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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 4, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PST

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welcome, everyone, to "newsroom international." i'm michael holmes, in for suzanne malveaux. we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. here what happens we've got going on for you today. we'll start with breaking news out of cairo, egypt.
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thousands of protesters crowding the streets, troops firing tear gas, many people mad about the president's recent power grab. the country is less than two weeks away from voting on a new constitution. a controversial one, to many people. reza is in the middle of it in i can propose the demonstration had been unfolding for a while. what's happening in the last half hour or so? >> reporter: yeah, let's get you up to speed, michael, on new information that we've gotten over the past hour. according to witnesses on the ground, protesters have broken at least one barrier, set up with barbed wire that was arranged by police to keep protesters away from the presidential palace, another witness telling us there's been one clash between protesters and police after demonstrators started throwing rocks, debris, other objects, at police and police responded by firing at least one round of tear gas.
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for the most part, these demonstrations near the presidential palace have been peaceful, but with this clash, we're going to keep our eyes on things to to see if that leads to more violence. this is the first time these opposition factions have marched towards the presidential palace. this is, of course, part of today's big demonstration that opposition factions have dubbed the final warning, the seculars, moderates, liberals, women's rights groups protesting the president, his decrees in the process by which this constitution has been drafted. while that's happening at presidential palace you have another group of people, about 5,000, 10,000 people protesting here in tahrir square, again with chants of "cancel, cancel, we won't leave until he leaves" a reference to president morsi. the deck seems to be stacked against them and the moment seems to have shifted in favor of the president, michael but they still have their voice and
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they're coming out protesting again, it looks like. >> of course this all relates back, give people the context, to the power grab, others call expansion of powers by mr. morsi which some in the judiciary oppose. others have approved of. all relates to new constitution. give us the synopsis there. >> reporter: the president's position, all along, has been he was elected to establish the democratic institutions after the 2011 revolution. he said he inherited the legislature and announced decrees to push through with the process of forming a constitution of establishing a parliament. and avoiding what he called the impediment of the old judges and the remnants from the mubarak regime who wanted to block his way. then you have opposition factions who described that process as a power grab, as the president's attempt, as the muslim brotherhood's attempt to month onnize power.
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they are very concerned, down the road an islamist-led government could use the constitution to deny them the right. they don't want to vote on this draft constitution. that's why they're out here protesting at this hour. >> reza, as always, appreciate your reporting from sicairo. strong warning for syria's president not to use chemical weapons against his own people. nato secretary-general said the use of such weapons would result in an immediate reaction, his words. he described the syrian stockpiles as a matter of great concern and president obama has been warning of consequences if al assad makes what mr. obama calls the tragic mistake of using chemical weapons. former british prime minister tony blair voiced his concerns earlier on cnn. >> i mean now the death toll probably would be around 40,000, since this began, since a large number of people. but if there was any sense at
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all that assad was going to use chemical weapons or did use chemical weapons against his own people i expect a tough response that would be military. >> and nato is taking no chances by trying to protect one of its members, alliance expected to authorize deployment of operate out missiles to turkey's border with syria. i want to bring in cnn's ivan watson joining us istanbul in turkey. the turkish government asked for nato's help after the syrian government was shelling near the border and coming across inside turkey, one memorable occasion. do these missiles perhaps border tensions or the deterrent that nato claims? they're defense everybody not offensive? >> reporter: if you talk to the turkish government, if you talk to nato, officials argue this will serve as deter indeployment of the patriot missile batteries
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from u.s., germany and netherlands. this would serve to be a pretty firm warning to the flailing assad regime to mess with nato member, turkey. if you talk to some of most vocal critics, though of the proposal, and that would be the russians who are in brussels at that nato meet and who were here, putin in istanbul, meeting with turkish leadership yesterday, they argue further militarizing this long border will only serve to escalate tensions. >> all right. ivan, thanks so much. ivan watson in istanbul, who is being down near that bordertown that has been the subject of shelling. moving on. before the scandal broke, many people could have seen former cia director david patreaus running for office. and now there is news that he was indeed approached. the way he was approached may
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welcome back, everyone. iran says it has captured a u.s. drone that ended its airspace over the persian gulf. we can show you iranians showing off what they say is a scan eagle drone made by boeing iran says the drone was spying and the iranian navy brought it down hacking into electronics. the u.s. navy says it's not missing a drone in the middle east. i'm joined by elise in washington. first u.s. far from the only country to possess drones neen that part of the world, multiple countries do. could the aircraft belong to someone else? >> well, certainly, michael. the u.s. says none of its drones are missing and it follows it could belong to someone else. the united states has identify the 76 countries that use this type of drone country and many u.s. allies in the persian gulf
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are also using it. but it's unclear how iran got a hold of it anyway. it's possible that it got lost or it had a mechanical failure. it's not clear that it shot down. >> exactly. one of the questions that's been asked, and they've claimed to have done this before, in fact this announcement comes a day to the -- a year to the day after iran claimed to have shot down another u.s. drone and they say that one crashed in the iranian desert. >> that's right. it's a great propaganda for the iranians to say that they shot down a u.s. drone and last year they got so much bang for their buck, by making a toy of this stealth drone and selling it on the streets of tehran. anytime they can say they've kept the u.s. at bay or able to take down u.s. technology, now that stealth drone that you're talking about from last year was much more valuable piece of technology. this scan eagle drone, no one is all that concerned about that type of drone anyway because it
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doesn't really have all of the valuable technology, it's readily available on the market. >> they're pretty small, too. whether or not latest one was american, it does look largely undamaged, which you know the iranians say they hacked it electronically. if that is the case, what does it say about iranian technical capabilities and the need of the u.s. and others to combat that if they can hijack a drone in midair? >> well, right now michael it doesn't say anything because nobody knows how iran got a hold of this, like we said. so doesn't really say anything about their technical capabilities. last week, iran -- several weeks ago the u.s. claimed that it shot down -- tried to shoot down another u.s. predator drone. again a much more valuable piece of machinery but the americans said that it didn't reach that drone and last year, careful to note that the americans said that iran did not shoot down that stealth drone, that that
