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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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where three people allegedly stole a yacht. that's right, a yacht. a multimillionaire yacht named "the darling." they took it allegedly and had a grand old time but they ran it aground. the general manager of the local boat yard said he never heard of this happening before. >> not something that big. we didn't believe it yesterday. we followed it out a number of times and never heard of a boat that big being ripped off. >> apparently the alleged thieves enjoyed themselves in the high seas in the lap of luxury. here's a reporter with the details. >> it looks like they turned it in to a party boat. investigators found the inside littered with beer cans and pizza boxes. >> nothing like pizza and beer cans to slaclass up a yacht. >> alas, did not last long. they were arrested right off the yacht enalso a first for local witnesses. >> that is a first one where i -- i've seen the -- them have to get the perpetrators off. >> now, this really isn't the most subtle crime in the world.
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how did they think they would get away with it? don't people learn anything from "30 rock" anymore? >> welcome! welcome to your fantasy. >> sir! i need you to disembark immediately. >> this is not his boat. we got to get off this thing. this is not his boat. >> disembark immediately. >> is this your boat? >> disembark immediately. >> i can't even say the word yacht without thinking of "arrested development" and the magical stylings of job. >> any magician can make a queen of diamonds disappear. what about a whole boat? ♪ final countdown >> a yacht. now, there is not. >> all right. so how did you do it? >> michael, magician never reveals his -- i sunk it. i sunk the yacht.
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"outfront" next. an old-fashioned filibuster in washington, d.c. rand paul talks and talks and talks for hours. we're in hour eight. he's still talking. we'll tell you why. plus, a worker at animal sanctuary attacked and killed by one of the big cats and the east coast bracing for a huge, early spring snowstorm. we'll tell you how much inches coming. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, senator paul drones on and on and on, and yes, he's droning about drones. here's a live picture of
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republican senator rand paul right now on the floor. the first old-fashioned senate filibuster since 2010. look at him. does he look tired to you? we're in hour eight. he still has a voice. i think all he's had is a snicker's bar for fortification today. all to stall john brennan from the cia. we were hoping he would have stopped by now because he was supposed to be our guest from capitol hill tonight. that's where he was supposed to be standing. see how lonely it is? senator paul, we hope you're going to wrap this up soon. at the least, i would like to know how you went all day without using the restroom. sounds like senator paul is also hoping to wrap it up and join our shot. >> i can be done anytime if i could just get a response from the administration or from the attorney general saying that they do not believe they have the authority to kill noncombatants in america. the reason it has to be answered is because our foreign drone strike program does kill noncombatants.
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they may argue they're conspireing or may some day be combatants, but if that's the same standard you're going to use in the united states, it's a far different country than i know about. >> "outfront" tonight, tommy vitter and mike riggs. great to have both of you with us. tommy, let me start with you. what's the answer to senator paul's question? could a drone ever be used in the united states? >> sure. i think the answer is pretty simple. the attorney general said in the letter the president has not and would not use a drone to take action in the united states. john brennan's been cleared as cia director, he wouldn't have the be the tom line on a practical and policy level is we would not do this. the president's ruled it out and that if we needed to deal with the terrorist threat in the united states, we would use local law enforcement or the fbi or other means to deal with that threat. >> let me play what the attorney general had to say because this is important. senator paul said i'm not going to halt the nomination if i get
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a detect answer. eric holder sent him a letter in response. eric holder did during a senate hearing this morning. here is what the attorney general said. >> what i said in the letter was that the government has no intention to carry out any drone strikes in the united states. it's hard for me to imagine a situation in which that would occur. we have within the united states the ability to use our law enforcement capacity. the use of drones is from my perspective, something that is entirely, entirely hypothetical. >> mike, entirely hypothetical and hard for me to imagine. i understand tommy's point that those seem to say no, but it's not a one-word answer. no. >> i'm glad to hear from tommy that the president has ruled this out. i was almost relieved to hear from attorney general holder he said later in the hering he thought the use of a drone would be inappropriate. the question is whether it's constitutional.
