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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 3, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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taking a look now at some stories we're following this morning. in san francisco, police arrested four naked people who were protesting the city's new ban on nudity. the protesters were part of a group of about a dozen people protesting at city hall on friday, the day the new law went into effect. i love this creative video that we were able to get. the group was in various state of undress, but only those who were fully nude were taken into custody. to washington state where a new government job has just opened up. pot expert. yes, you did hear me correctly. the state is looking for a marijuana consultant to help craft laws for the newly legal drugs. if you're thinking of applying, you need five years of working experience, including how to grow and harvest the plant, as well as experience with cannabis testing. that is exactly what it sounds like, yes.
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good morning, everyone. once again, i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we are following breaking news this morning on the shooting death of a former navy s.e.a.l. known as the deadliest sniper in u.s. history. 38-year-old chris kyle was killed yesterday along with a second man at a gun range near ft. worth, texas. these are pictures of kyle taken from the security company he founded after leaving the navy. the gunman accused of killing kyle has been identified as eddie ray routh. he is in custody facing two counts of capital murder. earlier i spoke with one of kyle's friends, jason kos, about the man he called a war hero. >> he and a friend took a marine that was suffering from ptsd to a gun range to shoot and as a
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way that he always did giving back and, you know, it was certainly him taking his time to help, again, help war heroes. >> he had quite a reputation in the field as one of the most lethal snipers out there. how did he handle that? >> you know, he viewed, chris viewed it as his job and he was protecting his brothers, frankly. he as a man was quite contrary to that because he was incredibly loving father and charismatic and really caring person. so, it's quite a contrast from what he did as his job and tours of duty. >> we are not naming the suspect in this case, but do you know if there was any connection at all,
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or believed to be any connection between chris kyle and this suspect? >> no, ma'am, i have no idea. >> was this shooting range somewhere that he would frequent regularly? where the shooting occurred? >> i believe so, yes. i think he was familiar with the location. >> and can you tell me about his personal life at all? >> yeah. that's what i know best because i certain ly diddant know him a a navy s.e.a.l. he was a man of incredible character. he led by example, always. the little things he did. you know, throughout life was just the things i saw were incredible. he always stopped to take time to talk to whoever was around him and just incredibly humble. very funny, as well. i know you guys played a clip.
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he kind of starred that show, but just a very humble, loving, fun, wonderful man. >> he is married with children, as well, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> have you had any contact with him family? >> just sent them a message. yes, i just sent a few messages of support. certainly incredibly sad time. >> how did he do when he came back from war? i mean, certainly, so many soldiers struggle. how did he handle it? >> you know, when he came back, he, i think, obviously, the transition from serving our country with four tours of, you know, heavy combat is difficult for him to not want to be over there. obviously, all that stuff is in this book. but he, you know, what i'm most impressed by is when he became one of the biggest advocates for his brothers and sisters in the
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military immediately. so, he turned his time and attention to helping them and frankly spent the last over the past year being an advocate and not even focusing on his own business. >> and since i had that conversation earlier this morning with jason kos, we have named the suspect in this case. eddie ray ralph. the nonprofit organization that chris kyle helped establish for veterans with ptsd said in a statement that their hearts are broken. we expect to learn more about the shooting when police hold a briefing this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. now, to washington and a twist in the gun control debate. take a look at this picture. it's the president skeet shooting at camp david. it was taken in august on his 51st birthday. in an interview last week the president revealed for the first time that he is a skeet shooter but the press wanted proof and this is the white house's proof.
