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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 8, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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i don't think he's going to talk about 2016 at all in this speech, but we continue to talk about it all this year and probably into the future, ali. >> very good, paul. always a pleasure to see you, my old friend. paul steinhauser joining us from washington. and we will be probably dipping in, bringing you some of chris christie's state of the state speech in a few minutes from now because he's always so darn interesting to listen to. it will be very interesting to watch what he's got to say. well, that is it for me. i'm ali velshi. we're not done. the "cnn newsroom" continues in just a moment with my good friend brooke baldwin. it is supposed to be the future of air travel, yet another major problem with the dreamliner jet is raising eyebrows all around the world. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. you bailed them out. now aig execs are thinking about
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suing their savior. a man wins the lottery, and a month later, he's dead of cyanide poisoning. we're on the case. and as joe biden huddles behind closed doors on the issue of gun control, gabby giffords and michael bloomberg begin their fight against the nra. good to be with you here on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. and i want to begin with the plane boeing says will define the future of the air travel. but for the last month or so, if you've been following this with us, the 787 dreamliner has made most of its headlines really for all these mechanical problems. here is just the latest, just a couple of hours ago, this japan airline, 787, was preparing to leaf above then when it started leaking fuel. so guess what happened? flight had to be canceled.
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and just yesterday morning, same airport, boston's logan airport, small fire broke out on yet another japan airline 787, just about 30 minutes after its arrival from tokyo. all the passengers and crew, they had already left the plane, but there is still a lot to talk about when we talk about what is supposed to be the revolutionary jet. let me begin with sandra endo, watching today's issue for us from washington. sandra, what happened now? >> yeah, brooke. a new day, a new problem for boeing's marquis airplane, the dreamliner, just before noon us is, the pilots of jal flight 007 scheduled nonstop from boston logan airport to tokyo, reported a fuel leak on the runway. the plane was towed back to the gate while crews worked to clean up the mess. the plane had 181 passengers and crew on board. and just yesterday at the same boston airport, a different japan airline boeing 787 dreamliner caught fire. the cause, batteries located in
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the belly of the plane used to start an auxiliary power unit, which provides electricity to the plane while on the ground and it is the latest in a series of black eyes for boeing's much heralded advanced airplane that recently debuted. and the plane is the first commercial airline to be made mostly of carbon composites or plastics. it means it is a lighter plane that boeing says will use less fuel than conventional airliners. at years of production delays including a test flight that caught fire, the airplane has suffered more embarrassing setbacks in recent weeks. last month a united airlines dreamliner flying from houston to chicago diverted to new orleans after the crew reported an electrical problem. in september, after federal inspectors forced inspections on all 787s in the air, inspectors found engine cracks on two different 787s, brooke. >> okay, example after example
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after example here of these issues. sandra endo, thank you. i want to bring in chad myers. when she -- she's ticking off the issues. i'm looking down here, you have the fuel leak today, the electrical fire yesterday, i see three other examples. what's going on? >> you have to take a deep breath and realize this plane is under a microscope. everything that this plane does wrong is going to be reported. everything that a 737 does wrong is not going to be reported. >> they're touting this as the jet of the future, redefining air travel, revolutionary. >> and it is not 20 years old. is plane only has a few years under its belt, literally almost less than that. i never buy first year, the car redesigned either. so there are some growing pains with this. there are big pains. this is the issue. >> it is one thing to have a glitch on the car and see my right taillight isn't working. it is another to have it on a plane when i'm up 30,000 feet in the air. >> auxiliary battery yesterday. this battery was not used during air flight.
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this battery is only used when it is on the ground. so this affect would have happened on the ground when the battery was going to be charged, being used, whatever discharged. today, the fuel leak is a little different because there had been two other fuel leaks involved with this plane, two different incidents, two different anomalies of venting, put it that way, and incorrectly assembled fuel lines. that's an issue for me. user airplane, airplane error, what all of this is adding up to is there is slightly getting a black eye at boeing and they have to work on this. >> tell me more about these planes. what makes them special, where did they fly? et cetera? >> they're light, they're fast, they're quiet. there is so much going into the -- just the intake of the air, the plane is just -- it is almost whisper quiet when you're inside. it is made of composite so it is lighter. it flies with less fuel. now that fuel is so expensive, that is a bigger deal. a lot of these planes, though, go overseas. this was going boston, tokyo. here is the issue. do you want to be in the middle
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of the alaskan ocean, 5,000 miles from anywhere else? 500. whatever. and then you have an issue like this. maybe shorter haul flights will have to take -- where you can divert if you have to. this is a little bit of a black eye. i understand. we're not going to say anything bad about the plane until we figure out what happened, because a few other things were mechanic error. not plane's fault, people's fault. >> we'll find out. we'll stay on it. >> that's training. >> love to have us stop talking about it, i'm sure. chad myers, thank you for that. now to the company here that -- the company synonymous with the kind of reckless decisionmaking that characterized the nation's financial meltdown and it almost dragged the american economy right on down with it. aig bailed out to the tune of $182 billion, remember that was back in 2008, fast-forward to today, an aig director is thinking about joining a lawsuit against the government, a suit that claims the rescue was,
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well, too painful for aig stock holders. steven moore, let me welcome you back, thank you for joining me today. senior economic writer at the wall street journal. taxpayers, they bail out aig, now aig may be suing the taxpayers, ie you and me. what is the deal? >> sounds like one of those no good deal goes unpunished. the federal government stepped in with $180 billion bailout that was in late 2008 during the height of the financial crisis. and now it is actually a healthy company again. it has been nursed back to profitability. and, you know, look, the alternative to this bailout would have been almost certainly federal bankruptcy court. and the issue here, just to give both sides of the story, is that the directors and some of the shareholders are saying we might have come out better if we had gone in the federal bankruptcy
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court than the deal we got in terms of the return on the stock that we got with this bail. because what happened is the federal government became a 70% shareholder -- majority share holder in the company. hank greenberg, the former chairman of the company is one of the people leading this lawsuit. >> right. wouldn't this lawsuit then, and i read the criticism, this could potentially highlight the unintended consequences of the government intervening and bailing this company out. >> well, i was never for the bailout in the first place. the company is doing much better financially right now. the real question is if it had gone through a normal bankruptcy court, you know, would the company have maybe revived itself in a way that shareholders would have been better. here is one of the complaints, brooke. the shareholders are saying we never got to vote on this. it was forced upon us, the boorldboard approved it. the other one interesting point that hank greenberg made, he said yesterday in the press that
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the federal government was a loan shark because they charged 14% interest on the loan they gave to aig to bail it out. >> i got a question for you, about hank greenberg, i want to play this clip. part of this is -- has to do with image, right? all of this comes, steven, as aig, they're running tv ads basically bragging about how they recently repaid their loans to the american people. here is part of it. >> leading global insurance company, based right here in america. >> we repaid every dollar america lent us. >> everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. >> for the american people. >> thank you, america. >> basic pr 101, running these kinds of ads because you have a huge image problem, right? let's take it a step farther. how would the lawsuit help with the -- any kind of pr problem they may have? >> it is a good pr gam but. they say thank you to the american taxpayers for bailing them out. so i think it is a kind of wise marketing scheme. what is interesting about it
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again, let's go back to the point, the 70% -- two-thirds of the insurance company is owned by the federal government, so it is the federal government essentially thanking itself for bailing it out. >> okay. so that's one way to look at it. at the same time, if the ads are good pr, what about a lawsuit? how is that for their image? >> well, the people are bringing the lawsuit are the shareholders who feel like they got screwed here. and that they didn't get the return that they should. this is really -- >> is this personal for hank greenberg, you think? >> it might be. i can't say because i don't know his motivation. he's a good business man. he likes to make money and he feels he got shafted here. as do many other shareholders. the federal government, by the way, will make out pretty well here because the stock has gone up in value. it is interesting that the federal government may be the one institution more than any that comes out smelling like a rose here. >> steven moore, thank you, sir. good to see you. >> great to see you, brooke. just into us here at cnn, a major decision about your privacy. we're talking about the new york
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police department's stop and frisk policy. today, a judge ruling the parts of it are unconstitutional. want to bring in sunny hostin in new york. sunny, there is a personal story here at the center of the whole thing that this woman and her three sons, they say they have been stopped outside their privately owned apartment building for no reason. >> that's right. and that was the basis of this lawsuit. the judge felt that this is not the type of experience private citizens should have in their private residential building on a daily basis. she did -- the judge is known for her aggressive interpretation of the law. she said, you know, the nypd's practice of stopping people just suspected of trespassing outside that private home, that's unconstitutional. the fourth amendment protects us against this behavior because generally if a police officer wants to stop you, they have to have a reasonable suspicion,
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right? a suspicion based on some reason that you are trespassing, that you're doing something untoward. well, what was happening under this program that the police instituted was people were just as they walked in and out of these buildings, were stopped. now, this is a major, major blow, brooke, to mayor bloomberg's administration because they claim that it is very difficult to police these buildings, that these buildings have been crime ridden. a lot of drug sales. but this judge says, no, this is not how this should be done. and this is the first of three cases that she has before her, stemming from new york's stop and frisk program. this is a monumental win on the other side of mayor bloomberg's administration. >> sunny hostin, thank you. coming up next, gabby giffords and michael bloomberg, speaking of the mayor of new york, here launching their fight against the nra.
