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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 3, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PST

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time for the "end point" some swearing in today of the next going, outgoing congresswoman, thoughts here? >> ryan and i thought we should ask nan on her last official day in congress if there's anything you would say today that you haven't been able to say up 'til now? >> well, i do as a northeastern republican, and we were just talking about there is a certain regionalization of the party and its representation and as a northeastern republican what i hear from the folks i serve is that they really do embrace our positions on these fiscal issues in so many ways. we need to have calm, long-term discussions and we need to value people's personal autonomy in
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terms of the way they conduct their personal lives and i think if we could do that as a party more openly, we would have more representation directly in the northeast. >> all right, congressman nan hayworth, thank you very much for joining us. "cnn newsroom" with victor blackwell begins now. >> good morning brooke and john. happening now, their homes in ruins, their lives in limbo. frustrated victims of superstorm sandy lash out at congress and the latest delay to their long-awaited help. >> all of yous stink. yous have no compassion, and you got, you don't have blood in your veins. you got ice cubes. >> just ahead we'll talk to a couple who lost their home and their plans for retirement. plus this -- >> there are going to be consequences. how long can we continue down this path? >> tea party activists are
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disgusted and angry over the fiscal cliff deal. now some tea party-backed politicians may have to answer for their vote. we'll talk to amy cremer, chairwoman of the tea party express. he may be the best middle linebacker ever, ray lewis says he'll retire after this season. we talk with a columnist who has covered the ravens legend for 17 years. and -- ♪ >> i love that song, former "american idol" fantasia online rant attacks same-sex marriage to marijuana. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning i'm victor blackwell, sitting in for carol costello. we begin with a new measure of the economy, two big reports just released, one on the nation's unemployment, the other a look at the health of the
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american auto industry. first up, jobs. just minutes ago we learned that initial jobless claims inched up last week to 372,000, that's an increase of 10,000 from the week before. business correspondent christine romans is in new york to break down the numbers. take us inside this report, why the increase? >> let's take a look first at the overall picture here. we have seen jobless claims edging down for almost three years now, after the very, very peak of all those jobless claims in the financial crisis, so the trend is still moving in the right direction here, victor, but did you have a little bit of an increase, 10,000 to 372,000, those are first time filers for unemployment benefits insurance. now, let me give you another gauge we got today, the adp payroll report, private payroll service, cut the paychecks for a lot of different businesses. they found in december, private payrolls in this country grew
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215,000. victor, that's stronger than expected, and they say in november it was stronger as well so mark zandi, who analyzes and contributes to that adp report, he said it looks like last year, december ended on a strong note for the american jobs market despite all that fiscal cliff nonsense, especially medium sized companies, companies that have more than 50 employees had to step up there and start to hire. also, construction companies, starting to hire again because in many cases because of the northeast of superstorm sandy and the cleanup after that, so that's what we see on the jobs front, a couple of bright notes this morning, 372,000 jobless claims about in line with what people expected but that adp payroll report stronger than expected, stronger than expected at 215,000. the granddaddy of all of the jobs reports victor is tomorrow at 8:30 eastern we'll have that for you of course, that will give us the real gauge of what the government says happened in december to round out the year.
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>> we'll look forward to that. thank you very much, christine. let's go to the update on the u.s. auto sales. it appears to be good news at least for one automaker. felicia taylor is in new york with the news. good news for chrysler. >> absolutely. and you know what? not surprising but definitely better than one would have expected. we're getting a read on sales in december. chrysler up about 10%, that's their strongest december in five years. we're going to hear from the rest of the big three along with the foreign carmakers as the day goes on. december numbers come after a sizeable rebound for these companies in november, when automakers overall had their best month since the start of 2008 and we know what that was all about. one analyst for edmonds said recently there was strong underlying demand. car buyers have been returning to showrooms not just because of that pent up demand but also because of easier access to financing finally, and a slowly improving jobs market as christine just talked to you
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about, victor? >> we'll talk about the market opening in about 25 minutes from now, strong day yesterday, big gains, biggest gains in more than a year, actually, but that momentum likely sputtering today? >> yes, you know, it's hard to sustain a triple-digit gain like that, so we are looking at a slightly lower open on the major average this is morning. the dow is pointed to a dip of about 25 points is not terrible when the bell rings in just about 30 minutes, we have the uptick in weekly jobless claims that could be a bit of a weight. investors likely to do profit-taking after the two big gains we had earlier this week on the two other trading days when even some of the worst performing stocks of 2012 rallied. so you're going to see some apprehension creeping into the picture. wall street knows that we're not out of the woods yet by far, i mean, there are still those sort of twin peaks we've been talking about, spending cuts and that looming debt ceiling which is really when it's going to weigh on the marketplace. lawmakers need to figure out how they're going to deal with both
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of those big things. >> felicia taylor we'll see you at the ring of the bell, thank you. now let's turn to another vice crisis facing a lot of american families, the aftermath of superstorm sandy, more than two months after landfall the latest disaster is manmade. house speaker john boehner now says the new congress will vote tomorrow on finally providing federal aid. he fast tracked the vote after unexpectedly shelving it earlier this week. that delay blind-sided and really outraged the hardest-hit states and even his fellow republicans lashed out with two ordinary anger. >> this used to be something that was not political. disaster are he leaf was something you didn't play games with but now in this current atmosphere, everything is the subject of one upsmanship, everything is a possibility, a potential piece of bait for the political game, and it's just -- it is why the american people
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hate congress. >> strong words from chris christie there. boehner's delay lit the fuse on a powder keg of frustration and here's why. lot of sandy's victims are living in shelters or shivering in unheated wreckage of their homes, waiting for help, 66 days and counting. compare that to hurricane katrina, ten days to landfall for a relief package, hurricane andrew, 30 days, less than half of the delay of sandy and here is the story behind the numbers. you see this cute little cottage on staten island? it was the retirement dream home of a couple you're about to meet. today, it's a heartbreaking reminder. look at this, that their lives, their futures are in limbo. sheila and dominic trayna are here to speak with us and share our story. the last time we were together, you were shaking the hand of president obama, who was walking down your street.
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dominic, you've lived on this street for more than 50 years. you went there with your family as a boy, you raised your own family there. what was your reaction when you saw what was left of your home? >> it was kind of scary, i mean, kind of just in shock. you know, we've been here my whole life. we moved down here in 1959, my parent's house down the street, we lost that. we lost the store that we had, that was our retirement, and then to look at our house, the kids grew up here, they loved the beach, they loved the house, it was heartbreaking. terrible thing. >> what are you doing now? >> we're in a little apartment that my niece she fixed it up for us, it's great, her father-in-law, he took us in and it's really a nice little place. we feel comfortable there.
