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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 1, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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easter. >> who came up with that one? it must have been the guys. it was not the women. >> i guess this is supposed to bring in the spring season showing their strength. >> i'm going to go down do the newsroom and do now that. >> see how that goes over. >> just to celebrate my slovakian ancestry. not that i don't love spending time with you, but we'll do it again tomorrow. you carry on working. bye. who's killing prosecutors in texas? police, the texas rangers and the fbi are all trying to find out after a district attorney and his wife are shot down in their home, assassinated just two months after the assistant d.a. in the same county was killed. brand-new video of kevin ware,
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up and around, just one day after the horrendous injury on the basketball court. find out his prognosis and what louisville players are doing to honor him today. and in the age of american idol and real housewives, who would think a show about the bible would create so much buzz, we're going to look at the history channel's surprise hit. this is cnn newsroom. a texas community is now on edge. there's a massive man hunt that is underway, authorities are on high alert after a second prosecutor is killed within two months. kaufman county d.a.m mccullen and his wife cynthia were shoot to death in their homes, this is just two months after an assistant da was gunned down in broad daylight. after his colleague was killed outside the courthouse in january, mccullen vowed to put away the people responsible. here's what he said at the time. >> i hope that the people that
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did this are watching because we're very confident that we're going to find you, we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, anything that you people can do to accelerate our getting our hands on this scum, will be appreciated. >> the guy you have seen there, he has just been murdered. the george howell who's joinings us live from kaufman, texas that's just east of dallas. first of all, it is uncanny when you see this. i imagine there's quite a bit of nervousness on the part of law enforcement there when you've
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got a d.a. and an assistant d.a. gunned down within two months of each other. >> reporter: people are uneasy, people are on edge, people are scared, fearful. given the fact that you have two prosecutors killed in the span of two months and you have people asking is there a connection, is there a link? and when you talk about these two men, mcclelland and his wife, they're not making any connection between this murder and what happened two months ago with mr. hasse. again when you talk to public firms, we talked to a few public fi officials. these two prosecutors worked on very similar cases and they believe these two hits may have been revenge hits. you talk to people on the streets, suzanne, they tell me one and one seem to add to two. this just seems to be connected, but again, investigators are not making that connection at this point. >> you say the people they went
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after, the cases they prosecuted are very similar. who did they go after? i mean do we know anything about who might be seeking revenge? >> reporter: and again, what we're hearing from investigators, we're not hearing much, so not getting any indication from investigators but people have brought up this concept about the arian brotherhood here in texas and here's the thing with that. back in december, suzanne, the texas developmepartment of publ safety put out a bulletin stating they had credible information that the arian brotherhood would actively target law enforcement. so that question came up after mr. hasse's death and mr. mcclelland at the time said that anything looking into that would be merely just speculation, the question has come up again, but investigators are not saying whether that could mbe connecte. fair to presume that they're looking at all angles in this case to find the alleged killer
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or killers. >> as mentioned, you have two prosecutors shot and killed within a two month period. investigators are trying to figure out if they are connected. i want to bring in someone who knows what it's like clearly to dale with dangerous defendants. christopher triko, he's the attorney of oklahoma bomber timothy mcveigh. do you think this is a coincidence? more than a coincidence? how two you assess this? >> use sang, i can only remember the last 25 years four or five prosecutors being targeted, these two including. it's such a rare event and to have two random acts of violence on prosecutors in a community as small as kauffman, texas. i don't know how to square that so i don't know how we can turn a blind eye as to whether these
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two are linked and tied to the same case. we'll see how it goes, but i don't know how you cannot finds that link. >> if you look at the kinds of cases they prosecuted in leading you to possible suspects here, people who might have a motive for revenge. >> that's the first place to look is what cases have been prosecuted in the last year, two years to see if you can find that link. you know, what we do, suzanne, in the criminal law field, we're exposing raw nerves every stay in our courtrooms and this is as high powered as it gets with respect to the emotion that's going on inside of a courtroom, both from a prosecutor's side and from the criminal defense attorney's size. that's where we need to look to find this because that's probably where this link is going to be. >> you arrested a guy who a lot of people didn't like, timothy mcveigh, did you ever feel like there was a need for security