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drone was the result of mechanical failure. so, obviously iran is trying to shoot down and go after u.s. and other countries' drone technologies. it's just unclear how successful they are. >> yeah, it is a drone world these days. good to see you, elise. elise labott. we'll bring you up to date on that, if we can find out what happened. an enlightening bit of audiotape that was never supposed to become public. bob woodward of "the washington pos post", you'll find in that name familiar new york doubt, in the spring of 2011 an analyst with fox news delivered a personal message from her boss, the conservative media mogul roger ales to general david patreaus. i'm joined by jim acosta from washington. what was the message that that reporter delivered in afghanistan? >> reporter: well, the message from that analyst at fox to patreaus was roger ailes a
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high-level executive at fox wanted the general to run for president and just listen to some of the audio. it features k.t. mcfarland a national security analyst at fox news and of course general david patreaus, this conversation was had back in 2011. just before he was named to run the cia. i'm being told we don't have that audio ready to go. let me read to you a little bit of what was said during that conversation as reported by "the washington post." one point, mcfarland says, quote, the other thing was just directly advised to me from roger ailes and patreaus says i'm not running. we do have a little bit of the audio. let's play that for you. >> the other thing directly advice to roger ailes is -- >> i'm not running. >> that's not the question at this point. he says, if you're offered
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chairman, take it. if you're offered anything else, don't take it. resign in six months and run for president. okay. and i know you're not running for president, but at some point, when you go to new york next, you may want to chat with roger and rupert. >> rupert's after me. >> i don't know if you heard that at end of the audio clip. michael -- david patreaus says there to k.t. mcfarland, rupert is after me as well, that's referring to the chairman of news corp., which is the parent company of fox news. rupert murdoch. and but roger ailes did give a comment to "the washington post" saying that this was sort of a lighthearted conversation that went on between k.t. mcfarland and david patreaus that this was never any intent on his part to convey to the general he wanted him to run for president and it says here, it was more of a joke, a quote wiseass way i have. i thought the republican
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primarily field needed to be shaken up and patreaus might be a good candidate. sounds like she thought she was on a secret mission. in the reagan administration she was way out of line. someone's fantasy to make me a kingmaker. it's not my job. they go on to say, roger ailes offering to step down at fox news to run potential patreaus campaign. he is denying that as well. we've reached out to fox news for comment. we have not heard back from network. also reached out to k.t. mcfar land. she's also not responded. there was a youtube clip i found of her on fox news talking about this conversation with david patreaus in which she talks about how you know she asked him about the job at the cia and running for president. there's no mention of k.t. mcfarland on fox news in 2011 talking about this idea that roger ailes might come over and help him run for president, just
9:17 am
not there. >> all moot now, of course. jim, thanks so much. >> it is. >> well, some of the world's most successful companies, but british lawmakers accusing starbucks, google and amazon of avoiding their taxes or minimizing them and not the right way. we'll have a live report. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough.
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welcome back, everyone. while washington bickers over the fiscal cliff and who's going to pay more in taxes, in great britain, lawmakers are telling some american companies it is time to start paying their fair share there in the uk. even throwing around terms such as shame, outrageous when talking about it. executives from google, amazon, and starbucks all appeared before a parliamentary committee looking into how international companies minimize the tax they pay in the uk. richard quest is in london to explain it all. now, richard, not necessarily talking about tax evasion here. it's more like avoidance, minimization, what's the concern? >> reporter: that's exactly the point.
9:21 am
the companies are not breaking the law, not doing anything wrong. the accounts committee described their actions as immoral claiming they have r. so arranging their tax affairs so as to pay no tax in the country where the money is earned. this applies to google, which uses ireland, applies to amazon, on the continent, and it applies to starbucks in amsterdam. what we learned is how these companies arrange their affairs. so even though the latte is bought in london, no tax is ever paid except on sales tax to the uk government. i need to demonstrate this to you. this is the example, if i may, michael, this is the example -- >> only you can do, richard. >> well, it's -- this is the starbucks example. so here we have all of the various size. the vente, grande. >> come on, big, medium, small. >> whatever!
9:22 am
in this box -- imagine this is the billion and a third revenues that starbucks says it's made, reven revenues, not profits that it's made in the uk over the last few years. obviously, the majority of it will go straight into overhead, salaries, lights, rents, and the like. then here's the bit, pays a 4.7% royalty to its own company in amsterdam. well that gets rid of quite a lot of money. then it pays a thumping big loan back to starbucks in the united states, and a 20% margin to a swiss company that it buys its coffee from, 20% margin. that gets rid of a bit more. when you fin tisch all and they come to declare a profit, oh, as you can see, barely a bean left.
9:23 am
now starbucks says, it's only made money in the uk once in the last 14 years, 15 years. so this is an example -- look, what they are doing is perfectly legal. certainly starbucks deny that they're doing it for thor. of tax avoidance. but there's no question in times of austerity -- tomorrow we'll find out what taxes in the uk are going to go up -- that this sort of finagling of the finances is most definitely not on. >> i suppose you could call it creative bean counters behind all of that. you could if you wanted to be silly. britain has a bit of a big tax gap problem overall, right? >> it does. and the chancellor of the -- the finance minister has now warned that he won't meet his deficit targets for austerity will have to continue.
9:24 am
we expect higher taxes on the rich tomorrow, cuts in public spending, and in this environment the multinationals like google, amazon, starbucks, are very firmly in the firing line. after all what better than to attack big corporate america. and they're being told, smell the coffee. i can play that game, too, michael. >> wake up and smell the coffee. always good to see you, mr. quest. always making it simple for us. richard quest in london. probably didn't pay for that coffee. over the weekend, the palestinians celebrated their new status recognized by the united nations. the joy short-lived. how israel's decision to pursue even more settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem may kill any hopes of peace. we'll dive deep lie into this issue.
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rp says it's not changing plans for the controversial housing development in east of jerusalem also developments in east jerusalem. this is despite getting a diplomatic mackdown recently from australia, five european countries and the united states bought in on this yesterday. now here's why this is such a big deal. the proposed construction would effectively cut off the west bank from cities of like bethlehem and ramallah, will cut them off from jerusalem. and that's important for the palestinians, it would mean that they couldn't get to east jerusalem, which they would eventually claim as the capital of their nation if that is to be. the large israeli settlement town of ma ale adumim would be connected to jerusalem directly. vice president for new initiatives and a distinguished scholar at the woodrow wilson international center. always good to talk to you.
