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tv   Starting Point  CNN  April 2, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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for both economic and military reasons. this morning, how the u.s. is responding. new details in the murder of a texas d.a. and his wife. where investigators think the clues are leading them, even as security is stepped up for every prosecutor in the state. and hear about this coach yet? remember the cinderella team all the way to the sweet 16? but florida gulf coast university's coach andy enfield will now call a new school home. >> cha-ching. >> uh-huh. >> plus jay leno, jimmy fallon address their alleged late-night feud in song. a tonight show duet in its entirety, coming up. it is tuesday, april 2nd. and "starting point" begins right now. great to see everyone. our "starting point" this morning, new threats by north korea that could lead to more and stronger nuclear weapons for that country.
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this propaganda video has been playing on state tv there, showing soldiers shooting at paper targets of american soldiers. that as pyongyang announcing this morning it plans to restart the nuclear power complex in yongbyon that's been idle for six years. they're going to use it for economic and military reasons, they say. barbara starr joins us live from the pentagon with the latest on these developments. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, john. well, there are more military moves by the united states to challenge any north korean provocation. but still, a lot of questions about what exactly is north korea up to. the u.s. navy is moving a warship closer to the north korean coastline. it's also sending this ocean-going radar. the worry, north korea may be planning more ballistic missile test launches. u.s. officials say this missile might be fired in the coming weeks, with a 2500-mile range,
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it threatens south korea, japan, and southeast asia. if fired and headed for land, the navy ship would then try to shoot it down. the ship along with two f-22 fighter jets and b-2 bombers are washington's latest moves on the chess board to challenge a north korean provocation. the u.s. strategy -- >> it's about showing the south koreans and our friends in the region that we are ready to protect them. in the face of any threats. >> reporter: there are new images of kim jong-un looking ready for war. but is that his goal? >> i would reiterate that we haven't seen action to back up the rhetoric in the sense that we haven't seen significant changes, as i said, in the north in terms of mobilizations or repositioning of forces. >> reporter: but analysts say that's small comfort. >> this new leadership that's
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very unpredictable that will fire off a missile then at the same time sit down with dennis rodman and say that he wants obama to call him. >> reporter: victor cha says north korea's recent successful missile and nuclear tests play, perhaps, into the regime's ultimate goal, to not give up its weapons crown jewels. >> you can't put it past them the idea that they are also trying to establish a new equilibrium at which they are accepted as a nuclear weapons state. >> and that underground nuclear test might have been more advanced than initially thought. analysts say there were very few emissions, radioactive emissions from that test which is an indication that north koreans succeeded in burying it deep underground, shielding it, doing everything they could to keep the united states from figuring out what was going on. john? >> obviously, barbara, one of the concerns with this young leader is the possibility of flexing the country's nuclear might. the other question i had, though, what about the possibility of them selling, you
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know, nuclear bombs to -- to terrorists? >> well, you know, it's always possible. and that would be a concern. and for the north koreans, that would give them what they need most, which is cash. so they like to sell everything they can. one can only suspect that the u.s. intelligence community, satellites watch north korean ports and shipping very carefully. we know that they do. so getting any of that material out of north korea might be very problematic. but still it might be very tempting for the north koreans to look for a cash sale. >> as you said, no doubt, u.s. intelligence watching this very, very closely. barbara starr at the pentagon. our thanks to you. >> sure. >> this morning we're also following developments out of kaufman county, texas, a procession, and a solemn salute held there last night as the woddies of mike and cynthia mclelland were taken to a local funeral home. a public memorial for the couple is set for thursday. the funeral will be held friday morning.
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meantime, we are learning new information about the crime scene as investigators are combing through evidence in the couple's shooting death. >> also an interim district attorney randy fernandez has been named to lead the 06s while governor rick perry begins the process of finding a permanent replacement. our george howell is live in kaufman county, texas. what's the latest this morning? >> john, good morning. when we talk about kaufman county, texas, we're talking about a close-knit community where neighbors know one another. in fact a lot of people they knew the mclellands, and they want answers in this case. but with no new leads coming from investigators the unanswered questions are taking a toll. just off the town square in kaufman, texas -- >> in the front room, most of the time, and it's a little private area, so they would like him and his wife and some friends, and whatever. >> reporter: lisa hauk and debbie ray say the mclelland's were regulars at the especially for you tea room. they saw mike and cynthia here
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just a few days ago. just days before the county's district attorney and his wife were shot dead in their own home. you heard about what happened. >> it was heartbreaking. just shocking. very shocking. not really soaking it in, i don't think. >> this is a small town. it hits very close to home. people are on edge a little. and afraid for the rest of the city employees. >> reporter: it's the second prosecutor to be killed in two months in kaufman. first assistant d.a. mark hasse gunned down on january 31st and then his boss, d.a. mike mclelland and his wife found dead saturday, shot multiple times. there are many questions, but answers are in short supply. even public officials are taking precautions. >> i'm certainly aware. fear, i don't know that that's
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the right word. but awareness, all of us are cautious now. >> reporter: police say they have no suspects. the motive is unclear, and authorities have not officially said whether the killings of the two prosecutors are connected. but that's what most people here seem to think. >> one and one makes two. you can't keep from connecting these. and so, of course, our concern is what is going to happen next. >> so no new information from investigators, but we do know some information from a search warrant affidavit now. we know that the bodies of the mclellands, they were discovered by friends who were trying to reach them several times during the day. we also know that mclelland spoke to relatives on friday. and we also know that investigators are trying to track down mobile phone records from a cell phone tower that's near the home. they've asked the judge to help them start that process. john? >> looking for some clues of any kind to move this investigation along. george howell live this morning
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in kaufman county, texas. and now a shocker from colorado this morning. the ex-con suspected of killing the state's corrections chief should not have been free. evan ebel was released from prison four years early because of a clerical error. ebel was supposed to serve more time for punching a prison guard. the court papers failed to specify the assault sentence should be consecutive. translation, after the one he was already serving. the mistake has led officials to now review their procedures. >> i am confident that they will fix the problem going forward, and that won't happen again. and i think it's probably worth the effort to go back and make sure that we don't have any other cases out there where this problem has occurred before. >> ebel is also suspected of murdering a pizza delivery deliver last month. he was killed in that shoot-out with police in texas two weeks ago. >> we're going to reaction from a former skinhead and a former member of the aryan nation.