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we don't know if the obama administration thinks this is constitutional because they've already said as we saw in the white paper last month that the obama administration doesn't feel any court including the supreme court is qualified to rule on the constitutionality of its targeted killing program. >> so, tommy, why can't the white house come out and be more specific? mike rodgers recently told me, i was actually asking him about christopher dorner, the manhunt suspect in los angeles and whether the u.s. would use a drone against him. we could use a drone against someone outside the united states. mike rodgers just said it would be unconstitutional for the u.s. military or intelligence services to conduct operations against u.s. citizens and would never allow to occur. i urge the administration to clarify this point immediately. now, so why can't the president come out, the white house come out and say we believe this is unconstitutional, that simple sentence? >> he's talking about what the cia could do legally.
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he is making the point that john brennan has made. he does not have the authority in the united states and he would not and the president has been clear that as commander in chief he would not use the u.s. military to take a drone strike against an american person in the united states, but the attorney general is offering his legal advice, which is to say an extremist, if there were another 9/11, another pearl harbor, could the president use a u.s. military to take lethal action against terrorists? the answer if a legal perspective is yes. senator paul was elected to write laws. he could write a law changing this, but i think my concern here is that i got to work in the white house for four years and i worked very closely with john brennan and i feel incredibly privileged to have worked around him because i've seen some of the worst crisis our country has faced. he is one of the most able and decent and capable people i have worked with. the president needs him at the
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cia now. he needed him there a month ago or two months ago and to hold up critical nominees like this over issues that are not related to their fitness for the job is harmful to our national security and we shouldn't do it to get headlines. >> and mike, to that point, here's something else senator paul said today. >> it would take them five minutes to jot this down on a piece of paper. if they don't intend to do it, why not tell us? when your government won't tell you won't do something, when they won't answer, no, i don't have the power, they're saying to you, yes, i have the power. >> mike, senator paul went on to say ultimately john brennan will be approved and that this will be a blip in the process. isn't he just holding everybody up? he's made his point. move on, wasting valuable time? >> i think he's giving the white house a great opportunity to distinguish itself from the bush administration, which it has failed to do time and time again
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especially on issues of national security. there is no threat to national security because john brennan hasn't been confirmed any more than when david petraeus was having affairs, but this is an opportunity for the obama administration to clarify what it means by a threat being imminent, by what's feasible and whether or not a court, somebody outside of the white house has the constitutional authority to determine whether or not obama has the constitutional authority to order people to be killed without any form of due process. >> just a quick question. i still just have trouble getting around one question. that is, if it's okay to kill an american citizen outside the u.s. with a drone, it seems a slippery slope to do it inside the united states, once the technology is there. >> erin, i'd make the point that law enforcement, fbi, those individuals use lethal force on a daily basis to keep us safe. >> right. so why would it be different if they used a drone opposed to a gun or killing dorner in his
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house? >> sure. senator paul is constructed this hypothetical scenario that's extremely frightening. to me, the notion of a drone cruising around my house that could take a shot at me is scary, which is why we've been clear we won't do this. senator paul needs to take yes for an answer yes. what i'd say is i've talked to the president about this. he welcomes the debate around the legality and ethics of our countterrorism policies and john brennan has pushed the envelope on transparency and accountability and oversight of our ct programs more than anyone else in the government. >> but he's the daddy of the drone. >> he's absolutely not the daddy of the drone. john brennan does his job to save lives. whether they're americans or someone living in yemen who is threatened by al qaeda. he does it extraordinarily well and should be at the cia doing his job today instead of being held up over an issue where senator paul needs to take yes for an answer. >> thanks to both of you. still to come, roger ailes calls president obama lazy. some people say it was racist.
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plus, the pope stepped down days ago, so what is the hold up? and we're going to go to california for the latest on the big cat attack today. how did it happen? it was a horrific thing. and a volcano erupting in italy. big cat attack today. how did it happen? it was a horrific thing. and a volcano erupting in italy. we have the dramatic video of this happening. i mean, right in the middle of a populated part of italy. later in the show. think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. bonkers, look at me when i'm talking to you.
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our second story "outfront," breaking news in the deadly lion attack. a worker at an animal sanctuary today was fatally mauled by a lion. authorities shot and killed it. the lion lived at cat haven, east of fresno. paul vercamen is following the story east of los angeles. i know you have some news now on who died. >> yes, we've been talking to various people from up in the fresno county area. various dispatchers and others and they believe the victim is a 26-year-old female and that she was an intern. from what we understand from authorities, she was in a enclosure when the attack happened and they believe the cat who attacked her was the 350-pound african lion.