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want to quote you something that gabby giffords wrote in this morning's "usa today." she wrote this, in response to a horrific series of shootings that has shown terror in our communities, congress has done something quite extraordinary, nothing at all. now the former congresswoman who died nearly in that tucson shooting rampage two years ago today is out to change that. today she and her husband astronaut mark kelly launched
11:16 am
americans for responsible solutions. an effort to raise money and laws for gun control. since tucson, there have been 11 more mass shootings. the couple spoke with abc's diane sawyer. >> we saw you in newtown. how was newtown? >> tough. >> it brought back a lot of memories about what that was like for us, two years ago today. and you hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again. you know what, i have a gun. gabby and i are both gun owners. we're strong supporters of the second amendment. but we have got to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong hands. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> and they're not the only ones to use the mass shooting in tucson to mobilize the gun control movement. new york mayor michael bloomberg with his group mayors against illegal guns released an ad
11:17 am
today. in this ad, it features the mother -- do you remember 9-year-old christina taylor green? the youngest person killed in that attack in tucson. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting. i have one question for our political leaders. when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? >> her mother, roxana green there, will be talking with me in the next hour. stay tuned for that. there is another perhaps surprising voice on green's side. stanley mcchrystal, the u.s. top commander in afghanistan who left back in 2010. well, just this morning on msnbc, he said the kinds of weapons his troops used should not, i repeat, should not be used on the streets of america. >> we got to look at the situation in america. the number of people in america killed by firearms is extraordinary compared to other nations. and i don't think we're a blood thirsty culture. and so i think that we need to
11:18 am
look at everything we can do to safeguard our people. >> now, the growing momentum for gun control is coming out of the most recent massacre, the one at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. an event that shook a normally poised president, remember this, wiped a tear away, later announced a task force to curb gun violence, to be led by vice president joe biden. one of the vice president's first moves, extending an invitation to the nra. let me take you to washington and talk to cnn political editor paul steinhauser. paul, just what is the task force hoping to get out of approaching the nra? >> i think what they want to do here is get voices and get voices of all sides in the gun argument here. that's why the nra was given an invitation. take a listen to jay carney, white house press secretary, asked about the nra attending these immediatings this wee i m. >> the vice president's group invited a number of
11:19 am
organizations and individuals to participate in meetings. they include gun owners, and groups that represent gun owners, groups that represent sports men and sports women. the nra has been one of the groups -- one of the many groups invited. i will leave it to those groups themselves to decide whether to say whether -- to make any comment on their attendance in those meetings. >> and the nra did make a comment. here is what a spokesman from the nra said a little while ago. the group did receive an invitation late friday and that we are sending a rep to hear what they have to say. now, they're not the only major gun rights group that will be there. the national shooting sports foundation will also be attending the meetings which are tomorrow and thursday. that group, by the way, brooke, happens to be headquartered in newtown, connecticut, the site of sandy hook elementary school. >> i remember not long after
11:20 am
newtown happened, wayne lapierre came out and said they think it is a good idea, that it is the main idea to arm -- have armed guards at every school. what about the president? what does he say about that? >> he talked about that in an interview on "meet the press" recently and he was skeptical of the approach there. but carney today in the white house briefing said the white house, the president, vice president, didn't want to prejudge any recommendations from any groups taking part in the meetings tomorrow and thursday. brooke? >> we'll be covering it. paul steinhauser, thank you very much. and, you know, the governor of new jersey, chris christie, he's speaking, giving his state of the state. we want to play a little clip of that, speaking about how really sandy wreaked havoc on his state. keep in mind, his approval ratings, 72%. here he is, the governor. >> just three months ago we were proceeding normally with our lives, getting ready for a national election, and the
11:21 am
holidays to follow. then sandy hit. sandy was worst storm to strike new jersey in our history. 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. nearly 7 million people and over 1,000 schools were without power. 116,000 new jerseyians were evacuated or displaced from their homes. 41,000 families are still displaced from their homes today. sandy may have damaged our homes and our infrastructure, but it did not destroy our spirit. the people of new jersey have come together as never before, across party lines, across ideological lines, across ages, and races, and backgrounds, from all parts of our state, even from out of state, everyone has come together. so today, let me start this address with a set of thanks
11:22 am
from me on behalf of the people of this great state. first, i want to thank the brave first responders, the national guard, and emergency management experts from around this state who prepared us for this storm, and kept us safe in its aftermath. [ applause ] >> christie giving a state of the state there in trenton, new jersey. we're going to talk more about the uber popular governor coming up later this hour here on the show. coming up next, i want you to meet someone. we're going to tell this story about this lesbian, she is married to a lieutenant colonel in the army, says a support group for spouses told her you can't join. she is ashley broadway, about to reveal the reason the club gave to her. don't miss this conversation coming up.