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he'll talk to us about colorado and texas. connecticut lawmakers have reached an agreement on a strict new gun law. christine romans has that. >> new this morning a bipartisan task force of lawmakers agreeing in connecticut on what's being called a major overhaul of that state's gun laws and parents of children killed in the rampage at sandy hook elementary in newtown, they are voicing their support. >> it's our job to make sure it doesn't happen, for our son. >> everybody needs to think about it. and look into their hearts, and try to do what's necessary to make the changes that have to happen. >> the legislation adds more than 100 types of guns to the state's list of banned assault weapons. it limits ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. it requires background checks for all weapon sales and sets safety standards for school buildings. it's expected to pass easily. the national rifle association will offer its own strategy today to prevent gun violence in schools. the quote national school shield program details training
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recommendations for armed school guards, and guidelines for local officials on how to modify ordinances in order to allow the armed guards in school. president obama is expected to talk about gun control tomorrow during a visit to denver. colorado passed tough new gun control measures less than two weeks ago. happy now in south florida. heavy fog shutting down alligator alley. the florida highway patrol closing i-75 due to extremely limited visibility this morning. smog and smoke from brushfires are combining to bring visibility down near zero. president obama taking on the role of a comforter in chief at yesterday's white house easter egg roll. things didn't turn out so well for 5-year-old donovan fraser of scranton, pennsylvania. when the president saw the little guy crying, he walked over, gave him a hug and told him to shake it off. and it worked like a charm. every one of those holidays has candy involved has children crying. have you ever noticed? louisville guard kevin ware up and walking on crutches this
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morning just two days after his gruesome leg injury. ware's mother recalling the conversation she had with her son right after he broke his leg during that victory against duke. >> he didn't say hello. he didn't say anything. all he said was, i need you to calm down, and he kept saying that. and then him saying that it made me do that. i mean, he knew that i would be devastated about what happened. and not, you know, be able to help him in any way. but he was okay and him being okay helped me be okay. >> after visiting his injured player coach rick pitino said kevin was in good spirits and anxious to get out of the hospital. at 8:00 this morning on starting point, former redskins quarterback joe theismann joins us live. back in '85 he suffered a similar gruesome broken leg. we're going to talk to him about what lies ahead for kevin ware. >> they've been texting back and forth. >> thanks so much, christine. more college hoops news. it's good-bye dunk city, hello hollywood.
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coach andy enfield who led the underdog florida gulf coast university eagles to the ncaa sweet 16, he's just been named the new head man at usc. vince joins us from atlanta with more. >> it's interesting. i don't think that andy enfield was on usc's radar just a couple of weeks ago. i'm not sure if they could find florida gulf coast university on a map. it shows you the power of the ncaa tournament. being successful there and taking a number 15 seed with a flashy style of play, with alley-oop dunks running the floor all over great tenacious defense, and turning that into an opportunity, and that's what enfield did, as now usc is going to get their new head coach a reported six-year deal for him. as he is moving as you said. here's a statement from pat hayden the athletic director at usc upon hiring andy enfield and why he reached there to pick him up. he said andy's success this season at florida gulf coast was not a flash in the pan. he has a consistent and proven record of success for more than
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15 years in college and the nba. and that's true. he's a longtime assistant at florida state. and before that, with the milwaukee bucks and the boston celtics in the nba. successful businessman, as well. and he fits the profile. he's 43 years old. has an ex-model wife. beautiful wife, beautiful three little kids. they will fit very well into that whole southern california scene. and his style of play is going to be very appealing for recruits, as well. it's fresh in the minds of players, and those who will compete against him so it's very attractive in all of those aspects. so, off he goes to hollywood. >> dunk city means show time? >> there you go. >> hello, hollywood. >> thank you so much. >> ahead on "starting point" more on one our top stories. talking to a member of the aryan nation about the possible involvement of white supremacists in the murder of two texas prosecutors. >> then the sharks and the jets and now leno and fallon. ♪ tonight tonight who's gonna host tonight ♪
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ó? funeral services will be held friday for a kaufman county district attorney and his wife, gunned down over the weekend. investigators are looking right now at whether white supremacists may be involved. >> and frank meeink is a former skinhead and former member of the aryan nation. he's now left that movement and joins us live from des moines, iowa. frank, good morning. so we have you on. you're very familiar specifically with this group the aryan brotherhood of texas. from what i understand you do think that this was the work of this group. why? >> i do. you know, the aryan brotherhood is trying to relay a message
4:18 am
that they are not only going to get you if you're behind the law, but they're going to get their enemies outside the walls. the indictment that happened a year ago to this group really hurt the aryan brotherhood of texas. they -- when the indictment happened, it didn't just -- this isn't an ideology battle here. this was financial. they took away some of their drug mules, they took away people on the outside who were supplying them. this -- >> so this was over money? >> -- happened it really -- it's financial. it definitely is financial. that's the difference between sometimes what the outside aryan groups and groups that are in the -- behind the walls, is that it's more of a criminal element. we're now seeing the most rawest criminal element of the aryan movement right now. >> you keep referring to inside and outside. in prison and out of prison. how can they execute this kind of operation from behind bars? >> well, they have members that are now getting out.
4:19 am
people that have gotten out over the last couple of years and people that are staying loyal to probably a gang that saved their life once they got into prison. so they still have these guys' loyalty to them. >> how sophisticated are they? >> you know, the sophisticated part is more of the outside groups, more of the internet savvy-type groups. but these guys are good at running con games, running scams, and more of the criminal element of, again, of the movement. so, the sophistication probably running credit card scams, and stuff like that, and is more of a the ariane brotherhood on the outside game of raising money. so -- >> based on what you know about this group, frank, how much -- >> there are also a -- i'm sorry. you know, i don't know. who knows. until they catch you, who is doing this, we -- we do need to look out. you know, we need to try to fix
4:20 am
this problem. you know, we need to start helping, and it sounds kind of crazy. but we need to start helping some of these guys getting out of the penitentiary so their loyalties will start to drop because they're getting jobs and going to what we call a normal life. that's what people did with me and with p.j. and other ex-former guys that have now changed our lives is people showed us empathy and gave us a chance. and, i know it kind of sounds crazy to think, give these people a chance -- >> but that's what's made all the difference. >> it's what you have to do. it is. >> frank meeink thanks to you on a story that's got a lot of people worried down in kaufman county, texas. ahead on "starting point" -- ♪ tonight tonight my ratings were all right ♪ >> jimmy and jay finally addressing their supposed late-night feud, and they're doing in song. you want to hear this. stay with us. any toothbrushes to choose from, my patients don't know which one to use.
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welcome back, everyone. so jimmy fallon versus jay leno. a lot of buzz over who will win the battle to host "the tonight show." >> and a little singing, as well. the two late-night stars may have settled the feud thanks to "west side story." >> hey, jay. >> hey, jimmy. how you holding out? >> okay, i guess. you? >> i'll live. i've been through this before, you know. got to admit i'm getting a little sick of all this. >> jay, can i ask you something? we're still friends, right? >> yeah. of course, of course we're still friends. >> that's good.
4:25 am
♪ ♪ only you every night you spoke to me jay leno ♪ ♪ in the news all they do is say i'm replacing you ♪ ♪ they think i can woo the demo ♪ ♪ oh, the network sent an idea pack your bags take a hike and see ya ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, tonight, who's gonna host tonight ♪ ♪ is it gonna be jimmy or jay ♪ tonight, tonight, where will they tape tonight ♪ ♪ in new york, will it stay in l.a. ♪
4:26 am
♪ tonight, tonight, my ratings were all right ♪ ♪ 20 years and i'm still in first place ♪ ♪ tonight tonight i've got fox on the line ♪ ♪ or maybe i could take over for dave ♪ ♪ tonight, tonight, why do they say we fight ♪ ♪ i like you, you like me, we're okay ♪ ♪ tonight, tonight who cares who owns tonight ♪ ♪. >> so --
4:27 am
>> it's incredibly well done, i think. incredibly creative. but my question for you guys, is it really funny or is there some kind of underlying -- >> sort of melancholy almost tone? >> obviously this is all addressing the rumors and the speculation that jimmy fallon would take "the tonight show" gig. i don't know. it's sort of brilliant in terms of the pr from nbc. like jay leno said, he's been through this before. this is a way to say we're buddies. >> obviously those guys have ranges as showmen. and harmonize. gosh. come on. >> look -- >> but more sav than funny i thought. >> you would never have seen jay leno doing this with david letterman. jay and conan wouldn't have been doing this, so the fact the two of them are doing it now maybe that means something in and of itself. >> stirring up publicity for both of them. >> and showing there's no bad blood. >> and you'll never go wrong with west side story. >> that is my take away, when
4:28 am
you're singing -- >> i was the leader of the jets. >> the leader. >> actually the leader. >> be glad you're not here during commercial break. >> still ahead this morning on "starting point," a popular reality star, this is a sad one out of west virginia. this guy was found dead, will the mtv show "buckwild" go on without shain gandee? a live report on that, next. >> then? that had to hurt right there. >> ouch. >> oh, man look at that. a man grabs a woman's purse, runs to the exit, smashes through the glass door. we will show you that video again and again and again and tell you the story behind it. after the break. america, even th she doesn't need them, cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself.
