at the reception. >> interesting. dan lothian, reporting live for us from the white house. joining me now is democratic congressman chris van hollen, the ranking member of the house budget committee. welcome, congressman. >> good to be with you. >> did you just hear what dan said, that speaker boehner didn't have his picture taken with the president? >> i did, carol. i wouldn't read too much into that. as you know, the speaker and the president get together a lot. i'm sure the speaker has had many occasions to have his picture taken with the president and vice versa. i really wouldn't read much into that particular fact. >> we'll take you at your word. how would you character the negotiations going on, ongoing, stalled, on life support? >> i think a mix of all three of those things. and the reason i say that is the
7:09 am
president has been very clear in his proposal, both on the tax and revenue side as well as the spending side. i'm glad we finally got a piece of paper back from speaker boehner and the republicans but when you look at it, there's a lot less than meets the eye. i have it in my hand. they don't spell out in any detail how they propose to do the cuts, and with respect to revenue, they're far short, number one, of what's necessary for a balanced plan that includes revenue as well as cuts, and they don't spell out, once again, how they're going to achieve that revenue, and the concern is that they'll get it ultimately by increasing the tax burden on middle class taxpayers while the president wants to focus on asking higher income taxpayers to pay a little more to reduce our deficit so others don't take an even bigger hadity in the budget process. >> let's talk about that aspect of the red's plan. raising the tax rate on the top 2% appears to be the administration's line in the
7:10 am
sand. but isn't there a danger to drawing that line? eventually the president will have to agree to more than he wants just to get it, and what if the gop holds out for that? >> well, carol, i don't think the gop position is sustainable with the american people for this reason. let's think this through. they're saying that starting january they're going to make sure that nobody in the country, nobody, gets continued tax relief unless higher income individuals get a bonus tax break on their income above $250,000, and they're saying that unless higher income individuals get that extra break, then they're going to risk the whole economy in going over the fiscal cliff. i don't think that's sustainable. i don't think people fully understand, what the president is saying is 100% of american families and small businesses get continued tax relief on their first $250,000 in income, and on the income above that amount, higher income people
7:11 am
would be paying the same rates they did during the clinton administration, which is four more cents on the dollar. and, again, i don't think that's at all unreasonable. the president talked about this at length during the presidential campaign, and i believe -- i think people like tom cole, a conservative republican in oklahoma had it right when he warned his colleagues they would look totally obstructionist if they allowed that to happen. >> congressman, also included in the president's plan was that $200 billion in new stimulus measures. mention the word stimulus to republicans, and, well, they're not too happy with that word. so why do that? why deliberately like -- it seems like it was a deliberate poke in the side. >> no, carol. this has been part of the president's jobs initiative. he submitted this plan to the congress almost a year and a half ago now. it calls for greater investment in our national infrastructure, in our roads and bridges, in our broadband infrastructure.
7:12 am
this has always been a bipartisan effort, at least it used to be, and what the president is saying is with continued high unemployment in the construction industry and with the unmet construction needs, we should move forward with that piece. that's one example of what's in the president's proposal. he has said we should look at extending the payroll tax cut for another year. you get much more economic bang for your buck on that than many of these other measures. so the president is focused on trying to make sure we continue to grow a very fragile economy and create jobs at the same time that we begin to tackle our long-term deficit problem. >> okay. last question, because there is some feeling out there that there's this big democratic plan to allow the country to go off the fiscal cliff to get what the democratic party wants. >> no. carol, i can assure you that the president is very determined to try to prevent us from going
7:13 am
over the fiscal cliff because the reality is that would mean immediately $5 trillion in new revenue. it would mean these across the board cuts. it would not be good for the economy. what the president is trying to do is two things. number one, boost job creation and put us on a sustainable path to reducing our long-term deficit. that's why he combines things like this additional infrastructure investment and jobs with a plan that asks higher income individuals to pay a little bit more combined with the more than $1 trillion in cuts that we have to continue to implement over the next ten years and additioncle cuts he's proposed. >> congressman van hollen thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. a recorded conversation between a fox news contributor and general david petraeus shows the network's chairman wanted petraeus to run for president. "the washington post" uncovered the audio tape and posted it online today. the interview was recorded in afghanistan in the spring of 2011 when petraeus was a commander of u.s. forces there.