11:16 pm
our fresno affiliates are reporting this lion was called cous cous, a celebrity cat, a cat who had made the rounds of various talk shows and they say when the attack happened, someone else, another co-worker, tried in vain to distract this huge cat and it just did not work. when the sheriff's deputies, the first to arrive on scene tried, they saw that the victim was injured severely but the victim died on scene. some are asking what is cat haven. it's about 45 miles east of fresno in dunlap. it has a number of cats from tigers to lep pards to lions to cheetahs and bobcats. this is up in elevation in the foothills. it's about 2,400 to 3,000 in feet. it specializes in being a sanctuary for these various cats. it says it's dedicating to innovative preservation to wild cats and dale anderson when's sort of the owner of this, known around in circles and gone on talk shows in the past with
11:17 pm
cats. what we know right now is that we believe that the victim is a 26-year-old female intern at this sanctuary. >> paul, thank you very much. we appreciate it, and we have a statement in from project survival cat haven. they are confirming it was an intern, female age 26, who was killed today. they say their thoughts and prayers are with her family at this critical time. the lion was shot and killed for the safety protocol. that lion was raised as a cub from the age of 8 weeks old right there. i want to bring in jeff corwin, wildlife expert, host of abc's "ocean mysteries" and author of the book "sharks." jeff joins us by skype. our affiliate is reporting this is a lion you may have held at one point when you were on ellen's show a few years ago. i know you're not sure if it was the same lion, but as we just heard, the statement i'm looking at from the cat haven, this lion was raised as a cub from 8 weeks.
11:18 pm
school children went to this place all the time to learn about lions. are you shocked by this attack? >> i think it's incredibly shocking when we see a tragedy like this unfold. these are very, very powerful creatures, and an animal like this could have a really good disposition, maybe a great animal as an advocate for a species, as an endangered creature from africa, but the truth is, it is powerful. it is wild. they warrant a tremendous amount of respect. >> do you think this lion could have gotten more aggressive as he grew up or is there a risk even with an animal as you said that appears in most situations to be extremely docile? >> this is a creature that is naturally hardwired to be one of the greatest creatures on our planet. they are the top of the food chain and that doesn't happen by accident. what's really amazing about
11:19 pm
these creatures, if you look at your domestic cat, you can see those natural, innate abilities to be a hunter. when take that to a level of a tiger or lion, that's timed by many, many thousands when it comes to predatory ability and strength. this creature will always be wild. it is the core of what they are and because of that you can never forget what they possess, which is remarkable predatory ability, the skills they can use to dispatch a gazelle or other wild animal in africa can sometimes be displayed in ways that can put human beings at risk and that's why we have very strict laws on the book when it comes to keeping these animals out of a wild state. >> is it even right to keep them in captivity? there's the issue of whether it's safe. especially considering the people who visit these sorts of places are usually children learning about the animals.
11:20 pm
so that has a lot of parents afraid. but just the broader question about whether it's right to keep an animal like that in captivity. >> erin, that's a very interesting and loaded question and it's really, it's how you look at the answer and i believe that legitimate organizations that are recognized by the aza, which is the official organization for zoos and aquariums, places like the bronx zoo or the los angeles zoo, these places are often the only way that a person from an inner city environment can connect with nature, and it's not only about educating the public. there's a lot of work that happens in zoological institutions. for example, to protect lions in the zoo and get in the field. there are legitimate and real and proper ways these animals could be kept in this type of environment and they can perform a very good service. not only in conservation and research towards their protection, but also, when it
11:21 pm
comes to serving as ambassadors for their species, but you can't forget what they are and what they don't make are good pets. something you never want to keep in the private situation like in your home. >> some people obviously try to do that. a risky and awful thing to do. thanks. jeff will be our guest tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. be sure to tune in to him then. our third story out front. the world is waiting. near lay week since benedict vi became the first pope to resign in 400 years. according to a new cbs poll, 50% of american catholics believe the church is in good condition and 29% say they have a quote great deal of confidence the next pope will be in touch with their needs. raymond diraya is out front tonight with the latest in rome. raymond, the u.s. cardinals were talking. you remember we had the new york cardinal here on cnn. he gave an extended interview
11:22 pm
and sort of made the process more accessible and human but this is changed, right? >> it's changed, indeed, erin. you know, a lot of the cardinals particularly those based here at the vatican, they're concerned that the americans were having an outsized enfluns in sort of setting the narrative of this conclave and painting the picture for the public of what to expect in the next pope. so, that's part of the reason why there's ban media blackout. the new rule and the cardinals accepted it, no interviews and the press briefings is finished and there were some leaks in the italian media of the congregations and they find that disturbing. if you make anybody be quiet, quiet the italian cardinals who leaked it to the media. >> you have covered a transition before and you aid this time in rome tonight is very different. >> i have.