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starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. welcome back to "starting point" everyone, i'm john berman. >> good morning, i'm brooke baldwin. it is a real-life tragedy for the reality show cast this morning a favorite on mtv it's called "buckwild." and this young man, 21-year-old
4:30 am
shain gandee was found dead. first reported missing sunday night, gandee and two others, one of whom was his uncle, were found dead inside a ford bronco on monday. so this truck was partially submerged in mud in a wooded area of kanawha county in west virginia. and nischelle turner is live for us in los angeles to sort of unravel some of these details. what do we know this morning? >> well, things are becoming a little bit clearer, brooke. like you said you mentioned the truck was found partially submerged in mud and the muffler was under the mud. that could lead us to a little bit of a clue into what happened here. the sheriff's department tells us that gandee was found dead monday in a wooded area in west virginia. they did find the body of his 48-year-old uncle and a third victim, 27-year-old donald robert myers. the cause of death still under investigation but the sheriff's department said there are no signs of foul play.
4:31 am
an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. now investigators say like you mentioned, the 1984 ford bronco was found partially submerged in deep mud. the muffler was completely below the surface of the mud. and of course this community is in shock over gandee's death. earlier the county commissioner said this is a very sad and tragic event. he said we live in a very small community and our thoughts and prayers are with the gandee family today. >> so nischelle, "buckwild" a very popular show on mtv. pretty controversial from even before it launched. but has the network had any reaction to gandee's death? >> yeah, they have, john. they released a statement yesterday and said in part that we are shocked and saddened by the terrible news about shain gandee and those involved in this tragic incident. we are waiting for more information but at this time our main concern is for the gandee family and their friends. our thoughts and prayers are with them. shain had a magnetic personality with a passion for life that touched everyone and he will be missed dearly. a second season for "buckwild"
4:32 am
was recently given the green light by mtv. but production on the show has now been reportedly halted after this loss. >> all right, nischelle turner for us in hollywood. thanks for being with us. christine romans for the rest of the day's headlines. >> the death penalty still in play for the suspected colorado movie theater killer james holmes. prosecutor rejecting a plea deal to avoid execution if holmes is convicted saying he will seek the death penalty. last summer's rampage left 12 people dead, 58 wounded. holmes' trial won't begin until next year. his attorneys say they intend to pursue an insanity defense. could the jodi arias trial end in a mistrial? the judge expected to make that call today. arias' lawyers say a juror 5 has been talking to other jurors about the murder case and that it amounts to misconduct. at the very least they want the woman booted from the jury. ten people injured when a car crashed into a crowded las vegas restaurant at lunch time. witnesses say the man behind the wheel came barreling into the egg and i restaurant.
4:33 am
witnesses held down the driver for police when he tried to run away two of the victims are in serious condition and we have no word yet on what caused that crash. former south carolina governor mark sanford finds out if voters are able to forgive and forget. sanford left office in disgrace after lying about an extramarital affair in 2009 he's in a republican runoff election with former charleston county council member curtis bostic, the winner will face democrat elizabeth colbert busch next month for the open congressional seat in south carolina's first district. she is the sister of tv personality stephen colbert. minding your business new signs the recession in europe is getting worse, but the recovery in the u.s. is picking up. unemployment in the eurozone hitting a record high of 12%. the debt crisis there still hitting the european economy. 12%. here in the u.s., though, features point to a 60-point increase in the dow with the opening bell follows a strong first quarter for stocks and comes ahead of auto sales today. forecasts march to be the strongest month for car
4:34 am
and truck sales in almost six years. sign again things are going in the right direction in the united states. and the wrong direction in europe. an exciting new show is airing all this week on cnn and it gets right to "the point." one of the hot topics on last night's debut broadcast, devastating leg injury suffered by louisville guard kevin ware. jason taylor understands what ware's going through after watching a former nfl quarterback suffer a similar fate. >> joe theismann went through a very horrible situation, and thankfully medicine has changed nowadays where kevin ware has a better chance of coming back. joe had a very hard time talking about it. he didn't want to speak about it. i'm sure he's dealt with it and moved on from it. but it's, it's, it's, it's very hard to see it. we have to understand when you take the field whether it's the basketball field, the football court, whatever sport it is, you're taking a risk. >> and you can catch "the point" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. the next hour of "starting point" you guys are going to talk to the former nfl quarterback joe theismann.
4:35 am
okay australian police looking for a purse snatcher who made a painful exit from the scene of his crime. surveillance cameras captured him smashing through a window. >> unbelievable. >> instead of the sliding glass door. he is knocked out and shoppers run to help him. purse snatcher or no. but then an accomplice scares them off, drags the dazed partner in crime to a getaway car, investigators are checking dna provided by blood at the scene. >> very clean glass. >> didn't see it at all. >> we're getting a close-up at wildlife that's been impacted by an oil spill in arkansas. ducks, a muskrat covered in crude. oil began spilling through a neighborhood in the town of mayflower last week after a pipeline was damaged. about two dozen families have been forced out of their homes while crews clean up the mess. and of course people who are opposed to expanding pipelines in this country, you know, like the keystone pipeline look at
4:36 am
things like this and say you know, we told you. we told you, this is what happens when you have oil crisscrossing the country in pipelines. a third suspect in the brutal kidnapping gang rape and robbery of an american woman in rio de janeiro now reportedly in coused itdy. investigators say the woman along with a male companion were held captive for six hours on saturday. >> during that time, they say this man was handcuffed and beaten and the woman was gang raped over and over in a mini bus. following the developments from sao paulo, brazil. >> good morning, good morning, john. that's right. the latest news as you mentioned is that a third suspect has been arrested, and this case is just having a rouge repercussion here in brazil. in fact the rio de janeiro police chief, a woman, has already started firing different police commissioners. and that's because with the news of this case, the photos of these men, the perpetrators, have been put on tv, and women are coming forward and saying,
4:37 am
hey, that happened to me, too. the question is being asked, could this have been investigated a couple of weeks earlier? could some of these crimes have been stopped? and now they're still investigating to make sure that these women were, in fact, attacked by the same people. but certainly the image of rio de janeiro is being tarnished. it's a city that has struggled over the years to try and clean up its reputation as a center for violent crime. in fact, they've sent troops and army into shantytowns to really tackle the drug problem there. but now people are going to be looking it and saying, with these events like the world cup, the olympic games, and pope francis visiting in july for world youth day, is it a city safe enough for international tourists to visit? >> what about those questions shasta? as you said the world cup next year. the olympics in 2016. what is rio doing to prove to the world that they can make things safe? >> well, part of the problem, john is they really tackled the issue of the drug violence. the drug gangs.