9:29 am
israel defined as i international opposition mounts. do you buy the political posturing aingele? there's an upcoming election. it's a short-term domestic tactic, wider damage is being done to relations with the u.s., eu and concept of a peace process, which is just a consent at the moment. >> it's true, michael. look, the reality that is benjamin netanyahu's current circumstances, his politics and his ideology all conspiracy to basically create this most recent move on settlement activity. not only conceptually go ahead with e-1, but to increase the number of units in settlements in the southern -- southeastern portion of jerusalem. i don't think he's going to go through with e-1, but he is going to go through with some of the new neighborhoods. i think there are over 2100 new units which would be 5% of all of the israeli units constructed
9:30 am
in east jerusalem since 1967. so i think benjamin netanyahu worried about his right wing base in the wake of a cease-fire which he's being criticized from his right. in anticipation of upcoming elections does what he basically has done. he's committed to a unified jerusalem. so, this is not an unusual, frankly, or extraordinary step though it will bring him -- has already brought him into conflict with the palestinians, with europeans, and maybe with the obama administration. >> maybe not extreme when it comes -- when you put it in that context and framework. it's extreme when you come to any consent with a two-state solution. israel saying it has to protect its strategic interests. what are they when it comes to e-1, the area that's going to cut the west bank in half, from north to south, effectively? >> i don't think it's a matter of strategy. certainly not when it comes to
9:31 am
security. it's a matter of ideology and politics. e-1 under consideration sense rabin, who basically expanded but agreed informally with the americans there would be no building in e-1 and whatever building was done would be in agreement with what at the time credible, viable palestinian partner. e-1 has sat, little has gone on there. they've done some infrastructure planning and road construction. again, michael, i don't think benjamin nettanyahu will go through with e-1. he'll increase the number of units in east jerusalem which to the southeast will make it more difficult to create any measure of continuity if negotiations ever got to the point where a contiguous and independent palestinian state was on the table. >> that creep of taking bits of east jerusalem has been going on for a long time.
9:32 am
this is another leap in that and the palestinians obviously very concerned about that. you know, big picture. israel holds all of the obvious cards in terms of power and control. but there have been more recently regular suggestions, that the palestinians should stop thinking about a two-state solution. one of the tactics could be to push for one-state answer. say we're all one big nation now and that is the leverage that they need because that's something israel would not want when it comes to demographics. >> right. that's an outcome. it's not an answer. it basically, it seems to me a fallback position of the desperate. >> what else is working? >> well, nothing. but neither you or i are going to be around, i suspect to see emergence of the one-state solution. the middle east is filled with palties that cannot accommodate groups, iraq, lebanon. cyprus is probably the best example of ethnic and political and national groups that have
9:33 am
managed to hammer out some measure of coexistence. no, the reality is separation through negotiation remains. the only perhaps the least bad, outcome for the israeli/palestinian conflict. the problem is there are simply no negotiations and no will on the part of any party, in my judgment, to make this a reality. >> no will anywhere. when it comes to the u.s. who used to be a player in all of this. when it comes to u.s. brokering anything in that part of the world, that's got to be, what, zero? when can comes to israeli and palestinian sides both are ignoring us. >> i think that's right. the street cred has diminished in the wake of the two longest wars in american history, neither of which we have won. iranians continue to frustrate us. everybody says no these days to barack obama without cost or consequence. he's become the kind of new rodney dangerfield of the middle east. he just doesn't get any respect. and in large part, it's a cruel
9:34 am
and unforgiving world, in part, he's also shackled with a huge domestic priority right now. and at this point, he's simply not going to risk any kind of confrontation with the israelis, at least until the domestic house and the fiscal cliff is negotiated, let's hope so, with some sort of solution. this issue is an issue for later in 2013 or maybe even in the second year of an obama administration, because the prospects of making it work now, michael, are slim to none. >> and so it goes on when it comes to israeli palestinian conflict. thanks so much. good to get your thoughts. aaron david miller from the woodrow wilson international center. good to chat with you. the u.s. has fought a hard battle against terrorism over the years and its primary opponent has been recently al qaeda. now we are learning more about the activities of one of its
9:35 am
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the united states fighting a tough battle to get rid of al qaeda in yemen. it's been going on for years. yemen is on the very southern tip of the arabian peninsula, you see there, south of saudi arabia. they share a border. it has spawned terrorists over the years, in part because it's one of the poorest countries in the arab world, and has not been, shall we say, well-governed. now a new report from amnesty international shows an al qaeda affiliate committed serious human rights abuses after seizing part of the country. mohammed jamjoon shows us what happen. some of the images we have blurred but they are very graphic, even this, the descriptions of what happened will be upsetting to some
9:39 am
viewers. >> reporter: crucifix in cremen. shocking punishment inflicted by al qaeda fighters against a man they claimed was a spy for the u.s. his rotting body left hanging out in the open for days. a warning to anyone who might consider doing the same. in another video, a prisoner, bound and blindfolded, is led to a public square. convicted of spying on the terrorist group for saudi arabia. he is readied for execution. >> as the united states and as saudi arabia have been very, very concerned about al qaeda in the arabian peninsula being able to plot, plan, and launch attacks from their hideouts in yemen, the saudis and the americans have worked together to create these undercover agents. >> reporter: for more than a year, until june, al qaeda and its affiliate were in control of large parts of the province in southern yemen. inflicting brutal punishments on
9:40 am
those who hadn't fled. amnesty international says resident there's experienced a human rights catastrophe. >> they committed horrific abuses. they set up courts, their own courts, and claimed to apply islamic law. >> reporter: in one extremely gruesome clip the severed head of a woman paraded through the streets. her climb, sourcery. another graphic video shows a young man accused of theft. he says he was beaten, and then -- >> after five days they gave me an injection and i slept. when i woke up my hand was not there. >> reporter: here, he lies unconscious, just before a man begins to amputate his hand. amnesty international says civilians were victims of both sides. >> the people of abyan basically were subjected to the depression by sharia and after that they
9:41 am
were subjected to additional violations by the yemeni government forces and they were caught in the middle of this conflict. >> reporter: according to amnesty international, intense aerial bombardment as well as use of inappropriate battlefield weapons in residential areas further endangered a population already in peril. eventually, driven out of abyan but few yemenis believe it has gone away for good. >> mohammed join me from beirut. i want to cover a couple of things with you. as you, ansar al sharia driven out of this part of yemen. why is there still concern about the group which committed horrific acts against the yemeni people? >> reporter: well, michael, an affiliate linked width al qaeda in yemen. al qaeda in yemen is the most active and most dangerous wing of al qaeda, of any group
9:42 am
affiliated with al qaeda in the world. this is the group that plotted to blow up a plane over detroit christmas day 2009. this is also the group that plotted to assassinate. a failed assassinate attempt against the interior minister of saudi arabia a few years ago. it's very strong. the u.s. and yemen have been trying to vanquish this group for years militarily, through the use of drone strikes. the fact this group was 14 months able to control such large portions of territory in the south part of yemen where a war on terror is very much active and still going on very worrying to allies of yemen in the war on terror and worrying sign of what might be to come. many people i speak to in yemen think it's not the last we heard them. >> those attacks were going on by the u.s. the yemeni government, but the yemeni government has had a lot of problems governing when it comes to parts of its own territory.