7:14 am
in that same interview the fox news contributor says she was passing along a message from fox news chairman roger ailes. she told petraeus he should turn down a potential offer to become cia director and se a position no lower than joint chiefs of staff. and if that position wasn't available, he should run for president. listen. >> and i know you're not running for president, but at some point when you go to new york next, you may want to just chat with roger and rupert murdoch for that matter. >> well, rupert is -- look, what i had told people is that, you know, i truly want to continue to serve my country if it is in the -- you know, quite significantly meaningful position and there's all of about two of those in the world. you all really have to shut your mouths -- >> i'm only reporting this back to roger and that's -- >> in a phone interview, roger
7:15 am
ailes told "the washington post" he was joking, trying to shake up the republican primary. he also said the fox news contributor was, quote, way out of line. during the interview petraeus mentioned he thought he was speaking off the record. the interview was before petraeus' affair came to light with his biographer, paula broadwell. a high-definition image comes to light in a high-profile case. attorneys for george zimmerman post a picture of their client bloodied from the night trayvon martin was killed. 01. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects and many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. you won't take our future.
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[ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. a new image linked to the night of trayvon martin's killing is surfacing. attorneys for george zimmerman have posted a photo of zimmerman online. the attorneys say it was taken by police the night martin was killed. zimmerman, as you know, has been charged with a second-degree murder in that february death. martin was unarmed. zimmerman says he shot the teenager in self-defense. george howell has been covering the case for us. so why is this picture coming out now? >> well, carol, look, it's a new image but not really new wp we have seen this image before. it was released in the first round of discovery as a black and white i am imagine, so not nearly as impressive.
7:19 am
i think we even have a side by side where you can look at the difference here. you see george zimmerman here black and white, but when you look at that high resolution digital image, you can tell this is -- it's a powerful image. you can tell exactly how badly he was injured. you can tell that there was a fight. now, the thing that we're looking at here, we know his attorney pushed for that image initially. he wanted to get this high resolution digital image. first he got the black and white. then he got a color printout, but that's no comparison to what we're seeing here, and that's why the attorney says it's important to get it out. >> so there's been a lot of reaction to this photo. so give us some of the highlights. >> sure. really, when you look at this story, there are three sides. first of all, let's talk about trayvon martin and his attorney ben crump. when you hear from ben crump, crump says, look, had george zimmerman not gotten out of his car, there would be no interaction here. when you hear from prosecutor cory, what does this image mean to her?
7:20 am
well, this is an image that the state released clearly, and her case has always been this happened because george zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. so that's where they stand on it. but when you hear from defense attorney mark o'meara representing george zimmerman, he says this image is important. he spoke to -- on anderson cooper last night. take a listen to what he had to say. >> it's frustrating ba us this type of evidence should have came out day one and quite honestly would have gone a long way to quelling all of the anger against george that was sort of prove pounded by some of the trayvon martin family handlers who just turned this into much more than it ever was in the beginning. >> carol, really, that was the thing. initially when this case first came to light, the question was was there a scuffle? well, clearly there was a scuffle. we've seen images. we've seen this latest image. i don't think that's really the question anymore. you know, now it comes down to how will this image play in court.
7:21 am
>> trial begins? >> june 10th. that's when we'll see what happens. >> george howell, thanks so much. talk back question for you today, is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful for a pointless exercise? i'll be right back. metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) awhat strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education.
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let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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7:24 am
now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day.t cory booker, the hero mayor of newark, he invites superstorm sandy victims into his home and rushes to aid a ped strestrian by a car. >> govern, gov, sit tight, i go this. governor, stand back! i got this, i got this. >> booker. >> well, now booker says he will honor a challenge he said to one of his million plus twitter followers to live on food stamps for one week to see how the other half lives.