4:38 am
and they have done a good job of that. they seized control of dozens of shantytowns. but the fact is rio de janeiro has other problems. it is considered a center for robbery, for pickpocketing, and even violent theft. while it isn't a hot spot in general known for rape, it obviously happens. and maybe it's been brushed under the carpet. this is something that the police chief will have to investigate, and i wouldn't be surprised if we see more heads roll as she digs to find out whether some women's reports have just really been ignored. >> all right. shasta darlington for us in sao paulo, brazil. thanks for being with us this morning. 38 minutes after the hour. ahead on "starting point." home runs rule opening day. bryce harper the washington nats, he had two of them and clayton kershaw, a pitcher, had one, was even bigger. our bleacher report breaks it all down. >> and i did this interview yesterday. my twitter feed absolutely blew up. any castle fans. a lot apparently. i sat down with the star of
4:39 am
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and we are sharper.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin. >> big news for the coach of the florida gulf coast university eagles. he's leaving the team he led to the sweet 16. vince has all the big money details in the bleacher report.
4:43 am
>> now we're going to find out if dunk city travels. like his team, andy enfield burst onto the national scene and now he will move from fort myers, florida, to hollywood. after just a couple of seasons at florida gulf coast, enfield is headed to usc. his eagles made that crazy sweet 16 run with a high-flying, wide-open style that appealed to southern cal and they swept up the 43-year-old coach. he'll go from making around $157,000 a year at florida gulf coast to a six-year deal reportedly at over $1 million per. enfield is central casting for l.a. young coach, exciting style of play, ex-model wife. three kids. meanwhile, florida gulf coast star guard brett comer tweeted this. i love coach enfield to the end. i was his first recruit. he made me the player i am today. enfield was the eagles' field-good story but the gruesome story of the tournament right here. louisville guard kevin ware against duke suffering that awful leg injury on sunday, later had surgery to repair a
4:44 am
compound fracture of his left tibia. on monday ware was moving around on crutches. he was in good spirits, and he could be released from the indianapolis hospital on tuesday. he hopes to join his team in atlanta midweek for their final four excursion. ware's mother lisa talked about her son's ability to come back from injury. >> i have no doubts that he would be back, stronger, and even better than he was. like i said, he's had to overcome a lot of obstacles, and it seems as if every obstacle that he has to go through, he becomes a better man because of it. >> certainly wishing him well. meanwhile the nationals bryce harper accepting his rookie of the year award opening day and he's not a rookie anymore. what a swing harper takes. he blasted not one but two monster home runs leading the nationals over the marlins. at 20 years old harper became the youngest player in major league history to hit two homers on opening day. i think it's safe to say harper has the highest approval ratings right now in d.c.
4:45 am
meanwhile, the los angeles dodgers, they put on a show not far from hollywood opening day. magic johnson on the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch when skipper don mattingly came out, gave him the hook, and instead went with the dodger legend and baseball icon sandy koufax. however, it was current dodger ace pitcher clayton kershaw carrying the day. kershaw hit his first career home run in the eighth giving the dodgers a lead. he followed that up with a complete-game shutout of the san francisco giants. no one has thrown a shutout and hit a homer on opening day since cleveland's bob lemon in 1953. and guys, bryce harper unbelievable talent. he is a beast when he swings that bat. i mean that in a good way. >> as we said on pace to hit 324 home runs this season after two on opening day. >> he may slow down during the season. >> all right, thanks so much. >> so far who is undebeated? >> the boston red sox. >> so far. still ahead this morning on "starting point" --
4:46 am
>> the hit show "castle" celebrating its 100th episode next i will talk to the star stana katic about the too hot to handle romance tension between her character and co-star. also this morning find out why heidi klum is being hailed a hero. 46 minutes past the hour. you're watching "starting point." the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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4:50 am
welcome back to "starting point," i'm christine roman. stories we're following today, today is world autism awareness day. people across the globe talking about the disorder. about one out of every 100 people in this country is n diagnosed with autism. the coast guard is investigating why a oil tanker slammed into a bridge linking maine and new hampshire. the bridge was closed to traffic. coast guard says no signs of a spill or injuries. heidi klum turns super hero after a sunny day on the beach in hawaii turned tragic. her son and two nannies were
4:51 am
sucked into the ocean by a rip tide. the "project runway" star and her body guard boyfriend reacted quickly, jumping in and helping them all to safety. terrifying when you're caught in a rip tide how you feel when you're caught out there in the water. but she jumped in there. you think this is crazy? >> on abc's "castle," stana katic plays detective kate beckett. she investigates crime in new york city with novelist nathan castle. and the show focuses on the romance, sort of the tension between the two here, so solving crimes is the least of their problems. take a look. >> right fist in left palm. >> shot too soon. >> we could always just cuddle, castle. closest i came to taking an art class was posing for one as a model. >> posing in? >> not a stitch. what's the matter, castle,
4:52 am
afraid of a little role play? i don't know, castle, me, swimsuit, hot blistering sun. >> i'd be happy to rub lotion on you. >> joining me is actress stana katic. nice to meet you. >> thank you, nice to meet you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> 100 episodes is no small feat, fifth season. did you have any idea at the time you had the makings for such a successful show? >> no, gosh no. we were starting off just trying to make it through our days. we work many long hours, as i'm sure you do at cnn, but that was it. you just kind of make it one step at a time. all of a sudden we turned to two weeks ago, wow, 100th episode. so, it's a surprise and also really exciting for everyone that a show has made it that far, especially now. and we have gained enough viewership so that it's, like, i guess, our best viewed year,
4:53 am
best viewed season so far. >> that's fantastic. >> yeah. >> then i want to talk about the relationship, the relationship here between your according to, beckett, and this -- between castle. romance, tension filled. was it always there, was it there in the audition? obviously, it's there now. give me the goods. >> the goods are that when we filmed the pilot and they showed the network head the pilot, they said, the big fat note was, can you pull it back, because they look like they are about to get together in episode two. >> really, pull it back? >> yeah. so i think that bounce and that chemistry was there from the start. otherwise, i don't know if we would have had a show. the thing everyone has responded to, as well, it is a murder mystery and sort of a procedural and, of course, there's a dramatic element, but i think
4:54 am
the romance between the two characters is a strong draw for a lot of the audience and makes it fun, the sword play between the guy and the girl makes it interesting to be involved in week after week. >> i want to sort of spring board off this relationship of your characters, this is a clip from the 100th episode, which is also based upon alfred hitchcock's film "rear window." this is a clip here, because now we know not only are you working together, but you're -- >> living together. >> smooching, take a look. >> i know that you're lonely and that you miss me, i miss you, too, but you don't have to keep making up things to have me come back here. >> you think this is a ploy to get you here? >> i don't mean -- >> i know what you mean, and i know what i saw. >> you know what, i have to get back to the precinct. >> wow, you really don't believe me. >> i'll be back later. >> you know what, don't worry about it. i'm fine.