9:43 am
what has been its response to this? >> reporter: well, michael i spoke to the spokesperson for the yemeni embassy in washington, d.c. and he told me the yemeni government will examine the findings of amnesty international's most final report. they continue to work the support of the government's effort to promote and protect human rights. past september the president hadi established a committee to investigate human rights violations. hours ago yemen adopted the paris principles. and michael i should remind viewers amnesty international's full report can be viewed on its website. >> appreciate your reporting there. i know you know the country well. thanks so much, mohammed jamjoon. welcome to chevy's year-end event.
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> welcome back. want to tell you about a place you probably never heard of but the inspiration behind a band's new album. pyramiden, almost abandons overnight in 1998. it's on the archipelago of svalbard in norway. population of a thousand people. no one has lived there in 15 years now. it doesn't even show up on most atlases. check out that picture. the ghosttown, though, now back in the spotlight. after danish band spent a week working on their new al bup. they recorded natural sounds on the island and intomp rated them no an al bin aptly titled
9:47 am
pyramida. have a listen. ♪ ♪ >> really catches you, doesn't it? the members join me from hamburg in germany. we've got casper, masd and i want to ask you, most people don't think of abandoned mining settlements when they want to be inspired especially to music. what was it about this place that drew you? >> well, there was a couple of things, obviously. the first and foremost drawn by
9:48 am
the pictures of the place, the image of humans that had a dream, building something and then left in this amazing rough nature and those pictures were just immediately imprinted in our minds when we saw them the first time. the year after when we started looking into the new album and coming up with ideas, they were still there. we thought why don't we try to make an album around this place. >> it's a combination of industrial and natural beauty, in a way. on the album, there's a lot of, as we said before, natural noises on the island. some of them sound like instruments and i just want to play that for the audience. ♪ sounds like one of those little thumb pianos that kids play but it's actually an oil drum being hit with drumsticks. what other things did you find on the island to make music
9:49 am
from? >> well, there's a lot of -- we had nine days up there. the first song you played features casper running on this wooden boardwalk across the ghosttown and a lot of, i think it's forks playeded on empty bottles. one of the works are built a house of empty bottles. that's in the song. yet the one you played was -- that instrument is one of our favorite findings. i think also it says when you read about the place the world's northern most grand piano stands in the concert hall. something we got excited about playing that piano. it was great. maybe the oil things, we had fuel tanks, empty fuel tanks, eight meter high, each had a different pitch. so we were able to actually turn it into an instrument sort of
9:50 am
like microphonish. >> gigantic. >> amazing to listen to, too. i'm told you made a thousand field recordings for the album. what do you want people to get from listening to it? what do you want them to take away from it? >> well, i mean, it's interesting when you use recordings that you record from one place because you tied very much to that place. in our minds, we are totally there when we listen to it, so it's hard to tell what people will get from it. but i hope, personally that people can sense the atmosphere and can get a little picture of how this place looked and sound. >> it really is mesmerizing in many way. appreciate you guys joining us. thanks so much. and good luck with it. i hope it sells. >> cheers. all right.
9:51 am
president obama is speaking out about the fiscal cliff in his first television interview since the election. he spoke with bloomberg's white house correspondent yesterday and the white house just aired on bloomberg television minutes ago. here's some of what the president had to say about the republican proposal to close tax loopholes without raising taxes on the country's top 2%. >> it's not me being stubborn. it's not me being partisan. it's a matter of math. you know, there's a lot of talk that somehow we can raise $800 billion or a trillion worth of revenue by closing loop hopes and destructions. but a lot of your viewers understand that the only way to do that if you completely eliminated, for example, charitable deductions. well, if you eliminate charitable deductions that means every hospital and university and nonfor profit agency across the country would suddenly find
9:52 am
themselves on the verge of collapse. so that's not a realistic option. >> that aired a few minutes ago. we'll have a lot more on that in the next hour of newsroom. so do stick around for that. it is a fight over heritage and history. violence flaring in northern ireland over a decision on when to fly a flag. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. get to holiday fun faster when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students.
9:53 am
let's solve this.
9:54 am
9:55 am
other world news to bring you now. protesters scuffling with police in belfast, after the city council voted to fly the british flag the union flag, over city hall, just 17 days a year. instead of every day. the violence sent two officers to the hospital. street people were arrested. people in northern ireland remain deeply divided between the unionists who want to remain part of the united kingdom, and those who want to become part of
9:56 am
the republic of rirld rirlirela. the storm hitting southern island now. least 27 people are dead. tens of thousands in evacuations centers, more than 50,000. fears it could be devastating as the storm that killed more than 1200 people last year. well, italy a painting by leonardo da vinci stolen decades ago has been returned. taken from naples back in 1940. it made its way to the black market and went through switzerland, germany, the united states before ending up in a museum in japan. the museum agreed to return it to italy after hammering out a joint custody agreement. well, when we come back, the pictures that caught our attention. don't miss that. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon.