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just like any other military wife, ashley broadway spends her life on bases all around the world. she's caring for her son and spending months separated from her spouse. but, what makes her different from most military wives, she's married to a woman. her partner of 15 years is lieutenant colonel heather mack. now living on the ft. bragg base in north carolina. ashley broadway found out about a social support group called the association of braggs' officers spouses. she tried to join. wanted to meet other spouses like her, participate in events around the base, but she was denied. ashley broadway joins me from fayetteville, north carolina. welcome to you. >> thank you for having me. >> let me begin with this club, they said you can't join. what was the explanation they gave you as to why? >> actually, brooke, it took
11:26 am
about three weeks for them to give me a clear answer. it was kind of back and forth, we need to check with this person, we need to check with that person and then my initial answer was because i don't have a military issued i.d. >> so let me just explain this to people who don't understand. you can be gay and serve in the military, but under the defense of marriage act, military doesn't recognize same sex marriage. so you talk about this military i.d. this is one of the benefits that, you know, let's say a husband and a wife spouse would get, but not you in your situation. but from what i understand, you believe this is much more than not having an i.d. >> i do believe that. but one thing i would like to state to the audience is the pentagon, the department of defense, and the obama administration can, right now, put into place that we can be issued military i.d.s. we just can't be issued benefits where there is financial ties to it. so, you know, with a stroke of
11:27 am
the pen, this military i.d. could be a nonissue. but back to, you know, your question, you know, the conversation with the group was can you access base, yes, i can, through my caregiver pass. and then initially it was the military i.d. according to their website, according to their facebook, at the time, it said nothing about a military i.d. all it mentioned was a spouse. you know, requirement of being a military spouse. >> so then what's the issue ultimately, you think? >> so, i mean, i believe -- i believe it is because i am in a same sex marriage and i try to, you know, ask the president and the board members to call me so we could discuss this, you know, farther. i never heard anybody. and then i went to, you know, basically the internet and wrote an open letter. and from there i heard from people all over the world, other
11:28 am
gay and lesbian service members and their families, and through my organization that i work with, american military partners associations, you know, more people were stepping up and saying, yes, i've been discriminated against because of various reasons. >> let me jump in. because if we throw out the word discriminate, you know, from what we can tell, let me just tell everyone, cnn, we tried reaching out to the club here, to talk to people, to get their side and explanation and we got a no comment. and we went a little farther and if you go on the club's home page, let me just read, i know ashley you've seen this, in response to recent interest in the membership requirements of our organization, we will review the issue at our next board meeting. i don't know when the next board meeting is. but apparently this is a private group so higher ups at ft. bragg can't necessarily step in. this isn't a military entity. where does this stand right now, bottom line? >> actually, you know, i would like to say to colonel sanborn's
11:29 am
office, he's the garrison commander at ft. bragg, he actually -- with my requesting, tried to get a meeting between myself and the organization so we could sit down and try to discuss, you know, the issue at hand. unfortunately the 18th airborne corps' office under general alan, jag, has basically stepped in and told colonel sanborn and ft. bragg officials they are not to mediate a meeting and basically were just stating that, you know, for legal issues, which i still don't understand that. >> so let me ask you this you're here on cnn. you're getting all kinds of attention for you wanting to join this spousal support group, what if they finally say, okay, ashley broadway, you can join? would you still want to? >> i would go tomorrow, brooke. i would love to. i was an educator for 13 years. i volunteered at, you know, wherever we were stationed, i
11:30 am
was a volunteer of some sort. and, you know, between my educational background, my volunteerism, my energy, my enthusiasm to help all military families, i would be absolutely elated to. and if anything i would like to be a part of a group so they can see my family is no different than their family. we go through the same thing. our loved ones are deployed. we have times of separations. our kids miss their parents, whether it is their mom or father deployed. >> we will follow up. we will follow up with you, ashley broadway. we will see if what happens, what happens for you. let us know. stay in touch. >> thank you for your time. >> ashley, thank you. now i want you to look at this piece of video. this man climbs on top of this roller coaster, does this look familiar? new jersey roller coaster here, seaside heights, jumps down in a police boat. wait until you hear why he was there in the first place. plus, the granddaddy of all tech
11:31 am
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bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. confession. i'm guilty of using my smartphone just about everywhere i go. i sit here, i tweet at commercial breaks, i'm tweeting on the plane, maybe sometimes i take my phone right into bed with me at night. but, what about this? using a smartphone in the shower.
11:34 am
that's right. i'm talking about a waterproof phone this is just where the big reveals on day one here of the consumer electronics show, ces, in vegas. dan simon is there. he is going to tell me a little bit more about this waterproof phone. do tell, dan. >> hi, brooke. it is a problem that a lot of us have, may go in the swimming pool, with the phone in our pockets, god forbid we drop the phone in the toilet, that happened to me once before. this is sam winkler with liquipel. you can take this phone in the shower, in the swimming pool. tell us how it works. >> you can't see, can't feel it, doesn't affect any look or functionality of the devicsdevi. it is easily implemented. it takes about 30 minutes and once you're done, you're good for the lifetime of your device.
11:35 am
>> the bottom line is it is a coating that goes on your phone, and show us the technology behind it. >> yes. just to give you an example, this is a normal tissue coated with the formula. what happens with the tissue, it soaks up right away. once it is coated, with the coating, it doesn't absorb whatsoever. >> okay. >> and we have a real life demonstration here, don't we? >> here we have an iphone 5, as you can see, it looks the same, all the parts are open, doesn't affect any feel or functionality. we do tablets, computers, headphones. if you come in contact with liquid, you got pushed in the pool or humid environments, talking in the rain, you'll be protected with the coating. >> oh, no way. >> there you go, brooke. amazing. >> have him pull it back out and turn it on. because i don't believe him. >> just so i -- okay, i'm going to dump one here as well. and let's pull it out, make sure that it is working. >> or that was a really nice
11:36 am
iphone 5. look at that. look at that. so when is this on the market, dan? >> how do folks -- so brooke is asking, we all want to know how can you get this? >> we're working to implement this in a lot of carriers and retailers. you can actually go into a store, or go to, order it and we'll send the device to us. we're based out of orange county, california, looking to go across the u.s. we're in hong kong and malaysia, australia, russia, and turkey. and about to be in china as well. >> thanks very much, sam. costs you about 60 bucks. one more time, brooke. there you go. we're going to be at ces over the next couple of days. we're looking for fun companies like this, but companies that have a real practical implication in people's lives. >> that's fantastic. i have dropped my iphone, people
11:37 am
who know me well, know i've gone through a few iphones. dropping them in the toilet, dan simon, i don't think i'll reach back in there and pick it up. thank you, dan simon. now to the hottest stories here in a flash. rapid fire. roll it. we are standing by for word on the president's much rumored pick to succeed treasury secretary tim geithner. the odds on favorite jack liew. he would expect to be confirmed, but some in the business community, they're concerned, because he has little market or business experience. and an eerie twist here in the search for that missing plane carrying fashion icon vittorio missoni. his wife and five others, a plane vanished friday off the coast of venezuela. but according to these new reports, the son of one of the men on board got a text message sunday night that said and i'm quoting this text, call now, we are reachable.
11:38 am
the italian telephone company confirmed the message was sent but couldn't verify when it was written. crews continue the search off the country's coast. in seaside heights, new jersey, look at this. look at this closely with me. this is that roller coaster and you see this man, he climbed to the tip-top of it, to call attention to the recovery from superstorm sandy or the lack thereof. there he is, scaling the same coaster chris christie said he vacationed at, took his kids to. the structure swept into the ocean during the height of the storm and before climbing down to the police boat waiting below, he planted an american flag on top. this is the stuff, folks, of sea legends. calamari, anyone? just kidding, sort of. now for the first time ever the giant squid captured on video, amazing pictures. this is a 26-foot long sea creature in its natural habitat.