4:55 am
>> now in real life it's very typical to, you know, smooch someone, work with someone. >> i love smooching people. >> smooching is fun. can your characters pull it off, that's what everyone wants to know. >> yeah, people seem to really enjoy this season. like i said, the best season thus far, so i think it's working. and it's really fun kind of navigating what does it mean to work together and be in a relationship. >> it's delicate. >> it is a delicate dance, but it also plays into the comedy and drama of the story, because it's not easy, and the two characters have a point of view and most of the time the point of view is on opposite ends, opposing ends. so it's been a lot of fun to kind of navigate the early relationship waters as characters together. >> stana katic, thank you so much. nice to meet you again, congratulations, 100 episodes, you can watch her on "castle" on abc. >> nice to meet you.
4:56 am
>> cheers, appreciate it. >> quickly for all the stana fans, she's coming out on "heebie-jeebies," so she's a big music nerd, if you didn't know that. >> my wife is a big "castle" fan. >> guilty pleasure. 55 minutes after the hour, ahead on "starting point," joe theisman is joining us. we're going to talk about kevin ware's horrifying broken leg, similar to when joe had his leg broken on the football field. then we'll hear from the hiker trapped on mount hood for six days with a leg injury before she was rescued. coming up, just about 8:00 on the dot. you're watching "starting point." carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation.
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-- captions by vitac -- good morning, i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm john berman. our starting point this morning is north korea's threat it is planning to expand its nuclear arsenal. we are live at the pentagon with details. new this morning, powerful reaction to reports the man behind the murder of a colorado prison chief and pizza delivery driver was released four years early accidently. this morning, the driver's wife speaking out, and you can imagine she is furious. plus, the civil trial over michael jackson's death gets under way just hours from now. could the jackson family get what they want, $40 billion, live report in a moment. louisville's kevin ware already on crutches two days after his leg snapped during an ncaa game. we will talk this morning with
5:01 am
former nfl quarterback joe theismann about what it's like to go through such a horrific injury. it is tuesday, april 2nd. "starting point" begins right now. our starting point here this morning, escalating tensions between north and south korea with the u.s. in the middle. >> there's a new propaganda video playing in north korea right now, which shows north korean soldiers shooting at paper targets of american soldiers. also pyongyang announcing a nuclear power complex that's been idle for six years. barbara starr live with the developments. >> reporter: good morning, in fact, more news now. just a few moments ago, the secretary general of the united nations spoke about all this, ban ki-moon, quote, the crisis
5:02 am
has gone too far and adding, in his words, nuclear threats are not a game. the words of the secretary general come as the united states is trying to figure out exactly what north korea is up to. the u.s. navy is moving a warship closer to the north korean coastline. it's also sending this ocean going radar. the worry, north korea may be planning more ballistic missile test launches. u.s. officials say this missile might be fired in the coming weeks with a 2,500 range, it's threatened south korea, japan, and southeast asia. if fired and headed for land, the navy ship would then try to shoot it down. the ship, along with two f-22 fighter jets and b-2 bombers are washington's latest moves on the chess board to challenge a north korean provocation. the u.s. strategy -- >> it's about showing the south
5:03 am
koreans and our friends in the region that we are ready to protect them in the face of any threat. >> reporter: there are new images of kim jong un looking ready for war, but is that his goal? >> i would reiterate we haven't seen action to back up the rhetoric in the sense we haven't seen significant changes, as i said, in the north in terms of mobilizations or repositioning of forces. >> reporter: but analysts say that's small comfort. >> new leadership that's very unpredictable that will fire off the missile and at the same time sit down with dennis rodman and say he wants obama to call him. >> reporter: north korea's recent successful missile and nuclear tests play, perhaps, into the regime's ultimate goal, to not give up its weapons crown jewels. >> can't put it past them, the idea that they are also trying to establish a new e qui-- in wh
5:04 am
they are a weapons state. >> reporter: what is this rhetoric all about from north korea? u.s. officials still think kim jong un doesn't plan a massive attack against the south, against the united states, that this is his effort to consolidate his own power within the north korean military. they worry he may back himself into a corner, and they also believe that he has every intention of still pursuing both the nuclear and the missile program. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, our thanks to you. four minutes after the hour, new developments in kaufman county, texas. officers paying their respects last night as the bodies of mike mclelland and his wife brought to a funeral home. two months after an assistant district attorney was killed.
5:05 am
security has been beefed up for prosecutors across the entire state and an interim district attorney has been named until government rick perry announces a permanent replacement. still, with three deaths, residents in the community very much on edge. >> it's very close to home. people are on edge a little, and afraid for the rest of the city employees. >> there will be a public memorial in kaufman thursday before their funeral on friday. five minutes past the hour here, christine romans with some of the day's top stories. >> good morning, wife of the pizza delivery driver about her husband's killer being released from a clerical effort. the ex-con, evan ebel, who is suspected of killing the state's correction's chief was released from prison four years early due to a clerical mistake.
5:06 am
the driver's irate widow says it's just unacceptable. >> a simple sorry ain't going to suffice, in my book. i'm a 30-year-old widow with two little 4 year olds that i have to go on the rest of my life explaining what happened to their dad, that this could have all been prevented. and it makes me sick, and it angers me something fierce. to sit there and think this all could have been prevented. >> family says no one from the court actually called them to apologize. they had to hear the news from the media. evan ebel was killed in a shootout in texas two weeks ago. new this morning, tough gun control laws coming up for a vote in connecticut. a bipartisan task force of lawmakers has agreed on new legislation. it adds more than 100 types of guns to the state's list of banned assault weapons, ammunition, magazines to ten
5:07 am
rounds, requires a background check for all sales and sets safety standards for school buildings. it's expected to pass as early as tomorrow. after keeping a low profile, tonight hillary clinton. both ran for president in 2008 and are considered possible contenders in 2016. another high-profile event this month will put clinton in the company of every president. >> thanks so much. just a few hours, jury selection gets under way in a civil suit over the death of michael jackson. katherine jackson alleged aeg live contributed to her son's death through negligence by hiring dr. conrad murray to treat him. murray is now in prison for his role in jackson's death. miguel is live with the details, miguel? >> reporter: good morning, john, this is exactly what is at stake here, who is responsible for
5:08 am
hiring dr. conrad murray. >> this is it, see you in july. >> reporter: this is it meant to herald michael jackson's comeback. like so many things in jackson's life and death, it's become a supersized trial. of course, the jackson family seeking from concert promoter aeg as much as $40 billion for the wrongful death of the 50-year-old king of pop. reports the jackson camp deny. >> that the jury feels the family deserves $40 billion, that's what they are going to give, but i can tell you, no demand has been made from the family for $40 billion. that is just not true. >> reporter: at the center of the trial, who hired dr. conrad murray, found guilty in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter for injecting the pop star with a
5:09 am
lethal dose of propofol. >> what do you think caused his death, as his mother? >> all i know is they used propofol and shouldn't have used it. >> reporter: their lawyer says there was never a signed contract and murray, who was never paid anything, served only at the pleasure of michael jackson. >> if you look at the draft explicitly, he was chosen by michael jackson, michael jackson was the only person who could get rid of him at will. >> reporter: possibly testifying, jackson's son and daughter. also on the list, but not expected to testify, the artist prince, who has his own history with aeg. musician quincy jones could take the stand to testify how much jackson could have earned if he had lived. now, if this goes to trial,
5:10 am
there's always a chance of a settlement. it will get ugly probably pretty quickly. the jackson folks have documents that prove aeg hired conrad murray and the aeg folks want to bring up all of michael jackson's past, the 2005 molestation trial, as well, to prove this was a guy basically trying to kill himself. back to you guys. >> miguel marquez in los angeles, thanks for being with us. we want to bring in anne bremner, who has covered the jackson trial extensively. we heard in miguel's piece that what seems to be the key legal issue here is who hired whom. did aeg hire conrad murray and, therefore, was aeg responsible for all of his activity. that's what jackson family lawyers are saying. do they have a case? >> well, you know, the probability's really up to the jury and thanks for having me. i was at the michael jackson trial and also with cnn for six