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but the photo was met with skepticism by the nra. one picture does not erase a picture of supporting every gun ban and every gun-control scheme imaginable. he heads to minneapolis tomorrow to promote his gun control plan. in florida, more than 2,500 weapons were collected during an anonymous gun buyback program. two rocket launchers and 1 1 stolen firearms were among the weapons turned in. rocket launchers, can you believe it? hundreds of people lined up to sell their guns for $75 each, plus ticket to tampa bay rays and lightning games. the hillsboro county sheriff's office said the event was so successful, they ran out of money within an hour. now, to midland city, alabama, and we're in the sixth day of that hostage standoff. a 5-year-old boy being held in an underground prison while his desperate family and police can do nothing but wait. victor blackwell is in midland city this morning. so, are police still in contact
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with jimmy lee dykes? the man who grabbed the little boy? >> they are and they have been constantly. we're told by one of the special agents with the fbi on scene that the line of communication is open 24 hours a day and they're ready to speak with jimmy lee dykes whenever he's ready to speak with them. the sheriff of dale county is also using the media to communicate with mr. dykes. he said during a news conference that he wants to thank mr. dykes to deliver medication and color books and potato chips. he thanks mr. dykes for taking care of our boy. communication on the other side, outside of that bunker. we're told that the parent of this 5-year-old boy, ethan, are getting updates around the clock every hour on the hour, randi. >> how is the community holding up? certainly you can imagine when the media descends there, they
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can't enjoy being on national tv all the time, certainly over a case like this. >> well, i can tell you, we haven't met that yet. they want this story to get out. someone here in town has set up a twitter handle and they are soliciting prayers and well wishes for ethan and his family. there's actually a woman here in town, michelle riley, who is starting to make ribbons. they're black, blue and red. black to symbolize the mourning for the bus driver who was killed. blue and red for the school colors here. the mother of this 5-year-old came to her home to pick up some of those ribbons. she said that this mother is ready to hold her child, bring him home and here's what she had to say about ethan. >> let him come out to the community. let him go by the school and be with his friends. that's what he wants. he wants to sit in there and learn. he wants to be with his friends. and i just hope that he just has a change of heart.
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he just, you know, like i said, it's going to be that split second decision that will change the whole situation. >> there's been a vigil every night in this community since the standoff began and today a lot of the people who had been attending those vigils will attend the funeral for the bus driver who was shot on tuesday trying to protect as many children as possible on that bus. it is being held at a civic center and expect a standing room only crowd. >> certainly a hero in that community. victor, thank you very much. moving overseas now. authorities in turkey have found the body of a new york woman who went missing nearly two weeks ago. there are signs that sierra was stabbed. her body was found in a poorer section of istanbul. the mother of two had been expected home january 22nd. when she didn't show up her husband and her brother went to turkey to search for her. police have arrested nine suspects in connection with her
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12 minutespist the hour now. the story of richard iii has captivated history buffs for hundreds of years and tomorrow we might get to know a bit more about him and from a very unusual place. cnn editorial producer erin mclaughlin joins us from london. first off, remind our audience, who was richard iii? >> richard iii was one of the most infamous kings portrayed by shakespeare himself as a vial and twisted villain. he's been accused of murdering both of his nephews in an attempt to keep hold of the throne. and he met his demise in 1485. all the way back in 1485 during what was called the battle of bosworth field. he was killed in action and henry vii were victorious in
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battle and the burial place of richard iii has long since been forgotten. that is, of course, until now. over 500 years later, a team of archeologists are poised to release their findings as to whether skeletal remains found buried in a parking lot, i new thisp mu niceple parking lot are the remains of richard iii. the media is dubbing it, the king in the parking lot. >> why do they think it is him? was it apparent how he was killed or something that was in that parking lot all these years later? >> so far the evidence that they presented is largely circumstantial. the skeletal remains show signs of trauma, perhaps battle trauma and also shows signs of scoliosis or curvature of the spine and the location itself. all things consistent with historic accounts of richard
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iii's demise. what experts have done over the past few months is take a look at these remains in greater detail. they're looking at things like carbon analysis, soil samples and even the dentistry. the dental samples. as well as crucially dna samples. they've taken dna samples from the skeletal remains and compared that to a dna sample of a modern day living descendant. they're planning to release their findings at a press conference tomorrow. i can tell you, we'll be there, as will plenty of other richard iii enthusiasts who are very eager to hear about these findings, randi. >> i'm sure. very exciting stuff for history buffs. thank you very much, appreciate that. well, it is super bowl sunday and with more than 100 million people expected to tune in, you might be surprised how many of them are women. you'll hear from holly robinson peat, next.
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oh, yeah, it's game day. more than 100 million people are expected to tune in for the super bowl today. as many as half of those could be women. earlier i talked with holly robinson pete, actress, tv host and wife of rodney peete and asked her why more and more women are tuning in. >> women are watching and not all of them are watching for the super bowl spots. i grew up a fan of the philadelphia eagles. i'm from philly. my dad bled eagle green. i learned the game at his knees. it wasn't until i met my and then married my husband quarterback, rodney peete that i learned about the xs and os which got me into a chess match of a game.