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and hopefully down the road we can get a house. >> sheila, we've spoken several times before and when you heard that congress had ended the session without passing any relief or aid package, what did you feel? >> let down. we live on staten island and we're known for being the forgotten burough. i guess it wasn't any shocker, but -- >> you say it wasn't a shocker why? >> it needs to be passed to help the people. because we're always the last one to receive help around here it seems. staten island is known as the forgotten burrough in the five burroughs of new york city. it was now we're the forgotten burrough in the country but it's not just us, it's at the whole east coast that was affected by sandy so everybody's getting a taste of what we've been used to all along. >> now that most of the cameras
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are gone and it's been a few months since sandy hit, what's the scene now? are there still volunteers there? are there still people helping? >> there's a relief center that somebody wants to close down, the city wants to close down, they were told they'd have to get out, but there are a lot of people that are living down here, still without heat, still without electricity, working on their homes, and they go down to the little relief center and they have a warm meal, a hot cup of coffee and they warm up. they need the relief centers. it just doesn't go away overnight. this is going to be a long, drawn-out thing and people need help. they still need help. this isn't going away. >> dominic, if you could, and this is your opportunity to speak to speaker john boehner and members of congress, what would your message be to them this morning? >> i would say let's shake things up a little.
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we have michael grimm has been helping everybody out and he's been voicing for us, and he's a good man. i think he's going to get the ball roll here, hopefully we can get some help. >> all right, sheila and dominic traina, it is good to see you again and i hope you get the help you need very soon. thank you so much for speaking with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. here's another measure of that long road to recovery. thousands of homes and businesses are still without power. listen to the frustration of one new york lawmaker. >> 3,000 of my residents are out there in the cold. they haven't had power or light since -- >> you still have 3,000 people who don't have electric isn't it. >> 3,000 people who do not have light or power in my district, and the people in washington just don't get it. we don't have that time. these residents did not have a merry christmas, they're not
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having a happy new year. they're not doing eggnog and things of that nature. they're trying to stay warm. it's 20 degrees out there. we need to put some heat on d.c. >> 66 days. we made some phone calls to the utility companies in the region hoping to get the latest number of outages, we're still waiting to hear back. the woman who helped several politicians get elected is outraged, we're talking about tea party express chairwoman amy kremer. now she says there will be consequences to are the gop members who voted for the fiscal cliff deal. >> we're not going to back down and what got us into this mess is electing these officials and sending them to washington with kind of this blind trust, and we're not doing that anymore, we're going to hold them accountable. >> i'll be talking to kremer in 20 minutes to find out what action she plans to take, what those consequences will be. if you have a question tweet me @victorcnn and we may ask it
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on air. back in a moment.
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checking top stories now, families of victims in the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, they are furious over cinemark's invitation to a remembrance ceremony followed by a free movie at the theater where their loved ones died. they call it disgusting. relatives say the theater is just thinking about ticket sales. >> that is a blatant lack of respect for the families. they're looking to boost their
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own ticket sales for the grand reopening to the public. >> at the expense? >> at the expense of 12 families who are heartbroken and at a loss. >> cinemark has been renovating the theater and plans to reopen it in two weeks. secretary of state hillary clinton is no longer in a new york hospital. clinton was discharged wednesday, shortly after a victory with the blood clot between her skull and brain. good news she's expected to make a full recovery. starbucks is hoping you'll pay extra the next time for a latte. starting today the coffee chain will sell reusable plastic cups for $1 apiece and in return customer also get a ten cent discount when they buy the drink. the company has been criticized over the amount of trash it creates with its green and white paper cups.
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the chain has sold reusable cups before but believes the new low price will spark customer interest. a 10-year-old saved his friend's life when he plunged into an icy lake. tanner byer had to act quickly when the ice gave way beneath him in clear lake, iowa, he grabbed his friend's hand and pulled him to safety. >> i just kind of got down on my knows and grabbed his hand and pulled him up. >> tanner and i have talked about safety, what you need to look for and what you should try to stay away from, they were just out exploring, being boys. >> stay away from the water and don't try to touch it because you'll fall in. >> good lesson. police talked to him about what happened and later signs were posted warning people to stay off the ice. the suburban new york city paper that published names and addresses of gun permit holders has hired armed guards, that's according to a police report.
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"the journal-news" hired private security after angry comments and e-mails followed its online posting of this controversial map. the paper also reported this morning it received an envelope containing a suspicious white powder. preliminary tests determined the substance was nontoxic. we'll have more on this story at 9:40 eastern when we're joined by tom king, he's president of the new york state rifle and pistol association. for the first time since that deadly december shooting, classes will be back in session at sandy hook elementary school. it won't be in the same building in newtown, connecticut. sandy hook elementary moved to a school in the neighboring town of monroe. the students' desks have been moved and the rugs and furniture are similar to their school. deb feyerick joins us from monroe. lot of work has gone into making this as normal a day as possible, deb. >> reporter: yes.
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there really was and the one thing we keep hearing when we speak to people and that is the teachers have really been heroic in terms of not only helping save the children during this tragedy, but also in getting them back up and getting them organized so that they can begin today as if it were just an ordinary day. there was a lot of excitement for a lot of children. they really want to get back into the routine, they want to get back to class, they want to be with their friends. it's really important for them to bond with their friends but it's equally important for the parents as well. take a listen. so you were in the gym and you were in the art room. ben and ethan heard the gunshots and screams that horrible morning. three weeks isn't nearly enough time to understand all the feelings they've experienced since then, fear, worry, anger. still the 9-year-old twins are trying every way they can. >> it's a healing shawl so it's supposed to heal us. >> reporter: going back to
6:21 am
school this week is a big part of that healing. are you guys looking forward to kind of going back to school? >> well, we just went there today to visit it and look at everything. and it's a very interesting school. >> reporter: originally for teenagers, the school in monroe has been transformed for k through fourth grade, toys, cubbies, carpets and familiar things brought over from sandy hook elementary. >> all of our desks are there but my desk i noticed that someone was in there and cleaned it, and made it, well not cleaned it, made it neater, because my desk is usually very messy. >> i think them getting on the bus for us it's movement forward. this is the next step, now it's getting back to a routine and getting them to school so they get back to that normalcy and start learning again and be who they are. >> ben and ethan want the school turtle to be sandy hook's new mascot.