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for your own security, did you ever feel like someone that was representing somebody like that could make you a target? >> when i got appointed to that case, i took extra security measures in my house, i went to houston and i was leaving for denver for about seven or eight months. i did some things at home to ensure that my family was safe. and i'm happy that the entire time that i represented tim mcveigh, not one time did anyone ever then me in any form or fashion or my family. and it's testament to our belief in your system, that i didn't get threatened, that doesn't mean it won't happen, it has happened in other cases. but it's a testament that we all understand that the prosecutor and the defense has a job to dw and we didn't buy the problems that we're litigating. >> do you think there could be a chilling effect on prosecutors i mean people who take on these cases and they're representing some pretty rough guys and these people are gunned down? >> well, it's going to have an
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immediate impact, i know in harris county, our brand-new d.a. and his family was given 24-hour security yesterday by the harris county sheriff's department to ensure his safety and i think it's going to cause everyone in the short-term here to be a little bit more vigilant and to look around a little bit more and to pay attention on what's going on around you. but it's not going to stop the justice system from moving forward both from a prosecutor's side or from a defense attorney's side. >> thank you very much. he is accused of opening fire in the colorado theater in july, you'll recall. now prosecutors say they're going to seek the death penalty for james holmes. last week defense attorneys for holmes offered to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding a death sentence. but the district attorney says, quote in this case, justice is death. holmes is charged with 166 counts of murder and attempted murder. 12 people died, 58 would bed in
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theater shooting, holmes' trial date now set for august 6. what was caught on camera was actually a hoax. police release this surveillance video that shows a couple, they're walking near, this is new york city park, seconds later, there's a man in a mask, races around the corner after them, followed by another person with a plastic bag over his head according to our affiliate, wabc, witnesses say they saw someone force the woman into a minivan and speed away. now they say it was all ahoax among friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. now the hunt is on for the killer of a college athlete. 19-year-old jacob was home on spring break visiting family when he was shot outside his home early saturday morning. investigators believe the gunman mistook him for a gang member while he was an honor student and a star player on his
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school's football team. here's what we're working on as well for this hour. so if you like to tweet on the job, yeah, you probably do. we have some good news for you and your boss. turns out that using social media at work might actually make you a better worker. and what is it about jodi arias that the country is so transfixed by. we're going to take a look at this obsession, how far some people willing to get a glimpse, just a glimpse of the trial. and somber moment on baseball's opening day. derek jeter talked to cnn about what the new york yankees will do to honor the victims of the newtown school massacre. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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shaq 1, pain 0. [ male announcer ] new icy hot advanced patch with 50% more medicine. pain over. even though it's a holiday for some, markets are open here in the u.s. things looking a little bit slower because there was no european p trading so you see the dow down by eight points or so. it was however really strong the first quarter for markets here, but the next big test, that's going to come on friday, that is where you're going to see the monthly jobs report coming out. we're going to keep our eye on that. but the dow down about nine points now. big question, if you are banned from using facebook, twitter, social media at work. a lot of people say you should not do it.
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but there's a new study that actually has some surprising findings. laura seagal is joining us from new york. is this a good thing? a bad thing? >> we can tweet each other more, suzanne. >> i'll tweet it out. >> essentially the study found that in the past people have said social media, digital, that's a distraction and that found the pleat opposite. it was a university of warwick study and they went and they actually followed a big european company for two years as they integrated digital and facebook and skype and they found that actually it was very helpful for the business, it helped employees be more connected it helped people connect to customers, helped them close deals and it helped them attract young talent. because a lot of the people in the workforce, they're young and digitally savvy young people so they were able to attract those people. this is kind of saying that the modern day workforce is going to
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look very different and digital will be a part of it. >> for some it could be distracking and for others i would could really help you. >> you spoke to bill gates recently about social media at work? >> i asked him because this huge proponent of digital at the workplace. and he talks a lot about this. listen to what he had to say to me, suzanne. >> a lot of jobs require face to face collaboration, but if you've got development centers all over the world, you've got a sales force that's out with the customers, the fact that tools like skype and digital collaboration are letting people work better at a distance, that is a wonderful thing and there's just more and more of that flexibility. >> so suzanne, you might remember ban banning from working at home. we have a changing workforce and there's the flexibility and