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i am a little obsessed. i'm crazy football mama, but you can really just know a couple things and actually enjoy the game. >> i often sit there and ask my husband, what did that mean? what was that call? what are we waiting for? i'm learning more and more. but women are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the audience. if you lock at tok at the numbe were women. 41 million women. why do you think more women are watching? why this renewed interest and growing interest? >> well, i do think there's an interest in the show. the show is just getting bigger when you have half-time acts like beyonce. you're going to draw a lot of women. there's that. but women who understand football more than most people think they do. certainly us football moms whose kids play on fright night lights and all kind of things they know about the game coming from pop warner and you lace the cleats
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and we know things. so, i think a bigger interest just because the game is so much bigger now. but, you know, everyone watches the super bowl and there's so many fun things for everyone and kids included. it's a family event. >> the women, oh, they just watch to please their husbands or their boyfriends. you don't buy that, do you? >> well, listen, i have to say that it is sometimes nice to know a couple things about the game. you don't want to scream home run during the game. there's certain things you want to do. listen, my husband loves to watch football with me, but i think it's important that you kind of get into something that your man is into. it doesn't mean you have to. i'm sorry, i'm struggling with crazy new orleans wind. but i think it's really fun. it's fun if you show interest in what he's interested in, as well. >> let's talk about the food. you're known as the master of ceremonies for homegating. what exactly is homegating?
4:23 am
>> well, i am the spokesperson for the nfl's homegating campaign. it is tailgating at home. on the weekends, we watch football, football family, food and fun. it's a great time. someone called it the last american camp fire football sundays to gather around and enjoy your family. >> what is your favorite super bowl dish? do you have one? >> i love philadelphia cheesesteak nachos. nice and low cal. that's my go-to dish on sundays. i really break it out when the eagles are trailing say in the second half. i'll bust out my nachos and hopefully that will get it going. so many things you can make and just fun to hang out and be with your family. >> what is your prediction for the game? >> oh, wow. listen, i just predict that they both better win because we've
4:24 am
been here with my husband in 2005 where we lost and it's the worst feeling in the world. you get rolled off the field and i still get the shakes when i see confetti. it is a close game, but i think the edge is going to go to baltimore with the experience at quarterback. >> listen, i trust you, because you know football. holly robinson peete, thank you so much. >> it is going to be a great game. we have some exclusive news about the designer behind beyon beyonce's costumes tonight for half-time show. his name is reuben singer and a rich family history of dressing everyone from celebrities to royalties, according to his biography. he worked for bill blass and stevie wonder's wife before creating his own brand. while we don't have the official outfits beyonce will wear today, you can check out more of his fashion forward cutore.
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part of super bowl weekend is celebrating the game and its heroes. seven new members were chosen yesterday, including super bowl winning former new york giants coach bill parcels, kcris carte, curly culp and jonathan ogden. police have identified the suspect accused of killing this former navy s.e.a.l. at a gun range. the latest in just a moment. but, first, let's check in with dr. sanjay gupta for a look at what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. good morning, sanjay. >> randi, i reported a lot on concussions and new research that might be able to diagnose long-term brain damage while players are still living. also, behind the scenes sneak preview of my new fictional medical show called "monday mornings." all that coming up at 77:30 eastern. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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welcome back to cnn sunday morning. good morning, washington, nice shot of the white house there this morning. looks like a little bit of a dusting of snow in the background there. probably pretty cold in d.c. the president heading where it's even colder tomorrow to minneapolis. i think it was minus 14 with the wind chill there yesterday. so, he is going to be pitching his gun control plan tomorrow in minneapolis. we're following breaking news this morning on the shooting death of a former navy s.e.a.l. known as the deadliest sniper in u.s. history. cnn has confirmed that 38-year-old chris kyle was killed yesterday along with 35-year-old chad littlefield at a gun range near ft. worth, texas. these are pictures of kyle taken from the security company he founded after leaving the navy. the gunman accused of the shooting has been identified as eddie ray routh now in custody facing two counts of capital


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