11:39 am
these were taken in the pacific, some 3,000 feet below the surface. pretty cool, right? how cool? listen to author richard ellis on early start this morning. >> this is absolutely the first time anyone has ever seen these things alive. people have been searching for them for hundreds of years, literally. not only the technology of today, but they wash ashore and people know that they exist. but no one has ever seen a live one. they're always dead when they wash ashore. well, in australia's most populated state, a catastrophic fire threat is forcing people from their homes across new south wales. more than 130 fires are burning on the outskirts of sydney and the australian capital canberra. a crippling heat wave sees temperatures soaring to 109 degrees fahrenheit. hot winds fueling those flames. look at that smoke. all across the world's driest inhabited continent. and a chicago man wins a million dollars in the illinois
11:40 am
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you heard about this? chicago police believe a million dollar lottery winner was murdered. and did not die of natural causes as first thought. turns out this 46-year-old man died of cyanide poisoning, one day after receiving a lump sum payment of $425,000. here's judy wang of chicago affiliate wgn. >> urooj was a regular lottery player at western and pratt.
11:43 am
employees are having trouble accepting what they're hearing. >> that is sad. that is sad. it's very sad. but i guess it's true when they say money is the root of all evil. >> in june, he purchased two instant game tickets. the second one he scratched off was the winner. at time he said he planned to pay bills, make a donation to st. jude's children's hospital and to grow his dry cleaning business. about a month later, a police report states the 46-year-old had dinner at his rogers park home, went to bed, then his family heard him screaming. khan was taken to st. francis hospital at evanston where he was pronounced dead. the medical examiner tells the tribune there were no signs of trauma, no signs of drugs in his blood. it was determined he died of natural causes. at the request of a relative, the me's office did toxicology tests which showed he died of a lethal amount of cyanide. he owned three north side dry
11:44 am
cleaners, opening the first one on the 2200 block of west devan. >> he was very nice. nice person. very helpful, very gentle, you know? a hard working person, you know? i mean, in a short time he would come in and manage to have like three businesses, and that tells you how -- what kind of person he was for his family. >> so far no arrests have been made. we'll be watching the case closely for any new developments that was judy wang from our chicago affiliate wgn. my next guest says he went to see the new texas chainsaw massacre 3-d movie and felt sick. just to be sitting in the theater and watching it. he's going to join me to explain why he thinks hollywood has a gore obsession and what should be done about it.
11:45 am
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a killer taking down victim after victim, for no reason, leaving behind a scene of blood and death. i'm talking about the number one movie at the box office this past weekend "texas chainsaw 3-d." >> go. go. >> this horror movie grossed $23 million in its debut over the weekend. and that film here made my next guest think about how after the multiple mass shootings americans are still drawn to violence on the screen. we're going to talk about this. ramin statuta, i read your piece in "the daily beast," you say watching the movie made you sick. but as a critic, i have to ask you, it is called "texas chainsaw 3-d," what else were you expecting? >> you know, i see a lot of
11:48 am
movies every year, i see a lot of violent movies every year. this movie was one of the most violent movies i've seen recently. you actually see body parts, hands, feet, midsections, massacred on the screen and these body parts, because of 3-d, because of technology, fly at you, blood flies at you, people are cheering, people are grossed out, but i think so soon after all the violence that we have seen in the real life violence, i think this is tasteless, i think hollywood needs to be more responsible. >> let's go back to something you just used, cheering. you said people were clapping, that people here watching the movie were celebrating murder. >> they were. they were celebrating the violence and we, of course, live in a very violent culture when it comes to entertainment. if you look at mosties playing now, quentin tarantino django unchained ends with a mass shooting. even the movie like the hobbit, targeted at kids, countless
11:49 am
fantasy creatures are mutilated in this movie that is rated pg-13, that is supposed to be okay for families to go and see. there is a lot of violence. and i think, you know, hollywood needs to maybe hold back a little. >> let me jump in on the hollywood point. a lot of people are pointing fingers here. and i just want to read the quotes, this was in your piece. quentin tarantino, he said i think it is disrespectful to their memory, actually, to talk about movies. it is totally disrespectful to their memory to talk about the lost lives in the recent massacres. arnold schwarzenegger said, i think one must always keep it separate. this is entertainment. the other is a tragedy beyond belief and serious and the real deal. i know you can say and you do say in your piece that hollywood can pretend it doesn't have a responsibility, but what about that figure i mentioned a moment ago, the 23, you know, million dollars that this movie made over the weekend.
11:50 am
moviegoers, deet mathe demand i. >> i'm not saying in the piece, i'm not arguing that gun control isn't a problem and helping people that are mentally ill isn't a problem. i think for quentin tarantino to say it is separate, i wish someone had asked him the question that in 1999 when the columbine killers were plotting murdering their high school friends and piers, they fantasized about and imagined a day that hollywood would make a movie about them and they fantasized about the day that quentin tarantino would direct that movie. so for hollywood to pretend there isn't a connection, i think, is irresponsible. i'm not saying it is because of the movies, but i do think that there is a connection. i think that movies are too violent and don't need to be so violent. >> in a couple of words, if you had quentin tarantino sitting next to you, what would you say to him? >> i would ask him how he felt when he heard -- i'm sure 10, 15 years ago he heard the columbine killers wanted him to direct a
11:51 am
movie about them. i would want to know what he felt about that and if he feels that he needs to make movies that are so gory and so violent and glorify shooting in the way that he has. >> thank you so much. appreciate your perspective. >> thank you for having me. tense moments at a transit station in jersey city as an escalator suddenly starts going in the wrong direction. next, we're going to show you the video and find out what might have let to the whole malfunction in the first place. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box.
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11:54 am
question for you what would you do if you were in the situation, you're on an escalator, going up and suddenly it goes down. >> it is pretty scary. you see the people running up. malfunction happened monday at a commuter rail station this is jersey city, new jersey. at least five people were hurt. the escalators here have been shut down while transit officials try to figure out what went wrong. superstorm sandy is believed to be the cause of a number of problems at this particular station. and in mason, ohio, junior high school students got an unexpected lesson in wildlife 101. >> it jumped up and through this
11:55 am
window, back to here, and as it slid, the body hit the edge of my desk on this side. so it completely missed me. >> it is this, a ten-point buck crashed through a window, while a teacher and two students were in that classroom. they managed to keep the animal in the room until it could be sedated and removed from the school. we're told a deer expert suspects the buck saw his repleks in treflection in the ww and thought it was a rival. now this. ♪ where are we now where are we now ♪ yes, music fans. after a ten-year hiatus, david bowie releases new music. but, first, if you think your job is stressful, and i know a lot of you do, it might not be so bad after all. take a look at the list here. this is career cast list of the most stressful jobs for 2013. number five, pr executive. sounds cool. very demanding.
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is your job stressful? before you nod your head, look at the most stressful jobs from 2013. we ran through the top three before the break. pr executive, commercial airline pilot, firefighter. number two, military general, responsible for the lives of american men and women on the ground, around the world, sending troops into battle here. and the most stressful job in 2013 is enlisted military personnel. again, you're away from home for so long, on the front lines possibly, combat zones, or here at home, always on the line. we thank you for your service. thank you so much. there you go, the top five most stressful jobs of the year. now the thin white duke, ziggy stardust, remember this guy? ♪ rebel, rebel your face is a mess ♪ ♪ rebel, rebel
12:00 pm
>> it has been a while since we heard from david bowie, a decade to be exact. today, david bowie turns 66 and to celebrate he's released his first single in ten years. take a listen. ♪ where are we now where are we now ♪ ♪ the moment you know you know you know ♪ >> the song "where are we now" is a reflection on aging and the passage of time. david bowie's new album is called the next day. it will be out in march. this is bowie's 30th studio recording and his first since reality that was back in 2003, still no word if bowie will follow it up with a tour. david bowie. we roll on, good to see you.