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>> our motto that could go with it is actually one step at a time. >> reporter: it's also one step at a time for moms and good friends denise and sarah, and their daughters. >> there's no real playbook for this. i don't think any of us really have a playbook so we're kind of just sensing our child and trying to meet the needs that we can. >> reporter: counselors will be on hand for the children and parents can spend the day at the school, just in case. >> i joked with one of the other moms, i'll see you in the morning, i'll bring coffee. it was one of those i think i need that adult time, too, because i'm not sure i'm ready yet to totally let them go in peace because i think my peace has been shattered. >> reporter: the buses started picking up the children just about an hour ago, clearly while there was a sense of excitement there was a sense of absence because remember those buses, some of those who were killed rode those buses and their siblings also ride those buses, so there was a sense that things were different, that things have changed. school was set to begin at 9:00,
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but imagine sort of the thrill of a child walking into what is really a totally different environment, and finding your de and so that's exactly what so many people who worked through the holidays to repaint, to basically put rails on the stairwells for the younger kids, even raised the floors in some areas. they worked tirelessly, and they're there for each other and that's exactly what the people of sandy hook and newtown want to be remembered for, that they came together and they survived this as a community, victor. >> it's good to see all the support from the neighboring community. those kids, those families definitely need it. deb feyerick in newtown, connecticut, thank you. there will be consequences, that's what the chairwoman of the tea party express is threatening after the fiscal cliff vote. amy kremer joins me in about ten minutes. what would you ask her? tweet me @victorcnn.
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saying he will not let it happen without a fight, pennsylvania's governor plans to sue the ncaa over the penn state sanctions. the ncaa leveled a harsh sanction against the university after its former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky was convicted in the child sex abuse scandal. among those sanctions a $60 million fine, a bowl ban and stripping of 14 seasons of wins from the late head coach joe paterno's record. pennsylvania governor tom corbett appeared on "starting point" a short time ago to talk about the suit.
6:27 am
? penn state is a member of the ncaa so if you join a association you play by the rules. however in further researching what's happened since then we find out the ncaa didn't follow its own rules in assessing penalties. everybody knows that usually the ncaa goes through its infractions and rules committee to conduct an investigation to make a determination, and then to assess fines or penalties. that was not the case here. in this case, president and executive committee overstepped the bounds of the rules of the ncaa and imposed their own penalties without using the infractions committee. thereby -- >> governor let me jump in -- >> let me finish, they did not follow their rules so at that point in time i believe they violated the anti-trust laws of the united states.
6:28 am
the ncaa put out this statement, "not only does this forthcoming lawsuit appear to be without merit, it is an affront to all the victims in this tragedy." the addresses of local gun permit holders posted by a newspaper, why that newspaper has now hired armed guards. ep m. but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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good morning, i'm victor blackwell in for carol costello.
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bottom of the hour and stories we're watching in "the newsroom" for the first time since the tragic shooting in connecticut, school will be back in session for sandy hook elementary students. classes are being held in a school in nearby monroe, connecticut. the students' desks have been moved to make their new environment settle seem as normal as possible and new security systems have also been put in place. it's its first day at the office for 90 new lawmakers on capitol hill. the 113th congress begins at noon eastern and sets records for the number of new democratic women, including senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. now that the fiscal cliff debate is over, lawmaker also have to quickly tackle issues including the sequester, the debt ceiling and aid to superstorm sandy victims. and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is throwing down the gauntlet for a showdown with president obama over spending and the debt. in a yahoo! news op-ed he says this, "the president may not
6:32 am
want to have a fight about government spending over the next few months but it's the fight he is going to have because it's a debate the country needs." lots of tea party activists are outraged that congress approved the fiscal cliff deal, some even say they're extremely disgusted, like tea party express chairwoman amy kremer who said this. >> i think there are going to be consequences, because you know, we -- people have been understanding and tolerant but at the end of the day, how long can we continue down this path of spend and spend and spend some more? >> well the fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on americans making more than $400,000 a year and puts off some spending cuts for another two months, both big issues for the tea party movement, the same movement that helped push a new breed of conservatives to power in 2010, like senator pat toomey from pennsylvania who voted to pass
6:33 am
the deal and senator ron johnson from wisconsin who also backed the tea party movement in 2010 and congressman paul ryan who also voted for the deal, the former vice presidential candidate was really popular among tea party activists. joining me now to talk about the consequences is tea party express chairwoman amy kremer. amy t is good to see you again. >> hey, good to see you. thanks for having me on. >> on twitter, you were disgusted by this vote and there will be consequences. what consequences are you talking about? >> well i'm sure that some of these members, you know, representatives and senators are going to be primaried over this. i can't tell you specifically who, but you know, we're tired of this. we elected these people to congress not to spend more money but to rein in the out of control spending and the house controls the purse strings and to continue down this path is not acceptable, and people are outraged over it. >> so you're saying some of these representatives, these senators will be primaried.
6:34 am
are you going to push to get some of the people you tried to push in in 2010 out to get out of toomey, to get out of john yn. you loved paul ryan. do you want him out now? are you going to push for the primaries? >> honestly i think that every person has to look -- tea party express we haven't decided anything at this point but i live in the state of georgia and saxby chambliss will be primaried. our own senator who votes with the democrats more than they do with the conservatives and he has proven time and time again he's all about the spending and we're a red state, with he deserve a conservative senator, a conservative senator that would stand with marco rubio and rand paul who all voted no for this bill. >> let's talk about that. you brought up marco rubio and paul ryan, marco rubio voted against it and paul ryan voted for it. if this vote will be for
6:35 am
republicans what the war vote was to the obama and clinton race for 2008. do you think that line will be as bright and sharp as the war vote was? >> well you know, i don't know, victor. we are still far away from 2016. we have 2014 to worry about, where there are a number of senate races that are happening so that's what we're going to be focused on but at the end of the day we have to rein in the spending and this is the thing. it's not about being republican or democrat. i mean party politics always come into it but this is about america. we have always been the shining city on the hill, and we need to get back on the path to prosperity and when we have $16 trillion in debt and these people are voting to spend more, that's not acceptable, and we should want to give to our children and grandchildren and all future generations a country better than what we've received and right now, we're headed the way of greece. >> i want to ask you one of the
6:36 am
questions that was sent to me on twitter. we've asked our viewers if they have a question pass it on, this is from butch, ask kremer which concessions if any were okay for the gop to consider if she's pleased with the gridlock in congress and its effect, anything, should the gop have dealt on anything that they indeed dealt on at the end? >> this is the thing. i'm not happy with the gridlock in congress. who wants to be dealing with this? i'm happy to be here and talk to you but this is the last thing i want to be talking about. i want to be talking about a great senator ted cruzby sworn in today. this is an issue we need to be focused on. we need to look at everything, everything should be on the table and there's going to be a fight in two months with the debt ceiling. look, the cuts never come. they never came with reagan, they never came with bush 41 and now the sequester that was supposed to be automatic spending cuts, it has been pushed back two months. the cuts never come and when is
6:37 am
somebody going to man up and do the right thing and start looking at what is it going to take to get this country back on track. >> let me get back in here, amy, you said you didn't like the gridlock but you didn't tell me one thing the gop should compromise on so the opposite of gridlock is compromise, so give me something that you are willing to compromise on as we move forward and have the discussion about cuts. >> well, like i just said, i think everything should be on the table. >> name one. >> all departments. i mean all departments should be on the table, all departments should be on the table. the department of education is one of the biggest departments in our federal government, i mean, let's look at where these departments are bloated and i know that the democrats say the department of defense, department of defense. i mean, i'm saying to you, let's put them all out there and look at it because at the end of the day, you cannot raise enough money from taxes to cover all this spending. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem.