9:57 am
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several stories and photographs caught our attention today. want to show those to you now. protesters in london dressing up as caricatures of david cameron and rupert murdoch demonstrating outside the houses of parliament and calling for a 20% limit on the amount of media companies, one person can own. next, these would-be immigrants rescued by spanish emergency services in the straits of gi bral ta. thousand of african immigrants try to reach each year by crossing narrow straits. that will do it for us on "newsroom international." i'm michael holmes. ashleigh banfield is in for the next hour. over to her. thank you, michael holms.
10:01 am
hi, everybody, i'm ashley ban feel sitting in for the second hour that suzanne malveaux is usually here for. what you might call enlightening audiotape. tape that was never, ever supposed to become public. but it had. bob woodward of "the washington post" report in spring of 2011, an analyst, right there, for fox news, delivered a personal message from her boss, conservative media mogul roger ailes and that wedirectly to general patreaus, who was in charge of the war. jim acosta in washington with details. i'm going to let you explain what transpired between two and why some are saying this may have crossed the line. >> what is going on here, this comes out of the part of the process during the republican battle for that nomination when people inside the republican party pining for other candidates, people like chris
10:02 am
christie, jeb bush and david patreaus. so it was in 2011 when an analyst for fox news, k.t. mcfarland sat down with general patreaus to talk about the war in afghanistan. also the prospect that david patreaus might be tapped to head the cia or be the chairman of the joint chiefs. it was during that discussion when this i guess proposal was issued to david patreaus. k.t. mcfarland said it came from ro ro roger ailes, if patreaus wanted to run for president ailes might be able to help him with that and run a david patreaus for president campaign. here's a little bit of sound from the interview obtained by "the post." the other thing was directly advice to me from roger ailes is --
10:03 am
>> i'm not running. >> that's not the question at this point. he says, if you're offered chairman, take it. if you're offered anything else, don't take it. resign in six months and run for president. okay. and i know you're not running for president, but at some point, when you go to new york next you may want to just chat with roger and rupert. >> well, rupert's after me. >> reporter: and of course that reference to rupert is rupert murdoch, head of news corp. the parent company of fox news. before we get to anything else, we should show the statement that -- the response that roger ailes gave to bob woodward at "the washington post." we've attempted to reach out to fox news, k.t. mcfarland and have been unsuccessful. a quote he gave. quote, it was more of a joke, what roger says, a wiseass the way he puts it way i have. i thought the republican primarily field needed shaken up
10:04 am
and patreaus might be a good candidate. sounds like she thought she was on a secret mission in the reagan administration. it's someone's fantasy to make me a kingmaker, it's not my job. i will say, having covered that campaign for months there were operatives inside, high-level operatives, inside some of the campaigns that thought that fox news was playing favorites with candidates or there were people on fox news playing favorites with particular candidates and they were getting too involved in the process and so this may be a reflection of some of that, though roger ailes says he was having fun there. >> one part of that tape, though, that may be troubling to those who think that a news organization shouldn't be dictated to by the person in charge of prosecuting the war in afghanistan and that part of the tape suggested that k.t. mcfarland asks, anything that we're doing right, anything that we're doing wrong over at fox
10:05 am
news that you'd like to tell us. is that -- are there any reparations? >> i don't think there are any at this point. i talked to one republican operative who was sort of concerned about how much of this is real and how much of this was sort of a joke. and how much of this was inside baseball people talking about who they'd like to see run for president. and just sort of chitchat about the way things are going. right, inside that article there is some mention, and david patreaus mentions this in that interview, that he thought that the coverage sort of started going against the war in afghanistan once it became president obama's war. we talked to howard kurtz this morning, cnn did, that was a question that he had raised. so that is obviously going to be a part of the discussion. keep in mind, ashleigh, look at what happened with the career of david patreaus. it ended suddenly in november of this year when he resigned because of that extramarital
10:06 am
affair. sometimes these things have a way of working themselves out. he was definitely somebody that people were talking about, running for president 2012, definitely somebody that people were talking about running for 2016. obviously that's not the case anymore. and this was a process that you had candidates who wanted to get into the race, had the fire in the belly, people like mitt romney, newt gingrich, and the nominee in the end, mitt romney did not win. but this always happens, as part of the process, every four years. there's always the mario cuomo, always that other name that's out there that always sounds attractive to the party but perhaps there's a back story that explains why that person did not get into the race in the first place. >> but it doesn't always happen a representative of a news organization asks if her coverage is going okay. that's troublesome. i'm wondering if we can't get the comment back from k.t. mcfarland because she's somewhere under a bus right now.
10:07 am
thank you for that reporting from washington. president obama talking about the fiscal cliff. in his first television interview since the election, that cliff, of course the combination of government spending cuts and tax increases that automatically go into effect on january 1st because people we elected to make a deal can't make a deal. yesterday, republicans proposed steep spending cuts but gave no ground on president obama's call to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. here's what the president told bloomberg's white house correspondent about that. >> unfortunately the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. you know he talks, for example, about $800 billion worth of revenue but was he says he's going to do that by lowering rates. when you look at the platte it doesn't work. when i've said is, i am prepared to work with the speaker and democrats and republicans to go after excessive health care
10:08 am
costs in our federal health care system, we're going to have to strengthen those systems and i think we can do that without hurting seniors, without hurting beneficiaries. i think that, you know, there's probably more cuts that we can squeeze out, though we've made over a trillion worth of spending cuts. >> you'll remember only a week ago the democrats proposed their solution to this and it was rejected by the republicans. the president is reiterating that taxes have to go up on the nation's top 2% in order to get the deal in their opinion, to avoid the fiscal cliff. i think you can file this one under the to be continued unfortunately. bipartisan delegation of governors meeting with the president and congressional leaders at the white house to discuss how badly this fiscal cliff could affect them out there in those states who rely heavily on the feds and how automatic deficit reduction measures will hurt state budgets. federal aid is big, big, big to the states. federal grants make up a third
10:09 am
of state revenue. at the table, utah's governor gary herbert, government falli number, governor walker, minnesota's governor mark dayton, and arkansas's mike beebe. what they said when they emerged from the meeting. >> we have ideas how we can save money, how we can be able to create more efficiencies and government and spending with some of the different demonstrations that we've done in our various states we plan on getting back to the president, vice president with our suggestions and ideas. >> none of us want to see taxes on middle class folks go up. and we think it would have a significantly negative impact on the economy but we're not backing one particular plan or the other. >> let's take you overseas to syria where rebels have been gaining ground against government forces.