12:01 pm
i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, moments ago, chris christie, outspoken, always blunt, addressing his state of new jersey this afternoon. find out what he said about his performance in office, plus, aig took your tax dollars and now they are thinking about suing the government for bailing them out. yep, all that's coming up. first, i want to begin with this. i'll quote something that gabby gif giffords wrote. in response to a horrific series of shootings that has sewn terror in our communities, congress has done something quite extraordinary, nothing at all. now the former congresswoman who nearly died in that tu socson shooting is out to change that. americans for responsible solutions. in is an effort to raise money and laws for gun control. since tucson, there have been 11 more mass shootings.
12:02 pm
the couple spoke with abc's diane sawyer. >> we saw you in newtown. how was newtown? >> tough. >> it brought back a lot of memories about what that was like for us, two years ago today. and you hope that this kind of thing doesn't happen again. but you know what -- i have a gun, gabby and i are both gun owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment. but we have got to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong hands. >> when it can happen to children, in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> enough, she says. those two are not the only ones to use a tragedy in tucson to mobilize the gun control movement. new york mayor michael bloomberg with this group, mayors against illegal guns, released an ad today and it features the mother of 9-year-old christina-taylor green, the youngest person killed in the attack in tucson. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting.
12:03 pm
i have one question for our political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? >> and roxana green joins me live. roxana, welcome back here to the show. and, of course, i want to ask you about your role in that ad in a moment. first, you lost christina, you lost your 9-year-old daughter here, now two years ago today. how are you? how are you doing? >> i'm well, thank you. i'm doing the best that i possibly can. today is a very tough day. my heart was broken two years ago. and i still feel that pain, a hole in my heart every day. and but my family and i are doing good things and moving forward and we're doing the best that we can. >> let me ask you of one of the good things. you came on the show, one year ago this month, and you told me about how christina was an organ donor. she wanted to do that at 9 years of age and you told me by giving her organs and tissues that shui
12:04 pm
saved the eyesight of two young children. just curious, did you ever meet them? >> no, i haven't met them yet. and obviously i respect their privacy. but if they ever wanted to reach out and meet me or my family, we would be honored to meet them. >> amazing. christina's legacy moving on and helping others. let's talk guns. i know you went to newtown. you were in newtown three days after the mass shootings, 20 little lives taken out. why did you want to go? >> because i have that pain in my heart like all those families, unfortunately. i will have it forever. i know that the pain that they're going through every day. and i want to reach out to those families and i just wanted to tell them that we're there for them, the whole country is saddened by this horrific tragedy. and we want to do whatever we can to help them heal. i know it is a long process. i'm still going through the
12:05 pm
grieving process myself. i wanted to offer my support and i plan on going back there, january 14th, to offer support to give each, you know, member of the family a book that i wrote. as good as she imagined, about my daughter. an inspirational book of hope and to give them an angel. i just want to reach out to them because i know exactly the pain that they're going through and i think i can help them. >> do you have hope today? >> yes, definitely. very confident there will be change soon. >> let me ask you about that. i know you're in this ad, it is out today, this group is -- this is with the mayor for illegal guns, a coalition formed in 2006 by mayor bloomberg and the mayor of boston. and so in this ad, you know, basically you and others are asking lawmakers to stand up to the gun lobby, gabby giffords, she revealed that she and her husband, they have guns. do you think all guns should be banned? >> no, absolutely not.
12:06 pm
my husband and i are also gun owners. and strong supporters of the second amendment. we just think there should be, you know, stricter laws, and laws that are in place should be enforced more. where as there say background check for every gun purchase. right now 40% of the guns purchased in america there is no background check. we want to save the lives and keep guns out of controls' hands and people in danger and shouldn't have them in the first place. >> universal background checks. what else? >> i think that drug trafficking should be a federal crime. i think there should be more help for the mentally ill. but mostly i think the background check will help us the most in saving lives. >> you know, i talked to this gun advocate, just a couple of weeks ago, she survive this mass shooting in this diner in the early '90s in texas and was with her parents, her parents didn't make it. and she basically was saying to me, had she been armed, she could have helped protect them
12:07 pm
and possibly others. this is susannah hupp. >> let me point something out that is so painfully obvious to me. where do all these mass shootings occur? these creeps go to places where they know they can shoot people like fish in a barrel. these mass shootings don't occur at gun shows, the dreaded gun show that i keep hearing so much about, they go to places where they can shoot people like fish in a barrel, until the cops, bless their hearts, finally arrive. >> what do you make of that argument, had more people been armed in that diner, maybe in that parking lot in tucson, that fewer lives would have been lost? do you ever think about those what ifs? >> well, the way i understand it, there were people that were armed there. it just happened so fast and mass confusion that the people that were trained and armed didn't want to start shooting innocent people. so my argument to that is, you're just going to start -- everyone is going to start
12:08 pm
pulling out a gun and you don't know who is innocent and who is the criminal. sometimes it happens so fast. i wasn't there, but from the witnesses that were there, some were shot, some weren't. a retired colonel, i have to believe what he said, that people that were armed, there were some, said that there was -- through the confusion, it happened so quickly, these weapons that they use are made for mass destruction to kill people fast and quickly. there was nothing that could have been done. >> i appreciate you sharing your story. nice to hear you do have hope. thank you. >> thank you very much. now to the other side here. why gun control is not the way and you'll hear it from a man who wanted to kick piers morgan out of the country. last night, radio host alex jones got into piers' face. piers admits he's lashed out at many gun advocates, just last night it was piers' turn to take
12:09 pm
some heat and alex jones held nothing back. first, jones was reasonable. take a listen. >> i have fbi crime statistics that come out a year late, 2011, 20 plus percent crime drop in the last nine years, real violent crime because more guns means less crime. britain took the guns 15, 16 years ago, tripling of your overall violent crime. true we have a higher gun violence level, but overall muggings, stabbings, deaths, those men raped that woman in india to death with an iron rod four feet long. you can't ban the iron rods. the guns, the iron rods, piers, didn't do it. the tyrants did it. hitler took the guns. stalin took the guns. mao took the guns. fidel castro took the guns. i'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street, begging for them to have their guns taken. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? that's why you're going to fail
12:10 pm
and the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda the republican rhee public will rise again when you attempt to take our guns. my family and the texas revolution against santa ana, my family was at the core on both sides starting that. because santa ana came to take the guns at gonzalez, texas. piers, don't try what your ancestors did before. why don't you come to america, i'll take you out shooting, you can become an american, and join the republic? >> then jones got louder. >> why don't you tell folks -- you fled here. why don't you go back and face the charges for the hacking scandal. >> answer this question -- >> why did you get fired from the daily mirror for putting out fake sories. you're a hatchet man of the new world order. you're a hatchet man. i want to say this right here, you think you're a tough guy. have me back with a boxing ring in here and i'll wear red, white and blue and you can wear your jolly roger. >> okay. let's try again. how many gun murders were
12:11 pm
there -- >> you're going to ban your -- >> last year. >> how chimpanzees can dance on a head of a pin? i already went over the statistics. >> you said hundreds. >> yes. >> it is actually 35. >> well, the point is -- >> do you understand the difference between 11,000 and 35? >> england will ban knives now because tens of thousands are getting stabbed. the knife doesn't kill people. the gun doesn't kill people. >> yes. do you understand the difference? >> do you understand you're not going to pull on america's heart strings, they know your script, okay? you're not going to get our guns. by the way, you guys always say, we want to take the semiautos and all this other stuff, rifles aren't used but in an infraction of the crimes. you can pull the numbers up. >> let me ask you one question, which weapon was predominantly used in the aurora movie theater shooting? >> a variant. >> a semi-automatic.