6:38 am
>> was that not part of the verdict of the 2012 election is that americans indeed agreed and polls showed it that taxes should be increased on the wealthiest americans, that indeed happened, and was there any room for compromise on that? would you have supported plan b to increase taxes on people who make more than $1 million? >> this is the thing is that you know, we elected the house of representatives, we have the majority, the republicans have the majority there. we still control part of the government, and the house controls the purse strings. i mean at some point we're going to have to come together and do what's right for america, but do the democrats have a mandate to go and just do whatever and spend into oblivion? no, and that's evident because the republicans still control the house. so at some point, we've got to figure this out, but the answer is not to spend more. you cannot spend your way into prosperity or spend your way out of debt. it's pretty simple. >> amy kremer, chairwoman of the tea party express thank you and
6:39 am
butch thank you for your question, everyone, thank you for sending those in. >> thank you, butch. there's been a new threat against the newspaper that posted online names and addresses of local gun permit holders. we'll tell you why that paper has now hired armed guards. -max. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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the upstate new york paper that posted a map of area gun permit holders has received another threat. "the journal-news" says it called police after getting an envelope containing white powder. the substance was deemed not to be a threat by authorities. earlier "the journal" said it hired armed guards in the response to its posting. local blog owner has published the address addresses of the newspaper's employees. tom, you said this map creates a dangerous situation. this is public information. how is this a danger? explain how you believe this is an attack. >> it's actually a danger to gun owners and non-gun owners. you know, it's a shopping list for criminals who would like to
6:43 am
burglarize a house and maybe pick up an illegal gun because now, gee, they have a google map with directions and the numbers of how to get, and the street numbers of how to get to people who have guns in their homes, and conversely, it's also a threat to non-gun owners because it's well-known that people who have guns in their homes where people may know they have guns in their homes, they're safer houses, they don't get broken into as often and what it's saying is that there are no guns in these homes so come and take whatever you want. >> so let's talk about this blogger, who published information online for "the journal-news" the employees, their names, their addresses, you told our producer at a pre-interview you think that's fine. that's public information as well. how is it a shopping list for people who want to hurt gun owners or hurt people who don't
6:44 am
have guns when you publish the name of the gun owners but not a shopping list for people who want to get revenge on the newspaper when you post their names and addresses online. >> that's not what i said. i said i don't agree with either but what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and if our information is public knowledge then their information is public knowledge. that's all i said and that's what i meant. >> if you're calling for these names to be taken down, can you not at least agree the names and addresses should be taken down of the people who work at the newspaper? >> well i think that's understood. i mean, if they take our names down -- first of all i want you to know i don't have anything to do with that list but i'm sure that the blogger will take down the list as soon as the gun names come down. >> are you concerned about these threats now against the paper? they've hired armed guards, they're getting this powder in the mail, some questionable e-mails. as a gun owner, are you concerned about the image that this creates for your group, for people in that community who own
6:45 am
guns? >> first of all, you're assuming that the powder and the threats came from us. i don't believe that they did. that is not like our people. our people are legal and lawful gun owners. you know, we are -- >> i did not mean to infer that your group had anything to do with that. i'm saying there is a trend of things happening to the people at this newspaper. are you concerned for their safety as well? >> of course i'm concerned for their safety. i'm concerned for the safety of all of the citizens of the united states. you know, and i think whoever perpetrated that should be found and should be prosecuted, but what i'm saying is i don't think that you'll find it's anybody from the gun community that did it. >> all right, tom king, president of the new york state rifle and gun association, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. let's look at the legal side of this story now because there are a lot of legal questions. the paper says it wants to get more names and addresses of gun permit holders, but it has been
6:46 am
denied a freedom of information act request in putnam county, so with us to talk about this is cnn legal contributor paul callan. this is what county clerk dennis tsant told reuters "there is a rule of law and there is right and wrong and the journal news is clearly wrong. i could not live with myself if one putnam pistol permit holder was put in harm's way for the sole purpose of selling newspapers." there may be people who agree with that or do not. is it up to the clerk to determine whether he can deny a request on that basis alone? >> no, it's not really up to the clerk. new york law clearly says these are public records and the legislature could have exempted them but they didn't, so permits or these actually are publication people have the right to purchase firearms, not necessarily people who are actually carrying them but the statute doesn't exempt that. it does have one clause in it
6:47 am
that says if publication of the information would endanger somebody's life, the government can opt not to disclose. now that's a section that might be invoked at some point down the line, maybe by the attorney general or some high ranking official, but i don't think there's precedent for a county clerk not to disclose this information in new york. >> for the people on this list, on this map, do they have any legal recourse against the newspaper? >> no, they don't. by applying to purchase a weapon in new york, they subjected themselves really to publication of the list. i thought mr. king's analysis was kind of interesting, actually. i mean he said basically all the gun owners are in danger because people are going to break into their houses trying to get the guns and all the non-gun owners are in danger because people are going to know they don't have guns which means everybody's in the same level of danger that they were if there were no law at all. so i think mr. king's got to pick his theory there as to who is in danger, because that
6:48 am
analysis really doesn't add danger to any particular group, and i do think this is a journalistic ethics question, though, victor. was the newspaper, they might have acted legally, but did they act sensibly? is this the right thing to do under the circumstances? i think it's more of a question of journalistic ethics than whether the law has been violated. >> just because you can, should you. >> exactly. >> that debate is continuing. one more thing, the concern, major concern as you heard from tom king was that the gun owners could be in danger, the non-gun owners could be in danger, if something happens to one of the people who indeed is listed on this map, is the paper liable at all? >> no, the paper would not be liable, because under the freedom of information law, this is public information. the paper has a first amendment right to publish it. one of the core beliefs in this country is that even the speech we hate we allow, and even though the majority of people
6:49 am
may think this is a ridiculous thing for the paper to do, they have first amendment rights of publication. so i don't think the paper could be held liable. >> paul callan in new york thank you very much. >> nice seeing you. >> good to see you. fantasia barino is raising eyebrows, why the singer is trying to distant herself from a recent online posting. [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at
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6:51 am
sdploot felicia taylor has more good news? >> yeah, victor, there is more good news. ford sales rose about 2% last month. it had gains pretty much across the line. the f-series of trucks continue
6:52 am
to be popular, and ford fuel-efficient cars and hybrid vehicles showed the most dramatic growth. so, again, you know, chrysler also having strong numbers earlier this morning, that saw sales rise 10% last month. one analyst said recently there's just been strong underlying demand. car buyers have been returning to showrooms because of easier access to financing. that is a very good thing to know. victor? >> we'll see if these strong sales translate into hiring when we get the unemployment numbers tomorrow. >> yes. >> felicia taylor, thank you very much. a quick break and we're back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
ray lewis' teammates thought he could play forever. nobody can play forever. his announcement has not come soon enough for opponents. he's played his entire career with the baltimore ravens says he will retire when the postseason run ends. >> god is calling in so many other areas of life. my children, i can -- my children have made the ultimate sacrifice for their father for 17 years. whether it's jumping on a plane,
6:56 am
jump right back to go to school. i don't want to see them do that anymore. >> mike preston has cover lewis' entire career as a raven. he joins us on the phone. mike, man, i'm born and reared baltimorean, and he is an icon in baltimore. were you surprised by the timing of this announcement? >> i was surprised. i thought we would have to go the entire off-season, but it's a good and bad thing about baltimore. it's a bad day. like you said, the good things is that he retires as a raven. you didn't want to see what happened with johnny unitas, go to san diego, retire there and go to another uniform. he'll come out the last tight in the appropriate uniform, and that probably will be the best thing that came out of the news yesterday. >> that jersey needs to hang in
6:57 am
downtown baltimore. great linebackers have played the game. you say that lewis is the best ever why. >> you look at the longevity. 17 years, that's an amazing run. few linebackers have lasted 10 to 11 years. he could run sideline to sideline. butkus couldn't do that, huff couldn't do that. this guy could run up and down the field, cover running backs, one on one. those guys would not be on the field in third down situations. ray lewis was an every down player. 13 pro bowls, two defensive players of the year awards, which only one other linebacker has done before, so he set a standard i don't think anyone will ever reach again. >> team leader from the very first game. in your column today in "the sun" you refer to a game in '97, you call that a turning point in his career.
