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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 4, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and a 30-tablet free trial. -- captions by vitac -- welcome to "around the world." we begin today in rome. cardinals pray for guidance as they look for a new pope. they're beginning to talk about their big decision, but haven't decided on a date for the conclave where they will decide who the new pope will be. karachi shut down as the city mourns. a car bomb exploded and ripped
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through two armt blocks sunday. no one has claimed responsibility. so, dennis rodman, the basketball diplomat, is back from his trip to north korea and is delivering a message from its leader to president obama. call me. the star says kim jong-un said i don't want to do war. the u.s. government is distancing themselves from the trip, which was arranged for a documentary. so, rodman got so close with kim jong-un that he's delivering messages to the u.s. like this one. >> he want obama to do one thing. call him. >> he wants a call from president obama. >> that's right. he said, if you can, dennis, i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war. >> did you say why don't you pick up the phone and call president obama? >> it's a different story because guess what? the kid's only 20 years old. 28. >> by the way, we think kim
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jong-un is about 30 years old, but we'll give rodman some credit for getting close at least. john avlon and fran townsend join me now. you wrote a critical essay. a lot of people were joking about how funny the two look together. >> i'm sure it's a lot of fun, a great way to see north korea, watch a basketball game, get drunk with the dictator's enter rajai, but 3.5 million people have starved to death. he didn't experience the north korea the vast majority of the citizens. there is a moral koens quens that comes with that kind of a decision. >> apparently, a part of a big feast. all right, fran, dennis rodman actually dismisses the charges of mass starvation and nuclear war and things like that. he says that was kim jong-un's father talking. let's listen.
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>> i didn't look at all the -- understand what he's doing, i don't condone that. i hate the fact that he's doing that, but the fact is you know what? that's the human being though. he let his guards down. been a friend. i didn't talk about that. understand that. i understand that. >> so, he said they're friends now. there is the issue of access. dennis rodman has had more contact with kim jong-un than any american diplomat, so is there anything the state department can and should do? not to try to get to dennis rodman to find out what he knows? >> well, look, dennis rodman calls this guy a friend. he spent a couple of hours and got drunk, this is not a friend and dennis rodman is speaking from a place of total and utter ignorance. you can't divorce the fact that he's done missile tests and nuclear tests. you can't divorce the fact he's starving his people.
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the meeting with him in this forum, this is a propaganda cue from north korea. nothing more than that. frankly, for the state department or our government to countenance or encourage it by meeting and thinking they're going to act on dennis rodman's, the north korean dictator doesn't want to do war, it'sry dib louse. ridiculous. >> they put it on the front page of the newspaper the next day. the spokesperson for the whout security council made this statement. instead of spending money on staging sporting events, the regime should focus on the well being of its people who have been starved, imprisoned and denied their human rights. do you want the state department comment goes far enough? >> it covers the broad ground. he visited disney land and thought it was the real deal.
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he was duped. he admits as much he doesn't understand what's going on and is concerned by reports, but if you're going to go to north korea and walk to the front door because the dictator likes basketball and get treated like a prince, you should do your damn homework because this is a regime not only threatening war constantly, this is a regime that has murdered and imprisoned its own people and we find out what's really been happening over the past several decade, we learn the real history, this will be a shameful incident. not just an embarrassment to dennis rodman, but everybody. >> fran, is there any intelligence that can be gained from his trip? should there be questions he is asked through some official u.s. channels? >> there's no question. we collect intelligence on a national basis through a whole variety of means. we ought not assume just because someone hasn't spoken to dennis rodman that the united states
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and its allies didn't collect intelligence based on the trip. is it worth it to have him interviewed quietly and privately by u.s. officials who may be able to glean from the intelligence committee? sure. understanding the dictators mental capacity, his reasoning, what was said, but you have to understand, by and large, because it was a staged event, there's a lot of deception going on here, so how much, we shouldn't overestimate what we can learn from this, even if dennis rodman is interviewed because it was very much a planned and staged event for our consumption. >> for north korea and vice magazine, which is looking to sell a lot of magazines and this new documentary which will air on hbo. a lot of people were making jokes for sputing a serious spin. thanks. dennis rodman was scheduled to be on "the situation room" today. he has canceled the interview. to london and britain's
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queen elizabeth. looking pretty spry as he left the hospital a short while ago. she spent the night for treatment of a stomach bug. max foster following developments outside the hospital for us and right now, what is the latest on her condition? >> reporter: well, the latest is she's going to be staying the night at buckingham palace, but her engagements for the week are still canceled. despite the fact she was only in for one day, she was due to be in for two days. but came out early. she looked pretty well. walked pretty well towards the car and gave media a big smile, giving a message. she thought there was a lot of fuss about everything over the last couple of days, but we have issues over we don't exactly know what was wrong with her. we're told it had the symptoms of gastroenteritis. some degree of concern because