10:10 am
rebels trapped 450 soldiers in side a sprawling military base. arwa damon has this exclusive look at the siege. >> reporter: close to aleppo rebels have a strange hold on a sprawling military base. there's a red gate next to a stonewall and then right behind it is the wall that is the outer perimeter of the military academy. it's less than 100 meters away, some 330 feet. we quickly move to another vantage point in a building next door. commanding the lions of aleppo battalion. it's clashes, he says, nonchalantly. he used to be a tailor. since the uprising began he's
10:11 am
been wounded four times, and detained three. the rebels don't have binoculars. so he uses a camera to zoom into the base and show us government positions. you can see a sandbag fighting position on the roof of one of the buildings inside. fighting has been fierce but the rebels are confident they have the upper hand. he uses a pool table to map out where government units are. in all, three rebel brigades surrounding the base, plus a militant islamist group. this part, the most dangerous, road to aleppo, he says. once we finish the academy the direct route to the north will be open, he adds. so far, 250 soldiers at base have defected since the uprising began. majority joining rebel ranks.
10:12 am
but some 450 remain inside. air drops of food often miss their target. the rebels have shot out the water supply. there used to be a snipe that was on top of the water tower who would take shots at them and there's bullet holes in the glass here. they own the night but we own the day, he boasts. he says, the rebels could easily overrun the base but they want to give others a chance to defect. they've even punched holes in the walls of the perimeter. a defected soldier, says, the senior officers are just looking after themselves. he and the others here, some of whom don't want to appear on camera, fled together. they were trainers on the base. around the perimeter it's a human shield. there is not a single point that doesn't have a soldier on it. there are only two to three
10:13 am
meters between each. the soldiers have stockpiles of artillery but jamal says options are dwindling. they have reached a point where they think they can't go back. they have reached a dead end. slowly, they are weakening, he says. this is not the first base in northern syria to come under siege. in at least this area, the free syrian army is gaining the upper hand in a grim war of attrition. arwa damon, cnn, aleppo province. >> excellent reporting from our arwa damon. we have additional information to add to her reporting. this just in to cnn. nato foreign ministers have approved something really critical to turkey at this point. turkey has been requesting patriot missile installation as long its border, because syria to the south had been shelling them. and agitating along the border.
10:14 am
this is now going to go ahead, they'll get installations. turkish government had been asking for nato's help because the shelling has killed people inside turkey and there has been a risk of escalation. there you very it. nato has said yes. expect in the days to come installations will be put into place along the border there. still in the region, iran has said it's captured one of our drones, i united states drone. here's the weird part. u.s. navy says we're not missing one. whose is it? a look at what iranians might have and where that came from. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose.
10:15 am
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call today. ♪ with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. iran says it's captured a u.s. drone that entered its airspace over the persian gulf. we actually have shots of the iranians saying, we're showing it off, folks, with the banner, we shall trample on the usa. it's a scan eagle drone, made by boeing and iran says it was spying and the iranian navy brought it down by hacking into its electronics. the problem is the united states navy says we're not missing any drones in the middle east. confused? hopefully fran townsend can sort
10:18 am
this out. joined by her, a member of both the cia and department of homeland security advise -- external advisory board. fran, first of all, just because our navy says we're not missing any drones, we have a couple of other branches of the military. does that mean that other branches could be missing drones and we're not saying so? >> well, we know that the military wouldn't put out misinformation. it's fair to say the navy's confirmed they've accounted for their drones. but as you suggest, we know the cia has got drones, although sources are telling us it's not a cia drone. there are other branches of the military that operate these sort -- this sort of equipment. we should be clear, the drone that went down is not a very high-tech sort of advanced drone system. it's not armed. it's a surveillance drone. it's made by boeing, a u.s. company. and we'll have to wait for the u.s. military to confirm whether
10:19 am
or not this is one of their assets outside of the u.s. navy. but what we don't know, ashleigh, it's not clear when this was captured by the iranians. how long they had been holding on to it, where they came into possession of it. you know, sometimes, as we know, these things go down due to technical difficulties and sometimes in the water. for all we know this could have washed ashore months ago. >> i was talking to jim walsh earlier, a security analyst with m.i.t. and he said, there are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of drones now, employed by a number of different countries. but when you say this is manufactured by boeing, would we be selling drones to other countries? is that something that's common knowledge or standard procedure at this point? >> woo know the scan eagle is used by the united arab emirates across the persian golf from iran and so it could just as easily be one of their drones gone astray or captured. it's going to take time to sort
10:20 am
this out, i think. >> but it's interesting that you note it's not the most sophisticated. it was one year ago today that rq-170 the sophisticated drone was found. i wonder if this is a game they're playing with us, it's our birthday. >> thank you. >> good to talk to you, as always, fran townsend. this is a favorite game in washington. guess who's going to fill the president's cabinet positions. there are two big names bandied by for secretary of state, senator john kerry on the left, embassy to the united nations susan rice on the right. which one do you think has the better odds? let you know a couple of secrets coming back. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin.
10:21 am
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10:23 am
congressional republicans have made it clear, they'd like john kerry and not susan rice to be the next secretary of state. of course president obama has not announced his nominee yet, but miss rice and mr. kerry are considered high on the president's list of possible replacements for hillary clinton who has said that she is not staying on for the president's second term. cnn's elise labott is at the
10:24 am
state department to talk about it. do a comparison for us, off the bat. pros and cons for the top diplomatic post. the halls of the state department are buzzing with potential new secretary of state. both would make a strong candidate. susan rice, for instance, one of president obama's closest advisers. she was his principal foreign policy adviser during his first campaign and helped shape his world view. they have a similar world view. all of this signifies susan rice would be influential when she goes to speak to diplomats around the world and world leaders and also in formulating foreign policy, which is very good for the state department. on the downside, you see what's happening with the benghazi affair. she's likely to have a bruising confirmation process. some republican senators said they might hold up her nomination. that could drag out a while. john kerry, on the other hand, would be easily confirmable.