5:11 am
long months. a lot of history there, but this could be the wildest jackson trial, that's been the quote. they may have a case, because there's e-mails talking about from aeg, we hired him, we want him to do this. he's responsible to keep jackson up and standing and going for the 50 concerts that were to be performed in london. but there's also a question about whether or not the contract was signed, and we know that conrad murray signed a contract the night before jackson died, no one else has signed it, but you don't need a contract to employ him, of course, the issue of jackson never having paid him, but having employed him months before engaging in the negotiations. >> then there was this, anne, the attorney for aeg sort of acknowledging that, yes, they knew michael jackson was known for doctor shopping. take a listen. >> okay. >> if you go to a doctor and you pay with a credit card, obviously, mastercard in that instance, is providing money for
5:12 am
that services in the you pay it back. there's no way you can't look at mr. jackson's responsibility here. he was known to doctor shop, he was known to be someone who would tell one doctor one thing and another doctor someone else. >> so, hearing that, does that make them -- you're shaking your head -- less responsible, or does that indicate they knew he had issues? >> well, yeah, it's really a mixed bag, because the fact is everybody knew he had issues, they also knew somebody at aeg who had toured at jackson during the dangerous tour and history tour and knew about this practice of using doctors on tour for basically doctor shopping, drug shopping, issues. the judge acknowledged that, too. as much as you point a finger away, you're pointing three fingers back to yourself. that's how some of these statements sound. >> anne bremner, attorney, thank you for joining us. i can't believe what you said at the beginning, this might be the
5:13 am
wildest jackson trial yet. our appreciation, thanks for being with us. >> this is it, as they say. stay tuned for this, huge, huge cnn interview tonight, a live jailhouse interview with conrad murray. that's tonight at 8:30 p.m. >> that should be fascinating. >> must-see tv. meanwhile, ahead on "starting point," joe theismann knows all about devastating leg injuries. he's talking to us about kevin ware. that's when we come back. [ female announcer ] crest plus scope celebrates the daring ones.
5:14 am
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just 24 hours after louisville's kevin ware suffered a horrible leg injury, the sophomore guard is now standing with crutches. amazing. ware endured a two-hour surgery inserting a rod into his tibia. >> a lot of people, ware's injury brought to mind joe
5:16 am
theismann's leg. look at the pain on his face from back then. his leg snapped on national tv. this was 1985, when he was sacked by linebacker lawrence taylor, and joe is still so many years later dealing with issues from that injury. he joins us live this morning from california. joe, good morning. gosh, take me back to, what was that, sunday night, it was sunday night, louisville/duke game. you're watching live like the rest of us. you see kevin come down, you see his leg. what was your first reaction? >> well, first reaction was it sickened me to see the injury the way it was, and then all of a sudden, it conjured up all the memories of what happened to me some 28 years ago. the vividness of it was incredible, and it has been in my mind. i can see the faces around me, smell the sounds, hear the sounds, feel the moisture on my
5:17 am
back, it's like i relived that moment all over again through heaven. my heart went out to him. there aren't a lot of people who experienced what this young man has and i have, and now all of a sudden we're joined in that regard. >> no one knows what kevin ware is going through probably as well as you do right now, joe. you texted him, you have been texting with him. what are these exchanges like, what are you saying to each other? >> well, i sent him a text the day before yesterday to let him know if there's anything i can do to help him, i'm there for him. i had a chance to visit with him yesterday on the phone, talked a while. his spirits are incredible. he understands the road ahead, he knows he has to work hard. he understands there's going to be patience involved, but the fact that they put a rod in, i think, will give him an opportunity to be able to keep the length of his leg. mine wound up being 3/8 of an inch shorter and i walk on the outside of my foot because of the way the bone healed. so, those elements played into the rest of my life.
5:18 am
plus, he's 20 years old, i was 35. i fully expect him to come back. the conversation was inspiring for me to talk to him and listen to his attitude. >> did he have any questions for you? >> not really. we hadn't started y eed yesterd. that's the thing i wanted to contribute to him, if i can. down the road, i told him, i'll be there for him. right now there's so much activity going on, i didn't want to keep him long on the phone yesterday. hopefully, we'll have a lengthy conversation with him at some point in time. right now with all the activities going on, i wanted to let him know there was someone there who had gone through what he went through and if he has questions the way he feels emotionally, psychologically, anything, i'd be happy to contribute to his recovery. >> only you can put yourself in his shoes, i keep thinking about the excitement, of course, the fury around march madness, they are headed to atlanta, his team. he's on the team, but he's not
5:19 am
on the team right now. how do you sort of cope with that mentality moving forward and then beyond this weekend? >> brooke, it's interesting. you're sort of caught in no man's land. you're a part of it, but you're really not a part of it. you're hurt, but you don't want to hang around the guys because you're hurt. psychologically, it's a game you play in your head. the fact he's going home to atlanta, the ncaa championships are in atlanta, are all very positive. so, he has something to look forward to in this first week, but your mind gets playing tricks on you, disappointment, all these different emotions. the excitement of the tournament, the disappointment of not being a part of it, there's the unbelievable conversation that he had as he was carried off the field with his teammates saying, go win it, just go win it. that told me an awful lot about where he was as far as if he was in shock or not. he was cognizant of what was going on. but you have a lot of conflicting emotions, because you're a part of it, but you're really not. it's a lonely feeling at times.
5:20 am
i wanted to let him know, you're not alone. >> the doctors tell us it could be a six-month recovery and there's an outside shot he could be on the basketball court next year, which sounds amazing given what we all saw the other night. what's your advice to him, worry about walking and natural rehab or do you think it's good to have the goal of playing again? >> i think it's great to have the goal of playing again, to continue his dream. we have a lot of guys that have rods put in and come back and play. tim crumbwall and other players are able to do it. i don't have a rod in mine, but everybody i talk to feels like he'll be able to come back and do the things he was able to do. i told him, you're going to be the ncaa college basketball comeback player of the year next year. i believe that 100% and believe he's going to be a great
5:21 am
contributor for louisville the next couple of years in rick's program. you have to have a dream. there has to be a reason to go through the anguish and pain and rehab. >> quickly, joe, do you plan on meeting him? >> i plan on spending some time with him when everything settles down more. i won't do it right away. there's too much going on around him, but at some point i really want to. >> joe theismann, thank you so much. >> tough for joe theismann sort of reliving this moment from 28 years ago. thanks so much for being with us, i appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead on "starting point" here, a high school student writes this op-ed, the lasting requirements for education like the good s.a.t. test scores, extracurricular activities what, should be required then, that's what's trending next 28 minutes past the hour.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
so, trending this morning an eyebrow raising op-ed written in "the wall street journal" by a pennsylvania high school student. it has a lot of people talking right now. the student apparently upset about not getting into the college of her choice. susie lee weiss made it very clear whys, perhaps, she did not get selected. for starters, had i known two years ago what i know now, i would have gladly worn a headdress to school, show me any closet, i would have happily come out of it, diversify. colleges tell you to be yourself, that's great, unless yourself has nine extracurriculars, six leadership positions, three varsity sports, killer s.a.t. scores, and two
5:26 am
moms. i should have done what i know was best, go to africa, scoop up a child, take pictures, and write an essay about how spending that day with kinto changed my life. >> not just a new generation of entitled kids, but it's a scathing commentary in the college admission process. >> the college admissions process is very subjective. kids want to know what is this magic formula i need to get in, they are told be yourself, but colleges don't want a bunch of just yourself. they want a kind of mix of kids who are in there. what i think it tells people like susie is you should not put all your eggs in one school's basket. you can be very successful not getting into whatever it is that school that you wanted. a college degree is a golden ticket, but it's not going to be punched the same everywhere. it's what you do with your degree. >> i did not get into my top choice and i wound up in this profession called journalism. kind of worked t. kind of worked out.