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this is rare for her, but she is resting now and looks pretty well, john. >> there's a lot we don't know about it. we know she canceled a week's worth of events. do we know when she got this sickness? >> reporter: we're getting the impression it was on friday and she went to windsor castle for saturday and then got a lot worse on sunday, which is when she got hospitalized. the concern was she's in her mid 80s and you get dehydrated when you get this illness. i expect she was on a rehydration treatment and it seemed to have worked, but there is a debate about her overworking. programs she should be handing more over to prince charles and william and harry. some say she should abdicate, but not her style. >> we saw the dutch queen, also the pope do it at the vatican. i'm glad you brought that up. there are people mentioning that out loud that perhaps it's time
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for her to move on. >> reporter: i think the pope in particular is an example she might look to simply because it's not a normal done thing for a pope to retire. has been done for hundreds of years and not been done in the u.k. ever. but if she did want to hand over the same way as the dutch queen did, to a younger prince, having said that, prince charles is in his mid 60s. then she should do that in the modern age. want to modernize things, but she was brought out and very much a product of the war and she's got this stiff upper lip she wants to carry on and she is very, very committed to what she does. i don't think she'll give up all together, but maybe she'll step back a bit. >> her health has been remarkable up until now and she looked remarkable leaving the hospital. nice to see you there today. here's more of what we're working on around the word. a south korean missionary ends up dead in china.
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his family believes he was poisoned and blame north korea. and an iranian ambassador has an answer for him. could there be a compromise in the nuclear talks? meanwhile, the vice president says the ball is in their court. and a major confession by one of the marriage clerics. we'll talk about the impact on the church just ahead. , dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. schwab bank was built with all the value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. . in saudi arabia, john kerry and mohamed abbas meet for a working lunch. they talk about resuming israeli palestinian peace talks. in egypt, fights break out between police and protesters. the minister of health says at least five have been killed, hundreds have been injured. protests like this have been happening there since january. that's when 21 people with there were sentenced the death. later this week, a court will decide the fate of 52 others. in the vatican, no word on
9:16 am
whether disciplinary action will be taken against keith o'brien of scotland. he has apologized for sexual propriety. that is an about face from last week when he said allegations were false. four men accused him of abuse in the 1980s. he will not take part in selecting the new pope. new questions have surfaced over the death of a south korean missionary in china. his family believes he was poisoned and that north korea was involved. >> reporter: for 14 year, kim jong had been doing god's work, a calling that would ultimately lead to his death. in august 2011, the 46-year-old south korean missionary was working in china helping north koreans cross the border and defect when he suddenly dropped dead. his wife, who's speaking
9:17 am
publicly for the first time, had called him 15 minutes earlier. he told me he was meeting a north korean defector and would then come home, she told me. l an hour later, i got a call to the hospital and found him dead with foam coming out of his mouth. hospital officials said the father of two had committed suicide by swallowing pesticides. his wife is convinced he was poisoned by a north korean agent. he was aware of the dangers, he knew his work was a threat to the north korean regime, but we never thought it would cost him his life. an official autopsy would reveal there was no poison in his system. when we contacted authorities, they refused to comment. fearful of a cover up, his wife went to the morgue before he was cremated and collected samples of his blood. she gave it to officials. government officials here in seoul won't speak to us on exam,
9:18 am
but have shown us the report. it reveals that poison was detected on the blood samples. at a level that would kill a person immediately. it's not the first time north korea has been implicated in attacks against south korean citizens using a poison tipped needle like this one disguised in a pen. in 1996, a south korean diplomat working in -- was poisoned. the following year, a north korean couple claiming they wanted to defect were caught trying to poison a politician. and in 2011, a north korean spy was arrested in seoul during a foiled attempt to kill a prominent activist. a fellow missionary says his friend feared for his life. before his death, we'd heard a rumor that mr. kim was on north korea easter ris list. his murder has frightened other missionary, but we e must continue his work. one of the people he helped was
9:19 am
kim. she and her family were starving in north korea when he helped them escape. i was so upset when i heard the news. we would have died of hunger. he saved our lives. one man was arrested in connection to the murder on espionage charges and sentenced to four years. he was too young to die. we had so many plans and dreams. he was taken away from us in such a cruel way. >> meanwhile, joe biden extends an invitation to iran. could there be a compromise in the nuclear talks? when we come back. th? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. there's a lot i had to do...