6:58 am
tell us about that. >> well, what happens, he's in the second year, he goes back to eric metcalfe ray's coming over, because he's on the other side. he has to turn around in a circle and chase metcalfe down. well, you see metcalfe starting to pull away. it turned out to be a 62-yard run. after about 40 yards, you see ray hit another gear. he leaps, grabs him, pulls him down with one hand at the 12, you can see metcalfe sitting on the turf raising his hands up saying, what squlus happened? how did i get run down by a middle linebacker? metcalfe supposedly ran a 4.3 40. ray lewis 6'1", 265, 260, he just got run down by a middle linebacker. in the next play ray made the next tackle. unbelievable. that's when people said he is really, really special.
6:59 am
>> all right. mike preston of the "the baltimore sun" it will be tough to see him go. thank you. >> all right. tang tear. next hour of excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly.
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. top of the hour. it's supposed to be a healing moment for families of the victims of the theater shooting. learn why they are calling a planned evening of remembrance disgusting. a new session of the house, a new challenge for the man in charge. can speaker john boehner keep his job after the debacle over aid for superstorm sandy? plus your money, your taxes, new concern this morning over when you can expect your tax refund from uncle sam. the cnn money team is on it. and this -- >> he said touching that pole, but it's really not.
7:02 am
>> it's really not. and move over, erin andrews, a 3-year-old football fan may be around your job. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. it's been more than five months since a gunman opened fire. in just two weeks, that complex in aurora will reopen. 12 people were killed in july. 58 were injured. cinemark invited those families to a special evening of remembrance, but that offer has upset a lot of families. their response. they sent us this invite two days after christmas. how insensitive can you possibly be? they never even offered condolences. we will not be used as pawn to help them with ticket sales.
7:03 am
the offer of a free ticket for a family member and a guest is despicable. our family members paid for their ticket with nair lives. listen to one family member. >> that is a platen lack of respect for the families. they're looking to boost their own ticket sales for the reopening to the public. >> reporter: at the expense -- >> at the experience of 12 families. they're planning to boycott the event and the theater company. >> not only that particular their, they just say it's too insensitive to the families. most of the people in this group that have informed of family members say they wanted that theater torn down, they did not want this going on and being an entity.
7:04 am
what the city of aurora did, they had a question on their facebook page asking people what they wanted to do with it. overwhelmingly people said reopen it. a lot of them will be involved in a lawsuit against the theater, they say it's not the right way to go. however, not all family members agree. one family member was tweeting don't boycott it, go, let it serve as a reminder to live your life every day as a remembrance. you can only imagine how painful it is for these families to have to navigate all of this five months after their loved ones were xild. >> when you have 12 people killed, 58 injured, i'm sure you have a mix of feelings. will any victims' families be at this preliminary hearing? >> they say it's a 1-2 punch.
7:05 am
the families are being braced. yesterday they had a web i gnarl about wh-- webinar, they'll see video, so families are preparing to go through that trauma of the preliminary hearing right after that, the theater reopening. they say it's too much. especially as this is opening as a commercial entity, not like columbine, where they changed it a bit, reopened it and it's parts of a thriving communities. >> thank you very much. president obama is waking up in hawaii this morning, but he's problem basking in the glow of the fiscal cliff deal he signed into law -- well, kind of signed. he used this device, an auto-pen
7:06 am
to send his signature 4800 miles and sign it into law. dan lothian is traveling with the president. he joins us. i say kind of signed, because he wasn't there, didn't actually himself put pen to paper, but it's done. >> reporter: that's right. he was those of miles away. in fact on the golf course for a big part of the day. they processed it, then a copy was made. the to sign it into law, putting an end to what everyone agrees was an ugly ballots. some see this as a victory of sorts for the president, but the person who's getting a lot of praise this morning is the vice president for the role he played for getting the fiscal deal
7:07 am
across the finish line. a couple white house aides say he played a crucial role, critical role of convincing lawmakers at a time when things were not looking good. in fact senator mitch mcconnell has talked about the vice president's role, talking about the good faith negotiations, referring to hem as a dance partner. as the president deals with over big issues, immigration reform. in twisting the arm of lawmakers who might be skeptical about what the president is pushing. >> dan lothian, thank you, sir. we're less than two hours from the start of a new session of congress. lawmakers both old and new face daunting challenges. dan just detailed a few. negotiating the debt ceiling, identifying painful spending cuts and confronting the
7:08 am
bipartisan anger aimed at a heavyhanded speaker of the house. senior congressional correspondent dana bash is on capitol hill. john boehner ignited this fi firestorm within his own party. will he be reelected today? >> reporter: you know, that was just one of the things that's angered some of the conservatives in any own caucus. the other is what happened the night before on thursday night, which is the fact that the house passed this fiscal cliff package, and only 85 republicans voted for it. the vast majority of his caucus voted against him so to answer your question, the answer seems to be, yes, he is very, very likely to win another term as the house speaker. of course, the speaker of the house is what happens is once
7:09 am
the house -- the new session starts they go through series of -- one thing i will tell you is there is 201 democrats, more than the last time around, there only needs to be, victor, 17 in his caucus, 17 house republicans to vote no to make a symbolic -- effectually slap him in the face symbolically. what would happen then is they would take vote after vote until there is a majority for the speaker. but the congressional research service says that since 1913, that's only happened once since 1923. so that's very rare. don't expect that to happen. i've been talking this morning to republican lawmakers who maybe would be among the most likely to vote no, and they have insisted they will not do that,
7:10 am
they are going to vote for him. >> dana bash, on capitol hill for us, less than two hours until the 113th congress. here's a reminder of special programming. wolf blitzer will have live coverage of the opening of the new congress at noon eastern. a new measure of the economy, we learned that initial jobless claims inched up last week to 372,000, an increase of 10,000 from the week before. it's being felt on wall street, one day after its biggest day of gains in more than a year. here's the big board here, down just 13 points, 40 minutes into the trading day. we'll keep an eye on wall street, of course. and don't thing just because the fiscal cliff deal is done, you can file your taxes now, that financial nightmare is still causing headaches for the i.r.s., and your refund could be late. christine romans joins us with the fiscal cliff fallout.