11:23 pm
it is, erin. it is very different. you didn't have a papal death this time. in 2005, this beloved pope, pope john paul ii, millions of people waiting to see him, to say gibe. you don't have that central event sort of bringing the world's attention here and the energy is very different this time. so what's happened is all the action is happening behind the closed doors and it's really the cardinals going through this process of feeling each other out and deciding when to start the conclave. the exterm excitement is not the same. the streets are empty. i'm coming to rome almost 17 years now. >> and this environment, what's this say about the fact they're not able to get the conclave together and have the enthusiasm and excitement as they have before? what does all this say about how the church will handle the big issues that it faces right now an i cite the poll from cbs
11:24 pm
news, 29% of american catholics actually think that the church will pick someone in touch with what they care about. >> erin, i'm always a little leary of those polls, the way they're phrased, the way they're imparted and the way people understand them but let me peel back the curtain a little bit on this. it's actually a good thing if they don't set a conclave date tomorrow or early this week and the reason being, it gives the cardinals more time to have a serious kofrlgs. what you don't want this is this. if they have a conclave tomorrow, the italian cardinals, the one who is caused the gaffes and allowed the problems that benedict presided over, they will be in control. they have their candidates locked up. they have their coalitions together. you want the rest of the cardinals from other parts of the world to have a say, to come here and feel they're really being listened to so an extended -- extending the date
11:25 pm
of when this conclave begins might for the church and the world be the best thing to happen. >> all right. raymond, thanks very much to you. now, president obama's wining and dining republicans. is he caving to them? why taylor swift called tina fey sexist and why she's wrong. a volcano erupts and we have the video of it. that's next. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life.
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we start with stories we care about where we focus on reporting from the front lines and we begin with an update to our top story. republican senator rand paul mounting an epic filibuster to stall john brennan's nomination to the cia. it's been nearly eight hours of droning on and on about drones and he said he would end it if his proposed resolution against the of drones were approved, but democratic senator dick durbin objected to this saying the resolution was premature. even then, senator paul could drag things out into the weekend if he so chooses.
11:30 pm
we can confirm so far today he's had a snicker's bar and liquids and no bathroom break. the tsa's new policy, they're going to allow pocket knives on planes. one leader representing air marshalls tells us it's as if we didn't learn anything from 9/11 and adds flight attendants are going to be quote sitting ducks. kip holly says the policy should go further and allow battle axes and machetes on planes. really? forget that anyone who wants to carry one on a plane is crazy and shouldn't be allowed on board. let's not even go there. let's prioritize things we care about like shampoo, water, soda. perfume. all right. a lot's been made about what mitt romney will do next. cnn has confirmed he has a new job. the former presidential candidate is returning to the private sector to work at his oldest son's investment firm. the source told us romney will serve as chairman of the executive committee. that's the firm tag romney started after his father's first shot at the presidency in 2008.
11:31 pm
romney is scheduled to speak next week at the cpac meeting of conservatives. look at this. i'm going to show you this amazing video. this is from last night. it's amazing what happens at night. you get an even more powerful picture. this is mt. etna in italy. one of the most active volcanos in the world. and the highest. i remember seeing it for the first time this summer. it looked so peaceful and quiet. look what it's capable of. brown university professor malcolm rutherford tells us lava is spewing half a mile into the air. and that these eruptions happen once every few years. in between, there could be occasional ash storms that come off mt. etna. just gorgeous. it's been 580 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we going to get it back? nothing today. and now our fourth story breaking "outfront." breaking bread with president obama. at this hour, the president is wining and dining senate republicans at the jefferson hotel in washington.