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now to iran. it could be a breakthrough in nuclear talks. in an exclusive interview on fareed zakari -- his country is open to direct negotiations. that is in response to an invitation by joe biden a couple of weeks ago.
9:23 am
have a listen to what the ambassador said. >> the clear message of iran is that if you see that united states is serious and is honest about its proposal for negotiation, cooperation, direct talks with the iranian, iranian will accept it. i can confirm it here and for your distinguisheded audience, that iran will count negotiation and talks with united states provided that we make sure that u.s. is serious and do not act differently. >> i'm joined by fareed zakari and nicholas burns, the former secretary for political affairs. i'm going to start with fareed. this sounded like a very big deal. like iran was essentially accepting an invitation to have discussions here. what did it sound like to you? >> i agree with you.
9:24 am
i think part of the reason i would agree with you is they reached out to us. we've always been in contact with the ambassador's office because we always try to maintain you know, that line of communication, but they did reach out to us and if you notice the language, he says i can confirm. he was trying to signal he had this from higher ups than himself, though he himself is senior most diplomat in the world. this is something we have always wanted. direct talks with the iranians because there's a whole host of issues. nick burns worked on this issue tirelessly because people like him felt we have many things we want to talk to them about. their interest in activities in afghanistan, where we see eye to eye on some issues. the interest on activities in iraq. lebanon, israel. if we could get that all on the table, it would be a much more protective set of discussions. >> this was a marker.
9:25 am
>> this was absolutely a marker and this is a very skilled, seasoned man. the guy i was talking to has been a senior figure in the i n iranian government since the 1979 revolution. >> let me play you a little bit of what joe biden has to say at aip aipac. let's listen. >> the purpose of this pressure is not to punish. it is to convince iran to make good on its international obligations. put simply, we are sharpening a choice that the iranian leadership has to make. they can meet their obligations and give the international community ironclad confidence in a peaceful nature of their program or continue down the path their on to isolate mounting pressure of the world. >> so, that does not sound much like a response. a direct response at least to the iranian ambassador.
9:26 am
when the state department hears what was said on fareed's show, what kind of response do you think they need to make? >> well, you know, the administration thinks it's made the offer for direct talks. biden made it himself at the security conference a couple of weeks ago. i agree with fareed. this has the potential to be very significant because it's been since the jimmy carter administration when the united states has had the chance to have extended discussions with any iranian government. we haven't had any kind of discussions like that since then, so we need the time and space to figure out if there's a diplomatic deal and i think it's positive he made the officer, it would be more if the supreme leader acknowledged it. when biden made the offer, the supreme leader turned it down. the other fact here is that iran's having presidential elections in june and while they
9:27 am
may be ready for direct talks, it may be they'll wait until june when they have a new president before they're agreed to substantial talks. >> so then what does the state department do as a signal back to iran that says hey, we understand your offer for talks or at least your response. here's how we're going to put it together. >> well, i think the state department is going to wait for us since there's no contact between direct contact between the two governments. they'll wait for some kind of affirmation from tehran. there are also going to be these multilateral talks on march 18th and april 5 and 6. there's another opportunity to hear back from the iranian that direct talks would be acceptable to them, but it's very important we get there because while this is an international issue, this iranian nuclear program, it really is going to be a sign i think by the united states and iran, whether we can have a peaceful resolution, some
9:28 am
compromise that avoids war. >> fareed, what do you think direct talks would like like? it seems impossible to imagine one-on-one talks between a representative of the united states and a representative of iran officially. where would they be? how would they look? any sense of what that might be? >> i think the lodgistics of the talks wouldn't be difficult. you'd do them probably in some place like geneva. that part is easy to imagine. here's the difficulty. it's the reaction in both countries to those stalks. so, if president obama goes down this road, you know the republicans are going to scream and say he's selling the country out. remember, there is domestic politics in iran as well and one of the things he said on, in the interview to me, he said look, don't make it so hard for us. when you keep saying we're going to pressure iran, we're going to crush them, punish them, it's hard for iranian to accept and offer and say we want to talk to these guys, so either side faces
9:29 am
these problems. if you move to the center, they're going to find on both sides in washington and tehran, there's going to be a lot of very unhappy people who want to start screaming. >> almost as if the ambassador was saying help me help you. >> thank you for joining us. very significant movement between the u.s. in iran. moving on. the top british cardinal apologizing for his sexual conduct. he has resigned. he will not attend the conclave to choose the next pope. we will take you live to vatican city as more bombshells keep dropping. and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles.