7:11 am
so why is this going to delay the refunds, christine? >> because they just waited too long to fix this problem. look, the i.r.s. isn't say what the delay will look like or how long it will be, but bottom line is taxpayers are telling us you can't file your refund if you wanted to one cpa telling me he expects for simple returns you won't be able to file until the first week in february, more complicated returns sometime after that. here's why there were about a dozen different provisions hanging out there until the very last moment and they just didn't know if they would be extended for 2012. that will cause some delays with the software programming to get this all fixed up. this is what the i.r.s. is saying -- they're currently reviewing the details, and assessing what impact it will have on this year's filing season. they say they're going to give additional guidance, quote,
7:12 am
soon, about what that will means for tax preparers and for you are, but the tax preparation community saying they're ready to rock and roll, just waiting for guidance about when they'll be able to do that. if you look at the 1040 form right now, the i.r.s. had to pull out a few lines and put the word "reserved" in instead. for some of these tax breaks and considerations that were up in the air until the last moment. the big one was the amt it's been patched permanently. the cpa we just talked to, his first client called to talk to him about this was already talking about 2013. that's when the big changes will happen. so already kind of a lot of interest in the tax preparation community about where we're going to go from here. the biggest losers will be those people who use the i.r.s.'s forced savings, and then they take their refund as soon as they file real early, get the
7:13 am
refund to pay for the holiday bills. those people will probably see a delay. >> people budget around that refund. >> true. >> they start paying some bills they've been holding off on for a while. christine, thank you for that. tea party activists are disgusted and angry over the fiscal cliff deal. >> there are going to be consequences. how long can we continue down this path? >> now some tea party-backed politicians may have to answer for that vote. you'll hear from amy cremor, chairman for the tea party express.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
the company hack criticized for the -- the change has sold reusable cups before, but believes the new low price will spark customer interest. a lot of people in the northeast are waking up to windchills below zero this morning. the temperatures will reach
7:17 am
normal levels by the weekend and drop again next week. a lot of tea party activists are just plain outraged that congress approved the fiscal cliff deal. some say they're extremely disgusted like amy kremer who also said there will be consequences. that's because some of the people that tea party movement helped get elected voted to pass this deal. pat toomey, ron johnson backed by the tea party movement, and congressman paul ryan, who was the gop vice presidential candidate. earlier i spoke with tear party express chairman amy kremer about those congresses. so you're saying that some of these senators will be primaried. are you going to push to get some of the people you tried to push in to get out? you loved paul ryan, do you want him out now?
7:18 am
are you going to push for the primaries? >> honestly i think that every person has to -- we haven't decided anything at this point, but i can tell you, i live in the state of georgia, and saxby chambliss will be primaried. it's unacceptable. he has proven time and time again he's all about the spendle. we're a red state. we deserve a conservative senator, a conservative senator that would stand with marco rubio, rand paul and mike lee, who all voted no for this bill. >> you brought up marco rubio, then there's paul ryan who voted for it, this is becoming a 2016 story line. i want to know if this vote will be to rpg what the war vote was to the obama and clinton ray for 2008. do you think that line will be as bright and sharp as the war
7:19 am
vote was? >> we have 2014 to worry about. there are a number of senate races happening, so that's what we'll be focused on. we've asked our viewers, this is from butch, he says ask kremer which concessions, if any, were okay for the gop to consider? is she pleased with the gridlock in congress and its effect? should the goch have dealt on anything? this is the last thing i want to be talking about. at the end of the day, this is the issue we all need to be focused on. everything should be on the table. there's going to be a fight in two months with the debt
7:20 am
ceiling. look, the cuts never come. now the sequester that was supposed to be automatic spending cuts, it's even been pushed back. when will, to get this country back on track. give me something you are willing to compromise on, as we move forward. >> like i just said, i think -- all depends should be on the table. all depends should be -- i mean, the department of education is one of the -- let's look at where these departments are bloated. i note that the democrats say the depend of defense, the
7:21 am
diplomat of defense. i'm saying to you, let's put it all out there, because at the end of the day you cannot raise enough money from taxes to cover all the spending. >> thanks again to amy kremer for joining us earlier this morning. how is the news for gm? >> gm. >> so we've -- some ford was up 2%, but also -- so it's been a really good month in december for the auto companies.
7:22 am
not such a huge surprise. we were expecting this to happen, but never it's good news, because it means that people are willing to go out and spend money. they're feeling a bit better about their finances. not across the board, but certainly when it comes to buying a new car, it seems like that's a benefit. >> good news for the big three. thank you. and we're back in a moment.
7:23 am
7:24 am
before the break you heard from the chairwoman of the tea party express, threatening backlash. what effect could this have on someone's political career?