12:12 pm
>> yes. but statistically very, very low. >> do you agree it was the single biggest shooting in the history of america in terms of people hit by a shooter? do you know that? >> no, i believe there were others -- >> no. no, no, this was the single biggest mass shooting -- >> you're just going -- there have been bombings of wall street. are we going to -- why can't the -- >> you had a lot to say. answer the question. >> the second amendment is sacrosanct -- >> do you know what weapon was used in the oregon mall shooting recently? >> i understand people who are mentally ill on all the -- >> do you know -- answer the question. >> because there is criminals, i don't lose my rights, piers. because there is criminals, i don't lose my rights. >> do you know what the weapon used was? >> let me ask you a question. i got the fbi statistics -- >> no, no. let's take a break. when we come back, try -- when
12:13 pm
we come back, try and answer my question. >> all you're going to do is -- >> governments have staged attacks throughout history or allowed terrorists to attack as a pretext to invade and enslave populations. >> how many guns. >> i probably own more than 50 firearms, many increased in value two, three, or even four times. i sleep very comfortably outside austin, texas, knowing that i can defend my family. >> so the white house says it will respond to the petition for piers deportation. by the way, for those of you keeping count, the number of signatures after two weeks, 107,000. you bailed them out, now aig execs are thinking about suing the same folks who rescued them. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. he's got sky high approval ratings. just moments ago chris christie
12:14 pm
gave a speech about his performance in new jersey. plus, a wedding celebration takes a dramatic turn. find out what happened inside this balloon just before it crashed. and very soon, the disney experience is about to change. na no cash, no credit cards, no room keys. hear why a bracelet is your pass to fantasy land. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster
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12:16 pm
in case you're curious, signs of life in the nation's
12:17 pm
luxury housing market have erupted into a full fledged rally. perfect story for alison kosik live for me at the new york stock exchange. so, housing market overall, i know it has been struggling to regain the footing here. the market for mansions is on fire. why? >> we certainly saw sales of luxury homes on fire at the end of last year. you know why? another effect of the fiscal cliff. many sellers, what they were trying to do is get ahead of the gher taxes around the corner. there were big savings to be had. if you were a high income earner making a $1 million profit on a home, that could save them almost $90,000 if they sold the home in 2012 instead of waiting. the national association of realtors, brooke, said the number of homes that were sold, that went for over a million dollars, the number of homes sold jumped 51% in november. homes over 10 million bucks jumped 44% in the last three months of 2012. some sellers even lowered the price if the buyer closed the deal by january 1st.
12:18 pm
others said, hey, took the furniture, just close this deal soon. and you know the buyers were waiting in the wings. zblas it >> let's go from houses to cars. if you're an electric car, they're so quiet, you can't hear them coming. the federal safety officials, they're proposing changes. what do they want changed? >> it is amazing how to cars can really sneak up on you. i've caught myself one time, one almost rolled over my toe in manhattan. it came close. officials, what they want to do is want the electric and hybrid cars to have a sound because when they travel less than 18 miles an hour, you don't -- they don't use gas. so you don't hear them coming. what happened is they caused accidents, for pedestrians and bikers. the department of transportation is proposing new regulations and manufacturers can wind up using whatever sound they like. the prius could sound differently than the volt, but the sound, you know, once again,
12:19 pm
doesn't have to be universal. but don't you think it should be universal, maybe vroom vroom, so everybody knows it is a car? >> if you're walking around manhattan or any big city, still have everyone with their earbuds in, you have to get people to yank those out of their ears as well. coming up here moments ago, chris christie gave a speech about his performance in new jersey. the state of the state. all of this happening after a democrat suggested christie to cover up his policies. we'll talk about that next.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
he has unemployment running at 9.6%. he has the second highest rate
12:22 pm
of state wide foreclosures. and despite some of these meddlesome facts, new jersey's tough talking governor, republican chris christie is riding high today. here he is, just completed his state of the state speech. and he recently shattered a record. listen to this, his approval rating post sandy stands at 72%. 72%. that's the highest ever for a new jersey governor. it is also up 16 points since before the storm hit on october 29th. chris christie has shocked fellow republicans, he has earned from others for heaping prize praiz on barack obama for the federal response to sandy. just recently, he blasted house republicans including house speaker john boehner for holding up that storm relief bill, containing tens of billions of dollars. let's listen to chris christie, just last week. >> our delegation asked for a meeting with the speaker at that time, they were refused. i called the speaker four times
12:23 pm
last night, after 11:20r, and h did not take my calls. >> chris christie has given his state of the state speech. he's facing re-election this november and he's leading all so far. he's also looking at a possible run for president in 2016. joining me from new york, cnn contributor errol lewis. welcome to you. >> good to see you, brooke. >> has chris christie become the republican that democrats love the most? >> i don't know if they're going to necessarily love him the most, but, you know, this is an election year as you mentioned in a state where there are a million republicans, 1, 1.7 miln democrats, this is a guy who is trying to get elected in a state that doesn't particularly love republicans, democrats or anybody else. he's got to prove himself, that's the way you expect him to run for the rest of the year. >> you had this top new jersey democrat saying that hurricane
12:24 pm
sandy was a god send for christie. as basically a distraction from the state's unemployment rate. we said it at the top, 9.6%. before he apologized and took what he said back, state senate president steven sweeney said, quote, i guess he prayed a lot and got lucky a storm came. crass, for sure. but is there any hint of truth in what he said? >> certainly. there is an element of undeniable political truth there. three-quarters of the speech that the governor gave was devoted to the rebuilding process, the post hurricane rebuilding process and it distracts from some of the things that you mentioned. look, for almost -- virtually his entire term, unemployment has been above 9% in new jersey. while it has been coming down elsewhere around the country. they have got a huge foreclosure problem. they got a disastrous deficit problem that he promised to solve and has not solved. so, you know, the fact that he must, because realistically he has to, talk about something
12:25 pm
other than this really rough economic situation in new jersey that happened on his watch is a political gift to chris christie. now, would he rather not have had the storm in all of the enormous devastation that came from it? obviously. but you run on the record and the situation that you have, not the record and the situation you wish you had. >> mm-hmm. he was quoted just over the past weekend as saying he's more prepared, this is the word that everyone is jumping on, more prepared now than he was last year for possible run at the white house. and given what we saw happen with mitt romney, might it hurt a chris christie, you know? you have this right center candidate, coming out of the northeast, or romney had the similar problem. >> well, he's got -- he's got a similar challenge. if the republicans in the northeast who are almost an extinct and endangered species at this point, if they have a recovery, it will be somebody like christie. it is a rocky path. we can all see that. step by step, when he tries to be independent or he tries to criticize the republican establishment, he makes a bunch of enemies.