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we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. ♪ born to make mistakes liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to around the world. here are some of our top stories. researchers say a 2-year-old in mississippi has become the first child to ever be cured of hiv. the child was born to an hiv positive mother. doctors gave her three antiviral drugs within 30 hour of her
9:33 am
birth and continued that course for 15 months, then her mother stopped giving her the drugs, that's when doctors discovered the virus was at such a low level, that treatment was no longer necessary. the vatican says they may be able to pick the next pope by march 15th. that would give the new pope a little more than a week to get ready for palm sunday mass. while cardinals consider their choices, the cardinal in britain who denied abuse allegations last week is now apologizing. we'll have the details on that straight ahead. in switzerland, voters have agreed to curb how much money corporate executives can make. the rules give shareholders a binding say on ban or golden parachutes, and the new world's will fire annual new elections the swiss public was angered by the string of corporate scandals. in one case, hsbc paid out
9:34 am
billions in bonuses despite heavy losses. now, we want to head to vatican city to find out what's going on inside that cardinal's meeting today, the second one. the vatican says they may be able to pick the pope by march 15th. ben is in rome and while this is all going on, these bombshells from britain keep on coming. scottish cardinal keith o'brien apologizing for sexual misconduct. this is a total about face from last week. what do you make of all that? >> reporter: certainly, couldn't come at a worse time for the vatican. the archbishop of scotland, keith o'brien, is a man who has now admitted to sexual misconduct, but it's not just the misconduct that's causing embarrassment to the vatican. it's the hypocrisy of it all. o'brien was after all a hard liner on the question of homosexuality. it also comes on a day when a,
9:35 am
when members of an american network of victims of sexual abuse by priests are also naming names. they're saying those cardinals who covered up sexual abuse by priests over the years should not be participating in the general congregation of cardinals taking place at this moment nor in the conclave, so it's a very embarrassing time for the vatican as they prepare to elect a new pope. >> it certainly gives them a lot to talk about as they are in their second closed door meeting. we are waiting to see if they will give us a schedule for the conclave. when do you suspect that might happ happen? >> we understand from officials at the vatican they're not going to decide upon that until all the cardinals who are scheduled to participate in the general congregation are here. now, we've heard from a variety of cardinals that they don't expect the, rather, they expect the general congregation to last
9:36 am
perhaps through the end of the week and therefore, they might not announce at conclave until early or rather than the conclave would not take place until possibly early next week. john? >> that would still be fairly quick if they did manage to kick it off. when the conclave starts, there is an age limit. you have to be under 80 to participate, but all the cardinals are involved in these discussions right now and i have to believe it is a crucial week for some of those older cardinals who will not be part of the conclave themselves if they want to influence the ultimate selection. >> it's absolutely crucial. this is really where opinions solidify on who people are talking about. who the cardinals are talking about as potential candidates. because it's during the congregation is sort of an open house and sort of a town meeting for the cardinals, where those who have issues that want to be raised will get up and present
9:37 am
them. the cardinals will be listening. the cardinals who will be participating and those who will not, will be listening very carefully to their arguments, to their presentation, to how they sort of make their case and so, certainly, it will be crucial. because in the conclave itself, cardinals have told me, it's a very quiet affair. there isn't any debate, any discussion, really. it's simply sitting, praying, contemplating and then voting, so this is really the week where those candidates will emerge. of course, usually the cardinals are very tight lipped about how they are thinking about voting for. >> we may not hear about it, but the political imaginations very much on. our thanks to you in rome today. before the next pope is chosen, go inside the vatican where all this wheeling and dealing is being done as we speak. we'll have a report at 7:00 eastern. plus, the dow is down slightly.