7:25 am
although it's fair to ask as the mayor of newark, doesn't he already know? the snap challenge means eating on just $4.32 a day. he says he's doing it to, quote, raise awareness and understanding of food insecurity, reduce the stigma of s.n.a.t. participation, and amplify compassion for individuals and communities in need of assistance. the democratic mayor seems to be itching to prove them wrong. i'm not saying booker is insincere. i'm just wondering what living for just a week in someone else's shoes really proves. it's not like the food stamp challenge hasn't been done before. the mayors of philadelphia and phoenix, even super chef mario batali have done it. what will it tell us that we
7:26 am
don't already know. the talk back question today, is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless exercise? your responses later this hour. just 28 days remain for president obama and congress to work out a high stakes deal to avoid that fiscal cliff. can they do it, will they do it. our political panel tackles that next. and with photo stream, you can share all the photos you want, with just the people you want. it's as easy as pie. mmmm .. pie. the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪
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good morning and thank you for being with us today. i'm carol costello. it's just about 30 minutes past the hour. time to take a look at our top stories. didn't take long for the u.s. to respond to iran's claim it captured one of our drones. a defense official saying all navy drones are accounted for in the region. iran is showing the drone on
7:30 am
state tv with the words we shall trample on the united states. a federal judge blocks a california law banning the use of conversion therapy. his ruling provides to three providers who want the law overturned. the therapy is aimed at changing a minor's sexual orientation from gay to straight. oracle is paying dividends to shareholders at the end of the month instead of january. right now the same investments are taxed at only 15%. the white house wasted no time rejecting a gop counterproposal on avoiding that fiscal cliff. the republican plan totals $2.2 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years. now, the part that stood out to us was the $600 billion in proposed savings in medicare reforms in part by raising he will he wieligibility from 65 t.
7:31 am
dn pfeifer says it provides to details on which deductions they would eliminate, which loopholes they will chose, or which medicare savings they would would achieve. jason is the chief political correspondent at politics 365 and john bray bend ser a republican political consul can't and former senior strategist. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so i keep wondering, you know, why are the two parties negotiating in public? wouldn't it be better if they negotiated behind closed doors, jason? >> they're not going to negotiate behind closed doors because nothing gets done. what you see right now with the republican proposal on monday, it was similar to what the democrats were offering in 2010. and john boehner is under a tremendous amount of pressure to look tough. they want to beat their chests
7:32 am
and say we're standing up to barack obama before they have to cave. so that's why i think a lot of the negotiations are happening publicly. in the end it's going to be a private meeting and things are going to get done. >> john, do you agree? >> i do. i think both sides should probably be embarrassed at this point. we are not in the get it done stage. we're in the public relations campaign phase. both of the them have put forward less specificity than you would see in a $50,000 mortgage application yet we're talking about $2 billion. so i think both of them are trying to secure their position with the public and then we will see this get done as we get closer. >> so, john, let me ask you this, so will the republicans at any point say, well, we kind of have to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans to get a deal done? do you think that will happen eventually? >> well, let's not forget, in their plan they are raising the tax on the wealthy but they're doing it in a way by getting rid of tax loopholes which they feel rather than raise the tax rates will have less of a negative impact on the economy. at the end i think there will be
7:33 am
a little bit of movement on their side possibly raising the dollar income level that we have for that and making so it's a combination of increases as well as loopholes, but, frankly, the president's policy of just trying to punish the rich is what he seems to be interested in is also counterproductive, frankly. >> i saw jason johnson shaking his head no. >> this is not true. they haven't specified what any of these taxes are. they're trying to sell people a bridge and you don't even know where the bridge is going. that's one of the reasons the white house rejected the plan but here is the other reason why the republicans are eventually just going to go along and raise taxes and deal. the most important number in this whole debate is 56. 56% of the public according to a recent poll will blame the republican party in congress if this deal does not get done. they do not need another public relations hit after being shellacked in the november elections. i think eventually the republicans can dress it up however they want, they're going to have to accept some tax increases. they lost this battle, lost this election, and it's time for them to move on.
7:34 am
>> okay. so, john, let me ask you this, this may mean nothing at all, and i hear you, jason, but i don't know. there was a holiday party at the white house and, you know, john boehner was there and the president was there, and john boehner didn't get his picture taken with the president. does that mean anything in the grand scheme of life? >> no. but i think what is probably happening is there are more negotiations going on than are public. i think there's probably more dialogue than is probably public. i think it's a disaster for both the president and for speaker boehner if this doesn't get done, but i do think that there are strong ideological differences. quite frankly, the president had promised that he would do more than two times as many cuts as raising taxes. yet his plan does the opposite of that, and so i do think there are some ideological splits, but end of the day neither side can afford not to get this done. they'll both be blamed equally. >> i kind of think he's right, jason. there's a sentiment out there that democrats actually want us to go off the fiscal cliff.