10:25 am
you see the senators are encouraging president obama to nominate him. senator kerry also has a lot of world stature, has relationships with many world leaders. he's seen as someone who could help build on those relationships to further foreign policy and also senator kerry also, as chairman of the foreign relations committee, very popular chairman, has a lot of diplomatic experience. president obama has used him you know out of a quasi unofficial envoy to go and talk to leader in trouble spots like afghanistan, pakistan, and syria at one point. on the negative side, senator kerry's not seen as someone who is as close and enjoys the same close relationship with president obama that embassy rice does. he's not seen as being in that inner circle. and that's a problem former secretary colin powell had. >> he may have gotten closer
10:26 am
since he was the stand-in for mitt romney during the president's practice debate. >> they spent a lot of time together. >> some people are suggesting this doesn't have a lot to do with pros that were on both lists but the politics of opening up a senate seat in massachusetts because obviously if john kerry's selected he leaves his senate seat to become secretary of state, and then alas the republicans have another shot at a republican senate seat in massachusetts. how much talk is there about that being the factor here? >> well, there could be a little bit to that. certainly some people are speculating that. i think it's a little bit more than senator kerry is -- has a lot of friends in the senate, it's like the senate -- they want their guy in. and someone that he can really work with in the senate. i think he's been there a long time, has been working very close with the administration and they feel that he deserves it, ashley. >> the confirmation process would be fascinating, perhaps more so with miss rice. an interesting discussion.
10:27 am
elise, thank you. you know, we dpeen on goods being imported from overseas but this is what we're seeing at two of the busiest ports in the country now. a line of ships stacked with stuff, stuff that can't get on shore into, trucks and off to your store. it's a strike. and it's costing the united states billions. what's it all about? that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students.
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10:30 am
for more than a week, two of the busiest ports in this country have been effectively shut down. talking about the ports of los angeles and long beach, right near each other on the california coast. as we zoom in, you can see just where they sit and they are basically closed by a strike of warehouse clerks. what does that have to do with things you want? perhaps even for the holidays? some retailers are saying some
10:31 am
of the hottest holiday items might not make it to store shelves because they can't get unloaded from the cargo ships because of the picket lines and the strikers. and it is costing this economy in the united states up to a billion dollars a day. that's a lot of money. it's a lot of frustration. you know what? i'm sure the strikers aren't enjoying what they're doing either. the international long shore and warehouse union, represents 800 clerks are saying employers are trying to outsource union jobs. the group representing management says it's not true. we haven't heard a lot about progress in the talks up until now. but, and that's a big but, the mayor of los angeles has decided it's time to get involved and here's what he had to say about it. >> we have met all night. we have worked across the table with a number of proposals. it is still clear to me that
10:32 am
some bit apart but progress has been made. but what i'm here to announce is that both parties have agreed to federal mediation and a federal mediator. >> miguel marquez live for us on this story. that's a development, mig. that's pretty good news. is everybody hearing it so far there? >> reporter: it's news. i don't know how good the news is. there is a lot of discussion this morning, early, a deal, the deal was at hand, both sides sat down. they were talking about some of the issues. the mayor did say, during the press conference, there's a wide chasm between the sides as well. that federal mediator has not been named yet. it may slow things down a bit because that person will have to get caught up with what's happening here before they can get down to business. what both sides want is that attention being paid from the federal lel level though. they remain hopeful, the union
10:33 am
folks, that a deal is still possible today. even if they don't reach a deal -- these guys have not had a contract for 2 1/2 years, even if they don't reach a deal they may get back to work and at least get the port open again ashleigh. >> that was the next question. what have they said to you, in terms of the intrack ability of the argument right now? might immediate iations mean they will at least get off the picket lines while two parties hash it out in a different venue? >> reporter: it is possible. depends on what the atmosphere is in that room. sounds like -- you saw individuals behind the mayor, all nodding their head, all seemed to be in agreement, main people sitting down and negotiating that deal. seems -- the big sticking point is over these jobs. 800 clerical worker jobs, 600 full time. get paid $41 an hour. very good jobs and they want to keep them here. they don't want them outsourced but they include in that outsourcing jobs going to texas, colorado, and arizona. but also to panama and other
10:34 am
places as well. so they -- that's what they're trying to hold on to. that's where the sticking point has been. management not wanting to give on the principle of saying where those jobs can be placed and the union wanting those jobs to stay right here in the los angeles long beach ports. ashleigh? >> miguel, this is a local story, we put statistics up on the screen during your first comments and it's astounding. 40% of all u.s. cargo comes through. that's wrong? >> reporter: no, 40% of all u.s. cargo. nearly a half trillion dollars comes through the ports of long beach in los angeles, two ports but one essential location here. it is absolute massive undertaking here. there are ten ships right now with containers on them berted at the port, waiting to be unloaded and another 11 off port at anchor waiting to come in and
10:35 am
17 ships so far have been routed to other parts. some of those in mexico. those of those part north in the u.s. that's absolutely massive operation here. >> i can only imagine what is in those containers behind you, miguel marquez. a lot of kids will be disappointed this christmas. miguel marquez, reporting live for us from los angeles. thanks. so you have hear the numbers by now. almost 15 million u.s. households rely on food stamps. and now one of those households belongs to this man. he's the mayor of newark, new jersey. and corey booker has decided to find out firsthand what it's like to live on food stamps. and get this, it happened because of twitter.have to use se in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula
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10:38 am
you've probably heard the name corey booker, mayor of newark, new jersey, busy man.