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the spends cuts are now a reality, but if the market is worried about it, it's not really showing. today's been fairly flat, about 52 points. but what does seem to be wor arying investors is china. richard, the dow's been fairly flat today, but china's stock market had a pretty big sell off and it seems to be because we're suddenly worried about a property bubble in china. please explain this to me. >> well, so much of the china growth in the market is fueled by property prices because it ripples through the economy, john. whether it's construction, it's engineering, it's cement. you name it.
9:42 am
it's even consumers just going out and buying furniture to put in second and third homes. so the housing industry in china is of crucial importance, but we also know that housing inflation is back in china. with prices rising month on month one percent or so. the chinese government have been very worried about this for some time. it's the clearest indication of potential overheating in the economy. so what they did today was basically introduced new measures. they are trying to take the air out of the balloon. they've raised interest rates. they've raised down payments. they've said they're going enforce capital gains tax at 20%. all these measures designed to make people think twice before buying a home. oh, and i've slightly buried the lead here, as we say, because their bet was dramatic, john. the shanghai market was down 3.5%. >> wow. these are the kind of things you can do in a completely manageded
9:43 am
economy. back here -- go ahead. >> well, well, you can do it in -- you could do it in another economy, some would say, alan greenspan could have -- they're less dramatic than hitting over the head with interest rates. israel does them. quite a few countries go underneath the interest rate and start messing around with the underlying trends. that's how you do it. >> it's obviously having ripple effects around the world. we've been talking about the dow getting close to all time record highs. we just can't seem to get there. >> just won't -- nearly, nearly -- i tell you, for those of us that have covered markets for years, it's what we call and i've never given much credence to this. but when you see it, you know
9:44 am
it. it's called a psychologically important barrier and that all time important high is the granddaddies of all important barriers. computer programs are designeded to sell sell into the market. people get nervous. there's a whole range of technical, financial and psychological reasons, but the gis of it is it's like the child who just thinks if i just push a bit harder, i'll get there. it will get there, but i'm not betting my shirt on when. >> sounds like events from around the world are holding us back. one more time, what does it sound like that, that psychological barrier? >> we'll get there one day, just hold your breath a little bit longer. >> these are technical, economic terms. thank you for that analysis. when we go to the polls in the united states, we may endure long lines or cold weather, but nothing like this. still to come, we take you live to kenya where deadly violence is on the minds of voters this
9:45 am
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welcome back. police in northern ireland say they narrowly ae verted what could have been a mass murder when they found explosive devices in a van parked in londonderry. police arrested three men who they think are irish republican army dissidents.