7:25 am
joining us to talk about this, roland martin who leans to the left. cnn strategist anna navarro. no? you're sitting up straight now, but in some cases leaning to the left. >> it depends on the issue, brother. >> so we balance out. hey, roland, i want to know, and i asked amy kremer this, and she didn't give me a direct answer. will this vote be to republicans what the iraq funding authorization vote was to the clinton/obama race in 2008? >> god, no, poor amy. she's still trying to deal with the loss of mitt rommie to president obama. you have two other major issues. keeping up, the midterm election seasonal until two years away. it's not like it's in november. you have the dead ceiling, sequestration, so you have opportunities for republicans,
7:26 am
including tea party-backed candidates to establish their ideas when it comes to cutting the budget. so maybe amy should remember that 98% of americans kept tax cuts in place, including a lot of people in georgia, tennessee, alabama, arkansas, louisiana, all red states. tea party folks might want to remember the 98% as opposed to just the 2%. >> how big is this vote for the republicans? >> you know, i actually agree with roland, i think we have a lot to do between now and the next elections. i think this is just the beginning of this negotiation, the beginning it was the first battle in what is a war to tackle some of these very serious issues that we're still dealing with as a country, issues like entitlement, like social security. they things are coming up, the debt ceiling is coming up. i tell you this, i think this
7:27 am
threatening of back lash to republicans by one group or another is frankly silly. i want to elect reps and democrats who go to congress and act based on their conscience, based on their principles, who study the issues and vote according to what they think is right not because somebody or some group is threatening a back lash. i don't want somebody acting out of fear, but acting out of conviction. that's what i would tell my republican counterparts, friends in congress, do your job right, it's the best thing you can do towards reelection and getting a nomination. >> let's talk about the rage yesterday from the interview that i did with peter king and what we saw from governor christie about the delaying of this sandy aid bill. did speaker boehner make a mist
7:28 am
mista mistake. >> he screwed up big time. i interviewed yvette clark in the morning show. there are people in new york and new jersey without power, folks who have mold in their homes. people right now, earlier you talked about the temperatures being in the low teens, you know, as 10, 20 degrees. they're freezing their butts off. if you are speaker boehner, if you felt the senate bill had too much pork, say it, be up-front about it, but you don't promise to the new york or new jersey delegation you're going to put this up for a vote and you don't do it. they should be aungry, and i think he hurt himself big time, because he put partisanship over the people who are hurting in that region. >> what we saw yesterday was actually the end of kind of a trend for speaker boehner on a -- we saw plan b go down, we saw this fiscal cliff go to the very end, the talks stall with the president and then he's
7:29 am
going to be reelected speaker today. is there an alternative in the house? >> i don't think there is an alternative. i think he did some pretty fancy footwork. you know, he's going to take some flack from it. what he did vis-a-vis new york, was it as mick that? absolutely. listen, buddy, when chris christie is calling you in the middle of the night, take the call. new yorkers and folks in new jersey are a bad group of people to be ticking off. part of the problem he had was he was doing this to his friends and they felt betrayed. peter king is one of the john boehner's biggest and strongest allies. you just don't treat your friends like that. i think he quickly realized it, he's tried to make amends. he's promised a vote as soon as
7:30 am
friday, another vote on the 15th of january, buddy, you better live up to that promise. i tell you, these folks from new jersey and new york, they don't joke around. >> rhohand martin, ana, thank you both. >> thanks so much. good morning. i'm in for carol costello. for the first time since the tragic shooting in connecticut, school is back in session for sandy hook elementary students. class are being held in monroe, connecticut. we have video of students heading to class. the students' desks have been moved to making the set scene as normal as possible. it's the first day at the office for 90 new lawmakers on capitol hill. the 113th congress begins at
7:31 am
noon eastern, and it sets records for the number of new democratic women, including senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. now that fiscal cliff debate is over, lawmakers will have to quickly tackle issues, including the sequester, the debt ceiling, and as we just spoke about, aid to superstorm sandy victims. mitch mcconnell is throwing down the gauntlet for a showdown with the president over spending and the debt. he wrote an op-ed for yahoo! news, and here's part of it. the president may not want to have a fight about government spending, but it's a fight he's going to have, because it's a debate the country needs. let's turn to another crisis, the aftermath of superstorm sandy. more than two months after landfall, the latest disaster is manmade. house speaker john boehner now says the new congress will vote tomorrow on finally providing federal aid. he fast-tracked the vote after
7:32 am
unexpectedly shelving it earlier this week. that delay really blindsided and outraged the hardest-hit states. even his fellow republicans lashed out with extraordinary anger. >> this used to be something that was not political. you know, disaster relief was something you didn't play games with. but now in this current atmosphere, everything is the subject of one upmanship, a potential piece of bait for the political game. it's why the american people hate congress. boehner's delay lit the fuse on a powderkeg of frustration. here's why. a lot of sandy's victims are living in shelters or shivering in the unheated wreckage of their homes. they've been wait fog help for 66 dales, and they're still waiting. compare that to hurricane katrina, just ten days from landfall to the signing of the
7:33 am
initial package. hurricane andrew, 30 days, still less than half. here's the story behind the numbers. look at this. cute cottage on staten island. it was the retirement dream of a couple you're about to hear from. today, this is what's left, a heartbreaking reminder their lives, their future, all in limbo. last hour, i spoke with dominick and sheila trainham. >> we've been here my whole life. we moved here in 1959. my parents' house down the street, we lost that. we lost the store that we had that was our retirement, and then to look at our house. the kids grew up here. they loved the beach. they loved the house. it just was heartbreaking. >> reporter: where are you living now? >> terrible thing. we're in a little apartment that my niece she fixed it up for us. it's great. her father-in-law, he took us
7:34 am
in, and it's really a nice little place. we feel comfortable there. hopefully down the road we can get a house. >> sheila, we've spoken several times before. when you heard that congress had ended the session without passing any relief other aid package, what did you feel? >> let down. we live on staten island, and we're known for being the forgotten borough. i guess it wasn't any shocker. but -- >> you say it wasn't a shocker. why? >> to helple people. because we're always the last ones to receive help, it seems. staten island is known as the forgotten borough in the five boroughs of new york city. it's just, well, now we're the forgotten borough in the country, but it's not just us, it's the whole east coast that was affected by sandy, so everybody is getting a taste of
7:35 am
what we've been used to all along. >> sheila and dominick traina who lost their home in superstorm sandy. it's been a rough couple months for republicans, including house speaker john boehner. he had a very public fight over the fiscal cliff and of course the fall joy over the superstorm sandy aid, so is there a rift within the republican party? [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know
7:36 am
that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
7:37 am
in just about about 90 minutes, the 113th congress will convene. it's going to give the republicans a chance to start over. they've been involved in some high-profile fights, including the election and the fiscal
7:38 am
cliff. then there's the house not taking up aid for super storm sandy before it adjourned. all of this left the gop battered and bruised. steve la tourette is a republican from ohio. he joins me from washington. i'm going to start with the general question -- is there a division within your party? >> there's not a division, but there is a feeling after the 2010 election that leaders of both parties weren't doing enough to rein in the deficit and the debt. those are the tea party candidates that have been referred to, so as a result they've laid obstacles in front of the speaker over the last two years. >> you have said that some of the gop must have been drunk to vote for the fiscal cliff deal. >> yeah, i was -- what i voted
7:39 am
for -- >> that was my follow-up. i was referring to the senators. my wife has chastised maine and said nothing good happens after new year's eve midnight, and that had -- it was a no-brainer to vote for it, because you saved 9 % of americans from getting a tax increase. what it didn't do is do anything to address the mass i have been deficit and debt we have in this country. that quite frankly is what gets in the way of the hurricane sandy bill. if you look at about $60 billion a year is how much will come interest the government from taxes, what is the santa passage? 60 billion. it's a bush. they people say all you've down is push sequestration and spending and pushed the deficit down the road.