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there's no longer the 9:00 to 5:00. >> you can tweet us to suzanne@cnn tweet away. we have been talking about the housing market starting to come back the live of course, now there's also some new tax breaks out there that could actually help homeowners. christine romans is going to walk us through it. >> reporter: your home can sometimes be a money pit. but come april 15, your daily shelter could become your tax shelter, first you could deduct mortgage interest. it's the third most valuable tax break in the country, worth nearly $100 billion a year. >> when you're looking at your house for deduction, the biggest chunk is on the interest you're paying for your mortgage. >> there is a -- 1 first 1 million on a debt is tax deductible and your primary resz denlt and your secondary residence combined. >> state and local property taxes, but if you lost money when you sold your house, too bad. >> unfortunately, you can't
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deduct the loss on the sale of a personal residence, however the irs would want to tax the gain. >> the first $250,000 of that gain if you're single and $500,000 if you're married. >> your basis, your original cost plus any closing costs, legal fees and of course any improvements that you may have made throughout the course of the ownership of that home. >> so like everything in taxes, keep good records. >> good records are also key if you're taking a home office deduction, figure out how many square footage you use for deductions and deduct that much for expenses. >> if you have an office somewhere else and you're working at home a lot, can you deduct those expenses? >> the home office has to be for
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the convenience of the employer. >> for a maximum of $1,500. >> they simplified it with no questions asked so there's no risk of being audited if you're eligible. >> two more tax goodies hiding in your house. certain energy efficient improvements can knock 500 bucks off your taxes although that's down from 1,500 in 2011. and if you move more than 50 miles for a job, you can deduct those expenses too. >> christine romans, cnn, new york. >> just the shocked faces of the teammates, it really says it all. up next the latest diagnosis for the louisville basketball team member kevin ware and what louisville is actually doing today to actually honor him. everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others.
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by now you've probably seen or heard about what happened yesterday to basketball player kevin ware, the louisville player who broke his leg during the ncaa regional final in minneapolis. and he was trying to block a shot, you see when it happened,
10:22 am
it was so bad, you know, we are blurring it so you don't actually see it. it was pretty awful. but just take a look at the reaction from the bench, the guys who were with them. they were just one guy fell to his knees, somebody was crying, and i mean it was just so disturbing. what is good, however, is that we do have some good news here today, if you take a look, there he is. he looks like he might be able to come home for the final four in atlanta. there's here next weekend. we certainly hope and wish him a good recovery. he had are two-hour surgery to reset his leg. you see he's on crutches now. but without nerve damage or complications, he should be able to go back on the court in about six months. so carlos diaz joins us, do you think he can? >> i think six months is ambitious. >> it's ambitious?
10:23 am
>> there are this louisville football player michael busch suffered the same kind of injury during his last few years at louisville. he sat out his senior year, sat out his next year at oakland and had a productive nfl career. so michael has proved that it can happen. six months i think is ambitious, they do want to get him back on the bench for this weekend's game here in atlanta against wichita state, they're going to be using him basically as an inspirational tool because the game was tied against duke and he goes down with that injury and they came out on fire in the second half. and they actually blew out the blue devils. and kevin is from here, he's from atlanta, so it's one of these things that it's a great story for a great team by the way, he's the number one seed and they're expected to win it all come this weekend. >> tell us about his team, the reaction from his team. because it was pretty extraordinary. >> you couldn't have put him closer to the bench. he jumps up to block a shot.
10:24 am
he breaks both bones in his legs and it's a compound fracture and then turns and shows an exposed bone coming out of his skin, rick bettino, the coach, physically tears up. several players crying, duke coach mike krzyzewski, hay, can we have these guys warm up, when he was being moved off the court. there was no thumbs up. he was baseball out at that time. he was telling his teammates, don't worry about me, win the game over and over again. >> everybody was reacting to it it was just extraordinary. >> it was a complete freak accident and the thing is too, joe theismann who suffered the same kind of horrific injury to his leg on monday night football, he tweeted out watching duke-louisville, he
10:25 am
actually texted kevin ware, and apparently called him as well. michael busch has called him as well. a lot of athletes are reaching out to kevin ware and he's getting that kind of support and you better believe he'll get support from the university. they'll want him back on the court, use him as a motivational tool and rick bettino saying we take care of our players. >> tell us where we are in march madness. i picked none of these teams to be in the final four. that's what i know. you've got louisville, wichita state, that's the early game coming up this saturday at 6:00, here in atlanta. then michigan against syracuse at 8:49. that's a marquee matchup of two teams, that have batled in the past, we could have a beautif louisville-syracuse matchup in the last game.