12:26 pm
some of those problems will come back to haunt him, when he -- if he does indeed hit the presidential campaign trail. on the other hand, i gave you the numbers for his state, there aren't too many ways to be a governor in the northeast that don't involve making some kind of compromises and appeals to democrats and especially to independent voters. >> errol lewis, thank you, for us from new york there. now to this, this woman, married to another woman, married to this lieutenant colonel in the army, says the support group for military spouses told her sorry, you can't join. ashley broadway reveals the reason the club gave for denying her admission, why she thinks they denied, next. plus, my goodness, a wedding celebration takes this dramatic turn. i'm about to talk with one of the newlyweds who was inside that hot air balloon and said his i do, moments before it crashed. [ female announcer ] how do you define your moment? the blissful pause
12:27 pm
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12:29 pm
bottom of the hour here, i'm brooke baldwin in colorado today. more heart wrenching details are emerging about last summer's mass killing inside that movie theater in aurora, colorado. today is day two of this preliminary hearing in which prosecutors are trying to show that they have enough evidence to take this gunman to trial. if the defense is planning to plead insanity, the father of victim alex teves didn't buy it as he was watching the suspect in the courtroom. >> i could see it on his face as he was watching the videos of himself. he got very animated.
12:30 pm
there is no way that guy is crazy. that guy is evil, but there is no way that guy is crazy. >> the guy here, the shooter james holmes faces 166 charges in that rampage. 12 lives lost. testimony from police officers who first arrived on the scene has been nothing short of bone chilling. casey wian joins me outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where the hearing is under way. casey, weapons purchases, dating websites here, what is going on there today. >> reporter: well, we had some very dramatic testimony and some of it goes to the issue of what is expected to be the defense by james holmes, which is some sort of limited mental capacity defense. the prosecution clearly trying to show that he planned this attack out well in advance of when it happened. they called to the stand an atf agent, who testified that james holmes began his purchases of weapons back in may of 2012.
12:31 pm
a couple of months before the shooting took place. testified he bought four firearms, over the internet, and on guns, at gun stores, also, purchased 6300 rounds of ammunition as well as two canisters of tear gas. and for whatever this is worth, they brought forth evidence that at one of those gun stores he visited, there is videotape on july 1st showing him with his died red hair, just about three weeks before the shooting. also, something that may go toward his mental state, and knowing what was at stake here, he joined two adult dating websites and on both of those sites, he posted will you visit me in prison? that according to a police detective who was investigating the case, brooke. >> casey, what about his booby trapped apartment? is there any new information about that? >> reporter: a lot of new information and some of this is really, really bizarre, very chilling when you think what
12:32 pm
could have happened to officers had they walked into that apartment and not known they were warned by james holmes it was booby trapped. they testified, showed pictures, fishing line at the height of five feet going across the apartment. the fishing line was attached to a canister containing glycerin that was above a frying pan that had some other material in it. if that line was tripped, it would have dumped the glycerin into the frying pan, creating an explosion. also, napalm inside his apartment. the floor, carpets, soaked with gasoline, other canisters of explosives. and get this, even had a second way to blow this apartment up allegedly. a boom box outside, playing music, hopefully to attract people into his home. next to it, a radio controlled car, if someone would have moved the car, would have set off the bomb inside. the prosecution showing this took a lot of planning, brooke. >> i remember at the time there was a young woman who heard the loud music, went to the door and thought about opening it and
12:33 pm
didn't. thank goodness for her and probably anyone else in the building. casey wian, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you through the week. now to the story that has a lot of you talking and tweeting. the nuptials had everyone floating on air. and then this happened. >> ready position, everybody. brace. hold on. >> the pilot of the hot air balloon in southern california had to set it down in a hurry here, a gust of wind caused the basket to swing back and forth and dangerously. on board in the basket, you had newlyweds jonathan and karen narcis, had just said i do high above the air at sunset, floating over the country side. it sounds like a it could have been beautiful. friends and relatives were in the gondola when it crashed into this neighborhood, this is near
12:34 pm
san diego. they were lucky not to hit any high power lines nearby. good thing is this is how we can tell the story, no one was seriously hurt. but a scary moment for everyone, all the same. jonathan, one half of this newlywed couple, joins me by the phone. jonathan, welcome to you. congratulations i guess. let me just -- >> thank you. thank you very much. it was a wonderful, wonderful trip. >> what happened? what happened? >> a perfect ending to a fary tale. >> this wasn't your idea. you hate heights. >> yes, i am basically terrified of heights. i was talking to a local reporter and i could give them a point of reference as a golf course called waveland and they have high hills. and i've never played waveland because in the golf cart you go up the hills, it freaks me out. so needless to say, going up a few thousand feet higher than
12:35 pm
the hills than waveland golf course was an experience. but, you know, when you are in love, you do things because you are, so -- >> yes, but also when you're -- also when you're in love, jonathan, many other halves like to utter the famous four words, i told you so. did you get to do that on the ground? >> no, i actually had i got on the ground and everyone was safe, and the rose that the minister gave us was preserved, i went over to her and gave her a hug and said we have to go skydiving on our anniversary next year. >> and you have to be kidding, right? >> dead serious. >> you are serious? >> especially since you can tandem jump. understand, the skydive will not be a solo skydive. it will be with a very, very experienced set of sky divers who tether us to them very securely and value their own
12:36 pm
lives even more than ours. >> it is a way to remember a wedding as if saying i do is not enough. please tell me you have some fabulous honeymoon planned. >> well, i actually had to get on a plane with my daughter the next morning at 6:00, and so it was -- it was an adventure. and then we got on the plane, inside edition was trying to talk us into staying in the san diego, but my one daughter has volleyball practice and the other needs it get back too, so we're now back in des moines, iowa. >> jonathan, best of luck to you. we'll follow up and see if you make that tandem jump a year from today. and i suppose the story gives new meaning to the phrase, wedding crashers. jonathan, best to you and your other half. we appreciate it. coming up next, it is a hard one to wrap your head around. aig executives might sue the very people who bailed them out in the first place. the same people who gave them billions of dollars to save the company. ali velshi has a little something to say about this one,
12:37 pm
i am sure. he's next.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
republicans think the debt ceiling law is there to police government spending. i'll tell you why they're wrong and big surprise here, rush limbaugh talking out of his elbow again. i'm ali velshi. this is your money. up first, aig. >> we repaid every dollar
12:40 pm
america lent us. >> everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. >> for the american people. >> thank you, america. >> helping people recover and rebuild, that's what we do. now, let's bring -- >> aig, the massive insurance company that was at the center of the 2008 financial crisis was taking those ads to thank america for having its back and reminding us in not so subtle terms that taxpayers earned better than a $22 billion profit on the $182 billion bailout that aig got from taxpayers. now, i don't know what you do when you're grateful for something, but i'll tell you what aig is considering doing. biting the hand that fed them. aig's board is considering joining a lawsuit brought by shareholders in 2011 against the u.s. treasury department and the federal reserve that claims the $182 billion bailout was unfair to shareholders. when i first heard this, my hair
12:41 pm
nearly fell out. it is not as simple as it sounds. this lawsuit was filed by shareholders of aig including the former chairman, maurice hank greenberg. greenburg built aig into the powerhouse that it was, that is until risky loans that it backed with exotic products nearly toppled the company, the u.s. banking system and earth. greenberg lost a lot of money aas aig's value plummeted. hank greenberg and several other shareholders of aig brought the lawsuit in 2011, against the federal government, claiming the terms of the loan were unfairly harsh and aig now run by a new management team and a new ceo has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders to look at the lawsuit and decide if they will join it. joining the lawsuit would be a funny way to thank taxpayers for the loan. most people think aig simply won't do it.