7:40 am
>> some which said the sandy bill is too much. would you be part of the chorus to say it's too much for the legislation? >> listen, the guys in new york, peter king, michael grimm are friends of mine. my family settled on staten aisle in '63. i don't think any amount of money is too much. the question is, right after the fiscal cliff vote, which was a tough pill to swallow, but the reality was the president won, he wanted to raise taxes, he got to raise taxes, then rho photofor another $60 billion, i would have voted for it, i was helping the guys whip the votes, but let me say this about the 60 billion. i serve on the interior appropriations subcommittee. we sent people out to new york and new jersey. just our small little portion was 1.5 billion was the ask. after talking to everybody we could only justify $250 million. again, rahm emanuel, the president's former chief of staff said net let a good sdas
7:41 am
erbil go to waste. the people in new york and new jersey deserve every penney with el can give them to help the suffering. they do not deserve spending on things that has nothing to do with the disaster. well, right now your you're representative steve latourette. in about an hour, you'll be former congressman. you're leaving. >> 80 minutes and i'm a happy guy. >> all right. it's hard to tell who is paying more attention to "zero dark third" movie watchers or congress. the latest on the government investigation. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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7:43 am
the senate intelligence committee is working into whether "zero dark thirty" had a little too much access to classified material in what
7:44 am
happened in the osama bin laden raid. >> can i be honest with you? i am bad news. i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. >> it looks like a great movie. i'm definitely going to see it. a.j. hammer joins us. this is pretty serious. an investigation into this movie? >> yeah, victor, this movie has basically been a political target. congressman peter king started asking the house of representatives to investigate the access film makers received from the cia more than an hour and a half ago. it appears the senate wants its turn at bat. according to roidtest, the u.s. select committee on intelligence is starting to look into the connections. senator dianne feinstein who chairs the committee already attacked the film.
7:45 am
she does say the torture scenes were inaccurate, but seems to be leading the charge to see if they got improper access to top secret material for about the search for bin laden. we have reached out to sony pictures, the studio behind the movie and the film maker themselves. the stewed jondirectly we're proud of this important film. their creative team have made an extraordinary motion picture, and we fully support bringing this remarkable story to the screen. while we're continuing to pursue reaction from, they did put the question about access to the pair directly. they declined to give any information about their access. so ctor, i expect we'll be
7:46 am
hearing a great deal more about this in the coming months. just the start of this conversation. let's talk about a social media scandal, no shortage of those. fantasia barrino posted something online, and a lot of people are offended. >> you have to be careful. he comments are getting a lot of attention online. she posted a picture of herself on inns that gram -- i rise above it all. the world is gone mad. kids, the government, the church house, everybody trying. weed legal in some places, gale marriage legal, but i'm judged. i'm not doing nothing for you, my life. it's not -- that caption was picked up by some loggers, a lot of people taking it as a slam on gale marriage, so she responded to that criticism, saying she is was taken out of context, she
7:47 am
doesn't judge people. we have reached out to fantasia for more comment and have not heard back just yet. >> a.j. hammer, thank you. >> you got it? in kansas a man thinks he's helping a let byian couple as a sperm donor. now the state is forcing him to pay child support. how long have i had my car insurance? i don't know. eight, ten years. i couldn't tell ya' but things were a lot less expensive back then. if you're 50 or over you should take a new look at your auto insurance. you may be overpaying. actually that makes a lot of sense. old policy. old rates. and thanks to your experience behind the wheel, you might save $350 by switching to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. plus, you'll get benefits that reward your driving record, like our promise that you won't be dropped. wait, you won't drop me, seriously? that's right, you won't be dropped.
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7:50 am
beneficiary ir. number two, electric honda fit, and number one scion's electric i.q. but don't rush out to a dealer for that one. it's only being provided for certain ride-share programs. a strange story out of kansas. you'll be talking about this one. a lesbian couple places an ad on craigslist for a sperm donor. no financial strings attached. the couple conceives a child. after the couple broke up and the child's mother applied for medicaid, the state said the sperm donor has to pay child support, all because the donation did not happen in a doctor's office. b.j. bernstein, when we sat down for the first time just a couple seconds ago and said i've never heard anything like this, you said it's that he did not go to
7:51 am
a doctor. >> that is the big problem. as a policy, when people go on medicare or get government support, and there's a parent out there who can pay, we look for the money. i used to do that when i was a baby lawyer working for the government. it makes sense. what happened here is they didn't go through the process, this man and this couple, of using a doctor or a sperm clinic to make the donation. that's what's causing the hangup in kansas law. the reason they usually require that is they don't want every one night stand that turns into a pregnancy, where you are liable for the support of that child, because you did conceive the child. >> the guy comes back and said she wanted a baby, so i just helped along. >> exactly. the issue low pressure interesting, if a way can be caved out. i in the that our shock is my gosh, how can that be? it will break down the entire sperm donor system, it will
7:52 am
cause problems for gale couples to conceive, and that's not really fair with what's going on state to state. so what needs possibly is to have some sort of proof. with the court in kansas, would they accept proof outside of just going through what the law says as the only way, to be able to show that in fact there was an ad on craigslist, that he's responded to it, and that this wasn't done in any other wait other than a private sperm donation. one of the moms says i'll pay, he shouldn't have to pay, but the state of kansas is still going after this guy. why isn't the state just respecting the mom's wishes? >> that's the part that is a problem where we have policy makers and these rules that we have no vision to blur slightly to say, wait a minute, let's look at this exact situation, and that is a problem here. you know, if the other parent would participate, potentially we wouldn't even be involved in
7:53 am
the court system and having state money go, you know, for the care of this child. so, again, it's going to be up to this court to whether there is a loophole allowed under kansas law to be able to allow that parent -- the co-mother to step into the place. should we expect to see more of this? >> this is part of the fallout, again, from state to at a time to state, having gale marriage, what are the rules? and technology changing. how we conceive. how we put together families, how it looks, and we do need adaptability in the law to keep up with that. the number one thing is the care of the child. >> b.j. bernstein, thank you for sorting this out. the headline is enough to say, what? but once you unpack everything, it all makes sense. >> thank you. a pint-sized pundit delivers judgment. >> the reds are -- touching that hole, but it's really not.
7:54 am
>> she may have been disappointed by the call, but something later on dlikted her. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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7:56 am
referees are used to being questioned. but a 3-year-old girl put a play
7:57 am
under the review and said the rev blew the call. >> it's really not touching it. it's really not, because it's closer to that, and that's a little bit a spot, and the refs are touches that pole, but it's really not. >> pencil out and everything. the young south carolina fan may have been disappointed in that one call, but not by the result of the game. south carolina beat michigan 33-28. i'm victor plaque well joining us today. cnn newsroom continues after a short brack with ashleigh banfield. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster is a fantastic experience. 30 shrimp for $11.99. i can't imagine anything better. you're getting a ton of shrimp, and it tastes really good!
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