10:26 am
because i'm a big ten guy. so we have my last big ten team is in. my iu hoosiers. michigan state, so we got michigan state is the last team in. >> mike, you're turning red. i'm a louisville fan, so i'm still in for louisville. we'll see you tomorrow. here's the story you're going to actually have to see to believe. this is a guy who drives more than ten feet into the wal-mart, jumps out, starts attacking people. we're going to tell you how this all ended. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ]
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this is a man who's under arrest after police say he targeted a walmart, the car smashing through the front doors of the store, slams into a beer display. one witness says he almost ran me over. nick valencia is live with some of the details. how did that happen? was it a mistake? was it an accident? >> witnesses say it appeared to be intentional. it all began yesterday morning at about 11:00 a.m. at that san jose walmart. the suspect, 33 year hamid zaid plowed around the parking lot. he could have been going as fast as 40 miles an hour. suzanne, this is where it gets really bizarre. police say he got out of the car, picked up a blunt object in the store and began attacking customers. as you can imagine, it was a very scary scene for those inside.
10:31 am
>> he almost ran me over and some guy picked my bike up and it hit the back of his car and he was going inside the front door. i mean he was in there to hurt people, you know. >> there was about 70 people inside the store, now they played an instrumental role in subduing the suspect. police when they arrived, they didn't have to use force, he was already tied up by dust hers. he's being held in a santa clara county jail and he's being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. >> is he connected to the store in any way? was there a motive? >> we talked to the police in san jose, and they were very limited with the details they gave us, so far they haven't released a clear motive. just a business saturday -- they said this appeared to be intentional, that he made a couple of efforts until he
10:32 am
finally drove about 40 feet into that walmart and was stopped only by the beer display. >> bizarre, nick, thank you very much. appreciate it. a lot of people have been watching it, jodi arias murder trial. starting back up tomorrow. and a lot of folks are addicted to this. and on the stand, 32-year-old, you know, there she is, and people are just captivated across the country about the riveting murder and what is behind it? and folks are dropping just about everything just to get a glimpse of her in person. so, what is it about her that fascinates folks? ted rollins, he's got that part of the story. >> to linda kur, a direct mail production manager in washington, d.c. is hooked on the jodi arias trial. >> i'm addicted, i get home and i immediately turn my tv on, i turn my computer on. >> reporter: thousands of people across the country are watching this trial, some are even showing up at the courthouse in
10:33 am
phoenix, like kimberly mcdonald who says she passed on a trip no hawaii to see arias in person. >> i asked if he could instead take a road trip down here and get a ticket into the courtroom. >> this woman dragged her husband into the courtroom. >> why do they watch? >> think it's just the manner of death, it's the whole toxic relationship between the two. it's the two mormon faith. >> and then there's of course the graphic testimony. >> he's somebody that you cannot stay away from sexually, right? >> yes. >> nude photos, even phone sex. >> no one would ever believe they would record all these tapes sexually and the pictures. >> it is graphic and quite frankly i tweeted about that, i said i needed to take a shower after i heard some of it. >> reporter: ratings are way up for cnn's sister network hln,
10:34 am
providing expert analysis. >> it's the attractive of the defendant, it's the salacio salaciousness of the testimony. >> orenthal james simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder. >> there were three o.j. simple son trials, michael jackson, scott peterson and most recently casey anthony. >> this is a real good one, casey anthony did not have this. >> casey anthony did have a dramatic ending, being found not guilty which, sent some trial watchers into his derricks. >> the verdict in this case is expected at some point later this month, when it does come, thousands, make that hundreds of thousands of people, like trulinda kerr tuning in to find out what happens. this is one of the biggest cheating scandals to hit the
10:35 am
country's public schools ever. 35 atlanta educate fors are now indicted on corruption and -- they are accused of changing or falsifying answers on standardized tests, the alleged cheating actually goes back as far as 2001. among those faces charging is former superintendent elizabeth paul. paul denies any involvement in the cheating scandal. is swung other than conrad murray do blame for michael jackson's death? is singer's mother and children, well, they think so and they're headed to court to prove it. plus new technology and some old-fashioned team work open up easter egg hunts to kids who can't see. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance
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it's the largest annual
10:39 am