5:27 am
you know, i was devastated at the time, but life moves on. i think it's a great lesson to learn early on. >> one of my friends, rejection letter from princeton, corrected the grammar. that is the best revenge. ahead on "starting point," a big day on guns. the nra comes out with its report on school safety. at the same time, connecticut lawmakers agree to a tough new plan on gun control. will the rest of the country follow suit? olympia snow will be joining us. after all the publicity, why did ashley judd decide not to run for the u.s. senate, could it be sabotage? >> one or the other. >> did i say i'm in journalism? you're watching "starting point." check for more! well, i guess i can double check... my watch! [ male announcer ] it pays to double check, with state farm. it's hard to describe because you have a numbness
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ó? welcome back to "starting point." i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm john berman. coming up we're going to talk to senator olympia snowe about gun
5:31 am
immigration and the state of the republican party. first, the today's top stories. >> an arizona hotel fire that left 29 people dead in 1970, he's expected to be released today. new evidence suggests 58-year-old louis taylor may have been wrongful convicted and the fire may not have even been intentionally set. he's expected to plead no contest to murder in an agreement that sets aside his original conviction and gives him credit for time served. jack pardee led the chicago bears to their first playoff berth in 14 years, started as a legendary high school linebacker in texas. his coaching began with the rams and redskins between 1957 and 1972. monday his family announced his death from cancer at age 76. a brain research initiative
5:32 am
will fund new treatments, preventions, and cures for alzheimer's, epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries and other disorders. the number of u.s. kids diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder up 50% over the last decade, despite experts asking if doctors are too quick to prescribe adhd. the cdc says 11% of school-aged kids have been reported with the disorder and most are on drugs to control it. it was sabotage, that's the claim of a friend of ashley judd who says kentucky politics had both democrats and republicans to work against her possible run for the senate. jonathan miller spoke last night on "erin burnett's out front." >> some wanted another candidate and some for good reasons wanted her, thought she'd be a better candidate, but others sought to profit from her campaigns or
5:33 am
would love to have a friend in the u.s. senate. then on the other side, those who weren't friends of secretary grimes that wanted to push her into the senate race so she wouldn't be running for governor or lieutenant governor back home because she might be a rival of a preferred candidate. >> others circulated lies about statements made by judd, as well as president clinton's involvement in the race. she slammed same-sex marriage and suggested that god hates homosexuals, the folk singer now claims everyone misinterpreted her comments. she talked to piers morgan in this exclusive interview. >> i admit i made a mistake, piers, if i had a chance to do it again, i wouldn't have taken the audience up on their choice. i don't disvalue my community. >> do you have any problem with gay marriage? >> no, i don't. >> do you support it? >> i do.
5:34 am
>> you support full gay rights? >> absolutely. >> shocked claims she was expressing the way other people feel about same-sex marriage. the rant, by the way, cost her several jobs that were cancelled after the outburst. >> thank you. new overnight, connecticut lawmakers reaching a deal on sweeping new legislation strengthening gun laws. this is the first measure in this state since the newtown school massacre back in december. it strengthens background checks, expands an assault weapons ban, among several items here. >> this comes as gun control legislation struggles in the national level with no compromise in sight for the proposal vice president biden's gun task force suggested. we're joined now by olympia snowe, she just retired, 2012, citing the polarization of
5:35 am
politics. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> let's start with the issue of gun control. you're trying to heal the bipartisan rip that appears to be growing in the country right now. one of the issues it is growing on is the issue of gun control. we mentioned the new connecticut laws. let me tell what they are right now, assault weapons ban expands to 100 new types of weapons. ban of future sales of high-capacity magazines, universal background checks for all sales, dangerous weapons, offender registries also in connecticut. let me get your reaction to that in light of the nra coming out with its own recommendation advising schools how to arm themselves. >> john, i think what's important here is to move the legislative process should move forward. and understandably, there's some, you know, serious issues that have to be addressed with respect to what happened in newtown, and i think congress ought to look at these issues very carefully with respect to
5:36 am
universal background checks and start the process and see what is possible. obviously, there are differences and people have taken positions on these issues. not so much on the partisan basis, but more regional and geograph geographica l. i think it is important in light of what happened in connecticut with that horrific event. >> senator snowe, as you know, there have been poll after poll, background checks, 90% of people approve of having a federal background check requirement on all gun buyers, but, you know, as we point out on the national level, who knows what the congress will actually be able to accomplish if anything. the question is, and i was in newtown, you were in newtown, it really seemed like this moment was galvanizing for some kind of action, but do you think by now, what are we, in april, the president has missed the moment?
5:37 am
>> hopefully not. and i think that there's plenty of time to address this issue in congress, and they should address it. and i don't think that the fact that the president hasn't moved it forward doesn't mean to say it can't happen. i think it does require both the president and the congress to look at these issues and to address them, absolutely. there's no reason not to. so, i think the only way to start that process is to bring the bill forward on the floor of the senate and the house of representatives, let the rank and file have the opportunity to debate and to amend and to see what is possible in building that consensus. given what happened in connecticut and the horrific events and the reprehensible circumstances surrounding that and so many other events across this country, so at least a look at the background check issue and to see what are the gaps in the vacuum that has allowed, you know, people to purchase these weapons. >> senator, you left the senate.
5:38 am
really, you seem frustrated with the polarization washington, do you think since january there have been positive developments? you have presidents taking republican senators out to dinner, this bipartisan gang of eight working on immigration reform. are these sort of the green chutes that will lead to some bipartisan comedy? >> hopefully that is the case. at least these overtures are being made, because that is a start in the process in developing a rapport and collaboration between the president and the legislative branch, particularly, those in the minority party in the senate and, obviously, the majority in the house. i mean, that's the only way you can bridge the divide, which hasn't happened. those conversations and lines of communication has to stay open all the time. it's just not having a sporadic event or sporadic meeting. you have to build that relationship, working on these legislative initiatives, and the range of issues and the scope of issues that need to be addressed
5:39 am
in this congress and the president. so they have to work side by side. you can't handle a legislative executive branch working in a parallel movement. i'm pleased to be part of the bipartisan policy center, because we're looking at issues that have caused this political divide, by holding these national town meetings. we did one in reagan library a few weeks ago and we'll be doing one in philadelphia in july and focusing on public service and the partisanship that's gripped washington, has prevented us from dealing with the issues this country needs to grapple with to determine its future. >> senator snowe, you were one of those senators who was well known for reaching across the aisle, and a lot of people would say why are you not still in congress, we need members of congress like you. as you point out, you are part of this commission at the bipartisan policy center. how can you help accomplish the depolarization from the outside?