7:35 am
>> well, nobody wants anyone to go off the fiscal cliff. and the reality is we have to look over the last two years. the republican party established themselves as the party that was willing to let americans entire credit rating go down the tubes in order to stop barack obama last year. it's very clear that most people are going to see them as being the party that's being more obstinate. the truth of the matter is they also because they lost so badly in the election, nobody wants to be seen playing footsie with barack obama under the table which is what they're going to have to do to get this deal done. the republican party is going tond up being blamed which is one of the reasons they will have to compromise more. it's the same thing the democrats did when bush won. you have to compromise with the party that just won. jason johnson, john brabender, thank you thank you both. the new york film critics have made their choices for top films and many times they end up as oscar favorites. all the details next.
7:36 am
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the whole world is going to want in on this. >> i want targets. >> where was the last time you saw bin laden? >> that's a look from "zero dark 30," and it's already winning an award, one that could be a good preview for the oscars. a.j. hammer is in new york to tell us more. hi, a.j. >> hey, carol. "lincoln" is already off and running and daniel day-lewis had a lot of oscar buzz long before the film hit theaters. now the new york film critic circle is validating the buzz giving three awards to the movie. best actor, best supporting actor and best screen play. the other one that did especially well is zero dark thirty. they named it best picture. the critics also gave awards to
7:40 am
director katherine bigelow and cinematographer greg fraser for the film. three of the past five winners in new york have gone on to win the oscars, including "the hurt locker." not great news for other movies like "les mis." "argo" was also snubbed. it's officially time to start reeveryoning your oscar pool just about three months from now. >> it's a good idea. a.j. hammer, thanks so much. for more entertainment news watch "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 eastern on hln. ♪
7:41 am
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the families of the jovan belcher and kasandra perkins is responding to the murder/suicide that took both of theirs live. belcher police say shot and killed his girlfriend perkins in front of their home on saturday and drove to arrowhead stadium and killed himself. belcher's aunt spoke to reporters. >> we will cherish the wonderful memories we have of jovan and pray that those memories will bring us peace as we grapple to understand the unpredictable and tragic ending of his life and the life of kasandra perkins. >> kasandra perkins' family released a staget saying, quote, we appreciate the outpouring of love and concern for our kasandra perkins. our hearts are truly broke fon for kasi, she was a beloved
7:44 am
daughter, sister, cousin, mother and friend. let's talk about kasandra a little more this morning. diane reese is a freelance journalist who posted an article. good morning, diana. >> how are you? >> i read your article, and i was touched because i was listening to a sports radio talk show in my car driving home yesterday, and the guy on the radio referred to kasandra perkins as that woman who was shot who had a kid, and i was kind of stunned by that. >> i know how you feel. yesterday my editor asked me to write a piece about the local reaction here in kansas city to the murder/suicide, so i got on twitter and facebook and talked with some people, and everything seemed to be this outpouring of grief and this mourning for this wonderful guy and just what could have happened? and he must have snapped and maybe it was repeated head
7:45 am
injuries, whatever. and there was just not the mention of kasandra, and finally there was one tweet from a second baseman of the royals who said, hey, we need to remember, we need to remember her. >> and why she might have died. police don't know for a fact, but people seem to be leaning towards domestic violence. i think in this country we're still confused by domestic violence for some reason. >> i think we are, too, and honestly, i didn't realize just how pervasive of a problem it is. it really is an epidemic. i discovered yesterday that 1 in 4 women will be affected in some way by domestic violence or the new term is intimate partner violence, and an average of three women a day are killed by a boyfriend or a husband. so two other women died on saturday besides kasandra, and i actually found a website that told who they were.
7:46 am
there was a woman in chula vista, california, with a 3-year-old whose boyfriend stabbed her. and a 32-year-old woman who was shot by her boyfriend in new orleans. >> and you could tell there's confusion, too, by the way the kansas city chiefs reacted because the day the game was played on sunday there was a moment of silence. neither name was mentioned, and you think at the moment of silence was in remembrance of domestic violence victims, maybe the chiefs should have mentioned kasandra's name. >> i can understand why they didn't want to mention jovan's name because of everything that had happened, but it really does seem like they should have had that moment of silence for her. she had been involved with the chiefs -- there's an organization of chiefs wives and girlfriends. she'd been involved with them. they all knew her. her cousin is actually married to another chiefs player. she should have been remembered by name, i think. >> so when all is said and done and then this story goes by the
7:47 am
wayside, as you know, most tragic stories do, sadly, as a country will we have learned anything? >> i hope that there's more awareness. if you have a friend who is in a situation that you think is abusive, maybe you need to talk to her. there are shelters and there are places to get help. one of the people i interviewed yesterday was the director of safe home which is a shelter in the kansas city area. there is help out there. i think that we need to be careful who the role models are for our sons. there's another program, coaching boys into men, that works with sports teams and their coaches to -- of young kids to help them teach them how to treat women with respect. we need to get past that culture of violence, and we need to be raising boys that will treat women with respect and not resort to violence. >> diana reese, thanks so much. appreciate you being here this
7:48 am
morning. >> thank you. it's a picture that should warm your heart. a new york city police officer giving boots to a homeless man, but now this story is taking a strange twist. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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social security are just numbers thinkin a budget.d... well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us.