event at the white house. i love it. 30,000 people actually participate in this. it is the easter eggs, yep, easter egg day, making a special appearance there at the white house with the first family. you see he's actually being escorted down the stairs, so he doesn't trip and fall. there's a lot that goes on, clearly, they read stories, they run around, they have little games. and the first family, the first lady in particular, michelle, she's always talking about promoting healthy lifestyle and healthy eating and urging kids to be really active. so that's part of the theme as well. and children living with disabilities, they're not always able to participate in some easter egg hunts, but one group, they're actually trying to change that, so military and bomb technicians are actually using their skills to make eggs that beep. pretty school stuff. barbara starr, she's got the story. >> max, i hear the easter egg,
10:40 am
where is it? go find it. >> reporter: 8-year-old max has plenty of challenges beyond his blindne blindness. his mother jenny cheers him on when he located the beeping easter egg. for visually impaired children, an easter egg hunt usually means sitting on the side. but at this suburban virginia home a motion unusual group is hoping to bring some spring cheer to the kids. easter eggs are being assembled by military and police bomb techs a battery, a beeper and a plastic egg is all it takes. >> you know these devices that make a sound so that visually impaired children can locate them. >> reporter: iraq veteran and navy commander and his buddies have put hundreds of dollars into the effort. don noah of the virginia beach police bomb squad started much of the effort three years ago. >> after the first or second
10:41 am
year, i started getting phone calls from as far west as texas, as far south as alabama, as far north as massachusetts. all seeking information about how to build the eggs, or how to obtain them. >> i look at this table, and to me, it looks like you should pardon the expression, an ied factory. >> it's basically taking that was meant for evil and turning it to good. >> each person around this table has probably lost somebody or known somebody or been affected by someone who's been affected by iud, to be able to use your skill set in a positive way is always a good thing. >> reporter: it's all about children that can't see well enough to hunt easter eggs. >> i think that if they participated in a regular easter egg hunt, they probably would not get any easter eggs at all and then they would be very sad. >> hung and his friends have
10:42 am
started a nonprofit charity in hopes of raising enough money to build the beeping easter eggs every year and send them to easter egg hunts around the country. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. so was a concert promoter responsible for michael jackson's death? that is what the singer's mother and three children say, their case is going to go to court. that is happening this week and we're going to have a preview. up next. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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the late michael jackson's family heads to court tomorrow. now they are suing the concert promoter who was supposed to be responsible for jackson's come back. here's a preview. >> this is it. and see you in july. >> reporter: it was billed as michael jackson's 2009 come back tour. this is it. at 50, jackson was in the last weeks of rehearsal before his death from an over dose of anesthetics. dr. conrad murray was charged with giving him the fatal dose of propofol. a wrongful death lawsuit is set to begin on tuesday. the pop icon's mother and his children are suing concert promoter aeg live.
10:46 am
>> what do you think as his mother caused his death? >> i don't know. all i know is they used propofol, and that's all i know. >> the lawsuit contends that it hired and supervised dr. con trat murray. >> the gist of the plaintiff's claim of aeg is that you controlled dr. murray and you used your control over dr. murray to pressure him into taking unnecessary and excessive risk with his patient michael jackson leading to michael jackson's death. >> aeg live dismisses the claim and says jackson chose murray as his personal doctor and jackson, not aeg live paid and supervised him. >> there was never a contract. if you look at the draft explicitly, that he was chosen by michael jackson, to be there
10:47 am
at michael jackson's behest. that he would care for michael jackson alone, it was only being done because michael jackson asked for it. michael jackson was the only person that could get rid of him at will. >> we me hear for the first time from michael jackson's oldest children. 16-year-old prince michael and 15-year-old paris who are expected to testify about jackson's last days along with his mother. the prosecutors want to call murray as a witness, but he says he would plead the fifth in order. >> his silence may be deafening in the sense that the jury may conclude from his silence that maybe there's something to hide. >> the trial is expected to last at least two months. what's at take for katherine and the king of pop's three children? billions of dollars in lost earnings they argue jackson would have made from the this is it come back tour and other future projects.
10:48 am
and conrad murray, he is telling his side of the story in his first ever tv interview from jail. this is an anderson cooper exclusive. this is tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern. you're not going to want to miss that. and the crucifixion of g jesus, many couldn't even hold back the tears. de for people wi. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain.t. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step.