11:32 pm
they arrived about an hour ago. the white house said it's part of an effort to break the gridlock with republicans. one of the dinner guests, lindsay graham, says it's about time. >> the fact there is a lot of interest in a dinner between the president and a handful of republican senators is a pretty good statement about where we're at as a nation. i'm not blaming anybody because it takes both parties to get $16 trillion in debt. this is going to take both parties to get out. >> some interesting polling causing some to say this the president on his knees to the republicans? "outfront" tonight, former campaign spokesman for the president and terry holt, former press secretary for the bush cheney campaign. all right. let me start with you, terry. this outreach comes five days after the republicans refused to cave on the spending cuts. they view it as a win. democrats say they will live to regret that. but is the white house now caving to republicans? saying look, we need you more than you need us? let's have a dinner. >> let's look at where the president is. he still hasn't submitted a budget because he knows he can't
11:33 pm
get it through the senate and the senate hasn't proposed a budget in years, and so, the president is in a pretty tough spot and has invited these republicans to dinner because he's looking for a coalition of the willing, a group of senators who he might peel off one day to get what he wants politically and fundamentally, i think he's been put in this position because republicans have held past budgets and they have held firm. with polling numbers showing he's slipping, he needs to find a few friends on the republican side of the aisle. >> ben, is the white house caving? >> just tell terry to take a look at the congressional republican numbers. they've been in the tank far few years. >> they have. we're talking about the president. e's protecting his own individual popularity at the expense of his own party. when his popularity starts to slip, you see the shift of the president.
11:34 pm
>> well, here are the facts. in 2011 during the fiscal talks, the president went behind closed doors the work on a grand bargain. they agreed to it. he couldn't deliver his members, so then the president took a different attack. he went to enlist the support of american people. he can't wave a magic wand and get republicans to pass the policies of the american people voted for on election day, so now he's working on a different set of votes and this is what allowed us to avert the fiscal cliff. hopefully, he will find this common sense caucus within the republican party going around the leadership. >> xhochb sense caucus? they're all common sense. they're looking at a $16 trillion debt and they're desperate for the president to come to the table with a deal about fixing the problems rather than just playing politics with them. >> let me just ask ben a question. who do you blame for the budget cuts we're in? 38%, republicans. 33%, the president.
11:35 pm
19%, both. more blame republicans, but let me show you what it was two weeks ago. it surged. it was nearly half of people. 49% of republicans. that's dropped to 38 and people who blame them both has surged. that's not good for a president. >> well, look. workers are being furloughed, services are being cut. i think americans are seeing the impact of the sequester and they're not going to blame an individual or party. they're going to blame all of washington for that. but the president has a trump card, which is that the american people agree we should reduce the deficit in a balanced way with a mix of revenue and spending cuts, and they're going to be calling their members of congress and pressing them for action and even if the republican leadership doesn't want to sit down, speaker boehner made clear he's not going to go behind doors and negotiate. the president will find those republicans who can work with democrats and get this done on behalf of the nation. >> one of the big problems the president has at this point with
11:36 pm
boehner and mcconnell and others that he's tried to negotiate with is that he's shattered the trust by moving the goalpost, by playing politics with these issues. the president doesn't do policy. the president does politics. the reason why he's forced to deal right now is because he's in a tight spot and can't get anything passed. >> will the chips were on the table, when the agreement was agreed to, the speaker couldn't deliver his members. >> that was then, this is now. >> let me just hope this is nothing a few drinks can't solve. all right? let's hope they can open some affordable wine, not upset the taxpayers. >> it's got to be a nice dinner. when the president calls, you go and with an open mind, but i say caution. >> i agree. you've got to open with a big cocktail. >> that's right. all right. thanks to both. and now to the big dig. right now, major winter storm is
11:37 pm
bearing down on the east coast, which is why you've got to give some of those guys in washington credit. at least they're going to a dinner. a lot of people aren't going anywhere in d.c. the storm is targeting the mid-atlantic and northeast. virginia has been hit the hardest. some areas could get up to 20 inches. snow covered roads and highways are littered with cars and trucks. these are pretty amazing pictures to see places like virginia in march. the wet, heavy snow is also blamed for massive power outages. mostly in central and western virginia. in the northeast, as you can see, the storm's about to bear down on those reeling from sandy. the high tide could be significant and because of the storm, the federal government announced it isn't going to be open for business today. that's right. that's what i said. going to din we are the president, at least you're doing something. unlike a lot of people in washington. as tom foreman reports, that day of break for washington could