5:40 am
>> by building public support and consensus building. i've traveled the country, brooke, what i've discovered is the fact people are so deeply frustrated and bewildered by what's taking place in washington, and that's why you're seeing it reflected in low approval ratings of congress. people are tremendously dissatisfied, and so i wanted to take my insider's view and experience, match it with outsider's frustration and build that public support and give them the encouragement to demand bipartisanship by providing political rewards at the ballot box for those who are willing to bridge the divide and political penalties for those who don't. build the social media movement, national following through facebook and websites and youtube and twitter. i think all of which could happen, just as those who on the other side, fan the flames of polarization, those who want
5:41 am
consensus ought to be able to do the same through these means of mobilization. >> one last question, level with us, do you miss the senate at all? at all? >> i do. of course, i love my colleagues and the institution, but what it was and what it could be and its potential. i didn't leave the institution because i no longer loved it or no longer believed in its potential, but because i do. that's why i'm contributing in this way on the outside to make it work, to show people what you can do to achieve the fullest potential and bring people in. and broader support for things, not divide. we shouldn't be dividing the country. what they need is inclusiveness and building a rapport that all of us can build and move forward together. >> senator olympia snowe, thank you so much. >> we wish you well. thank you, senator. >> appreciate it. ahead this morning on "starting point," a healthy 28 year old gets startling news that would devastate most of us. instead, she's taking on her potentially deadly disease and
5:42 am
working for a cure. a hiker survives six days trapped on mt. hood. mary owen joins us. she tells us huh nutrigrain wrappers helped her survive. you're watching "starting point." many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits
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good morning, welcome back. caroline kennedy has been asked to serve as u.s. ambassador to japan. the white house reportedly close to finishing the vetting process for the 55-year-old daughter of president john f. kennedy. an announcement could come in the next few days. sea lion pups along the california coastline where they don't belong. this guy had to be rescued from a garden at a condo complex in
5:46 am
carlsbad. so far, more than 250 stranded sea lions have been rescued this breeding season. scientists think there may be a shortage of food in their natural habitat. call it the april fools' joke that launched 9,000 retweets. three words from lindsay lohan's twitter account, it's official, pregnant, dot, dot, dot. avalanche of comments from around the world. no comment from the troubled actress's camp. >> don't know how to judge between the real weirdness and joke weirdness, how do you gauge? >> i don't know. i don't -- >> we'll leave that there. welcome back. okay. it's a tough disease versus a tough woman. gloria borges took on the fight of her lifer and decided to have fun along the way. dr. sanjay gupta has the story. >> on september 19, 2010, i
5:47 am
received news no healthy 2 year old expects to hear, but i didn't cry, panic, or feel sorry for myself. >> reporter: gloria is a fierce opponent, calculated, competitive, unrelenting. >> i had joined a gym in the beginning of 2010. i had lost about 30 pounds of fat, put on about 10 pounds of muscle. i thought my body was going in changes in general so the g.i. issues were tied to those changes. >> reporter: as the year progressed, gloria's symptoms got worse, but she toughed it out until one day she got fouled in a basketball game. >> she put both hands on my gut area and didn't slap me hard, it was just trying to throw me off balance and the pain was excruciating. and i remember hobbling over to the free-throw line and realizing there is something very serious here. >> reporter: gloria finally checked herself into the hospital bloated and vomiting ferociously. a large tumor was discovered in
5:48 am
her colon. >> my mom told me initially it is stage 4 colon cancer and it is very aggressive. well, i'm an aggressive girl, who do we do? >> reporter: doctors told gloria she had one to two painful years left, at best. she was undaunted. here he is at chemotherapy round one sporting a rocky t-shirt, then round two, round three. at round 45 -- she had beaten the odds and decided to have a little fun. ♪ today, gloria's checking in for round 46. >> cancer is tough and i'm tougher. >> you like that? >> that is a good one. >> reporter: with her husband will and her parents by her side. together, they launched a foundation to find a cure for colon cancer within the next decade. >> i said, all right. if you had all the money in the world, could you cure it.
5:49 am
would you know what to do, and he said, yes. >> reporter: their goal, $250 million. >> my answer to cancer was, no, this is not going to happen. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> my answer to cancer was, no, not going to have it. ahead on "starting point"," stranded on a mountain for six days. we'll tell you about it next. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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5:53 am
a hiker is recovering this morning after she was stranded for six days on oregon's mt. hood. mary owen suffered a gash on her thigh and injury to her right leg and frostbite in both feet. >> she went up the mountain alone one week ago after her friends decided not to join her. you see the pictures, heavy snow, also a wrong turn and then a 40-feet fall over this rocky terrain left her stranded until the national guard finally rescued her over this weekend. and mary joins us now from her hospital bed in oregon. mary, good morning. how are ya? >> good morning. i'm doing pretty well. >> doing really well is a great answer given where you were about a week ago. tell us, what happened? >> well, i was -- made some
5:54 am
really bad decisions and ended up in a really bad place. i have god to thank for surviving and the prayers of my good friends and family and the work of the search and rescue crew and the national guard. >> you made some bad decisions, i assume you mean going up the mountain by yourself, mt. hood, but then you clearly made what must have been some good life saving decisions. for those six days, what did you do? >> well, most of the time i was stationary, i couldn't really move either of my legs very my tried to keep most of my body warm. wasn't a whole lot that i was doing, i mean, just kind of rationing out my food and ended up making a fire on thursday, which was really nice, and got down to an area where i wasn't on top of snow, and waited.
5:55 am
>> thank goodness for the nutri-grain bars that apparently make good kindling. you figured that one out. >> they do. >> you were pretty quick on your feet, figuratively, you had a pretty bad leg injury when you were up there, but was there ever a moment, mary, when you thought, i may not -- truly, i may not get out? >> there wasn't really a moment that i thought i would not survive. there were a lot of moments when i was wondering why people weren't looking for me and how long it would take and asking god how long it was going to be until somebody came and rescued me. so there was definitely times when i was puzzled or a little confused because i didn't hear any search planes or anything, but there were also a lot of times i was sitting there thinking, what does it take for somebody to die out here, because i'm nowhere near dying and i kind of wish i was, because i'm miserable right now.
5:56 am
>> the kind of thinking over six days that a lot of us never want to do. let me ask you this, mary, are you going hiking any time soon? how are you going to feel the next time you take to the mountain? >> i actually have my sister's promise, they are going to try to summit with me, so i have their word on that. i'll definitely be out in the outdoors after this point, and i'm coming back for hood, i do need to summit that mountain. >> hood is beautiful, but beautiful with people. hopefully hiking with you next time. mary owen, our best to you, good luck, nice to see you a-okay in the hospital this morning, we appreciate it. and "starting point," back in a moment. amazing. >> amazing. cture. for her, who dares to show her love to the world. for the daring ones, there's crest plus scope. the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope with the whitening power of crest. the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope [ boy ] i used to hate eating healthy stuff. but badger likes it, so i do too.
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