9:48 am
kenyans are voting for a new president. a peaceful vote the needed to prove to the world it is a stable country. the last presidential election in 2011, it was a disaster, which plunged the nation into a series of ethnic violence and rampages. this go around has some sporadic violence, but we're hoping it doesn't get worse. we want in bring in our correspondent and freelance photographer, they are both in nairobi. the turnout is huge. talk to us about the move. how is it different now? >> actually been extraordinary. we've seen cues and cues and cues and what's interesting for us who have been here and the lead up to this is you really felt people almost exhaling. there was this tension, this tension, they were bracing
9:49 am
themselves. just this utter sense of determination, people were sleeping outside of polling stations. from 2:00. we even heard about one woman who gave birth at a polling station. she clearly wasn't going to let a little something like a due date get in her way. really characterizes the way kenyans have approached this. there was a big -- in the 2007 elections and people felt their vote there wasn't heard, that it didn't count and this time, that just seems to have increased their determination to make sure this time around, that vote they went to the ballot station, cued hours in line for, this time, there was going to be heard, john. >> something to think about when we complain about libs here in the yit. kenya is a major ally in the war against islamist militants in somalia. there are eight candidates. two major contenders. explain how the election of either one of these candidates might affect the relationship
9:50 am
with the u.s. is one different than the other? >> it's been a forefront in the al-qaeda link in somalia. rayla has an incredible amount of experience. kenyatta could be a bit more difficult for the united states. he's charged with crimes of humanity and that last election and the issue for the u.s., the u.s. and u.k. and other major powers do not have anything but essential contact with icc and that's going to be a big issue going forward because not only are kenya playing a crucial role
9:51 am
in somalia, but they're also as i understand it, playing a crucial role in providing intelligence against that other al-qaeda franchise across the red sea -- so you know, in addition to the hopes if r a free, transparent democratic process, there is concern about how the u.s. is going to do business with such an important regional player, john. >> thank you. we're going to get to jonathan. we've had reports of sporadic violence even before the election began. ten people were killed, including two police officers on a police station. now, you are an american. you've lived in nairobi for a couple of years. you've traveled all over africa photographing the situation. what does the violence there come down to that you have seen? is this about tribal divisions mostly? >> reporter: well, i think john that many times, a lot of these conflicts can be wrapped into a narrative of tribalism, violence quite easy. they're often a lot more
9:52 am
complicated than ethnic rivalries. i can only speak based on experiences. i've been in travel, but many time, it's a complex mix of land and politics and resources. many other factors. while tribalism is many times one of those factor, it sometimes isn't the only factor, so when it comes to something like tana, a story i paragraphed for the "new york times," it was a conflict very much to do with tribalis measuring, but also over land and resources. you have the herder population and a -- population and so a lot of it was about land and resources. it's typical to say it's tribalism and ethnicity all the time where it plays a major role and especially in kenya and parties and coalitions are linked to travelers and i think there are other aspects that have come into the violence here. >> we're looking at some photos you've taken as we're talking right here and they are stunning photographs. they're also photographs which really show i think struggle.
9:53 am
the struggle that people are going through there as they head to the polls. what is the message of hope that you see? what is driving people to vote amidst this struggle? >> well, i think you know one of the things i found this morning as i went to the polls at 4:30 this morning, there was a line of people who had been waiting will all night. there was a real sense of optimism, a real sense of hope that kenya is turning around, they want to prove to the world they can really achieve a democratic election peacefully and fairly. the sentiment is there is sort of a cautious optimism, while there is still violence in some part, i think generally, the assessment is that people are hopeful of the future. they are hopeful they can get through this and a real sense of optimism. >> thanks to you.
9:54 am
we will be hoping these elections go through without much violence. moving on, israel is now launching a palestinians only bus service. and officials say it will actually improve travel. we'll explain.
9:55 am
9:56 am
separate but equal in the middle east. today, israel started its
9:57 am
palestinian only bus service. the bus service will carry only palestinian workers who are traveling from the west bank to israel. the israeli government says it's just a way to improve service, but critics call it straight up racism. st sara sidner is following the story. the idea here is to reduce congestion to replace pirate bus services that overcharge palestinian riders, but is that ek pla nation selling over there? >> reporter: well, i can tell you it's certainly not going over well with human rights organizations or the palestinian government who say that the new bus lines now for palestinians only, the same discrimination used against blacks in america, however, israel's transportation ministry told us the buses and two new lines were not set up to
9:58 am
discriminate against palestinians, but instead to improve services for palestinian workers and that palestinians would not be prohibited from using regular public buses. the ministry also said that officially, anyone could use the new bus lines, but they were set up to allow palestinian workers to avoid going through so many security checks after the first check point and the service replaces as you mentioned, private bus companies that have been charging much higher prices. we talked also to the bus company that's going to be doing this service and it said that people don't understand that palestinians had to use private expensive buses and that they can't usually use regular buses because they have very different security checks when entering into israel. as you might imagine, human rights groups are saying this is really about yielding to the settlers that live in the west bank and having complained that on a regular bus is a security threat. >> a delicate situation to be
9:59 am
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