11:38 pm
add up to millions of dollars in lost productivity for taxpayers. >> reporter: first came snow-pocalips and perhaps the worst storm d.c. has ever seen in march. snow-quester. >> up to a foot of snow. >> the nation's capital in the crosshairs. >> reporter: only it didn't turn out that way. storm that was supposed to cripple washington -- >> stay off the streets. krp -- instead just made it limp a little with a lot of cold, with wet rain. >> i saw the snow and i was thinking it was a lot worse than it really was. >> reporter: nonetheless, dozens of flights cancel. federal offices threw up the shutters. from the education department to the irs to the fbi. congress met but postponed a hearing on homeland security. the white house even called off the daily press briefing. hard to tell if reporters enjoyed the break or not. it's also hard to say how much all this costs. well over 2 million federal employees nationwide with the biggest concentration in d.c., so millions of dollars were
11:39 pm
likely paid for people to stay away from the office. and again, during a big blizzard in 2010, about a third of federal employees worked from home. there are positive sides to this. for example, the commute is much easier with no one out here on the roads. and make no mistake. just beyond the city limits, the storm did rage. but for one day in this seat of world power -- >> the most powerful person here is the weather man. >> reporter: -- and the big storm was more bark than bite. >> i love the lassie. tom, all right. but here's the question. a lot of the federal workers live in the suburbs. with the snow hitting harder. does that mean day two, another day off tomorrow? >> reporter: well, you know what? they thought that we were all going to get completely pounded here. it's kind of a fluke, but d.c. itself, there's just nothing here. if there wasn't for all these forecasts, you'd think it was just a rainy day. that's it.
11:40 pm
but you're right. a lot of people did get hit harder, but we didn't see massive road closures or power outages. that affect many hundreds of thousands of people. that didn't happen here. so in all likelihood tomorrow morning, business as usual. the government can get back to its regular dysfunction, not this special dysfunction we've seen today. >> i mean, the disappointment of seeing you in the lovely cnn jacket and no horrible weather, not coming down, it's not right. i have to congratulate you, tom. >> reporter: i have my skills. >> the fact checking paid off. con garage lats on the prize for fact checking political messages. it was really well deserved. >> reporter: thank you. i enjoyed fact checking with you at the convention. >> yes. we had a lot of fun. still to come, some people say that comment was racist. the director of the world's most famous ballet attacked with
11:41 pm
acid. police have the suspect in custody tonight. amazing. see the grille? mm-hmm. let me show you how it works. it opens and closes like this to help you conserve fuel. oh. is that an s.o.s. signal? no, that's the aero grille shutters demonstration. we do it all the time. [ male announcer ] chevy. mpg ingenuity. now get this great sign & drive lease on a 2013 chevy malibu ls for around $233 a month. (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade.
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and we're back with our outer circle. we reach out to sources around the world tonight. we go to moscow. a dancer from the bolshoi ballet has confessed to plotting an acid attack that injured the company's director. the dancer and two others are under arrest. i asked our phil black in moscow if authorities have figured out why they did it. >> there's only been a small clue from russian police. they say the dancer and the artistic director of the bolshoi had what they described as a hostile working relationship. not a huge surprise given the bolshoi's longstanding reputation for powerful rivalries and animosities and the fact sergei filin has always maintained he believed it was a colleague, probably even a dancer, who was responsible for trying to use violence to drive him from his position.
11:46 pm
while the police are not giving away details just yet, the russian public are engaging in a lot of speculation and the most popular theorys center on the dancer's frustration of lack of progress of his career or his girlfriend's career. it is possible we'll learn more when pavel dmitrichenko appears in a court on thursday. now president obama is lazy. explosive comments of fox news chief roger ailes. "vanity fair" released an excerpt of his book referring to a comment of ann romney. obama's the one who never worked a day in his life. he never earned a penny that wasn't from a fund-raiser. he's lazy. but the media won't report that. obama said that to barbara walters. all right. he did. i'll get to that in a moment. are those comments racially charged or just frank talk? michael medved and van jones. van, racial?