10:39 am
this is why you probably heard about him, because in april he saved his next door neighbor, who was stuck in a house fire. okay, so he's a hero. and then in june, he came to the aid of a man who had been hit by a car. okay, so he's a superhero. mayor booker has another project, it's to help people. going on a food stamps diet and this whole thing got started on twitter. alina cho live in new york with details now. >> super mayor. >> this is sufficient for him. 0 no easy feat to get on food stamps. >> he said he wanted to have a deeper understanding of what people on federal food assistance go through. you're absolutely right. seven consecutive days, ashleigh, starting today, that's how long he will live on food stamps. i want you to have a good look at something mayor booker posted on his twitter account. there it is. hard to see, but -- >> what is it? >> a grocery store receipt from path mark. it is a list, if you look very
10:40 am
closely, you can read what he'll be eating over the next week. they include red delicious apples, yams, broccoli, chickpeas and lots of black and pink beans. something i didn't know until today, he's vegetarian. these are the types of thing his likes to eat. >> he can afford the vegetables? >> he could. he will be living off $30 off a week in groceries, that works out to $4 a day. and over the course of a month, that's $133.26. hard to understand for most people in the middle class, that they would live off of $4 a day but this is something that he says he's up to and he wants to take the challenge. >> $4 a day mean he must give up something he really likes. >> you and i live coffee. mayor booker has to give up coffee this week, he can't afford it. he did say he'll be drinking lots of water instead. now, you said that this whole thing started on twitter,
10:41 am
ashleigh. if you're wondering why, and how, here's how. it all started with what was a heated back and forth sometime back on twitter with a woman from north carolina,@mwade nc. nutrition is not a responsibility of the government. booker responded we have a shared responsibility that kids go to school nutritionally ready 2 learn and added let's you and i try to live on food stamps in new jersey, high cost of living, feed a family for a week or a month. are you game. >> do we know if she's going to do it? there she's a 30-something mother of two, spoke to the associated press, did not reveal her name. she received threats after say what she said on twitter. she was up to the challenge. she wanted to do it with mayor booker but was never contacted by his office. >> corey booker's not the first politician to do it. >> he's getting a lot of attention. he's not the first.
10:42 am
if you can believe it, four governors, nine mayors and 20 members of congress have taken up this challenge. again, booker wants to have a greater understanding of what it is to live like this and hi also says, he wants to try in his small way to remove the stigma of what it's like and for people -- >> let's us know how this goes friday. i wonder if he'll lose weight, because he's got to cut back. >> people who are actually on food stamps, interestingly enough, tend to be overweight because those types of cheaper foods are higher in fat and calories. we'll watch it closely. he did buy a lot of vegetables. >> thank you. eighth grader, an eighth grader, has made it her mission to get gender neutral easy bake ovens. all because her little brother wanted one and they're being marketed to girls. hear all about it in a moment. >> i'm cooking cookies. >> you are? that sounds fun. so tell me, what do you want for
10:43 am
christmas? >> i want a dinosaur and an easy bake overen. why don't they have boys in the easy bake oven commercial? >> because, because only girls >> because, because only girls play with it. i ha a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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10:46 am
>> hi there. here on the help desk, talking about putting your money to work. with me, greg olson and carmen wong ulrich. toba has a question about savings. >> earning dreadfully low interest for numerous years and is there anywhere that i can put my money that it's going to do any better? >> and that's going to be like that for a while with the fed doing its thing, right in. >> absolutely. i don't think this is a bad thing. if this is your cash emergency savings you cannot risk, basically what you're saying is a small opportunity cost. like insurance. so let's say you're earning 1% on savings and inflation eating away at it a bit. it's lower interest rate than having to go into credit card debt because you have this cash. make sure that you put that somewhere where at least it's growing a bit. go online, shop free at look for online only banks 1.3% interest on that low and no fees. that's sitting there for a
10:47 am
reason and price is worth while. >> do you agree? >> i agree. there is any money to allocate for the stock market, it might yield a higher interest rate over time. >> if you have an issue, upload 30-second video to ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can.
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>> he's 4 in the commercial. what about your friends?
10:53 am
do they feel the same -- have they noticed what you considered to be the gender equality. >> well, wow, you're right. because if you look at it, walk into any toy store, there is the boys aisles and there is the girls aisles. the girls aisles are lined with plink and flowers. the boys aisles -- >> do you like transformers for instance. >> transformers were my childhood. >> you're clearly out of your childhood? because they're definitely marketed to the boys as well. did you have the same feeling that your little brother has? about transformers? >> i really did. same thing with race cars. i loved them when i was little. but it is like they only have boys in the commercials, so apparently there is something wrong with me for wanting to play with them. >> i want to read a response that you actually reached out to hasbro and they responded to you and i just want to read for you, what they sent you. they thanked you, thanked you for your feedback and this ey s
10:54 am
this, we can tell you we have used images of both boys and girls on our product packaging, our easy bake baker of the year contest included a brother and sister duo who were both contestant finalists and each whipped up some delicious desserts. mom erica, how proud you must be of your daughter for being sort of this willing to get out there and take a stand and actually get a major -- say hello to gavin, we can see him in the corner there. you must be so proud of her for doing this. >> oh, yes. it's -- i don't know, she's made me proud my whole life, i guess, as my daughter, but just saying on a cause that i -- of course i love her, gavin. but when it comes to taking on a cause that i actually believe in, it is just phenomenal how much change she is making. >> do you think there is change
10:55 am
being made. we watch the commercials and you and i probably had the barbie heads when we were kids and my brothers thought they were verboten, they were not going to touch the barbie heads and do their hair. have things changed and do you see things are going to change much? >> i don't think they have really changed at auchl tll. the funny thing is, even if they did change, in addition to gender equality, i think it would be fiscally better for the companies if they can target to both genders. they would actually profit on it. so it would be a win-win situation, i think, for everybody involved. >> quick question, mckenna, when do you want for christmas for yourself, and what would you like to get gavin? he doesn't have an ifb in, so he won't be able to hear you say it, but what do you want to get gavin for christmas? >> what do i want to get him for christmas? what i really want to get him for christmas is a gender neutral easy bake oven. but if hasbro doesn't come out with that, then we're thinking
10:56 am
of maybe getting him one of those play kitchen sets that doesn't actually cook, you know? i think that would be a pretty good present. and what do i want for myself? >> yeah. >> that's pretty difficult. probably a lot of books. >> you know what, you're awesome. i adore you. you had me at hello. it is nice to meet you and good luck with your campaign. >> thank you so much. >> and good luck with your christmas list too. me thinks your mom will make sure you do very well. thanks to all of our guests this morning. erica, give gavin a squeeze for us. he's absolutely precious and thanks for coming on today to tell the story. that's awesome. that is all for us. thanks so much for watching. and, by the way, check us out here on we're going to post this interview and you can find out a whole lot more about it. we're back in a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief.
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that's it for me. thanks for being with me this afternoon. i'm going to pass over the baton to my pal brooke baldwin who is doing an excellent job in atlanta. brooke?