12:42 pm
on the money menu, ten banks accused of hurting home owners while foreclosing on their homes agreed to pay out to settle claims against them. the banks include bank of america, citibank, wells fargo, and others. this is how the settlement breaks down. $3.3 billion in direct payments to borrowers, another $5.2 billion to modify loans. or take other measures 3.8 million borrowers will get cash under the agreement. on another story, boeing's new 787 dreamliner is looking more like a nightmare. in the latest in a string of mechanical glitches, today a japan airlines dreamliner about to take off was found to be leaking fuel on the runway. authorities responded by aborting the flight and towing the plane back to the gate cleaning up the mess. on monday, a fire broke out on another japan airlines dreamliner at the same airport and last month one was diverted to new orleans because of mechanical problems.
12:43 pm
while the incidents aren't necessarily related, the glitches are clouding the dreamliner's debut in the skies. and that has hair shouldshareho concerned. kfc is in trouble with investors. yum brands warned of a 6% sales drop in china for the last quarter of 2012. why? the controversy over food safety standards at local suppliers is to blame. chinese authorities are investigating allegations of excess antibiotics in chicken items sold at kfc restaurants. kfc china has is a huge market for kfc with 4,000 restaurants. that's four times the number that mcdonald's has in china. that has investors nervous. yum stock is down 4% today. finally, rush limbaugh took a swipe at me last week because he doesn't agree with my take on the debt ceiling debate that's about to consume washington and the country again. he's accused me of being, quote, a low information reporter because i dared to say what the debt ceiling law isn't.
12:44 pm
>> i think it is a debt limit as your monthly credit card limit. you can't go over it on your credit card. and the united states government can't spend more than what its credit limit is or debt limit. ali velshi of cnn says that has no relation to spending. >> that's just the best part. he went on for about 11 minutes. let me explain again to rush, a bill involving money was passed, the treasury had to raise money for it by issuing bonds. since the u.s. has rarely had a surplus. the debt ceiling law was established to give treasury the flexibility to borrow chunk of money without going to congress to get approval every time a law was passed. it had nothing to do with spending control or debt control. it was a technicality, most functioning countries don't have any such thing because they understand that if the government spends the money it has to pay the bills. but republicans seem to think
12:45 pm
the debt ceiling is a good tool to limit how much the government spends. the current ceiling was officially hit on december 31st, but like last time, the u.s. treasury is using extraordinary measures to get through until about mid or late february. if congress doesn't act by then, government may not be able to pay some of its bills, as simple as that. rush, i hope you're taking notes. that's it for me. i'm out. same time tomorrow. you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva.
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boeing says it will define the future of air travel. but so far the company's brand-new 787 dreamliner is making most of its headlines for all these mechanical problems, ie, just today, just a couple of hours ago, this japan airlines 787 was preparing to depart boston when it started leaking fuel. that flight had to be canceled, and just yesterday, same airport, same airline, small fire broke out at another japan airlines 787, half an hour after
12:48 pm
landing from the long flight in from tokyo. all passengers and crew had already left the plane. but let's talk about this with richard quest there for us in london. richard, time after time, what's going on? >> well, boeing will say that these are the sort of glitches that happen with any new aircraft. and that they are -- that the 787, the dreamliner is the most technologically advanced, uses carbon fibers, it is totally new aircraft, absolutely state of the art, and that's what you expect. it has a 20% lower fuel burn rate. and this is the sort of thing that happens with major new projects. but -- >> all new aircraft models do have these glitches and teething problems. however, however, the fact that these -- this plane has so many in such a short period of time and some of them seemingly quite
12:49 pm
serious, like the fuel leak, will be giving cause for concern. that's why the ntsb here in the united states is looking at worthiness, at what happened, and is certainly not going to be taking this very lightly. these were two serious incidents that happened. >> and what is so special, what is so revolutionary about these planes? >> the way it is built. no aluminum, carbon fibers, composite, the plane is lighter. it has new engines. it has bigger windows. it has new avionics, everything about what the plane is made from and the way it is made. boeing has subcontracted large parts of the manufacturer to different companies, particularly japan and elsewhere. the parts are flown into the united states where they're assembled in the carolinas and out in washington state. so the totality of the plane is a revolution for boeing, in how
12:50 pm
it is made, what it is made, and that's why perhaps there are these problems. but, here is the important thing to bear in mind, would i get on a dreamliner tonight? across the ocean, yes. no question about it. >> i was going to ask you, you would. >> would there have to be really serious questions about how this plane is made, why there are so many teething problems, but even on planes on the way from the factory to the airline, the answer is yes. there have only been 50 of them made so far, and there have been probably by the airlines' point of view too many of these problems it date. >> all right, richard quest in new york, forgive me, richard, thank you very much. little known clause in the obama care law is changing what doctors and nurses talk to their patients about, including guns. dr. sanjay gupta tells me why obama care limits that discussion. it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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try align today.
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when it comes to your safety, your doctors talk to you about all kinds of things. the one thing they can't talk to you about. guns. did you know that buried in the controversial obama affordable care act is my first question is why the is subject of guns in oemt care? >> i think that is surprising to a lot of people, even within the medical profession.
12:54 pm
and i tell you, the nra takes credit for this. they lobbied hard to have some of the specific provisions within the affordable care act and harry reid put it in. it's a small provision and it doesn't specifically say doctors can't ask patients about guns but you can't write it down, you can't collect the data, can't be part of wellness programs. so it really inhibits -- the nra will say, look, for research. >> language. what about florida? they are taking it a step forward there? >> yes. what's interesting is that the governor there would prefer that the conversation just doesn't happen. that doctors do not ask patients about guns at all. i'll tell you, a federal judge overturned that and it's now being appealed. it's several other states as well. some states like to take it a step further. >> you would think health professionals, doctors, nurses
12:55 pm
would want to talk about gun safety. that would be a good thing for the nra. so why stand in the way of a potential conversation there? >> well, it's a very emotional issue, i'll tell you. if you ask the nra they'll say, look, it's because we don't want gun owners to be discriminated against. this has been going on for a long time, since the early '90s, not asking these questions, not specifically collecting information about guns, who owns guns and as a result not getting the gun safety sort of funding. there's very little funding in this country that goes towards gun safety. i went to the doctor. i asked if i had a swimming pool, smoke detector, carbon detectors and if we have guns in the house. >> your doctor asked you that? >> it's part of the wellness part of the exam. i have small children so that's part of it. between the ages of 5 to 14, it's the third leading cause of death is guns.
12:56 pm
57 a 00 some children died over the last couple of years. 34,000 people injured. so this is why doctors ask, because of the federal health component of it. >> sanjay gupta, be thank you. >> stay tuned. >> i will. take a look at this. a man is on the top of that. he's climbed atop this now defunt roller coaster. wait until you hear why he was there in the first place. gap jersey, a man climbed to gre
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
heights to call attention to superstorm sandy's recovery. you see him there? he's right by the flag. this is the ruins of the iconic jet star roller coaster. it swept into the ocean during the height of that storm. and before climbing down, you see him hopping into the police boat. he planted the american flag on top. just like any other military wife, actually broadway spent her time on broadway around the world. she is caring for her young son and spending month away from her spouse. but what makes her life different from most military wives is she is married to a woman. now living on fort bragg military base. she tried to join a spouse club to meet other spouses in her situation, attend events around the base. but she was told no. earlier i spoke with her and