11:47 pm
>> very. very. first of all, i just want to say i worked with this president, i worked for him. i know not only the quantity of the work but the quality of the work. you don't have to be in the white house to see he works hard. look at his hair. this guy goes in the white house looking like tiger woods and comes out looking like morgan freeman. he is working himself to the bone. why accused of being lazy? why lazy? that is one of the things that is a standard thing said of african-american men. we are saying the president of the united states is a shiftless negro and wrong on the facts. >> michael, i know you think that people should have the right to say what they want. why do you believe the comment is not racist? >> i believe it is stupid and wrong. van jones is right. the spth hard working. where the comment is correct and where the comment is not racist
11:48 pm
at all is this is a president who doesn't do governance. he does politics. concentrated on that and worked very, very hard at politics, doing rallies and fund-raisers. what he hasn't worked hard at is making the compromises that maybe will begin tonight at dinner having some republicans over. look. the truth of the matter is, all of our recent presidents, whether it's bill clinton or george w. bush, george w. bush was called responsible for 9/11, he was called a traitor, a deserter, called retarded. he was called every name in the book. he was compared to hitler. was that racist? >> it's interesting about george w. bush is -- >> what's that? >> i didn't mean to interrupt. good friend. i love you. we go back a long ways. the one thing about george w. bush, he was gone away for a total of four months, almost every year. he was called a lot of things. he wasn't called racist. this president gone for a total of ten weeks in the first term --
11:49 pm
>> by the way, van? to correct you, to correct you -- hold on. the top grossing documentary movie of all time "fahrenheit 451" and starts out with moore accusing george w. bush of being lazy. >> this is become a right-wing article of faith that he's lazy. they say he golfs all the time. >> no, it hasn't. >> john sununu said it. >> that would be the president that said this. here it is. >> what's the trait you most deplore in yourself and the trait you most deplore in others? >> laziness. >> you're lazy? >> you know, it is interesting. there is a deep down underneath all the work i do, i think there's a laziness in me. >> he's the one who said it. so maybe that's the way of saying you can call -- it's not a racist thing to say.
11:50 pm
>> it's an in culture joke from hawaii and this is become an article -- >> because of the aloha lifestyle? >> listen. michael, you have to respond to this. this has become an article of faith among conservatives. i hear conservatives say he just sits around and golfs. hold on a second. he golfed 104 rounds in the first term. eisenhower golfed four times as much. never called lazy. boehner himself golfs four times as much and he says 100 rounds of golf a year. nobody calls him lazy. why is that? i hear this all the time from conservatives. >> the point is that people attack president bush's lazy. they have attacked john boehner as -- >> lazy? >> he's accused of -- >> in the tanning bed all the time.
11:51 pm
>> can you attack president obama for his complexion? end of the world. >> oh. >> we have a first-ever african-american president and works hard and i wish he were lazier and not working so hard to transform the country. >> i'm going to tell you -- >> final word, van. >> you said he's not worked hard to reach out. he put the grand bargain on the table two years ago. he is reaching out and reaching out. and glad he's doing it tonight. maybe the republicans will reach back out to him. this is not a lazy president. >> we agree it's good if they make a deal. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you, van. i appreciate it. now, this is huge news. just a few days after a drone-like ufo spotted at jfk airport by an italian pilot, another u 23o sighting by russell crowe. the award winning actor posted this video on youtube.
11:52 pm
did that just appear? whoa! whoa! according to the actor, the time lapse rid owe showed a ufo in australia. crowe grows a list of celebrities that see ufos. and that brings us to tonight's number. 500. according to moveon, largest research organization of the world for ufos, the's 500 sightings in the world every month. every month. but before you get too excited. something we first reported on june 5th last year. about 95% of all reported ufos are art, planets, meteorological phenomenon or maybe a light-up light sticks that russell crowe's appear to be and does leave about 5% unexplained. as i said in june and again now, the truth is out there. taylor swift says tina fey is sexist. does the charge add up? ♪
11:53 pm
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see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to taylor swift thinks tina fey is sexist. they made this joke in the golden globes.
11:57 pm
>> taylor swift, you stay away from michael j. fox's son. >> or go for it. or go for it. >> no. she needs some me-time to learn about herself. >> taylor responded swiftly saying for a female to write about her feelings and then be portrayed as a clingy insane desperate girlfriend is frankly a little sexist. the truth is swift given many interviews performing a song on "saturday night live" about the dating history and many of the biggest hits are about past relationships. taylor was offended and said, quote, you know, katie couric said to me she heard a quote saying there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women. as sheryl sandberg notes in a book called "lean in" that's from former secretary of state albright. women helping women because of their gender is sexist, too.
11:58 pm
and taylor should remember when they make fun of someone, it's proof you gave them fodder and you're talented and in the public dialogue and where taylor swift wants to be. "piers morgan tonight" is next. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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