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this is the history channel. the epic miniseries "the bible" wrapping up five weeks last night. check it out. >> you claim to be your king. you must decide. >> this is a series that attracted more than 10 million viewers for each show. nischelle turner joins us. tell us about the series. why was this so madly successful? >> well, first of all, suzanne, you can count me in as one of those 10 million viewers because i was there all five weeks watching it. it was just great television. you know, it has been referred to as the greatest story ever told and for the history channel, this miniseries, "the bible" turned into one of the most popular shows they ever aired. last night's finale had a graphic representation of the crucifixion of jesus christ. twitter lit up with comments about how the last episode was
10:52 am
just so moving, people were having really emotional, visceral reactions and there were comments about people being reduced to tears. you saw that over and over again last night. i was monitoring. and the whole series was a ratings windfall for the history channel. they brought in more than 10 million people an episode. and listen to this, more than 3 million of those viewers were between the ages of 18 to 49. that's a big get for them. and, you know, we don't have last night's numbers yet, but you can expect to see the biggest ratings of the series with the finale because it fell on easter sunday. now, not all the twitter chat was serious. yes, we got to give you a little bit of this too. diego morgado developed this devoted following of his own. he's become the focus of an -- i can't believe i'm saying this, the hot jesus hash tag. if you're a fan of it and want to catch up, you can get a dvd of the series available now on history channel's website. i expect that will do pretty
10:53 am
good. >> i will. i will get the dvd. i missed it. i got to see it. yes, okay. hot jesus as well. all right. nischelle, thank you. >> all right. okay. >> appreciate it. yankee star derek jeter talks to cnn about why it is important for his baseball team to honor the victims of newtown on his opening day. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way.
10:54 am
we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it.
10:55 am
so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. as we celebrate opening day, 2013 season -- >> it is opening day for most of
10:56 am
the major league baseball teams. and the yankees and the boston red sox got together to dedicate the game to the victims of newtown. the players wore ribbons on their uniforms. the very first game of the season was played yesterday. it was a curtain raiser between the houston astros and texas rangers. the astros are now member of the american league. new york yankees captain derek jeter starts the season off on the disabled list. yep. he sat down with cnn's sports anchor rachel nickels in for a wide ranging interview including future of being a possible team owner. >> reporter: you called the mother of one of the teachers, 27-year-old who was protected her kids, was killed in sandy hook. what made you decide to pick up the phone and make that call? >> i didn't do that for any intention of doing it. i just understood that a big yankees fan, the mother was a big yankee fan. i did it.
10:57 am
i thought it would -- just to reach out and say, what a hero her daughter truly was because, you know, i think sometimes people use that term kind of loosely and say this person is a hero, that person is a hero. you speak about a true hero there. it is an unfortunate incident. i don't have children of my own. i have younger sister. i have a nephew. and i can't sit here and tell you how it would feel. but just -- it is unimaginable to think what those families were going through. a horrific incident like that and not knowing, you know, going to the school and not knowing whether your kids were safe. it is something that -- it is just mind boggling to think about it. >> reporter: the start of opening day on the dl because of your ankle. what is going through your head? >> it is going to be odd. it is disappointing for me because, you know, i feel as though it is my job to be ready for opening day. but it just didn't happen. i ran out of time to get ready.
10:58 am
>> reporter: what's different as you're 38 years old from when you were 22 years old? >> you spend much more time getting ready to play. when you're younger, you just show up 30 minutes before, don't even have to stretch, you go out there and play and move around. now you get up at night, got to stretch before you get out of bed. it is a lot more difficult, you spend much more time at the stadium. >> what about out there, what are you better at now than you were at 22, 23 years old? >> answering questions from you. a lot of people don't realize, i've been answering your questions for years. >> reporter: you've been doing old. since you were 22, 23 years >> working together for a long time. >> reporter: second act for you, anything else you want to accomplish? >> really want to win again. i hear from m.j. all the time. he won six times, we won five. he's always bragging he's got more. it would be fun to have just as many as all your friends. >> reporter: you played baseball or thought about baseball or been preparing for baseball every day of your life, probably as long as you can remember in
10:59 am
one way or another. what is scary about the idea of not being in the game whenever down the road it does happen? >> pretty sure i'll be involved in the game in some facet. i want to own a team one day. that's my next goal. >> reporter: you think the yankees are for sale? you could buy this team. >> too expensive. unless you give me some of your money. >> reporter: would be you like george as an owner, the yelling, the firing? >> i don't know. i have to hire people. so i don't want to tell you how bad i'm going to be before i hire anyone. >> love that interview. in australia, a thief makes a quick getaway until a glass door gets in the way. and, of course, he -- he goes through the mall security video, he snatches this woman's purse, and then runs through the glass, yeah, the glass door, glasgows flying everywhere. he collapses. but he was able to still get up, and get away. he had an accomplice with him.