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7:51 am
a feel-good story might not be all it seems. you have probably by now seen the picture taken on a new york city street last month. a police officer buying and giving a homeless man a pair of boots. but now there are reports in new york that say the man in the photo is not homeless. according to the city's homeless services division, that man, jeffrey hillman, actually has stable housing. so let's talk about that. joining me now is sister simone campbell, the executive director of network. she speaks out for those who are less fortunate and lobbies lawmakers on issues of economic justice. welcome, sister. >> glad to be back with us. >> thanks for sticking around for us. we appreciate it.
7:52 am
i think that, you know, when people say, oh, this isn't a homeless man after all, they might not feel as warm-hearted towards this person as they once did. >> well, you know, that may be the case, but the fact is that clearly he continues to have needs, and the report that i saw reported that he was a veteran that did -- had been homeless and got housing through the current evident to get homeless vets into permanent housing, but there are two aspects here that i think are so aspect. one is the generous-hearted response of the police officer whose heart opened up and he responded to need he saw. that is a good news story. the second good news story is that this man, while struggling, clearly having problems being barefoot in new york right now, clearly with problems, had gotten some effective help through government programs. so both -- in many ways it's a
7:53 am
good news story. the sad news is he continues to apparently sit on the street barefoot, and that's anguish to watch and wonder what is going on with him, and i hope the folks that are continuing to work with him are working on those issues. but that's a lot bigger question. >> i think "the new york times" reported that the boots were really expensive and he was afraid to wear them out because, you know, somebody might rob him of the boots so he's hidden the boots somewhere and that's why he's not wearing them. this is according to "the new york times." i was curious by the initial reaction to this photo because you see people everyday just walking by homeless people, treating them like they're a nuisance and yet this picture is taken and this outpouring of love. how do you like marry the two images? >> it is tough, isn't it? i know i have a hard time just walking past homeless folks and feeling torn. i think when we have a single image, then it can touch our hearts and it's not in that
7:54 am
apprehensive threatening way because you never know if folks have mental disabilities, what they will do. i think our fears can rise up sometimes, but when we see one person, then our hearts are touched because we see, oh, my heavens, that could be me. i could be in that place, and we identify with the person. that's the challenge in our huge nation, as rich as we are. we often don't know how to connect one on one, and the glory of this story is that it tells the generosity of one wonderful man, though i could understand how a homeless person would be terrified. the most valuable possession that he would have could be stolen, and sometimes we don't appreciate the complexities of other people's lives. >> sister simone, thank you for sticking around. we appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. >> talk back question today, is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful or a pointless
7:55 am
exercise? your responses next. e taxes on r dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late.
7:56 am
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starting to get cold, and that means fever season, especially for kids. but before you reach for the overthe counter meds, listen to pediatrician and author jennifer shoe's warnings in today's "daily dose." >> over the counter acetaminophen may be used as early as a newborn period. we see many babies who have to get that kind of medicine for hospital procedures. eye ibuprofen may be used after months of age. all these medicines are based on a baby's weight. you can check with your doctor about the proper dose. aspirin should never be used in children because there is a risk of developing a disease called reye syndrome. it's a problem with brain swelling and liver damage that
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some children can get if they have a viral disease. over the counter cough and cold medicines are not recommended until 6 years of age or later. the risks often outweigh any benefits. those risks include high bloop, fast heart raise, seizures, and other problems. talk back question today. is cory booker's food stamp challenge helpful for a pointless exercise? this from penny. i have been on both sides, received them and distributed them. if congress had a live a week on a fixed income, no expense account, they would have a different opinion about cutting public services. this from anderson. it's a political move. you can't get food stamp assistance for a week and understand a family's plight for a lifetime. booker has to live in the projects with limited health care without a car to see how things really are. mar len, this effort will raise awareness. when was the last time you thought about what it would be like to have only $4.32 a day for